Vickie Versa

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Vickie Versa

David becomes best friends with the new girl in school, Vicki Versa, and is soon in for some surprises.


As I awoke to the horrible sound of my alarm clock going off, I groaned loudly, thinking to myself "God, do I have to go to school today?" But after a few minutes I slowly managed to pull myself up out of bed and started getting ready for school. While I was brushing my teeth, I looked into the mirror, seeing myself, David Coltraine staring back at me. I was about 5 foot 9, a little on the thin side, and had messy brown hair. I'm a sophomore at the local high school and a pretty normal student with a B- average. My teachers all say that I could do better if I applied myself, but I say "Why bother?"

After I was finished in the bathroom, I struggled to wake the rest of the way up while I hurried out of the house to catch the bus, knowing without a doubt that if I missed it, my dad would kill me. And since he'd have to drive me there himself, I knew that he'd be especially pissed and there was no way I wanted to face that.

Once I was safely at school and sitting in my first period, I waited with all the other kids for the class to start, not really looking forward to it of course but knowing that the sooner it started the sooner it would get over. Stifling a yawn, I glanced over to Chad, the kid who sat in front of me and asked, "Hey Chad, did you finish the homework last night?" I smiled weakly when he looked at me, trying to hide my embarrassment at having forgotten my own and hoping I could copy off of him.

Chad grinned at me, giving me a knowing look. "Naw, I need to find someone to copy from too." I groaned at that, praying silently that today would be one of those days where the teacher wouldn't even bother to collect the stuff.

Then, while I was staring down at my watch and yawning again, I was startled to hear someone up front give one of those wolf call whistles. Several more immediately followed it. When I looked up to see what was going on, I was startled to see a gorgeous blonde girl walking into the classroom. I stared, sure that my mouth must have dropped open but I didn't care. All I could do was stare at the girl, wondering why the hell she was in my classroom and hoping that she didn't leave.

The girl had long blonde hair that I could see hung down to her back, big tits that seemed almost ready to explode from her shirt, and very long legs that were clearly visible with the skirt that she had on. "That's got to be against the dress code." I whispered to myself, blushing at the realization that I was getting an erection while watching her.

Several of the other students were whispering, about what I could more than guess, but the girl didn't even seem to notice them. Instead, she walked straight over to the teacher and handed him a piece of paper. I watched curiously as my teacher, Mr. Brunner read the note and then started talking to her, wishing that I could hear what they were saying.

Then finally Mr. Brunner ran a hand through his own balding hair and turned towards the class. "All right everyone," he called out, trying to get our attention, "This is Vicki Versa, a new student here. Please make her feel welcome." At this point, one of the boys in the front row made some sort of smart ass comment that I couldn't hear from where I was sitting, but Mr. Brunner snapped back angrily, "Enough of that. I want to talk to you after class"

While most of the class was laughing at the kid who'd gotten in trouble, myself included, Vicki stood up front, smiling faintly as she looked us over. Then without saying a word of hello like I'd half expected, Vicki started walking towards the desks. But what really surprised me, but definitely pleased me at the same time, was the fact that Vicki started walking in my direction. As she came closer to me, I could feel my heart racing faster and my pants getting tighter. And when she sat down in the seat next to me, well I gulped and tried not to show how nervous I was. Of course, Vicki didn't really have too much choice in the way of seating since there were only two seats available and the other one was next to a couple of guys making rude comments, but I still felt rather honored anyway.

Vicki smiled at me politely as she sat down, saying "Hi." in a cute voice. I just smiled back nervously, blushing badly in embarrassment. All I could think of was how hot she looked, and how mature. She looked like she could even be a senior, even though she had to be a sophomore if she was in that class.

For the rest of class, I couldn't pay attention to Mr. Brunner. Not in the least. Every few minutes Chad kept looking back at me and grinning, while I on the other hand kept sneaking peaks at Vicki. Several times she noticed me, and I quickly turned away in embarrassment, pretending that it was something else that I'd been looking at. And when class finally ended, I grabbed my book bag and rushed out the door as quickly as I could, blushing furiously and holding my bag in front of me to hide my erection.

However, I soon discovered that even though I'd left Vicki behind in my first period, I hadn't lost her. During the rest of the day, I found out that I had three other classes with Vicki. During my second one with her, we sat on opposite sides of the room so I was somewhat relieved in that, but also greatly disappointed at the same time.

It was just after our third class together, and the final one of the day that Vicki completely surprised me. I had been getting my stuff gathered together to go when she walked up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Vicki" I immediately choked up, staring at her and fearing that my heart was about to explode. All I could think of was why she would want to talk to me? What could I say to a girl that pretty?

"Um, Hi" I somehow managed to stutter, "I'm David." Then I stuck my hand out, feeling rather stupid even as I did it. But Vicki didn't seem bothered by it and accepted my handshake, giving me a faint smile at the same time. I just gulped, loving the feel of her hand in my own. It was so feminine and delicate.

Vicki giggled, "I know. I saw you watching me"

"What?" I gasped, blushing and feeling pretty embarrassed. Suddenly, I realized that I was staring right at her breasts and grew even more embarrassed, though I somehow forced myself to look up and into her face instead. I was sure that it must have been the hardest thing that I'd ever done. Vicki however just giggled, apparently thinking that it was funny rather than being pissed at me.

"Don't worry," Vicki assured me with a gentle smile, "I don't mind...too much." I blushed once again, or perhaps just blushed more, but Vicki didn't laugh or tease me like I would have expected. Instead, she said, "Since I'm new here and don't really have any friends yet, I thought that it might be a good idea to make some."

"Bbbbut why me?" I coughed, trying to hide my stutter. What was this girl doing talking to me? God, I felt honored but completely confused at the same time. The very act of talking to her like that was like breaking one of the natural laws of physics. Gorgeous girls like her did not deal with ordinary guys like me. It was one of the oldest high school laws.

Vicki sighed and shook her head faintly. "I'm not going to bite you know." Then she grinned and said, "Well maybe I can make an exception." Vicki growled like a dog for a moment, then winked at me. I laughed at Vicki's joke in spite of myself, already beginning to feel a little more relaxed.

"Sorry," I told her shyly, "but I'm just not used to pre.....girls coming over and talking to me." Then I blushed at nearly having added the word pretty. She was definitely more than that, though I was probably even more embarrassed at having said what little I had. It made me sound like some sort of geek or something.

Vicki however didn't show any signs that she thought so, much to my relief. Instead, she just smiled, giving me the courage to ask her, "So, where do you come from?"

"Here and there." Vickie answered, sighing with a thoughtful look on her face. "I move around a lot." Then she grinned again and suddenly asked, "So, what's there to do around here for fun?"

As we continued to talk, Vicki was pretty open and talkative, somehow managing to even draw me out of my shell. Before I knew it, I was talking to her as if we'd known each other for a long time. However, what really surprised me was when the conversation turned to books, and it turned out that be both enjoyed the same kind of books. Fantasy. For some reason, I'd never pictured a girl like her being into that kind of stuff. But then again, Vicki had surprised me a lot already in the short time that I'd known her.

Then finally I looked at my watch, surprised at how long we'd been talking. "Oh shit," I exclaimed, "my Dad's going to kill me." I was over an hour late getting home already, and I didn't doubt that he'd be pissed. "I'm sorry," I told Vicki, feeling a little disappointed to end our talk, "but I've really got to hurry home." At that I got up and grabbed my bag.

"No problem." Vicki told me, standing up as well. She grinned, adding, "I really liked talking to you. We'll have to do it again."

"See ya later." I told her, rushing out the door in my hurry to get home. Unfortunately I didn't get home in time to avoid being grounded for a few days.


The next morning when I got to class, I grinned at the sight of Vicki already sitting in her seat next to mine. As I walked towards my own seat, I could feel some of the other guys eyes on me, and Chad especially looked pretty envious. When I sat down, Vicki gave me a smile that made my insides all turn to mush, though I tried not to let her see just what she was doing to me as I smiled back.

Over the next couple days, Vicki and I talked a few more times and started to become friends. I found that she had a witty sense of humor and tended to get a little outlandish and daring at times.

Two days after Vicki had come to school, I was sitting in the lunch room with her at one of the tables and we were talking about one of the new movies out in the theater. "It was cool." I told Vicki, "I mean, great fighting and everything."

"Not too bad." Vicki told me, not looking all that impressed. "I mean, it had some good fights and all, but the special effects sucked. They were so cheap. All they did was pop everything up on their computers. It may have been worth watching once in the theaters, but definitely not worth watching twice."

"No way." I protested, only momentarily wondering how come I was sitting there arguing the relative points of a science fiction movie with a gorgeous girl.

Then I noticed that someone had suddenly come up and was standing behind Vicki, again. It had happened several times already while we were talking. Mostly guys who tried hitting on her, though she had been shrugging them off and letting them know that she was busy. However this time I was surprised to see that it was a girl. And not just any girl, but Karen, the prettiest and most popular girl in school. Well, former prettiest, I quickly corrected myself, glancing at Vicki.

Karen stood behind Vicki, her hands on her hips and a very smug but annoyed look on her face. Her long black hair draped partly over one shoulder, almost begging to have a hand run through it. Her breasts pushed out magnificently from her chest and without realizing it, I was staring straight at them.

"Can I help you?" Vicki asked as she turned towards the popular cheerleader, a friendly smile on her face.

"You know," Karen responded with a sneer, "since you're new around here I've been easy, but it's about time that you learned how this school works girl."

I was startled at comment, realizing as she said it that she had a look of jealousy on her face. And as Vicki stood up, face to face with Karen, I whispered, "Oh shit." sure that there was about to be a fight. But as much as I would have enjoyed seeing a catfight break out between a couple gorgeous girls normally, the fact that one of them was my friend kind of took the thrill out of it. "Vicki..." I started to say as I stood up, trying to keep anything from happening. However Vicki just gave me a faint smile and held her hand out, gesturing for me to stay back.

"I am a senior, and you're JUST a sophomore." Karen said forcefully, sneering at the word 'sophomore' while poking a well manicured fingernail into Vicki's chest. "I am the top girl in this school and you'd damn well better learn it."

Instead of getting angry like I would have expected, Vicki just smiled. "Oh really?"

Karen's eyes went wide with fury. As long as I'd known her, I'd never seen ANYONE disrespect her in any way. Even the teachers seemed to kiss her ass. "Don't you get it?" Karen practically screamed, "You may be cute for a sophomore, but I'm a real woman, not an immature little slut like you. Don't think that just because a few guys look at you that you're any kind of competition for me, because you're not."

I stared at Karen in disbelief, suddenly aware that the entire lunch room seemed to have gone silent. All eyes were on the two girls in front of me, but if Vicki noticed that she didn't show any sign of it. Instead, Vicki just rolled her eyes vaguely which made Karen's mouth drop open.

"Don't you realize who you're messing with?" Karen demanded furiously.

"No," Vicki practically yawned, "but I'm sure that you're going to tell me." At that I could hear several gasps from around me though I didn't look away from the girls for even a second, knowing that the punches were about to fly. Karen looked like she was about to attack Vicki with everything that she had. Her hands clenched clawlike and Vicki just shook her head and then surprised me even more as she started laughing out loud.

"!" Karen screamed aloud, nearly foaming at the mouth. ""

"Well," Vicki said with a slight smile, "It's not that I don't appreciate your lesson, but I've got to get going. I'm sure that you have top girl stuff to do, so I'll say goodbye." And with that Vicki smiled at me with an amused look on her face then said, "You coming David?"

Vicki didn't have to ask twice and I was right next to her as she calmly strolled out of the cafeteria with half the student body staring at her. I glanced back at Karen, who was being held back by several other cheerleaders, screamed insults after Vicki. And even as I left the room with Vicki, amazed at what had just happened, I knew that things had definitely changed in the school. With only a few deft words, Vicki had not only made the popular cheerleader look like a complete fool, but she'd made a name for herself around the entire school, and not just as the sophomore beauty.


It was one week after she'd first come to the school that Vicki developed yet another addition to her reputation. As if being the school beauty and a sharp wit weren't enough. During that week I'd almost gotten used to getting jealous looks from a lot of the guys around school because Vicki was hanging around with me so much. Especially since she usually brushed all the other guys off. However several boys weren't content with just looking at me jealously. Some actually started to get hostile towards me, the worst of them being Brad, the quarterback from the junior football team.

I was in the middle of opening my locker door, and just as I'd gotten it open, the door slammed shut violently, nearly catching my fingers in it. "What?" I gasped, jumping back in surprise. However I wasn't surprised about why my locker had slammed shut for more than a few seconds as I almost immediately noticed Brad standing beside me. He was several inches taller than me and a lot more muscular, but what really caught my attention at the moment was the look of absolute hatred that decorated his face.

"So you think you're tough shit." Brad said in a quiet threatening voice.

I gulped as I stepped back, bumping into another boy from the football team who'd been standing behind me. My heart started to beat faster as I looked around for a way out, but Brad and his friend had positioned themselves to make that almost impossible.

Brad glared at me, the menace clearly noticeable in his eyes though the rest of his expression was just arrogance. "You know, I really don't like you so it's about time that I do something about that." Then with that statement, Brad slammed his fist into his open palm.

"Knock it off dumbass" I heard Vicki's voice saying. I looked around, quickly seeing her walk towards me. Then, once she was next to me, Vicki planting a kiss on my cheek, just to piss Brad off more.

It worked. The look on his face went from smug annoyance, to absolute rage. Brad grabbed me by the collar slamming me so hard against the lockers that he nearly knocked the wind out of me. I was scared shitless at the moment, staring at his face with the sudden absolute certainty that I was about to die.

"Oh shit." I thought in horror. But since I didn't have anything left to lose, I lashed out with my foot, kicking him as hard as I could and catching him just in the thigh. Even as my foot impacted, I really wished that I'd gotten him a bit higher. However Brad did let go of me.

Then much to my surprise, I heard Vicki laughing. I groaned to myself in humiliation. Now even Vicki was laughing at me. I could almost feel the tears from the humiliation threatening to come to my eyes. But then Vicki surprised me again, saying, "Good thing for you that your dick's so small that it's so easy for someone to miss kicking you there." All I could do was stare at Vicki, relieved that it was Brad that she'd been laughing at.

Brad growled furiously and lunged at Vicki, grabbing her arm roughly, and from the look on her face, painfully. "Vicki..." I gasped out, afraid that she was about to get hurt.

"Kick her ass!" I heard someone screaming from off to the side. Then I noticed Karen, standing just a short distance away and watching the scene with a sadistic glee in her eyes. "Teach the bitch a lesson." Karen cheered for Brad.

"Vicki..." I gasped again, trying to grab for Brad but freezing at the look on Vicki's face. Within seconds her expression went from anger, to annoyance, to something that I'm not sure of.

Suddenly Brad let go of Vicki's arm, and looked around confused. Then he stared down at himself and screamed. I stared at Brad in complete shock, and then Vicki, seeing a smug smile of satisfaction on her face which confused me even more. But then I noticed Karen. She looked just as confused as Brad but she was running her hands over her body, as if she'd never seen it before.

"Oh my God." Karen was gasping, "Oh my God." Her eyes had a look of panic that I'd never seen there before.

Brad grabbed at his crotch, a look of shock still on his face. "This can't be happening." He whispered, the same tone of fear in Karen's voice in his own.

Vicki gave them both a mischievous look then said, "Well Brad," looking at Karen, "and Karen," looking at Brad, which left me a little confused.

"What did you do to me, you BITCH?" Karen screamed out, looking absolutely horrified.

"Who's a bitch?" Vicki asked with a polite smile on her face. Karen just started screaming away. "Shut up," Vicki said calmly, then said it again louder when they ignored her. Brad and Karen saw her face the second time and got the message. I was still watching this, completely confused about what was going on.

"I've put you in Karen's body," Vicki said to what looked like Karen, and then Vicki looked at Brad's body and said "and vice versa" Both of them stared at Vicki, looks of horror open on their faces, which left me rather uncomfortable myself. "If you fuck with me or David again" she said in a calm but deadly tone, "you'll stay like this permanently."

They stared at her, then nodded, obviously terrified. Too terrified to clearly speak. Seconds later, Vicki had another odd look on her face, then Brad and Karen started patting their bodies, looking incredibly relieved. They looked up, and seeing that Vicki was still there, turned around and ran. I don't think that I'd ever seen Brad run so fast even on the football field. All the rest of the kids around us also broke off and seemed to disappear, leaving just me and Vicki standing next to my locker.

I stared after them, unsure of what I just saw. "What the hell just happened?" I finally asked Vicki.

She smiled at me mischievously. "It’s a little thing I can do," Vicki said sweetly. "I can trade bodies with other people. I can also trade with one person, then with a second, then back into my own body, just to switch those two." I stared at her uncomprehending, thinking that this must be some kind of a joke, except that what I'd just seen had me ready to believe that she just might be telling me the truth. I was stunned, still staring at Vicki. She smiled and asked, "Cool trick, huh?" I could only nod my head dumbly.

I kind of avoided Vicki for a few hours after that, still being completely confused and trying to sort it out. How could Vicki do that stuff? I mean, that just wasn't possible. And if I didn't know for a fact that Brad and Karen would never work with Vicki to play a joke, I would have been sure that what had happened had been just that.

When school had ended, I was leaving my final period and realized that Vicki was walking right beside me. For several minutes we just continued to walk down the hall together, neither of us saying a word. I glanced at her, completely unsure of what to think. But then I finally built up my courage. "How?" I squeaked out. Then in a more controlled voice, I asked, "How did you do that?" I stopped in the middle of the hall and looked at Vicki, waiting for an answer. "How did you get the power to do such a thing?"

Vicki just smiled at me sweetly, then glanced down the hall. "Did you get all the notes from first period?" she asked me, changing the subject. "Can I borrow those? I don't want to fail the next test."

I sighed and started walking again, glancing over at Vicki as we both walked in the direction of the busses. As we continued to walk, I tried asking her several more times how she got that power, but each time she just changed the subject. I finally gave up, deciding that she wasn't going to tell me until she was ready. If ever.

However, several minutes after the last time I'd asked, Vicki stopped, just in front of the school busses. "If you're interested..." she said quietly, "I can show you how my power works." My head snapped around as she mentioned her abilities for the first time since the incident. "I mean, I can make us trade bodies." Vicki grinned at me, a mischievious look in her eyes.

"Hell NO!" I said, backing up as soon as she'd made her suggestion. I was perfectly happy in my own body, Thank You.

Vicki chuckled a little, obviously amused with me but she didn't push it anymore which was a great relief for me. However, it still made me pretty nervous. After that, we stared at each other for a moment then smiled before saying goodbye and I ran to my bus before it took off.


At school the next day, it became pretty obvious that a lot of people were going out of their way to avoid Vicki, though a few even tried to anger her. She'd always gotten that kind of attention from the other girls, but this was much more than usual. Even a few boys were involved. I quickly realized that they didn't know about what Vicki really did, and apparently Karen and Brad were keeping that to themselves. But enough people were around who had seen Brad and Karen run away from her scared. Rumors were floating everywhere, and I guessed that they were probably encouraged by the humiliated Brad and Karen.

However, what amazed me was that Vicki didn't seem to really care if people knew about her abilities or not. And when I asked her about what would happen if Brad or Karen told everyone, Vicki just shrugged it off and started laughing.

I felt uncomfortable about the whole thing. I'd been uncomfortable enough with all the attention I had been getting, just for hanging around with Vicki, but finding out that she could do this left me feeling unsure of the world. I'd always loved reading fantasy books, but I'd never thought any of that stuff could be real. Suddenly, I wasn't sure what to believe anymore. It was as if everything I'd ever believed had suddenly been turned around, making me wonder just what else was out there, what else existed that we took as just imagination?

But still, it was Vicki. As soon as I was with her, I'd forget about all of my worries.

Just a couple days after the incident with Karen and Brad, Vicki and I were walking down the hall during lunch when we stopped, seeing Laura Mackenzie, one of the senior volleyball players picking on Nora Fenwich, a sophomore girl whom I was in one class with. Nora was pretty bright, but was sometimes teased as being a stereotypical nerd. She was real skinny, flat chested, had glasses and braces, not to mention getting A's in all her classes. She made the perfect target for more popular students.

"What's the matter?" Laura teased Nora, "Get mistaken for a boy again? I can see why." Laura stared smugly at the younger girl, "You're so flat chested that you might as well be one."

"Please leave me alone." Nora begged in a quiet voice, her eyes staring at the floor. However, Laura just snorted, pushed Nora backwards and nearly causing her to trip over. Then as if that wasn't enough, Laura continued to verbally assault her.

Watching Laura pick on Nora, I got a little upset. I wasn't friends with Nora, but I didn't like seeing anyone picked on by bullyies. Vicki obviously agreed with me, because while I'm watching, strange looks cross over both their faces, and they looked completely confused.
While I watched, Nora, in Laura's body started patting down her body, especially her breasts, a look of surprise and even pleasure on her face. "Oh my God." She exclaimed excitedly. Laura in Nora's body of course was nowhere near as happy. In fact, she was hysterical. Vicki and I hurried off before I saw what happened afterwards.

Later on, Vicki and I had a big laugh about it, imagining how Laura would handle not only being put in an unattractive and weaker body, but two grades back as well. "That should teach her." Vicki told me a bit smugly, giggling slightly. "I wonder if she'll get picked on by her old friends.” I felt a little guilty about it, but not too much.


After school had ended, Vicki and I were standing just in front of my school bus. I frowned as I looked at her, knowing that I was going about to say goodbye to her. At least until the next morning. "Well, I guess I'd better go." I told her as I stepped onto the bus. However, I was surprised when Vicki stepped into the bus after me.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, glancing at the bus driver who was standing outside the bus and smoking a cigarette.

Vicki smiled at me, answering, "I'm coming with you." Then she quickly added, "If you don't mind of course. It's just that we've been friends for almost two weeks and I still don't know where you live.”

"But I don't know where you live either." I told her. However I was grinning happily at the thought of showing her my home. Vicki didn't respond to my unspoken question about her own home though neither of us said another word about it as we both sat down.

When we arrived at my house, I was bursting with excitement as I showed Vicki my house for the first time. And then I introduced her to my parents, both of whom were obviously surprised that I'd bring a girl home, or at least one that looked like Vicki. I was pretty embarrassed and was sure that I was blushing bright red when we all sat in the living room and I made the introductions

Mom was as always, pretty sweet and friendly. Sometimes she reminds me of a short chubby June Cleaver. Dad on the other hand, definitely isn't a Ward Cleaver. He was a carpenter and tended to solve most of his problems with his fists. He gave Vicki a few appraising looks when he thought she and Mom weren't watching, and I hoped that he didn't annoy Vicki.

After finally leaving my parents and going upstairs where it was a little bit more private, Vicki and I just talked for awhile. It didn't take me too long though before I finally had to ask her again about her powers.

"I'd rather not talk about that right now," Vicki told me with a frown. I nodded, having half expected that answer but having had to ask again anyway. Vicki just looked around my room, her eyes finally stopping on one of my shelves. "Cool games." she said, getting up and looking at my small collection of board games. All I could do was stare at her sexy tight ass and hope that she didn't notice my erection. Finally Vicki grinned at me, asking "How about a game of Monopoly?"

"Sure." I gulped, blushing once again in embarrassment before going over to help her with the set up.

Vicki won the Monopoly game but neither of us was ready for a second go at that one and decided on a different board game instead. After we'd been playing and staring across the board at each other for awhile, Vicki suddenly leaned over, catching me completely by surprise as she kissed me deeply on my mouth. For a moment I just froze, positive that I had to be imagining things, but then I found myself responding enthusiastically, if clumsily since I'd never kissed a girl before.

When we broke apart, I felt a little embarrassed, but extremely good. "What was that for?" I asked her, trying to keep my voice steady. My heart was racing and I was once again reminded of just how beautiful she was. For an instant, I realized that this might not be her real body. I wouldn't even know if she was originally a she, but I didn't really care. All I wanted at that moment was her.

Vicki just ran a hand through her gorgeous blonde hair and smiled at me. I gulped in response. "Because I wanted to." she finally said. "You know how impulsive I am." And then with that she bent forward towards me.

We kissed again, knocking the game and pieces all over the floor. I barely noticed that though much less cared. All of my attention was on the sexy girl next to me. Then Vicki put one of my hands to her breast, and I gulped in surprise. I'd never touched a girls breasts before. She giggled, seeing the look of surprise on my face. "Wanna play doctor?" she asked me, smiling as she did so.

I chuckled a little, staring into her deep blue eyes. "Definitely," I managed to respond.

Still smiling, Vicki pulled her shirt off, standing in front of me in just her bra. I stared, open mouthed as she teased me, pulling it off very slowly. I think I was drooling on myself as I stared at her breasts. At how large and firm, and perfectly shaped they were. The nipples were huge, at least compared to mine they were.

Vicki gestured for me to touch them, saying "Go ahead. I want you to." After only a moment of hesitation, I did just that. I rubbed them a little, and enjoyed the look on Vicki's face as I played with them. I kissed one of the nipples rather clumsily, and she moaned a little. I thought it was neat how they were hard. After all, I was definitely hard too.

We would probably have gone further, but at that moment, I heard my parents walking past outside the door. "Oh shit." I grumbled as we pulled away from each other. We both turned to each other, looking embarrassed. I chuckled, realizing that this was the first time that I'd seen Vicki look embarrassed. Quickly, Vicki put her clothes back on, and we went back to the game, though both of our thoughts were on other things.


The next day after school, I told my parents I was going over to a friend’s house on the phone. "Yeah," I told them, "I'll probably be eating dinner as his house too." I continued talking to my parents for another minute and then turned around, giving the thumbs up to Vicki. "They bought it." I told her with a grin. She smiled back, and started walking. I quickly hurried, to catch up with her.

"So," I asked Vicki, feeling a little embarrassed but extremely excited, "How far is it?"

"Not far," was all Vicki would say. She winked at me, making me weak at the knees. "Besides, it's great exercise and a girl does need to keep in shape." I smiled back at that.

It didn't take us long to get to Vicki's home since it was only a few blocks away from the school. She lived in some apartments, and led me to a door in the back, opening the door proudly. She smiled at me, and said, "Enter freely and of your own will." We both chuckled a little at that.

"I hope that's not some kind of omen or something," I told her with a grin as I went in.

Looking inside, I noticed that it was very nicely decorated, with some expensive furniture and things. I whistled in appreciation. "Where are your parents at?" I asked Vicki, wondering what they'd be like.

"Not here," she said quietly, "I live alone." I wanted to ask her a little more about it, but thought that probably wouldn't be a good idea at the moment. Not the way she looked when she'd said that. Still, it was extremely odd for her to be living alone. But then again, almost everything about Vicki was odd.

"Have a seat," she said, gesturing to her couch. I hesitated for a second then sat down, while she went into her kitchen area. "Want something to drink?" I heard her call out.

"Sure" I said, still looking around nervously. Damn, most of this stuff looked expensive. How the hell could she afford all this, I had to ask myself. Was she rich?

In just a minute, Vicki came back in, sitting down next to me, and handing me a Pepsi. I felt pretty nervous, and we just sat there for a little while in an uncomfortable silence. Finally, Vicki scooted closer to me, and I gulped. She smiled at me, a definite twinkle in my eye. Then while I was caught up, staring into her gorgeous eyes, she slipped her hand down the front of my pants, grabbing hold of my, now very hard cock.

I gulped, and following her lead, quickly undressing. Seconds later, I was lovingly sucking on one of her nipples while she kissed my neck. Fifteen minutes later, I laid close to Vicki, panting, unable to believe that I'd actually just had sex. It was great. She just smiled at me, looking a little satisfied, "Let’s go to my bedroom," she whispered into my ear, as my penis began to harden again.

Sometime later, I turned over, a little tired, and looked at the clock. "Shit," I exclaimed in horror, jumping up from the bed.

"What's wrong?" Vicki asked me.

"My parents are going to kill me," I explained to her nearly in a panic. I couldn't believe how long I'd been with Vicki. She watched amused as I ran around picking up my clothes and trying to get them back on. She got up, kissing me again, just before I ran out the door. I couldn't believe how lucky I was.


Of course I got grounded for a couple days for getting home so late, but I didn't care. Even while my Dad had yelled at me, all I'd been able to think about was Vicki. When I told Vicki the next day at school, she laughed, saying that she hoped it was worth it. I heartily agreed that it was.

In one of the classed that I had without Vicki, I noticed the new Nora, unhappily slouching around, looking completely defeated. I'd already seen her walking around the halls a couple times, but to see her sitting there in class. Looking so...hopeless. I guess that she figured it would be pointless to tell people who she really was since they'd just think she was insane. I shuddered, imagining what that would be like, trapped in someone else’s life and unable to tell anyone. I felt kind of sorry for her, and decided that I'd have to ask Vicki to change them back sometime.

Just after school got over, I was about to get onto the bus to go home, and Vicki kissed me, earning me a lot of envious looks from all the guys who saw. I'd definitely started getting used to some of the looks. Vicki smiled at me, and quietly said "The dinner's in the fridge."

"What do you mean?" I asked her, feeling a little confused. What the hell did she mean, I wondered to myself. Then I saw the mischievous look in her eye. "NO!" I started to say, but then the twisting hit me. I was suddenly overcome with a dizzy feeling, almost feeling like I was being yanked from myself. Then things cleared up and I was looking into my own face.

I gaped, open mouthed, as Vicki, in my body said "I'll see you in school tomorrow Vicki," with a leer on my old face. Then before I could say anything she turned and ran into my bus, leaving me still in shock, staring as the bus drove off.

"Shit." I whispered in disbelief. I couldn't believe that she'd just done that to me. After a few seconds, I became aware of the weight on my chest, then looked down, knowing exactly what I'd see. Yep, it was Vicki's body. I was wearing her sexy shirt, her sexy skirt and her sexy shoes, all on her sexy body.

Shaking my head, I tried to ignore the strange sensations I was getting from my body. I knew what had happened, and that Vicki would probably switch us back the next day, so I wasn't as confused as I'd be otherwise. However, I was kind of pissed at Vicki for doing this to me. How the hell could she do this to me? She knew that I didn't want to get involved with that power of hers.

Angrily, I forced myself to keep under control, ignoring the leers and stares I was getting from the boys around me. I forced myself to put my shoulders back, and start walking. I knew where Vicki lived, and I'd just have to go there for the night. Reluctantly, I was forced to admit that there wasn't anything that I could do about this right now, but as soon as I got to Vicki's place, I decided that I'd have to call Vicki and make her switch us back.

"That's what I'll do." I told myself firmly.

The walk seemed to take forever in my unfamiliar body. The shoes felt funny to walk around in, and I was extremely relieved that Vicki hadn't been wearing real high heels. Those wouldn't have been allowed in school fortunately, but these ones were more than high enough for me.

When I finally got to Vicki's apartment, I sighed in relief that I'd remembered where it was correctly. I'd almost been afraid that I'd forget just what apartment it was. Thoughts of wandering around in confusion and ending up sleeping on a park bench had started to fill my head, though I shrugged them off. After finding Vicki's keys in this purse that she'd left me with, I went inside.

The first thing I did was head for her phone and call home. My mom picked it up. "Mo.. Mrs. Coltraine" I said, catching myself in time, "Is David there?"

"No, he just went out again," Mom told me. Shit, I thought. I asked when he, meaning Vicki would be back, and Mom told me, not until real late tonight, saying I was going to a friend’s. I shuddered, realizing that I was stuck like this till the morning at least.

"Damn her," I growled as I hung up the phone. It sounded odd though, hearing Vicki's voice coming from my mouth.

Reluctantly, I sat down on the couch, dazed. I tried not to fall into panicking, knowing that this was only temporary. One of Vicki's little jokes. Sitting there, I just felt how odd my body was. How I pushed out oddly in some places, and didn't push out right in others. The little void between my legs was particularly noticeable.

Suddenly, I froze. I realized that I'd been sitting there, with my legs crossed. Just like a woman. And I'd done it without realizing it. I couldn't believe this. Nervously, I stood back up, and remembering what Vicki had told me, I went to the fridge and looked inside. There was some leftover pasta and salad on the shelf.

I smiled, considering for a moment doing all I could to ruin Vicki's diet in retaliation, but I only had one night, at least I hoped it was one night, and I could live with it. After nuking the pasta, and putting some salad on my plate as well, I sat down to a nice, if too quiet, dinner.

It surprised me just how quickly I filled up compared to usual. Shrugging, I put the dishes into Vicki's sink, deciding to let her wash them when she got back. As I dropped them in, I noticed my hand. Now delicate my fingers looked. How nicely the nails were done up. I gulped, realizing that these were my fingers. My nails. At least for the moment.

Curious, I went to the mirror hanging on the living room wall, and stared, seeing Vicki looking back at me. "Damn, she's hot." I mumbled to myself. Or was that Damn, I'm hot, I added as an afterthought. I think I preferred the first, and would rather get back to looking at that body from the outside.

That night, I was caught, between my male ego and the temptation to explore my new body. Finally, I succumbed to temptation, and removed my clothes. It took me a little while to get the bra undone though. I held my breasts, feeling how nice they felt though also how strange. At least to me. I wanted to explore more but was too embarrassed. After just looking my body over, I found a very sexy night shirt that Vicki obviously wore and went to bed, struggling to ignore the strange sensations coming from my body and get to sleep.


The next morning, I woke up feeling a little strange. Yawning, I got up, still half asleep and went into the bathroom. Standing in front of the toilet, I was about to start going to the bathroom when it suddenly dawned on me, shocking me wide awake. "Damn" I muttered to myself, hearing Vicki's sexy voice back.

I realized that, even in this body I'd have to go to school. Especially since that was the only way to get my own body back. Damn that Vicki. I still wasn't too happy with her about this.

Quickly, I took a shower, trying to ignore the sensations from my body though it wasn't easy. The water spraying against my nipples made them start to get hard. I moaned silently as I realized that even my crotch was beginning to tingle. Sighing, I somehow managed to keep myself from playing with my new equipment, at least not too much, then finished about my shower.

Once I had finished getting myself cleaned off, I used one of the large fluffy towels I'd found to try myself off, humming slightly as I did so. It did feel rather nice, though fortunately not too nice. However, I was still completely amazed when I had to dry my somewhat substantial chest off, fighting the temptation to explore myself once again.

I stopped in front of the bathroom mirror with nothing but a towel wrapped around me, much like any normal woman would. Then I dropped the towel but wasn't really sure whether to smile at the image or frown. After all, it wasn't often that I got to see a completely naked woman that sexy, even if it was me.

"I guess I'd better get dressed," I told myself, remembering that I still had to finish getting ready.

Then I looked through Vicki's closet and drawers, trying to decide what to put on. It wasn't easy. I didn't feel comfortable putting on the stuff she usually wore, but that was about all that she had. That, and I realized that she'd probably be upset with me if I showed up looking less than the best I could. I shuddered at the idea of what she could do to me if upset. That definitely wasn't a good idea.

Reluctantly, I put out an outfit that I thought looked pretty decent, though groaned at the same time. "Vicki will never let me hear the end of this."

The panties had proved no problem putting on and actually felt rather nice against my smooth crotch. However, the bra proved to be a total pain. I had to struggle with it for several minutes before I finally figured out the trick and got it snapped.

"How can women stand these things?" I had to ask myself.

Putting the shirt on was no problem, though I felt a little embarrassed at the way my tits stuck out in the front, but had to admit anyway that it would look good on Vicki. On me. Then I turned towards the pantyhose and skirt with a groan then grabbed the same shoes that Vicki had left me with the day before.

Then finally for the finishing touches. Though I wasn't very happy with them I knew that they would be required. I put on some ear rings, and a light coat of makeup, surprising myself at how good a job I did for a first time. Even if my first time consisted of three separate attempts. It wasn't quite up to Vicki's usual standards and I had put on a bit less, but I thought it should do.

Once I was finished, I stood in front of the living room mirror, staring at the girl that looked back in amazed disbelief. I had to admit that I looked damn good. Damn hot. Smiling at myself, I had to admire it, though I'd much rather see it on Vicki.


The walk back to school wasn't much fun at all and I felt extremely uncomfortable with all the stares I'd been getting from the guys I passed. A few of them made rude comments that made me turn bright red, but I tried to ignore them and keep walking as if I hadn't heard anything. It wasn't easy though.

I was relieved when I finally arrived at school, knowing that I'd be a little safer. Several of the people that I'd seen on the walk there had made me feel like....well, like a piece of meat. I didn't bother wasting any time going to Vicki's locker for her books since I didn't even have the combo, going instead towards first period where I hoped...prayed that I'd catch her.

When I got to my first class, I saw that Vicki was already there, sitting in my seat and talking to Chad. I frowned, being very aware of the way that most of the boys in the room were looking at me. Even Mr. Brunner. Trying to ignore the looks I was receiving, or at least trying not to show that I noticed, I made my way over to Vicki's seat.

I glared at Vicki for a moment as I sat down next to her, in the seat that she usually occupied. She chuckled, obviously finding the situation funny. "Change us back." I whispered to her.

"After class," Vicki whispered back.

"What?" I gasped. I was about to say more, but then Mr. Brunner coughed, saying that it was time for class to begin. "Just great," I whispered to myself, impatiently waiting for the class to get over with and fighting down the urge to reach over and strangle her for what she'd done.

The class seemed to drag on for longer than I'd ever imagined that a class could. Worse than any I'd ever been in before. I barely heard a word that Mr. Brunner said, instead focusing all my attention on trying not to do anything to stand out. Trying not to let anyone guess that I wasn't indeed the beautiful girl that I appeared. But in spite of that, I still kept looking up at the clock every few minutes to see how much time was left, and willing it to go faster though somehow it seemed to have the opposite effect.

Then Finally Mr. Brunner announced, "All right class. That's all for today but make sure you've all finished your homework for tomorrow."

"Thank God." I whispered to myself, turning towards Vicki as all the other students started to slowly filter out. "Change us back, now."

Vicki looked a little disappointed but she nodded. "All right."

Seconds later, I was myself once again. I jumped up, grabbing at my chest for a moment and feeling how flat it was once again. Then with a sigh of relief, I grabbed at my crotch, proving that I was definitely all there. Once I'd satisfied myself that I was indeed me once again, as if there had really been any doubt, I glared at Vicki, still being upset with her. Then without another word I turned and walked away, leaving her standing at the door to the classroom, almost looking as if she was pouting.

During the next class that I was in with Vicki, I saw her as I entered the room and frowned, trying to ignore her as I walked towards my desk. However, since I wasn't going to Vicki, she obviously decided to come to me instead.

"I'm sorry." Vicki apologized, sounding rather regretful. I didn't say anything and tried not to look at her. "Please..." Vicki said again. Again, I didn't answer which obviously hurt her. But I was still pretty angry at Vicki for what she'd done to me and didn't really care too much at the moment.

When the teacher called for everyone to be seated a moment later, Vicki turned away from me with tears in her eyes. Somehow, even though I was still upset with her, the sight hurt. She was my friend, wasn't she? At the moment I wasn't sure, but I knew that I didn't like the hurt look on her face.

Later though, when the class had ended, I was almost surprised to find Vicki standing next to me again, the hurt look still on her face. "I said I'm sorry," she almost begged, "I only meant it as a joke. I promise, I won't do it again, but please forgive me."

I stared at Vicki for a moment in surprise, then hesitatingly, I hugged her. She cried on my shoulder, whispering, "I didn't mean to make you mad. I thought that it might be fun for you to be me for awhile."

For a moment I didn't say anything. Instead, I just held Vicki while she cried on my shoulder, holding back a few tears of my own. "I know." I told her quietly. "I'm sorry too."

Vicki and I held each other tightly for several minutes before we pulled apart and started towards our next classes. We were both going to be late, but neither of us cared too much. And as I left Vicki, I had to admit that I definitely felt a lot better for not being angry with her.


Things pretty much went back to normal between Vicki and I, though we did become a little bit closer to each other. Vicki did mention wanting to change with me to have sex, but I refused. I told her "absolutely not," in no uncertain terms. She seemed a little disappointed by that, but she didn't push it or take things into her own hands, for which I was very grateful. It probably would have scared the shit out of me to suddenly have changed in the middle of having sex with her.

One night, a week after we'd changed, Vicki and I went out to see a movie together and planned to maybe a do a little more afterwards. I'd wanted to go see an action, but Vicki wanted to see a more romantic one. We compromised, and went to watch the latest Disney flick instead.

Afterwards, we came out of the theater, both laughing at the movie. Like most of Disney's movies, it had been pretty entertaining and we'd enjoyed it. "Now that was funny," I told her with a big grin, seeing her nod agreement with me. Then looked at Vicki once again, amazed at how hot she still looked. I smiled, thinking that I had to be the luckiest guy around.

"We definitely have to do this again," Vicki sighed, grabbing hold of my arm tightly while we walked down the street. I just smiled even more at that.

Vicki and I were so caught up talking with each other as we walked along the sidewalk, neither of us paid much attention to anything except each other. I smiled lovingly at her, imagining what I'd like to do with her later that night once we were alone. Even her perfume tickled my nose and made me more eager. But in spite of just how turned on she was making me, I still managed to pay complete attention to what she was saying.

Suddenly someone yelled "Stop." I instantly froze where I was, turning around quickly to see who'd said that. A tall man was standing there, dressed up in a dark suit and wearing sunglasses. However what caught my attention the most was the fact that he had a gun pointed straight at me and Vicki.

"Oh shit," I groaned silently, unconsciously clutching Vicki tighter in some vain hope that I could protect her.

Then I noticed the others. More men like the first had appeared and had surrounded us. There were a half dozen of them and all of them had the dark suits, sunglasses and worst of all, the guns. Somehow I managed to keep from shitting my pants, though I'm not sure how I managed that.

"Vicki..." I whispered, glancing at her and seeing that she was obviously just as scared as I was. But then I noticed something else about Vicki. She had a look of raw determination in her eyes unlike anything I'd ever seen in them before.

For several moments all I could do was try not to show my fear, though I knew that I didn't succeed very well. My heart was racing and I was terrified that they were about to kill me and Vicki.

"We've finally caught you." a tall thin man said, looking right at Vicki. I stared at Vicki, wondering what she'd gotten us into this time.

With one more glance at the man who'd just spoken, or more specifically at his gun, I realized that we were being mugged. "Here's my wallet." I stammer, holding it out towards them, afraid of getting shot and figuring that my money wasn't worth my life. "Just don't hurt us."

I'd heard of people getting mugged before, but I'd never thought it would happen to me. But then again, these guys didn't look at all like what I'd pictured a mugger to look like. They were all dressed far too nice for that. Somehow, I got a sinking suspicion that these guys weren't muggers but wanted something else. Then I found myself actually hoping that they were just muggers.

"We don't want your stupid wallet kid," one of then snapped at me, still pointing his gun at Vicki, though I noticed that they were keeping their guns trained on me as well. I shuddered, imagining being riddled with bullets. I held up my hands where they could see them, not wanting to give them any excuse to shoot.

"So you finally caught me," Vicki said quietly, "What are you going to do?" I glanced over at Vicki, staring at her in surprise. Obviously there was a lot more going on than I was aware of though she seemed to know what was going on.

"Well for starters, you're coming with us." the tall man said coldly. "And don't try any of your stunts. We'll shoot your boyfriend here...or anyone that you trade with." I shuddered, afraid at hearing this. They knew about Vicki's power. I felt myself shivering, not knowing what I'd gotten caught up in. I knew that Vicki was different, but I hadn't realized that she had a background that could be dangerous. God, I hoped that I lived through this.

"Vicki..." I gasped quietly, trying hard not to let them see how terrified I was, "What's going on?"

However Vicki didn't answer me. Instead, she said, "I'll come peacefully." She sounded defeated as she said it and I just gasped in horror.

"Don't give us any trouble kid," the tall man told me, "and you just might live." I nodded back faintly, glancing over at Vicki for some sort of comfort or sign of what to do, but I saw neither on her face. "Get moving." the tall man growled at me and Vicki, gesturing with his gun.

All the other guys with suits stepped out of the way and followed behind us, though they still had their guns pointed at us. Slowly we all started walking and when we got to the end of the block one of the men pointed to a dark blue van and gestured for us to go to it. I was terrified beyond anything that I would have imagined possible a short time earlier, expecting a bullet in my back at any second. But then again, I glanced at Vicki and felt even more terrified, suspecting that whatever they did to me, they'd be a hell of a lot worse on her. However she didn't seem to show any sign of worrying about this. Instead, she actually seemed almost calm though her eyes darted around warily, looking as if she was just waiting for an opportunity.

"What do you guys want?" I tried asking, but then I suddenly gasped out in pain as someone punch me in my side.

"Shut up kid." one of my kidnappers growled, the menace clear in his voice. Then I felt a cold piece of metal against my temple as he held the gun there. "No questions. No talking at all. Got me?" I nodded back vigorously.

"It's okay.." Vicki said quietly, "Everything will be all right." But somehow I rather doubted that.

Then, just as the men were opening up the side door to the van, the opportunity that Vicki had been looking for arrived. I was scared shitless of the guys with the guns, but I was also beginning to get rather angry at the same time. Carefully I looked from one of them to the other, then I noticed something else. Or specifically, someone else.

A hooker had walked over in our direction, looking as if she couldn't be more than 17. For a moment I just stared at her, seeing her long black hair and the cheap slutty looking short skirt and clothes she was dressed in. However, without all that hooker stuff I suspected that she'd probably be pretty cute. I watched her warily, almost surprised when she batted her eyes at one of them men and then the others. "Any of you guys looking for a date?" she asked hopefully. I almost started to laugh at the look on one man's face.

"Get the fuck away from here, bitch," Another one of the men snapped, pushing the hooker violently away.

While our kidnappers were distracted, I glanced at Vicki and saw her glare at the man who'd pushed the hooker. Then suddenly the hooker was screaming, looking down at herself in horror. While she had a near panic stricken look in her eyes, the thin man that had pushed her was staring down at himself with a look of pure confusion.

"What's going on?" The thin man who had been the hooker demanded, though no one answered.

"Run," Vicki yelled at me, then she suddenly looked extremely confused herself while one of the men with the guns just smiled and shot the others. I stared in shocked amazement, realizing that I'd just watched Vicki kill several people in cold blood. But then one of them managed to shoot back before being killed, catching Vicki badly in her shoulder...his shoulder. But just as suddenly as Vicki had swapped with the man in the first place, her own body suddenly looked comfortable again and I knew that she'd jumped back. All I had been able to do was stare at everything in shock. It had all happened before I'd even realized it.

"Are you all right David?" Vicki asked me in a concerned voice.

I nodded back, gasping for breath and trying to make some sense of what had just happened. "I'll live." I told her.

Vicki nodded back and then went and stood above one of the dying men, looking down at him with a satisfied smirk on her face. I just wanted to empty my stomach though nothing came out. Then, as I was bending over and gasping for breath, I noticed the hooker grabbing one of the dead men's guns and then suddenly remembered that this wasn't the original hooker.

"Look out!" I screamed to Vicki, jumping at the hooker at the same time, not even thinking about it as I did so. All I knew was that I didn't want Vicki to get hurt. I wouldn't let her get hurt. As I knocked the girl to the ground, I heard a loud thundering bang somewhere, and felt a shattering pain rip through my stomach.

I vaguely heard Vicki call out "David!" though I didn't pay much attention to it. I gasped in pain, clutching at my gut then rolled over, holding my hands up and seeing the blood from where I'd cautiously probed the wound. I could only stare at it in a mixture of confusion and horror.

Vicki was suddenly at my side, holding me and looking worried. "Oh God...David."

I looked at Vicki, barely even noticing the hooker who was caught partly underneath me, looking at me with satisfaction clear on her face. Vicki turned towards her, a look of absolute hatred on hers. "You bitch," Vicki screamed. The hooker paled, then suddenly, I felt that strange wrenching again throughout my being.

When the blurring cleared from my eyes, I saw my own body lying half on top of me, a look of horror on my old face. Before my eyes, my old body died and all I could do was watch, helpless and afraid. "Oh my God," I whispered in horror, seeing that I...he...she... had stopped breathing. "This can't be happening." But somehow, as horribly unbelievable as it was, I knew that it had happened.

After several minutes of just staring at my own dead face in horror, I finally realized that Vicki was holding me, sobbing as she did so.

Then I realized that Vicki was holding my tightly, sobbing against my shoulder. "Vicki..." I gasped out, trying to put some form of order into my confused thoughts.

"It'll be all right," Vicki said weakly as she helped me get to my feet. Somehow I wasn't sure that I could believe her this time. Especially not when I looked down at myself, horrified to see that I was indeed that hooker. I was wearing the same skimpy short skirt, the red high heels and even had the breasts poking out of my chest. Then I stared Vicki in the face, confused and afraid. "I'm sorry." she cried, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. I never wanted you to get hurt." I grabbed hold of Vicki, holding her tight and crying for all I was worth.

After several minutes, Vicki pulled away from me. "We can't stay here." She looked around nervously. "Come on. Let's get to me place." I nodded vaguely, too much in shock still to think clearly. I'd just watched myself die. I'd died and lost everything. My own body, my identity, everything. Tears continued to pour down my cheeks as Vicki and I started walking towards her apartment.

Suddenly there was a horribly loud bang. A gunshot, I immediately realized. Quickly turning around, I saw a man wearing a dark gray suit just down the street, pointing a gun straight at us.

"Oh SHIT!" Vicki growled. For a moment she looked extremely horrified, then even more sad. She turned to me quickly, saying, "I've gotta go." There was a slightly panicked tone to her voice that I hadn't heard before. "I'll be back for you when I can. I promise." There were tears in her eyes as Vicki put her purse into my hands.

"What...?" I started to ask, confused, "Where are you going?"

Vicki didn't answer me. Instead she continued as if I'd never asked my question. "There's money in here and you can use my apartment until I get back." Tears were pouring down Vicki's cheeks and she whispered, "I'm so sorry." Then I watched in horror as she suddenly ran off down the street, disappearing around a corner.

"VICKI!" I yelled out, crying badly myself, but there was no answer. I just stood there, staring in the direction that Vicki had run to, knowing that she hadn't had a choice with those men chasing her but feeling abandoned anyway. Abandoned, alone and confused. Sadly I shook my head and whispered, "Vicki."

Some minutes later, I finally gathered together the strength and slowly made my way back to Vicki's apartment. I was stunned and confused, thinking to myself that it had to be a dream. A nightmare. That sooner or later I'd just wake up and everything would be fine. However, even though I was still in shock, deep down I knew that things would never be the same.


I waited for a week, and sadly read of my own murder in the obituaries. I cried all over the paper, and even went to my own funeral. When I saw my mom crying over my casket, it was all I could do to keep myself from running over to tell her that I was still alive. That I was just in a different body. The sight of my parents was heart wrenching. Dozens of times, I stopped myself just as I was walking towards them or out the door to go home.

At the funeral, everyone assumed that I was another one of my friends from school come to pay respects, and it hurt me beyond measure, to see the pain in my father’s eyes, as he held back, not even letting himself cry. I think I cried enough for us all.

After another week of waiting for Vicki without hearing anything, I couldn't stay around the apartment any longer. Vicki had left me with enough money to last for awhile so I didn't have to worry about that. But I was bored. Bored and feeling uncomfortable. I needed to get out, and do something. I needed to distract myself. Finally, I realized that what I really needed something familiar in my life again. I needed something solid.

With a mixture of fear and enthusiasm, I went back to my school, introducing myself as Danielle Blank, a new student. I was surprised at how easy it was for me to go back. It felt extremely uncomfortable at first, but at the same time I felt a sense of relief washing over me. As if I was back to where I belonged. At least in part.

It's been two months since I've been trapped in the body of the hooker and I still haven't heard anything from Vicki. It hasn't been easy in the least, but I've gotten used to being in this body, though I would still much rather be back in my own, or at least a male one. I'm still waiting for Vicki, hoping that she'll return. After all, she said she would and I still trust her. But still, I have to wonder where she's been, and where she came from. And even more importantly, if I'll ever see her again.


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