The Fairy Godmother Returns

The Fairy Godmother Returns

The fairy godmother returns to help Brian get the girl of his dreams. This story was originally written and posted in 2003.


I let out a long sigh and took a look back towards my school as I left for the day. However, it wasn't the school itself that I was staring at, but a hot girl who was leaving at the same nearly the opposite direction.

Sheila Case wasn't exactly the hottest girl in school, but she was definitely within the top five. Personally however, out of all of the girls in the school she was at the very top of my list. She was the girl that I wanted...more than just about anything.

Like me, Sheila was a senior at our high school. Sheila was about 5 foot 8, with creamy skin, long black hair and a figure to die for. She even had about a half dozen small rings going through one of her ears, giving something of a wild edge to her appearance.

However, it wasn't just because of her beauty that I was drawn to Sheila. There was something about her. She was just about always nice to all of the other students, not seeming to think that she was better than everyone else like some of the other pretty girls did.

But at the same time, I somehow had the feeling that she was a bit lonely. I don't know why I had that feeling, but I did. She always had lots of friends around, just like any of the popular girls did. And she had a number of boyfriends, though none of them seemed to stick around very long.

And yes, I had a thing for her...a big thing. But unfortunately, she wasn't interested in me. I was just Brian Roberts, an average 17 year old classmate. Hell, I was so average that I was almost invisible. About the only thing about me that wasn't average was my weight, which was just a little above.

At least I didn't fall into the old cliché of Sheila not even knowing I existed. We had several classes together and had even talked once or twice. She was nice to me, but no more than she was to anyone else.

With a sigh, I shook my head and continued the short walk home, my thought still lingering on Sheila. I was sure that if she gave me a chance, that she would like me. Then again, I wasn't handsome or popular and knew that the chance of that was slim and none.

As I slipped into yet another of my daydreams of making love to Sheila, I sighed, "Man, I wish Sheila liked me like that..."

Suddenly, I felt something strange in the air, sort of like static. But it seemed stronger. Then it happened. One instant there was absolutely nothing in front of me except for empty sidewalk, and the next there was a woman standing there.

The woman was quite pretty, looking to be in her early to mid-twenties. She had blonde hair that was pulled back into some sort of bun, but the most noticeable thing about her was her clothes. She was wearing a pinstriped gray suit and a fedora type hat which made her look as though she was dressed up as an old 40's gangster for Halloween.

"I heard yer wish," the woman announced, "And I'm here ta grant it for ya."

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?" I blurted out to cover my surprise, "Alice Capone?"

For a moment, she stared at me in surprise, then smirked, "Alice Capone..." She grinned, "I like that. Yeah..." Then she gave me a steady look before continuing, "But no...da name's Molly...and I'm yer fairy godmother. And like I just said, I'm here ta grant yer wish."

Now I was the one who stared at her in surprise, wondering if she was some sort of mental patient or something. Or maybe she was just trying to play a joke and mess with my head. However, I couldn't ignore the fact that neither of those things explained the way that she had suddenly just appeared in front of me.

Before I could demand to know what this Molly was really up to, she reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a cigar. She didn't even look at me as she put it into her mouth, where it spontaneously lit itself. All I could do was stare in surprise as Molly took a drag on her cigar, then blew out a stream of pink smoke that somehow smelled like perfume.

"Look kid," Molly stated, taking a puff on her cigar, "I ain't got all day. Ya made a wish to get up close and personal with that dame, so let's get it over with."

Then almost forgetting for a moment that this was utter nonsense, I gasped, "What? You mean you can make Sheila love me?"

"Love?" Molly rolled her eyes. "Fergetaboutit. I'm a fairy godmother...not God. And I ain't that dame's fairy godmother neither...I'm yours. And that means that I can't really do nothin ta her...only you."

I let out an "Oh," of disappointment, then reminded myself that this wasn't real anyway. There was no such thing as fairy godmothers or magic wishes.

"Tell ya what I'm gonna do though," Molly told me with a bit of a smirk, "I'm gonna change ya into this dame's dream lover. That way, she won't be able ta resist ya."

"You've got to be kidding," I gasped out,

But Molly shook her head, "I never kid..."

And with that, Molly took another long drag from her cigar, then blew the smoke out right at me. However, to my surprise, the pink smoke continued to pour out of her mouth, streaming out without any sign that it was ever going to end.

As the pink smoke completely surrounded me, I was overwhelmed by the scent of perfume. It was everywhere, both the smell and the pink smoke. Then I started feeling extremely dizzy and light headed. I had to fight just to keep my balance.

The smoke all faded away within a minute, but as it did so, I suddenly became aware that I felt strange...really strange. It was as though my entire body just felt...wrong. And as I looked down at myself, I nearly screamed.

"Holy shit," I gasped out, my eyes going wide in shock and disbelief.

Growing right out of my chest were a nice big pair of boobs. I had boobs, just like a girl. However, that was only my first impression, followed quickly by several more similar ones. A single glance was enough to reveal that it wasn't only my chest that had changed, but my entire body. Even my clothes.

"Holy shit," I repeated, staring down at what seemed to be a hot girl's body. I had nice round boobs, a thin waist and long shapely legs. My whole body looked female...and hot. Very hot. "This can't be..."

"Well how bout dat," Molly mused, looking somewhat amused as she looked at me. "I guess that dame a yers is inta girl on girl..." She shook her head, "Never woulda guessed it..."

"I'm a girl," I gasped in shock.

Molly smirked, took a step towards me and poked my new boobs, "That is what these usually mean..."

"But I can't be a girl," I gasped, then I thought about Sheila, "How can I get Sheila to..."

"Ain't ya figured it out kid," Molly sighed, "I already told ya. I turned ya into that dame's dream lover..."

For a moment, I just stood there, staring at Molly, then down at myself. "Dream lover," I whispered, gulping. If that was true...then Sheila was a lesbian... I felt my heart crush at that, realizing now why none of her boyfriends had ever lasted very long at all. Maybe she'd only dated them for show in the first place.

With a groan, I looked down at myself again. It was only after giving a quick look over my entire body that I really took in my clothes. I was wearing some kind of blouse that left my stomach exposed, showing that I now had a pierced navel as well. I was also wearing a skirt, nylons and even high heels. HIGH heels. Stilettos to be exact.

"I'm wearing high heels," I gasped, just as stunned to realize that I didn't feel at all out of balance in them. I took several steps, still not losing my balance at all. Somehow...I actually felt perfectly comfortable walking...or at least standing in those heals.

Without a word, Molly handed me a hand mirror, one with a fancy silver metal handle and frame. Where she got it from I had no idea. Nor did I bother worrying about it.

The mirror was too small to show a whole lot, but it did seem to show a bit more than I would have expected for such a small mirror. And for a moment, all I could do was stare blankly at my reflection. I now had a girl's face to go with the body. A very beautiful girl's face, with long reddish blond hair to go with it.

"Look kid," Molly commented as she took a drag on her cigar, "Let me give it to ya straight..." She frowned, blowing the perfumed smoke out, "I know this ain't whatcha expected...and yer gonna ask if I can change ya back. No can do."

"You can't...," I started, earning a glare from Molly who apparently didn't appreciate the interruption.

"Listen...ya made a wish...I granted it." Molly gave me an intent glare, "It's what I do. And da rules state that ya gots till midnight..."

"Then I change back to normal," I gasped, a smile forming as I remembered the old Cinderella story.

"If," Molly pointed out, "da wish has been fully met..." Then she smiled and added, "But since ya wanted ta get up close and personal with this dame and yer now her dream lover...that shouldn't be a problem."

While I was trying to absorb all of this, Molly took a step back. She adjusted her hat, gave me a wink...and then suddenly vanished, leaving nothing behind except for the pink smoke that had come from her cigar.

I stared at where Molly had been standing, and then down at myself before finally letting out an, "Oh shit..."

For a minute, I just stood where I was, feeling completely shocked and confused as I tried to absorb everything that had happened. I mean, in the space of just several minutes, I had discovered that magic was real, had a cigar smoking fairy godmother come to grant a wish, discovered that the girl of my dreams was a lesbian and of course, been turned into a hot looking girl myself.

"I can't believe this," I groaned. Unfortunately, with the new boobs poking out of my chest, not to mention everything else, I didn't exactly have a lot of choice.

Of course, with all of that happening, I was in shock. I was wearing nylons and high heels... I had boobs for God's sake. I reached down and poked at them just to prove the point.

However, when I remembered what Molly had told me, I let out a faint sigh. I would be back to normal at midnight. All I had to do was... I gulped, blushing at the thought. All that I had to do was have sex with Sheila.

"One hell of a strange cure," I muttered to myself. But a moment later, I couldn't resist grinning, "Like I wouldn't do that anyway..."

With that, I took another look down at myself, wondering if this was really what Sheila wanted. Molly had assured me that it was, and I had no reason to doubt her. It was strange to think that Sheila was into girls. And a bit heartbreaking as well.

"Then this really will be the only chance that I'll ever have with her," I whispered, knowing that I'd have to take it, even if it wasn't the only way of changing back to normal.

I hesitated only a moment more, taking another look down at myself before I started walking. I figured that since school had just let out, Sheila was pretty likely to be at Big Mike's, a diner, arcade and local hangout for a lot of the popular kids. Such as Sheila.

It didn't take me too long to get to Big Mike's, and I made a hell of a lot better time than I would have imagined wearing those stiletto heeled shoes. Fortunately, and not to mention strangely, those shoes didn't seem to slow me down much at all.

When I reached the door for Big Mike's, I paused, feeling extremely nervous. And though it was strange to admit it, even to myself, I was excited as well. The very thought of actually being able to get close to Sheila was extremely appealing...even if I had to be someone else to do it.

Then I went inside. I stopped again, just a few feet inside, slowly looking through the place until I spotted her. Sheila was sitting at a table with another girl, one of the other 'top 5' in the school. But of course, in my personal opinion, she didn't really hold a candle to Sheila.

As I stood there, trying to decide my next move, one of the football players from school went up to their table and started talking to them. A moment later, the other girl left with him, leaving Sheila sitting there alone and looking a bit depressed.

Seeing my opportunity, I took a deep breath and hurried over there. And before I chickened out, I slid into the now vacant seat across from Sheila, silently hoping...praying that Molly had been right about me being her dream lover. If not...I was in for one hell of an embarrassment.

"Um...hi," I greeted her, blushing a bit at how daring I was being.

I never would have been if it hadn't been for Molly's assurance. And even then I wasn't completely positive. However, as soon as I saw the look on Sheila's face, my doubts evaporated.

"Um...hi," Sheila responded with a nervous smile. She licked her lips absently, her eyes scanning me as she was obviously checking me out. And it was just as obvious that she really liked what she was seeing.

Though I was a bit embarrassed, Sheila's reaction encouraged me. "I'm Bri...Brianna." The girlish name sort of slipped out the instant I realized that Brian just wouldn't do.

"Sheila," she responded, taking another look at me before cautiously saying, "I don't remember seeing you around here before..."

"I' here," I told her, not exactly lying since my current body was new. Then I took a deep breath, "I saw you sitting here by yourself and thought that I'd come over and say hi..."

"New to the area and trying to make friends?" Sheila asked with a smile.

I nodded at that, and since I was playing the role of newbie, I asked, "So, what do you do around here for fun?"

With that, Sheila began telling me, though what she told me didn't really matter to me. Nor I think did it really matter to her. What did matter was that we were talking...and more importantly, that we were together.

Sheila and I continued talking for awhile, though I couldn't quite remember what we were talking about. I was more interested in her melodic voice and deep beautiful eyes. And slowly, our hands crept closer to each other across the table until the moment they touched. Suddenly, Sheila blushed a bright crimson.

"Do...," Sheila took a deep breath, "Do you think I'm pretty...?"

"The prettiest," I answered honestly, "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

We both sat there in silence for another minute, holding hands across the table. I was feeling pretty nervous as well as pretty excited. And it was pretty obvious that Sheila was feeling pretty much the same things I was.

Finally, Sheila smiled hopefully and asked, " want to come see my house?"

Of course I said yes, before that moment only having been able to imagine that I'd ever get that invitation. It was a pretty short walk to Sheila's house, and I was bursting with excitement by the time we got there.

"You look fantastic in those heels," Sheila told me at her door, blushing a bit as she said it. Then she quickly added, "Not that you don't look fantastic anyway..."

"Um...thanks," I responded, feeling a tiny surge of pride at that compliment, though I knew it was kind of silly to feel that way.

Then Sheila quickly opened the door, pausing to show that the lights were all off. "I guess my mom and dad aren't home right now," she told me as gestured for me to go inside. Somehow, I had the feeling that she knew they wouldn't be there before she'd invited me over.

"I love your perfume," Sheila commented as she sniffed near my neck. I hadn't even been aware that I'd been wearing any. "It smells like favorite flower."

Once we were both inside and the door was closed behind us, Sheila suddenly threw herself against me and gave me a kiss. The feeling of her against me instantly made me least in my chest. My crotch felt completely the opposite. It was weird, but good as well. Just not as good as Sheila's lips against my own.

"I've been wanting to do that since I saw you in the restaurant," Sheila explained in a rush.

She looked both horny and embarrassed, as well as perhaps a little afraid. Perhaps afraid that my presence was too good to be true or that maybe I wasn't into girl's like she was. Fortunately for both of us, I was definitely into her.

"Me too," I whispered back, my heart racing. I'd been wanting to do it for a whole lot longer than since the restaurant.

We kissed again, both of us getting more and more excited by the moment. God, my panties had to be completely soaked. It was a strange thought, yet at the moment, it was extremely appropriate.

After a few minutes, Sheila and I moved towards her bedroom. "There's more room to play around on my mom and dad's bed," she told me, but reluctantly added, "But they'd kill me..."

I didn't say anything to that, deciding instead to lick her neck, somehow knowing that she would enjoy it. And enjoy it she did. She giggled and moaned at the same time.

Within a minute, we were stripping each other's clothes off. It was like unwrapping a Christmas present, one that I'd wanted for a very long time. And with every inch of her skin that was revealed, the hotter I got. I was sure that my nipples were going to poke right through the frilly black bra I was wearing, at least until Sheila removed it.

"You look so hot," I whispered as I stared at Sheila's naked body.

"Me?" she blinked, smiling at the compliment then responding, "Not nearly as hot as you."

Of course I disagreed, but I decided to show her just how hot I thought she was by giving her another kiss. I was scarcely even aware of the shift between us standing there with our naked bodies pressed together and being on the bed.

I was turned on, more than I'd ever been in my life. More than I ever would have imagined possible. And the way that it made my body feel was absolutely indescribable.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that if I went through with this...then I'd never be able to have Sheila again. It was a horrible sinking realization, like a lead weight in the pit of my stomach. I could have Sheila now... Unfortunately, there was a huge 'but' there. I could have Sheila now...I could have the girl that I'd always wanted. But then, when I changed back to normal at midnight, I'd never be able to be with her again. It was a one time thing...

"Oh no," I groaned, which turned into a moan as Sheila started licking downstairs.

For a long moment, I was extremely tempted just to say refuse to have sex with her. That way I wouldn't change back at midnight. Sure, I'd be stuck as a girl...but as long as I had Sheila, that might not be such a bad thing. However, my hesitation was overwhelmed by my lust. I was way too gone now to stop...or even want to. No matter what...

If all I had to do to get cured was have sex with Sheila, than over the next several hours I would have to be cured a dozen times over. We were wild as we went at each other, trying things that I never even would have considered before then. And strangely enough, I seemed to have an instinctive knowledge of just how to drive Sheila to the most outrageous orgasms...which I used quite a bit. I didn't question it, assuming when I did notice it that it had to be a side effect of being her idea lover.

Eventually, Sheila and I both collapsed into exhaustion, having worn each other out. I'd had more orgasms than I could count, each of them more powerful...more overwhelming than any that I had ever felt...ever imagined before. And as I slowly drifted off to sleep, curled up tightly against Sheila, the last thought that passed through my head was one of regret that I would never be able to experience such a thing again.

When I awoke, it was with the sun catching my eye. I groaned and started to turn over, only then becoming aware that I was still tangled up with Sheila. At that instant, I suddenly snapped awake, my heart racing as a thousand thoughts and feelings assaulted me at once.

I immediately remembered the night before, all the hot, passionate lesbian sex that we'd had. The very memory made me blush, yet get a bit excited again as well. However, there was another thought that hit me as well, a realization that I had completed the requirements of the wish...and that Sheila would probably be completely shocked and horrified to wake up next to plain old Brian.

"Oh shit," I whispered instinctively before snapping my mouth shut so as not to wake Sheila. However, that was followed by the realization that my voice just didn't sound right.

With a faint grimace, I slipped out of Sheila's limbs, being careful not to disturb or wake her. Then I slowly sat up in bed, completely shocked to realize that I was still a girl. I still had the big breasts and hot body that I'd gone to bed in.

"But...," I started, before clamping my mouth shut again.

I'd fulfilled the wish...I'd had sex with Sheila and had done it before midnight. So from what Molly had told me, I should be back to normal. But I wasn't. Not that I wasn't feeling too broken about that as I looked down at the sexy and still sleeping Sheila.

"But why am I still...?" I whispered, cupping my nice breasts and smiling at just how nice they felt. I wasn't sure whether to be furious about not changing back...or relieved. My emotions were a bit confused. However, as I stared at Sheila, I knew that there was one thing that I wasn't confused about.

With that, I shifted position, hesitating for only a moment as I slipped my tongue into Sheila's private spot and began licking. She moaned in her sleep, causing me to smile and work at it just a little harder. I wasn't quite sure why I had decided to wake Sheila up this way instead of going off on my own and trying to figure out what had happened...but then again, it was a hell of a lot more pleasurable way to spend the time.

"Oh God," Sheila moaned out, obviously no longer asleep. And she seemed to be quite enjoying the method that I'd chosen to wake her up. "That feels so good..."

After Sheila came a minute later, sat up and grinned at me, "It wasn't a dream..." Then she licked her lips, "My turn now..."

I leaned back and started to squirm and moan while Sheila went to work on me. It was unlike anything that I'd felt as a man, and for awhile, it made me forget entirely about anything and everything else.

When Sheila and I had finished with our quick morning fun, I climbed out of bed and told her, "You wait here... I'll go make breakfast..."

"But you don't know where my kitchen is," Sheila started.

However, I quieted her with a kiss, then whispered, "I'll manage..."

I made my way to Sheila's kitchen since finding it was no problem. My only real concern was that I might run into her parents, but as I saw no sign of them, I figured that they were either still asleep or had already left for work. Either way, I decided to be quiet...just in case. Explaining my presence might be a little...uncomfortable.

"Let's see," I quietly mused as I looked into her fridge, "I think and omelet is in order."

Within a couple minutes, I was deep in the process of making omelets for breakfast. Though I'd never made them before, I somehow knew exactly how to make great ones...though I didn't really think about that fact at first. And once I did, it just didn't seem that important, and certainly a lot less surprising than everything else that was going on.

Suddenly I froze...the scent of perfume tickling my nose. With a gulp, I slowly turned around, only to see Molly standing there in the kitchen with me, taking a drag from one of those weird cigars of hers.

"You..." I squeaked out.

"Quiet kid," Molly warned me, "Ya don't want yer dame hearing us..." Then she leaned over the food and sniffed, "Smells kinda nice..."

I just stared at her in surprise, taking a deep breath before blurting out, "What are you doing here?" And then realizing that I might be getting too loud, in a quieter voice, I asked, "Why didn't I change back to normal?" I frowned, not sure if it was a complaint or not. "I did...we did what you said we had to for me to change back..." I blushed a little at that. "You said I'd change back at midnight..."

Molly nodded, "Yeah...I was kinda curious bout that myself..." She frowned thoughtfully, taking a slow drag from her cigar. "I mean, yer wish was granted and all so ya shoulda changed back..." Then she shook her head, frowning just a bit, "So I looked into it..."

"And?" I encouraged, trying to hold back my impatience.

"I found da reason that ya still gots these," Molly commented, poking at my naked breasts. I hadn't put any clothes on after waking up with Sheila, which would have made any run ins with her parents even more embarrassing. Strangely enough, I didn't really feel embarrassed about being naked in front of Molly. However, with the way she was poking my nipples...

"Do you mind?" I demanded, making an effort to keep my voice down.

"Not at all," Molly responded with a smirk.

Then her expression turned serious. "Da reason ya ain't changed back has ta do with the way I granted yer wish..." At my blank look, Molly continued, "I turned ya into yer dame's dream gal so's ya could be together." Then she gave me an embarrassed look, "Fraid I found out this dame's dream gal wakes her up with a good tongue lashin if ya knows what I mean, and likes ta fix her breakfast in bed too." Molly gestured at the omelet, giving me an embarrassed shrug as she finished, "So's, ya couldn't be her dream gal without this..."

"And I couldn't do this before midnight," I whispered, realizing exactly what this all meant. "Then I'm stuck like this..." I gestured down at myself, staring at Molly in disbelief.

"Yep," Molly nodded, looking a little apologetic, "Just thought ya should know."

Before I could think of another question to ask, or demand to know if she was even capable of turning me back to normal, Molly vanished, just as she had the first time. There was no sign that she had been there at all except for a faint haze of pink smoke in the air and the scent of her perfumed cigar.

For a long moment, I just stood there, feeling stunned at Molly's revelation. I was stuck...I was going to be stuck as a sexy girl for the rest of my life. Strangely enough, I didn't really feel all that shook up about it. Not like I would have expected.

Maybe a part of me had been expecting this since I woke up in the same sexy body that I'd gone to bed in. Perhaps whatever it was that made me want to wake Sheila up that way and fix her breakfast in bed also made it easier for me to accept this.

I had no idea what this would mean for my future...what it would mean with school and my family. And at the moment, I was a little startled to realize that I didn't particularly care. What I did know right then...what I knew for a fact, was that as long as I was with Sheila, everything would be all right. As long as I was with her, I would be happy. Everything else was just details.

With that, I finished getting the breakfast ready and went to the bedroom door, pausing for only a moment, thinking about what Sheila and I had done the night before...and would definitely do again later. We were together now...and would remain together. Sheila was the woman of my dreams...and I had been made hers. I smiled at the thought, then gave silent thanks to my fairy godmother for granting my wish.


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