Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box

The basement was a dark and dismal hole that was filled with random clutter that hadn’t been cleaned out in decades. There was a layer of dust and spider webs which grew thicker with each footstep taken towards the back. And as the furthest light bulb had long since burned out without being replaced, those depths became even more foreboding.

“What the hell are we doing here again?” Ian demanded as he looked around. “I swear, that dust bunny just growled at me.”

“We need a place to put the pool table,” Ian’s roommate Craig said with a sigh of exasperation as he picked up a box of old clothes. “Now help me tame these dust bunnies so we can get this done with.”

Ian nodded at that but took another look around the basement and shook his head, wondering how he’d gotten stuck doing this. Of course, he already knew the answer to that. He and Craig had been friends ever since high school, and when Craig broke up with his girlfriend and needed a new place to live, they’d seen this as an opportunity. The two of them would rent this small house and become roommates. Craig would get someone to help pay the rent and Ian would finally be able to afford to move out of his parent’s house. At twenty-two, he thought it was about time.

Ian had been looking forward to moving in with his old buddy, knowing that they’d have a blast together. He’d be able to play video games, watch porn on TV, and have girls over without any of the nagging he was used to. He hadn’t counted on immediately going to work.

The owners of the house had rented it out to numerous people over the decades, and during that time, many of the tenants had stored things in the basement and forgot about them when they left. As a result, the basement had slowly become filled with decades of clutter. It was also the only place in the house where Craig’s pool table would comfortably fit. Fortunately, the landlord had told them that they could go ahead and clear out the clutter to make room, even encouraging it since it meant that he wouldn’t have to hire someone to do it.

“Dude, how many of these boxes are clothes?” Ian asked after he’d take the fifth box of clothes out of the basement. “That and kid toys…”

“Yeah,” Craig responded with a grin. “But maybe we’ll find something that’s worth something… You know…an antique or something like that. I’ve seen some of those shows on TV and people can pay big money for old crap.”

After taking out an old mattress, Ian decided that it was time for a break. He popped open a beer and took a long drink, thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad time to smoke a bowl too. However, he decided to wait until they were done since he wouldn’t want to ruin his buzz by going back to work. He looked to Craig, disappointed that his roommate wouldn’t be joining him. Craig hadn’t touched any weed in nearly a year, not since he got that job where they did random piss tests. Craig liked the job too much to risk getting fired so had reluctantly stopped partaking.

“Hey, come and grab a beer,” Ian called to his friend.

“Just a minute,” Craig called back. “I think I found something…”

A moment later, Craig came out of the basement holding some sort of box in his hands. It was approximately eight inches tall and a foot across, though Ian couldn’t make out any details until Craig set it down on the ground in front of him.

The box was made of a smooth dark wood but had a lot of polished brass trim in the form of corners, hinges, and an ornate latch. There was also a brass plate on the top of the box that had writing on it.

“Look what I found,” Craig exclaimed with a grin. “Look at it… It was just sitting there and it doesn’t have a speck of dust on it. Dude, it looks like it was just polished yesterday.”

Ian looked the box over and mused, “Maybe the last people who lived here stuck it down there to hide it from thieves or something…”

“Could be,” Craig admitted. “Everything around it looked like it had been there for at least ten years though and had dust all over it.”

“What’s this say?” Ian asked, looking at the brass plate on top and trying to make out the letters. They were engraved in a sort of fancy writing style, though obviously still English. It took him a few seconds before he was able to make out the words which he spoke aloud, “Open this box and Jack within shall grant three wishes.”

“Jack within…?” Craig asked, looking at the writing himself and scowling. “Maybe it’s some sort of antique jack in the box… I thought it might be a jewelry box…”

Ian just grinned at the thought. “Either way, it could be worth something…especially if there’s jewelry inside.”

The brought the box to the living room to open it up but the latch was a little tricky and wouldn’t open right away. While they were trying to figure it out, they speculated on what might be inside and how much it might be worth.

“If we strike it rich, I’m buying a new car,” Ian bragged, taking a drink of his beer.

Craig popped open an energy drink and took a sip while he considered the lock. “I’m guessing we’ll get maybe a few hundred bucks at most… Still, it’s a lot better than nothing. We’ll just have to make sure we don’t let the landlord know.”

“There is that,” Ian agreed with a grin. “He might want a cut.”

“Or all of it,” Craig added with a frown. “But, it would be nice to get some cash. Then I could sign up for those online classes I’ve been thinking about…”

Ian rolled his eyes, hardly able to believe how gullible his friend was. “Dude… Those college classes are just a scam…a huge waste of time and money.” He shook his head and added, “I’ve got a cousin who went to college and he’s been out of work for two years. Claims he can’t find work and thinks he’s too smart to flip burgers.”

Craig rolled his eyes at this familiar discussion. “Yeah, but my sister-in-law Denise went to college and makes twice what I do. Hell, she even makes more than my brother Dan… If I can get a degree and make more money, I’m all for it.” He hesitated for a moment before adding, “Besides, I don’t want to stay where I am for the rest of my life.”

Ian snorted but took another drink of his beer instead of answering. Then as he watched, Craig figured out the latch and was able to turn it until it clicked.

“I’ve got it,” Craig announced as he opened the box.

The moment that Craig raised the lid, there was a strange glow of light from within the box. The lid suddenly flew the rest of the way open and a stream of thick smoke poured out, swirling around in the middle of the living room before fading away. But as the smoke faded away, it had left something behind.

A man now stood in the middle of the living room where the smoke had been swirling just seconds before. He was in his late thirties and appeared to be good looking and athletic. His clothes consisted of a blue suit with a wide collar that looked like it had come right out of the seventies.

“Holy shit,” Ian blurted out in shock. He was sure he hadn’t had nearly enough beer to start seeing things. He hadn’t even finished the one can. Then he remembered that the writing on the box had said something about wishes and blurted out, “Are you a genie?”

“A genie?” the man responded with a look of disgust. “Certainly not.”

“Who are you?” Craig demanded, not sure whether to attack the intruder or talk to him.

“My name is Jack Corbell,” the newcomer answered. Then he looked rather smug as he looked over Ian and Craig, answering, “And I am a sorcerer.”

“Yeah, right,” Ian responded with a snort of disbelief, feeling embarrassed for thinking the man might be a genie. “I hate to tell you this, but I ain’t some kid who thinks Harry Potter is real.”

The stranger…Jack gave him a blank look and asked, “Who?”

“How’d you get in here,” Craig demanded. “I mean, it looked like you came right out of the box…”

“Sadly, I did,” Jack responded with a sigh. “I’ve been locked in that damn box for decades.”

“And how’d you get in there?” Ian asked, more than a little skeptical but still finding this whole situation interesting. He was growing less afraid by the moment and increasingly curious.

Jack scowled for a moment before answering. “Very well. It is a long story, but the short version is that I am…was a moderately powerful sorcerer. I got a bit greedy though and wanted more power so I came up with a plan. I trapped a goddess and tried to force her to grant me three wishes.” He paused to shake his head with a grim look. “Unfortunately for me, I underestimated her. Before I realized it, she’d shoved me into this box and placed a curse on me. She told me that since I was so interested in wishes, I could be the one granting them.”

“Damn,” Ian responded, still not sure he believed any of this in spite of seeing Jack appear out of a puff of smoke. “Sounds rough.”

“You have no idea,” Jack told him with a look of anger. “The damn bitch played me from the start. I thought I’d trapped her but she trapped me instead.”

“You said you have to grant wishes,” Craig pointed out with a grin. “Does that mean we get three wishes?”

“I am required to grant three wishes,” Jack responded carefully. “And I can on only use my magic in the service of granting these wishes to the best of my power…and for nothing else.”

“Fucking awesome,” Ian exclaimed with a broad grin. “I wish I was irresistible to women.”

“I wish I was a billionaire,” Craig quickly added. “And for our third wish…”

But then, Jack just started laughing. “Oh, you misunderstand,” Jack told them with a smirk. “I must grant three wishes. I never said that I had to grant yours.”

Ian blinked in confusion at that. “What?” Then he snorted. “I knew this was just a joke…”

“Oh no, this is no joke,” Jack told him with a predatory grin. “You see, when the first person opened my box after I was imprisoned, I thought that I merely had to grant their three wishes and I would be free. Unfortunately, I discovered that my curse was not so simple. It was not to end after merely granting their wishes. Twelve hours after I was released from the box, I was pulled back within. The box became locked and would not open again for a full year. Then I was forced to repeat the process…”

“A nice story,” Ian said with a skeptical look at Jack. “But I don’t believe in magic.”

Jack merely bowed his head faintly, though he continued looking at Ian and Craig with a smug expression. “After the first few times I was released from the box, I took a lesson from that bitch Chiff and realized that it was all in the wording. I was bound to grant three wishes but she never told me they had to be the wishes of the one who freed me. I can grant my own wishes instead, if I choose.”

“So you plan on wishing yourself free,” Craig exclaimed in realization.

“I have already tried that with the last two people who released me,” Jack responded with a cold anger. “Unfortunately, I do not have the power to break my curse. I tried destroying the box but it’s indestructible. I realize now that all I can do is use this limited window of opportunity to make my situation more tolerable.”

Suddenly, Ian had a very bad feeling about this and saw that Craig must as well since his roommate was starting towards the door. Ian quickly followed him, sure that Jack was crazy and thinking that it might be a little dangerous confronting a crazy guy himself. Better to let the cops handle it.

“I wish you would both obey my commands,” Jack exclaimed. Then he muttered something in a strange language for a moment and Ian felt a strange tingling sensation. “Stop where you are,” Jack, called out and Ian did. “Don’t try to escape me. Both of you come back here… It’s rude to leave while I’m talking.”

Ian found himself turning around and going back to Jack. He stood in front of the strange man with Craig standing right beside him. He couldn’t help but suddenly feeling afraid, realizing that he couldn’t quite control himself. That meant that there may be more to Jack’s story than just some crazy delusion.

“A simple geas,” Jack mused. “But quite sufficient.”

“What the fuck did you do to us?” Craig demanded frantically.

“I just told you,” Jack answered with a look of amusement. “And don’t yell. It’s rude.”

Ian gulped and desperately thought about turning and running away, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. His body just wouldn’t respond to the command to do so.

“I have been in that box for a very long time,” Jack stated grimly. “It has been at least a decade since the last time I was released and far longer since I have had any…companionship. In fact, the last time I had female companionship was before I was trapped by that bitch Chiff…”

“Let us go you crazy bastard,” Craig demanded, though his tone was merely at a normal conversational level rather than the yell he’d intended.

Jack stared at Ian for a moment and then Craig. “My first thought was to send you two out to find an attractive woman for me, but that would be far too time consuming. Instead, I have a much better idea.” He paused with a thoughtful look before saying, “I wish you would both transform into attractive women.” Then he began muttering a spell in an odd language while the magic built.

Ian felt the same tingling sensation he had when he’d been forced to stop but now it was rushing through his entire body and felt much more powerful. Suddenly, he felt his body beginning to change. It wasn’t painful, just extremely uncomfortable and unnerving, especially since he knew that this was impossible.

“Oh fuck,” Ian blurted out as his bones and flesh reshaped themselves. He could feel every part of his body transforming…being reshaped as easily as if it was made of clay.

Ian was absolutely terrified as he changed and the horror grew even greater when his chest began to swell. At first, it was just the pressure and then the flesh began to grow, forming into two mounds that pushed out further and further until they were the size of volleyballs and stretched his shirt to the limit.

“No fucking way,” Ian cried out, only to hear a sexy woman’s voice instead of his own.

Then Ian remembered Craig and looked to his friend, shocked to see a gorgeous and stacked brunette who was wearing his clothes. She was staring down at herself with an expression of shock and horror, the very same one that Ian had on his own face.

Ian gulped and looked down at himself and his now obviously female body. He grabbed at the two mounts on his chest, unable to believe how huge they seemed. He’d always liked girls with big tits but he was quickly changing his mind.

“No way,” Ian gasped, holding his hands up and staring at them. They were girl hands with perfect manicures. They even had red polish on them though he had absolutely no idea where that had come from.

Ian grabbed at his hair which was now a silky golden blonde that went down nearly to his waist and then frantically reached between his legs. There was an absence there.

“Change me back,” Craig demanded in a sexy woman’s voice, his voice still at normal level as he still couldn’t disobey the order not to yell.

Ian turned his attention back to Jack, grimacing as he realized that the sorcerer was staring at them with a lusty smirk. He felt a mixture of anger and horror.

“Change us back,” Ian demanded as well. “You’ve got till the count of five…” He had absolutely no idea of what he could do against Jack now that he had a body like this, but there were two of them and only one of him.

“I think not,” Jack mused with a smile, giving Ian and Craig each an appreciative look. “A sexy brunet and a busty blonde… It is only too bad that you didn’t have another friend here or I could have created a red head and completed the set.” Then he paused to muse, “I suppose I could create clothes for you since that could be attributed as part of my wish…but they wouldn’t remain on you for long.”

“What are you going to do to us?” Ian pleaded with tears starting to pour down his cheeks. He already had a very good idea of what Jack wanted and he didn’t like it one bit.

“I could just order you to service me,” Jack continued to muse, apparently not even listening to Ian and Craig’s begging. “But that would just not be very satisfying. It is much more enjoyable when my partners are enjoying themselves as well.”

“You bastard,” Ian snarled, then jumped at Jack with his fists swinging. Craig immediately joined him.

Jack didn’t look worried at all and merely commanded, “Neither of you will attack me or attempt to harm me in any way.” Ian and Craig immediately stopped.

“You can’t do this,” Craig protested.

“Oh, you’re right,” Jack agreed almost pleasantly. “I can’t force myself on you against your will.” Ian and Craig both let out faint sighs of relief until Jack continued, “I’ll just have to make sure that you’re more than willing.”

“What?” Ian blurted out with a feeling of dread.

“For my third and final wish,” Jack announced with a smirk. “I wish you were both willing participants for what I have in mind.”

Ian backed away with a gulp, “No… Please don’t…”

Jack began muttering the words of the spell he was casting and Ian was helpless to do anything about it. He gave a pleading look to Craig who was staring at Jack with the same look of dreadful expectation.

A moment later, Ian felt the tingle rush through his body. His body didn’t feel like it was changing anymore but it did get warm. Then he gasped, realizing that he was feeling…horny.

Ian’s nipples suddenly became hard and were poking out very visibly through the front of his stretched out shirt. At the same time, he could feel himself getting wet down below. It felt warm and gooey…and hungry.

Jack chuckled and said, “A lust spell should do the trick nicely. Ever since I had these limitations placed on me, I can’t use my magic completely at will, but what I can use is more focused and powerful.”

“Oh God,” Ian moaned, feeling extremely horny. He began to play with his nipples through his shirt with one hand while his other slipped between his legs, almost of its own accord.

Ian glanced to Craig and saw that Craig was looking very flushed and horny as well. He was grabbing his breasts and moaning in pleasure and then staring back at Ian.

Without a word, Ian and Craig grabbed each other and began to kiss, grabbing frantically at each other’s clothes. They were both very horny and needed to fulfill the new hunger from their bodies. And as they did this, a thought began to slip through the back of their minds. Jack had what their bodies were craving.

“Please,” Ian blurted out, staring at Jack and hardly able to believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. “Just stop this or…” He blushed brightly and whispered, “Or fuck me…”

“Please Jack,” Craig begged.

Jack just grinned smugly. “Address me as master. From now on, you will both call me master.”

“Yes…master,” Ian said in defeat, knowing that Jack had truly trapped him now. And at the moment, he didn’t really care as long as Jack…as his master would satisfy this unbearable lust.

“See,” Jack said, coming over to Ian and giving him a kiss. “Isn’t this so much better now that you’re both willing and eager?”

“Yes master,” Craig admitted. He’d say anything as long as his master would fuck him and satisfy this horrible lust.

Jack turned from Ian and gave Criag a kiss as well. “Now girls...where is the bedroom? I haven’t had sex in decades and can’t wait…”

Ian grimaced, feeling a mixture of shame and excitement. He hated himself for wanting this so bad but he couldn’t help it. Every inch of his body was crying out for sex.

“Very nice,” Jack said, wrapping one arm around Ian’s shoulders and one around Craig’s. “Now, let us satisfy our needs…”

When they reached the bedroom, Jack kissed Ian who was horrified at first. Then Ian found himself kissing back passionately, all thoughts of how wrong this were vanishing under the force of his lust. All that mattered was this hunger inside of him and satisfying it.

Hours later, Ian lay on the bed, her body aching in ways that she never would have imagined possible, yet feeling unbelievably good at the same time. Her entire body was filled with the warmth of the afterglow, and though she was still a little horny, she was also fully satiated.

Ian could barely remember the reason why she’d been so hesitant to have sex with Jack and why she’d felt so horrified. Much of that part of her seemed to have been burned out during the hours of sex. She smiled dreamily as she remembered it.

Jack had proven to be extremely skilled, and to have a level of stamina that could only be described as magical. A small part of Ian felt a little smug that at least the old her had been bigger than Jack, though not much. However, it wasn’t like it made much difference because Jack was more than able to make up for it.

“I fear that our time is nearly done,” Jack said, looking to Ian and then Craig who was sprawled out in a similar manner. “This has been the most enjoyable time I have had in decades.”

Ian sat up and watched Jack without saying a word, knowing that Jack would be leaving soon and she would be free of his control. She and Craig would no longer have to obey his orders. But then she also remembered that he wouldn’t be able to pleasure again either.

“Will you change us back, master?” Craig asked as she sat up as well.

“Oh no,” Jack responded, giving them each an appreciative look. “I couldn’t change you back even if I wanted to…and I most certainly don’t. You are both so lovely now. A vast improvement from what you had been. You see, that would require another wish and I’ve already made my three.”

Ian nodded at that, surprised that only a tiny part of her felt disappointed at that. The rest of her let out a sigh of relief. Staying as a woman meant that she’d be able to have sex in this body again.

“But you two lovelies do need new names,” Jack mused. He looked to Ian and said, “From now on, you are Ionne.” Then he looked to Craig and said, “And you are Caryn.”

“Yes master,” Ionne and Caryn said as one.

“Now, before I go back to that infernal box,” Jack said with a scowl. “I have one final instruction to leave with you two. You are to guard my box, and a year from now when it becomes unlocked, you are to release me again.”

“Yes master,” Ionne and Caryn responded.

“As long as I have you two to free me once a year,” Jack announced with a smirk, “my imprisonment will be less painful. And of course, the more often I am released the more opportunities I will have to attempt a permanent release.” Then he bowed his head and said, “I shall see you next year my lovelies.”

And with that, Jack’s body seemed to turn into smoke and was pulled back into the box. Once all the smoke inside, the lid slammed shut and Ionne could hear it lock.

For a moment, Ionne and Caryn remained where they were, staring at the box and knowing that they would obey the last order they’d been given. And in a year, Jack would be back to seduce them all over again.

“I don’t know whether to look forward to next year or dread it,” Ionne admitted after a minute.

“I know exactly what you mean,” Caryn agreed with a sigh. “I guess my old job is gone now…”

Ionne nodded, fully aware of the fact that both of them were naked and coated with sexual fluids. She was also well aware of the remaining horniness and the fact that her nipples were poking out again.

“So, why don’t we kill some time?” Ionne asked with a wry smile, gesturing down at herself and then at Caryn. “I know you’ve always had a thing for blondes and I’ve always dug brunettes…”

“That sounds great to me,” Caryn agreed with a chuckle, already moving in to embrace Ionne. “We have a long wait until that box unlocks again and we’re going to have a LOT of time to kill until then…”

The End

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