Mother's Milk

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Mother's Milk

After 16 year old OZ is accidentally infected with a strange virus, things begin to change...and not only for him.

When I’d first started this story, I’d intended it to be much shorter, probably about half the length it ended up as. But when I began writing, my muse insisted that I go at a slower pace.


I leaned back in my comfortable recliner, oblivious to nearly everything except for the book in my hands. I was completely engrossed in the tale of Allan Quatermain and his trek across the untamed wilds of Africa. Somehow, the fact that I was reading an old hard covered book almost made it feel even more exciting, though I never truly understood that difference between hard covered books and paperbacks, only that it was so.

As I turned the page, I absently adjusted my glasses which had begun sliding down my nose. I took advantage of this brief pause in my reading to take a sip from the cup of hot cocoa that sat on the stand beside my chair. Hot cocoa, a comfortable chair, and a good book. The only thing missing was a nice warm fire. It was a pity that we didn’t have a fireplace, and I had a feeling that my dad wasn’t going to go through the cost of having one installed just for my enjoyment.

“Maybe if I could come up with some kind of cost benefit analysis proving that wood fire heating was cheaper than gas,” I mused with a faint chuckle.

I returned my full attention to the book but only made it through another page before I heard my dad calling my name. I paused, wondering if I should respond or just pretend that I hadn’t heard him. After a glance back at my book, I decided to go with the latter.

Then my dad stepped into the family room and said, “Oscar, didn’t you hear me calling for you?”

I winced slightly as he called me by my name, wondering why he and mom had saddled me with it, other than because it had also been my grandpa’s name. Since our last name was Mayer, he should have realized how many hot dog jokes I’d have to deal with in school. I would have gone by my middle name instead but that was even worse. Oscar Zoroaster Mayer a name that nearly begged to be made fun of, which was why I usually just asked people to call me OZ.

“Were you?” I asked my dad with a well-practiced look of innocence. “I didn’t hear you.”

My dad gave me a skeptical look but didn’t bother to challenge me on my lie. My dad was a lawyer and was used to clients lying to him, so he didn’t take it personally. I think he was more offended by a poor lie that was easily disproven than by actually being lied to.

“I was just about to go see Mrs. Jonas,” dad told me pleasantly. “I wondered if you wanted to come along.”

I hesitated a moment before responding, “Sure.”

I carefully put a bookmarker into my book and set it aside, looking forward to finishing it later. Then I slowly stood up and looked at my dad, realizing that I should have already guessed he was going to see a client. After all, he was currently wearing a gray suit like he usually did when going out for work.

My dad and I were about the same height, with him being just one inch taller than my six foot status. Of course, since I was sixteen, I might still have enough growth left in me to beat him out in a year or two. I half hoped that this was the case and half hoped that it wasn’t. It might be nice being taller than my dad, but I was already pretty lanky and feared that if I got much taller I might end up being compared to a scarecrow.

“So, how is Mrs. Jonas?” I asked my dad curiously.

Mrs. Jonas was the only one of my dad’s clients that I actually knew, and for some reason, she’d taken a liking to me. Because of that, my dad liked to bring me along when he went to go see her, saying that I put her in a good mood and made her easier to deal with.

“She seems to be doing well,” dad answered with a shrug. “You can ask her yourself when we get there.”

Just a short time later, dad and I were in his car making the drive to Mrs. Jonas’ house. It took well over a half hour to get there so dad and I talked while he drove. For the most part, I told him how school had been while he nodded and pretended to be listening. Then he’d tell me about work, or at least what he could without violating the whole client confidentiality thing, and I’d nod along and pretend to be listening to him. Neither of us was fooled by this routine, but it was comfortable and made us both feel as though we were really spending quality time together.

“And how is that book report coming?” dad asked me.

“Just fine,” I responded, deciding not to mention that the report had been due last week. It had hardly been a problem since our teacher had asked us to do the report on the Ray Bradbury story Fahrenheit 451…which I’d already read on my own last year. “I do have a science project coming up though.”

“That’s good,” dad replied pleasantly. I was pretty sure he hadn’t really been paying attention until he added, “You might ask Mrs. Jonas for some ideas.”

I nodded at that, surprised not only that dad had been listening but that I hadn’t thought of this myself. Mrs. Jonas’ late husband had been some sort of scientist before he died last year, and though she’d primarily been in charge of the business and money aspect of his work, she’d also been his lab assistant. That meant she would probably have some good ideas that went beyond the classic baking soda volcano.

By the time we reached Mrs. Jonas’ home and parked, I was feeling eager to talk to her and see what she thought. I climbed out of the car and looked at her house, though ‘house’ might be a bit of an understatement. She actually lived by herself in small mansion which she used to share with her husband. With a grin, I started for the front door, wondering how I could go about bringing up the subject.

Mrs. Jonas answered the door herself, which was not surprising since she didn’t believe in permanent live-in servants, just people who’d come by once a week to clean. She was a moderately attractive woman in her mid-forties, though she was a little too plain and frumpy to be considered a MILF. At the moment, her auburn hair that had a few streaks of gray was pulled back into a bun and she stood at the door staring at us through her glasses.

“Gary,” Mrs. Jonas greeted my dad politely. Then she smiled when she saw me and said, “I see you brought OZ.”

I smiled faintly at that, liking Mrs. Jonas partly because she actually called me OZ like I wanted. My own mom and dad always insisted on calling me Oscar, with mom actually seeming offended that I didn’t appreciate being named after her dad. My grandpa Oscar might have been perfectly happy with his name, but his last name wasn’t Mayer.

“Mrs. Jonas,” dad greeted her politely.

Mrs. Jonas just smiled and responded, “I told you to call me Ellen. Now come on in and we can go over some of that paperwork…”

While dad and Mrs. Jonas were going over their paperwork, I went to the library and looked around, just as I did every time I tagged along with dad. I carefully picked out one old book and smiled, remembering the first time I’d come here.

About a year ago, dad was giving me a ride home from school but something had come up and he’d had to come talk with Mrs. Jonas about her husband’s will. I’d come along, and when I saw the library, I had nearly drooled in amazement. It wasn’t as big as the public library or even the school library, but all the books were hardbound and somehow seemed more impressive. For a bookworm like me, this library was just a few steps away from Heaven. When Mrs. Jonas realized that I liked reading, she’d invited me to come back and even borrow some of the books.

I spent over half an hour slowly looking over the selection on the shelves, trying to decide which one I might want to read next. I was curious about one book until I looked closer and saw that it was a first edition copy that had been signed by the author. I licked my lips at that and then carefully put it back. That was a book that I’d love to read, but I wasn’t about to try taking that one out of this house…even if Mrs. Jonas would let me. I didn’t want to be responsible for it if anything happened.

I hadn’t noticed Mrs. Jonas coming into the library until she asked, “So, how is King Solomon’s Mines coming?”

“It’s pretty good,” I told her honesty. “But a little slower than I’d expected. I’m about three quarters of the way through.”

“That’s good,” Mrs. Jonas responded, looking at some of the books on the shelf as she talked. “Have you thought about what you want to read next?”

“A little,” I admitted with a shrug. I adjusted my glasses and added, “I still haven’t decided though.”

“How about the Sea Wolf?” Mrs. Jonas asked. “I think a boy your age might enjoy that one…”

I shook my head at that, though I grinned as I remembered the story. “I read it a few months ago.”

Mrs. Jonas pulled one book off the shelf and asked, “How about something by Jane Austen…?”

I shuddered at that. I might like classic books, but I’d never had any interest in reading Jane Austen. My tastes ran more towards adventure and I especially liked the works of Mark Twain, Jules Verne, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. “No thanks.”

Then Mrs. Jonas looked at the book in her hand and asked, “How about this one?” She held the book so I could see that it was an old copy of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

“That’s a good one,” I told Mrs. Jonas with a grin, having a special fondness for that book due to my chosen name. “I’ve read that one twice. I’m not a big fan of the later books though.”

“My mother used to read this one to me when I was a little girl,” she said with a sigh and then shook her head, seeming to be talking more to herself than me. “Sometimes I miss those days, back when I was a child with my whole future ahead of me, knowing that my mother would take care of everything…” I watched silently as Mrs. Jonas flipped through the book, looking at the illustrations and smiling faintly. “I used to wish I had my own daughter to read this to and share the experience, but sadly, Henry and I were unable to have children.”

I just nodded at that, feeling a little uncomfortable with her talking to me about such personal things. Then she gently closed the book and put it away, apparently breaking out of those thoughts.

“I was wondering,” I started, remembering what dad and I had talked about in the car and happily taking the opportunity to change the subject. “I have to come up with a science project for school and was hoping you might have an idea for something interesting.”

Mrs. Jonas paused with a thoughtful look before musing, “Well, I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. But Henry kept his lab in the basement so maybe you can get some inspiration there.”

“Really?” I asked in surprise. “Thanks.”

Mrs. Jonas led me to a very sturdy door that was sealed shut with a combination lock, similar to the one on my gym locker at school. After she unlocked the door, she apologized, “I’ve only been down here a couple times since Henry passed away. I may have helped him with his work, but this was always his place.”

“I’ll be careful,” I told her, hearing the unspoken warning not to mess with anything.

“Thank you, OZ,” she said, turning on the lights and leading me down the stairs.

The basement wasn’t at all as I’d expected, either as a basement or as a laboratory. It wasn’t cold and damp and it didn’t even look all that sterile. Instead, it looked almost warm and inviting.

One half of the basement had been set up as the lab, having wood floors that looked well taken care of as well as a few throw rugs. There were four wooden tables set up against the walls, looking like they had been regular household furniture that had been converted to this use rather than something you’d normally find in a lab. The tables were covered with various instruments and things that looked like they belonged in a lab such as microscopes and bottles full of various colored liquids, but a painting on the wall of dogs playing poker definitely did not.

The other half of the basement had a very large and slightly worn out rug which covered most of the wooden floor. There was an old fashioned writing desk, a comfortable looking recliner, a fully loaded bookshelf, and even a lava lamp in the corner. After taking a look at the basement, I had the impression that this was a man cave that just happened to double as a lab.

“Henry used to spend most of his time down here,” Mrs. Jonas said with a light chuckle. “He sometimes had other researches come here to help him with a project, or at least that was what he told me. He always thought I didn’t know they were really down here playing poker.” Then she snorted and added, “As if I couldn’t smell the scotch and cigar smoke on him afterwards.”

I couldn’t resist grinning at that and thinking that her husband sounded like a bit of a character. Of course, the poster of Albert Einstein with a clown nose would have given me a clue as well.

“Not quite Frankenstein,” I mused aloud as we walked over to the lab section.

Mrs. Jonas chuckled at that. “Not quite,” she admitted. Then more seriously, she said, “But Henry was extremely dedicated to his own interests.” At my curious look, she explained, “He was a viral researcher…someone who developed vaccines and looked for cures.”

“That’s cool,” I said, wondering if I could somehow use something like that in my school project. “Somehow, I don’t think my teacher would appreciate me doing any science project involving viruses…especially if I had to bring some in to school.”

“Probably not,” Mrs. Jonas agreed with a chuckle. “But Henry’s real interest wasn’t curing viruses. It was trying to make them useful.”

I blinked at that and asked, “Trying to make them useful? How can a cold be useful?”

“Well,” Mrs. Jonas told me thoughtfully. “Henry spent several years trying to create a virus that would attack cancer cells but leave healthy ones alone.”

“A cure for cancer?” I asked in surprise.

Mrs. Jonas nodded and shook her head sadly. “Henry was close to succeeding but the company he worked for shut his project down and confiscated all of his work. Since he’d done this as an employee, everything he did belonged to them. Unfortunately, they decided that they made more money selling drugs to treat cancer than they would by curing it.”

“Ouch,” I responded, not sure what else I could possibly say to that.

The idea that there might have been a cure for cancer but some company stopped it was absolutely horrible. I could only imagine how bad it would have been for her husband to have that work taken away from him before he could even finish it.

“Henry changed employers after that,” Mrs. Jonas told me as she walked over to the lab section of the basement. “And afterwards, he kept those kinds of projects secret and only worked on them here at home. He spent nearly two decades trying to create a virus that would improve your health rather than harm it.”

“That would be kind of cool,” I said, thinking about catching a cold but feeling better instead of worse.

“Henry certainly thought so,” Mrs. Jonas told me. “He thought he was close but he couldn’t get it to work on any of the test animals. Their immune systems kept shutting it down before it could even take hold. Henry even tried experimenting with several variants, trying to target the virus to create only a single biological change but that didn’t work either.” She paused and shook her head sadly before gesturing to the sealed vials of liquid on one table and adding, “This was Henry’s life work and he died before he could finish it.”

“I’m sorry,” I told her sincerely. It did seem a real tragedy that her husband had spent so many years working on this but had never been able to see it completed.

“Well, that’s all history now,” Mrs. Jonas told me, gesturing around the lab. “Feel free to look around but don’t touch anything.” She gestured to the glass containers on the one table and added, “Henry’s virus samples never worked and should have died off a long time ago since he intentionally designed them not to last. But best not to mess with them anyway.”

“Okay,” I told Mrs. Jonas before she turned and left the basement to return to my dad.

Once Mrs. Jonas was gone, I adjusted my glasses and then began to slowly walk around the lab, looking at absolutely everything. I had no idea if anything in here would spark some inspiration for my science project, and I no longer really cared. It was interesting just to look at this stuff and know that it had once been used by a real research scientist.

Some of the equipment looked high tech and very expensive, and I had absolutely no idea what most of it even did. There was one box that had me guessing for several seconds until I realized that it was just a microwave oven.

When I was done looking over the lab area, I went to the other side of the basement, more out of curiosity than anything else. I sat down in the recliner for a minute and thought that it would be a great place to read a book. There was even a lamp right beside it which suggested that it was probably used for that very purpose.

With that in mind, I went and looked at the book shelf, though I was disappointed to see that these were all technical books relating to biology and viruses. None of them were the kind of book that I really liked to read. Fortunately, there were plenty of those in the library upstairs.

“Maybe I should borrow Frankenstein,” I mused to myself, suddenly thinking that it would be an appropriate book to read about now.

Then as I continued snooping, I opened a desk drawer and was both surprised and delighted at what I found. There was a small stack of dirty magazines, which only confirmed my earlier suspicions about this being Dr. Jonas’ man cave.

“Not bad,” I mused, looking at the very busty model which decorated the cover of one magazine.

I flipped through several of the magazines, grinning as I did so. Then I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should take these with me when I left. After all, it wasn’t like Dr. Jonas would mind. Then again, that would also mean having to sneak them out past both Mrs. Jonas and my dad. With a sigh, I put the magazines back where I found them.

“Back to my science project,” I told myself firmly, going back to the lab and looking it over again. I still needed to find some idea of what kind of project I could do and I wouldn’t get another opportunity like this.

In spite of what Mrs. Jonas told me, I began to fiddle with a microscope and soon began to pick things up from the tables to look at more closely. I looked at a couple of empty beakers and even a strange machine that looked like it was designed to hold test tubes inside of it. Of course, I had absolutely no idea of what it or half the other things in here were for.

On one table, there was a large plastic jug that said ‘sterile water’. I picked it up and removed the cap, sniffing at it cautiously at first. I didn’t smell anything weird and guessed it really was water.

“With what I’ve seen about this guy,” I mused, glancing back to the other end of the basement. “I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d been hiding vodka in here or something.”

I was about to put the jug back but it slipped from my hands and hit the floor, bursting open and leaving water all over. I muttered a few profanities and bent over to pick up the now half empty jug, only my foot slipped on the wet spot and shot out from underneath me. Out of pure instinct, I grabbed out to the nearest table to try catching my balance, but instead, I accidentally pulled the table over with me.

Everything on that table crashed onto the ground beside me, including several glass bottles that were filled with liquid. They shattered, splattering the liquid everywhere, including on me.

“Shit,” I exclaimed in frustration.

I scrambled to get back to my feet, but in the process, my hand caught one of the shards of glass on the floor and I cut myself. I grimaced, getting the rest of the way up and looking at my hand in worry. I was bleeding, though the cut didn’t look too bad. It was only about an inch long and didn’t appear to be very deep.

For a moment, I stared at my hand and then at the knocked over table, realizing that this was the table that this was the table that Mrs. Jonas had pointed out as holding the virus samples. My eyes went to the shattered bottles on the floor and I gulped in realization.

“I am in so much trouble,” I exclaimed.

Not only had I touched things after specifically being warned not to, I’d made a huge mess of it all as well. But of course, even worse than that was the fact that I’d just been splattered with bottles of what might have been some sort of virus.

I immediately rushed back upstairs where I found Mrs. Jonas and my dad talking. “I had an accident,” I blurted out, holding my hand and cringing as they both looked at me. “I slipped and when I tried grabbing a table to stop from falling, it fell over on me…”

“Oh dear,” Mrs. Jonas exclaimed.

“I think it was the one you warned me about too,” I told her with a grimace. “The one with the virus samples…” I gestured to the wet spots on my clothes.

“Are you okay?” dad asked. Then he looked at Mrs. Jonas and demanded, “What virus samples?”

“Something Henry had been working on,” Mrs. Jonas explained, giving me a slightly worried look though not as much as I would have expected. “The virus should be completely dead by now, and even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be anything to worry about. Not only was it harmless, but Henry had never been able to fully infect any of the test animals. Their immune systems fought it off before it could take hold.”

“What does that mean?” I asked nervously.

“It means you should take a shower and get some clean clothes on,” Mrs. Jonas told me. “You should be perfectly fine.”

I let out a sigh of relief at that. Just a few minutes later, I had a large band-aid on my hand and was in the shower, scrubbing at my skin and making sure that I didn’t have any trace of that stuff left on me. When I was done, Mrs. Jonas had left some of her husband’s clothes for me to wear.

“Now she’ll never let me look at that lab again,” I muttered to myself as I got dressed. “I’ll be lucky if she even trusts me in the library from now on.”


“Make your move,” I said, staring across the chess board to my best friend Austin.

Austin just started down at his pieces, trying to decide which move he wanted to make. A few seconds later, he moved his knight and took out one of my pawns. Of course, with his knight no longer where it had been, that opened a path for one of my bishops to take his rook.

I was only a casual chess player, playing a game every month or two at most, but I was still better than Austin. My dad had taught me how to play a couple years ago, though he rarely had time to actually play with me now. That was why I’d begun teaching Austin. This way I’d at least have someone to play against.

“I think I prefer Halo,” Austin muttered after I beat him a short time later. He gave me a dirty look and added, “Or at least Monopoly.”

I just laughed at that. “Yeah, but telling people that you play chess makes you sound smarter.”

“True,” Austin agreed with an easy grin.

Austin thought of himself as a bit of a jock though he didn’t actually play any school sports. He used to play on a soccer team that had made it to the state championships, though he left the team last year after he broke his leg and he hadn’t gone back to playing since.

“How about we go outside and kick a ball around?” Austin asked. Though he didn’t play real soccer anymore, the two of us frequently played around with a soccer ball out in the back yard.

“Sure,” I responded with a shrug. “Just give me a minute…”

I began putting the chess set away, glancing at Austin as I did so. He was a couple inches shorter than me with the reddish color of hair that some people called ginger.

A moment later, a voice called out from the door to the family room. “Hey OZ. Weasley.”

I glanced up at my sister Caitlyn who was a year older than me. Her natural hair color was the same dark blonde as my own, and though Austin said she was really pretty, I didn’t see it. As far as I was concerned, Caitlyn was just my sister.

Then I looked past Caitlyn to her best friend Krystal, a very pretty looking brunet. She was friendly enough, but I wasn’t really her type. She only liked girls. If it wasn’t for the fact that Caitlyn was straight, I might have thought they had something going on.

“You two are leaving?” Caitlyn asked me.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “The room is all yours.”

“Cool,” Caitlyn exclaimed, immediately taking over the game table that Austin and I had just vacated.

Krystal joined Caitlyn and they spread several containers of beads over the table. The two of them were into making their own jewelry and selling it online.

“Hey Weasley, you want to help?” Caitlyn teased Austin as she always did.

After I’d read the Harry Potter books, I’d once made a joke about how with Austin’s red hair, he could have been a member of the Weasley family. Caitlyn had thought it was hilarious and had called him Weasley ever since.

Caitlyn knew that Austin had a bit of a crush on her which was one of the reasons she enjoyed teasing him. As far as I knew, she had absolutely no interest in Austin which was why she felt daring enough to mess with him.

“Come on,” I told Austin, pulling him out of the room. Once we were away, I asked him, “Don’t you ever get tired of her calling you Weasley?”

Austin just grinned. “I don’t really care what she calls me…as long as she’s talking to me.” Then he his grin widened even more and he said, “Now come on Harry Potter. We have quidditch practice.”

“Don’t call me that,” I responded in mock offense. “I may have the glasses but I don’t have the scar.”

“Would you prefer I call you Hermione?” he asked with a snicker, earning a glare.

Austin and I went out to the back yard and kicked a soccer ball back and forth while simultaneously talking about anything that came to mind, from girls we liked to problems at school.

“So, how is your science project coming?” Austin asked me as he kicked me the ball.

I scowled at that, not saying a word as I kicked the ball back. I was still a little sensitive about that subject after what had happened at Mrs. Jonas’ house a few days ago. I’d made wreck of the lab and had been forced to leave, not only without an idea for my project, but also without a new book from the library.

“Not good,” I answered finally. “I had a great idea for something with viruses, but I can’t really do any experiments with those.”

“Good point,” Austin agreed. “I think you get an automatic F if you give smallpox to the whole class.”

We continued playing for a little longer but I was beginning to feel a little nauseous and tired. We called the game quits and went back inside, but I could feel myself getting worse.

“Just great,” I joked weakly. “After all that talk about giving everyone smallpox, I think I’m catching a cold.”

It was at that point that my mom came into the room and overheard. “Are you feeling sick?” She hurried over and put a hand on my forehead for a few seconds before pronouncing, “You feel like you have a fever…”

“I’m fine,” I lied, only to get a skeptical look from my mom.

I watched my mom nervously, hoping that she wasn’t about to get too ‘motherly’. My mom was a real estate agent rather than a home maker, and it was a family joke that she let the dust bunnies run wild and could barely boil water. As a result, whenever she tried getting all ‘motherly’, the results were often mixed. In fact, the last time I was sick, she got distracted by a phone call from a client and ended up serving me chicken soup straight out of the can…without bothering to heat it.

“Let me know if you do start feeling sick,” mom said, glancing at her cell phone and then walking away while making a call.

“My mom would have shoved me in bed at the first sneeze,” Austin commented with a chuckle. “And chained me there.”

“Yeah, but my mom knows I’m smart enough to come inside out of the rain,” I teased Austin. “Yours still thinks you need more potty training.”

“True,” Austin replied with a grin. “Mine can be a little overprotective at times.”

Austin and I went back to the family room but saw that Caitlyn and Krystal were still working on their home made jewelry and talking about people they liked. I stayed just outside the door long enough to eavesdrop and hear Caitlyn mention a football player at school while Krystal admitted that she liked one of the cheerleaders.

“She’s got good taste,” I mused, picturing the cheerleader Krystal had mentioned. Then I grinned and went to my room with Austin.

Over the next hour, my flu symptoms quickly worsened and I soon found myself with stuffed sinuses and a nasty cough. I became sick to my stomach and even began to feel cold and uncomfortable. At that point, I finally gave up on pretending to be all right. Austin went home and I climbed into bed, dreading my mom’s awkward attempts to make me feel better which were sure to come.


I was curled up in my favorite recliner with a blanket wrapped around me and a new book in hand. I took a sip of cocoa and glanced across the room at Caitlyn who was similarly curled up in the other recliner with her own book. Neither of us said a word as we read and we both pretended the other wasn’t there.

I slowly looked around the family room and my eyes settled on the book shelf that was nearly overflowing. Everyone in my family loved to read so I’d come by it naturally. Dad liked historical non-fiction and autobiographies, mom was into murder mysteries, and Caitlyn was usually into whatever was popular at the time, whether it was Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Percy Jackson. She’d recently started reading the Twilight books so as a form of protest, I’d begun to read a real vampire book. I currently had Dracula open in front of me.

For most of the last week, I’d been sick with the flu and stuck in bed. I was thankful that it was finally over, but unfortunately, that meant I was able to return to school. Today had been my first day going back in nearly a week, but of course, it hadn’t improved any. I was just glad when the school day was over and I was able to get back to doing what I wanted to do instead.

As I sat there staring at the book in my hands without actually reading it, I thought about the coincidence of getting sick just a few days after being exposed to the virus in Mrs. Jonas’ basement. Of course, I wasn’t stupid and had thought about that more than a few times over the last week. I still didn’t know if I might actually have caught something there or if the timing was just coincidence.

Mrs. Jonas had seemed pretty confident that the virus samples were completely harmless and that they couldn’t have done anything to me. According to her, these viruses have some sort of self-destruct and should have stopped working by now. She’d also said that even when the virus was fresh, it had been a failure that hadn’t it been able to take hold in any of the test animals. And of course, she’d said that the virus was supposed to make people healthier rather than sick.

Mrs. Jonas had said a lot about how the virus ‘should’ behave, but I couldn’t help remembering something that my dad liked to say. ‘Should’ and ‘is’ are two different things and they don’t usually intersect.

“But I am better now,” I reminded myself, afraid that I was worrying over nothing. After all, I’d recovered from the flu and felt perfectly fine. Even if I had caught something from that lab, it looks like my immune system had fought it off.

With that, I turned my attention back to my book, musing aloud, “Wow, what do you know… Real vampires don’t sparkle.”

“Bite me,” Caitlyn responded from her side of the room, not even bothering to look at me. “On second thought, I’d rather Edward bit me…”

Caitlyn and I sat there for another half hour, reading our books and occasionally making a snipe at each other’s book choices. Eventually though, I was forced to put down my book and turn my attention to something that I’d been dreading…the stack of homework that had built up over the last week. I had a lot of catching up to do in class and that meant a lot of work to do tonight.

I worked on my homework until it was time for bed. I was disappointed because I still hadn’t caught up and would probably be working on it tomorrow night too.

After I got undressed and ready to climb into bed, I absently scratched at my chest which felt just a little itchy. To my surprise, my chest felt strangely soft and sort of puffy.

“Must be an allergic reaction or something,” I mused. Then I shrugged, deciding that it might just be my imagination. I didn’t think any more about it as I turned off the light and then curled up to go to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, I absently scratched at my chest again, only to find that it was still soft and puffy. I sat up in bed, remembering my thoughts from the night before and feeling a moment of worry.

“What the…?” I started, poking at my chest and noticing that it was visibly puffy on both sides. In fact, even my nipples looked a little odd. They seemed a little larger.

This was a little freaky but I didn’t have time to worry about this right now. I still had to get ready for school. So with a grumble, I quickly got ready and then ran down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast before taking off. As strange as this was, getting to school on time was more important.

I got to school on time and met up with Austin as I did every morning. I didn’t mention my swollen chest, thinking that it might be a little embarrassing, though it didn’t leave my thoughts for long either.

Throughout the day, I kept scratching at my chest, but instead of getting better, it only seemed to feel more swollen. By the time I got home that afternoon, it was so noticeable that I that I could sort of see the swollen bumps through my shirt.

I stepped through the door of the house and stared down at myself, poking at my chest through my shirt. Not only was my chest all swollen but now my nipples were feeling tended as well.

“What’s wrong with me?” I demanded, feeling afraid and confused. I’d been holding off on these feelings while at school, but now that I was home it all threatened to burst out in a surge of panic.

I found my mom in the living room, sitting back on the couch while writing something on her laptop. I was relieved to see her here since I never knew if she’d be here when I got home from school or not.

“There’s something wrong with me,” I blurted out.

“What?” mom responded, not even glancing up from her laptop at first. When she did, it was to give me a look of faint annoyance at interrupting her and to ask, “Are you feeling sick again?”

“It’s not the flu,” I told her, then paused to grimace. “At least I don’t think it is…” I took a deep breath and said, “I’ve got some kind of allergic reaction or something. I’m getting swollen…”

“You don’t look swollen,” mom responded, standing up and coming over to give me a quick look over. She was staring at my face rather than where my symptoms were showing.

“No,” I nearly snapped, tearing off my shirt so she could get a good look at my chest. “Here.”

Mom stared at my chest with her eyes going wide. “You’ve…you’ve got breasts,” she exclaimed in shock.

“Breasts?” I asked, staring down at myself and then gasping when I realized she was right. My chest had swollen out on both sides so that it almost looked like I had a pair of small breasts, just like a girl. My nipples had gotten bigger and were sticking out which only added to that impression. “No way…”

While I was trying to absorb the fact that I seemed to have breasts, mom reached for them and gave them each a gentle squeeze. She had a difficult to read expression as she felt me up, even toughing my nipples. That touch made me gasp a little at the sensitivity.

“They’re breasts,” mom said in a carefully controlled voice, though I could still hear the shaking in it. “How in the world is this even possible?”

“Oh no,” I whispered in realization. “Those viruses…”

“What viruses?” mom demanded, reminding me that I’d never told her about my accident in Mrs. Jonas’ basement. From her expression, it seemed that dad hadn’t told her either.

I let out a sigh and felt as though I was deflating. I cringed in embarrassment and then reluctantly told my mom about the incident at Mrs. Jonas’ house.

When I was done, my mom looked angry, though someone who didn’t know her might not realize it. “And you didn’t think to tell me about this when you got sick?” There was a deceptively calm tone of her voice and a similarly misleading expression. “Your father and I are going to be having words when he gets home…”

I had a feeling that my mom had a lot more to say, but right then the door opened and Caitlyn came into the room with Krystal right behind her. Both girls stopped and stared at me since I was standing there without a shirt on.

“Um…why does your brother have tits?” Krystal asked, staring at me with a slightly confused expression.

I instantly turned bright red, grabbed my shirt, and rushed out of the living room as fast as I could. When I got to the safety of my bedroom, I locked the door behind me and let out a sigh of relief.

“I’ve got breasts,” I said, still not believing it. I felt them in my hands, thinking that they definitely looked like small breasts. “Oh God, please let this swelling go down soon…”

Then I suddenly thought about how Austin or any of the guys at school would react if they saw me like this. I shuddered at that thought, realizing that I’d never live this down.

A short time later, there was a knock on my door. I hesitated a moment, trying to decide to answer it when Caitlyn’s voice called out, “Come on out OZ. I wanna see your breasts…”

“Forget it,” I snapped angrily. I’d been worried about what Austin and my other friends would say. I’d forgotten the fact that my sister could be even worse.

“You can borrow one of my old bras if you need to,” Caitlyn teased, obviously having fun with the whole situation.

Once I thought Caitlyn was gone, I left my room, though I had put my shirt back on. I was relieved that she hadn’t been standing out in the hall, waiting in ambush.

However, a moment later I saw Krystal further down the hall. She saw me and cautiously came towards me. She stood back and stared at me, her eyes locked on my chest as she tried making out my lumps through the shirt.

“Wow,” Krystal said a little awkwardly. “Your mom told us that you caught some sort of weird virus…”

“Yeah,” I responded self-consciously. “At least, I think that’s what did this…”

“Well, I hope you get better soon,” she told me with a wry smile. “I can imagine this can’t be very easy for a guy.”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “It’s pretty embarrassing.”

Krystal just gave me a wry smile and added, “I’ll try getting Caitlyn to lay off a little,” before she turned and walked away.

I watched Krystal walk down the hall and then shook my head, knowing that I shouldn’t get any ideas just because she was talking with me. Still, she was very pretty and I didn’t get the pretty girls talking to me like that very often.

My stomach suddenly growled, reminding me that I was hungry. I was a little hungrier than I usually was when I first got home from school, and unfortunately, I still had to wait an hour or two for dinner. Whenever dad got home, we’d either go out somewhere, get delivery, or mom would throw something in the microwave. If we were really lucky, dad would actually feel like cooking. He was a pretty good cook and Caitlyn wasn’t bad either…when she could be talked into doing so.

In spite of being hungry, I was hesitant to go to the kitchen to get a snack. I didn’t want to deal with Caitlyn at the moment, especially when I knew that she would tease me mercilessly about my chest being so swollen it looked like I had breasts. After hesitating a moment, I decided to go take a shower instead. No…a bath. A shower was for getting clean but a bath was for letting the muscles soak and relax. At the moment, that was what I really needed, other than food that is.

I went to the bathroom and undressed and then looked myself over in the mirror. I scowled at the sight, seeing that it really did look like I had breasts. They weren’t really all that big, but they looked like they definitely belonged on a girl. I shuddered at the sight, tearing my attention away from the mirror.

“Please go away,” I muttered to myself. “I mean, it’s really just swelling and swelling goes down.”

A minute later, I climbed into the bath tub and stretched out, thankful that we had such a large tub. I normally wasn’t big on baths because a shower was a lot quicker, but there were times when it was nice to just sit back and soak away your sore muscles. Some of the guys at school said that baths were only for kids and girls, but I thought that was only true for bubble baths. As long as I didn’t pour any of Caitlyn’s bubble bath into the water, I could feel secure in my masculinity.

I took my time with my bath, spending most of it with my eyes closed and just absorbing the warmth. I tried not to think about my embarrassing situation, and when I washed myself and had no choice, I did so as quickly as I could. When I was done, I drained the water and dried myself off with a towel, still feeling worried but not quite as much.

“Much better,” I said, feeling much more relaxed.

When I finished drying myself off, I glanced to the tub and was startled to see a lot of small hairs all over the bottom of it. I blinked at that, feeling a little confused. Then I looked at the towel in my hand, noticing that there were small hairs all over that as well. It took me a few more seconds to realize where all this hair had come from. I’d never been particularly hairy, but now all the hair on my arms and legs was gone. In fact, a quick look revealed that all of my hair except what was on my head had vanished…had fallen out.

“Oh no,” I whispered, running a hand down my smooth and hairless arm. Whatever was happening to my body, it obviously wasn’t limited to my chest getting swollen. Suddenly, all the worry came back much stronger and I muttered, “I have a VERY bad feeling about this…”


The living room in Mrs. Jonas’ house was very nice and done up in Victorian era style, though I knew that the furniture was all replicas rather than real antiques. I’d seen this room a few times before and knew that she often used it when trying to impress visitors. There was another living room in the house that was done up in a much more modern style, and which I thought of as being much more comfortable.

I sat in a chair, feeling awkward and self-conscious as Mrs. Jonas stared at me. My mom and dad were both present as well though neither of them was happy in the least. Of course, none of them could be as unhappy about this situation as I was.

Dad had been a bit shocked when he came home last night and found that I had grown breasts, but he thought we should see if the swelling would go down on its own. However, that hadn’t been the case at all. Instead, my symptoms had only grown more noticeable.

I now possessed what appeared to be a pair of perfectly shaped C cup breasts, ones which were far too noticeable for my tastes. Caitlyn was jealous that I was actually bigger than she was and my mom had forced me to wear one of her bras for ‘modesty’. That only made this whole situation even more humiliating than it already was.

Of course, my new breasts weren’t the only symptoms of what was wrong with me. My body hair had all fallen out as well, including the peach fuzz on my lip that I had to shave off every few days. My skin was all soft and smooth now with even my scars all having faded away. I only had one scar left, a long and deep one on my leg from a childhood accident. That one had been fading away as well and was now barely visible anymore. By the time I went to bed tonight, it would probably be completely gone as well.

I sighed and turned my attention to Mrs. Jonas who was still a bit shocked. “I don’t know what to say,” she said, giving me a sympathetic look. “I’m so sorry OZ… I had no idea that anything like this could possibly happen. Henry was certain he was close but he’d thought those viruses were a failure.”

“Where are the virus samples?” dad asked, his voice calm and controlled but I could tell he was worried and angry. “Maybe someone can use those to find a cure…”

“After the accident,” Mrs. Jonas said, giving me a quick look. “I cleaned the lab and washed everything down with bleach. Everything that was left was sterilized and destroyed.”

I saw the grim look on dad’s face and suddenly wondered if he was planning to sue Mrs. Jonas. I also wondered how that would work since he was her lawyer.

“Henry’s work wasn’t meant to do this,” Mrs. Jonas said, giving me another concerned look. “His virus was meant to destroy cancer cells and other viruses…to encourage the body to repair itself more efficiently. It was meant to make you healthier and reduce…or even stop the effects of aging.” She gave a self-conscious smile at that.

“Stop aging?” mom gasped, suddenly going from angry to amazed.

“Henry was nearly twenty years older than me,” Mrs. Jonas admitted. “He was becoming concerned with his age and saw his work as a way help with that.” Then she shook her head sadly. “Henry died of severe pneumonia, but I’ve always wondered if maybe he’d accidentally caught something he was working with. Or even…” She looked away and quietly added, “Or maybe he was testing it on himself.”

“But what about THIS?” mom demanded, pointing right at my chest. “This doesn’t look anything like becoming healthier…at least not for a boy.”

“I don’t know,” Mrs. Jonas admitted. “I don’t know how any of this could be happening but…” Then she paused with a thoughtful look on her face.

“But what?” dad asked with a scowl.

“Henry’s main work was a virus that would improve your health,” Mrs. Jonas explained. “But he was working on other experiments too. He was also working on modified versions of his virus to see if he could actually change a few things about the body instead of just keeping it from deteriorating. One of the things he was working on was a version that would stimulate breast growth and lactation.” She gave a faint smile and continued, “He said it was to help produce healthier milk for babies.”

“I’ll bet,” I muttered sarcastically, thinking about the stack of dirty magazines I’d found in the basement. All the magazines had been for very busty models with one of them even being for lactating women. I looked straight at Mrs. Jonas and quietly added, “I don’t think that one was meant for moms…”

“OZ may have been accidentally infected with that one,” Mrs. Jonas said, completely unaware of what I’d been saying to myself. “Or possibly even several versions of the virus. All of Henry’s samples had been on the table that spilled and there’s no telling how many may have still been viable.” She shook her head and admitted, “I just don’t know.”

I felt a cold dread in my stomach as I considered that I might not have been infected with just one experimental virus but several different ones. I just hoped that her husband hadn’t been doing any Doctor Moreau type experiments too because I did NOT want to turn into some kind of animal. Just growing breasts was already far more than enough.

“I just don’t understand,” Mrs. Jonas repeated again, shaking her head with a confused look. “Henry hadn’t been able to get these to work on any of his subjects. These viruses just weren’t strong enough to get past the immune systems…”

“I…I think I know,” I said, earning surprised looks from all the adults, though the looks were also skeptical. I suddenly felt even more self-conscious than before. I adjusted my glasses and then carefully said, “My cold…”

“What about it?” mom asked me, obviously wondering what my point was or if I even had one.

I took a deep breath and asked, “What if it really was just the flu?”

“I think we’re past that being a normal cold,” dad pointed out in a tone of voice that suggested he thought I was being silly.

“No,” I snapped in annoyance. “I mean, if I had the flu, wouldn’t it have stressed my immune system trying to take care of that? That might have left it weak enough for this stuff to take hold…”

“That does make sense,” Mrs. Jonas responded. “If he was already sick, then maybe the virus took advantage of that. And once it established itself, it may have become too strong for his immune system to remove.” Then she paused to admit, “Of course, I may be familiar with some of Henry’s work but I’m not expert enough to know for certain. There is one thing I can do though and that’s test for the virus…”

Two minutes later, Mrs. Jonas led us all down to the basement lab, though my mom and dad were both very nervous about going down there after my accident. When we reached the bottom, I was immediately struck by the strong smell of bleach and cleaners. Mrs. Jonas had said she’d cleaned and sterilized down here and the strong smell certainly seemed to confirm it.

I looked around the basement and saw that the mess I’d left behind had been cleaned up. All the shattered glass and liquid on the floor was gone with no sign of it having been there while the table and put back up where I’d first seen it. There were no longer any bottles of liquid on that table or any of the others.

“I’m not a virologist,” Mrs. Jonas said as she went and pulled some equipment from a drawer. “But I did assist Henry enough over to the years to have picked a few things up.”

Mrs. Jonas revealed a syringe which she then used to take a sample of blood from my arm. She put a drop on a slide and then put it under a microscope and put a little more into a small machine. She looked at the microscope and some kind of display on the machine, going back and forth several times.

“I have no way of knowing which strains that you’re infected with,” Mrs. Jonas finally told me, giving me a steady look before adding, “Other than the obvious. But you definitely have a high count of Henry’s virus in your system.” She looked back at the lab and equipment and sighed. “Henry wasn’t able to fully infect a lab rat no matter how hard he tried…and now you get infected purely by accident. The irony…”

“But how do we cure Oscar?” dad demanded, giving Mrs. Jonas a steady look. “Will his immune system fight it off normally?”

“I don’t know,” Mrs. Jonas admitted quietly.

“We’ll take him to a doctor,” mom announced firmly, as though it was fully decided. “A specialist.”

“Henry was THE specialist,” Mrs. Jonas responded with a bitter chuckle. “He always said that no one else came close to what he was doing. And unfortunately, Henry’s notes wouldn’t do much good for anyone else. He became paranoid after his previous work had been stolen so he always wrote his notes in his own personal code and never put everything down on paper. He always kept some key details in his own head and nowhere else.”

We were all silent as we absorbed this information and I realized that no normal doctor would be able to do much good. Scientists had been studying AIDS for a long time and still hadn’t found a cure for that. How long would it take to find a cure for some virus that they’d never even heard of before?

“There is one person who might be able to help,” Mrs. Jonas finally said with a thoughtful expression. “One of Henry’s friends. The two of them used to talk about Henry’s work so he might be the only person able to make real sense of the virus. He retired a few years ago but I think he’ll be willing to help.”

We were all relieved to hear that, especially me. Mrs. Jonas told us that she’d try reaching this scientist and getting him to come over as soon as possible, but of course, she couldn’t promise that he’d agree or even that he’d be able to do anything.

When we returned home a short time later, Caitlyn met us at the door and gave me a look of concern. She’d teased me about my condition yesterday, but once she realized how serious this was her attitude had changed.

“Any good news?” Caitlyn asked.

“We confirmed that I’ve got that weird virus inside me,” I told her wryly. “And Mrs. Jonas knows someone who might be able to help.”

“Are you going to be okay?” Caitlyn asked me cautiously.

I hesitated a moment before answering honestly. “I have no idea.” My voice shook as I said it.

Caitlyn gave me a concerned look and then weakly joked, “At least now you can’t tease me about having to wear a bra.”

“At least something good came out of this,” I responded with a roll of my eyes.

I left Caitlyn with mom and dad while they filled her in on what we’d learned…and what we hadn’t. I went to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror, still stunned by the twin mounds on my chest. I shook my head, looking over the rest of my reflection as well and not being happy about it in the least.

Thanks to my breasts and my softer smoother skin, it made me look just a little girly. I scowled at that, staring at my face and having the feeling that something else was wrong as well. It took me several seconds to realize what it was. My hair. I normally kept my hair fairly short and well-trimmed, and I’d even had it cut only two weeks ago. But now, it was looking just as shaggy as before my cut if not even more so.

“So I lose the rest of my hair but this grows faster,” I mutter. At least this side effect of the virus wasn’t a bad one. All it meant was that I’d need to get a haircut a little sooner.

After this, I went back to my bedroom and sat down on my bed, thinking about what was happening to my body some more. However, I didn’t want to think about this anymore. It was just too freaky and frightening. So I did what I always did when I wanted to distract myself from something. I picked up a book and began to read, throwing myself into that world instead. It said something that I found the world of a blood sucking monster to be more soothing than my own at the moment.

I hadn’t been reading for very long when there was a hesitant knock on my bedroom door. Seconds later, my mom’s voice came through the door. “Oscar? Austin is here but I didn’t know if you wanted to see him right now…”

I hesitated for a moment, my first impulse being to turn Austin away. I glanced down at my breasts and gulped, feeling incredibly embarrassed and not wanting anyone to see me like this…especially not my friends. But on the other hand, Caitlyn’s best friend had already seen me like this and could I trust my own any less?

“Send him in,” I told my mom through the door.

Austin came into my room half a minute later, asking, “What’s up with your mom? She’s acting kind of weird.”

“It’s not my mom that has something wrong with her,” I responded with a sigh and then a wry smile. “At least not any more than usual.”

Austin stopped at the door and stared at my chest for a moment before he burst out laughing. “What are you doing…trying out a Halloween costume? Because if you’ve decided to start wearing a padded bra just because…I might get a little worried.”

I grimaced at that, turning bright red. At the moment, I just wanted to hide, maybe dive under the covers of my bed and demand that Austin leave. I knew that it would be embarrassing to show Austin but I wasn’t about to back out now. Instead, I removed my shirt and gave him a good look. His eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open.

“It’s no padded bra,” I told him with a sigh.

“What...,” Austin started, coming closer and then poking one of my breasts with a finger to prove to himself that it was real. “What the fuck?”

“It’s a weird disease,” I told Austin. Then I grinned evilly and added. “And highly contagious.”

Austin instantly jumped back and stared at the hand he’d touched me with in fear. I just burst out laughing at that while he looked confused.

“Don’t worry,” I assured him. “I don’t think it’s contagious or everyone in my family would have it too.” Then I shook my head in disgust and put my shirt back on again. “It was kind of a freak accident that I got it…”

“What the hell kind of disease gives you boobs?” Austin demanded, absently wiping his hand on his pants and not looking all that comforted.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone,” I insisted, knowing that I’d die of embarrassment if anyone at school found out. Once Austin agreed, I started, “You remember when I told you about that accident at Mrs. Jonas’…”


When I woke up in the morning, I was immediately aware of the weight on my chest. Of course, I’d been aware of my breasts for most of the night as they made it uncomfortable and difficult to sleep. Nearly every time I rolled over onto my stomach, I was awakened from the unfamiliar pressure.

“It wasn’t a dream,” I said as I sat up in bed and cupped my breasts. Of course, I hadn’t really thought it was for even a moment, but I had hoped.

By the time I’d gone to bed last night, my breasts had grown to about a D cup, and now it appeared that they’d grown even more overnight. These things felt enormous and seemed to stick out of my chest way too far. I was mortified to realize that I was bigger than my mom, and she was fairly generous.

Then I turned my attention from the size of my breasts to my nipples. They had grown a bit more and had also become very sensitive. I gently squeezed one and then gasped at the sensation.

“Is it like this for girls?” I asked quietly.

I hesitated a few seconds and then began to play with my nipples. It was almost as though they had a direct line to my groin because little OZ immediately began to respond.

“No,” I muttered, tearing my hands away. I couldn’t do that. It was just too twisted.

I let out a sigh and then reached for my glasses which were sitting on my night stand. But as I was about to put them on, it dawned on me that the faint blurriness I usually saw in my vision wasn’t there. I slowly looked around my room, seeing everything in crystal clarity. From this distance, I was normally unable to make out the writing on a poster on the far wall, but now I could read it perfectly fine.

“My eyes,” I whispered.

A moment later, I put my glasses back on the nightstand and scrambled out of bed. I grabbed the book I was in the middle of reading and read through a couple sentences, delighted at the fact that I didn’t even need to squint to make the words out.

“It fixed my eyes,” I exclaimed in awe, thankful that at least something good had come out of this whole mess. Of course, I’d happily return to needing glasses if it meant getting rid of these mounds and going back to normal.

After a few minutes, I got dressed, putting on a large sweater to cover up my breasts and then going to the bathroom to relieve myself. I finished my business as quickly as I could and then stared at my reflection in the mirror above the sink while I washed my hands.

The thing I noticed first was that my hair was longer, having grown around four inches since yesterday. It was getting long enough that it was even starting to fall into my eyes, much to my annoyance. However, I could tell that something else had changed too, though I couldn’t quite determine what that was. After staring at myself for several minutes, I decided that my face somehow looked softer…more feminine. That might have been due to my losing every trace of my facial hair, but I suspected that it was something more than that.

I grimaced and decided that I needed a better look. After taking a deep breath, I removed the clothes I’d only put on a few minutes ago and dropped them to the floor. I had already looked myself over in my room but now I did so in front of the mirror, carefully looking for any further changes that I might have missed.

My first impression was that I was staring at a naked girl in the mirror, an impression which was supported by my breasts and smooth hairless body. Of course, the junk between my legs told a different story. But as I looked myself over, trying to ignore my smooth skin and breasts, as difficult as that was, I realized that there were other things that looked feminine as well.

It took a minute of just staring at my reflection before it dawned on me. My entire body shape somehow seemed more feminine. My waist seemed just a little thinner and my hips wider. If I didn’t know they were attached to me, I would have thought my legs belonged to a woman.

“Oh shit,” I blurted, suddenly realizing what this all meant. I hadn’t just grown breasts. I was actually turning into a girl.

Now that I knew what to look for, I could see the signs over my entire body. Most of the changes were more subtle than my breasts, but they were still noticeable.

I turned away from the mirror, feeling a cold knot of dread in my stomach…at least emotionally. Physically, I felt perfectly fine. Better than fine. In spite of these weird changes in my body and the occasional itching, I actually felt surprisingly good. With all this going on, I would have expected more of the flu symptoms at the very least.

“Maybe that stuff is keeping me healthy like it was supposed to,” I thought aloud. Then I snorted. “Along with all this other stuff.”

I turned away from the mirror and put my clothes back on, not wanting to think about how I was changing but not having any choice. Still, in spite of the horror of turning into a girl, I did have other things I needed to take care of.

I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen, feeling pretty hungry and eager for something to fill my stomach. Ever since I’d started changing, I’d been getting hungry more often and eating more than normal. Dad thought that it was because my body needed extra energy to fight off the virus. I thought that the energy was probably being used to fuel my changes.

“Do you want something to eat?” mom asked unnecessarily when she saw me.

She was dressed up in a nice outfit which suggested that she was planning on meeting clients or showing houses today. I might be staying home from school because of my condition but it appeared that she wasn’t planning to stay with me the whole day.

Mom heated up some microwavable waffles for me and I ate in silence while she went to work on her laptop. While I ate, I continued to think about my situation and wondered what I could possibly do.

Last night, I’d overheard my parents arguing about that as well. Mom wanted to check me into a hospital but dad argued that no doctors there would be able to help me and that all it would do was make my situation more public.

“The last thing we need is for the media to get wind of this,” dad had said firmly. “If this goes public, Oscar will never have a moment of privacy in his life.”

In the end, the decision was to do what we had already planned on doing. We’d wait until after we talked with Mrs. Jonas’ friend before we made any real decisions. I just hoped that she’d be able to set up a meeting soon…and that it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Once I was done eating, I finally told my mom what I’d figured out. “It’s not just giving me breasts,” I said, my voice choking as I forced the words out. “It’s turning me into a girl…”

As I said the words, it was almost as though a dam suddenly broke and tears began to pour down my cheeks. I tried wiping my tears away but more kept coming.

“I’m sorry,” mom told me sympathetically. She put her arms around me and quietly promised, “Everything will be fine.”

“Will it?” I demanded. “How is it going to be all right when I’ve got a bigger chest then you do?” I cupped my breasts through my sweater, wincing as I did so.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to fix this,” mom insisted. She reached up and wiped at the tears on my cheek. “If a virus can change you then it can darn well change you back.”

“Maybe,” I responded without much certainty.

“You have to remain positive,” she told me. “I’m sure everything will work out.”

I nodded at that, wiping the tears away and feeling extremely foolish. I was a sixteen year old guy in spite of having breasts, and here I was crying on my mom’s shoulder. Guys didn’t cry on their mom’s shoulders. It just wasn’t done. But in spite of that, I did feel a little better.

Since there didn’t seem to be anything I could do for now, I decided to kill time and distract myself again. I curled up in my favorite chair in the family room and went back to reading my book. However, I couldn’t help wondering if I should stop reading Bram Stoker and maybe read some Virginia Woolf instead. Orlando might be a little more appropriate considering my situation.

While I read, I found myself absently rubbing at my nipples through my sweater. They were tender but felt good at the same time. When I realized what I was doing, I pulled my hand away and gave a nervous look around to make sure that no one was watching.

I was suddenly reminded of what puberty had first hit me and I discovered what it was like to have an erection. It had been a completely new experience and I hadn’t been able to resist playing with it because it felt good. This was a little like that.

Eventually, my mom came into the family room and told me, “I’ve got to go and show some houses to a client. Will you be all right?”

“Yeah,” I responded. Holding up my book and adding, “I’ll just be reading.”

Mom nodded at that and turned to leave, calling back, “There’s food in the cupboard if you get hungry.”

My stomach grumbled a little as I was reminded of the food, and once my mom was gone, I got up to go get myself something to eat. I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and then returned to my chair and my book.

I read for another hour before getting up to take another break, this time a potty break. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself but was very nervous as I did so. After all, if really was turning into a girl like it seemed, then little OZ would be in serious danger.

I had a difficult time seeing down past my new breasts enough to see little OZ. I was a little worried that it might have vanished since the last time, but fortunately, it was still there. I gulped as I thought that it might have shrunk a little, but if it had, it was slight enough that I couldn’t be sure.

“How can some stupid virus do something like this?” I demanded in scared frustration. It was like something out of a science fiction novel…or horror.

With a grimace, I went to wash my hands in the sink. But when I looked in the mirror, I was startled to notice that the front of my sweater had large dark spots that indicated it was wet. I felt my sweater and confirmed that it was. It was soaked through.

“How…?” I asked, feeling a little confused. I didn’t get splashed from the sink and don’t remember spilling anything on myself.

I took the sweater off and dropped it to the floor. I stared down at my naked breasts and couldn’t resist giving them a gentle squeeze. But as I did so, warm white liquid began to leak from my nipples and run over my fingers.

“Oh no,” I muttered, wincing as I knew exactly what this meant. “I’m lactating…”

Of course, I knew that I should have expected this. In fact, a part of me had but I’d put it completely out of my mind. Mrs. Jonas had said that one of her husband’s virus experiments was to cause breast growth and lactation. I’d obviously had the breast growth part so it only made sense that I’d get stuck with the rest of it as well.

“Oh great,” I exclaimed, shaking my head and then giving my breasts another squeeze. More milk dribbled out. “Now on top of everything else…I’m leaking too.”


The air was thick with awkwardness as I saw across from Austin with a chess board between us. I was doing my best to forget about my situation and pretend that everything was normal, but obviously it was anything but.

Austin kept staring at me…at my breasts. It was extremely embarrassing and more than a little weird, but I couldn’t really blame him. If he was the one who’d gone through these changes, I had no doubt that I’d be staring at him too.

My body had continued changing so that I now looked like a sexy and voluptuous young woman. No one who looked at me would ever suspect that I was anything different, in spite of the fact that I was still male…barely. My testicles had shrunk to raisins while little OZ was half the size of what it had been. But other than that, everything else was all female.

After my breasts had begun lactating yesterday, they’d continued to do so almost non-stop while also growing larger. The fleshy globes on my chest were now the size of volleyballs, getting in the way whenever I tried doing anything and messing with my sense of balance.

Mom had gone out and bought me a breast pump which I’ve been using to milk myself every hour or two. It was absolutely humiliating, though I had to admit, it actually felt kind of good to be milked like that at the same time. Not that I’d ever admit it to anyone.

The rest of my body had continued changing as well so that I now had a very feminine body with great legs and a nice ass. My hands looked a bit feminine and my nails had even grown longer. My hair had grown down to my shoulder blades and had changed color in the process, going from dark blonde to a bright and lustrous strawberry blonde.

The one thing that hadn’t changed at all was my height. I hadn’t lost any height at all, much to my relief, and was still six feet tall. I kept fearing that I’d end up becoming short as well as busty, so it was nice that I was able to escape one of those things.

At the moment, I was dressed in sweat pants and an oversized sweater that helped contain my breasts. Mom and Caitlyn both insisted that I needed a bra, but I had become too big to find one easily and I was still growing. Mom said that if I stayed like this for any length of time, I’d need to get some custom made.

“Hey” I snapped at Austin. “My eyes are up here.”

“Sorry,” Austin apologized, blushing bright red. He looked back at my face but I knew his eyes would drift down again.

“Are you going to make your move?” I demanded, trying to distract him from my breasts for a at least a few seconds.

This whole situation was just weird, and though I was annoyed at Austin constantly staring at my chest, I could certainly understand why. As impossible as it was, I had a fantastic pair of tits that any straight guy would instinctively drool over.

“I just wish they weren’t on me,” I muttered bitterly.

“So,” Austin said carefully, making an obvious attempt to not look at me at all. “What’s it like?”

“It’s…weird,” I said, not sure how I could possibly describe this. “My whole body feels weird…especially these things.” I cupped my breasts and grimaced. “They keep getting in the way. Last night, I accidentally got them in my plate while I was eating dinner.”

“Damn,” Austin responded, staring at me again. “If I had my own tits, I’d probably be locked away in my room for a week just playing with them.”

I blushed brightly at that, not wanting to admit that I had been playing with them off and on. “It’s just so freaky to have them at all,” I told him with a sigh. “Especially since…” I blushed even brighter as I thought about how I’d been leaking milk. “I feel like some kind of cow.”

With that, I thought of the way my breasts were feeling tight, a clear sign that I would need to be milked again pretty soon. I silently cursed Dr. Jonas and his experiments, especially the one that seemed to have been inspired by his porn collection. I’d bet almost anything that he’d intended on giving that particular virus to his wife.

“I’m really sorry,” Austin said, giving me a look of pure sympathy. “I can’t even imagine what that’s like…”

“And you know what the really sick thing is?” I asked in disgust. “I’m staying home from school because of this…and dad still expects me to keep up with all my school work. He’s been having my teachers e-mail me the assignments.”

“That is totally messed up,” Austin responded, looking as offended by that as I was.

“You have no idea how messed up everything is,” I muttered, brushing my hair back out of my eyes. “I can’t wait to get back to normal.”

Austin stared at my breasts again before forcing his eyes up to my own. “Um…any luck with that?”

I rolled my eyes. “Mrs. Jonas got hold of some scientist who might be able to help. He just got in town today and we’re going to go see him in a couple hours.” I stared down at my huge breasts and sighed. “I REALLY hope he knows how to undo this.”

“I’ll cross my fingers for you,” Austin told me.

I nodded at that and then made my move. It said something that I was so distracted that Austin was able to beat me just a couple moves later.

“Gotcha,” I gloated. “I finally beat your ass.”

“It had to happen eventually,” I responded with a shake of my head.

Austin just stared at me for a moment before saying, “You know, it’s weird hearing you talk. I mean, you sound different…sort of like you but also like a girl.”

“Gee, thanks,” I told him with a roll of my eyes. “As if I wasn’t feeling self-conscious enough already.”

“Your face is different too,” Austin added thoughtfully, staring at my face and looking as though he’d just realized this. Of course, he’d spent most of the time staring at my breasts and not my face.

I nodded at that, knowing exactly what Austin meant though. After all, I did have a mirror and I’d spent more time in front of it over the last couple days than I had in the previous month. My face had indeed changed, becoming softer and more feminine. My lips had become more full and my there were some other subtle changes that made my face look familiar yet vastly different at the same time.

“I look more like Caitlyn or my mom,” I admitted.

“But a lot prettier,” Austin said, only to pause and turn bright red. “I mean…”

“I know what you mean,” I told him with a chuckle. I was pretty sure that my flawless complexion had a lot to do with that.

“How about we go out and play a little soccer?” Austin abruptly asked, eager to change the subject.

“I don’t think so,” I responded, gesturing to my chest and scowling. “Not with these things.” They got in the way just doing normal things or trying to sleep. I could only imagine how awkward it would be trying to play soccer with those monsters. Then I said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

With that, I left the family room and went to the living room where Caitlyn was talking with Krystal. They looked up as I entered and both gave me odd looks.

“Hey OZ,” Krystal greeting me, surprising me just a little.

“Hey,” I returned the greeting, giving a forced smile.

“Wow,” Krystal said. “I can’t believe how much you changed…”

“It’s pretty weird,” Caitlyn told her. “I mean, my little brother has bigger breasts than I do.”

“And hopefully I’ll be getting rid of them soon,” I pointed out.

Krystal nodded and continued watching me as I left the living room and started back to the bathroom. Once I was safe inside, I clocked the door behind me and began taking my sweater off.

My breasts were feeling pretty full about now so when I gently squeezed them, milk began to come out. This was a pretty messy way to empty them though so I grabbed the breast pump and went to work.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I grumbled, draining the milk from one breast and then the other. I moaned slightly as I did so though since it felt pretty damn good. “I can’t believe that women do this with babies…”

I stared at the container that all of my milk had been drained into and suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have a baby sucking on my nipples. I’d never thought about that before so it was a pretty odd sensation. I couldn’t quite decide if it was an appealing thought or just a disturbing one.

“Seems like a waste,” I mused as I was about to pour the milk down the drain. This could be quite a meal for some baby.

Just then, the bathroom door swung open and Krystal started to step through. She stopped in the doorway and stared at me in surprise.

“Sorry,” Krystal exclaimed. “I didn’t realize you were in her…”

But instead of stepping back out, Krystal remained where she was, staring at my breasts. Her eyes darted to the breast pump and the container that the milk had been pumped into.

“Damn,” Krystal finally said, not taking her eyes off my breasts. “You really are big.”

“Do you mind?” I snapped, blushing in embarrassment and trying to cover my chest.

“Not at all,” she responded with a smirk, still making no move to leave. She finally looked up into my eyes and told me, “Don’t worry…you don’t have anything there that I haven’t seen before.” Then she hesitated a moment before adding, “Except the whole lactating thing.”

“I’m glad it amuses you,” I snapped, putting my sweater back on.

“I’m sorry,” Krystal told me, sounding sincere. “I don’t mean to sound like I’m making fun of you or anything. I know this has got to be weird as hell for you…I mean with you being a guy and all.”

I looked down at myself and let out a sigh. “It’s okay,” I told her quietly. “It’s just…”

“Just what?” Krystal asked, coming the rest of the way into the bathroom and giving me a concerned look that surprised me.

“I know I’m a freak,” I spat out bitterly, not sure why I was telling her this other than that she actually seemed sympathetic and willing to listen. As much as I loved my parents, neither of them was a very good listener. “Everyone knows it and they keep staring at me…especially when they don’t think I’m looking.”

Krystal didn’t bother denying it, but after a few seconds, she said, “Your family is really worried about you. At least you have that. My dad split when I was a kid and my mom couldn’t care less what I do. Remember, no matter how bad this is, your family does care.”

“I guess,” I responded with a shake of my head. “It’s just too weird to believe. I feel like I’m Frankenstein’s monster or something.”

“Well, there is one good thing about this,” Krystal told me with a grin.

I gave her a skeptical look and cautiously asked, “And what’s that?”

“Caitlyn is really jealous that you’re bigger than her,” Krystal admitted. “I bet if you flaunted it a bit, you’d really push her over the edge.

I couldn’t resist laughing at that. “That might actually be fun.”

Then I began pouring my milk into the sink while Krystal watched curiously. “What’s it like?” she asked. “I mean, what’s it feel like to make milk?”

“Pretty weird,” I admitted. “I get kind of uncomfortable and all when I get full, but it feels good when I drain it.” I paused at that and blushed, hardly able to believe that I just told her that much. I gave a weak smile and added, “But they keep filling right back up again.”

Krystal nodded sympathetically as we left the bathroom. Then she told me, “I really hope that doctor is able to fix you.”

“Thanks,” I told her, giving her a genuine smile before I went back to rejoin Austin.

When I returned to the family room, Austin grinned at me. “Hey OZ, I was thinking…”

“So you’re trying something new?” I asked him, only to earn a half-hearted glare.

“Well, now that you’ve got these things,” he gestured to my chest. “Why don’t we take some topless pictures…?”

“Okay,” I responded, earning a grin from him. “But I really don’t think anyone wants to see you topless.”

“I meant you,” Austin responded with a look of annoyance. “That way when you get back to normal, you’ll have topless photos to remember it by. Hell, you can show guys at school and tell them that she’s your girlfriend or something.”

I just glared at him for a moment, hardly able to believe that he’d actually suggested that. I didn’t know whether to be offended or amused. After all, he did have a point. It would be a unique opportunity to impress some of the guys at school, not to mention an interesting souvenir.

“I’ll think about it,” I admitted, not wanting to commit to anything. Besides, I could always take pictures of myself so there was no reason to give him another peep.

“Well, can we at least take a picture together?” Austin asked with a grin. “I mean, it would really impress some of the guys if they saw me with you…” He paused to blush and quickly added, “I can tell them that you’re OZ’s cousin or something…”

I rolled my eyes at that, not liking the idea of being used to improve his reputation. Of course, I understood exactly where he was coming from, but that didn’t mean I wanted to pose for him.

“I’ll think about it,” I lied.

A short time later, my dad returned home and when I went into the living room, I found him talking to my mom. “So I told him,” dad said cheerfully, apparently talking about one of his clients. “If you’re going to lie to me, at least do me the courtesy of making it a believable one.”

I smiled faintly at that, then asked, “Are we going to be leaving soon?” I was getting impatient to see this scientist who might be able to help me. “Do you think he’ll be able to do anything for me?”

“I certainly hope so,” dad told me with worried look.

Once I said goodbye to Austin and he left for home, dad and I left as well. The drive to Mrs. Jonas’ house seemed to take three times as long as normal, and the fact that dad and I didn’t talk and just rode in awkward silence didn’t help.

When we arrived, Mrs. Jonas answered the door and stared at me for a long minute before telling us to come inside. “I never would have recognized you if Gary hadn’t warned me on the phone.” She glanced to my dad. “If it helps any, you do make a very lovely girl.”

“It doesn’t,” I replied with a hint of bitterness.

Mrs. Jonas nodded at that and then gave me a look of amusement before saying, “Instead of calling you OZ, perhaps we should start calling you Ozma.”

“Ozma,” I repeated, immediately catching the reference.

In the Wizard of Oz book series, Ozma was the name of the little girl who was the rightful ruler of that magical land. But in the book where she first appeared, she’d actually started out in the book as a boy named Tip who eventually discovered his real identity as a princess.

“I just hope I’m back to being normal OZ again soon,” I told her honestly.

“Let me introduce you to Henry’s old friend Felix Kaupman,” Mrs. Jonas told us as she brought us into the living room where an old man sat on one of the chairs. He looked old, perhaps in his 70’s with a white beard and only bits of white hair left on his head. He also wore a thick pair of glasses which he adjusted before looking at us.

“Ah, this must be the accidental subject you told me of,” Dr. Kaupman said, slowly getting to his feet and looking a little unsteady. I remembered that Mrs. Jonas had said that he’d retired a few years ago and couldn’t help but wondering if he was up to this, especially when I noticed the cane by his chair. “Let me take a look at you lass.”

I grimaced at that. “I’m normally a guy,” I pointed out in case he didn’t know.

Dr. Kaupman nodded at that and came over to look me over. His eyes settled on my chest for a long time and then he muttered something that sounded like, “That looks like Henry’s work all right.”

“Can you help Oscar?” dad asked him.

“I don’t know yet,” Dr. Kaupman responded with a snort. “I haven’t even had a chance to examine her.”

“Him,” dad and I said at once.

“I’ve already looked over the blood sample that Ellen gave me,” Dr. Kaupman said, glancing at Mrs. Jonas. “I’ve done some tests on it but I’d like to do a full examination and get some fresh samples.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” dad told him.

We spent the next twenty minutes talking to Dr. Kaupman. I told him about the accident in the lab and about how my body was changing. It was difficult talking about this with a stranger, especially when I had to admit that my junk was nearly all gone and that my breasts were leaking.

After this, Dr. Kaupman and I went to the basement lab while he asked dad and Mrs. Jonas to stay behind and let us have privacy. He took a blood sample the same way Mrs. Jonas had went through the same routine of running it through a machine and looking at it through a microscope.

“Have you been having any back pains yet?” Dr. Kaupman abruptly asked me, looking to my breasts.

“No,” I told him, blushing brightly. “But they keep getting in the way.”

Dr. Kaupman nodded faintly at that. “Have you been feeling ill at all?”

“No,” I responded. “At least not since I got over the flu. I’ve actually felt really good since I started changing.”

He gave me a speculative look and then said, “I know this will be uncomfortable for you, but I need to examine your body.”

“Okay,” I said cautiously. Then I realized that he meant he’d need to see me without my clothes.

As embarrassing as this was, I told myself that it might be the only way to get back to normal so I took my clothes off and let him look me over. Dr. Kaupman was professional as he examined me, and as soon as he was done I quickly got dressed again.

After this, I went back upstairs while Dr. Kaupman continued looking at the blood sample he’d taken and comparing it to the previous one. He asked me not to leave just yet, saying that he wanted to talk to dad and I once he looked everything over a little more.

I spent the next hour in the library, trying to distract myself and also trying not to get my hopes up too high. I was so nervous that my stomach felt like it had butterflies in it.

Then Dr. Kaupman came up out of the basement and we all gathered together again in the living room. He took his time sitting down, almost as though it took a good deal of effort. He didn’t speak at first and spent at least a minute just sitting there with a thoughtful expression.

“I believe I understand what happened,” Dr. Kaupman finally said, looking straight at me. “To start with, your entire body is saturated with a virus.”

“I believe we knew that much,” dad said.

Dr. Kaupman ignored dad but glanced to Mrs. Jonas as he continued. “Henry’s life work had been working on what he called his prime virus…the one designed to repair damage and keep the body in peak health. A few months before his death, he’d told me in a correspondence that he had made a breakthrough in his prime virus, that he had found a way to make it much stronger.”

“Henry didn’t say anything to me about that,” Mrs. Jonas said, looking a little surprised. “Though I know he was excited about something.”

“You were exposed to multiple virus strains,” Dr. Kaupman told me. “One of them was Henry’s prime virus, though I believe it may have been the enhanced version. The other virus samples should have been dormant, but obviously at least one of them was still viable. It appears that the prime virus absorbed the other viable virus…perhaps more than one other virus, and assimilated the programming.”

“As I believe Ellen has already told you,” Dr. Kaupman continued, “One of Henry’s experimental strains was designed to stimulate breast growth and lactation.”

“I think that part worked,” I said bitterly, looking down at my massive mounds.

“I read through Henry’s notes on that strain,” Dr. Kaupman started to say, but then my dad cut him off.

“I thought his notes were in code,” dad pointed out, his eyes gleaming as he caught something that didn’t fit.

Dr. Kaupman gave my dad a steady look, adjusting his glasses as he did so. “Much of them were, but not all. I knew Henry for more than two decades and we talked about his work quite often.” He gave dad a faint smile before saying, “Between that and knowing some of his code, I was able to make out enough.”

“What about that strain?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

“According to Henry’s notes,” Dr. Kaupman told me. “It was not only designed to increase breast growth and cause lactation, but it was also supposed to trigger several supporting adaptations, such as internal support and improved musculature to handle the larger breast size.”

“But how does it go from growing breasts into turning me all the way into a girl?” I demanded. Of course, technically I wasn’t fully a girl yet, but I was way too close.

“I’m not completely certain,” Dr. Kaupman admitted. “But I do have a theory. That virus was designed to act upon women, so I believe that when the prime virus absorbed it, it reacted to this and determined that your body must be female and attempted to repair and heal it until it fit this condition. The effects of the two viruses combined to create an effect beyond what either was designed for.”

“But can you cure it?” I demanded. “Can you change me back to normal?”

Dr. Kaupman gave me a sympathetic look and shook his head. “I do not believe so. The combination of these viruses caused a mutation which has latched on to your own DNA. It has already dissolved the Y chromosome and replaced it with an X. Genetically, you are already female and your body is merely following suit. Now, the virus is merely following its program to make you healthy and fit…but healthy and fit in the manner the modified virus directs. If I had a sample of the original unmutated viruses, I might be able to find a cure, but as it is I don’t believe it is possible, at least not without decades of research.”

“Oh shit,” I whispered in horror.

Dad stared at me and then Dr. Kaupman. “Is…is it contagious?”

I looked to dad, just imagining what he was thinking. He had to be afraid that he’d catch this too or that it might spread to other people. If that could happen, I might very well find myself locked into quarantine for the rest of my life.

“No,” Dr. Kaupman shook his head. “As I said, the virus mutated and is latched firmly to her DNA. I highly doubt that even giving someone else a full blood transfusion would have any effect since their DNA wouldn’t match what it is now looking for.”

Dad looked faintly relieved, though not much. He gave me a look of concern and then turned his attention back to Dr. Kaupman. “Are there any other effects we need to be concerned about?”

“I am not aware of any,” Dr. Kaupman admitted. “But I have only just begun to study her infection. This is a combination of at least two viruses…possibly more. I have no idea what further effects might be expected, if any. But I can assure you, I will continue to look for a way to reverse these changes.”

I just leaned back in my chair, feeling completely stunned as I absorbed all this. I’d been trying hard not to get my hopes up too high, but it looks like I’d failed because my hopes of returning to normal just crashed…hard. Until now, I’d held onto the idea that this was only temporary, that it would wear off or someone would find a cure.

After this, Dr. Kaupman continued talking about what Henry had told him of the prime virus, about what he’d found himself, and about what he suspected. I barely paid attention to that or his repeated promises to keep looking for a cure. Instead, it was all I could do just to absorb the fact that I was going to be like this for the rest of my life.


I was in my bedroom where I’d locked myself within for the last two days, ever since I’d discovered that my changes were permanent. I couldn’t stand the idea of other people seeing me like this, staring and thinking of me as a freak. It had been different before, when I’d thought it was only a temporary illness that I’d get over. Now, I just wanted to hide away and disappear.

In spite of the fact that my room was a comfortable haven, it was also starting to feel like a prison. I was thankful for the privacy but also railed against the invisible bars that I’d placed there myself. My thoughts turned to one of my favorite authors, Alexander Dumas as a part of me felt like Edmond Dantes, locked up for a crime I didn’t commit, or even like Philippe whose identity had been stolen from him.

My body had finished changing mere hours after Dr. Kaupman had given me the bad news, and when I’d woken up the next morning, I had been completely female. My breasts had continued growing until that time as well and they were now each the size of basket balls. They were absolutely enormous and kept getting in the way. Even worse, they kept leaking. The only good news was that they hadn’t grown any further since then.

At the moment, I was sitting up on my bed with pillows piled up behind me for support. I slowly climbed off the bed, finding that it took a bit of effort due to the weight on my chest and just how much it affected my sense of balance. Over the last few days, I’d discovered that I had to move much more slowly than usual or my breasts would move too much and get even more awkward. Mom said that a bra would help a great deal with that, and we’d even gone and rush ordered some custom made ones yesterday, but it would be at least a week before they arrived.

“Talk about top heavy,” I muttered bitterly as I stood up, knowing that I’d have to get used to it. As strange as it was, I was actually looking forward to getting the bras, just because it might make moving around more convenient.

Of course, I didn’t actually have all the problems that normal girl of this size would. The virus had improved my back muscles and my internal support which all made it much easier for me to handle having such big breasts. I didn’t get back pains from carrying this much weight on my chest, and it all kept my breasts from sagging like they normally would. In fact, they were also firm and probably swayed a bit less than they would on another girl as well.

“I look like a stripper,” I said with a sigh, suddenly wondering what I’d look like in high heels and a sexy outfit. I shook my head at the image, feeling a little nauseous.

Still, I couldn’t help but thinking that with my build, I might not have much choice but to wear shirts designed for a stripper. Mom said that I’d probably need to get custom made shirts as well as bras, but for now I’ve just been wearing oversized sweaters. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do that forever, especially not once the weather started warming up.

I let out a sigh and started to stretch my body, still amazed that in spite of all the physical changes I’d gone through, just how good I felt. I knew that it was due to the virus making me healthier than I’ve ever been in my life, but I felt guilty for it…like it was a betrayal of my old body and masculinity to feel this good.

Once I was done stretching, I turned my attention to the bookshelf in the corner, looking for a new book to read. This was my personal collection of books, ones that I’d been given for birthdays and Christmas. On the bottom of the shelf were books from James Joyce, Shakespeare, and other authors whom I wasn’t very interested in. I’ve read some of those books, enough to decide that the authors were overhyped or boring. The middle shelf contained books that I’ve already read and enjoyed, which included some Jules Verne, Alexander Dumas, and J.R.R. Tolkien. The books on the top shelf were on my ‘to read’ list, ones which I haven’t gotten to yet.

“Captains Courageous,” I mused as I ran my hand over the covers. “Twice Told Tales. War of the Worlds.”

I picked a Ray Bradbury novel from the shelf and then paused, letting out a sigh and then putting it back. As much as I loved reading, that was about all I’d done since my changes had begun. I’d been hiding in my room with my nose in a book and I was getting a bit stir-crazy. I wanted to get out and do something else.

I looked at the door, knowing that no one had locked me in here and that I was hiding here out of my own choice…out of my own cowardice. I was in here for no other reason than because I was sulking and wallowing in self-pity. I knew this and had had been aware of it the entire time. But it wasn’t until that very minute that I realized just how tired of it I was.

“Enough of this,” I muttered, leaving my room.

This certainly wasn’t the first time I’d been out of my room in the past two days, especially not when there were so many things I needed to do. However, every other time I’d left my room, I returned to it as soon as I could. This was one of the few times that I’d left it without a specific purpose, such as using the bathroom, milking myself, or getting something to eat.

In spite of not having any particular purpose to being outside my room, I went to the kitchen for a snack anyway. I’d been pretty hungry most of the time during my transformation, and even though I’d stopped changing I still got hungry and thirsty more than before. Dr. Kaupman thought that this was because I needed the extra nutrients and water for all the milk that I was producing.

A few minutes later, I walked into the family room with a sandwich in one hand and a glass of juice in the other. Caitlyn and Krystal were already there, set up at the game table and making some jewelry. I didn’t say anything but stood there and watched them while I ate.

When Caitlyn noticed me there, she smirked, “So you finally decided to come out of your cave.”

“The company there was great,” I responded with a shrug. “But I decided to come slumming.”

Krystal just stared at me with a look of surprise. Her eyes were locked on my chest for nearly half a minute before she finally just said, “Wow. Are those real?”

“Define real,” I responded wryly.

At the same time, Caitlyn teased her friend, “No, OZ went and visited the silicon farm. Picked herself a couple of big ones.”

Krystal grinned at that and then joked back, “Where is this farm anyway? I might want to pick myself a pair.”

I snorted at that and told her, “Not this big you don’t.”

Caitlyn just burst out laughing and said, “No kidding. I’ve seen her get those things in the dinner plate twice already.”

“Really?” Krystal responded with a laugh. “I’d love to see that.”

“Well, since you’re staying the night tonight, you just might get a chance,” Caitlyn told her.

I blinked at that and then vaguely remembered my mom saying something about Caitlyn and Krystal having a sleepover. I’d forgotten all about it until now, though I was still a little confused by it since I thought they were both a bit old for the whole sleepover thing.

“Ooh, free entertainment too,” Krystal responded with a grin. Then she looked at me and her grin faded and she gave me a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry OZ, I don’t mean to make fun. I know this has got to be pretty hard on you.”

“Thanks,” I told her with a weak smile.

“Hey, what are you apologizing to her for?” Caitlyn asked Krystal, then stuck her tongue out at me. “Little brothers don’t have feelings. Little sisters either.”

I just rolled my eyes at that and left the room, musing, “Why in the world did I choose now to come out of my room?” If ever there was a time for hiding in there, this was it.

Since I’d already decided to get out of my room, I decided to go for a walk and stretch my legs. I was self-conscious as I left the house but I was determined not to go back into hiding. No matter how embarrassing this was, I knew that I’d have to get used to it.

I took my time as I walked around the block. Several people who were out in their yards or driveways froze and stared at me, or at least at my breasts. One car swerved off the road and hit the sidewalk before regaining control. I was painfully aware of the stares and attention but refused to run back home until I was done.

When I got back home, I was relieved to be away from the stares. But at the same time, I felt a strange sort of exhilaration. I’d gone out in public of my own free will and it hadn’t been that bad. I actually felt just a little more confident now.

After milking myself, I went to the family computer and checked my e-mail. And while I was on, I began to search for advice on dealing with large breasts and lactation. That led to even more research for things that I’d never thought of before but which had suddenly become very relevant.

My mom returned home a short time later, though she was still talking to one of her clients on the cell phone. She waved to me while simultaneously saying, “They’re still looking over your offer and haven’t gotten back to me about whether they’ll accept it or not…”

As soon as mom was finished with her call, I started, “Um, mom, I wanted to talk about getting some more clothes that fit. I found this website that sells shirts and things in my size…”

But before my mom could respond, her phone began ringing again. “Just a minute,” she told me, answering the phone and wandering off as she talked. She was still on the phone when she came back a couple minutes later and set a cup of hot cocoa in front of me.

I leaned back in front of the computer and sighed impatiently, waiting for mom to get off the phone. Caitlyn and Krystal came in from the family room and saw the website that I currently had up, one that specialized in selling clothes for very busty women. There were some very sexy items there, things that would have been absolutely perfect for a stripper or porn star, but there were also some modest items as well. So far, this seemed the best option for me to find things that fit.

“I guess shopping in normal stores won’t do you a lot of good anymore,” Caitlyn said as she stared over my shoulders. “At least not for anything above the waist.”

“That kind of takes the fun out of it,” Krystal added. Then she bent over to point at a sexy negligee on the screen and teased, “But I bet you’d look awesome in that.” I blushed at that and Caitlyn just laughed at my discomfort.

Krystal walked away while Caitlyn remained with me for a little longer, putting a hand on my shoulder. She gave me a worried look that surprised me. “I…I know I tease you a lot,” she said carefully, obviously uncomfortable with saying this. “But I don’t really mean it. I know this isn’t easy on you and I don’t really want to make it any harder than it already is.” Then before I could think of what to say to that, she turned and walked away as well.

I just stared after Caitlyn for a moment, feeling a little confused by her odd apology. After all, Caitlyn and I never really got all that mushy and teasing was our main form of communication. I didn’t take it personally when she teased me about my condition and knew that in spite of what she’d just said, she’d continue to do so. Just as I’d continue to tease her about anything and everything as well. That was just how the two of us talked.

Once mom finally got off the phone, she looked around at all of us and announced, “It looks like Gary is busy working and won’t be home till late, so it’s us girls for dinner.” She glanced to me and had an obviously forced smile on her face. I wasn’t sure how I felt about being included in the ‘us girls’ comment and I think she realized that.

“Pizza?” I asked eagerly.

“How about Chinese?” Caitlyn asked while Krystal nodded agreement.

“Okay, Chinese it is,” mom responded, already calling the delivery place that we used so often she had it saved in her phone’s memory.

It didn’t take long for me to discover why Caitlyn had asked for Chinese food for dinner. It is a lot easier for me to accidentally get my breasts in fried rice or chow mein than in pizza. I’d already learned the hard way that I couldn’t sit at the dinner table the way I always did before. When I did, I couldn’t see my dinner plate past my breasts. So instead, I had to sit further back and turn sideways a bit while eating very carefully.

“Almost got it in the sauce that time,” Caitlyn teased, having apparently forgotten her earlier comments about not wanting to make things harder on me than they already were. Of course, I’d been expecting that. She’d been teasing me about this since we started eating, even going so far as to make a bet with Krystal about whether or not I’d get my breasts into my plate or drop food on them first. “Come on, I know those monsters are more than you can handle.”

“You shouldn’t be so mean,” Krystal said in my defense, ignoring the fact that she’d been laughing along the entire time.

“That’s okay,” I told Krystal, knowing from a lifetime of experience that the best defense to Caitlyn’s teasing was to turn it around. “She’s just jealous because she’s nearly flat.”

“WHAT?” Caitlyn blurted out, looking offended while Krystal burst out laughing. “I’m a good B cup…”

“Still, you might as well be flat,” I responded with a look of mock smugness which obviously annoyed Caitlyn and made Krystal laugh even harder. “Maybe one day you’ll grow a real pair.”

“Enough of that you two,” mom finally said. I wasn’t sure she’d even noticed our exchange since she’d been in the middle of sending a test message. “Not at the dinner table.”

“Then I guess we’ll have to put this on hold,” I commented with my best innocent expression.

Caitlyn glared at me and muttered something that sounded like, “At least I don’t have stripper breasts.”

“I was wondering,” Krystal said after a minute. She gave me a curious look and asked, “I was wondering if you were going to change your name.”

I blinked at that while my mom responded, “That’s a good point.” She gave me a thoughtful look.

“Probably,” I reluctantly said, realizing that since it looked like I was going to be girl permanently, I would probably need a more feminine name. “I haven’t really thought about it much.”

“My mother’s name was Agatha,” mom mused thoughtfully while I gasped in horror.

“NO,” I snapped, knowing that I’d have to cut that idea in the bud before she decided to stick me with a name even worse than Oscar.

“Yeah, she doesn’t look much like an Agatha,” Caitlyn said with a deceptively pleasant smile. “I think she looks more like a…Candy. Or maybe even a Bambi.”

“Or maybe a Boom Boom,” Krystal added with a broad grin.

Mom was trying hard to hide a smile at that, but then she looked at me and the amusement faded. She gave me another sympathetic look and suggested, “How about Olivia. That’s a nice name.”

“It’s not too bad,” I admitted, trying not to show that Caitlyn’s teasing had hit a nerve. “Mrs. Jonas suggested that I call myself Ozma now. I kind of like that on.”

“The feminine version of your name,” Caitlyn mused. “It sounds kind of weird though.”

“I think it’s appropriate,” Krystal said with a chuckle. “You do have a bit in common with her.”

I stared at Krystal in surprise. “You know who Ozma is?”

“I used to read the Oz books when I was a kid,” Krystal admitted with a faint blush. “I always felt so sorry for that poor Hungry Tiger.”

“Me too,” I responded with a faint chuckle.

Then Krystal abruptly laughed. “And Ozma still fits your initials. You have the O, the Z, and the M. All you’re missing is the A.”

We all continued discussing possible name choices for the rest of dinner, with some of the names being serious while others were ridiculous. I didn’t make any firm decisions, but I was growing fond of Ozma, and oddly enough, of Olivia. The idea that my mom could suggest a name that I didn’t immediately hate was still a bit surprising.

Once we were done with dinner, mom changed her clothes into something more comfortable and then she settled down with a glass of wine to read a murder mystery, just as she did nearly every night while relaxing. I figured that I’d get away from Caitlyn and Krystal, which would probably mean ending up in my room again, but suddenly I found that I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

“Come on,” Caitlyn exclaimed, grabbing hold of my arm and pulling me towards the family room. “Krystal and I were going to have a girls night together, but we can’t really do it with just the two of us.”

“You’ve been drafted,” Krystal exclaimed with a laugh.

“What are you talking about?” I demanded with a bad feeling.

Then Caitlyn pulled out her makeup kit and set it on the gaming table along with several other things that suddenly made me realize that I’d been set up. I had a feeling that this had been planned from the moment Caitlyn and Krystal decided to have this sleepover of theirs. In fact, it might even have been the very reason for the sleepover. That also made me wonder if my mom and dad were in on it. That would explain why dad was working late tonight, leaving me along with the girls for their girls night activities.

“Time for a makeover,” Caitlyn told me with an almost predatory gleam in her eyes. “I want to see what you look like if you’re actually made up right.”

“I bet you’ll look really sexy,” Krystal told me with an eager smile. “This is something every girl does. It’s sort of a rite of passage…”

I stared at Caitlyn, feeling just a little horrified at the thought of letting her and Krystal put makeup on me. My breasts already made me look too much like a stripper for my comfort, and I had no doubt that my sister wanted to increase that resemblance just so she could tease me all the more for it.

My male sensibilities were offended by the very idea of putting on makeup and my first impulse was to snap at Caitlyn and remind her that in spite of my body, I was still a guy inside. However, I also knew that this was exactly what she was expecting.

“That sounds interesting,” I said instead, giving a weak smile which became a real one when I saw the look of surprise and disappointment on my sister’s face. “What do we do first?”

I took a deep breath and braced myself for what was to come, knowing that whatever they did could be washed off. Earlier today, I’d made the decision to face my changes instead of hiding from them and that went beyond just coming out of my room.

“You have nice nails,” Krystal told me as she took my hand and looked at it. “It’s hard to believe you didn’t have a manicure.”

With that, I sat down while Caitlyn set up a stand up mirror on the table so that I’d be able to see myself. I had a feeling that what was to come was going to be bruising to my male ego, but oddly enough, I was starting to feel more curious than worried.

“Let’s start with your nails,” Caitlyn said while Krystal pulled out several different bottles of nail polish that they were trying to decide between.

I sat there patiently as Krystal began to paint my nails with a dark red polish, instructing me to keep my fingers separated a little as she did so. I watched with a curious fascination, knowing that I never would have allowed this before, but now that I was female, it no longer felt so taboo.

Once my nails were done, Caitlyn and Krystal did their own nails as well and we all sat there with our nails drying together. It was a weird experience and one that felt kind of ‘girlie’, though I tried not to think of it in those terms.

A short time later, Krystal went to work putting on my makeup while Caitlyn held up the mirror so that I could get a good look at what she was doing. But Krystal wasn’t just putting on makeup, she explained what she was doing each step of the way, giving me a lesson in how to put the stuff on.

“Wow,” I exclaimed when Krystal was done. I held up the mirror and stared at my reflection in amazement, hardly able to believe that this was me.

The girl…the woman in the mirror was gorgeous. I had on eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and several other things which augmented my already attractive appearance. I looked very hot…and older. I could have passed for twenty-one with very little effort.

“You look incredible,” Krystal told me with an appreciative look that made me blush.

“There’s still something missing,” Caitlyn said, giving me a thoughtful look. “I know…”

Caitlyn ran off and came back a minute later with her jewelry box. She pulled out several pieces, holding them up and then putting them back. Then she decided on what she wanted and put a pendant around my neck, a bracelet around my wrist, and then finally, she held up a pair of earrings.

“My ears aren’t pierced,” I reminded her, though she just grinned in response.

“All right,” Krystal told me with a grin of her own. “Another rite of passage.”

I stared at the earrings for a moment before letting out a sigh. “Do it.” I’d already gone this far so I might as well go the rest of the way.

Caitlyn ran off to get an ice cube from the freezer and a few minutes later, I had a pair of pierced ears. My ears both hurt, but they also had dangling earrings in them. It felt strange having that little bit of weight pulling on my ears as well.

“Perfect,” Caitlyn exclaimed with a look of pride. Then she commented, “You know, I always wanted a younger sister to do this kind of thing with. I just might have to make up for lost time.”

I rolled my eyes at that and told her, “Don’t overdo it.”

“Come on,” Caitlyn told me. “We’ve got to show mom.”

I felt a surge of terror at that, but before I could offer any protests, Caitlyn and Krystal were already pulling me to the living room. I stood awkwardly in front of mom, wishing I could just turn invisible.

“Oh my,” my mom exclaimed, staring at me in amazement. “You look gorgeous.”

I blushed brightly at that, but at the same time, I also felt a strange stirring of pride. “Um…thanks.”

Mom just grinned and exclaimed, “I need a picture of this…” She scrambled for her cell phone and took a picture while I just stood there in resignation.

Once Caitlyn and Krystal were done showing me off to mom, we went back to the family room where they went to work putting their own makeup on. They each explained what they were doing, giving me further lessons on the application of makeup.

When they were done, Caitlyn was done up in a sort of goth style that made her look quite a bit different from usual. Krystal had gone with a slightly more subdued makeup that made her look elegant and even more beautiful.

“What do you think?” Krystal asked me, suddenly looking self-conscious.

“You look fantastic,” I told her honestly, much to her delight.

“What about me?” Caitlyn demanded.

“You look like you’re ready for Halloween,” I teased her. Then I added, “Actually, that looks pretty good on you. A bit of a different look though.”

It was then that my dad returned home, coming in and looking tired. The three of us went to meet him, standing there without saying a word. His eyes locked on his and suddenly went wide.

“I’m trying a new look,” I told dad, feeling extremely self-conscious about having him see me this way but trying not to show it.

“I…I see that,” he responded with a visible gulp. He gave me a weak smile and said, “It looks good on you. But I must admit, I’m a little surprised.”

“Me too,” I admitted wryly. “I wasn’t exactly expecting this when I got up this morning.”

“We didn’t exactly give her much choice,” Krystal added with a broad grin.

“And I’ve got pictures,” Caitlyn added smugly, making it clear that she fully intended to use them as either blackmail material later on or just something to embarrass me with.

Dad shook his head and then wandered off, still looking a bit stunned by my appearance. I just chuckled at that, deciding that this alone made the whole experience worth it if nothing else.

After this, the three of us went back to the family room where we sat and talked. Caitlyn and Krystal started telling me about some of the things I could expect now that I’d joined their team and how other people would probably treat me. They both gave me advice, though some of it was a bit embarrassing and a little too personal for normal conversation.

While we talked, I thought about what they’d done, setting up this ‘girls night’ experience so that they could make me feel like ‘one of the girls’. I knew that they were probably just trying to make me realize that being a girl wasn’t that bad, and oddly enough, it had worked a little. As odd as this had all been, it had been kind of fun too.

When it came time for bed, Caitlyn and Krystal showed me how to wash the makeup off properly so that I didn’t accidentally smear it all over my pillow. After all the work that Krystal had put into it, I was almost hesitant to see it go.

“You can use this to take off the polish,” Caitlyn told me, holding up the nail polish remover. She’d put black polish on her own nails while she was setting up the whole goth look and she was already at work taking it off. Krystal on the other hand was leaving her red polish on.

I stared at my dark red nails for a few seconds, thinking that they definitely looked feminine like this. And oddly enough, I kind of liked the way they looked. They looked kind of sexy that way.

“I think I’ll keep mine for now,” I said with a bright blush. Krystal and my sister gave each other knowing looks and grinned. I was expecting a bit of teasing, but to my surprise, none came.

The last thing I needed to do before bed was to brush my teeth and milk myself. I went to the bathroom to take care of both, and while I was about to start using the breast pump, there was a hesitant knocking on the door.

“I was wondering if I could...,” Krystal said through the door, sounding hesitant. She opened the door and stared at my naked and uncovered breasts, her eyes going wide. “I mean, I was wondering if I could watch you...” She gestured to the pump in my hand.

It was a bit awkward for me to be standing there topless in front of her when my impulse was to try covering my breasts up and hiding them. Of course, with monsters like these, hiding them wasn’t going to ever be easy.

I forced a smile and tried hiding my discomfort and responded, “Um…sure.”

Krystal watched intently while I began pumping the milk out of my breasts. I was very self-conscious as I was doing this since milking myself was almost like playing with myself in a way. It was all I could do to keep a calm expression and not show just how much I was actually enjoying this.

“What does that feel like?” Krystal abruptly asked, looking honestly curious rather than teasing.

“Pretty weird,” I admitted with a faint chuckle. “I feel like a cow or something…” Then I shook my head. “My breasts get kind of tight and ache a little when they get too full so it feels pretty good to empty them.”

“I’d imagine,” Krystal said. “How many times do you have to do that a day?”

“Probably about six,” I answered with a sigh. “It’s kind of a pain.”

Krystal chuckled at that. “I imagine it would be inconvenient. I guess I’ll find out myself if I ever have a kid.” However, the tone in her voice suggested that she didn’t think this was very likely.

A short time later, I climbed in bed, laying on my back and sighing as I tried to get comfortable. I held my hands in front of my face, staring at the polished nails for a several long seconds before I finally turned off the light on my nightstand.

“What in the world was I thinking?” I muttered to myself I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Sleep had been difficult in coming as I’d stayed awake thinking about my condition and what it would mean to be female for the rest of my life. And more, what it would mean to be a very busty female.

Eventually, sleep caught up with me and I slipped into some very strange dreams. I was in the middle of one of these odd dreams when I felt something disturb me.

“What…?” I muttered, waking up enough to realize that someone was gently shaking my shoulder to wake me up. I opened my eyes and was startled to see Krystal standing there, dressed in her overnight pajamas and holding a flashlight.

“Um…hi,” Krystal said with a nervous smile, bending over and whispering, “I couldn’t sleep.”

I was surprised by her presence and quickly glanced to my clock, seeing that it was very early in the morning. Then my attention went back to her as she moved closer to me, close enough that I could feel her breath on my cheek.

“Do you mind if I join you?” she asked quietly.

But before I could answer, she began climbing under my covers with me. She huddled up close to me, and without a word she slowly moved a hand onto one of my breasts. My nipples immediately hardened at that and I felt the warm wetness forming between my legs.

“What are you doing?” I asked, now fully awake and still having a hard time believing that his wasn’t a dream. Then I quickly added, “Not that I mind…”

“I know you had a crush on me,” Krystal admitted quietly, barely more than a whisper. “I didn’t know if you still felt that way…”

For an answer, I gave her a kiss, delighting in the taste of her soft lips. My nipples seemed to harden even more and my new equipment felt warm, gooey, and sort of hungry for attention. I moaned slightly, and feeling emboldened, I put my own hand on one of Krystal’s breasts, feeling it through her pajamas.

Neither of us said a word for at least ten minutes as we silently felt each other up. She fingered my nipples and I moaned in pleasure. I had to bite my lip to keep from making any louder noise because I certainly didn’t want anyone else in the house to hear us.

Krystal removed her pajamas so that she had her naked body pressed against mine, pressing her breasts against my much larger ones. We kissed while she simultaneously played with my breasts. Then one of her hands touched my inner thigh and began to slowly move up.

“I know this is probably your first time,” Krystal whispered to me.

“It’s not,” I told her with a moan, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. “Just my first as a girl.”

I smiled as I suddenly thought of Liza Adams, the girl I’d lost my virginity to six months ago. We were at her house while I tutored her for literature class, and things just happened. Afterwards, I’d thought that she’d become my girlfriend and we’d be able to do it again, but she was embarrassed by what we’d done and avoided me. It was my one and only time having sex before this. At the moment, I was just thankful that I’d had the opportunity to have sex as a guy before it was lost to me forever.

Krystal began to finger me, making me moan in delight at how good it felt. I tried returning the favor at the same time but couldn’t quite reach her from the way we were positioned. I had to make due with playing with her breasts.

This felt good, much better than sex as a guy had been. I felt good through my breasts, my groin, and nearly my entire body. And as the pressure built and I exploded into an orgasm, it was much MUCH better. I had to bite my lip hard to keep from making any noise.

Then Krystal began to lick my nipples and play with them with her tongue while she continued to finger me, driving me to sensations I’d never imagined. After a minute, I realized that she was no longer just playing with my nipples, she was actually sucking on one of them. I could feel her drinking my milk.

“Oh God this is good,” Krystal exclaimed a minute later, licking her lips. “That tastes unbelievable…” And then she moved to my other nipple and began to suck from that one as well.

I moaned as she simultaneously nursed from me and played with me. Having my nipples sucked like this felt even better than when the breast pump drained me. It was almost like having a blow job on my chest.

Krystal brought me to another orgasm and then told me, “My turn.”

“Just a minute,” I told her between deep breaths. Then I giggled. “I need to regain my senses a little first.”

Then I turned my attention to rubbing between her legs and fingering her much the way she had done to me. I could tell from her moans and the squirming that she enjoyed this every bit as much as I did. I only wished that I still had little OZ because what mind told me to do and what my body was capable of were two different things.

Eventually, we finished and curled up in each other’s arms. I gave her a kiss as we cuddled together, feeling excited, and delighted, and very VERY good.

I was unaware of when I fell asleep except that Krystal suddenly sat up and awoke me again. I was a confused for a moment until I saw the hall light under the doorway and heard someone walking out there. I glanced to my clock and gasped in surprise, realizing that it was 5AM.

“Oh shit,” I whispered, suddenly afraid that we’d been caught. However, the door didn’t open and the hall light turned off. After a minute, I quietly told her, “I think it’s clear.”

“Oh God, I can’t believe I did this,” Krystal muttered, climbing out of my bed. Then she paused. I could barely see her at all, and then only because of the faint light coming through my curtain. “But I’m glad I did.” Then she gave me a quick kiss before sneaking out of my room.

Once she was gone, I stared down towards my floor where I knew she’d left her pajamas behind. I laughed at that, though it came out more like a giggle.

I lay back down in my bed, grinning broadly as I thought of what Krystal and I had done. It had felt good…better than good. And it had been a lot more satisfying than the quick action that I’d had with Liza.

I absently began fingering my nipples, imagining that it was Krystal doing it. It wasn’t the first time that I’d fantasized about having sex with Krystal, though it was certainly the very first time that I actually had breasts in my fantasy.

After getting myself a little worked up again, I just stayed where I was, remembering how good the sex had felt as a girl and slowly drifting off to sleep, or at least to that warm comfortable place where I could happily stay for a little longer.

When everyone had gotten up a few hours later, I was briefly worried that someone had overheard Krystal and I, but fortunately, no one showed any indications of realizing that she had spent half the night in my bed instead of in the guest room. That was an incredible relief since I didn’t think I could handle the embarrassment of anyone else knowing.

Krystal was in an obviously good mood and kept giving me odd looks when no one else was paying attention. At first, I thought that she might have regretted what we’d done, but then I began to wonder if she was just looking forward to doing it again. I blushed each time I thought of it and my body responded to my thoughts. I couldn’t be sure what she was thinking, but I was certainly eager for a repeat.

“You’re in a good mood this morning,” Caitlyn pointed out to Krystal. “I didn’t think you were a morning person.”

Krystal just grinned in response. “I guess I am in a good mood. It must be because I’m having so much fun.” Then she gave me another smile, which I hoped no one caught.

Since it was Saturday morning, my whole family was present for now. Of course, mom would probably take off for a couple hours this afternoon, but dad would stay home unless one of his clients called him with some emergency. For the moment though, we could actually eat breakfast together. Normally, that might not be such a big deal, but because Krystal was with us, Caitlyn decided that she was going to cook breakfast.

Krystal helped Caitlyn with the cooking, and to my surprise, she came out and said, “Here you go, Ozma,” as she set the first plate of pancakes and eggs in front of me.

“Ozma?” dad asked in surprise. I was just a little startled myself since I hadn’t really decided which name to use. It appeared that Krystal had decided for me, or at least decided on what she was going to call me until I made an official decision.

“Her new name,” mom told him with a faint sigh. “I still like Olivia.”

“How about, Olivia Zenaida Mayer?” Caitlyn suggested, bringing a second plate of food in and setting it in front of dad. “That way you can be an Olivia and still call yourself Ozma.”

“Zenaida?” I asked with a scowl, wondering where that had come from.

“It’s not like there are a lot of girl names that start with Z,” Caitlyn said defensively. Then she grinned mischieviously and added, “And besides, you still need at least one name you can’t stand. Then again, Ozma sort of sounds like it could be some kind of disease.”

“I like Ozma,” Krystal added.

“Well…Olivia,” mom said with a forced smile. “I think this is a workable solution.”

Dad sat there with a thoughtful expression for a moment and then let out a sigh. “This identity change does provide certain legal difficulties. If what really happened became known, it would create some serious problems…perhaps even intervention of the CDC and quarantine.” I gasped at that while dad continued. “And if we simply say that Oscar…Ozma went through a sex change operation and heavy plastic surgery, that would draw a great deal of unwanted attention as well. After all, he…she is still underage.”

“Oh no,” mom said with a worried look. “I didn’t realize…”

“Fortunately,” dad said grimly. “One of the advantages of my profession is that I know some people with experience working around the issue of legal identity. I’ll have to see what I can arrange.”

We were all silent for a moment as we considered that, but then Krystal threw her arms around me and hugged me from behind. “I’m sure everything will be fine.” I was a little startled by her hugging me in front of my family, as was Caitlyn. However, Krystal’s display did distract everyone for a moment and lightened the mood for the rest of breakfast.

When breakfast was over, dad gave me an odd look and shook his head, muttering, “Hard to believe that’s my son.” I don’t think he expected me to hear him.

“You know,” Caitlyn told me with an odd look. “When we were doing your nails last night, we forgot to get your toenails too…”

I hesitated for a just a moment before shrugging. “Sure,” I responded. “Why not?” After the makeover session last night, I could hardly get upset about having my toes painted. Besides, I didn’t really want to admit it, but I kind of liked how my fingernails looked and thought that it might be neat having my toes match.

A couple minutes later, I was sitting down in a chair while Caitlyn was sitting on the floor in front of me, painting my toes. She seemed to be enjoying herself, though I had a feeling that she got most of the enjoyment from the idea of making her brother look more feminine. Dad came in and took one look at this, shook his head, then walked out of the room. I couldn’t resist laughing at that, nor could Caitlyn and Krystal.

“This is almost like having a life sized Barbie doll,” Caitlyn joked. “If we had some clothes that really fit you, we could really have some fun.”

I rolled my eyes at being compared to a Barbie, but before I could respond, I suddenly found a pair of hands on my shoulders. Krystal had come up from behind me and then began to massage my shoulders. It felt kind of nice.

“What are you doing?” Caitlyn asked Krystal in surprise.

“Just giving her a little massage to help her relax and enjoy this,” Krystal responded pleasantly. “After all she’s been through, having a sudden sex change and all, I can’t really think of anyone who needs relaxing more.”

Caitlyn just snorted at that, giving me a look of annoyance before adding, “Fine, but I get the next massage.”

I just remained where I was, enjoying the attention of having Caitlyn focused on my feet while Krystal massaged me. I was especially enjoying the attention from Krystal and was starting to get a little wet. I would have liked it even more if Caitlyn hadn’t been here so that Krystal and I could have a little more privacy.

Once Caitlyn had finished, Krystal began giving her a shoulder massage while I waited for my toes to dry. As soon as they had, I went to milk myself and relieve the growing pressure in my breasts. It still amazed me that this had become part of my daily routine and probably would be for the rest of my life. It was embarrassing and a big annoyance, but fortunately, it could also be a fairly pleasant annoyance.

I was about half finished when there was a hesitant knock on the bathroom door followed by Krystal opening the door and coming inside. She closed the door behind her with a mischievious grin and stared at me for a moment with a strange look on her face.

“I thought you were giving Caitlyn a massage,” I said, happy to see her again but afraid that someone else would realize she was in here with me or suspect that something was going on between us.

“My hands were a little tired and needed a break,” Krystal said in an innocent done that didn’t match the wicked look in her eyes. “Then again, I think I do have enough strength to massage something else…”

Krystal began to gently squeeze my breasts while milk dribbled from my nipples and ran down my breasts, getting all over her hands. She stood there, staring at breasts for a moment before slowly raising her hands to her mouth to lick them.

“This is delicious,” Krystal told me, sounding just a little surprised. Though after last night, I was pretty sure she already knew what it tasted like.

“Isn’t that kind of gross?” I asked, a little startled by her reaction. “I mean, that came from me…”

“It’s milk,” she responded with a giggled. “The whole purpose of milk is to drink it. Though admittedly, this is the first time I had human milk…at least since I was a baby.”

And with that, Krystal bent down and licked the milk off one of my breasts. Then she kissed one of my nipples before she hesitantly began to suck on it. This immediately reminded me of last night and I felt myself getting wet a little further down as well.

“You have no idea how good that feels,” I muttered. “MUCH better than the pump.”

Krystal stood up again and licked her lips before abruptly throwing her arms around me in a hug. “You’re so huggable,” she exclaimed. “Especially these things…” She put a hand on each of my breasts. “I wonder why I never realized it before.”

“Probably because I never had boobs before,” I responded, barely managing to keep a straight face. Then I let out a reluctant sigh, wanting to continue this but knowing that we couldn’t.

“That’s probably it,” Krystal agreed, handing me my sweater so I could put it back on. Then she took the container that was attached to the breast pump, opening it and downing the contents. “This is just awesome.”

I just stared down at my breasts, feeling a little surprised by Krystal’s reaction. “Who knew?” Then I chuckled as the answer came to me. “Babies.”

A minute later, Krystal and I were back in the family room, pretending that nothing had just happened. We played a board game with Caitlyn for the next few hours until Krystal had to go home.

“I’ll see you later,” Krystal told Caitlyn cheerfully.

Then Krystal surprised me by throwing her arms around me in a firm hug, exclaiming, “And you to.” Then she gave me a quick kiss while Caitlyn stared at us and gasped in disbelief.

With that, Krystal hurried out the door while Caitlyn demanded, “What was that?” She gestured to the door and exclaimed, “You and Krystal? No way…” She sounded not only shocked but also offended.

I just blushed brightly, not having expected Krystal to reveal our new relationship like that. I gulped, not sure how to deal with this. “I…I’ve got some homework to do,” I blurted out, rushing back to the safety of my room.


It was a little strange to be walking through a mall, looking the way I now did and having people stare at me. I knew exactly what they saw when they stared at me, but inside, I still saw myself as a boy, at least most of the time.

It was Tuesday afternoon and my mom was bringing me shopping to get some things that I’d need. My custom ordered bras had arrived yesterday, but I still needed more shoes, pants, and other things.

My new bra was uncomfortable, pinching my breasts and pulling tight on my shoulders. As I’d discovered since trying on the bra, my breast size actually varied over several cups depending on how much milk I’d built up. We hadn’t considered that problem when we’d ordered them.

I’d started to get used to walking around and maneuvering with my large breasts so that they weren’t really too much of a problem anymore. Thanks to my internal support and modified muscles, the bra didn’t really offer much more support than what I already had. Still, mom insisted that I wear one for modesty if nothing else.

Then I glanced to my mom, wondering what she really thought about my relationship with Krystal. Caitlyn hadn’t been able to keep quiet, nor had she really needed to since Krystal came back Sunday, giving me a hug and kiss right in front of my parents. Fortunately, I don’t think they realized that we’d gone further than just kissing.

I blushed as I thought of Krystal, wondering if we’d get a chance to actually sleep together again. It wasn’t like we had a lot of opportunities, especially now that everyone realized that we had the hots for each other.

“Are you doing all right?” mom asked me, giving me a look of concern. “I know it can’t be easy for you being around so many people like this.”

“I’m fine,” I told her. And surprisingly, I was.

Ever since my body had changed, I had been changing as well, though I couldn’t quite define how. Of course, everything I was going through was bound to have an effect on my perspective and outlook. New experiences always did and you couldn’t get much more new than a new gender.

I did know that ever since I’d slept with Krystal, it was like a switch had been flipped inside of me. I got turned on more easily now, almost as though having sex had gotten my juices flowing and now they didn’t want to stop. I also found that I felt more confident, that losing my manhood and becoming a girl didn’t really bother me as much.

One woman was staring at me with a hostile look from a short distance and I smiled faintly at that. One thing I’d noticed since coming to the mall was that a lot of women were glaring at me, as though my having breasts this big somehow made me a slut or offensive to women. I might have been offended except that I’d already realized that most of these women were probably just jealous of the male attention I got.

Of course, it wasn’t just strange women who gave me odd looks. Though they were a lot nicer about it, I’d noticed that even the ones I knew gave me odd looks and acted weird around me.

I’d begun to develop my own theory about how breasts were a status symbol for women, representing their femininity. Because of that, they’d subconsciously see women with bigger breasts as being more feminine, often making them targets of resentment or envy. It wasn’t really much different than how a lot of guys measured their manhood by their penis size and how it compared to others, though of course, most would never admit it aloud.

The looks that I was getting from men in the mall were a lot more clear cut. I knew exactly what they were thinking, having been there myself. I also noticed the way my mom kept giving them dirty glares, obviously not happy with the attention I was getting. I found it almost funny that she was bothered by the stares more than I was.

“While we’re here,” mom said, gesturing to a jewelry store. “Maybe we should get you some earrings. The ones you were trying on Friday looked good on you.”

“Why not?” I responded with a shrug. “If I’m going to be a girl, I might as well be a good looking one.” Then I paused to muse, “Of course, I’ll need to get my ears pierced again.”

I reached up and felt one of my ears which showed no sign of ever having been pierced. I’d taken the earring out before going to bed Friday and the hole had completely healed by morning. This was obviously due to the virus which had changed my body and was now working to keep it that way.

A couple minutes later, mom and I were looking through the jewelry and trying to decide on something for me. It was very strange to be doing this with mom and not just because she usually did the mother/daughter stuff with Caitlyn. Mom was usually pretty busy and had never been the type to just ‘hang out’ with either of us. The fact that she had taken time off work to do this with me showed that she was really trying hard to help me adjust.

When we left the jewelry store, my ears had been pierced again and now had some nice earrings through them. We’d also bought me a pair of simple studs that would look decent and which I could use at night to keep my piercings from closing up again.

Since mom seemed to be in the mood to buy me girlie things at the moment, I decided that I might as well take advantage of that. “I was wondering,” I mused aloud, as though suddenly thinking of this for the first time. “I was wondering if maybe I should try on some high heels.”

“What?” mom asked in surprise, probably at the fact that I’d brought up the subject before she could.

“Well, since I’m a girl now,” I told her with a shrug. “I should probably start learning to walk in them…”

“But you’re already so tall,” mom protested, still looking a little confused. “You’re still six feet… What do you need heels for?”

“So I can be taller than dad, for one,” I pointed out with a grin, thinking that it might be fun to be the tallest person in the house, even if I did have to use a couple inches of heel to do it. Of course, the other big reason was that I’d had a lot of fun last Friday being made up to look sexy, so I wanted to experiment with that a bit more. Besides, I was pretty sure that Krystal would like me in them as well.

Mom chuckled for a moment and then shook her head faintly. “How would you even be able to walk in heels with those things…?” She gestured to my breasts.

“My balance is getting a lot better,” I told her with a faint smile. “I’m starting to get used to them. I figure, maybe walking in heels would help me work on my balance even more.”

Mom looked a little skeptical but didn’t argue further as we walked to the shoe store. I sat down and tried on several pairs of shoes, including one pair of stilettos which I knew would make me look hot, but which I had absolutely no intention of buying. I’d just wanted to see how they felt on my feet, not to mention the look on mom’s face when she saw me with them.

The saleswoman kept sneaking looks at my breasts, though she didn’t seem hostile, merely surprised that someone my age could be this size. Because of that, I just ignored her, at least until she finally asked, “Are those real?”

“No,” I responded wryly, “I stuck a pair of basketballs down my shirt.”

Mom just laughed at that while the saleswoman turned bright red. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I meant…”

I’d been good about ignoring the stares here at the mall, but this was starting to make me feel self-conscious again. “I wanted to prepare for a career as a stripper, so my school guidance counselor recommended I get the big implants.”

“Olivia,” mom said, giving me warning look.

I rolled my eyes at that and then gave the saleswoman a polite smile and explained, “I just had a big growth spurt so I’m a bit sensitive.”

“That must be difficult on your back,” the saleswoman told me, giving me a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry for embarrassing you like this. I really should learn to control my curiosity.”

“It’s all right,” I told her, knowing that I couldn’t blame her for her curiosity. At least she was honest about it.

When we left a short time later, it was with a pair of comfortable sneakers and a nicer pair of shoes which had a low heel, just enough to make me an inch taller than dad when wearing them. I was wearing the low heels when we walked out, finding that I could handle them just fine as long as I paid attention and didn’t try to rush. Of course, the stilettos would have been a different story and I might have broken an ankle if I’d tried walking out in those.

Mom and I were finished with our shopping and started back towards the parking lot. When the car was in sight, I glanced to mom and asked hopefully, “Can I drive?”

I got my driver’s license almost as soon as I turned sixteen, not that it had done me much good so far. I didn’t have my own car and both of my parents were control freaks with their cars, always insisting on driving themselves and only letting me borrow them very rarely. However, mom was in a pretty generous mood at the moment so it seemed like the perfect chance to ask.

Mom hesitated, looking for a moment as though she was going to say yes. But then, she shook her head. “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. You don’t look anything like the picture on your license anymore and if we got pulled over for some reason…”

I was about to argue but then her phone began to ring. I scowled in annoyance as she answered it and then put on her blue tooth. She continued talking to whom I assumed was one of her clients for most of the drive home.

Once we got home, I hurried into the house, noticing right away that Caitlyn had already gotten home from school. “Look what I got,” I teased her, showing her the earrings and new shoes. I figured that she wouldn’t be happy about being left behind while mom took me shopping instead.

“Nice,” Caitlyn responded pleasantly…too pleasantly. I knew my sister well enough to expect another comment in just a moment and I wasn’t disappointed. “You know, you’ve adjusted to being a girl so well that it just proves what I’ve been saying for years. You were a pretty wimpy guy and now I know why.”

I bristled just a little at that as she knew which buttons to push. But of course, I knew which buttons to push on her as well. “That’s okay,” I responded sweetly. “But I guess it must be difficult having your brother be more feminine than you’ll ever be.”

“Enough of that, you two,” mom snapped at us in annoyance.

Caitlyn and I simultaneously responded, “She started it…” Then we both burst out laughing.

After that, I put most of my new purchases away in my room before milking myself and then returning to the family room to curl up with a good book. In spite of the fact that I’ve been home from school, the last couple days have been so busy that I hadn’t been able to read as much as I would have liked. Then again, even before my changes, I rarely got as much time to read as I wanted.

A short time later, I heard Caitlyn yell from the living room. “Hey Ozma… Weasley is here…”

I put my book down and had just barely stood up when Austin came through the door. “Hey,” he greeted me, pausing to stare at me for a moment. Austin had been pretty busy lately so we hadn’t seen each other in a few days, not since before the Friday night sleepover. His eyes widened slightly and he said, “You’re wearing earrings.”

“And heels,” I responded with a grin, pointing to my feet. “You should have seen me Friday after Caitlyn and Krystal gave me a full makeover with makeup and everything.”

Austin’s eyes widened at that and he blurted out, “You’re shitting me…”

“No,” I responded with a wry grin, holding up my hands so he could see my nails. Austin looked as though he was about to choke at that. “My toes too.”

“Damn,” Austin blurted out. “The last time I saw you, you were too embarrassed to even come out of your room.”

“Yeah,” I responded with a weak smile. “I tried the whole self-pity thing and didn’t like it.”

I frowned thoughtfully, remembering my time locked in my room. The truth was, it was hard to keep feeling sorry for myself when I felt so healthy and full of energy. But more than that, I’d realized that I could spend the rest of my life being bitter and resentful of my change, or I could just accept the fact that I’d changed and try to deal with it the best I could.

“So, what’s going on at school?” I asked to change the subject while I set the chess set up on the table.

I was well aware of the way that Austin was watching me and I found it almost amusing. I couldn’t resist sticking my ass out a little as I bent over with the chess set, knowing full well the effect it would have on him.

“Um…school is the same,” Austin finally responded, obviously distracted.

I frowned slightly as I thought about school and just how much of it that I’d been missing lately. It wasn’t that I missed going to school so much as I was concerned about being left behind in my classes. Of course, I couldn’t just go back to school as I was now, but once dad was able to hook me up with a new identity, I’d have to go back and deal with everything I’d missed.

“I never thought I’d say this,” I told Austin as we sat down and began playing. “But I wish I could go back.”

“You really must be sick,” Austin teased, not taking his eyes from my chest.

Austin and I began playing, making small talk as we did so. I was fully aware of how distracting my new body was for him and took advantage of that, bending forward when I made my moves and drawing his attention to my breasts. I won several games in a row, even more easily than usual.

“That’s it,” Austin exclaimed in frustration after I’d beaten him for the third time. “I’m done.” He gave me a defiant look and then smirked. “How about we go outside for a little soccer?”

“Not gonna happen,” I replied, knowing exactly why he wanted to switch games. In soccer, not only would he get to see my breasts bounce around but he’d also beat me as easily as I was beating him today in chess. “Maybe something else…”

“We can go to my house,” Austin suggested. “I’ve got a new video game since the last time you were over…” Then he paused before musing, “Of course, my parents might say something about my having a girl that looks like you over. I don’t think they’d even believe me if I told them who you really were.”

“Probably not,” I agreed with a sigh.

We were still talking about what we could do next when I suddenly heard a cry of, “Ozma,” followed by Krystal rushing to me and throwing her arms around me in a hug. “Hey there….”

“Hey back,” I responded with a broad grin, hugging her tightly. For some reason, this felt so right and appropriate, though in a strange sort of way. We remained hugging for a bit longer than should be normal and then finally kissed.

“This just isn’t right,” Caitlyn muttered from the door to the family room, giving me a jealous look. “She’s my best friend but now she’s coming here to see you.”

Austin stared at me and Krystal with a look of wide eyed surprise. I felt vaguely self-conscious, though not much. I stood up and gave Krystal another hug which she let out a contented sigh, seeming perfectly happy to remain that way.

“I don’t know why,” Krystal mused, “but I feel so safe and secure in your arms. It’s like, I know you’ll protect me and take care of me.” Then she finally pulled away, giving me a look that was filled with adoration. I was a bit surprised by her strong reaction, but she’d been like this ever since we slept together.”

“It’s okay,” I told her gently, feeling strangely protective of her. I supposed that it was a reaction to the way she was acting towards me.

Krystal looked at my breasts with a hungry expression and I grinned. For some reason, she’d developed a real taste for my breast milk. And since I couldn’t exactly whip my breasts out all the time for her, I’d begun saving some of my milk for her.

“There’s a little something for you in the fridge,” I told Krystal with a grin.

“Thank you,” Krystal told me with a broad grin of her own, giving me another kiss before turning to head to the kitchen.

Caitlyn watched Krystal and shook her head, looking faintly confused. “You’re sure in a good mood…” Then she snorted and added, “You always seem to be in a good mood now…”

“I just feel good,” Krystal responded with a smug grin. “I feel great.” Then as the two of them left the room, I heard Krystal telling my sister, “I lost five pounds and I’ve grown a cup size at the same time…”

Once Caitlyn and Krystal were gone, Austin blurted out, “You and Krystal?” He stared at me in stunned amazement while I just smirked.

“I am now officially a lesbian,” I told him smugly. “It turns out, she’s really into busty girls.”

“Damn,” Austin exclaimed, looking more than a little jealous. I knew exactly what I looked like now so couldn’t help but wondering who he was more jealous of, me or Krystal.

Since Austin and I were done with chess for now, we went to the living room where Caitlyn and Krystal were talking. Krystal was holding a familiar looking glass in her hand and licking her lips while Caitlyn was staring at her in disgust.

“That’s disgusting,” Caitlyn told her with a scowl, glaring at the glass and then at me.

“No way,” Krystal protested. “This is absolutely delicious.”

“Come on,” Caitlyn said, abruptly changing the subject. “Let’s go to the mall and do a little shopping.”

“Sure,” Krystal responded with a grin. “I brought my car so there’s room for one more…” She looked to me at that.

Caitlyn shook her head firmly. “No, she already went shopping and doesn’t need anything.” Then she started pulling Krystal towards the door, obviously just looking for a way to get some time with Krystal without me being present. For a moment, I felt a little guilty about getting so much of her best friend’s attention…but not for long.

“Have fun you two,” I told them with a grin.

“Okay mom,” Krystal called back as they were leaving.

Once Krystal and my sister were gone, Austin mused, “That was weird.”

I just snorted at that. “Welcome to my life.” Then I gestured down at myself and added, “I’m starting to lose track of what’s normal and what isn’t.”

After this, Austin and I sat down and watched some TV while we continued talking. I told him about my new name and a little more of what I’d been up to while he talked about how he’d been forced to clean his garage all weekend.

“At least dad paid me for it,” Austin pointed out with a sigh. “I still think he should have given me hazard pay after what I went through.” He pulled up his shirt sleeve and revealed a large band-aid on the back of his forearm.

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“Some stuff on a shelf fell on me,” Austin admitted with a shake of his head. “Including a spare blade for my dad’s table saw.”

“Ouch,” I responded sympathetically.

Austin grinned almost proudly at that. “Yeah, it nicked me pretty good. I was bleeding all over and even had to get a couple stitches.”

“Are you all right?” mom asked, having heard our conversation.

“Yeah,” Austin responded with an obvious lie. “It didn’t hurt at all.”

Right then, mom’s cell phone began to ring. She answered it and talked for a minute before exclaiming, “Now? We can schedule this for tomorrow…” After a minute, she hung the phone up and let out an exasperated sigh. “Damn,” mom muttered in obvious frustration since she almost never swore.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Just a difficult sale,” mom responded with a frown. “A possible buyer has been dragging his feet about making a decision and just insisted on another look at the house right now. If it wasn’t for how much trouble I’ve been having finding any buyer for this house, I’d just let him walk.” Then she forced a smile and added, “But if all goes well, he’ll make an offer.”

“Good luck then,” I told mom.

Mom just nodded at that, already grabbing her car keys and saying, “It looks like you two will be on your own for awhile.”

Once my mom was gone, I turned to Austin and grinned. “We’ve got the house to ourselves…so what should we do?”

Austin grinned back, probably remembering the last time we’d been left completely alone in my house. We’d gotten bit carried away playing with a hacky sack he’d brought over and broke a lamp in the living room.

“How about strip poker?” Austin joked, staring at my breasts with an exaggerated leer.

Of course, Austin expected me to immediately refuse so I decided to surprise him a little. “Sure…why not?” He stared at me in surprise, and though I was tempted to yell, “Gotcha,” I instead mused, “Except that I don’t know how to play poker.”

“Oh, I can teach you how to play,” Austin replied with an almost evil grin.

A short time later, Austin and I were sitting at the gaming table in the family room, each of us holding our cards. He’d already given me a brief lesson on the rules and how to play and now we were actually doing so.

“Ugh, another bad hand,” I complained as I showed him my cards.

“Pay up,” Austin told me with a smirk.

I glared at him for a moment and then removed my left shoe. I’d already taken off my right shoe a few minutes earlier. I made a show of placing this shoe on the floor right beside the other one.

“You’re getting better,” Austin lied. “I’m sure you’ll beat me next hand.”

“Maybe,” I responded with a faint smile.

Once I had my next hand, I looked over my cards, trying to keep a straight face. With this hand, it would be hard to lose. Of course, I could still find a way, just as I had with the last hand.

I wasn’t quite as ignorant of poker as I’d led Austin to believe, though I certainly wasn’t an expert either. My dad had taught me to play a couple years ago and the two of us had spent quite a bit of time that summer playing. At the moment though, I was having too much fun playing the part of an easy mark.

We played our hand and a minute later I put my cards down and gave my best ‘uncertain’ look and asked, “Is this good?”

Austin had a disappointed look and admitted, “Yeah, you won this one.” Then he removed one of his shoes and told me, “But I’m going to win the next one.”

A short time later, I had ‘lost’ another hand and took off my shirt. I sat there in my bra, which was uncomfortably tight. My breasts were getting full again. My plan had been to get this far and then keep winning, just teasing Austin with that last important piece of clothing that he couldn’t get rid of. But as uncomfortable as my bra was, I was getting tempted to let that go as well.

Over the next two hands, Austin lost his other shoe and his shirt and he was giving me a suspicious look that suggested he’d figured out my game. I just grinned, having a fun time messing with him.

“You know how to play chess,” Austin mused. “So of course you’d know how to play poker too.”

“I might have played once or twice,” I admitted with a look of mock innocence.

The next hand cost Austin his pants so he was now sitting there in nothing but his underwear. I watched him with a grin, somehow finding this even more amusing. I couldn’t wait to get him out of those as well. Then I’d really have him embarrassed. But then I drew a bad hand lost

“You got me,” I admitted, taking my bra of and letting out a sigh of relief. It felt fantastic to get that thing off. I definitely preferred going without.

“Damn,” Austin said, staring at my breasts.

“They are kind of impressive,” I agreed with a wry smile. “They’re a bit much to get used to though.”

“I’d imagine,” Austin responded, still not taking his eyes from my breasts. “Then again, I can’t imagine having those things.” Then he grinned mischieviously and asked, “Can I touch them?”

I hesitated for just a moment before answering, “Sure, go ahead.”

That obviously surprised Austin who was almost hesitant as he reached out with both hands at once and gently squeezed each of my breasts. A little milk squirted from my nipples and Austin suddenly jumped back, almost as though he’d burned his hands.

I burst out laughing at Austin’s reactions and then squeezed my own breasts enough to have a little milk dribble out and run down them. He just stood back, giving me an odd look, almost as though he expected me to suddenly grow a second head.

“They don’t bite,” I teased him.

Austin glared at me and then stepped forward and made a bit of a show about reaching for my breasts again. I let him cup them and hold them in his hands so he could get a feel for how big they were. My nipples hardened under his hands and I felt myself becoming wet down below. I gasped a little at that, not having expected to get turned on during this game.

Then I noticed that Austin had a bulge in the front of his shorts, which shouldn’t have been any kind of a surprise considering what he was doing, but still was. I took a step back away from him, suddenly feeling self-conscious again. It dawned on me that I should have been embarrassed a lot sooner than this. After all, I was standing half naked in front of my best friend and letting him fondle me.

I stared at Austin, startled to realize that he was actually kind of cute. I’d never thought of him that way before…of any guy like that. I didn’t know if it was because I now had a female body, if it was something that had always been there without my even realizing it, or just because I was horny. What I did know was that at this moment, I was actually feeling a bit attracted to Austin.

“This is a little awkward,” I muttered.

“Um…yeah,” Austin responded. “I think we went a bit too far…”

“Maybe,” I admitted self-consciously. Then I stared at Austin for a moment and grinned, adding, “Or maybe not far enough.”

Austin gave me a blank look and asked, “What do you mean?”

I just stepped forward and surprised him with a kiss on his lips. Oddly, I didn’t feel creeped out about it like I’d feared. He might not have expected that, but he knew what to do when a very busty girl kissed him. He kissed right back.

“OZ,” he started awkwardly when we pulled apart.

“Ozma,” I corrected him, feeling even more turned on than before.

Before my changes, I’d had sex with a girl, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to try my hand with a little girl on girl. Now, I was starting to get really curious about what it would be like doing it as a girl with a guy. I could see from the bulge in Austin’s pants that he liked the idea as well, or at least that part of him did.

“I’m a girl now,” I reminded him with a nervous smile. “Completely. I want to try it with a guy…and I want you to be my first.”

“Damn,” Austin gasped, his eyes going wide as he stared at me. I could see the hungry look on his face.

“Now come on,” I encouraged Austin, gesturing to my breasts and adding, “These ladies are in need of some attention…” Without needing any more encouragement, Austin bent down and began to lick at one of my nipples and then to suck from it. I moaned at that and said, “Oh yeah… I like that…”

“This is fucking awesome,” Austin exclaimed when he pulled away from the breast he’d been sucking. It was no longer full and now felt much better. “I can’t believe how good this tastes…”

I remembered Krystal saying almost the exact same thing so I ran a finger over some of the milk that had dribbled and then licked it. It tasted kind of nice…sweet and pleasant. Still, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

“Now this one,” I told Austin, gesturing to my other breast which needed to be drained a little as well. Then I grinned eagerly and pointed down between my legs, adding, “And when you’re done there…little Ozma can use some attention as well.”

“Yes ma’am,” Austin responded with a broad grin as he bent down and began sucking on my other nipple.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his nursing from me, enjoying it even more when his hand went down and began rubbing my crotch through the front of my pants. I was really enjoying the appetizer but could hardly wait for the main course.


I was sitting in my favorite chair with a good book open in front of me, something which should have made me very happy. However, I’d read over the same page three times before I realized that I was too distracted to pay attention. There were only so many times I could read about Holmes describing his deductive reasoning to Watson before I needed to either move on with the story or put down the book. I chose to set the book aside for the moment.

Reading a good book was one of my favorite things to do and it had always helped me relax before. Of course, I wasn’t the same as I was before either physically or emotionally. This was something that I’d grown increasingly aware of since my transformation and especially since I’d had sex with Austin two days ago.

I smiled faintly as I remembered having sex with Austin. He hadn’t been very skilled but made up for it with enthusiasm. The fact that I’d accepted my new attraction to him so quickly and easily was a clear indication of just how much I’d changed. The fact that I didn’t feel guilty or even too embarrassed afterwards was another. And since I was till just as attracted to Krystal as before, it seemed that I was now bisexual rather than a lesbian.

At the moment, I really wished that either Austin or Krystal was here, especially since I had the house entirely to myself and would have enjoyed their company. Since I was still staying home from school while everyone else had their own routines, I’d been home by myself all day. I’d made use of this time to catch up on the work that my school had e-mailed me, though I didn’t really need to since I was being officially removed from school tomorrow. I’d also spent nearly two hours practicing with Caitlyn’s makeup kit, trying everything that she and Krystal had shown me.

Of course, the most enjoyable part of the day had been while I’d been playing with myself, alternately fantasizing about Austin or Krystal…and sometimes both at once. My juices were flowing even more since having sex with Austin. It wasn’t like I’d suddenly become a nymphomaniac and always wanted sex, but more like I could just get turned on far more easily. Since I’d been a teenage boy before this, that was really saying something.

As I thought about how I’d occupied myself today and the last couple days, my mind kept going back to the thing that distracted me from the book. I’d changed. I’d already known that my changes went far deeper than just my body, but now I was starting to realize just how much.

Before having sex with Austin, I’d been trying to adjust to my new body and life, doing my best to learn about being a girl. However, much of that had been going through the motions, doing feminine because it would be expected of a girl. But ever since then, I found myself actually feeling…feminine. I was starting to think of myself less as being a guy in a female body and more as being girl. It was a strange mental transition that left me feeling a little uncertain of my own identity.

I sighed and stood up from my chair, then I adjusted my bra before I walked to the kitchen. I was well aware of the sexy sway that had crept into the way I walked and moved, especially since Caitlyn teased me about it. It wasn’t something that I was intentionally doing, just the way my body tended to move naturally. Of course, the slight heels I was wearing just added to this effect a little.

Once I was in the kitchen, I opened the fridge and reached for the carton of orange juice. My body lost so much water through my lactation that I had to drink a lot every day just to make up for it. While I still had the door open, my eyes went to the other container that I’d put in the back, the one that was filled with my breast milk. I smiled faintly, still amazed at how much Krystal liked it. Still, it might have been weird, but I couldn’t help but feeling a strange pride as well.

After pouring myself a large glass of juice, my third so far for the day, I closed the fridge and began to look around for something to snack on as well. However, just as I was slicing up an apple, I heard noise coming from the front door. I listened for a moment and then grinned as I recognized the voices.

“There you are,” Krystal exclaimed as she rushed to me and grabbed me in a hug.

“Nice to see you too,” I responded, giving her a kiss and feeling my body respond.

Caitlyn gave us a disapproving look and shook her head before saying, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” She shook her head again and then left the room.

I gave Krystal and appreciative look, noticing the now familiar look of adoration in her eyes as I did so. There was something comforting in the way she looked at me, as though she loved and trusted me completely. Of course, it was also just a little weird. Yesterday, I’d felt a little guilty about cheating on her with Austin and had admitted it to her. To my surprise, she hadn’t seemed bothered by that at all.

“There’s milk in the fridge,” I told Krystal when I noticed the way she was looking at my breasts.

“Thanks,” Krystal told me, giving me another kiss and then admitting, “But I was hoping for something a little fresher…”

I just grinned at that and responded, “I think that can be arranged.”

A minute later, the two of us were in my bedroom with the door locked. I took of my shirt and bra, glancing to the door and hoping that Caitlyn took her name. I’d barely gotten my breasts exposed before Krystal was sucking on them.

“Oh, that feels good,” I moaned in delight. “I was starting to get full so drink up…”

Krystal happily sucked on one of my breasts and then moved to the other. I just enjoyed the attention until she was done. Then she began to undress, removing her shirt and bra.

I was a little startled when I saw Krystal topless because she looked incredible, even better than I remembered. At the moment, I definitely felt a little more like my old self, or at least a little more like a guy.

Krystal and I began kissing again and I was feeling up her breasts. Unfortunately, Caitlyn chose that moment to call out Krystal’s name from down the hall. The two of us shared a look of disappointment.

“Damn,” I muttered, reluctantly getting dressed again.

I’ve had Krystal nursing from me a few times but we hadn’t actually had privacy to really have sex again since the night she surprised me. I decided that I was definitely going to have to change that, even if that meant I had to sneak over to her house in the middle of the night to surprise her the way she had me.

Krystal left my room while I stayed behind to give her and Caitlyn some time to hang together without me. I had a feeling that if I joined them, I’d end up getting most of Krystal’s attention. And though I certainly didn’t mind that, I didn’t want to antagonize my sister too much.

I remained in my room for a good fifteen minutes before going back out. A minute later, I found Caitlyn and Krystal in the living room talking. Krystal had a glass of milk in her hand though she wasn’t drinking it. To my surprise, she was trying to talk Caitlyn into trying it.

“You’ve got to try this,” Krystal insisted. “You wouldn’t believe how good it tastes…”

“That came from my brother…sister,” Caitlyn protested with a look of disgust. “No way…”

“Ever since I started drinking this, I’ve been feeling really good,” Krystal told her. “I feel so…I don’t know…healthy and full of energy.”

“Wait,” Caitlyn responded, her eyes going wide. “The virus…”

“Don’t worry,” Krystal shrugged it off dismissively. “I mean, it makes me feel really good and it even made my breasts grow a little…” She paused to cup herself and added, “But it was only a little and I’m not lactating or anything. Besides, you need to taste it.”

I stood back, apparently unnoticed by them. I hadn’t even considered the possibility of my milk being infected with the virus until now. But as Krystal pointed out, there didn’t seem to be any bad effects for her. In fact, the opposite was true. Now that I thought about it, not only were her breasts a little larger but her complexion seemed to have improved as well.

I was so distracted by my thoughts that I hadn’t even realized that Caitlyn had accepted the glass of milk until she exclaimed, “Wow, you’re right… This is good.” I stared at my sister as she took another sip from the glass and licked her lips, looking surprised that she liked it.

“Told you so,” Krystal exclaimed smugly.

“Hey,” I finally said to let them know I was thee. I was a bit uncomfortable with the fact that I’d just seen my sister drinking my breast milk and could barely look at her. “I was thinking of taking off to go see Austin.”

“Okay,” Caitlyn responded, looking more than a little guilty.

“Can I borrow your car?” I asked Krystal, more as a joke than anything.

I was a little surprised when Krystal immediately responded, “Sure,” and held out the keys.

I might not have expected Krystal to actually lend me her car, but I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity. I accepted the keys and then hurried out the door before she could change her mind, calling back, “I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

Austin only lived two blocks away and before my transformation, I used to walk there all the time. However, my large breasts tended to make me walk a little slower so I was more than happy to take a car instead.

When I arrived a couple minutes later, Austin opened the door and exclaimed, “OZ.” Then he grinned and corrected himself. “Ozma.”

Then before I could come in, Austin suddenly threw his arms around me in a hug and just held me for a moment. When he backed away, I noticed a look in his eyes, the same look of adoration that I’d seen in Krystal’s eyes.

“Come on in,” Austin told me cheerfully. “Can I get you something to drink? We’ve got a bunch of soda in the fridge…”

“Sure,” I told him as I went inside. “I’ll have an ice water.”

Austin hurried to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and some cookies. “My folks haven’t gotten home yet,” he told me. “It’s just the two of us.”

“Good,” I responded with a smile, giving him a looking over and remembering how good it had felt to have sex with him. I’d gotten pretty turned on earlier with Krystal but hadn’t been able to do anything about it and was still feeling a bit horny.

I might have felt a little more like my old self when I’d been admiring Krystal’s body but at the moment, I was definitely feeling my feminine side. And from the look on Austin’s face, he was definitely admiring my feminine side.

“Um…do you want a massage or something?” Austin asked me.

“That would be nice,” I said, still a little startled by his strange attentiveness. “But what I really want is this.” Then I grabbed him and gave him a kiss.

A minute later, Austin and were getting undressed and flopping down on the couch. He sucked on my nipples, happily drinking what milk had built up since the last time I’d been nursed.

“This is so good,” Austin told me. “I’ve actually had dreams about doing this again…”

“I’ve certainly been looking forward to it,” I told him with a grin. “But less taking and more pleasuring…”

“Yes ma’am,” Austin responded as he reached down between my legs. “I aim to please…”

When we were finished a little while later, we lay on the couch with Austin using my breasts as pillows. He smiled contentedly but I doubted that he could feel nearly as content as I did. As I’d discovered, girl’s got a lot more out of sex than guys. And after this, I was feeling even more female than before.

“I never would have imagined I’d end up like this,” I mused to Austin as held him comfortingly. “Or that I’d end up liking it…”

“It’s easy to forget you used to be OZ,” Austin mused, nuzzling my breasts again. “You’re so different… I feel so warm and comfortable with you…so happy.”

“I suppose we should get cleaned up and dressed before your parents get home,” I told Austin, still savoring the afterglow. “And of course, Krystal is going to want her car back.”

It was with some reluctance that I got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I would have been perfectly happy to remain there for some time to come, but as I’d pointed out to Austin, time was limited.

Once we were both dressed, I gave Austin another hug and then when I pulled away, I absently brushed a strand of his hair out of his eyes. “You know,” I told him, “I could really use more to drink. Why don’t you be a dear and go get me another glass of water.”

“Okay, mom,” Austin said, already starting to the kitchen.

“Mom?” I asked with a chuckle at his slip.

Austin froze and turned to look at me, blushing brightly. “Sorry. It just sort of slipped out.” Then he paused to give me an odd look. “I guess it’s because you’ve got a sort of motherly feel to you now. You’re sort of like a MILF.”

I blinked at that. “I’m a bit too young to be a MILF, and I haven’t been a girl long enough to be motherly.”

Austin just shrugged at that. “It’s probably just because of your milk.”

“Probably,” I agreed with a wry smile.

Austin nodded at that and then went to get me another glass of water. When he came back, he gave me another adoring look and said, “You really do seem motherly now… I don’t know how to describe it.”

“You’re starting to creep me out,” I told Austin in annoyance. “I might not have been a girl for very long, but I’m pretty sure it’s usually not a good thing to tell the one you’re sleeping with that she’s motherly.”

“I’m sorry,” Austin responded with a bright blush and a cringe, looking almost as though I’d yelled at him or something.

I stared at Austin for a moment, thinking about the odd way he was acting, about strange way he kept looking at me and how he almost seemed eager to make me happy. It was the same way that Krystal had been acting for the last week…ever since we’d had sex.

“Oh no,” I whispered, suddenly realizing that something was definitely wrong.

My first thought was that I might have somehow infected Krystal and Austin with the virus inside of me. After all, Krystal had grown a little bustier and more attractive. However, she didn’t seem to be going through the kind of changes that I was and Austin didn’t show any signs of changing at all.

“Has anything strange happened to you?” I asked Austin abruptly. “I mean, have you noticed any changes with your body?” I stared at him, feeling afraid of the answer.

“No,” Austin responded with a thoughtful frown and a shake of his head. I let out a sigh of relief but then he suddenly said, “My cut…”

“What?” I demanded.

Austin pointed to his arm and said, “You know how I got cut and had to get stitches… Well, it healed up completely. I don’t even have a scar there now.” He showed me the spot on his arm where he’d previously worn a bandage and there was no indication that he’d ever been injured there. “Kind of weird…”

“Was there anything else?” I asked him.

Austin shook his head, giving me another of those adoring looks as he answered, “No… Just that.”

I stood there for a moment, staring at Austin and feeling worried as I thought about what was going on. I’d thought that Krystal’s strange behavior was just her way of dealing with our sleeping together, but Austin acting the same way said that it was something more…especially with her improvements and his healing. I’d thought that I was the only one who’d been affected by this weirdness, but obviously it was more than just me.

“My milk,” I exclaimed, thinking about the way that both Krystal and Austin insisted it was one of the best things they’d ever tasted. She couldn’t get enough of it, and from what I’d seen of Austin since coming over, he was now the same. Then I gasped, remembering what had been going on when I left home and whispering, “Caitlyn…”

“I’ve got to get going,” I told Austin, feeling very worried. I gave him another kiss, feeling excited by that while another part of me marveled that I could actually kiss a boy at all.

A few minutes later, I pulled back into my driveway and saw mom’s car was already there. There was no sign of my dad’s car yet so it looked like he was probably working late again.

I went into the house and told Krystal, “Thanks for lending me your car.”

“Anytime you want,” she responded with an adoring look. Then she let out a sigh. “But I should be going home…” She looked really disappointed as she said that. I was disappointed as well…disappointed that we couldn’t get some alone time to finish what she’d been doing earlier. We kissed each other and said goodbye.

Caitlyn watched but didn’t say anything or even give me a dirty look like she had been every other time Krystal and I kissed in front of her. “Is something wrong?” I asked her, expecting a sarcastic answer.

“No,” Caitlyn responded with a shrug. Instead, she told Krystal, “I’ll see you tomorrow….”

“Count on it,” Krystal told her, giving me an adoring look before she turned and left.

“You and my best friend,” Caitlyn mused with a shake of her head. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.” Then she paused to give me a curious look before adding, “But you’ve changed… There’s something really different about you now.”

“Like these?” I responded, cupping my large breasts.

“Among other things,” Caitlyn admitted with a wry smile. “It’s hard to describe…” She shook her head again at that. “I guess you just somehow seem more…mature. I guess this whole experience is really making you grow up.” She let out a sigh and muttered, “That will take some getting used to as well.”

I stared at Caitlyn and was about to ask her more about this when mom called out, “Dinner will be ready in just a couple minutes. The TV dinners are just about finished…”

Since dad wasn’t back yet, the three of us ate dinner at the table, then I went to curl up with a good book. After having a bit of a break, I was ready to go back to Holmes and Watson.

I was just getting into the story again when Caitlyn came in and sat down in her own chair, sipping on a glass of chocolate milk. She gave me a strange look before shaking her head and turning her attention to her own book.

“So, what are you two reading now?” mom asked as she came into the family room, holding her own book. That meant she was probably about to go settle into the living room with a glass of wine to do some reading of her own.

“Mockingjay,” Caitlyn answered. “It’s really good.”

“And at least it doesn’t have sparkly vampires in it,” I teased her, though she didn’t take the bait.

“And what about you?” mom asked me curiously.

“A little Arthur Conan Doyle,” I answered, holding the book up for her to see.

“A murder mystery,” mom said with a cheerful grin, holding up her own murder mystery for me to see. “Good taste.”

“Ozma always has good taste,” Caitlyn said, earning odd looks from both mom and myself. I waited a moment for her to add something else to the comment, perhaps a statement that I tasted like chicken, but nothing else came, much to my surprise.

“Is this chocolate milk?” mom abruptly asked as she picked up Caitlyn’s glass. “I haven’t had chocolate milk in years…”

“Mom,” Caitlyn started to protest with a guilty look on her face but mom was already taking a drink.

“This is fantastic,” mom exclaimed in surprise, taking another sip.

I stared at mom and then at Caitlyn, suddenly having a sinking feeling about what milk had been used to make that drink. The guilty look on Caitlyn’s face was enough to convince me that I was right.

“Um…,” I started, wanting to warn mom away from drinking more, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell her that she was drinking MY milk.

Mom finished the rest of the glass while Caitlyn watched her with an almost jealous expression. I was a bit horrified and embarrassed at the same time, not sure how to deal with the fact that now my sister and mom were drinking my milk. I did know that I was going to have to stop leaving it in the fridge like I had been doing.

“Sorry Krystal,” I muttered at that decision.

“Did you say something?” mom asked me as she stared at the now empty glass with a disappointed look on her face.

“Um…just that I’m going to bed,” I responded with a weak smile.

And with that, I got up to go pump my breasts again before going to bed. As I left the room, I noticed Caitlyn staring at my chest with an almost hungry expression that made me very uncomfortable and even more eager to get to my room.


I was dreaming. A part of me was aware of this, but it didn’t seem to fully register in my sleep addled mind.

In my dream, I was holding a baby in my arms, a baby that I somehow knew to be mine. I didn’t know the baby’s name or even if it was male or female, yet I still felt a strange connection to it.

The baby began sucking on one of my nipples, greedily slurping down my milk. It felt very good but there was nothing sexual about it, not like when Austin or Krystal were nursing from me. I felt a strange sense contentment and satisfaction.

For the rest of the dream, my baby continued to nurse while I just sat there, looking down at it and feeling protective and nurturing. I felt…motherly. And oddly enough, that felt right and natural.

Eventually the dreams slipped away and the waking world called to me once more. I slowly woke up and became aware that something was pressed up against me. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to find someone else in bed with me. It took me several seconds to realize that it was Caitlyn, dressed in her pajamas and snoring faintly.

“What the hell?” I blurted out, bolting upright in bed, now wide awake.

Caitlyn woke up with a sleepy, “What…?” Then she apparently realized where she was and sat up with a slightly confused look on her face. “How did I…?”

“What are you doing in my bed?” I demanded.

My sister cringed back as though I was about to hit her and meekly answered, “I…I don’t know. I had a bad dream and then…” She paused and shook her head as she climbed out of my bed. “I dreamed I was a little girl again and was climbing in bed with mom….” She blushed brightly, obviously embarrassed about this.

“Yeah, must have been the night for weird dreams,” I responded, climbing out of bed myself.

I must have still been a bit caught up in my own dreams because when I stared at Caitlyn, I just wanted to give her a big hug and comfort her. I just wanted to assure her that everything was going to be all right.

Then I noticed the way that Caitlyn was staring at my breasts…staring with the same hungry expression that I’d seen on both Krystal and Austin’s faces. I gulped at that, feeling a knot in my stomach as I simultaneously remembered what my dream had been about and noticing that one of my breasts was full like they usually were in the morning, but the other one wasn’t.

“Oh God,” I whispered in realization. I grabbed my less than full breast and demanded, “Did you…?”

“It was a dream,” Caitlyn responded with a wide eyed look of disbelief on her face as she backed towards my bedroom door. Her eyes never left my breasts and she licked her lips before turning and leaving.

I stood there for nearly a minute, hardly able to believe this. And as disturbing as this whole thing was, I still wanted to hug Caitlyn and assure her that everything was just fine.

“I can’t believe this,” I muttered. Everything had been weird enough before with me turning into a big titted girl who produced over a gallon of milk a day, but now this… “Someone up there must have a sick sense of humor.”

Yesterday, I’d realized that when I’d slept with Austin and Krystal, I must have infected them with my virus as well. Of course, neither of them showed quite the same symptoms I had. But I certainly hadn’t slept with my sister…at least not in the same way.

“My milk,” I whispered, staring down at my chest. “It’s in my milk…” Then I remembered that Caitlyn wasn’t the only one who’d been drinking that last night. “Oh shit.”

I didn’t know what to do with this knowledge so for now I just tried to get through my morning. I pumped the milk out of my breasts and made sure to pour it all down the drain. Then I got dressed and went to get breakfast.

When I saw Caitlyn in the kitchen, I asked, “Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“I missed the bus,” she admitted self-consciously. “Since I’m already late, I might as well just call in sick.” Then she gave me a worried look and asked, “Is that all right?”

I blinked at that. “Um…sure.”

“Great,” Caitlyn responded, suddenly cheerful. “Do you want breakfast? I want to make you breakfast…”

“Um…sure,” I told her, startled by Caitlyn’s behavior. I already knew that she must have been affected by my virus the same way that Austin and Krystal were, but this only confirmed it even further.

Caitlyn went to work, making homemade pancakes and not just from the box mix. She added eggs and bacon and soon had a full breakfast made. I watched, worried about her but excited about the breakfast at the same time. After all, mom’s idea of fixing breakfast for us was heating frozen waffles.

Just as Caitlyn was serving me breakfast, mom came in and exclaimed, “Good morning.”

“You’re in a good mood,” Caitlyn pointed out. “You haven’t even had your coffee.”

“I just woke up feeling really good,” mom responded cheerfully.

“Me too,” Caitlyn told her, already getting mom her coffee. Then she paused and asked me, “Do you want some too?”

“No thanks,” I responded, watching her cautiously.

“How’d you sleep?” mom asked me, coming over and starting to massage my shoulders while I was trying to eat. “Here, let me help you relax…”

“I’m trying to eat,” I protested. Then I saw the faintly hurt look on mom’s face and I sighed. If I’d had any doubts about her being infected as well, they were now gone.

Once we were done eating, I went to the bathroom to take a bath and think about my situation. I thought that I was coming to terms with all the strangeness in my life, but this new twist was more than I could bear. It was like my own mom and sister had been replaced by pod people, all because they’d drank my breast milk.

While pouring the water into the tub, I hesitated a moment and then did something that I never thought I’d do. I poured some of Caitlyn’s bubble bath in so that it all started to foam up. A minute later, I was soaking in a hot bubble bath. It was actually very relaxing.

I closed my eyes while I soaked, running over everything that had been happened and wondering what I should do now. I would have to tell everyone about my milk, though it was bound to be extremely embarrassing for everyone involved.

“Maybe it will wear off if they don’t drink any more,” I mused. I would definitely have to talk to Dr. Kaupman about this. He might have a better idea of how to fix things, not that he’d done much to fix my situation.

The hot foamy water was so comfortable that I was starting to drift off to sleep again. My thoughts wandered back to the dream I’d had and how good it had felt to nurse the baby. It had felt so wonderful. But then, I imagined nursing Krystal instead…and then Austin. It always felt good when they nursed as well.

But my imagination didn’t stop there and I found myself imagining that it was Caitlyn who was nursing from me. Unlike Austin and Krystal, there was absolutely nothing sexual about it, no more than there had been when the baby had been nursing. I felt some of the strange protective and maternal feelings that I had when I’d dreamed about the baby. I continued feeling those things even when my own mom took Caitlyn’s place.

“What the hell am I thinking?” I demanded when I realized where my imagination was going. I grimaced in distaste. Imagining my mom and sister drinking from my breasts was completely sick and wrong. I couldn’t help but feeling guilty for having done so at all. “I have GOT to talk to Doctor Kaupman TODAY.”

When I finished with my bath, I got dressed again and returned to the living room just in time to hear mom and Caitlyn talking. I froze at the sound of mom asking my sister, “Where did you get that chocolate milk from last night? It was so good I can’t stop thinking about it…”

Caitlyn blurted out excitedly, “I know, isn’t it great? I didn’t believe Krystal when she told me but it’s the best thing I ever tasted… I mean, you should taste it without the chocolate syrup…” Then she paused, blushing brightly as she admitted, “I took some of Ozma’s breast milk from the fridge and mixed some chocolate syrup with it.”

Mom just stared at Caitlyn for a moment with an expression of shock, but that quickly passed and she asked, “Really?” She licked her lips with a thoughtful look on her face. I gulped at that and slipped out of the room before they could see me standing in the doorway.

The next few hours only served to emphasize the weirdness that had taken over my family. Mom and Caitlyn were both a lot more attentive than normal, giving me looks of adoration and being a lot more affectionate. They both were acting much more touchy-feely, taking almost any opportunity to touch me and hug me. It was a strange mixture of nice and creepy at the same time.

Eventually, mom pointed out to Caitlyn, “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

Caitlyn responded with, “But Ozma said it was okay for me to stay home.”

And strangely enough, that seemed to be a perfectly acceptable reason for my mom, who just told her, “Okay then. Just make sure you catch up on any schoolwork you missed.”

I watched this exchange with a sense of worried amusement, then I shook my head and muttered, “What in the world am I going to tell dad when he gets home and sees this?”

I tried to distract myself from all this weirdness by sitting back and reading for a bit, though mom immediately brought me a cup of cocoa and Caitlyn wanted to give me a massage. Fortunately, once they realized that I just wanted to be left alone, they seemed perfectly happy to do so and to go about their own business.

After enough time had passed, I looked at the clock and decided that it was finally time to call Dr. Kaupman. I’d given him plenty of time to sleep in and have his morning to himself, but it was about lunch time and I didn’t think I could wait any longer.

Just then, my mom peeked her head into the room to check on me, and to my embarrassment, to stare at my breasts with the same hungry look that everyone else had. I blushed at that, feeling even more awkward as I remembered my own fantasy in the bath tub and then did my best to ignore the attention. But since my mom was being so attentive and helpful, I decided I might as well use it.

“Can you get me a phone?” I asked my mom. “I need to make a call.”

“Of course,” mom responded cheerfully and quickly got her cell phone which she handed to me. At any other time, that would have surprised me since she never let anyone use her phone.

I called Mrs. Jonas since Dr. Kaupman was staying in one of her spare rooms while he was in town. After talking to her for a minute and being vague about what the problem was, I asked her to put Dr. Kaupman on.

“I have a problem,” I told Dr. Kaupman as soon as I had him on the phone. Then I sighed and corrected that to, “I have ANOTHER problem…”

“Well, lass,” Dr. Kaupman said from the other end. “It seems that you’ve been busy then. What might the problem be this time?”

I hesitated for a moment before saying, “I think I might be contagious…”

There was a long silence before Dr. Kaupman said, “Go on.” After I explained what was happening, blushing brightly as I admitted that my mom and sister were ‘accidentally’ exposed to my milk, he sighed. “It sounds like we do have a bit of a problem.”

“You think?” I responded bitterly, fully aware of the way my mom was still glancing towards my breasts and then looking away.

“I need you to come here as soon as possible,” Dr. Kaupman instructed. “Bring the others too. I’ll need to take a look at all of you.”

I hung up the call a minute later and then looked to my mom who was standing a short distance away, staring at me with a worried look. She’d heard the entire call and now seemed to realize the strangeness of her own behavior.

“I’ve been infected,” mom whispered. “It…it makes sense.” She grimaced and added, “I’ve been feeling so good all morning...but weird. I’ve been thinking things I shouldn’t…feeling things I shouldn’t.” She stared at me again and then blushed brightly.

I nodded at that, remembering my dream from last night as well as my weird daydream in the tub. I blushed as well, hoping that I could blame all that on the virus as well.

“Do you need to go to work?” I asked her, hoping that she wouldn’t use work as an excuse to avoid going to see Dr. Kaupman.

“Nothing I can’t reschedule,” she admitted.

“Caitlyn,” I called out loudly and a few seconds later she stuck her head in the room. “Get your coat and whatever else you need. We’re going to see Doctor Kaupman.”

“Okay, mom,” Caitlyn responded, seeming not to even realize what she’d called me as she hurried off to do what I’d told her.

I stared after Caitlyn for a moment, definitely not missing the way she’d called me ‘mom’. Krystal had called me that a few times but I’d thought she was just joking around. But Austin had slipped and called me that as well and now Caitlyn had too.

“One more thing to ask about,” I muttered, knowing that this couldn’t be a coincidence, not considering the similar way they’d all been acting since drinking my milk.

Then I looked at my mom again and saw the way she was still looking worried and a little afraid. I couldn’t help but feeling bad for her and wanting to comfort her.

“I’m sure everything will be just fine,” I assured my mom, giving her a hug and gently holding her. I immediately felt her relax in my arms though I continued holding her protectively for a few more seconds. “Don’t worry. Everything will work out.”

“Okay,” mom responded, looking as though all the worry had been washed away. She stared at me with an adoring look that just made me want to hold and protect her. But the fact that she no longer looked worried made me feel better.

As I stared at my mom, I couldn’t escape the feeling that our roles had just been reversed. At the moment, I almost felt as though I was the mother and she the child. It was a very eerie sense, yet kind of nice at the same time.

I shook my head, trying to clear it, then asked, “Can I drive?”

“Of course,” mom responded, immediately handing me her car keys.

A short time later, the three of us were sitting in the living room of Mrs. Jonas’ house while I once again told Dr. Kaupman about how they’d been behaving. He sat in his chair, leaning forward onto his cane as he paid careful attention. Then after he’d asked me a lot of questions, he took Caitlyn into the library so the two of them could have a lot of privacy as he talked to her alone, and when he was done, he did the same with my mom.

Mrs. Jonas just sat back and watched us with a look of fascination, not having said much since we’d arrived. She seemed more interested in hearing what I had to say to Dr. Kaupman and staring at my mom and sister. Since my mom was still in the library with Dr. Kaupman, she was staring at Caitlyn and at me.

“You know OZ…Ozma,” Mrs. Jonas finally said, looking a little hesitant. “I know that this is a personal tragedy for you…that it’s changed you in ways that you never would have wanted or probably even imagined. And I am concerned for your family as well. I feel horrible that Henry’s work is responsible for all this.”

“It’s not your fault,” I responded with a forced smile. Of course, I know my dad blamed her for leaving such a dangerous virus around where I could stumble into it, but I could hardly blame her for my own clumsiness. After all, she’d specifically warned me not to touch anything in the basement and if I’d actually done as she asked, none of this would have happened.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Jonas told me with a sigh. “But I know it is my fault, at least to a degree. I never should have let you into Henry’s lab. I should have cleaned it up after he passed…” Then she shook her head and gave me another intense look. “I do feel guilty, but I can’t help feeling at least a little excited as well.”

“Excited?” Caitlyn asked in surprise. “OZ got turned into a girl and now more of us are infected.”

“Are you okay?” I asked Caitlyn in concern. She didn’t seem to be angry or really all that bothered when she’d said that.

Caitlyn hesitated a moment and stared at the floor as she quietly answered, “I…I don’t know. I mean, I feel okay…” She finally looked at me and gave me a wry smile. “In fact, I feel really good. I’m kind of worried because I know I should probably be a lot more worried about this than I actually am. I mean, I know I’m probably infected with the virus that did that to you, but I just know that you’ll take care of everything.”

“So you’re worried about not actually feeling worried,” I said carefully while Caitlyn nodded. Then I looked to Mrs. Jonas and accused her, “And you almost look happy about this.”

“Not about you changing,” Mrs. Jonas quickly responded, looking just a little guilty. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.“ However, I could hear the silent ‘but’ in her statement. After a long pause, she continued. “This virus was Henry’s life work. He spent decades trying to make a virus that could improve your health and body…and he died thinking that he’d failed. But now, this just proves that he was right. This proves that he wasn’t a failure.”

I stared at Mrs. Jonas for a moment and then sighed. It was annoying to see her getting excited over this situation, but I guess I couldn’t really blame her. After all, what was a tragedy for my family and I was also proof of her husband’s success.

A minute later, Dr. Kaupman came out of the library with my mom. “I’ll need to examine all three of you,” he said thoughtfully, slowly walking towards the lab. “And take samples.”

Mom gave me a strange look before shaking her head and making an obvious attempt to avoid looking at me entirely. Caitlyn had done the same thing after she’d come out from her talk with Dr. Kaupman. I just glanced to each of them, wishing that I could have heard what they’d told him.

In the basement lab, Dr. Kaupman took blood samples from each of us and I even had to go to the bathroom in order to get him a sample of my milk. Once I brought the container full of my milk back to him, mom and Caitlyn both watched it with intense interest. I had no doubt that if given an opportunity, both of them would happily drink it.

Dr. Kaupman examined the samples while we went back to the living room and talked with Mrs. Jonas, intentionally avoiding the topic of our infections. Instead, Mrs. Jonas talked a little about her husband and then we turned the topics to different books we liked. However, I was fully aware that even during the conversation, two pairs of eyes kept glancing to my breasts.

When Dr. Kaupman came back to the living room, he stopped and stared at me for several long seconds and then at my mom and sister. “I’m afraid, you are indeed infected,” he told them with a grim expression. “Albeit, not with the same version of the virus.”

“What do you mean?” mom asked, sounding more curious than worried.

The old scientist looked at me and stated, “Your breast milk is saturated with the virus…but not with the same strain from your blood samples.”

“What?” Mrs. Jonas exclaimed in surprise. “I know OZ…Ozma was exposed to multiple strains, but is that possible?”

Dr. Kaupman scratched at his beard thoughtfully for a moment and told me, “The virus in your milk appears to be the prime strain…or at least a very close version. From what I can tell, when it infects a new host, it immediately goes to work destroying harmful bacteria, cancer cells, and other viruses as well as improving overall health…just as the prime virus was designed to.” He looked to my mom and said, “From what I’ve been told about time of exposure, it appears that the virus also starts to break down and within a few days it should completely break down and be removed from the system.”

“Thank heavens,” Mrs. Jonas said with a look of relief. “It seems Henry’s virus is working the way it should after all.” She glanced to me and added with a sigh, “At least partly.”

“So, this should be out of my system in a couple days,” mom mused, not sounding completely happy about that…probably because of how good she felt now.

“There is a little more,” Dr. Kaupman said. He looked to me and said, “I’d already determined that the virus which bonded to your DNA and changed you is not contagious. The virus in your milk obviously is…via ingestion. There appears to be an enzyme in the milk which allows for easier infection as well as reduces the rate of viral decay.” He paused and looked around, then explained, “Continuing exposure to the milk prevents the virus from being cleansed and allows it to build in even higher concentrations, making it more effective in improving health.”

“But that shouldn’t cause these behavior changes,” Mrs. Jonas said, looking confused. “Henry never said anything about his virus doing something like that.”

“I have some ideas,” Dr. Kaupman admitted with a sigh. “But right now, I have little more than a guess. I need more information to be sure of anything.” He looked at me and then at mom and Caitlyn. “I don’t have the resources here to find what I need…but I do know where to get them.” He chuckled and mused, “Let me make a call and call in some old favors.” Then he slowly walked away, still chuckling as he muttered, “And you thought I’d forgotten about that old poker debt…”

A short time later, I found out what Dr. Kaupman had in mind and within an hour I was at a medical clinic with him, Caitlyn, and my mom. When we arrived, Dr. Kaupman joked around for a few minutes with the old guy who ran the place and who appeared to be an old friend of his. Once they were done with that, Dr. Kaupman went to work.

Dr. Kaupman ran us through an MRI machine one at a time, starting with me. It was cramped and made me feel a little claustrophobic so I was more than happy when my turn was over. After that, I sat back and watched my mom and sister go through the same thing.

Once we were finished with the MRI and some other tests, Dr. Kaupman admitted, “I haven’t done nearly this much in years. When we get back, I’m gonna settle down for a nice nap.”

“But what did you find out?” I asked, worried about the side effects that my milk was having on everyone.

“I still have to go over the data,” Dr. Kaupman told me with a chuckle. “I can’t just give you answers yet. But I’ll tell you what, lass… I’ll try getting something solid to you by tomorrow.”

I was a little disappointed that he couldn’t just give mom and Caitlyn a shot that would change them back to normal. I’d already given up hope on him being able to find a cure for me, but they still had a chance. Fortunately for them, they might not even need any treatment. At the moment, all I could do was avoid giving them more milk and hope that it all cleared out of their systems in a couple days.

After we dropped Dr. Kaupman off back at Mrs. Jonas’, we started for home again. As I drove, I couldn’t help but feeling worried for my friends and family and what the virus might be doing to them.

“What am I going to tell Austin or Krystal,” I whispered to myself, feeling guilty. I wondered if this was what if felt like to have to tell a partner that you had an STD and that they’d need to be checked out. Then I gulped in dread and asked, “What am I going to tell dad?”


I sat in a chair in Mrs. Jonas’ living room, the casual living room with the comfortable furniture rather than the one that had been set up to impress visitors. My dad sat beside me with a grim expression on his face, one that only showed a shadow of the anger and worry which he felt inside. Caitlyn and my mom were here as well, though neither of them seemed particularly worried, at least not by anything other than the prospect of not being able to have any more of my milk.

“Tea or coffee?” Mrs. Jonas asked me politely, playing the part of hostess and trying to get everyone more comfortable.

“Coffee,” I responded in spite of the fact that I didn’t drink coffee.

Since Mrs. Jonas was treating me like an adult by offering me the choice, I was going to take advantage of that and try to act like one. I accepted the coffee but after taking a sip, I had to pour in a good amount of cream.

“I’ll have some of the tea,” Dr. Kaupman told her.

I took a small sip of my coffee and watched Caitlyn and my mom for a moment before glancing to my dad. Last night, I’d been forced to tell him about what was going on. It had been difficult to do so, especially to admit just how mom and Caitlyn had become infected. He was angry at the situation and I was pretty sure he blamed me at least a little, not that he’d actually said so though.

Last night, I’d also told Austin and Krystal about my milk being contaminated, though Krystal had already guessed as much. She’d realized that the improvements in her body could only have been caused by her being infected with the virus, though she didn’t seem to mind the idea. That was probably due to the very same improvements which gave it all away.

Austin, on the other hand, had been completely surprised…in spite of the way his arm had healed. He’d also been more worried than Krystal, immediately blurting out, “Oh God, am I going to turn into a girl too? No offense, but that would be totally weird…” However, after I assured him that everything would be all right, he calmed down immensely.

I thought that both Austin and Krystal should be here with us since this concerned them as well. However, my dad seemed to think that this was just a family issue and that we could tell them later. I was frustrated by that but dad was in one of his stubborn moods so my friends had been left behind. Of course, I was going to immediately call both of them when I got home and fill them in on whatever I learned.

Once everyone had something to drink and Mrs. Jonas had sat down as well, dad looked to Dr. Kaupman and said, “Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, what can you tell me about their condition?”

Dr. Kaupman took a sip of tea and then set the cup aside. He scratched at his beard for a moment with a thoughtful expression, seeming to consider how he was going to answer. “I’m not certain of how much you’ve been told about yesterday,” he finally told dad. “To start with, I’ve already told these ladies a little of my findings…”

Dad listened intently as Dr. Kaupman repeated what he’d already told us yesterday about the strain in my milk and how it would break down and be cleansed from the body in a couple days if there was no further exposure to the milk. Mrs. Jonas had already heard all this but was obviously paying close attention as well. In fact, ever since we’d arrived a short time ago, she’d been alternating between looking sympathetic and being fascinated.

“As for the nature of the behavior changes,” Dr. Kaupman finally said grimly. He stared at my mom for a moment and then Caitlyn and shook his head almost sadly. “I believe this is due to the nature of the modified virus that changed this young man into a young lady.”

“What do you mean?” dad demanded, keeping his voice calm and in control. For someone who didn’t know him, they’d probably just take it as a causal tone. I knew better.

“Henry designed that variant strain to increase breast size and produce highly nutritional milk for infants,” Dr. Kaupman explained carefully. “But as we know…” He paused to give me a steady look. “The prime and variant strains interacted with each other and mutated, resulting in the lass’ drastic transformation.”

“Obviously,” I responded, a little surprised by my own lack of bitterness. I’d been trying hard to adjust to my own change and move on, so maybe I’d gone a little further with that than I’d realized.

“It appears that part of this mutation improved the effectiveness of the variant strain’s design,” Dr. Kaupman said carefully. “The milk was meant to be nutritious and healthy but is now even more so due to the virus. The virus and hormones in the milk are having the effect of amplifying a natural process to…well…embarrassing levels.”

“Please explain,” dad told him grimly, right before I could blurt out, “What do you mean?”

Dr. Kaupman removed his glasses and rubbed at his eyes for a moment. Then he took a sip of his tea before continuing. “Consuming this milk results in almost immediate changes of the brain chemistry, most notably in areas controlling emotions and primitive instincts.” He looked to Caitlyn and mom, giving them each a gentle smile. “After our private conversations regarding your thoughts and emotions…and after hearing that the other two infected have been acting in the same manner, I have a conclusion as to nature of these changes.” Then he quickly added, “But mind you, this is from only two subjects. An accurate assessment would require more subjects and testing under controlled conditions.”

There was a look of worry on dad’s face while Caitlyn and mom were both staring at the ground, looking very self-conscious. They each gave me a quick look and turned bright red before looking away again.

“What does that mean?” I asked Dr. Kaupman, careful to keep my voice calm though I wasn’t nearly as good at that trick as my dad. I might not be bitter about my own changes anymore, but I was still worried about those I’d infected. “What do you mean about the nature of the changes?”

“With babies…and even more so with animals, the process of nursing helps the baby imprint on the mother,” Dr. Kaupman said with a sigh. He looked straight at me as he stated, “From what I can tell, they’ve imprinted on you.”

“WHAT?” dad and I blurted out simultaneously while Mrs. Jonas just stared in disbelief.

“They’ve imprinted on you as their mother,” Dr. Kaupman quickly explained. “On a purely instinctive and emotional level.”

“That certainly sounds…awkward,” Mrs. Jonas commented wryly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I blurted out, looking to my mom and adding, “He’s making that up…right?”

“I…,” mom started, then she looked away in obvious embarrassment. “Damn, my emotions are completely messed up…”

“Lauren…?” dad asked mom with a look of shock.

“Mine too,” Caitlyn added. “I mean, the things I keep thinking and feeling…” She shook her head and added, “I know they’re screwed up but they feel so right…”

Mom gave dad an apologetic look and then gave me one that seemed equal parts adoration and embarrassment. She looked a little flustered by the situation, or at least by having it all brought out into the open.

“I know I gave birth to you,” mom told me with a weak smile. “I remember every painful moment of it. I remember raising you and being your mom. But…but when I look at you, I feel the same way I did when I was a little girl, looking up at my mom and knowing that she was my hero…that she was the best mom in the world.”

“I feel the same way,” Caitlyn admitted with a nervous smile. She looked to mom and said, “You still feel like my mom…but Ozma feels like my mom even more.” She shook her head. “I didn’t even realize that was what I was feeling until he pointed it out…” She looked at Dr. Kaupman.

I could only sit there in stunned silence as I tried to absorb this. I took a sip of my coffee, trying to steady myself and make sense of this. If this was true, then that would explain why everyone kept calling me ‘mom’.

“This is insane,” dad exclaimed, no longer looking calm and in control. I don’t think I’d ever seen him this shaken up.

“I know,” mom responded with a sigh. “Intellectually, I know that I’m the mother…but I don’t feel like it anymore.”

Dad glared at Dr. Kaupman as though this was all his fault. I felt a little cowardly for being thankful that it wasn’t me he was glaring at.

“How is this even possible?” I asked, feeling a bit shaken up and uncertain.

“This goes well beyond any natural imprinting,” Dr. Kaupman said with a scowl. He looked to dad and then me. “From what they’ve told me, it appears to have triggered increased affection, trust, and a desire for your approval.”

I stared at Caitlyn and mom, both of whom looked uncomfortable. It was strange to consider how they must be feeling towards me, so I could only imagine how strange they both found it. I just wanted to throw my arms around them, hugging them and promising them that everything would be all right.

“If that virus does break down and clear out of them,” dad asked, still looking shaken, “wouldn’t they go back to normal?”

Dr. Kaupman hesitated a second before shaking his head. “No. Flushing their bodies of the virus would only remove the health benefits. The changes in their brain chemistry have already occurred and appear to be permanent.” Dad and I both gasped and he quickly added, “Certain medications used to treat mental health problems might be able to treat this and reduce the symptoms.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said, looking to Caitlyn and then mom. I got up and gave them each a hug, feeling better as I did so. Of course, they both hugged back, suddenly seeming much more happy and content. “I’m sorry this happened…”

“I’m not,” Caitlyn responded quietly. I looked at her in surprise and she continued self-consciously. “In my head, I know this is fucked up and that I shouldn’t feel this way. But it feels so good and I love you so much… I can’t imagine not feeling like this anymore.” Mom didn’t say anything but she nodded agreement and hugged me again.

“Endorphins,” Dr. Kaupman mused. “And improved health. Quite a potent combination on top of the imprinting.” Then he looked at me and said, “I probably don’t need to tell you this, but it appears that your milk is also somewhat addictive.”

I hadn’t realized that but it did make sense. “That explains a few things,” I mused, remembering the way that every person who’d tasted my milk wanted more. Then I remembered something else. “Um…I kind of tasted some of my milk,” I admitted in embarrassment. “I haven’t noticed any effects from it and I’m not craving more…”

“Of course not,” Dr. Kaupman responded with a chuckle. He gave me a look that suggested I was missing the obvious. “You’re the source and already have all the milk your body could want. Besides, you should be completely immune to the effects of the virus and hormones in your milk. The only ones you need to worry about are the ones that already changed you.”

“But how can we fix THEM?” dad demanded angrily, pointing to mom and Caitlyn.

“As I said,” Dr. Kaupman responded quietly. “I don’t think we can. The brain is not my area of expertise, but I’m fairly certain that the only thing we would be able to do is use medication to dull the symptoms. But that could have other side effects.”

“This is…shocking,” Mrs. Jonas said, staring at mom and Caitlyn with a strange look in her eyes. “You poor things…” Then she sighed. “Henry’s work is far more powerful than I ever realized… To think…it can do all this. I don’t think that even he realized…”

“It is impressive,” Dr. Kaupman admitted thoughtfully. “I never thought his work could do something like this…” Then he admitted to her, “The prime virus really does improve a person’s health…just as he intended. If it wasn’t for those side effects, I’d be sorely tempted to try it myself.” He gestured to the cane which was sitting beside his chair and let out a disappointed sigh. “Unfortunately, his breakthrough turned into a disaster.”

“Can we go home now?” Caitlyn asked, looking to me rather than mom or dad. “I don’t like sitting here and being talked about like I’m dying of cancer or something.”

“There doesn’t seem to be anything more for us here,” mom agreed, also looking at me as if waiting for me to make the decision.

I agreed with mom and Caitlyn but we stayed for a little longer anyway, partly to be polite and partly to get clarification on a few things. By the time we did leave, mom and Caitlyn were self-conscious and a little worried again, though that quickly passed once I gave them each a hug. Sadly, it wasn’t quite that easy to improve dad’s mood…or my own.

When we got back home, dad immediately went to the computer to research the medications that Dr. Kaupman had mentioned while Caitlyn and mom each retreated to the solitude of their bedrooms to make sense of their contradicting thoughts and emotions. I hesitated for a few minutes before picking up the phone and calling Krystal and Austin, asking them to come over. This news was far too big to break to them over the phone.


There was a faint ‘click click’ sound as I walked, courtesy of the heels I was wearing as they met the hard tile of the mall floor. I was fully aware of the attention I received from everyone I walked past but I did my best not to let it bother me. Instead, I put my shoulders back, my chest forward, and tried to take it all as a compliment. It was a strange way to think but I found that it made the stares a bit more comfortable to deal with.

Austin, Krystal and Caitlyn all walked close so it almost felt as though I had my very own entourage. If anyone saw them giving me those adoring looks, they might even assume that I was some sort of celebrity and that these were my groupies. Of course, with my breasts, most people would probably assume that I was a porn star or stripper.

As I walked, I slowly looked at my entourage, smiling faintly as I once again noted that I was taller than any of them. Of course, I was already the tallest one and the extra couple inches added by my shoes only made it a little more pronounced. For some reason, it just felt right and natural for me to be the tallest. Perhaps that was just the way they were all acting around me now.

After a moment, my smile turned to a frown as I remembered the talk I’d had yesterday with Austin and Krystal. It had been difficult for me to tell them about what I’d learned from Dr. Kaupman. They’d both been a bit startled about the whole imprinting thing but not shocked. Afterwards, they’d both admitted that a part of them had already known this though neither had realized it consciously. And as with mom and Caitlyn, they both seemed to accept this rather easily, especially after I gave them each a hug and assured them that everything would be all right.

“Are you okay?” Caitlyn asked me, her voice filled with concern.

“I’m fine,” I lied, giving her a forced smile.

The truth was, I was feeling guilty for doing this to them. The fact that they didn’t even seem to mind only made it worse. In fact, they actually felt guilty for making me feel guilty, so I was trying hard not to let them see me like that.

I paused to give Caitlyn a hug and she immediately cheered up. I chuckled at that and then hugged the other two. I was starting to suspect that they were all addicted to my hugs and physical touch as much as they were to my milk. But since I didn’t dare give any of them more milk, I was trying to make up for it with lots of hugs.

“Now, where were we?” I mused, looking around and remembering why I was here in the first place.

I’d come to the mall again partly to pick up a few more things I’d need and expand my wardrobe, but that certainly hadn’t been my only reason. I’d wanted to get more experience dealing with people as a girl. I couldn’t get used to people looking me and treating me as a female if I was just staying around the house. And of course, I’d also wanted to get out of the house and away from dad, who kept giving me the stink eye as though this was all my fault.

“You said something about wanting to get a skirt and nylons,” Austin mused, looking down to my legs with an appreciative look, even though I was wearing slacks.

I blushed at that, not sure what to think about that particular quirk. Austin and Krystal were both still attracted to me sexually even though they were also imprinted on me as their mom. The very idea seemed twisted and wrong somehow. I couldn’t understand how they could have both emotions at the same time, yet somehow they did. Fortunately, neither Caitlyn or my mom showed any signs of feeling attracted to me. That would have been WAY too much for me to deal with.

“I need to pick up some new makeup,” Caitlyn mused to herself while I nodded, remembering that I’d planned on getting some makeup of my own.

Just then, I noticed that Krystal was no longer with us. I stopped and looked around and then saw that she was still standing at one of the stores we’d just passed and was staring at some clothing in the window display.

“Krystal,” I called to her as I turned around and went back. “Don’t go wandering off like that…”

“Sorry mom,” she responded without a trace of sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes at that but decided to play along. “Now young lady,” I told her, trying to keep a straight face. “We don’t want to get separated.”

“Besides,” Caitlyn added with a snicker. “It’s not like I mind window shopping too…”

“Speak for yourself,” Austin responded with a look of exaggerated disgust.

“Oh, does Weasley have a problem shopping with the girls?” Caitlyn teased him.

“Remember,” Krystal told him with a grin. “We didn’t drag you…”

I looked at Austin, feeling a little sorry for him. After all, he’d come along just to spend more time with me. I suspected that he probably would have done that even if he hadn’t been imprinted.

“We can stop off at the game shop too,” I told Austin so that he wouldn’t feel so left out. He grinned at that while Caitlyn looked less than excited. However, I did notice that Krystal looked interested as well and decided that I’d have to ask her if she was into any games.

We went to several clothing stores, and though Austin kept complaining, he didn’t seem to really mind and only appeared to be making a show of it to protect his male pride. I had mixed feelings as we looked around. I was a little surprised to discover that it was fun to imagine what some of the clothes would look like on me, yet I was also frustrated with the knowledge that almost none of the shirts were designed to fit someone with my built. The only things I found which I could wear on my upper body were some large sweaters and the like. Fortunately, I didn’t have that problem with clothes for my lower body and I was able to find the skirt and nylons I’d been looking for as well as some new pants.

“I suppose you’ll need a lot more clothes than that,” Krystal mused as she looked at my purchases. “I mean, with needing an entire new wardrobe and all.”

“Yeah,” I responded wryly. “And I have to order half of it from places that specialize in my size…” I gestured to my breasts, noticing as I did so that all three of them were staring at my breasts intently. I sighed and reminded myself not to bring attention any more attention than necessary to my breasts when they were around. Then I changed the subject by musing, “How about the shoe store next?”

A few minutes later, we were all looking at shoes, though Austin did sit back looking bored. Caitlyn and Krystal were looking at one shoe after another with a seriousness that surprised me. I might be a girl now but I still didn’t get the obsession with shoes that most girls seemed to have. I currently had two pairs of shoes that fit me, one a comfortable pair of sneakers and the other was the pair of low heels that I was currently wearing. Those were all I needed.

Then I found myself staring at a pair of black stiletto heels that had somehow caught my attention. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to even walk in them yet, but I couldn’t help but thinking that they’d look awesome on me and even add a little more height.

“Just great,” I muttered, glaring at the shoes and hoping that this wasn’t the start of a shoe obsession.

I thought about the clothes I’d bought and how I’d been looking forward to going home and trying them on in front of the mirror. I suddenly had to wonder if this was because I wanted to see a busty girl posing or if I just wanted to look good. I wasn’t even really sure of that myself. Ever since my change, I’d been shifting back and forth between thinking of myself as being female or as being as male trapped in a female body. However, I had been coming down on the female side of that more often than not now.

“Are you okay?” Austin abruptly asked me, giving me a look of concern.

“I’m just starting to feel a little like Don Quixote,” I responded with a wry smile. “I’m not completely sure that I can take my own perceptions at face value anymore.”

“I think I can relate,” Austin responded, giving me an adoring look that reminded me just how ironic it was to complain about that to him.

When we left the store a short time later, I had myself a new pair of stiletto feels and a comfortable pair of slippers that Caitlyn insisted I needed. I felt just a little guilty for buying so much, especially things that I wasn’t sure I really needed. Still, I was using mom’s credit card and knew that she wasn’t about to complain. In fact, she’d told me to go ahead and buy anything I wanted.

I frowned slightly as I considered my mom’s current attitude and realized just how dangerous it could be. After all, I could go buy a car and she wouldn’t blink twice. Of course, my dad would, but not my mom. That was good for me in a way but might not be so good for her or the family finances. Then I sighed, realizing that if she couldn’t be financially responsible anymore, at least in regards to me, than I would have to be for her. That meant I would have to limit myself and not get carried away.

“Darn,” I muttered to myself with a chuckle. “I guess I can’t just go out and buy that Porsche after all.”

It was just a moment later that I noticed a woman sitting off to the side, quietly nursing a baby. Austin, Caitlyn and Krystal all stared at the mother and infant with looks of envy and then they each glanced at me. I blushed a little, fully aware of what they were thinking. But as I looked to the woman again, I was startled to realize that I felt a little jealous as well. The others were obviously jealous of the baby but I felt envy for the mother. Using a pump to empty my breasts might work, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying on any level.

“Come on,” I said to distract myself and the others. “The game shop is next.”

By the time we left the mall a short time later, I had made a couple more purchases, though I had kept them reasonable. I had my own makeup kit, some new socks, and some more panties. I’d even managed to avoid buying a nice tablet that I’ve been wanting, for which I was rather proud of myself.

When we returned home, I had barely stepped in the door when I heard my mom and dad arguing from the next room. I took several steps inside and then stopped, aware that my entourage was following my lead and had all stopped as well.

“You don’t understand,” my mom exclaimed in a loud voice.

“No,” dad responded, nearly as loud but in a more controlled voice. “You aren’t in your right mind. Your judgment has been compromised…”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking,” mom snapped at him angrily. “But I am NOT some kind of mind controlled puppet. I am still perfectly capable of thinking for myself. The problem is that you refuse to see how special she really is. You refuse to see how mature she’s become and how wise…”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” dad argued back, sounding a little angry as well. “I love Oscar…Ozma too...but I also love you and Caitlyn as well. I hate seeing you like this…”

“You hate seeing me happy?” mom demanded.

“Awkward,” Krystal said from beside me, looking just a little self-conscious.

“I want to help you,” dad protested. “I want to help all of you. I certainly don’t want to see Ozma locked up or treated like some kind of lab rat, but I’m afraid she may need to be quarantined until we find a way to stop this so she doesn’t accidentally infect anyone else…”

I gulped at that, feeling a cold chill run down my spine. I hated to admit it but dad just might have a point. I’d already infected four people and didn’t want to get anyone else caught up in this.

“Locked up?” Caitlyn blurted out with a look of horror. Then she charged into the next room, yelling, “You can’t lock Ozma up…”

“Yeah,” Austin added, following right behind her along with Krystal.

I went to the other room as well and found my dad surrounded by four people, all of whom were glaring at him as though he was threatening to kick a puppy. He was backing away, looking extremely uncertain which was very odd for him.

“It’s okay,” I told everyone, knowing that I had to get this under control. “Calm down… Just relax…” I took a deep breath and then admitted, “He does kind of have a point… I am contagious.”

Mom looked almost stricken. “But Olivia…Ozma…” She looked uncertain as well, as though she wanted to argue but couldn’t quite bring herself to do so. I felt bad for her and gave her a hug, relieved when she immediately relaxed.

“Everything will be just fine,” I assured her and the others.

“This isn’t how I wanted this to go,” dad said, looking embarrassed but covering it up so that he’d almost appear to be calm and in control. “I wanted to have a talk with you and your mother about this…”

“I know I’m a bit contagious,” I told dad with a forced smile. “But I’m not too contagious. Now that I know I am and how it spreads, it’s easy to avoid getting anyone else.”

Dad hesitated a moment before admitting, “You might be right. But I am still a little concerned.” He paused to look at each of us before adding, “We can talk about this later…once everyone has a chance to calm down.”

“And once you aren’t outnumbered quite as badly,” I mused, glancing to Austin and Krystal while dad left the room.

Once my dad was out of the room, we all relaxed a little. I let out a sigh of relief, not looking forward to continuing the conversation but knowing that we’d have to. Whether I liked it or not, my condition was no longer just affecting me and we’d have to figure out how to deal with it.

“So, how was your shopping trip?” mom asked me, suddenly cheerful again.

“Not bad,” I responded, thankful for the distraction.

I pulled out all of my purchases and showed her, feeling just a little self-conscious and momentarily afraid that she’d say something about my spending so much. But as I’d already expected, she didn’t have any problems with that at all, other than to suggest that perhaps I should have bought more.

Then as I was starting to put my purchases back into my bag, at least long enough to take them to my room, Krystal threw herself at me, giving me a hug and a passionate kiss. I kissed back just as passionately, getting extremely horny in the process. I would have been very tempted to go to the couch with her if it wasn’t for the fact that we were not alone.

When we pulled away, I blushed self-consciously, glancing to my mom and seeing that she wasn’t shocked at all. In fact, she looked vaguely amused at the most.

“I’ll let you have some privacy,” my mom said, cheerfully leaving the room. I suddenly realized that Austin, Krystal and I could have had a threesome right here in the living room and my mom would only feel happy for me. However, I had absolutely no intention of doing something like that with both my parents this close by.

“I guess I should leave too,” Caitlyn said, turning to leave the room and adding, “Have fun…”

I shook my head at that, thinking that this felt sort of surreal. Then I looked to Austin and saw him watching me with the now familiar adoring look, not showing the slightest hint of jealously. I glanced to Krystal and then gave Austin a passionate kiss as well. By the time we pulled away, I was really wishing that we had more privacy.

“Isn’t it weird?” I abruptly asked them, looking at Austin and then Krystal. “I mean, kissing me and all when you’re imprinted on me…” I blushed as I finished it.

“Only when I think about it,” Austin admitted with a faint chuckle.

“It doesn’t feel weird,” Krystal told me with a grin. “I mean, I thought you were really hot before I started feeling this other way… I guess, those feelings are kind of scrambled and mixed. It’s hard to describe, but it doesn’t feel wrong.” She shrugged. “Maybe because intellectually, I know you’re not my real mom…at least not physically.” She shook her head at that. “Emotionally, it’s another thing entirely…”

“It’s kind of confusing,” Austin agreed with a shrug. “But like she says, you’d think it would feel wrong…but it doesn’t. I mean, you’re a total MILF…” Then he shrugged again and admitted, “I’ve been trying not to think about it too much…”

“Okay,” I responded, still not sure what kind of a relationship I really had with them now. Then I hugged both of them at once, feeling happy that I could at least make them happy this way. “I guess we’ll just have to figure things out…”

Since we couldn’t very well have sex with my parents in the house, even if my mom had given her approval, we settled down to play some games instead, inviting Caitlyn back in. Of course, they all kept giving me odd looks and staring at my breasts, but that was okay since I stared at Krystal’s as well.

Eventually, Krystal and Austin both had to get going home. They were obviously reluctant to leave, but after some more kisses and hugs, they at least left in very good moods.

When it came time to fix dinner, I was surprised when Caitlyn volunteered to cook. She was a much better cook than mom but was usually reluctant to do the work. However, she knew that I preferred her cooking…even if I did normally tease her about it, so now seemed happy to do so.

None of us had any problems with Caitlyn cooking dinner for a change and even dad seemed somewhat happy about it, muttering, “At least something good is coming from this…”

As I expected, dinner was much better than the takeout or microwave meals that mom usually provided. I wanted to tease my sister about this like I usually did, but with the way she was acting, I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. “It was fantastic,” I told Caitlyn instead. The way she beamed happily at the compliment just made me thankful that I hadn’t teased her.

After dinner, dad disappeared into his back office again, mostly to get away from the weirdness that had infected the rest of the family. I could certainly understand his wanting to do so since I’d like to get away from it myself. Unfortunately, it was difficult to do that when I was at the center of it all.

I sat back in my favorite chair with a book and got comfortable, but I had barely begun to get into my book when Caitlyn came in and began to massage my shoulders. This kind of attention from her was as creepy as it was nice. I accepted her massage but thought that it felt like I was living with a pod person rather than the sister I’d grown up with. We hadn’t even fought properly in a couple days, not since Krystal talked her into trying my milk.

“Thank you,” I told Caitlyn, feeling almost like I was talking to a little kid rather than my older sister. “That felt really good…but you should sit down and relax. I mean, you deserve it after that dinner.”

“Thank you,” Caitlyn exclaimed, giving me a quick hug and walking off with a big grin on her face while she retrieved her own book.

“Well, that was weird,” I muttered to myself with a shake of my head. Of course, weird had become the new normal ever since my accident in the lab.

I had only gotten a couple more pages into my book when mom came over and announced, “I brought you something to drink…”

“Thank you,” I responded, looking up and expecting to see a mug of cocoa, but to my surprise, she was holding out a glass of red wine.

“I know you’ve had a rough day,” mom says with a look of concern. “And I know that having a glass of wine always helps me unwind at the end of the day…”

I just stared at my mom for a moment before carefully asking, “You do remember that I’m underage, don’t you?”

“Oh,” mom responded with a slightly disappointed look, as though she’d done wrong and was afraid that I was going to scold her. I knew that her memory hadn’t been changed in the imprinting but this was yet more proof of how it had altered her perspective.

“It’s okay,” I quickly told her, not wanting to see that look of disappointment. I accepted the glass and told her, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” mom responded, suddenly looking happy once again. “Do you want anything else? Maybe some cookies?”

“I’m fine,” I assured her.

Once mom had left, I took a cautious sip of the wine. I’d tasted wine a couple times before, once at a wedding a couple years ago and once at a family gathering a few months ago. However, this was the first time that I’d ever been given a glass of my own. I didn’t particularly care for the taste, but having my own glass made me feel more like an adult.

I went back to my book, reading through the pages and occasionally taking a sip from my glass. I was actually enjoying myself and feeling rather mature, though I hoped that dad didn’t come in and see me with it. Mom might think I was old enough to drink wine now, but I was pretty sure that dad would disagree.

Bedtime came soon enough and I had to get ready for milk. After draining my milk, I went back to my room and closed my door to finish getting ready for bed. My clothes all dropped to the floor and I let out a long sigh of relief at getting rid of the bra.

Then I looked at my door, specifically at the lock on it. I frowned slightly remembering the way Caitlyn had helped herself into my room and to my breast milk.

“We can’t have that happening again,” I mused, though I was grinning as I did so.

A second later, I turned off the light and climbed under my covers. The lock on my door remained unlocked and untouched.


My dreams were once again filled with babies, something which seemed to be happening more and more often. In this dream, I was holding two babies, each of which was nursing from one of my nipples. And in this dream, I could feel their love for me, their nurturer…their protector…the center of their world. I basked in this love a as I fed them, feeling a powerful sense of happiness and contentment.

When I woke up, I was almost disappointed to find myself alone in bed with no sign of babies or even that Caitlyn had snuck in again to help herself to my milk. However, my breasts were swollen and almost painfully full. They were dribbling and there was even a wet spot in my bed because of this.

“What a way to wake up,” I muttered as I sat up in bed and gave my breasts a gentle squeeze. A little milk dribbled from my nipples and I let out a sigh.

A minute later, I went to the bathroom to empty both my bladder and my breast. After the dream I’d had last night, I was especially aware of just how unsatisfying the breasts pump was and how much more pleasurable it was to have my milk removed through drinking. And as I watched my milk go down the drain, I couldn’t help but feeling that it was an enormous waste.

Once I was done in the bathroom, I went to go get myself some breakfast. I found that Caitlyn had already gone to school while dad had left for the office, neither of which was surprising. Mom was still at home though, dressed in her usual work clothes which indicated that she was going to be leaving as well before very long.

“When do you have to be at work?” I asked my mom, more out of curiosity than anything.

“I need to go in just a couple hours,” mom told them, then quickly added, “But I can stay home if you need me for anything…”

I blinked at that, still a little surprised by the way she seemed to defer to me for just about everything. “No, that’s fine,” I told her with a weak smile. “I can just do a little reading and maybe even try to keep up with some of my school work.”

Of course, we both knew that I’d been removed from the school and was no longer currently registered. I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do about school now but suspected that I’d be taking classes online instead of going back.

“What about breakfast?” mom asked hopefully. “Can I get you something?”

“Sure,” I responded, looking at her and suddenly realizing that if I wanted her to make a large breakfast from scratch, she’d happily do so…or at least she’d cheerfully try. However, I didn’t want to put her through that much trouble…or eat what would likely be unpleasant results. “Waffles will be great.”

Several minutes later, I had some waffles that had been taken out of the freezer and heated in the toaster. That and the three glasses of orange juice I had with them were enough to satisfy me for now. However, I knew that by the time my mom left for work, I’d probably be ready for a snack.

After breakfast was through, it was time to get cleaned up and ready to really face the day. I went to the bathroom and poured a good measure of Caitlyn’s bubble bath into the tub, feeling only a tiny bit self-conscious as I did so. After all, I reminded myself, I was a girl now and didn’t need to feel guilty about doing feminine things. Taking a bubble bath happened to be one of the least feminine things in my new life, yet one that I still considered to be something of a guilty pleasure.

I leaned back in the hot soapy water and savored how good it felt. I closed my eyes, soaking up the heat and letting my muscles relax. I was even aware of the way my breasts floated in the water.

While I lay there with my eyes closed, I began to fantasize that I was making out with Krystal. I felt my nipples harden at that and imagined that she was licking them and then sucking on them.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned, suck harder… I smiled happily at that and imagined it was Austin sucking on my nipples, greedily drinking all of my milk. I remembered how good it had felt when they’d done that for real. “Too bad they’re not here…”

I opened my eyes and sat up a bit more, letting out a disappointed sigh and then realizing that my nipples were sensitive and demanding attention. I also noticed that my breasts were starting to feel a little full again, though it would probably be another hour before I needed to empty them again.

When I was finished with my bath, I felt clean, refreshed, and quite feminine. I put on a robe that I’d ordered from online, one that was just the perfect size for me. With that and the slippers I’d bought yesterday, I felt very comfortable and particularly aware of my breasts and femininity. I was especially happy not to be wearing a bra at the moment since those pinched uncomfortably.

I went into the living room and found that my mom hadn’t left for work yet, though she was busy talking to a client on the phone. She paused when she saw me, staring at my breasts with a hungry look. I blushed faintly but couldn’t help but stick my chest out a little more as I sat down. I was just a little self-conscious about this kind of attention from my own mom, yet I also felt a strange sort of pride in it.

As I sat there, I considered my own emotions and began to frown thoughtfully. The fact that my mom was staring at my breasts like that and I actually felt happy about it was odd…very odd. In fact, there were a few things that I’d been thinking and feeling over the last couple days that were a bit weird, like the way I kept fantasizing about being nursed from. Of course, I’d gone through a number of changes in emotion and perspective since my transformation and this just might be a continuation of that. Or it could be something else.

Then I suddenly remembered something else and felt a cold knot in my gut. Dr. Kaupman had said that the MRI results proved that Caitlyn and mom had gone through changes in their brains, changes which resulted in their being imprinted on me. However, he’d never said anything about my own MRI results. I’d assumed that meant they were normal but now I wondered if maybe my brain had gone through similar chemical changes. Did I crave being nursed on the same way they that they wanted to nurse on me?

“Can you get me something to drink?” I asked mom once she was off the phone.

“Of course,” mom responded cheerfully, immediately rushing to the kitchen to do as I asked.

I closed my eyes and rubbed at my temples, feeling a little overwhelmed. The idea that my own thoughts and emotions had been altered was a frightening one, yet I was growing increasingly certain that this was indeed the case. That would certainly explain a lot of things. It also meant that I was going to have another talk with Dr. Kaupman so I could make sense of it all.

Suddenly, there was a loud yelp from the kitchen. “Are you okay?” I called out, immediately getting up to go check on my mom.

I found my mom holding her hand with a grimace of pain. Then I noticed the drops of blood on the cutting board and gasped.

“I accidentally cut myself,” mom said with a forced smile. “I was cutting you some apple slices to snack on and the knife slipped…”

“How bad is it?” I asked, staring at her hand in worry as she revealed the cut, an inch long gash that didn’t look too deep but which was still bleeding. “Ouch…” I winced at the sight. “I’ll go get the bandages…”

“You don’t need to trouble yourself for me,” she protested. “It’s just a small cut…”

I rolled my eyes at that as I turned and hurried to the bathroom medicine cabinet. When I came back, mom had washed the cut under the sink and was trying to use a paper towel to stop the bleeding.

“Hold your hand out,” I instructed her, putting the bandage on. I had a feeling that it would need to be changed before very long.

As I finished putting the bandage on, I felt bad for her and wished that I could do something to make it all better. Then I suddenly realized that I could.

“My milk,” I whispered, going back to the living room, feeling a stirring of excitement as I remembered what had happened after Austin had first tried my milk. After drinking my milk just once, his injury had healed and it had been worse than my mom’s. “It can heal…”

I slowly sat down on the couch, my mind swirling as I considered the fact that my breast milk was saturated with a virus that could improve health and heal injuries. Mom already had some of this virus in her system, but by now, it would have been mostly flushed from her system.

For a moment, I just stared at my mom, silently thinking about how easy it would be to help her. For the last couple days, I’ve avoided exposing anyone to more milk, but the truth was, the damage had already been done. She was already imprinted on me and the only thing I was doing by withholding my milk was to deprive her of the health benefits.

Even as I considered this, a part of me realized that this was just rationalization. Sure, this was all completely true, but it wasn’t my only motivation.

As I opened my robe to expose my breasts, I absently wondered if this was the way it had been for Caitlyn when she’d snuck into my room in the middle of the night. I wondered if she’d been aware that what she was doing was wrong but just didn’t care.

My mom stared at my naked breasts with undisguised hunger, even going so far as to lick her lips. I knew she wanted to put her lips around my nipples and I felt a craving for them to be there as well. This was a need that was growing stronger with each passing moment.

“Can I?” mom asked hesitantly, already moving towards me with a look on her face which told me how much she wanted this. I suspected that within a couple days, I would have woken to find she had snuck into my room in the middle of the night to help herself the same way that Caitlyn had. Then she paused with a look of uncertainly. “A part of me knows this is wrong…but the rest of me says that its right.”

Mom dropped to her knees and slowly bent over. She didn’t lick my nipples or play with them at all like Austin and Krystal did, but instead she went straight to the sucking. She moaned slightly in delight while I moaned as well at how good it felt, in spite of the fact that there was absolutely nothing sexual about this.

I gently held my mom, feeling a strange mix of emotions as she nursed from me. A part of me was shocked that I was going through with this, yet I also felt a strong sense of contentment…a feeling that this was the way things should be.

When my mom had drained one breast, she went to the other. I just continued to hold her, looking down at her and feeling a powerful affection for her as well as a certainty that I would have to protect her and take care of her. I’d felt something similar when I’d been nursing Austin and Krystal, but then it had been mixed with sexual satisfaction. This time, those emotions were pure, and because of this, I suddenly realized exactly what they were. I was feeling…motherly.

“Drink up honey,” I whispered with a faint smile.

I closed my eyes, realizing what this all meant. When I’d first started lactating, I’d done a little research about the subject online. I’d read about how nursing helped a baby imprint and bond with its mother. However, the imprinting process went both ways. Nursing also helped the mother to bond as well.

Dr. Kaupman had said that exposure to my milk caused those who drank it to imprint on me, but he’d neglected to mention anything about my imprinting on them as well. I was now certain that this was the case, that I was somehow imprinting on them as they nursed from me. It wasn’t nearly as powerful or obvious as what they went through, but I could see it in my own emotions.

This realization didn’t really bother me as much as I would have thought. After all, if they were forced to care for me in such a powerful and primal way, it only seemed fair that I care for them in return. In fact, it was only natural that I would.

Mom finished drinking and set her head in my lap. I continued to hold her, gently running my hand through her hair and knowing without a doubt that nothing would ever be the same again. We’d crossed a line that would change our relationship forever.

“Thank you Olivia,” mom whispered with her head still in my lap. “Ozma,” she corrected herself more quietly. And then, so faint that I could barely hear it, she added, “Mama.”

“You’re welcome mo…Lauren,” I responded gently. After this, I didn’t think that I could ever think of her as ‘mom’ again.

Lauren and I remained in this position for perhaps five more minutes before she got up. She threw her arms around me in a hug and when she finally pulled away, she was staring at me with the adoring look that I was getting used to. She looked completely and totally happy so I couldn’t help but smiling back at her proudly.

“Thank you so much,” Lauren told me. “I’ve never tasted anything that good…” This just reminded me that the only other time she’d tasted my milk was when it had been mixed with chocolate syrup. This was the first time she’d actually had it straight.

“You can have some again later,” I promised her with a smile. “But for now, that should help take care of your cut.”

I stood up and closed my robe and then watched as Lauren went about getting ready to leave for work. I could tell that the balance of our relationship had completely changed, even more than it had already. Any remaining resistance she had to our new relationship had vanished entirely…as had my own.

Before Lauren left for work, she gave me another large hug and then left a grin on her face. I felt just a little worried as she walked out the door and shook my head, realizing how silly it was to feel that way. After all, she went to work like this every day and it wasn’t like I was sending her off to her first day of school. But in a way, it sort of felt like I was.

I absently reached for my breasts which were still large but now empty of milk. I felt just a little disappointed at that since I’d come to like having at least a little milk in them. It made me feel like I was carrying around a treasure inside. Of course, it wouldn’t take long for them to fill up again, especially if I drank enough fluids. With that in mind, I went to the kitchen to get myself another glass of juice.

Since I had the house entirely to myself, I spent the next few hours doing a little reading as well as practicing with my makeup and walking in the stiletto heels I’d bought. I also spent a great deal of that time thinking off and on about my situation, the way I now felt, and my relationship with the others.

Before today, I’d already known that my personality and perspective was changing, due to new experiences and probably even new hormones. I’d made peace with that and had even accepted it, though I hadn’t known the full range of how I was changing. I’d changed enough that I’d been straddling two selves, the old one from before my accident and the new one that I was becoming.

But after this morning, I was no longer straddling my two selves but had shifted firmly to one side. After what I’d done with Lauren, my entire perspective had changed. I no longer thought of myself to be guy at all. Now, I thought of myself as a woman…and even as a mother.

Intellectually, I knew that it was ludicrous to think of myself as a mother…but that was how I now felt. Of course, it was also how the others thought of me. And as their mother, I wanted them to all be happy and healthy. Fortunately, I knew exactly how to accomplish both.

When Caitlyn returned home from school, I was sitting on the couch waiting for her. I felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness as she came through the door, stopped, and stared at me. A big grin broke out on her face as she rushed over to give me a hug.

“I take it that you had a good day,” I said with a chuckle when she finally pulled away from me.

“It’s MUCH better now,” Caitlyn responded, beaming cheerfully.

I stared at her for a moment, still seeing her as my sister. The one time she had nursed from me had ben while I was asleep so I hadn’t really imprinted on her. But I did feel something beyond what would be normal for a sister and suspected that I had imprinted at least a little bit anyway. I knew what I was about to do would cross the line and change our relationship…just as it had with Lauren. However, I’d already considered that throughout the day and was perfectly okay with it. In fact, I was looking forward to it.

“How would you like an after school snack?” I asked her as I opened my robe and exposed my breasts.

Caitlyn didn’t hesitate before dropping to her knees and going for my breasts, just like Lauren had this morning. I held her gently, savoring the physical sensations as well as the swelling of new emotions which filled me.

“Take it easy,” I told my new daughter with a gentle smile and a hug. “You need to leave some for Austin and Krystal.”


I sat back in my favorite chair with my legs up, a good book in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. I took a small sip from the glass and smiled faintly, still not loving the taste though it was definitely starting to grow on me. Of course, I was still technically under age so only allowed myself one glass a day.

At the moment, I was relaxing for a bit after having spent most of the day being productive. Among my activities for the day, I’d done some online schooling since I didn’t want to get behind just because I was no longer registered in school, and of course, I’d just finished doing laundry for the entire family. Just because I didn’t have to go to school or work was no reason for me to do nothing all day.

Of course, yesterday I’d done even more before this time of day. Yesterday, I’d vacuumed and mopped the floors as well as did other cleaning around the house. Still, I felt satisfied with what I’d accomplished so far and the day wasn’t even over yet.

I took another sip of my wine and considered how things have changed since I let Lauren nurse from me three days ago. My emotions had all gone through a drastic shift, especially after I’d gone through the same thing with Caitlyn, Austin and Krystal. My maternal instincts were now fully awake and running at full power. Now, I was not only able to fully accept the feelings that my ‘children’ had for me, I was able to return the appropriate affection.

Along with my change of perspective had come a new sense of confidence. My ‘children’ adored and looked up to me and as their ‘mother’ I wanted to protect and take care of them. That meant being the mature and responsible adult that they all saw when they looked at me.

When I thought back to my old self, to the OZ who existed before my transformation, I felt a disconnect. I was no longer that person in any way at all, not physical and not emotionally. He had been a boy while I was a woman and a mother.

I thought of myself as a new person, someone separate from OZ. I suspected that at least a part of that might be a rationalization in order to deal with the fact that I was breast feeding my own mother and sister. Being someone new and separate from OZ would certainly make things simpler.

“I think I’m managing all right,” I mused, taking another sip from my wine.

A couple minutes later, I heard the front door opening and knew that Caitlyn was back from school. I smiled at that and got up to greet her. She immediately threw herself at me, giving me a hug.

“I love you mama,” Caitlyn exclaimed.

“I love you too honey,” I responded, looking down at her with a gentle smile.

Caitlyn pulled away from me with a happy look on her face. Then she stared for a moment before asking, “Are you taller?” She looked down to my feed and exclaimed, “You’re wearing heels.”

“Do you like them?” I asked, pleased that she noticed the stilettos on my feet. I’d been practicing in them and this was the first time I felt confident enough to walk in them in front of other people. “I know I do.”

“They look fantastic on you,” Caitlyn told me enthusiastically. Of course, I knew that I could be wearing a pair of flip flops and she’d say the same thing. Still, I appreciated the compliment anyway.

“Thank you,” I responded pleasantly. “Now how about a little snack before anyone else arrives…”

Caitlyn’s eyes immediately went to my breasts and she smiled as I began removing my shirt in order to expose them. “Thank you mama,” she told me, looking as though she was about to start drooling.

After Caitlyn was finished feeding, I put my shirt back on and then sat back and gave her a speculative look, noticing that her complexion had definitely improved over the last few days. It wasn’t like she’d ever had a bad complexion, just the small splattering of acne which could be expected from any teenager. However, that had all vanished entirely.

I examined Caitlyn as objectively as I could, noticing that there were other subtle improvements as well, such as her breasts now appearing to be a cup larger. Of course, I’d been expecting this and had been looking for the signs. After all, Caitlyn was now on a relatively steady diet of my milk and the virus was building up nicely in her system. There was now enough concentration that it was able to do more than just improve her general health. I’d seen similar improvements in Krystal after she’d first started drinking my milk, at least until I’d been forced to cut her off. I hadn’t really seen any further improvements with her though since she’d started back up.

“You look fantastic,” I told Caitlyn proudly

“Thanks mama,” she responded in delight, giving me another hug and adding, “You too…”

“Now, why don’t you see if you can get your homework finished before Krystal shows up,” I told her with a pleasant smile while she nodded and ran off to do just that.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that both Krystal and Austin would be over before very long. They both used to come over pretty regularly before they’d become imprinted on me, but now they did so every day if they could manage it. I wished that they could both just move in, but unfortunately, there were real world issues that prevented. In spite of the fact that they both now considered me to be their mom, they still had biological parents that they cared for as well and their own homes.

As I expected, I didn’t have to wait much longer before Krystal arrived. She immediately rushed in and gave me a hug and kiss, grinning cheerfully as she did so. I bent over and gave her another kiss before she could pull away, marveling at how soft her lips were. I was definitely getting turned on.

I felt no real conflict between being her mother and lover at the same time. At the most, I found it a little odd when I considered it…so I tried not to do so very much. Perhaps my ease in accepting this relationship was due to the fact that I knew very well we were not physically related at all.

“Oh, I definitely like this,” Krystal purred as I rubbed her breasts through her shirt. “Am I a bad girl?” she asked with a smirk. “Does mama need to spank me?”

“Oh, you’re definitely tempting me,” I teased her giving her another kiss.

“I’ve been a bad girl mama,” she teased me, giving me a look that seemed to be equal parts adoration and lust.

“Then it looks like you’ll need to be punished,” I told her, giving her another kiss and then leading her to my bedroom.

Minutes later, Krystal was undressed and I gave her a bit of a spanking before we got down to the real fun. I enjoyed playing with her nipples and bringing her to orgasm, though she obviously enjoyed pleasuring me as well. In fact, I think she enjoyed that even more than she did getting pleasured herself.

When we were done with that, I lay back savoring the afterglow and letting Krystal nurse from me. Even after Caitlyn’s earlier feeding, there was still plenty for my other daughter. She slurped away making happy sounds while I held her, feeling extremely content.

Eventually, I kissed Krystal and told her, “You should get dressed and go see Caitlyn.”

“Good idea, mama,” Krystal responded with a purr, giving me a kiss before she began to put her clothes back on.

I didn’t bother putting my clothes back on and slipped into my robe instead. Still, I couldn’t resist putting my stilettos back on.

I strutted back into the living room, feeling sexy and very satisfied. My entire body still hummed from the afterglow and I felt like I could just stretch out and purr.

My hands went to my breasts which were now empty again. Of course, it wouldn’t take very long to take care of that. I needed to get them full again since I had other ‘children’ who’d be in need of some of my delicious and healthy milk. With that in mind, I went to get myself a glass of juice in order to speed up the process.

Austin arrived a few minutes later and I greeted him much in the same way I had Krystal, with a passionate kiss and a thought that we should take it to the bedroom.

“So,” Austin asked me with an appreciative look and a smile. “Do you want to go out and play a little soccer?” He looked at my breasts with a lusty and hungry expression. I wasn’t sure what he wanted more, to nurse or to see them bouncing around while I ran around.

“Soccer isn’t going to happen,” I told him with a chuckle. With my assets, that kind of game was no longer really possible for me, nor was any activity that required running around. “I can definitely think of other games to play.”

Austin looked happy at that and gave me another hug and kiss, announcing, “I can’t wait…”

“But you’ll have to,” I teased him. Then I started to the kitchen, calling back, “How would you like an after school snack? Maybe some milk and cookies…”

I took some cookies from the cookie jar and put them on a small plate for Austin and then I went into the fridge to get the milk. I poured him a glass and then smiled.

“Thank you mama,” Austin told me, looking happy but slightly disappointed. He glanced to my breasts and I knew exactly why. He’d been hoping I’d let him nurse from me. Then he took a drink of the milk and paused, licking his lips in delight and drinking more. “Oh, thank you mama…”

“You’re welcome,” I told him gently, thankful that I’d started saving my milk again. It had been such a shame to keep pouring it down the sink when I had four people who absolutely loved to drink it. “Now drink up honey. It’s good for you.”

“And delicious,” Austin agreed.

I watched with some amusement as Austin finished his snack. I wished that I could have given him fresh milk, but after Krystal and Caitlyn, there wasn’t any to be had yet.

“Now, about that exercise,” I said, giving Austin a kiss when he was done and then leading him towards my room. Sure, I’d already had a bit of sex with Krystal, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a little more.

However, before we could reach my room, the front door opened and Lauren returned home. She saw me and immediately rushed to me, throwing her arms around me in a hug.

“Hi honey,” I greeted her, a little annoyed by the interruption of what I had planned with Austin, but not much. I couldn’t be upset with her when she was just so happy to see me. “How was work today?”

“It was very productive,” Lauren exclaimed happily. “I closed on a house today and I’ve got appointments with some new potential clients tomorrow.”

“That’s good to hear,” told her, giving her another hug.

“You’re wearing heels,” she commented, looking down at my feet with an amused look. “I’m not sure they go well with the robe though.”

“It’s the latest fashion,” I assured her. “Trust me.” Then I told her, “There’s some milk in the fridge. Help yourself. Austin is going to help me with something in my room.”

With that, I winked to Austin and started towards my room again while he followed close behind with a smirk on his face. Lauren wasn’t stupid and knew exactly what we were up to, though she wasn’t bothered by it in the least. After all, if I thought it was all right, as far as she was concerned, it was.

“Now, where were we?” I mused, closing the door behind us and then giving Austin a passionate kiss. “Oh yes…”

I removed my robe again with an easy movement and then went to work undressing Austin. He was already hard and ready to go, much to my delight. I had already had sex a short time ago with Krystal but I was still revved up and ready to go for another round.

I absently considered how odd it was that I was perfectly comfortable doing this here with Austin when Krystal, Caitlyn, and Lauren were all in the house and probably aware of what we were doing. Of course, none of them begrudged me this or even felt jealous in the least. It was all part of the imprinting thing where they gave me their complete love and trust.

“Now,” I purred in Austin’s ear. “Isn’t this much better than soccer?”

“Yes mama,” he agreed happily. “Way better…”

I gave Austin another kiss and gently told him, “Now, be a good boy and make mama feel good…”

“Yes mama,” he responded before eagerly beginning to eat me out.

When Austin and I were finished, I once again put on my robe and stilettos and left him in my room, sprawled out on my bed with a broad grin on his face. I had a nice smirk on mine.

“With all this practice, he’s getting pretty good,” I mused with a smirk.

I found Caitlyn in the kitchen, already busy preparing dinner without anyone having asked her to. She knew that I preferred her cooking to Lauren’s so she’d happily volunteered to take over all cooking duties around the house.

“So, what are you making?” I asked Caitlyn.

“Ginger chicken,” Caitlyn responded. Then she paused and asked hopefully, “Is that all right? I can fix something else if you’d like…”

“That sounds great,” I assured her, actually looking forward to it. Then again, Caitlyn could cook almost anything and it would be better than what Lauren used to make. “You’re a very good cook.”

“Thank you,” Caitlyn exclaimed, grinning happily.

After I gave her a hug, I went to Lauren, who was busy finishing a few work details up on the computer. I watched her for half a minute and then went and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’ve got a little something for you,” I said, pulling my robe open and exposing one of my breasts. I’d built up enough milk again that there was finally enough for her to get a good drink. Her eyes immediately widened in delight.

A minute later, I was sitting on the couch while Lauren nursed from me. I held her gently while she drank, savoring not only the physical sensation but also this bond we now shared. It was so much stronger than the one we used to share when she was my mom.

“Thank you mama,” she told me when she was finished, giving me a hug and adding, “That is so good…”

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“Fantastic,” she assured me happily. “I feel better than I ever thought I could.”

I smiled at that and looked her over, taking note of the changes to her body. As with the others, she had gained some improvements from drinking my milk. Over the last few days, she’d lost a little weight as well as some of her wrinkles. In fact, she looked nearly ten years younger.

“You look fantastic,” I told her.

“Thank you mama,” she said, looking more than a little pleased from the compliment. “I owe it all to you…” Then she giggled and added, “It’s funny that I’m calling you mama now… But I guess it’s less weird than calling you mom.”

“I know,” I responded with an amused smile.

All of my ‘children’ had taken to calling me ‘mama’, following Lauren’s example. They had been calling me ‘mom’ almost instinctively, but that had gotten a little confusing since they each had other moms as well. It had been especially confusing when Caitlyn called out ‘mom’ and Lauren and I both answered.

I would have been perfectly content to remain there with Lauren, but unfortunately, dad would be returning home from work before long and I would have to get up and get dressed before then. Walking around the house in a robe might have been perfectly fine with my ‘children’, but dad would expect me to be fully clothed.

By the time dad got home, everyone was fully dressed and acting as though everything was perfectly normal. I’d made it clear to my ‘children’ that dad wouldn’t understand our relationship and that they’d returned to drinking my milk. Of course, they were all following my lead in keeping it from him.

Dad hugged Lauren and then asked, “How was your day Ozma?”

“Not bad,” I responded pleasantly. “Since I had to drop out of school, I’ve been trying to remain productive.”

“I’ll have your new identity papers ready as soon as possible,” he assured me. “I’m trying to make sure all the I’s are dotted the T’s are crossed.”

“That’s okay,” I told him. “I’d rather have them right than quick.”

“Dinner is almost ready,” Caitlyn called out from the kitchen.

“Then I guess I’d better get going,” Austin said.

Krystal looked disappointed as she added, “Me too.” Then she gave me a hug and said, “Bye bye mama,” into my ear. She gave me a disappointed look before she went to say goodbye to Caitlyn as well and then leave.

When Austin gave me a goodbye hug as well, I could feel his erection pressing into my side. I smiled rather proudly at that, only wishing that we could do another round. Over the last couple days, his penis had gotten a little larger, courtesy of my virus. That was one benefit that I was really enjoying.

Austin went to the door and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow mama,” as he left.

Dad gave me a cool look at this reminder of our new relationship. I played it calm but it was obvious that he was a little suspicious. Fortunately, he didn’t call me on anything.

We set down to dinner a few minutes later, and as I’d expected, it was delicious. I complimented Caitlyn on that and she just beamed proudly.

“Can you please pass the carrots?” Lauren asked when she was ready for a second helping. As I passed the bowl to her, she responded, “Thank you mama.”

“She’s your son…daughter,” dad snapped at Lauren, “Not your mother.” He stared at me with a controlled anger. “We have to do something about this.”

“You don’t understand,” Lauren protested.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to see another doctor,” dad stated firmly, using a tone that announced he’d made up his mind and wasn’t going to change it. “Maybe we can get some medication to help you. Kaupman said that might help.”

“Dad,” Caitlyn gasped, looking offended. “There’s nothing wrong with us.”

“Enough,” dad said, giving me a grim look. “I’m afraid that we’re going to have to look for solutions.”

I didn’t say a word at that and just stood up from the table. I understood where dad was coming from, though I certainly didn’t agree. Unfortunately, I knew that it was pointless to argue with him once he’d made up his mind this way. It would take an incredible argument to change his mind and the evidence to back it up. So after a moment, I turned and walked away.

As I left the dining room, Lauren was demanding, “How could you do that to her?”

I would have liked to curl up in my favorite chair with my book, but I didn’t want to deal with dad at the moment. I went to my bedroom instead, locking the door behind me and then sitting down on my bed. I wanted to yell in frustration, but that was something a kid would do, not a mature woman. Instead, I just considered what arguments I could use to keep dad from doing anything drastic.

When it was nearly time for bed, I came out of my sanctuary, more for the purpose of saying goodnight to my ‘children’ than for anything else. Caitlyn was in her room, apparently secluding herself in protest for how dad was treating me. I gave her a long hung and then went to find Lauren.

Lauren was in the living room with dad, and they appeared to have settled their disagreement. She was giving dad a shoulder massage while he watched the news, appearing to enjoy himself.

“This latte you made me is fantastic,” dad told Lauren, taking a drink from his cup and smiling contently. “This is absolutely delicious.”

I stared at dad for a moment, suddenly having a very strong suspicion. I looked to Lauren and she had a smug look on her face as she said, “Now you’ll understand…”


I was sitting behind the steering wheel of Lauren’s car, glancing at the rearview mirror and the speedometer. There was no one else in the car with me and since I didn’t actually have a license or even a permit with my current name on it, I was very careful not to break any of the traffic laws. The last thing I needed at the moment was to be pulled over for something like speeding.

While I drove, I couldn’t help but thinking about the other day when dad had had decided that my situation had become too dangerous. I understood where he was coming from since my milk could have some very powerful effects. However, Lauren had been less understanding of his views and less patient in finding a solution. She’d slipped some of my milk from the fridge into his coffee and caused him to be imprinted on me as well. Afterwards, I’d been forced to forbid my ‘children’ from intentionally infecting anyone else without my permission, but the damage had already been done.

Dad…Gary had all the symptoms that came from being imprinted on me such as giving me adoring looks, deferring to me without consciously realizing it, and of course, staring at my breasts with a hungry expression. However, he still hadn’t nursed from me directly. At the moment, he seemed to be in denial about his new condition but that was failing rapidly.

“I’ll have to take care of that when I get home,” I mused to myself, deciding that he’d need some fresh milk from the source. Things had already been much easier around the house since Lauren had slipped him my milk but it was time to complete the process and finish bringing him into the new family. I knew that he’d be more than thankful for it.

Of course, I had other things I needed to deal with at the moment so I turned my attention to the business at hand. I pulled into the driveway and parked my car, then I looked into the rear view mirror to make sure my makeup looked all right. After a quick touch up, I climbed out of the car and went to knock on the door.

Mrs. Jonas opened the door and gave me a look of surprise. “Ozma,” she exclaimed happily. “It’s nice to see you again…” She looked around and asked, “Where’s your father?”

“He’s busy at work,” I told her with a smile. “I’m not here to tag along while he takes care of your legal business. I’m here for…” I gestured down at myself.

“Oh, of course,” she said, “Come on in…”

“Doctor Kaupman left a voice mail saying that he wanted to talk to me,” I explained once we were inside.

“I’ll go get him for you,” Mrs. Jonas told me, giving me a speculative look before she hurried away.

I was left in the living room, the casual one that actually looked lived in. I noticed a book sitting on an end table beside a comfortable chair with a bookmark sticking out. It was an old and well-loved copy of Alice in Wonderland. I nodded approval at the choice.

Dr. Kaupman came into the room a couple minutes later, moving slowly as he used his cane with each step. He took his time sitting down into a chair and I sat down as well, patiently letting him do this at his own pace.

“Can you let us have a little privacy,” Dr. Kaupman asked Mrs. Jonas. “Thank you Ellen.”

Once Mrs. Jonas had left the room, Dr. Kaupman stared at me for a moment and then adjusted his glasses. After a moment, he chuckled and said, “You’re probably bursting with impatience about why I called you.”

“A little,” I admitted.

“Well lass,” he responded with another chuckle. “You’re good at hiding it.”

“Have you found out how to break the imprinting?” I asked him carefully.

I had mixed feelings about what would happen if he was able to do that. On one hand, I missed my sarcastic sister who I used to fight with, but she was still there. I saw it when she interacted with Krystal and Austin, proving that her real personality was still there and well. She just didn’t behave like that with me anymore. The same was true with all of the others. Intellectually, I knew that freeing them from their imprinted condition was probably the right thing to do, but my emotions said otherwise. I was their mother now and I craved their love and affection much the way they craved mine.

“I fear not,” Dr. Kaupman responded with a sigh. “I fear that those changes are permanent. As I’ve mentioned before, certain medications may reduce some of the symptoms, but it wouldn’t remove them and would be bound to have unpleasant side effects.” He shook his head at that and then continued. “No, the reason I called is that I have an idea of how we may be able to deal with your own condition.”

“My condition?” I asked in surprise.

“As you know,” Dr. Kaupman explained, “the virus in your bloodstream is bonded to your DNA and is programmed to keep you in your current physical state.”

“Yes,” I responded wryly. “I think I remember something about that.”

Dr. Kaupman nodded and continued, “After a great deal of consideration, I believe I have found a possible way of overriding that programming and altering your body back to a male form.”

I blinked at that, a little stunned to hear this. “I…I didn’t think it was even possible.”

“I think it may be possible,” Dr. Kaupman said with a chuckle. “But it won’t be easy. We’ll have to use your own virus against itself.” He paused for a moment to adjust his glasses. “We’ll have to extract a large amount of the virus from your body and it will take multiple extractions to get enough. Of course, the virus will regenerate quickly each time, but that will make it easier to get a large enough concentration.”

“So you intend to suck the virus out of me?” I asked him, more than a little skeptical of that working.

“Certainly not,” Dr. Kaupman responded, looking almost offended. “That would be impossible. But we can get a large sample of the virus, which we would need for the process. The virus in your blood is bonded to your DNA and won’t work on anyone else. It keeps you healthy and in your current form, so that is what we need to work around.” He paused at that and stared at me thoughtfully for a moment. “What I intend is to reprogram some of the harvested virus and then reintroduce it to your system. The first stage would lock down your existing virus and prevent it from functioning. Once the virus has been rendered harmless, a second modified virus would be injected. This one would contain instructions to modify your body to become male again and would hopefully become the new dominant pattern.”

“That sounds pretty complicated,” I said carefully.

Dr. Kaupman nodded agreement. “It is. It would take several years to complete this process. There are no guarantees that it would even work, but I believe that with some of the notes Henry left behind that it has a very good chance of succeeding.”

I stared at Dr. Kaupman for several very long seconds before finally saying, “That’s very impressive. But…I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“Excuse me?” he responded with a confused look.

For a long moment, I stared at the floor thoughtfully, trying to decide how I could phrase this. Then I looked back at him and said, “I appreciate all the hard work you did looking for a way to cure me, but the truth is…I won’t want to be cured anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Dr. Kaupman asked in surprise.

“I’ve gotten used to being like this,” I admitted, gesturing down at myself. I gave him a gentle smile, hoping that I wouldn’t offend him with this answer since he’d put so much effort into trying to find a way to reverse my transformation. “I thought I was going to be like this for the rest of my life and I came to accept that. Now, I like being like this and don’t want to go back anymore.”

Of course, there were other reasons as well, ones I wasn’t about to reveal to Dr. Kaupman. I was no longer the person I once was. I now thought of myself as a sexy and mature woman and the idea of going back to being a plain teenage boy was a disturbing one. I had become something new…something special. I wasn’t about to give this up for anything. And of course, becoming male again would mean leaving my children without their mother. Whether it had been intentional or not, they were my children now and they needed me. There was absolutely no way I would abandon them.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done,” I told Dr. Kaupman, “but I won’t go back to what I was before. I’m happy now and fully intend to stay this way.”

Dr. Kaupman stared at me for a moment, and then to my surprise, he began to chuckle. “To be honest, I’m rather relieved. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have been able to help, but I was not looking forward to spending several years working on this project. After all, I did retire for a reason.”

“Then I’m happy to let you return to it,” I responded, thankful that he wasn’t offended or upset that I’d wasted his time.

With a nod and other chuckle, Dr. Kaupman slowly got back to his feet, using his cane to support him as he did so. I followed his lead and stood again as well.

“I fear that Ellen may not be quite as understanding,” Dr. Kaupman told me after a moment. He looked rather grim as he explained, “She was rather excited by the idea of someone continuing Henry’s work. In fact, she offered to fully finance my work on the project.” He shook his head sadly and added, “I’m afraid that she’s going to be sorely disappointed by this.”

I frowned at that, not wanting to hurt Mrs. Jonas’ feelings because she’d been so nice. “I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“As am I,” Dr. Kaupman agreed. “But perhaps it would be best that I break the news to her while you are not around. She would certainly attempt to change your mind.”

“Good point,” I told him with a faint smile. “I’ll leave you to it then.”

I shook hands with Dr. Kaupman and then left, having him promise to tell Mrs. Jonas goodbye for me as well. Once I’d left the house, I climbed into the car, letting out a sigh of relief. I was so glad that Dr. Kaupman had reacted so well to my turning him down. I just hoped that Mrs. Jonas would handle it as gracefully.

“Time to go home,” I said as I turned on the ignition and began to smile. My business here was complete so it was time to get home and attend that other business I’d been planning on. My breasts were quite full so there would be plenty of fresh milk for Gary. “Lots of delicious and healthy milk for my babies.”


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was taking full advantage of it. I was sitting in the living room with a glass of red wine in one hand while Caitlyn finished up manicuring my other. I smiled as I took a sip, admiring the work she was doing. My nails looked absolutely fantastic.

“This is even better than a nail salon,” I assured her, enjoying the way she smiled at the compliment.

When I’d finished doing the dishes from breakfast and lunch a short time ago, I’d intended to sit down and read the new book I’d just started last night. Normally, I preferred old adventure novels but last night I’d decided to try a Jane Austin one. To my surprise, I was beginning to enjoy it and had been looking forward to reading a little more. However, Caitlyn wanted to give me a manicure instead so I decided to let her.

At the moment, the only one in the house besides Caitlyn and myself was Krystal, who was currently sitting a few feet away and happily talking to us. Austin had been caught up in some family thing with his biological parents and wasn’t able to make it over today, much to my disappointment. Still, I understood that they were his family as well and I encouraged him to spend time with them since I didn’t want him to push them away.

“Hey mama,” Caitlyn asked as she blew on my nails. “Do you think Lauren and Gary are having fun?”

“I’m sure they are,” I responded, noticing that she’d called them by their first names rather than ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, just as I did. With our new family relationship, the two of them were more like her older brother and sister now. “I’m certain that they are both enjoying some time with each other.”

I smiled as I thought about my two eldest ‘children’, having sent the two of them out to have a romantic day together. Before things had changed for my family, they had both been workaholics who never seemed to have much time for each other anymore. But now that I was their mother, I fully intended to make sure that they didn’t neglect each other or their relationship.

“Maybe we should start on your toes next,” Krystal suggested with a cheerful smile.

“Maybe,” I responded, taking a sip from my wine. “I may want to get up and take care of a few things first.”

Once Caitlyn was finished, I got up and blew on my nails to dry them a little faster. “Great job,” I told her, much to her delight.

When I’d told Caitlyn and Krystal that I might want to take care of a few things, I’d actually had one specific thing in mind. My breasts were starting to get uncomfortably full and I wanted to get them emptied. However, both girls who were with me now had fed a couple hours ago so I didn’t want them to nurse again so soon. It would be better to save the milk for later.

My nails had dried and I was just going to retrieve my breast pump when the doorbell began to ring. “I’ll get it,” Krystal called out, rushing to the door.

Mrs. Jonas was revealed, and though I was slightly startled to see her here right now, I wasn’t really surprised. After I’d turned down Dr. Kaupman’s attempts to ‘cure’ me, I’d been pretty certain that I’d hear from her again. However, I had expected her to call rather than just showing up like this.

“Mrs. Jonas,” I greeted her as Krystal let her inside. “It’s nice to see you.”

“You too, Ozma,” she responded pleasantly. She looked around and asked, “Where’s your father?”

“He’s out right now,” I told her, deciding not to mention the change in our relationship status. “May I help you?”

“This is regarding your condition,” she admitted, taking a seat in the living room after I gestured for her to do so. “This is about your turning down the treatment Felix offered you…”

“I did tell him that I’m no longer interested in changing back,” I explained pleasantly. “I’ve come to prefer being like this.”

“Felix has told me he’s no longer interested in continuing Henry’s work,” she told me with a scowl. There was a hint of accusation in her voice, as though it was entirely my fault that he wanted to return to the peace of his retirement. “And now he’s left to return home.”

“I hope he enjoys his retirement,” I told her. “He seemed like a nice man.”

“I’m afraid you don’t seem to understand how important Henry’s work is,” Mrs. Jonas insisted, giving me a steady look. “I can’t allow it to just be abandoned like this. It’s too important. Now that we’ve proven Henry’s virus worked, he’ll probably get a posthumous Nobel prize…” She was getting excited as she said that.

“I see,” I carefully responded, nodding slightly.

The truth is that I did understand where she was coming from, probably even better than she did. When her late husband had died, everyone had thought that his life’s work had been a complete and utter failure. My accident proved that it wasn’t, that his virus really did work. She’d been delighted by that, and even while I was at my most horrified with the changes in my body, she’d been watching in excitement. I was the living proof of her late husband’s success.

The truth is that Mrs. Jonas was lonely. She’d loved her husband very much, and after his death, she’d been left all alone. Now that his life’s work had been proven a success, she felt as though a small part of him had returned. She was chasing after his life’s work not only to honor his memory but because it had become a surrogate for him.

“Would you like something to drink while we discuss this?” I asked Mrs. Jonas, catching her off guard. Then I gestured to Caitlyn and asked, “Can you get us each a cup of chai?”

“Of course,” Caitlyn responded happily, immediately going to the kitchen with Krystal following to help.

“Now what did you have in mind?” I asked Mrs. Jonas.

We continued talking while Caitlyn brought out four cups of chai and then sat down as well. Caitlyn and Krystal listened to our conversation and occasionally asked a question, but for the most part they remained silent observers.

“You know, this is absolutely delicious,” Mrs. Jonas said when she finished her glass of chai. “You know I love chai tea, but this is the best I’ve ever had.”

“It has a secret ingredient,” I told her pleasantly, gesturing for Caitlyn to bring us more.

“As I was saying,” Mrs. Jonas told me. “I can get someone else to continue with Henry’s research but you and those infected from your…variant strain will need to cooperate fully.”

“In other words,” I responded with a wry smile, “You want us to be guinea pigs.”

Mrs. Jonas looked a little flustered at that. “That isn’t what I intend…”

“Isn’t it?” I asked her calmly. “If anyone is going to study this virus, they’d need to take countless samples and tests from me. They’d need to take countless samples from those I’ve infected. For any peer review or Nobel prizes, our identities would need to be made public.” I paused at that, giving her a flat stare as I continued. “We would be treated as freaks and probably quarantined. There is no way I am going to allow that to happen, either to me or my children.”

“Your children?” Mrs. Jonas asked in surprise.

“Perhaps not physically,” I admitted. “But they are my children nonetheless. I won’t allow that kind of harm to come to them or myself.”

Right then, Caitlyn returned with another cup of chai latte for Mrs. Jonas. Mrs. Jonas accepted it and took a sip, smiling in delight and taking another long drink.

“I think I might need to have a talk with your father about this,” Mrs. Jonas said. “I think he’ll understand how important this research is.”

“You can talk to Gary if you’d like,” I told her with a sigh. “But it won’t do you any good. Gary isn’t going to do anything that might harm me or this family.”

“You called him Gary,” Mrs. Jonas said, her eyes going wide in realization. “You infected him…”

“Not intentionally,” I said, shaking my head at that. “Lauren did that to keep him from doing this very thing.” I paused for a moment and then admitted, “I have intentionally infected only one person, but it wasn’t Gary.”

“Intentionally…?” Mrs. Jonas paused, then froze, staring down into her cup of chai latte with a gasp. “That secret ingredient…”

I nodded at that, feeling a little guilty, though not much. Mrs. Jonas…Ellen wasn’t about to give up on having Henry’s work continued and made public. And there was absolutely no way that I could allow her to do that. I could not allow her to turn my children and myself into lab rats or freaks, or even worse, be quarantined for the rest of our lives. She had left me little choice.

After Lauren had given some of my milk to Gary, I’d realized that she did have a point and that I might eventually have a good reason to infect someone. Because of that, I’d told my ‘children’ that if I ever asked for them to bring me a chai latte, that they were to make it with my own milk from the fridge. I just hadn’t expected to actually have to resort to this so soon.

“Impossible,” Ellen protested weakly.

It was a clear indication of just how fast acting my milk was that Ellen continued to sip from her chai latte, even though she now knew what was in it. I didn’t say anything at first and just let her consider the implications of what this meant. Then she stared at me and I could see it in her eyes, the first signs of adoration.

“Now Ellen,” I said gently. “Things are changing for you now, but trust me, it’s for the best…”

“How can you say that?” she asked, her voice shaking as she stood up and backed away, though her eyes were locked on my breasts. “How could you do this to me?”

“You’ll be healthier than ever before,” I promised her as I began to remove my shirt and bra to expose my breasts. “You’ll be happier…”

Once my naked breasts were exposed, Ellen stared at them, looking more than a little hungry. “I can’t believe what I’m thinking,” she whispered, her voice shaking slightly. “What I’m feeling…”

“You’ll get used to it,” Caitlyn assured her cheerfully. “Before long, you won’t even remember why you feel funny about it.”

“It’s…wrong,” Ellen protested weakly, not sounding very convinced. “Isn’t it?”

“It’s okay,” I assured her, reaching out for her and gently bringing her towards my breasts. Her new instincts took over and she began to suck on one of my nipples, hesitantly drinking the milk at first and then doing so greedily. “Everything will be all right.”

“Welcome to the family,” Krystal said while Caitlyn nodded agreement.

I gently held my new daughter while she drank in my nourishing milk, feeling our bond growing stronger by the moment. “You won’t be lonely anymore,” I promised her. “Trust me… Mama will take care of everything…”


It was dinner time, and as always, I insisted that we all eat together. This was a rule that I’d put in place three years ago, shortly after I had become the matriarch of my family.

Sometimes, it was hard to believe that a mere three years ago, I had been a teenage boy. Sometimes, it was hard to even remember who I had been back then. So many things had changed.

I stood at the head of the table, dressed in a professional looking outfit with a skirt and stiletto heels. I knew that I created something of an incongruous image being dressed like this and having a figure like I did. However, this was my usual manner of dress when I left the house.

“This looks delicious,” I told Caitlyn.

“Thank you mama,” she responded, looking quite pleased.

Thanks to the help of my milk, Caitlyn had become quite a stunning and busty young woman. And after she’d graduated from high school, I’d put her through culinary school. Now, she worked as a chef in a restaurant for breakfast and lunch while cooking dinner for us every evening.

My eyes went to Gary and Lauren, both of whom looked fantastic. They looked like they were in their mid to late twenties, much younger than their actual ages. This had caused a few questions among people who’d known them before, but nothing that couldn’t be explained with good plastic surgery and time at the gym.

Lauren now looked the part of Caitlyn’s big sister as well as being healthier and better looking than she ever had in her life. And of course, she was also happier.

Lauren gave a loving look at Gary, who had also become quite athletic, and according to her, bigger downstairs than he’d been before. They shared a kiss and took their seats at the table, then they both gave me the adoring looks that I’d come to expect.

“How was work today,” I asked Gary as I took my seat at the head of the table.

“It was good, mama,” Gary responded cheerfully. “You remember that surgeon with the malpractice issue that I was going to take on as a client? They just found evidence that the patient’s death during surgery wasn’t just negligence…but that the patient’s wife had paid the doctor to make sure he didn’t make it.”

“Ouch, that’s nasty,” Caitlyn said.

“You were right when you told me not to take him as a client,” Gary told me happily.

“Mama usually is honey,” Lauren told him, giving him another kiss.

I smiled at that and then looked to Austin. As with Gary, my milk had made him much more athletic looking and had given him a large penis. I knew that very personally and could testify that he’d become quite adept at using it.

After Austin had graduated from high school, he’d moved in with the rest of the family and was now attending a local community college. He was doing quite well there and I couldn’t help but feeling proud of him.

Austin smiled at me and then looked to Caitlyn, smiling at her as well. The two of them had been sleeping together for the last year, though I didn’t mind. In fact, I was happy that my children were able to make each other happy. I was still sleeping with Austin myself, but there was no jealousy in the family.

Krystal sat beside Caitlyn and was giving me suggestive looks, obviously looking forward to more personal time between the two of us. I smiled in anticipation of tonight.

As with all my other children, Krystal’s body had gone through a great deal of changes because of my milk. She was quiet sexy now and had the largest breasts of all my girls, though they were still quite a bit smaller than my own.

Though I’d offered to send Krystal to a local college after she’d graduated, she’d turned it down and instead chose to become a masseuse. I’d paid for her masseuse lessons, and as result, I received full benefit of her skills. I was looking forward to experiencing some of those skills tonight as well.

Then I turned my attention to Ellie, the onetime Mrs. Jonas. She was the most unique of all my children, owing almost entirely to the fact that my milk had a much more extreme effect on her than any of the others.

After drinking enough of my milk, Lauren and Gary had slowly become younger. When they reached their current physical age, they stopped and have remained at that age. Ellie had become younger as well, though she didn’t stop at the same age Lauren and Gary did. Over a period of two months, Ellie had continued youthening, becoming younger and younger until she was physically six years old. She’d remained at that age since, not getting any younger but showing no signs of aging normally either.

“Wow mama,” Ellie exclaimed with a grin. “This looks yummy.”

“I’m sure it is sweetheart,” I assured her with a gentle smile. “Caitlyn is a very good cook.”

“Thank you big sister,” Ellie told Caitlyn before happily digging into her food.

I watched Ellie for a few more seconds, amused by her childish antics. Ellie still had all of her old knowledge and memories, though no one would ever guess that by the way she acted. Not only had she accepted her young age, she’d embraced it and the second chance at childhood it offered.

When Ellie had first become a child, I’d spent a lot of time wondering why her changes had been so extreme. Then I realized that there was one factor I hadn’t considered before. The improvements that each of my children gained from consuming my milk may have been guided by what would be viewed as improvements. That meant the virus in my breast milk may have been programmed by my own subconscious mind…or even by hers.

I might have had a strong theory as to how it happened, but I didn’t know for certain. What I did know was that Ellie absolutely loved being a little girl again. She was free of all the adult responsibilities and worries and knew that I’d love and take care of her.

After we’d all sat down and began eating, we walked about what we’d done all day. I paid attention as my children told me how things had been going at their jobs. I didn’t really have a job other than managing my children’s lives and looking after Ellie all day. Those things kept me busy enough.

Fortunately, there was no need for me to hold another job as we had more than enough money to live comfortably. Not only were Gary and Lauren working jobs that paid quite well, but Ellie had taken care of most of our financial needs with her old life.

Ellie’s onetime husband had made several profitable discoveries during his time researching cures for disease and she had been smart enough to invest it wisely. After his death, Ellie had been left fairly well off, and now that small fortune continued to help our family.

When Gary had created my new legal identity, I’d had him make me the daughter of Ellen and Henry Jonas and the one who inherited everything after Ellen’s apparent death. According to my driver’s license, I was Olivia Jonas, though I still asked people to call me Ozma. At the time, Gary had made the new paperwork to show me as being twenty-two years old, legally an adult and old enough to be Ellie’s biological mother.

It still amused me a little that I was legally Ellie’s daughter while she was her own granddaughter. Still, she seemed more than happy with that situation

The small mansion that Ellie had once lived in by herself had been a beautiful home and just the right size for my growing family. We’d eventually moved in and had lived here happily ever since.

The basement which had once been a private laboratory and man cave had long since been cleaned up. All the remaining research data had been saved and locked away where it was safe, and couldn’t harm anyone. Just because I had no intention of ever going back to that boring existence I’d once lived, that didn’t mean this research couldn’t still be used one day to help people.

When dinner was over, I told Caitlyn, “That was a fantastic meal honey.”

“Thank you mama,” she responded, giving me a hug.

I smiled proudly at Caitlyn and then told Austin and Krystal, “You two might want to get started on dishes. I did them last night so now it’s your turn.”

“I still don’t think you should ever have to do dishes,” Austin protested, not for the first time. Most of my children found it strange that I wanted to do my part around the house, even when they were all happy to do the chores for me.

I just smiled at Austin and gave him a gentle kiss before asking, “What kind of mother would I be if I made you do everything?”

“You’re a very good mother,” Lauren told me happily. “The best.”

“Thank you honey,” I told her with a happy smile of my own. “That means a lot coming from you.”

After this, Gary and Lauren went to the bedroom they shared, holding hands and smiling suggestively at each other. I was pleased as I watched them go for a little privacy since they were always so romantic with each other now.

I went and changed clothes, getting out of my professional looking clothes and slipping into one of the comfortable silk robes that I usually wore around the house. They were so much more comfortable than regular clothes and provided much easier access for my children to my prized milk.

A short time later, I was sitting down in the large comfortable recliner that I’d long since claimed as my own. I had a glass of red wine in hand and a good book sitting beside me. There was only one thing missing, and she was coming right at me.

“Mama,” Ellie cried out as she climbed up and onto my lap, giving me a hug and kissing me on the cheek. “Read me a bedtime story…”

I took a long sip of my wine and then set the glass down. “Now where we?” I asked as I picked up the old book that I’d been reading to my daughter. “Oh yes, last night Dorothy had just met Nick Chopper…”

Ellie set her head on my breasts and listened with a happy expression as I read from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the same copy that her birth mother had once read for her back when she’d been a child before. After this, I knew that I would give her some fresh milk and send her to bed for some happy little girl dreams.

“I love you mommy,” Ellie whispered contently.

“And I love you too,” I told her, feeling the powerful maternal love for my daughter.

I might not have given birth to her or any of the others, but they were still my children nonetheless and I loved them all. With that, I put a gentle arm around my daughter and continued to read, silently thankful that I’d found such a wonderful purpose in live.

The End

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