The Devil sends thirteen demons to Earth on Halloween for a one night vacation. Unfortunately for Kyle, one of these demons has chosen him to be her host.

This story was originally written and posted in 1998.


Deep in the darkest depths of Hell, a veritable army of demonic beings congregated, impatiently waiting for their lord and master. Finally his Infernal Majesty, the Dark Prince and unquestioned ruler of the Netherworld arrived. Arrogantly, he stood and stared down at his followers, sneering at the lot of them. He knew that the business he had at hand could easily have been handled one to one, rather than calling forth all his demonic denizens, but this way he found was much preferable. Smirking to himself, he thought how easily it was to raise their hopes, then to smash them down again. This way would ensure their bitterness and jealousy over those that he had chosen. Yes, he thought, that was why he’d long since made this annual calling a tradition of Hell.

“Silence,” he said quietly, and all sounds died away instantly. None would dare to interrupt him and face his wrath. Looking at the assembled crowd, he knew that he didn’t have to tell them why they were called, but it was part of the tradition. “I have assembled you here for the choosing,” he said simply. “Ages ago the covenant was formed.” A crowd of heads nods, each having heard these words innumerable times. Each knowing exactly what the covenant was and what it meant for each of them.

“The Covenant which allows me once a year on All Hallows Eve, to choose thirteen demons to send to Earth for a vacation.” The Dark One sneers at that last word, seeing the hope beginning to form in many of those present. In spite of what some thought, hope was not all gone from Hell. He purposely ensured that some remained, just so that he could have the enjoyment of crushing it.

“It is the pact which allows thirteen of you to be sent to be freed on Earth for this one night a year.” The demons looked at each other, wondering who was going to be chosen this year to leave. Wondering who would be the lucky ones. They all desired this great prize, it being the only chance they’d have for freedom, as limited as it was. Those that were lucky enough to be chosen would be let loose, which for most would be the first time in centuries.

The Dark Prince grinned, showing his vicious teeth. “The Covenant requires that I remind you of the rules. That first, you are not allowed to directly kill or attempt to kill any of the mortals.” He waited for a moment to let that sink in. Each knowing that they could tempt others to work for them. “The second is that the first mortal whom you see upon arrival must be your host if you wish to interact with the mortals.” Again he waited. “And finally....,” The Dark One sneered, “Your powers will be greatly limited while there.” The Dark One stopped, letting the suspense build.

Finally, he decided to continue and announced the names of those thirteen that he’d chosen, enjoying the feelings of the raw jealousy and hatred against those chosen by those not so fortunate. Laughing, he held his hand up, yelling out, “Let it begin!”


Kyle Wingate took a long look outside his window, seeing that the sun was beginning to set. He smiled to himself, knowing that most of the trick-or-treaters would soon begin to arrive. So far he’d already had a couple of them, mostly from some of the younger kids that couldn’t get out late and a couple of others that just wanted an early start. There were some of those every year.

At 16, and a junior in high school, Kyle was too old for trick or treating, and had no interest in it anyway. He’d much rather just sit back watching TV, maybe something like the movie Halloween or Nightmare Before Christmas. Something to get him in the mood while he passed out candy to the costumed kiddies.

Absently, Kyle wondered if his parents were having any fun at his Dad’s company Halloween party yet, then decided probably not. Every year they went, dressed in some cheap and rather stupid costumes, then came back home complaining how office politics interfered with the party. Besides, Kyle thought to himself, everyone there would be too old and stuffy to have much real fun.

Since he was going to be home alone, the job of passing out the candy fell to Kyle. Fortunately it was a job that he didn’t mind and in fact rather enjoyed. He wouldn’t admit it, but he got a kick out of seeing what kind of costumes the kids would come up with. Kyle himself had never really gotten into costumes, and hadn’t bothered with one in 4 years, preferring instead to just sit back and relax.

Chuckling to himself, Kyle watched the ax murderer on the TV screen going after some teenage girl. Just as he was beginning to get back into the movie, Kyle froze up, the hairs on the back of his neck seeming to stand straight out. Something felt very wrong, but Kyle didn’t know what it could be. Trying to ignore this sudden feeling, Kyle shifted position then heard a rumbling sound that seemed to be coming from his back yard.

Jumping up, Kyle spat “Damn kids and their Halloween pranks.” Quickly, Kyle ran to the back door, throwing it open and hoping to catch whoever was in his back yard playing some Halloween trick. Instead, his eyes caught steam or smoke pouring out from the middle of the back yard.

Kyle stared in horror as the ground seemed to rumble, and then crack open where the steam was venting. Coughing from the horrible stench, which smelled something like rotten eggs but many times worse, Kyle saw the hole in the ground opening, and a horrible reddish orange glow emanating from within. As if something within was on fire.

Feeling as if his heart was climbing up his throat, Kyle started stepping back eyes still fixed on the hole in his back yard, unable to move away. A blurred human figure seemed to step out of the chasm in the ground, then just as quickly as it opened, it sealed itself up, leaving no sign that it had been there except for the burnt grass and scorch marks on the yard. The humanoid figure was covered in a mist, which was slowly parting.

As scared as Kyle was of whatever this was, his curiosity was also peaked and wouldn’t let him just run. The figure turned to face Kyle, and he realized that it was VERY female. Before Kyle could move further, the thing seemed to vanish in a swirl of vapor, which suddenly blew right at him. Within seconds, he was completely enveloped in the swirling mist, and felt a strange numbing coldness running through his body. Horrified, Kyle felt as if the stuff was soaking into him. As the last of the mist seemed to vanish, so did Kyle’s strength, and he collapsed to the ground unconscious.


When Kyle opened his eyes again, he was sure that no more than a few minutes had passed since he’d fainted. Cursing himself for such a stupid thing, Kyle wondered if there was something wrong with him that was making him hallucinate. “Maybe someone slipped me some acid,” he muttered to himself, thinking that a Halloween prank like that would certainly explain what he thought he’d seen and why he fainted. Remembering that last year a kid in one of his classes had done that to the teacher, Kyle decided that was probably what had happened.

Carefully Kyle got to his feet, not feeling quite right. He had the feeling as if someone was watching him, or looking over his shoulder, but when he turned around, no one was there. Trying to convince himself that it had been only a hallucination, Kyle looked at his yard again, still seeing the burnt grass. Shaking his head and trying to convince himself that it had been only a drug induced dream or some kind of joke, Kyle went back inside, trying to ignore the presence that he was sure he felt.

As Kyle was walking back to the living room couch, his whole body suddenly froze without his meaning to. Kyle tried to make his legs keep moving, but in spite of his desires, they wouldn’t budge. Then without Kyle’s willing it, his own hand came up and stopped in front of his face, making him stare at it. “Hmph,” Kyle heard coming out of his own mouth, “Not great, but at least I’m solid.” Horrified, Kyle tried to talk, but found himself unable to. He felt that presence even stronger now.

“Oh, mortal, don’t bother fighting me,” Kyle once again heard coming out of his own mouth. Then Kyle started walking again, this time without his own volition, as if someone else were moving his body for him. He screamed out in his head in panic, unable to believe that he couldn’t control his own body. When he stopped, he was in the living room, looking at the serial killer on TV. “Way to go.” He heard his own voice say.

Kyle tried moving again, still to no effect. Then he heard a voice inside his head. It was a woman’s voice saying “Well mortal, I shall tell you what is happening. My name is Lilith, though you may call me Lily.” Kyle suddenly found himself able to move again, though he didn’t know for how long. He turned around, looking for this Lily, but seeing no one. He heard her laughing and realized that it was only in his head. Then Lily started talking again, “I am what you would call a succubus. I have been freed from Hell for this one night, and have honored you by making you my host while I am here.”

“No!” Kyle screamed out, hearing Lily laughing at him again in his head.

Lily continued, “There is nothing that you can do mortal.” With that, Kyle found that he once again lost control of his body as he got up and walked to the large mirror in the hallway. “Rather small,” Lily snorted to Kyle, this time using his mouth and voice “but I can fix that.” With that, she touched the mirror, and it started stretching down, growing large enough to show the whole person instead of just the head and shoulders like it did just moments before.

“What a pitifully wretched body,” Lily said inside Kyle’s head after examining his body in the mirror for a minute, “Unfortunately I don’t have much choice. What do you think, mortal?” Kyle felt his lips form into a sneer, one which was clearly visible though out of place in the mirror.

“My name’s Kyle, not mortal!” Kyle screamed out inside his head, trying to at least be noticed and hoping that he could somehow convince her to leave him alone. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was determined to find out. Kyle thought he’d be damned if he’d be a prisoner in his own body.

Inside Kyle’s head, he heard Lily laughing again, “Very well, Kyle it is.” Kyle himself felt relieved that this creature inside him was actually willing to talk to him. He hoped that meant he could reason with it. Then Lily said, “You don’t know what damned is. Though I suppose you do have a right to know what is happening to you, and it amuses me to tell you.”

Gulping, Kyle asked in his head, now sure that she could hear him, “What are you? Why are you doing this to me?”

Lily chuckled again using Kyle’s mouth, then thought to him inside his head, “I and twelve others have been released from Hell for this one night, then we must return. Until then I need a host, and you have been chosen.” Kyle could almost feel the sneer inside his head at that last part. “I’ll leave your pathetic body in the morning.” Lily continued, “But until then, I will use your body as I see fit.” Inside, Kyle started screaming again.

Kyle still couldn’t pull himself away from the mirror into which Lily was staring, though he tried. Giving up for the moment, he decided that he’d conserve his strength for now, trying again when he thought he might actually have a chance.

Then Lily intruded on his thoughts, saying, “This body just won’t do. I’ll just have to make it acceptable then.”

In the mirror, Kyle saw his eyes glowing orange, caused by the infernal creature inside him. He realized in horror, that somehow he’d been possessed by a demon. Even though she said she’d free him in the morning, he sure as hell wasn’t about to trust her word on that. As the glowing in the reflections eyes increased, Kyle could feel his eyes almost burning. Suddenly, Kyle felt a stabbing pain run through his body, though he couldn’t move or even scream out loud. The stabbing pain faded, to be replaced by what felt to be pins and needles throughout his body. After a moment, even that faded, then the heat began.

It started out as a warmth that seemed to suffuse his body, even feeling rather pleasant to Kyle. Then it quickly got hotter and hotter, almost to the point of burning, without actually making Kyle feel like he was burning. By this point, he glimpsed in the mirror, noticing that his whole body was covered in an orange glow, but was mostly too distracted by what he was feeling to pay the reflection much attention.

Finally the warmth receded and Kyle was once again able to see himself in the mirror, getting a horrible shock when he did so. He knew immediately after the warmth subsided that something was dreadfully wrong. Everything about his body suddenly felt alien to him. Seeing himself in the mirror only confirmed what he instinctively knew, though that wasn’t quite what he expected either.

“That’s much better,” Lily said through Kyle’s lips, though his voice didn’t come out. Since she was admiring the reflection in the mirror still, Kyle was forced to look at it as well. The mirror showed that his whole body was gone. In its place was an absolutely gorgeous woman. She had long, raven black hair, dark eyes, luscious lips coated with a glossy dark red, and an amazing figure.

Kyle winced inside, knowing that there was nothing he could do. He wanted to cringe, to scream, to howl out in rage, but his body would allow none of those. He could feel the weight of his breasts pushing outward from his chest, seeing how magnificent they looked in the mirror. Though he couldn’t turn around to see or touch it, he could feel that his butt was huge. And according to the mirror, he had incredibly sexy long legs and a figure that many women would sell their souls for.

Lily posed in incredibly sexy positions in front of the mirror, making minor adjustments to the clothes that had also appeared on him. Though he felt completely alien, Kyle still felt that this was rightfully his body, demon invader or not. Kyle couldn’t help but noticing the very high heeled black shoes, the tight black skirt, the dark red shirt that left the midriff entirely open or the nearly talon like fingernails that were coated with the same glossy dark red as her lips. His lips.

Overall, Kyle hated to admit it, but couldn’t help but noticing how much his new body radiated sex. It was as if it cried out for that one thing. His face nearly screamed out “fuck me.” And in spite of how sexy the woman in the mirror looked, she didn’t look like any slut, but instead like a sexual predator out on the prowl.

Kyle felt his lips form into a smile against his will, then went along helplessly as Lily used his body to blow a kiss back at the reflection. “To die for,” She laughed, now sounding out loud like she did in Kyle’s head.

“What are you doing to me?” Kyle cried out, surprised that his mouth obeyed him for once. Even more surprised at the incredibly sexy voice that came out.

Lily tossed their hair, then turned around, walking back into the living room, smile apparent on her lips. “I’m letting you tag along for the ride,” Lily teased, “You should thank me.” Lily stopped again in the middle of the living room, staring at the door for a minute as if thinking. Kyle hoped she wasn’t thinking about going out. He felt completely humiliated like this, not to mention helpless. Lily spoke out loud again, “Something’s missing.” With that, she snapped their fingers, and a black leather jacket appeared in her hand. “That should do it,” She muttered. Then she admitted, almost reluctantly to Kyle, “That took a bit out of me.” When Kyle started to feel hope that she wouldn’t be able to keep that up much longer, she laughed out loud and put the coat on, as if to prove she was still in complete control. “It didn’t take that much out of me, mortal. Kyle,” She amended, smirking.

Kyle tried to control himself again, hoping that Lily’s using her powers would have weakened her hold on him, but was disappointed to find that it hadn’t. That he was still a helpless prisoner within his own body. Or at least what had been his body.

It was then that Kyle realized that his nipples felt funny. Not just that he had breasts and they felt so strange on him, though that was definitely true, but that they felt hard. Almost like erections. Stunned, Kyle realized that he was feeling horny. Or at least Lily was, and was passing it along to him. The warm dampness that he was beginning to feel in his groin seemed to confirm that.

As if hearing his thoughts, which she had, Lily pinched one of their nipples, then started rubbing her breasts, making Kyle want to gasp out in surprise at how good that felt. It horrified him that it felt good just to have her play with their breasts like that, and even more so as he felt a tension in his groin beginning to demand some sort of attention.

Lily laughed at Kyle’s discomfort, then let go of their breasts, seeing something else that caught her eye instead. Kyle was forced to look where she was, not knowing just what she seemed to find so interesting. At least not until Lily went over and picked up his Dad’s pack of cigarettes and lighter that had been left on the coffee table. Kyle screamed inside while Lily just smiled and said “Ah, just what I need.”

Struggling helplessly, Kyle tried to fight as Lily pulled one of the cigarettes out of the pack with her/his dark manicured nails. Lily smirked at Kyle, ignoring his pleas to stop what she was doing, then apparently deciding to just ignore him. Kyle would have screamed had he been able to as Lily brought the cigarette to their lips, then gracefully lit it, taking a deep drag.

As Lily inhaled, Kyle could taste the foul smoke filling his mouth and being pulled into his lungs. Everything in him wanted to stop it, to gag or cough, but Lily wouldn’t let his body do that. Apparently enjoying it, Lily blew the smoke back out. After several more drags, which Kyle unsuccessfully tried to stop, he was startled to realize that he felt a little good. That the nicotine was doing its thing to his body.

Lily kept taking drags, ignoring Kyle completely. Then to Kyle’s horror, she went to the front door, opening it. “I haven’t had a vacation in centuries” Lily said out loud, “And I sure as Hell intend to enjoy myself fully” Kyle winced at the smirk that was on her face and at the suggestive way she grabbed her breast while saying that. Especially since he could still feel his breasts and crotch demanding attention. Still screaming inside, Kyle was helpless to stop himself as he walked out the door.


As Kyle was walking down the street, he hated the way that he could feel his butt moving. Wiggling back and forth, in what he knew was an extremely feminine manner. He couldn’t help himself though, and couldn’t even make himself stop. He was forced to go where Lily took him, and do what she did. No matter how much he hated it, and he had a very bad feeling that he was going to hate it even more before the night was through.

He knew by the way Lily was moving their head and whom she was staring at, that she had one thing on her mind. And by the way every adult male past puberty that they’d passed had looked at them, that she would have absolutely no problem finding it. And what was worse, was that Kyle could still how horny Lily was. And by extension, how horny he was. If he could have, he might have screamed out in frustration at just how strong it was getting.

Finally Lily seemed to make up her mind, and hurried over to some guy that was walking past, dressed up as a vampire. Probably on his way to some party or something, Kyle decided, though not really caring. Lily walked right up to him and smiled seductively, something Kyle knew ensured the man hadn’t a chance.

Inside, Kyle was screaming as Lily grabbed the man and led him over to some bushes, only barely out of view of pedestrians, and almost tore his clothes off. As soon as she had him stripped, she threw him to the ground and proceeded to tear her own clothes off. Kyle felt completely flushed with her desire, with her nearly overwhelming lust. Still, he tried to scream, half caught between the lust, and half between his self-identity. His masculine pride.

When Lily started kissing the stranger passionately on the mouth, Kyle was still trying to struggle. He knew that it was helpless to resist, but his pride wouldn’t let him surrender without a fight. Especially not to something as unthinkable as this.

The stranger squirmed out in passion as Lily started licking him, and Kyle was squirming inside as well. Lily’s arousal had become almost torturous. His nipples were so erect and ready that it was almost painful. His crotch, his pussy ached with desire. It ached with an almost overwhelming need to be filled.

Finally, Lily lowered them onto the stranger’s engorged cock and started moving up and down while both of them moaned. Inside Kyle had lost his struggle to keep fighting, having been overwhelmed by his body’s desire. By the raw physical need for sex. Unable to do anything, he was hauled along for the ride as Lily expertly kept pounding at the stranger.

Kyle came in a mind shattering orgasm, but Lily kept going even through the raw waves of unbelievably intense pleasure. When the stranger came, he started to go limp, but Lily just looked at him and he returned to full readiness. Again Kyle came, barely noticing that the stranger beneath him had already come five times and was still hard.

Lily lowered their head, and Kyle got a look at the stranger’s face for the first time since shortly after they started. The man looked overwhelmed with pleasure, but deeper than that, he looked exhausted. Kyle noticed that the man looked completely worn out, no longer doing anything but lying there helpless as Lily and Kyle kept fucking him. Still overwhelmed by the intense pleasure, Kyle didn’t think to wonder why the man was so exhausted, and no matter how many times he came, why he never went down.

Finally the stranger’s cock went limp, and Lily made them stand back up. Kyle couldn’t believe how awesome he felt. It was as if every inch of his body was alive with pleasure and energy. It amazed him just how fantastic that experience had been, and how much he found himself craving more. Looking down at the stranger, lying on the ground unconscious and worn out, Kyle saw that the man was pale, and suddenly became sure that if the man wasn’t dead, he was very close.

This realization sobered Kyle instantly. He could feel the intense self-satisfaction that was radiating from Lily, and feel the smirk on his face. Kyle barely noticed as Lily dressed them back up again how the mess smeared along their thighs had suddenly become clean. “What did you do to him?” Kyle screamed at Lily inside his head, unable to believe what she’d done to that man. What they’d done to that man. Kyle was sure that the man was dead. Fucked to death.

“What did you expect?” Lily sneered at Kyle, “I’m a succubus.”

Kyle felt like crying inside, screaming “You killed him.”

Lily snorted audibly, pulling out and lighting another cigarette, “I did not. I only fed on his sexual energies and drained him. He’s still alive and should be mostly back to normal in about a week.” Then Lily chuckled, blowing smoke out overhead, “But it will be at least a month before he’s able to even have an erection again.” Seeming satisfied with herself, Lily then ignored Kyle and the collapsed man behind the bushes, already on the look out for more prey.

It wasn’t much longer before Lily found her next victim. Kyle was surprised at how picky she was, going past man after man while he could feel their lust building up again. Inside, Kyle was beginning to squirm at the strength of the lust he felt again, but Lily seemed to be able to ignore it. She was like an animal on the hunt, drawn to the most potent appetizer for her sexual hunger.

When Lily found him, Kyle winced, seeing that it was a college guy with his girlfriend, both dressed up in cheap costumes. Him as a keystone cop, and her as a burglar. Without a word Lily walked up to him, obviously flaunting her unbelievable figure. Kyle noticed that Lily completely ignored the looks of jealous hatred the girlfriend was sending, instead focusing on the boy. The new victim was staring at her in rapt attention, look of undisguised lust visible on his face. His girlfriend completely forgotten.

Absently, Lily shoved the screaming girlfriend aside, leading the entranced man to the side of a house where she tore off his clothes and proceeded to fuck him dry. Literally. Right in plain view of anyone who happened to walk past. Once again Kyle was caught up in the waves of passion and desire, unable to struggle at all and too lost in the pleasure and lust to even want too. Kyle lost all conscious thought, swept along for the ride as Lily drew all pleasure and sexual energy from her victim. He could feel the raw energy flowing through him, charging him up and feeding Lily within.

Finally this man was used up as well, and left motionless on the ground as Lily once again put on her clothes, which were miraculously clean and undamaged. This time, Kyle numbly went along with her, too caught up in what he’d felt. In what he was still feeling. As Lily lit another cigarette, Kyle barely noticed the strong smoke filling mouth and lungs. Barely noticed that Lily was already walking in her usual sensual manner towards the noise in the distance. The noise that practically screamed out “Halloween Party.” The noise which marked the location of where the next meal to satisfy her sexual hunger was to be found.

When Lily found the man outside the building pissing against the wall, she didn’t even bother to seduce him, instead she grabbed him and ripped off his clothes, intent on her goal. Horrified, Kyle was carried along as they raped that man to satisfy the carnal desires that Lily felt. This time he hadn’t even felt quite the same level of lust as before, not having had time to build completely back up after the last. But still, Lily took what she wanted from him, leaving the drained body lying naked on the ground.

Kyle wanted to scream out “That was wrong,” to Lily verbally as well as in his head, but was once again unable to.

Lily just smirked, then said, “By the way, he had AIDS,” making Kyle scream even louder inside, terrified that he was now infected. After Kyle screamed for awhile, Lily told him inside his head, “I’m a succubus. As such, I am immune to such petty mortal things as diseases or pregnancy, and since I improved this host body, you are as well.”

Still, that didn’t calm Kyle down too much. He was disgusted at what he’d been forced to do so far, hauled around by Lily. Disgusted at himself for how much he’d enjoyed it, and worst yet, how much more he wanted. Reluctantly, Kyle had to admit how addicting this was, and that even now, hating it as much as he did, he still wanted more. Kyle was thankful at least that he didn’t feel that overwhelming lust which would demand it of him. At least not yet since Lily seemed satisfied for now. “Well Kyle”, she said to him, almost friendly, “Let’s go have some fun.”

Kyle felt nervous as Lily walked them into the Halloween party, walking smoothly among the guests. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to her, the men in lust and the women in jealousy. Lily just smiled, flirting and encouraging both, apparently enjoying herself. Fortunately, Kyle thought, she didn’t find anyone that particularly attracted her. He was afraid that she was going to seduce someone else, or rape them. He shuddered inside, both at the horrible thought, and the anticipation it brought.

Seeming to get bored, Lily made them walk out of the party, much to Kyle’s relief. Nervously, he realized that he could feel his nipples hardening again and his pussy getting wet, but it didn’t seem nearly as insistent as before. He debated with himself for awhile, then finally his curiosity forced him to ask Lily about that. About how come the desire had been so overwhelming before but wasn’t anymore.

Lily chuckled, then said, “That’s because I’ve fed. As a succubus, I am always aroused. It is my nature. This body has just been altered to satisfy my nature, and to fit my purpose.” Kyle thought about it, but Lily wasn’t finished. “I require what you would call sexual energy for sustenance as long as I am in the mortal world, and I came here starved. It fuels my being, and my powers.” Kyle shuddered inside, realizing that she was stronger now than before. If she could turn his body into this while starved, he didn’t like to think what she could do now.

As Lily had finished, she once again ignored Kyle and continued walking to wherever it was she was going. Quietly Kyle went along for the ride, knowing now that he wouldn’t have a chance of taking control back. Going along, scared that she’d do it again and that he’d enjoy it.

For the moment though, Lily seemed satisfied to walk around and tormenting couples. Kyle was helpless to prevent Lily from finding husbands and wives taking their children trick or treating, then flirting and nearly seducing the man in front of his own family. She seemed to take intense delight in using her unnatural sex appeal to break lovers apart, and leaving men she found humiliated. Or to just walk by men and women, leaving them incredibly horny after she walked past, seeing what trouble she could get them into. At least, Kyle thought, she wasn’t trying to fuck anyone right then.

After several hours of this, Kyle was almost getting used to the constant arousal that he was still feeling, thankful that it wasn’t worse.

Eventually Lily seemed to get tired of even this, which made Kyle feel more apprehensive. Without any apparent direction, Lily led them past a number of houses, almost as if looking for something. Finally she stopped, staring at one white house with a smirk on her face. Inside, Kyle groaned, wondering what she was up to now.

Kyle found himself walking up to the front door of that house, using that extremely sexy gait that Lily had forced on them all night. He didn’t even bother resisting as Lily rang the door bell, only wondering just what depraved amusement she was after this time. When a rather tall and fairly well muscled man opened the door, and Lily smiled invitingly at him, Kyle didn’t have to wonder any more.

“Let’s go inside,” Lily said to the surprised man, using her most seductive voice. Unquestioningly, the man stepped back, letting Kyle walk in under Lily’s control. Kyle felt Lily licking their lips suggestively towards the man, whose eyes were glazed over with lust, and who’s pants had a very definite bulge in the front.

This time Lily went slower, leading the man to his own bedroom, then slowly dripping for him in her must suggestive manner. Inside Kyle could feel his heavy arousal getting stronger, as much as he hated to admit it. Slowly Lily undressed the strange man, which was quite a difference from her earlier tearing their clothes off.

When the man was finally stripped naked, Kyle was amazed that the man had a huge cock. It was as if Lily could sense his size, and tracked him down just for that reason. Kyle realized that this was probably exactly what had happened. She could sense vitality, so tracked down the strongest nearby source.

Against his will, Kyle found himself licking his lips again, then bending over and gently kissing the head of the other man’s dick. Kyle wanted to scream, feeling disgusted, but at the same time feeling the ache in his loins that wanted attention. Slowly, Lily ran their tongue over the man’s cock, then slid her mouth over the whole thing, slowly enveloping it in their mouth and throat.

Kyle wanted to gag, to spit it out, or do anything, but instead he was trapped with another man’s cock in his mouth, while Lily was moaning loudly. With the intruding appendage going far into his throat, Kyle wanted to gag, but Lily showed no sign of doing so. Instead, Kyle realized that she seemed to have no gag reflex at all. Then she began moving their head up and down, sliding their lips along the large shaft.

As disgusted as Kyle felt, he couldn’t help but envying the man he was giving a blow-job to. He normally would have given almost anything to have a woman as gorgeous and sexy as this sucking on him. Instead however, he was trapped inside that gorgeous woman.

Finally the stranger shuddered and Kyle could feel the warm sticky cum filling his mouth and throat. Lily didn’t pull back, and in fact started swallowing it, not letting loose of the shrinking appendage until she’d gotten very last drop. Then pulling her mouth away, Kyle felt Lily lick their lips, then use her taloned fingernail to wipe up a drop that they’d missed, and lick that clean as well. Kyle wanted to gag, disgusted at having just swallowed another man’s cum. And it hadn’t even been as bad as he would have expected either. It was rather salty and he could still taste it in his mouth as Lily stood up, licking their lips some more.

Lily glanced down at the man’s cock, and it immediately sprang back to full life. Carefully, she sat on the man’s belly, purposely teasing him with her presence, then said “Play with my tits,” to the stranger.

Kyle gasped inside as the stranger started gently rubbing his breasts. Pinching his nipples and sending waves of pleasure through him. It wasn’t like the raw immediate lust earlier, but was instead a slower passion, which filled Kyle just as much. Unable to help himself, Kyle found himself lost in the pleasure that this man was giving him, licking around his nipples, and massaging his pussy with the free hand.

Becoming lost in his rising passion and increasing desires, Kyle moaned out loud, not noticing that it came out of his throat in a sultry voice. Kyle squeezed his hands against the stranger’s shoulders, moaning again in pleasure, unaware that Lily had slipped back and left him in control of the body. Or the body in control of him.

Without thinking about it, Kyle responded to the stranger’s motions, and his body’s desires, shifting positions with the stranger so that he was the one lying on his back, while the man was straddling him. Still the stranger licked and played with Kyle’s nipples, and using his free hand around Kyle’s wet box. Kyle tightened his vaginal muscles around the finger that entered his moist slit, moaning out loud again.

By this point, Kyle was so caught up in his desires and his swollen pussy’s demands that something fill it, that he went along completely with his body’s primal urges. “Fuck me,” Kyle screamed out, wanting, no needing something to fill him. The stranger finally relented and slit his thick cock into Kyle. He could feel himself opening as he was being filled. He could feel the cock sliding deeper inside him, then gently moving in and out as the stranger started gently but firmly thrusting in and out.

Screaming out, Kyle orgasmed violently as wave after wave washed through his body. “More,” he screamed out, and the stranger kept pumping. Through Lily’s power, the stranger remained hard for several hours, giving Kyle orgasm after orgasm. Finally, even Lily’s powers had reached their limits and the stranger collapsed to the bed exhausted beyond any human understanding. Drained of all his sexual energy, and then some.

Lying on the bed, Kyle felt so alive. So charged up. His whole body seemed to be glowing with pleasure and energy. Keeping his eyes closed, he smiled at how good he still felt, unable to believe such pleasure could exist. Opening his eyes, he sat up, only then becoming aware that he was the one that had done it this time. Not Lily, but him.

Gasping, Kyle jumped off the bed, looking at the pale stranger collapsed on the bed in a mixture of satisfaction and horror. “So, how’d you like your first solo?” Kyle found himself saying out loud, though he hadn’t intended to. As Kyle once again lost control over his body, he realized that Lily was back. He felt his lips form into a smile, then saying “Nice job,” as Lily started laughing. Kyle felt ashamed of himself, that he’d lost control and done that on his own. Each other time he was able to blame Lily, saying that she was the one that had done it, and he had been helpless but to go along. This time however it had been his own actions that did it. How could he reconcile that with his pride?

Horrified at what he was becoming, Kyle sat back while Lily used their body to get dressed, once again getting cleaned and well groomed through her magic. With a large smirk on her face, Lily bent over and gave the exhausted victim one final kiss, then left his house.

As they were walking, Kyle was surprised that he didn’t feel tired yet. They’d spent almost the entire night being extremely active, and he still felt wide awake and energetic. Somehow, he knew that this was part of Lily’s magic. Or, he shuddered thinking about it, the energy that she’d stolen from those men. That they’d stolen from those men.

Kyle didn’t even wince as Lily took one final drag from her cigarette then dropped it to the ground. He still hated that foul taste, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been and there was nothing he could do about it. Besides, after sucking that guy’s cock, smoking didn’t seem nearly as gross as it had.

Lily looked up, and Kyle felt a frown forming on her face, “Damn,” she snarled. Kyle felt her anger and wanted to cringe back. “Fuck, fuck fuck.” Kyle was afraid that she was going to do something horrible again, and didn’t want to be a part of anything else. Then Lily said “My time’s up. I must return.”

Return? Kyle suddenly felt hopeful, remembering that she’d told him it would only be for the night. That she’d leave him. Sighing in relief, Kyle was thankful that he’d have his own body back in just a short while. No longer would he be trapped in this body, as this woman, but would be free as himself again.

The first light of dawn was covering the sky, and Lily sneered. “Well mortal. Kyle,” she amended, “I’ve had some fun, but I’ve got to go back.” Inside, Kyle cheered. Lily looked down, saying “The boss certainly wouldn’t allow me to remain since that would break the covenant, but I wish I could.”

Impatiently, Kyle waited for her to leave so he’d return to normal. Lily spoke to him directly in his head again, saying “Since you were such a good host, I’ll leave you with a little something to remember me by.” With that, Kyle felt her presence leave him. For the first time all night, he couldn’t feel her there anymore. He was once again all alone within his body.

Then Kyle screamed. A high pitched woman’s scream as he realized that he was still in the shape Lily had put him into. That he was still a woman. Horrified, he grabbed hold of his breasts, then ran his hands over his body. He couldn’t believe that she’d done this to him. That she’d left him like that.

Letting himself collapse to the ground in shock, Kyle just stared at his perfectly manicured hands. It was then that Kyle became aware that his nipples were getting hard again, and that his pussy was getting wet. In just moments, he could feel his body becoming overwhelmed once again with desire. Horrified, he felt his pussy aching for something to fill it. Almost demanding attention. Sadly, Kyle looked down at himself, realizing how much he suddenly needed it.

Narrowing his eyes, Kyle looked around, trying to see what he needed. What he knew would satisfy his rising desire. Losing himself in his body’s demands, Kyle started off to find someone to satisfy his rising hunger. Off to find some prey.

The End.

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