The Christmas Wish


A cute boy tells his mother of his Christmas wish.


The Christmas Wish
by Barbara Lynn Terry

I had just walked in the door, and hung my coat on the hanger in the front hall closet. It was very cold outside, and I was kinda sniffling. I took my books up to my room, and sat them on my bed. Then I went into the bathroom, and used some tissue to blow my nose, and after doing what I had to, I washed my hands and went downstairs.

"How was your day at school, dear?" My mother asked, as she was making dinner.

"It was all right, mother. I mean, what can I say? It was a school day."

She smiled, while she put the roast in the oven, and set the timer. "Would you like to make the salad, honey?"

"Yes, mother."

I got out the lettuce, the cucumber, and two carrots. I went to the drawer and took out the peeler, a knife, and the salad mixing set. The salad mixing set is a fork and spoon that are joined together, like tongs would be. I started peeling the cucumber first, then the two carrots, and then I shredded the lettuce with my hands. I always made the salad in a strainer, so that when I rinsed them off, the water would just go through the holes. After I thoroughly rinsed all the vegetables, I put them in a medium salad bowl, and mixed them together with the salad mixing set. Since mother and I like two different kinds of salad dressing, I left that until the roast was done. Mother had also put two potatoes in with the roast, so they would be done together.

"Dear, do you have any homework tonight?"

"Yes Mother. I only have geography and math to do, tho."

"All right. Make sure it is finished, right after we are through with dinner and cleaning up."

"Yes, mother."

My name is Robert Fleming, I am fourteen years old, and just started high school in the fall. This was already October, and the weather was just like the middle of winter. I have long brown hair, that comes to my shoulders, and my face is oval like my mother's. When I walk, my hips naturally kinda swivel, and my eyes are wide and doe-like, and I am only five foot, four inches tall. Uh-huh, you guessed it, I look like a girl.

The timer went off, and mother took the roast out of the oven. She set it on top of the stove, and started slicing it. I got out the dishes, and set the table. I got out the salad, and the dressings, as well as the milk. We sat down to eat, and like always, we talked.

"Honey, did you have any problems at school today?"

"No mother, the boys kinda leave me alone, and the girls keep telling me I'm too cute to be a boy. Today we had gym, and the boys all went around to the other side of the lockers to get into their gym clothes. They don't really pick on me tho, except sometimes I will hear them talking about me like they would a girl. When I hear them talking like that, I get this really weird feeling. I mean, what they say isn't mean, or anything, but it does something to me inside. I can't really describe it."

"All right, well as long as they aren't hurting you. Have you made out your Christmas list yet. You know, even tho this is October, and we have Hallowe'en to go through yet, the first day of Christmas shopping is the day after Thanksgiving. Is there anything special that you would want for Christmas?"

"Yes mother, there is. I have to think really hard about this tho, because when I give you my list, I want it to be something that I really thought out, and not something that just popped into my head. I want this Christmas to be very special, mother."

"Well, we have time yet. You can give me your list, after you have thought it out."

"Thank you, mother."

We were finished eating, and we put the leftovers away, and washed, dried and put the dishes away, and then we cleaned the kitchen. I went up to my room to do my homework, and that only took me about an hour, because the math I had to do, was only a few problems I didn't finish in class. Geography is my best subject, and I had to do a report on the different mountain ranges that make up the Rocky mountains. I had to write it from my geography book, but in my own words. This kinda showed the teacher that we were paying attention. When I was finished, I put my books away, and went to run my bath. I usually just took a shower, but today I wanted to take a bath. I saw my mother's Garden Rose bubble bath, and put that into the running water. I went back to my room to get my pajamas, a pair of under briefs, and my robe and slippers. I went back into the bathroom, took off my clothes, and put them in the hamper, and set my pajamas and robe on the shelf by the sink, and my slippers underneath it. I then got into the tub and just sat there, and soaked all of the stress of the day away. I dreamed I was a real girl, and that I was at one of the school dances. I was dreaming I was dancing with every boy that had asked me, and just when one of the boys was ready to kiss me, mother knocked at the door.

"Dear, are you turning into a prune, yet?"

I giggled, and said, "no mother, I'll be right out."

I washed myself throroughly, and then rinsed off with the shower head. I patted myself dry with a soft terry towel, and got into my under briefs, my pajamas and robe, and my slippers, then went downstairs to join mother in the living room. When I snuggled next to her, she smelled the bubble bath scent.

"You used my bubble bath, again. Do you like bubble baths, sweetie?"

"Yes mother, you can just sit there and let the bubbles take you away, and get all of the stress of the day out too."

"Wait right here. I have something I think you will like."

She went upstairs, and came back a few minutes later with what looked like a nightgown. It looked like it was satin, and was lavender in color. She had a pair of panties with her too.

"Dear, you can't wear those awful pajamas to bed after taking such a nice bubble bath. Would you mind wearing these for tonight?"

"Moth...uhm moth...I..."

"It's all right dear. Tell you what, go into the bathroom and change, and then let me take a look."

I took the nightgown and panties to the bathroom. I got out of my pajamas, under shorts, and robe, and slid the panties up my almost hairless legs. I put on the shimmering nightgown, and looked at myself in the mirror. The mirror was full length, because mother sometimes got dressed in the bathroom. What I saw, was a beautiful girl looking back at me. I smiled, and then put my slippers back on, and went down stairs.

"Oh Honey! I forgot, you need a pair of slippers too. Wait here, I will be right back." She came back after only a few minutes again, with a pair of fuzzy, lavender slippers. They must got with the nightgown. "All right sweetie, wear these slippers instead of the ones you have on."

I stepped into the slippers, and they felt very warm on my feet, and seemed to cradle my feet as well. They were even warmer than my own slippers.

"Did you look at yourself in the mirror, honey?"

"Yes, mother."

"What did you see, when you saw yourself?"

"I saw a girl looking back at me. Mother, since you are letting me wear this tonight, I have my Christmas list all ready."

"What is it, that you want for Christmas, dear?"

"Mother, I wish to be a girl, forever and ever, and be your daughter."

I saw tears in mother's eyes, and she hugged me tightly. "Oh sweetie! If only you knew how long I had waited to hear you say that. Yes Roberta, you will be my daughter, and you will get your Christmas wish.


Denise M., left a review of this story that the ending seemed rushed. This story is about a mother/son discussion about getting out the child's Christmas list early, so that the mother would be able to start getting everything on the child's list. But because of the turn of events when Robert used his mother's Garden Rose bubble, bath, and his mother had let him wear the nightgown and panties, Robert told his mother about his Christmas wish. So the ending here is very appropriate, and to go further would ruin the story. Thank you all for reading this, and have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New year too. Barbara

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