The Wizard Of Mid

The Wizard Of Mid
by Barbara Lynn Terry

On a sunny Monday morning in the small land of Mid, the king sat on his throne, his crown a little off to one side. He was deep in thought when when the wizard came in the throne room.

"Why so glum on a beautiful day, sire?"

"My nephew told me this morning that he can't be king of Mid when I die."

"Did he say why, sire?"

"Yes he said that he would rather be a princess married to a prince."

"Oh, dear! This is serious. But have no fear, your trusty wizard is here."

Under his breath the king said, "that's what I'm afraid of."

"I will make up a potion for the lad and when he sups in the great hall, I will slip him the potion in his drink."

"Will he suspect anything?"

"Oh no, sire. Three hours after he drinks the potion, he will have muscles he never dreamed of, he will be Adonis personified, and he will hold his head above all others as the rightful king of Mid."

"Then you have my royal decree to start immediately."

"Yes, sire," and bowing as he backed away from the throne, the king just sat there again, saddened that his only male heir would rather be a woman.

In his laboratory, the wizard worked his magic, creating the potion to turn the king's nephew into a very attractive person. He placed eye of newt, tongue of frog, dragon brains, and some kind of pink liquid he didn't even notice because he was so focused on making the right potion. After mixing everything together, the wizard declared himself ready. He went back to the throne room to tell the king.

"Sire, pardon the intrusion, but I have succeeded in making the potion."

"That was fast, are you sure you made no mistakes?"

"Yes, sire, I checked it myself."

"Then take the potion to the great hall, and when he isn't looking, slip in to his drink."

"Yes, sire, I doth hear the dinner gong, sire."

When the king's nephew who wished to be called Alameda, entered the great hall. She was wearing a fabulous flowing gown of exquisite taste and cost. It was chiffon and satin together, and came just to the top of her ankles. Smoothing her gown as she sat down, she had asked for the chicken. Momentarily taking her eyes off of her drink, the wizard slipped the potion in to it.

As they sat and ate, no one said a word. The silence was deafening. Alameda's gown was stunning as was her jewelry, and carriage. When she sat, she sat as regal as a queen on a throne, and her demeanor was femininity personified. Alameda was to all intents and purposes a proper lady.

As she sat, the king proposed a couple of toasts, one being a sort of dagger in the midst of a more perfect meal, if you will.

"A toast to my nephew who does not wish to be king, but who today is dressed as a pretty maid in a stunning gown, and what looks like transparent slipper sandals, and a beautiful coiffure with not a hair out of place. May you find the man of your dreams." As he sat down, he winked at the wizard, who winked back. Then Alameda stood up and bowed before the assembled company.

"Thank you, dear uncle, and you are so right. I do not wish to be king, because there is no male living in this body. I wish to live my life as a princess married to a prince with his own legacy of becoming king so I can be his queen. To you uncle and your retort of how I am dressed."

Alameda, the petulant child that she is, threw down the goblet after drinking what was in the cup. Then she stormed off to her chambers to get herself ready for bed. After she washed herself, and climbed under the covers, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in, uncle." The king entered Alameda's room. "I am getting so as I know your knock, uncle. What may I do for you?"

"You can stop this foolishness and be a man."

"What foolishness are you speaking of, sire? I have not a clue."

"This vamping around here like some wench on the prowl for a man. You need to stop that."

"But sire, I am a wench on the prowl for a man. A handsome prince who will marry me as I am and make me his queen."

"But you are not a female. Only females may be the queen of a man."

"I am female in here, sire, and that is the only place where it counts."

"Well, I tried and you have broken my spirit. When I die, this bloodline dies with me. I will have no heir to succeed me on the throne." There was nothing else left to say, so the king left.

Alameda went to sleep and had the most beautiful dreams. She dreamt she was on a carriage ride through the country, when she met this kind man in princely clothes. He took off his hat and bowed before the stunnning Alameda. Then they were talking, and then he kissed her telling her he wanted her for his bride.

The next morning, Alameda woke up to the singing of robins in the tree outside. Her ladies maid had come in with her basin and towels so she could wash up. After her bath, her ladies maid helped her get dressed, and then made sure her hair would stand the day.

Alameda went down to the great hall, and kissed her uncle on his cheek.

"Good morning, uncle. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, niece I slept very well. That handsome young Prince Dow was here and said he will be back a little later. Sit child, and have some breakfast."

The wizard came in expecting to find Alameda all muscles and looking like a smaller version of Adonis. But when he saw Alameda, he scratched his head, and couldn't figure out why the prince had a princess' face. He scratched his head and tried to think, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. Then he figured it out. Instead of the brown bottle with the essence of man in it, he had used the pink bottle with the essence of woman. Guaranteed to make a woman of you everytime.

Thus the wizard of Mid had botched another spell for his king. When will they ever learn?

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