This is my first attempt at writing anything in a universe genre. My apologies to Bill Hart and others if I messed this up.

by Barbara Lynn Terry

Coming from work one afternoon, Richard decided he would go through downtown, and do a little window shopping. With his six foot, two inch frame, he could do little else but dream. He went to the mall, and started going from shop to shop. He looked at several outfits, and seperates that complimented each other. He wore a size seven men's shoe, so he knew what size heels to get, but even at that he paused. The store he was in right now, was one he had been in several times before. They had really nice clothes for the everyday and business woman. He saw a burgundy skirt suit, and he knew he just had to try it on. But they wouldn't let him try it on in the store, and he didn't dare go into the men's changing booths. The skirt suit was burgundy in color, except for the shell that was white. He looked at the price and knew he could easily afford the eighty nine dollars plus tax. He paid the cashier, and took the clothes home.

As soon as he was in the door, he went right in the bathroom, and began running water for a nice bubble bath. He also looked at his hair, and it needed a good washing. He went in the bedroom of his one bedroom apartment, and took the clothes off of the hanger. He laid them out on his bed, and put the shoes on the floor. He went back to the bathroom, and after getting out of his male suit, he got in the tub and just let the bubbles relax him.

He submerged in the water to get his hair wet, and then started to wash his hair. He washed his hair twice, and conditioned it twice, so it would be silky soft. He took the big flesh colored sponge and soaked water all over him. When he was finished washing, he stood up, and rinsed off the errant soap with the shower head.

When he had patted himself dry, he wrapped the towel around him like a woman would do, and went to get dressed. He first of all went to his dresser, and got out a pair of suntan nylon stockings, a black lace garter belt, a black half slip, a pair of black panties, and a black demi bra. After putting lotion and powder on, he got into the underthings, and sat down at his desk that he used for a vanity. He applied black eyeliner, and soft dual tan eyeshadow, and then he put the mascara on. When he was satisfied that his face look promising as a woman, he went to the bed and took the skirt, and stepped into it, then he put on the shell being ever so careful not to smudge his makeup, and then he put on the blazer.

He stood in front of his mirror, and saw that his hair needed to be blow dried, and then put in an upsweep or something. But as he looked now, he was a very tall woman. He always had soft facial features, and that is why the makeup worked so good for him.

Richard went back to the bathroom, and got his blow dryer out from underneath the sink. He plugged it in, and blow dried his hair. He left it a little damp though, so he could set it in a very nice upsweep. At thirty four years old, Richard still had a full head of soft brown hair with natural highlights. He went back to the bedroom, and took out his roller set. He rolled his hair starting from the top and working toward the sides and the back. When he was finished rolling his hair, he took the blow dryer, and dried the hair until it was competely dry. He then put on his stockings, attaching them to the garter clips, and stepped in to his brand new heels. These had a two inch heel, so Richard knew he would stand six feet, four inches tall while he was wearing them.

He decided to stay dressed, and as he looked in the mirror again, he smiled. Then he said out loud to the reflection, "welcome home Brandy." He started cleaning around the apartment straightening up here and there, and doing the morning dishes. Just as he set the dish towel on the towel bar, his doorbell rang. Not even worried about how he was dressed, he answered the door.

"Good evening, ma'am. Is Richard Persimmon at home?" The man was shorter than Richard, and a little heavier set. "I'm detective Stephenson from downtown, and we think we may have located his car."

"No officer, he isn't at home right now, but I will have him call you as soon as he gets in."

"All right, here is my card. Have a good evening, ma'am."

Richard, or should I say Brandy was relieved when the detective left. But he was called ma'am, and the detective didn't even recognize him that he was a man. Brandy went back to the bedroom, and looked in the full length mirror again. What he saw astonished him, because he could have sworn that his face, and figure had gotten softer and smaller. He couldn't help but notice too that he had seemed to shrink a few inches, which wasn't noticeable when he was talking to the officer. Even his eyebrows seemed to be femininely arched and thinnner. He couldn't help but notice too, that when he was talking to the officer, his voice was higher, and very pleasant.

He went into his living room, and turned on the telvision. Halloween Town was just coming on, so he sat down to watch it. There was a candy dish on the coffee table, and absent mindedly he took a piece and settled back to watch the movie. He enjoyed the movie immensely, and then he got up to use the facilities, and went into his bedroom to change out of the skirt suit, and take his makeup off. After he was finished, he got out the only nightgown he owned, which was soft pink satin, that came to his ankles. He went to brush his teeth, and make sure there was no trace of makeup. Then he went and got in to bed, and fell alseep almost immediately.

Richard Persimmon was thirty four years old, lived by himeself, and was never married. He still had all of his hair, and his teeth were pearly white. He worked downtown as a bank teller, and was due for a promotion in another month. That night he dreamed that he was at a fancy restaurant with a man whose face he couldn't see, and they were dancing and having a wonderful time. As the night wore on, and they were leaving, the man bent over to give Richard a kiss, and the alarm went off.

At first Richard felt like throwing it out the window, but decided to get up and take his shower. He got into another male suit he had in his closet, because the one he wore yesterday needed to be cleaned. He draped his suit jacket over the one and only kitchen chair he had, and took out a bagel, jelly, and milk. Richard never drank coffee. Oh, he drank a cup of tea now and then, but not always. He put the bagel in the toaster, and when it popped up, he spread a little jelly on it, and sat down to eat. This would be his breakfast this morning. After finishing his breakfast, he rinsed the sticky of the jelly off of his hands, and then put on his suit jacket. He looked around the apartment, and satisfied he wasn't forgetting anything, he left for work. His apartment wasn't that far from the bank, which made it nice for him to walk to work, even in the winter. He listened to all the sounds around him; the cars, birds, children playing, and he took in all the scents too. He smelled the flowers as he walked down the street, and the tell tale signs of someone making bacon for breakfast. Richard did not smoke or drink alcohol, and he was very happy that he didn't.

When Richard got to the bank, Patti, the teller in the cage next to him, smiled and greeted him.

"Good morning, Richard. My you seem very cheerful this morning."

"I am Patti. I had a very nice evening last night, and I guess it perked me up a little."

"Well that's good to hear, Richard. You better get your drawer counted. Oh! One thing more. Come over here for a second."

Patti reached in her purse and took out a tweezers. "Now hold still." Patti plucked a little at each eye, and then said she was done. "If you're going to pluck your eyebrows, you need to make sure all the straggly hairs are out. Here, look for yourself." She let him look in her compact mirror, and he saw that his eyebrows were still arched. "Richard, I like it when a man can have manicured eyebrows. Now we best be getting to our cages."

Richard counted his drawer, and then satisfied with the amount, he opened the little gate in front of him. All day long he was complimented by the women customers on his eyebrows, and when the manager heard from one customer that all the men in the bank should have thin, arched eyebrows, she went over to look at Richard.

"Well you look very nice Richard. But my women tellers have to dress in either dresses or skirts and blouses. Are you one of my women tellers, Richard?"

"Uhm, I, well that is..." he was at a loss for words.

"All right, tomorrow I want you properly dressed, if you want to stay employed here. I'm not saying it as a bad thing, but my women tellers dress like business women. So tomorrow I will want to see you in either a nice dress, or a nice skirt and blouse."

"Yes Caroline."

"Do you have any women's clothing suitable to work here?"

"Yes, I do."

"All right, I want to see you properly dressed and properly made up for work in the morning. I'm not saying this to pick on you, but I want you to know that if you are going to be a woman, you have to dress like a woman. I also want you to think of a nice name for you too."

This was way beyond his belief, that his manager didn't chastise him for looking like a woman, and with his arched eyebrows, that is exactly what he looked like. A woman in a man's suit. He couldn't figure out how his eyebrows got arched the way they did, because he knew he hadn't plucked them.

"I have thought of a name. How does Brandy sound?"

"It sounds wonderful, Brandy. I will have your name plate made up for you, when you come into work in the morning. Now, go home, and soak in a nice bubble bath, and think about what I said. Brandy, I don't care who you are, but I just want you to be open about it, and not hide it. All of the women customers today had nothing but praise for you. You and Patti are my best tellers, and I don't want to lose you.

"Patti, will you see to it that she has a proper wardrobe suitable for work? I want her to feel comfortable."

"Yes Caroline. I think Brandy and I are going to get along just fine."

After he got home, Richard went in to run the water for a bubble bath, and then when he was finished, he got into his skirt suit. But he no sooner got it on, than he noticed some very odd changes going on. His breasts seemed to be bigger than the fasle ones he had. His legs looked more sculpted and feminine. His hands had become smaller too, and he seemd to have shrunk a few inches. He went to get the tape measure out of his top dresser drawer. He lined it up against the wall, and taped it in place. Richard was six feet, two inches tall, but when he measured himself dressed as Brandy, he was now five foot, seven inches. Then he looked at the size marked on the bottom of the shoes he bought the day before. It said size six. This couldn't be right, he thought, because he wore a size eight women's shoe. He figured he needed to see the reaction of what people saw. So he decided to go out dressed as he was.

He needed milk, and decided that the store would be the best place for his outing. As he walked the few blocks to the store, nobody gave him a weird look, and men stepped aside for him. One man even stepped aside and let Brandy have the shopping cart he was getting. "Here you go, ma'am," the man had said.

He couldn't figure it out. How had he changed so much? What made him change so much? He...oops...she, had no clue. As Brandy walked through the store, seeing if there was anything else she needed, she saw Patti. She decided to say something to her, and see if Patti recognized her.

"Hello Patti, I didn't know you shopped here."

Patti looked at the woman talking to her, and then said, "excuse me, but do I know you?"

"Yes Patti, you do. I'm Brandy, and I work right next to you at the bank."

"Rich...Richard? Oh my god! But how?"

"I don't know, I bought this outfit at the mall yesterday, and when I put it on at home, I noticed that everything about me was female. Of course, I didn't check down below to see, but I had the weirdest feeling I was there too."

"Come on girlfriend, let's take a look at you in the ladies room."

Patti and Brandy went to the ladies room, and Patti told her to go in a stall, and lift up her skirt. Brandy did just that, and what Patti saw made her smile. She told Brandy to open her blouse, and what she saw there was really something. There was no doubt that Richard had become Brandy while wearing the suit. Just how this happened she didn't know, but she was very happy.

"May I see the name on the tag, Brandy?"

Brandy took off her blazer, and right there in plain sight was the name. It said SRU, misses, size eight.

The little man in the bedraggled bathrobe smiled, as they saw the name and the size, and then he said to himself, "today is the first day of the rest of your life, Brandy, with my compliments." He turned away from his mirror, and went to take care of another customer.

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