The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 6

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 6
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 - The camp project meeting.

The girls all woke up and took turns in the shower. When they were finished getting dressed, they all made their beds and swept the cabin and mopped it. When they were done, the breakfast bell rang over the public address system.

The girls went to the cafeteria and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon (three strips), toast (if they wanted any), and milk. Sharon sat with the girls today, and listened while Miss Loretta made an announcement.

“Girls, quiet, please. Today, right after lunch, we will have our camp project meeting. Bring your ideas to the meeting, so that we have an idea of what you will do for your camp project. Your ideas will be written down, so that they aren’t copied by anyone else. So we will see you then. Have a good morning.”

“Sis,” Sharon said, talking to Rachel. “Are you still going to do the project you said you were going to do?”

“Yes, Sharon, I am. When we have the project meeting, I will tell everyone what I want for a camp project.”

“Will you tell us, girlfriend?” Susan inquired.

“At the meeting Susan. I think everybody will be surprised at what I want done for a camp project. Don’t get me wrong, but this is a surprise for the entire camp.”

“A project for the whole camp, Rach?” Darlene asked.

“Yes, Dar, for the whole camp. I figure this way, too, everybody in the cabin can take part, as well as the entire camp. There will be separate assignments. Each camper will make a part of my project idea. You will see when we have our meeting after lunch.”

“So, we, uhm, have to wait to find out what it is.”

“Yes, Carla. Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me.”

“Not even for you cabin mates, Rach,” Sonya said, with a mock pouty lip.

“Not even for all of the gold in Fort Knox.”

“Well, sisters, I guess we’re not good enough to share a secret with Rach,” Angel Domiquez said, in mock indignation.

“Look, sisters, listen …”

“Pffftt!” Susan Scott made the yeah, right sound. “Now we’re sisters, but she won’t share her secret with us.”

“Girls, there is a very good reason why Rachel will not share her secret with anyone. It has to do with security. You all know that there are times when we let something slip in a conversation. Of course, we never intend to let it slip, but it does, nevertheless. I guarantee that at the project meeting, everyone in camp will be delighted. Of course, you can also make your own project, too.”

“Thank you, Sharon,” Susan Scott said. “We we were just giving you a hard time about the project. Even I wouldn’t tell anybody my project idea, either.”

“So, what do we want to do today?” Inquired Sharon.

“I was thinking that we play a little tennis,” Angel Domiquez suggested. “Do you know how to play tennis, Rach?”

“I have never played tennis, but I have watched it on television.”

“Well, the points are simple enough to remember. The first two points are fifteen points each, the third point is ten points each, and the fourth and last point of the game is one point. So there are forty one points to a game. Normally there are six games to a set; and there are six sets per match. This is where we get the phrase game, set, match.”

“Angel, how long have you been playing tennis?” Asked Leigh Anne.

“About two years, Rach. There is a tennis camp I go to to learn how to play the game better. I have a coach that takes me through all the moves. There are aces, lobs, spins, slams. When the two players are hitting the ball back and forth that is called either a rally or a volley.”

“It looks like an interesting game. I would love to learn to play tennis.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go play tennis,” said Angel Domiquez.

The group all went to the tennis courts by the baseball diamond. They got out of the little shed that held the sporting equipment, 3 sets of tennis racquets, and a can of tennis balls. They went inside the fenced in area, and flipped a coin to see who would go first. Angel and Susan were first.

Rachel saw Angel hit the first ball over the net from the opposite side. Sharon called fault. Angel served again, this time the ball was in, they volleyed the ball back and forth for about eight minutes.

“15 - Love,” Sharon called the score.

As they continued to play, Angel go the next point.

“15 All,” Sharon called.

The next serve was an ace.

“30 - 15, Angel is leading.”

The next volley was for a good five minutes. Angel got the point as Susan hit the ball in to her side of the net.

“40 - 15, Angel.”

This next serve was for the game. Angel had to be careful not to mess up. If she could get an ace, she will have won this game. Angel took her stance, and threw the ball up, and when it came down, Angel hit the ball for an ace.

“Game, Angel,” called Sharon. “Girls, please change sides of the court.”

Angel and Susan switched sides of the net, and it was Susan’s turn. Susan served the first ball, but it was a fault. The next ball was in, and they volleyed the ball back and forth for about four minutes, when Susan hit the ball in to her side of the net.

“Love - 15,” called Sharon.

The next serve went way out. Susan served again. This one, too, was out.

“Love - 30, Angel.”

This time, Susan took her time. She served the ball, and they volleyed back and forth for almost eight minutes. Angel hit the ball at a downward stroke, and it bounced off of the net on her side.

“15 - 30, Angel.”

All the while, Darlene Riggs was explaining to Rachel why the score was being called the way it was.

Susan served her next ball, and the volley lasted a whole ten minutes. When Angel returned the ball, it went right by Susan’s right foot.

“15 - 40,” called Sharon.

The next ball Susan served was an ace.

“30 - 40, Angel,” Sharon called.

Susan’s next serve was returned and the two volleyed back and forth for about five minutes. Then on Susan’s next serve, she hit the ball in, but when it was returned, she hit in to her side of the net.

“Game, Angel. Angel, it is your serve.”

Angel served her first ball and found that it wasn’t returned. In fact it looked like Susan was deep in thought.

“Susan, are you all right?” Asked Sharon, concerned for Susan.

Susan fainted on to the court. Sharon ran over to her, and told one of the girls to go get Miss Loretta.

Miss Loretta hurried to the tennis courts, and saw Sharon holding Susan’s head above the pavement.

“What happened, Sharon,” inquired Miss Loretta.

“I’m not sure, Miss Loretta. She was playing tennis with Angel Domiquez, when all of a sudden she fainted.”

Miss Loretta looked up and saw Betty standing there. She told Betty to call for the ambulance. Betty ran to the administration building. She grabbed the phone and called the ambulance. It took the ambulance about ten minutes to show up.

When the ambulance got to the camp, the attendant driving the ambulance asked what happened.

“I’m not sure. She was playing tennis with one of the other girls, when she fainted. She hasn’t woke up, yet.”

“What is your name, Miss?”

“I’m Sharon Davies. I’m a junior counselor here.”

“Alright, we’re going to take her to St. Mary’s. Is anyone going to go with her?”

“I will go,” Sharon said, still concerned for Susan’s welfare.

The ambulance attendants put Susan on to their gurney and then placed her in the back of the ambulance.

“Young lady, you ride up front with the driver. I have to be in the back with the patient.

“Do you know her name and date of birth?”

“Her name is Susan Scott, and her birth day is May 25, 2004. Her phone number is.” She had to show it to him, because she didn’t have time to memorize it.

They got Susan to the hospital in no time flat. They wheeled her in to an exam room, and two doctors, a nurse and a cna were there waiting for her. They started by taking blood and having the cna run it to the lab.

“Tell them, to put a rush on it, and tell them why. Miss James, will you please call radiology and tell them we need an x-ray in exam room four?” The nurse dialed the number, and told whoever answered the phone that they needed an x-ray, stat.

It was a half an hour later when the cna showed up with the cbc results. The doctor looked over the results, and gave a heavy sigh.

“Miss James, call the fourth floor, and have them prepare a room for the patient, Susan Scott. This young lady is suffering from over have ordered a CAT scan, just to play safe. I have ordered her admitted, until she wakes up. I am also going to talk to the doctor upstairs and ask hin to order an MRI. Everything else is normal.

“Right now, your daughter is sleeping. I think she just tried to too much at one time. There is a young lady our in the lobby. She is a junior counselor at the camp. She said your daughter was playing tennis when she blacked out.”

“Are you sure it is only over exhaustion?” Asked Susan’s father.

“Yes, but I have ordered a CAT scan, this will tell us if there is any swelling on the brain. I ordered your daughter admitted just as a precaution. This way we can keep an eye on her. I will talk to the doctor on duty on the fourth floor. That is our general admittance floor. But, I will talk to him about doing an MRI. This will tell us a lot more. Your daughter’s blood tests, pulse, temperature and blood pressure were all normal.”

“Well, we will stay here as long as necessary, until she wakes up,” Mrs. Scott told the doctor.

“Mr. And Mrs. Scott, I am very positive that Susan is only sleeping. She should wake up tomorrow morning, if not before. When she does awaken, get the nurse so she can get the doctor.”

“George, you stay here. I am going to go and talk to the young lady from the camp.”

Ellen Scott left Susan’s room to go and talk with Sharon. She found Sharon sitting alone in a chair, off by the corner.

“Excuse me, I’m Ellen Scott, Susan’s mother. I want to thank you for taking quick action in getting my daughter here. The doctor says Susan is over exhausted. That is what made her faint like she did. What is your name, dear?”

“I’m Sharon Davies. I’m a junior counselor at the Camp of the Willows. Susan was playing tennis on our tennis courts, to show a new girl how the game was played. Then all of a sudden, she just fell out. I rushed to her, and the camp owner showed up with one of her daughters. The camp owner told her daughter to call an ambulance.”

“Well, the doctor says she is going to be all right. He ordered a cAT scan to see if there is any swelling on the brain. He wants the doctor on the fourth floor to order an MRI. He said these examinations are just precautions. He said she will wake up on her own tomorrow morning, or maybe before then.”

“Well, at least she will be all right. I have to call the camp and let them know she will be just fine.”

Sharon went to the nurses desk to find out where was a pay phone so she could call the camp and let them know that Susan Scott will be all right. The nurse told her there are pay phones in the hallway, just behind the E.D.

Sharon went to the pay phones and called the camp.

“Hello, Camp of the Willows, to whom would you like to speak to?”

“Betty, this is Sharon. Susan is going to be all right. The doctor said she is suffering from over exhaustion. She should wake up tomorrow morning, if not before. So, I am going to come back to the camp. I will come back tomorrow after breakfast.”

“Thank you, Sharon, I will tell mom.”

The two ladies hung up, and Sharon went back in to the E.D.

“Mrs. Scott, I am going to return to the camp. If Susan wakes up, will you call the camp and let us know. One of us will come and talk to Susan.”

“All right, dear, and again, thank you for cafing about Susan.”

“It was no problem. If Susan wakes up, just tell her I had to go back to the camp.” The two ladies hugged, and Susan hailed a taxi to go back to the camp.

When she got to the camp, she asked the taxi driver to wait just a few moments. Sharon went in the administration building, and told Miss Loretta that she owed the cab driver fifty six dollars. Miss Loretta went out to pay the cab driver.

Sharon then went in to cabin Bambi and told the girls what the doctor had said.

“So, she will be all right, then, Sharon?” Asked Angel Domiquez.

“Yes, Angel, Susan is going to be all right. I told her mother to call the camp when Susan wakes up. The doctor said she should wake up tomorrow morning, or even before that. She is really tuckered out. I can see that I made it back before the lunch bell. It should ring at any time now.”

The lunch bell rang a few seconds after Sharon was finished talking. Everybody went to the cafeteria and the lunch today was pizza. Every camper could have two slices apiece. This wasn’t frozen pizza like they have in the schools. No, this pizza was home made. That was something Miss Loretta insisted upon. With the pizza was home made garlic bread, with garlic powder in the dough as it was being kneaded and shaped. Then when the garlic bread was done, a garlic butter was spread on top. No electric devices had any part in making the bread, pizza, pies, cakes, donuts, and much, much more.

As the campers ate, word had spread through the camp that Susan from cabin Bambi was in the hospital. The cafeteria was abuzz with all of the conjecture and gossip as to why she was there. That was when Sharon stood up.

“Quiet, please, quiet. Susan Scott from cabin Bambi was taken to the hospital because she was overly exhausted. These first two days of camp, she had tried to do too much. The doctor said that she is only sleeping and should wake up tomorrow morning, if not before. Susan will be all right.”

Sharon sat down, and you could have heard a pin drop in that cafeteria, it was so quiet. Emily Bricker stood up and asked for the campers attention.

“My name is Emily Bricker from cabin Elk. I am going to put Susan in my prayers tonight, just before I get in bed. I am asking everybody here, to please do the same. Thank you.” Emily then sat down.

Miss Loretta then stood up and asked for everybody’s attention.

“If everybody wants to, I move that we extend the project meeting by two days. By then, Susan will be with us, again. How many would like to wait until Susan is back here beofre we have our project meeting?” Everybody raised their hands. “Then, by consent of all the campers, our project meeting will take place right after lunch the day after Susan Scott returns. Thank you everyone.”

Everyone was finished with their lunch, so they put their dinner ware in the proper pans to be washed. They all went back to their cabins to digest their lunch. Nobody was talking except in hushed whispers where the cabin Bambi girls couldn’t hear. Then Emily came up to the cabin Bambi group and told them wht the camp was going to do.

Their impromptu project was to make a get well card for Susan, and have Sharon take it to the hospital. This time, she would use the camp car to get there and back.

The project took three hours to complete, because all the campers wanted something special put either inside the card, or on the outside. When it was done, it was passed around to all of the campers so they could sign it.

This was a huge card, so all the campers signatures could fit on it. When the last signature was on the card, they gave it to Sharon to take to the hospital. Miss Loretta gave her the keys to camp car, and Sharon left for the hospital.

She was at the hospital in less than an hour. It was a good thing the shriff or state patrol was not on this particular highway. Sharon got to the hospital and went directly to the fourth floor. Susan’s parents were still there.

“Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Scott. The girls at the camp made this get well card for Susan.”

“That was very decent of them. Tell them all we said thank you for ourselves and for Susan.”

“I will do that, thank you. Also, one of the girls at lunch told the camp that she was going to include Susan in her prayers tonight, just before she gets in bed. She asked the other campers to do the same. See, Mr. And Mrs. Scott, the girls at the Camp of the Willows consider themselves sisters. So, when one of them falls ill, or goes to the hospital for any reason, they will be there for that girl, even if it is in their prayers.”

“Well, I should be getting back, remember, call us when she wakes up. Our number is on the brochure we gave you when you brought Susan to camp. Oh! There is the doctor. Come on, let’s see if he is going to order the MRI.

“Excuse me doctor, but we were wondering if you were going to order an MRI for Susan Scott.”

“I have already ordered it. Radiology should be up here at any moment. The radiology will read the MRI and the send the results back to me.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Mrs. Scott said, with a weak smile.

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