From ballet dancer to ballerina

From ballet dancer to Ballerina

Hi you don't no me but I'm Michelle AKA Michael and this is my fictional story

I was born in 1970 when I was two I went to see my first ballet it was the nut cracker I loved seeing the ballerina twirl after I got home I started try the moves I saw the ballerina do
The next day I asked my mom to join ballet my dad was there and said no son of mine is going to ballet like a sissy my mom shot him a glare that would scare the devil then she told my
Dad if I wanted to join ballet it would help me in sports later in life at that my dad agreed to have me join ballet I was grinning and giggling and crying all at once I was so happy the next day mom signed me up for ballet I made some friends right away three girls which I might add became my closet friends I went to there house all the time sleepovers playdates birthday parties and to go swimming this went on for three years then one day I got a shock one of my friends asked me if I wanted to be a girl I said I thought I already was she said true in private you dress up as a girl and play as a girl and you seem happier what I'm asking is do you want to be a girl all the time
Live as a girl I said yes but my dad' would never agree to me being a full time girl my friend said let me and the others deal with him then she talked to my mom then my mom talked to me she asked straight out do I want to be a girl I told her that I thought I was a girl she showed me a book that had boys and girls and the difference in the genitals and why I was a boy not a girl instantly I went and get a knife to remove what I now knew made me a boy my mom took the knife before I could cut into it my boy part and called a doctor the doctor told her to bring me in I got put in the hospital and observed for about a week the the doctor said I was transgender I should transition to living as a girl full time my daddy wasn't happy about but he loved me and agreed now I'm a beautiful ballerina my mommy, daddy and friends support me so now I am really happy but I wish the blockers and hrt would have been a approved in 1981 so I would't have started and gone through male puberty that was rough the end.

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