Involuntary Secretary

Involuntary Secretary
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter I - Applying for a job.

I was sitting in my apartment looking at the want ads. I was very expert at doing office computer maintainance, and also a few other sundry things. I spotted an ad on the third page that read.

Industrious person wanted to fill position. Good pay, company benefits,
and two weeks vacation after 1 year. Please apply at 247 Harvard
Square, room 326. Position open for the right person.

I cut the ad out of the paper, and decided to try my luck. After getting my coat, and making sure I had my house key, I went out to to catch the bus. The ad was very vague as to what the position was, but right now any job will do until I can find one in my field.

My name is Paul, I am 28 years old, and I have been working in the computer field for three years. Then they laid me off because they said they had to cut back. Anyway, whatever this job is, I hope I am qualified enough to get it. I hopped on the bus and headed downtown. I got off at the corner of Cameron and Blakely, and walked the four blocks to Harvard Square. As I got to the corner of Blakely and Harvard Square, I looked at the addresses to see which way I needed to go. I turned right and walked two blocks.

I went in the building, and took the elevator to the third floor. When I got off the elevator I was looking at one desk after another. I stopped at the first desk, and told the lady there I was applying for the position in the paper. She looked at me, up and down, and giggled. I was glad she was happy at my expense, I think, but she gave me an application and told me to fill it out.

I filled out everyting, and put down computer maintainance for position applied for. This may not be the job that is open, but I can hope. Anyway, she took my application from me, and after giggling again, told me to have a seat, and there was coffee or tea if I wanted any. She walked in an office marked private, and was in there for a little while. She came back out, and looked at me again. She giggled, and sat down.

About twenty minutes went by, and a lady came out of the office. She came over to me, and held out her hand. "Hi Paula, I'm Marie Darnell, the floor supervisor. Please come with me."

"Uhm, my name is Paul, ma'am."

"Yes Paula, that's what I said. Please come in and have a seat while I go over your application with you. I notice you put down computer repair as position applied for. Our company has a reliable computer repair service that comes in regularly. But we do have a position open for the right person. Let's get some coffee in here, and we can talk about salary and work requirements. I see here it says you are 28 years old, and you left your previous employer because they laid you off. How far did you go in school?"

"I graduated from high school, and went right to college from there after the summer break. I majored in computer science and technology. Just in case the science part didn't work out, I could always fix computers, but I just don't fix them though. I even reprogram them if that is what the customer needs. I went all 4 years to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee."

"I see. What made you move here?"

"The job I applied for through the trade journal, is located just outside of town here. I was doing very well at it too, until there were cutbacks and they laid me off."

"I see. Well Paula," I was going to corrrect her, but decided to let it go. "We do have an opening for the right person. How much do you weigh?"

"I weigh one hundred and twenty eight pounds, and I am five foot , six inches tall. I like to jog to keep in shape, and I even have a set of uneven parallel bars in my exercise room."

"Are you any good on them?"

"Oh yes. I can do a combination and land on my feet."

"I see. Well, here is our coffee, now we are going to talk seriously for a bit. I am a hard task mistress. I expect a hundred and twenty percent from my girls. I want to see how well you can type. Come over here." I followed her over to a table that had a desk top computer set up. "I want you to transcribe these notes for me. Let me know when you are finished."

There were six pages of notes that needed to be transcribed. I brought up office word, and began typing away. Twenty minutes later, I was through. She looked over the notes and the transcription and saw only a few typo errors.

"This is good. Did you take any typing classes besides computer science?"

"No ma'am. But when you program computers you have to know how to type and fast."

"Good, you did really good on these notes. Now, let's talk about about what is required of you if I hire you. First of all, all my girls are ladies, and they wear dresses or skirt outfits, no pants of any kind. Bras and slips are to be worn under your clothes at all times, and you will wear nothing higher than a two inch heel. You will be properly made up, and your hair is to be neat. You can wear it in a high pony tail, but it is to be neat. You will address me as Miss Darnell, and you will show proper feminine etiquette at all times. You will perform the work required of you, and you will not be allowed to talk back and forth between the desks, unless it is work related, or you are on your break. Skirts and dresses are to be knee to ankle length. No ankle chains, and no goth makeup. There is also no smoking anywhere in the main area. There is an ashtray in the ladies lounge for that. There is no interrupting another secretary, and you will wait until she is done talking, to say what it is you have to say. You will be paid a salary of thirty two thousand dollars a year, and you get a two week vacation after the first year. Now do you think you can abide by these rules?"

I thought about what she just said. If I said yes, I would be required to work as a woman, with other women. That was why the receptionist was giggling. Well, right now the job market isn't good for computer work, and a job is a job. I may have to learn a new way of life, but at least I'll eat, and be able to pay my bills and rent.

"Yes, Miss Darnell, I can abide by these rules, but there is just one thing. Because of my computer work I was allowed to dress casually, and I don't own any dresses or skirts, just pants and shirts."

"I see." She picked up her phone and spoke to somebody. "Laura will be right in. I am going to make her your trainer. Today is Friday, and you start on Monday morning right at seven sharp." There was a knock on the door. "Come in, Laura."

A shapely redhead entered the office, and was told to be seated. "Laura, this is Paula, and she will be starting on Monday morning. I want you to be her trainer, and she is going to need a wardrobe that will get her by for about a month. Just until she can start affording her own clothes. Here is a check for two thousand dollars, Laura. Take her shopping tomorrow, and make sure she gets the right clothes."

"I will, Miss Darnell. You know Paula, you are about my size? So why don't you spend the weekend with me?"

"Uhm, okay. But I think I need to tell you both something before I leave."

"That won't be necessary," Miss Darnell said, holding up her hand. "Paula will you wait out by Stephanie's desk. She's the receptionist."

I left the office and went out by the receptionist. "Well, did you get the job?"

"Yes, I did."

"Paula, is that right?"


"I'm Stephanie, and it is going to be a pleasure working with you. By the way, what made you apply here?"

"There was a vague ad in the paper about a positon for an industrious person, and if there is one thing I am, it's industrious."

"Yes, but do you think you can actually live as a woman? I mean, don't get me wrong, you have very angelic features, your hair needs work, and you are slight with a modest figure. And you have a naturally high voice. But you have never lived or dressed as a woman. Have you?"


"Who did she give you as a trainer?"

"Laura. In fact Laura thought it best we spend the weekend together, so she can take me shopping tomorrow. If I have to learn a new way of life, just to be able to eat and pay my bills and rent, then so be it. Life is full of challenges, and this certainly is a challenge.

"It certainly is that. Laura is nice though, and she will make sure you know enough to get by on Monday. Just be glad you don't have to wear nylons with seams. Anyway dear heart, my job here is to make sure that if you need a cup of coffee, or tea, I will pour it and bring it to you. Miss Darnell doesn't care if you drink at your desk, just as long as you use a coaster, and wipe up any spills. She has me bring you your drinks because she wants the girls to keep working, and not get up every ten minutes to get something to drink. Besides, being a woman isn't so bad, and it isn't really that bad working here. Miss Darnell wants results, and all you have to do is give her one hundred and twenty per cent. But if there is one thing Miss Darnell is, is fair. One other thing, dear heart. Whether you are wearing a skirt, a dress, or pants, always remember to keep your knees together. That is rule number one of feminine etiquette. Oh, here comes Laura. It is nice to meet you, Paula. Have a great weekend."

"Thank you, Stephanie, and it is nice meeting you too."

Laura came over by me, after turning off her computer and covering it up. "Ready Paula? Let's go."

"Where are we going?"

"To my house. If I am not mistaken, we are the same size. You are going to need proper clothes to go shopping tomorrow. Rule number two of feminine etiquette is to be properly dressed at all times, and carry yourself like a lady. Rule three is very, very simple. Ladies don't cuss and we don't swear. We may say 'Oh darn' once in a while, but no cussing or swearing. There was one other thing too, that Miss Darnell didn't tell you. You will carry a purse with you all the time. There is to be nothing in your pockets even if your dress or skirt, maybe your blouse too, has pockets. Pockets on ladies clothes are only there for show, and really have no practical use. So, let's go."

"Good luck, Paula," Stephanie said, winking at me.

Chapter II - Paula and Laura go shopping.

Part I - Getting ready.

We took the elevator to the fourth floor, and walked across the overpass to the parking structure. Laura's car is a 2000 BMW that still looks very good, and not a noticeable dent on it. She unlocked the doors with her little remote control, and we got in and buckled up. She told me that this car never moves until everyone is wearing their seatbelt.

After we left the parking structure, she turned right and we drove for about twenty minutes. She lived in a two story, victorian house. The outside was immaculate, and there were flower beds here and there. The property wasn't that big, but it was big enough. We went in the house, and I was really floored. Instead of carpeting, she had hard wood floors, that shone like they had been waxed. The walls had pictures of men and women from different eras. She told me that was her family dating all the way back from 1798 when they first came here. She showed me where to hang my coat, and then told me rule number four of feminine etiquette.

"A lady never just throws her things helter skelter, she either hangs up her coat, and sets her purse down, or she allows her coat to be taken to be hung up. In a setting like this a lady never sits with her legs apart. Most just keep their legs together by crossing their ankles, right over left. Or she may cross her legs at the knees, adjusting her dress or skirt over the knee. Also, we never adjust our bras in public, other than placing the bra strap back over our shoulders if they get a little off the shoulder.

"Miss Darnell has told me that she is expecting a lot from you, and is giving you this chance, so you can see how the other half of the world lives. Now, she gave me this large amount, because she wants you to have breast forms, and they will be attached to your chest by an adhesive. There are tape adhesives, but they aren't that guaranteed to hold. Besides, with the adhesive I will be getting you, you won't have to take them off every day. Once a week is good enough so your skin can breath and you can clean the area under the breast forms. She said that Stephanie told her that there was a guy applying for the secretary position. Our company is old fashioned because they want women for secretaries, and men for the management positions. Marie was promoted to supervisor because the floor only has women working there and one restroom...the ladies restroom. That is why she called you Paula and ignored your correction? Only women work on our floor, and if you were serious about the job you must be a woman. Have you ever lived or dressed as a woman?"


"Well, from now on, you will be required to live full time as a woman, complete with mannerism, and clothes. You can't go to work as woman and then come home and revert back to being a man. You won't get in to the frame of mind that way, that is needed when you have to talk to clients on the phone, or our district supervisor who is a man. There is one other thing we are going to want you to do. We want you to change your name to Paula with your last name. We have a doctor on our payroll that will give you a certificate saying that you have completed srs and are now physically female. That way we can get your birth certificate changed. Would you be agreeable to doing that?"

"I just change my name, but I don't to have the actual surgeries."


"I think I can do that. Yes, I would agree to that."

"Marie will call our lawyer on Monday then, and get it started. It won't cost you a cent. See, I had a good talk with her after you left the office. As of right now, you are a woman in training in more than just at work. I am going to show you how to carry yourself, sit, eat like a lady, converse like a lady, and how to be gracious. I won't have to do any correction in the physical department, except for the breast forms. Just looking at you in that suit I can see a beautiful woman, in a man's suit that doesn't become your looks at all. I will teach you makeup, and how to do your hair in different styles, and I will show you how to pluck your eyebrows, and paint your nails. Also, we don't shave our legs, we wax them. Okay, now, for the coupe de grace. Please take off your clothes, as of today you won't be needing them anymore."

I hesitated but she reassured me that this was strictly business. I got out of my suit, and folded the pants along the crease, and folded my jacket in half and draped it across the back of the chair I was sitting on. I removed my tie and shirt, and then my undershirt.

"Take your briefs off too, please."

I hesitated, but then she started taking her clothes off, and I wasn't even getting sexually turned on. She stood there completely nude, and walked around me, looking me over. Then she yanked my briefs down to my ankles, and looked at me some more.

"You have no body hair, just leg, underarm and pubic hair. Do you shave your face?"

"No, I never had to, yet."

"Good. Now go in the bathroom and take a good shower. Wash your hair twice, and condition it twice. Use my perfumed soap in the pink container, and then when you dry yourself, pat the water off without rubbing. Then come back out here, and I will have a complete outfit for you to wear, and a nice jar of wax, so we can get that light fuzz off of your legs, underarms, and public area."

I went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. I needed to pee, and since I was now going to live as a woman, I sat down on the toilet and did what I needed to do. I don't know why, but I wiped myself and stood up and got in the shower. I did everything she said to do, and then after patting myself dry, went out there with the towel only around my waist. She immediately pulled it off, and told me to sit on the kitchen chair she brought to the living room.

She then spread this really warm wax over my legs in sections, and ripped out the hair with thin cloth strips. When she was finished with both legs, she did my underarms. She did that in two sections on each. She first did the bottom of the underarm, then the top. Then she gave me an evil, sinister look, as she spread the wax over my pubic area, and yanked. I wanted to scream, the pain was so terrible. But I held it in. Then she took a bottle of Johnson's baby oil and spread all over my legs, underarms and pubic area. She said this was to help get rid of the redness of the waxing and take care of the burn. She declared me ready to get dressed. Since I never wore anything feminine before, she explained what to do, but I had to actually put the clothes on myself.

What I was surprised at, was that I was able to hook the bra in back on the first try. Then she gave me a panty girdle, and told me that tomorrow she would get me underbriefs called a gaff. That was a very tight nylon/spandex undergarment to help keep my male member hidden when I was wearing a bathing suit, pants, or shorts and so there was no tell tale bulge in the front of my skirts and dresses. After the bra and panty girdle were on, she gave me a full, white slip. She showed me the proper way of putting it on, and then explained, that when I went shopping by myself, to make sure that if the tag wasn't in the back of the garment, it was on the left side. Then after the slip was on, she gave me a cream colored blouse. She told me to button it up, and I did without too much of a problem. Then came a turquoise, A-line skirt that zipped up on the side. Next she told me to sit down, and put on my nylons. Having seen how this was done in countless movies, I copied it. I got them up, and ran my hands over them to make sure they were snug. Then she handed me a pair of cream colored slingbacks and I was dressed.

"Now girlfriend, I am only going to have you put on a little mascara, and a light lipstick. Then I am going to fuss with your hair, and I want you to look in the mirror and tell me what you see." She toussled here and there with my hair, and pronounced me ready. I looked in the mirror and gasped. I was looking back at my twin sister. "See, it didn't take much at all to make you look like the woman you are. Your beauty is wasted on a male body, that's for sure. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm starved. What say we go out to eat? You won't have to worry about a thing though, because with that high voice and the way you are dressed nobody will know you're anything but the woman you are. Ready?"

I giggled, and said I was ready. We went out the car, and after being buckled in, we went to fancy little restaurant on the edge of town, that nobody outside of the immediate area knew anything about. The name of the restaurant was Leonardos. It was Itlaian, American, French, and Australian. I had to give the owner my respect, because instead of one menu, the waitress asked us what nationality menu we wanted. I asked the waitress for the Australian menu, and Laura asked for the French. The waitress said thank you, ladies, and gave us our menus and our water. After looking at our menus, we ordered our food, and talked as we ate.

Laura looked at me, and said I did good, but asked why I picked the Australian menu. I told her I had lived in Australia for eight and a half months, and they have similar foods to what we have in the states, just that some of it was cooked differently. She asked me questions about Australia and I answered from what I knew. She wanted to know if I saw any kangaroos, and I said that while Australia has posted Kangaroo crossings like we do deer crossings, I had never seen a kangaroo, or a koala bear, or a platypus. She asked me if I had seen any crocodiles, and I said no, because I hadn't been in the Northern Territory.

I did tell her about this one spider they have there called the black funnel web spider, and how dangerous it really is. When I told her it actually chases you, and stings you with feelers instead of biting you, she said she wouldn't like to go to Australia. I giggled, and told her about a large spider they call a huntsman. and she asked if it was poisonus. I said very, but is mainly like the daddy long legs, except the body is more flat, and the legs stick out rather than go down. I told her that there were other forms of wildlife there too that you didn't want to meet, such as the dingo, the most dangerous dog in the world, or any of the numerous feral cats and other animals. She was fascinated I had found out so much during my short visit. I told her the people in Australia are very helpful, and will make sure you understand their directions, if you are a little lost. I told her that if she wanted, we could go there for a vacation, and I would show her around. My friends there would sponsor us for coming in to the country. She said that I would have to be dressed as the woman I am, and I told her that it was not a problem. When I told her that there was an open gay and transgendered community in Australia, and that there were many gays and transgendered who were in the military, the police, doctors, nurses, day care center owners, she marvelled that such a thing was possible. I even told her that the Victoria Police in Melbourne has a contingent that marches in the Gay Pride parade every year. Then she asked me the question."

"Paula, are you gay?"

"No, but I knew several in Australia that were, and a few who were transgendered. Everybody there isn't accepting of those lifestyles though, but most will leave you alone. Would I consider srs? I don't know at this point. But I have wondered what it would be like to live as a woman. Now I get to find out."

"You would make a very fine woman, girlfriend. You have the looks, and the voice, your mannerisms and your eating habits I won't have to work on, because they come natural to you. The way you sit needs a little work, but all in all, you look very convincing, and the way you walk is also very convincing."

"I need to go to the little girl's room."

"Come with me," she said, leading the way.

When we got in the ladies room, there was one stall open, and we both rushed for it. She beat me by two steps. I giggled, and waited for the next stall to open up. After we were through in the ladies room, Laura paid for our meal, and then we left. On the drive home, I mused on my fortune or misfortune, or whatever it was that landed me in the role of a female secretary and a life as a woman. I giggled and Laura wanted to know what was so funny. I told her, and she looked at me, and said that I was beautiful and there were women who would kill to have my looks and my long eyelashes. Then she wanted to know when we were naked in her living room, why I didn't get sexually excited, seeing her nude body.

"You said it was all business, so I treated it like that."

"Just make sure you do from now on. Because if your skirt or dress or other clothes gets that front bulge, you will give yourself away. You did very good for your very first outing as a woman. Nobody was the wiser, and I noticed that you didn't stare at the women in the ladies room. That is a good sign that you will make it." We finally made it home, and she said we weren't going out any more tonight, and I should get in to something more comfortable. She told me to take a shower to get the day's persperation off of me (I didn't sweat, either), and join her in the bedroom. She also showed me how a woman wraps a towel around her after a shower.

I went in the bathroom, and used a berry berry scented body wash. I used her back scrubber to wash my back, and I held the back of my hair up to wash my neck. While still holding up my hair, I used the sprayer to rinse off my back and the back of my neck. I was really in seventh heaven, because with this set up, you didn't have to take a full shower if you didn't want too. All you had to do was wash the necessary areas. But I took a full shower, and I was amazed at the sensations I was feeling on my hairless legs. I finished and brushed my teeth, and I wrapped the towel around me, fastening it to itself just slightly above the fullest part of my "breasts". I would have said chest, but I am living as a woman now. I looked in the mirror, and even in a towel, that extended to mid thigh, I looked every inch a woman. I knew the guys kidded me about my looks, but I had no idea that they were telling the truth.

I went to the bedroom, and she had a pair of yellow panties, and a matching baby doll on the bed. "These are for you for tonight. Put them on, and here is a robe for you." I put them on, and then she said we should go an watch television. She brought out two wine coolers, and we sat and sipped them.

There were several good movies on, and we opted for Princess Diaries. I have seen this movie several times, and I always liked the way she acted like a normal teenage girl, even after she discovered she was royal. Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews synched together in this movie, and Hector Elizondo was funny with his "straight-man" quips. After the movie was over, Laura showed me to "my" room. It was a pretty room, and would be the envy of any girl or woman living in it. I gave Laura a sisterly hug, and pulled back the covers. After taking off my robe, and folding it over once, I laid it across the foot of the bed. Laura gave me the thumbs up, and said good night. I got under the covers and turned off the bedside lamp.

When I woke up, the sun was shining through the window, and I stretched and yawned, covering my mouth. Laura was standing there watching me, and said I was a natural for a woman. Then she said that I should get up, and get my shower going, so I could get dressed and we could go shopping. I asked what time it was, and she said it was just past ten. I had really had the best night's sleep I ever had. I was so comfy I didn't want to get up, but Marie Darnell would want me dressed immaculately on Monday. So I guess I had better get a move on.

As I took my shower, I thought about whether or not I would have accepted this kind of a position right out of college. Probably not, unless maybe it was the only option open, like now. But thirty two thousand dollars, just for transcribing notes and dictation was not a bad salary. But I wonder if there are raises, and she just didn't tell me about them. Well I won't ask either, or she will think I might not be what she wants in an employee. Yeah, so okay, I have to live as a woman. What would you do to survive? After I patted myself dry, I used Laura's lotion and body powder. I then went to get dressed.

Laura liked the scent of her lotion mixed with the powder. She then gave me a white bra that I put on easily, and then a pair of white lace panties. She handed me a white half slip, and I stepped in to it. Then she said to sit in front of her mirror. She handed me a face cleanser pad, and told me to wipe it softly around on my cheeks. Then she handed me black eye liner, a soft brown eye shadow, and a dual foundation/powder. After I had applied all of the cosmetics, and put on the cream colored blouse with the tartan A-line skirt, and a pair of leather slingbacks with two inch heels, she gave me a tube of light pink lipstick. After I had put it on and blotted it, and put a little more on and blotted that, she said we were ready to go.

"Paula, you have been doing things very feminine naturally since I have met you. Are you sure this is your first feminine experience?"

"Yes, Laura. I don't why, but when I'd watch movies, I would pay attention to how the women applied their makeup, put on their clothes, and walked and acted. Maybe it is the inner girl in me, or maybe I was just curious. I don't know, but this is my first experience as a woman."

"Well, you could have fooled me. Like I said though, with your looks and your natural female aura, nobody will know you are not naturally female. Unless of course, they undress you. Well, are we ready? Let's go shopping."

Part II - At the mall.

She drove to the mall, but had to park quite a ways from the door leading in to JC Penny's. We walked to walked to the entrance, and after we were in the store, she said this was as good as place to start as any. So we went to the junior's department, and we looked at the dresses. There were several there that would be acceptable for work. Laura picked four off of the rack, and then took me to the changing booths. She told me to go in and try them on.

The first dress was really nice. It was a lavender print with litte flowers of different kinds, and it was free flowing when I moved. It zipped up in the back, and it came right to my knees. I stepped out for Laura's approval.

"That one is very nice, Paula, that's a keeper."

I went in an tried on the cream colored dress, that had a hidden side zipper. It had a scoop neckline, and it too came to my knees. Laura said we will keep that one too. The third dress was about two inches above my knee, so I set that one aside. The fourth dress was a light, mint green, and it too had a hidden side zipper. This came to my knees too. Out of the four dresses, we kept three. Then Laura said we needed to look at skirts and blouses. We went over to where they were, and Laura told me to pick a few skirts and blouses and try them on, and she would be right back. I wonder if she did that on purpose. Oh well, this would be a good test I suppose.

The first skirt and bouse I tried on, were pefect together. The skirt was just basic black, but the blouse was a light rose. I set them aside after seeing they fit perfectly. The next set was perfect too. The skirt was a tartan plaid, and the blouse was cream. I set them next to the other set. The third skirt was just a little bit below the knee, and the blouse was a powder pink. All the sets were perfect, and by the time I was done trying them all on, Laura was back. We took my things to the checkout counter, and Laura paid for them.

"Where did you go, Laura?"

"I forgot to cash Marie's check, so I had to run to the bank. It's a good thing our company bank has a branch in the mall." I still say she did that on purpose.

"Ok. So where do we go next?"

"We get you lingerie. We know your size because mine fits you like a glove. So we can get you that size. The bra will have to be a 32-C because the breast forms I will get you are C cup. I know a nice little shop that sells nothing but lingerie. They have the sexiest styles too."

"Do you think I should be wearing sexy lingerie? I mean, it isn't like I will be having sex with men." She gave me that look that said something like, maybe not now, but...

"Honey, we get dressed not to just impress men, but to impress and make other women envious. We also dress for ourselves too so we can feel sexy. We are women, and we need that feeling even if it is for ourselves. So yes, you need sexy lingerie." I didn't say anything more, and went to this little boutique that sold exclusively, sexy lingerie.

Went in the store, and the lady came over and asked if we needed any help. Laura said no, because we knew what sizes and styles we wanted. I was about to find out that panties, bras, slips, negligá¨es, and baby dolls, were all different and made in different cuts and styles. I picked out three packages of size four panties, eight different half slips, and four full slips. She got one dozen pair of regular nylons that had to be fastened to garters. She told me to get three garter belts with attached garters, and then we also got four baby doll nighties with pengoir robes. Laura paid the cashier and we took my things out to the car. Then Laura said I needed a purse, and then we were going to go to get my breast forms. We went to a store that sold leather goods. I looked at the purses, and saw one that had a lot of pockets. Laura said that would be a good purse because it had a pocket for a cell phone, a package of cigarettes and lighter, and it had two deep pockets on each side of a center pocket. Laura paid for the purse, and we went to a medical supply store.

When we walked in, the man behind the counter asked if we needed help, and when he found out what help we needed, he let the lady come over and help us. "Hello, my name is Linda, you need breast forms,dear?" I nodded. "There is no reason to be bashful, sweetie, we all need a little help now and then. Is this your mother, dear?"

"Oh uh,no, she's my aunt."

"Well, don't be bashful. Let's get you measured, and see what we have for you."

"I was thinking maybe a C cup," Laura interjected.

"Yes, that would suit her frame. Alright, come with me, dear." We followed her to a back room that had a door marked, "fitting in progress." I was told to take off my dress and bra, and lie down on the table that looked like one you would see in a doctor's office. She measured my chest area, and when I asked her why she was measuring, she said different breast forms have different circumferences, and I needed the right circumference so I would look natural. After she finished measuring, she went to a cabinet and brought out a box that had a clear top. I could see the breast forms, and they did look natural. She brought them over and then took one out of the box and placed it over my left nipple. Satisfied that this was the right circumference, she took a washable pencil, and traced the outline. She did the same with the other breast form. Then she put an adhesive on the breast form, and placed it on my chest, holding it down for one minute. Then the other one. She told me to keep holding them, until she could get the bra around me. I had to let go of the breast form, one at a time, to put my arms through the straps. After she fastened the bra, my chest felt like it had a ton of bricks on it, but I waited til later to tell Laura. As we were leaving the lady had one more thing to say.

"You know, dear, we get a lot of young girls in here that get breast forms. They just want to impress their boyfriends. Do you have a boyfriend, dear?"

"No, Ma'am, not yet anyway." She smiled, and we went out to the front of the store where Laura paid for the breast forms.

The breast forms were the most expensive of all the items that Laura got for me. Well, I am committed now, I guess. So, how does that saying go? "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." I just hope I don't hit a brick wall at full speed.

This shoping excursion took all morning, and most of the afternoon, because we got a late start. Laura drove us to a nearby restaurant to have dinner.

"Why didn't we just stop at the food court?"

"Because I don't like the food they serve there. It's all fast food, and I like my food cooked properly."

This restaurant wasn't anything fancy, just a little restaurant with no name that served good old fashioned home cooked meals, according to the big sign above a blackboard that had the special and soup of the day on it. We sat down, and a young lady that looked like she was still in high school, brought our water and menus over. She explained the special and soup of the day, and then asked if we were ready to order. Laura looked at her menu and ordered the roast beef dinner with mashed potaotes. I said that sounded good too, and we said salad with thousand island dressing. We ordered coffee to drink, and then we waited for our order. Laura leaned in a little and talked in a low whisper.

"How did you like your first shopping experience as a woman?"

"It was great actually. I really enjoyed myself."

She smiled, and was about to say something else, but our orders arrived. So we ate, and talked about nothing except what the girls call girl talk. She watched me like a hawk, and marvelled that I took small bites, and chewed with my mouth closed. She watched my posture, and she noticed that I was sitting very ladylike. She made an excuse to look under the table, and saw I had my legs crossed at the knees. She looked at me, and gave me the thumbs up. When we finished eating, she paid the young lady, and we left.

"I am very proud of you, Paula. Nobody in there was the wiser. You carried yourself like a natural woman. We have one more stop, and that is to get you your cosmetics. How do your breasts feel?"

"Like there is a ton of bricks on my chest."

She smiled when she said, "you'll get used to them. Every woman does."

We stopped at Walgreen's and got my cosmetics. I picked out the same shades that I was wearing, because they seemed to bring out my face better. Never change a good thing. However, we got more cosmetics than I needed, because she said I needed to practice putting my own makeup. When we got to her house,I was thoroughly exhausted. I did have fun, but it was very tiring too. We placed all of my clothese in the closet in "my" room, and the cosmetics. Then Laura had a proposition for me.

"You know, girlfriend, I have this two bedroom house, and nobody to share it with. Would you like to move in with me, and we can share expenses, and we can carpool to work. You don't have to tell me now."

"No, I will accept that. I live in a one bedroom kitchenette apartment, and I have no one there either, except me. So it would be nice to have someone to talk to that shares some common interests."

"Great, then the room where your clothes are, is yours, and you are already basically moved in. Do you have any of your own furniture?"

"Just a bed, two end tables, and a coffee table. everything else is just clothes, and a couple of lamps and a microave."

"Well, your clothes you won't need anymore, you are a woman now working in a very nice office, and we all watch out for each other. You have a new basic wardrobe, and you have cosmetics. You must keep yourself in character so you don't slip up. Not that I have seen that, but just in case."

"What about my bed and end tables?"

"Well the bed we can keep, and if you don't like the bed in your room, we can put yours up. The one in there now is just a second hand one I picked up for guests. Your end tables can go by your bed or in the living room, and the coffee table is a welcome relief. The microwave we can use too. Your male clothes we will give to Goodwill or some such place, and tomorrow we will get you a few pairs of shoes."

"So I guess I sealed my own fate by just applying for a job. Well, who said life was fair?" I giggled, and she threw a couch pillow at me.

It seemed that Laura and I would get along with each other, without being in each other's way. She called a friend of hers that had a crew cab pickup truck. That was because she had kids she drove all over. We waited for about fifteen minutes, and there was a knock at the door. I answered it, and saw a stunning flawless complexioned, blonde haired woman looking at me.

"Hi I'm Sandy, you must be Paula. Well, if everybody's ready, we should get going. I left my oldest in charge while I'm gone. She's a whole fourteen." She giggled as if that was such an old age.

We went out to her truck, and Laura got in the back, while Sandy and I were in the front. We drove to my old apartment, and moved out my furniture to the truck. The bed was the biggest, then the coffee table, then my end tables. The lamps and the microwave we put in the back with me. Sandy wondered about the clothes, and I just told her they belonged to the guy that actually rents the apartment, and that my clothes were already moved out. She let it go.

"Paula, I don't mean to pry...oh hell, yes I do. Was he your boyfriend?"

"No, just somebody that wanted to share my body with me. But the first night I was there, I made him sleep on the couch, and he has been there ever since. He's at work right now, and he is in for a big surprise when he comes home." Laura looked at me and gave me the thumbs up.

We got my things back to my new house, and all three of us set up the bed. The old one Sandy took to the Goodwill. After we had placed everything where we wanted it to go, my end tables we divided. I put one in the living room and the other in my bedroom. When everything was set up, we sat down and had a cup of tea.

"Your bed was the hardest to put together, but we got it. Since we both have queen sized beds, we can share the bedding. Do you know how to cook, Paula?"

"A little. I can make meatloaf, baked chicken, I can make real Italian spaghetti. I know how to mash potatoes so they are creamy, and I can heat vegetables."

"Well, I'm impressed. Not many men have that kind of a resumᨠunless they are chefs. Do you know how to make bread, or dinner rolls, or muffins, or cakes or pies, or other bakery items?"

"If I have a recipe book, I can make anything. I don't know how to make bread from scratch; I always bought mine."

"Well girlfriend, I will help you learn all of that. I like making my own bread, because store bought doesn't taste good to me. It has a flat taste. But we have a lot of time. What kinds of things do you like to do?"

"I love to go bowling, I love watching tennis and golf, and even badminton competitions. I like watching the cheerleading competitions because I enjoy watching those kids do some of the most amazing acrobatics. I like playing mini golf too. I love going to carnivals and going on the rides, I love reading mostly Harlequin romance novels, and I love going to movies. There are a whole lot of things I like to do, but I have never wanted to play football, baseball, or ice hockey. Basketball is a good sport, and gives you a lot of exercise."

"I love doing all of those things too, and of course my baking. But I will teach you all of that. Paula, I am glad that I met you. Even though you have a male a body, you have been acting like a natural woman since I met you. Maybe you were destined to answer our ad and become an involuntary secretary."

"You know, I was thinking that same thing. When I was looking at the ad I was saying that I hoped I was qualified for the job. I had no idea what the job was, but money was running out, and I needed a job. That is why I didn't object when Marie was telling me what would be required of me, and how I was to dress. So I guess in that respect I was ready for anything."

"Well, are you disappointed you have to live full time as a woman just to keep the job?"

"Not really, I suppose. There are worse things, like being homeless, starving, dying in a back alley some night of one thing or another. No, I suppose I should be thankful I was given an opportunity most men would never have."

"When you were younger, did you ever wonder what it would be like to dress like a girl?"

"When I was younger. But those thoughts were replaced by other things and I never thougth of it again. Until now that is."

"Well you should have been born a woman, because you are a natural at it. Let's see if there are any good movies on." She looked at the movie guide to see what was on, and found a Bring It On marathon. So we watched that. I have seen every one of these movies at least three times. This would make it the fourth. Tomorrow was Sunday, so we could sleep in. She turned on the movie, and we sat and watched it. She got a couple of wine coolers, then said we should get into something a little more comfortable. So we went to our rooms and got into one of our baby dolls, and stepped in to our slippers and went downstairs. We sipped our wine coolers as we watched the battle of the cheerleaders in the Bring It On movies.

When the movies were over, we gave each other a sisterly hug and said good night. The next morning we raced for the bathroom, but she beat in there again. I'll have to practice my sprinting a little more. After we were finished taking our showers and getting dressed in just simple skirts and blouses, we headed out the door, because she said I needed shoes to go with my outfits. She did tell me that I didn't have to pay any of the money back, if I worked there two years. If I left before then, they would want me to pay the money back. After buckling our seatbelts, Laura drove us to the Boot Corral. They sold everything from slippers to thigh high boots, and everything they sold was made of leather. Laura said all I needed were three pairs of shoes. Two would go great with any outfit, and the third was a dress pair, that was to be worn to special events like church, dances, and other social functions, especially company functions.

The salesman came up to us and asked us if we needed help. "Yes, thank you," Laura said, smiling. "She needs to get a few pairs of shoes."

"Alright, I can help you with that. Would you like to take a look at our boot special today? We are having a special on knee high boots, just sixty nine, ninety-nine, in your choice of heel height and colors."

"No, not today, she just needs shoes to go with her outfits."

"Alright, you ladies look around and see if there is anything you like. I will be right over there by the register."

He wasn't that tall, just five foot, six inches, but he was muscular. He didn't wear a suit, just gabardine pants and a pull over, cream colored shirt. His moccasin flats had a tassle at the vamp, and he walked like he was a king. But his manner was gentle, and his smile was contagious. We looked around, and Laura found a pair that would go with almost any one of my outfits. She said to try them on, and they fit very well without being tight. These had a two inch heel, and an ankle strap. The next pair was black too, but it was just a regular dress pump without a strap. The third pair we got was different than the other two. This pair had a strap that fastened up the leg a ways above the ankle. They were black too.

"This pair will be your dress pair. The other two you can wear at the office and when we go out. So, what do you think?"

"I like them. But a girl needs more than just three pairs of shoes, though."

"True, but right for now, these will get you started. Let's go and pay for them." Laura paid the salesman, and we left. I saw him watching us as I turned a bit to take one more look at him.

This was Sunday, and there wasn't much going on, so we decided to go window shopping. Out of two thousand dollars, Laura didn't have much left, because of the breast forms being so much. We spent the whole morning just going from store to store, trying on a gazillion outfits, and having lunch at Denny's. Then we spent the afternoon driving around, and Laura showed me a few of the places she would like to take me. When we got home it was dinner time, and she ordered two personal pan pizzas. When they came, we sat and ate. Then, because there was nothing to do, we sat and talked until it was bedtime. I found out about Laura's family, and how they came over when the country was just getting started. I told her about my family and how my great grandfather came over from Ireland during the great potato famine, and I told her about myself from the time I left high school and graduated from college. We shared a few secrets too, and we pinky swore on a fate worse than death, never to tell another living soul. I was actually getting into this being a woman thing, and tonight Laura and I acted like schoolgirls, laughing and giggling, and carryin on. When we next looked at the clock, it was time for us to be in bed, because we both had to be to work at seven sharp.

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