The Girl Most Likely To ...

The Girl Most Likely To ...
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - Meeting Renée.

It is a weird thing, what we call life. I mean, you go through the motions of existence because the name of the game is survival. But what about those that are just going through the motions and really have no concern for their survival?

This is the story of Renée Jeanette Richards, who was born and still is a male, but with a girl's name. Renée was named by her parents because they were expecting a girl. When they found out they had a son, and not a daughter, they left the name choice as it was. So, Renée had to be brought up with this name, and as you can imagine, suffered quite a bit because of it. We join Renée on the way to school.

"Hey, Renée, wait up," called Sandra Peters, Renée's best friend.

"Hey, Sandi," Renée greeted his friend in a dejected voice.

"What's wrong girlfriend?"

"That. I mean, I know I'm not tall, like other thirteen year old boys, but I'm still a boy."

"Renée, don't take this the wrong way, but you not only have a girl's name, you even look like a girl. This is why the guys tease you so much. But, I have a suggestion that you might not like."

"Then why even mention it?"

"Because Renée, it just may stop all the teasing and bullying you're going through."

"Like, what did you have in mind?"

"You have told Mary, Sue and I, that your parents gave you your name because they were expecting a girl, but left the name choice when they found out you were a boy. Well, why not give your parents what they were expecting. A girl."

"Sandi, are you asking me to dress up like a girl?"

"No. I m asking you to be a girl."

"I don't think I would be much of a girl, Sandi. I'm a boy, and boys don't become girls just because they have to go through a little bullying."

"A little bullying, girlfriend? Renée, you have been beaten, made to do perverted things to the bullies, and even been forced to kiss them right in the school hallway. That is not a little bullying, Renée, that is pure hatred for who you are. What I am suggesting is this. You let me make you into a nice, pretty girl, and when Christmas break is over, you come to school as Renée, the girl. We have ten whole days to do this. Of course, we will have to talk to your parents and see what they think. But, I am willing to bet they will go along with it."

"Why would my parents agree to let me be a girl?"

"Because, as I have told you, you not only have a girl's name, you even look like a girl. Also, because they were expecting a girl, and left you with a girl's name after you were born. I think you will find that your parents would like to see if this can be possible. If they agree, will you let me make you into a pretty girl?"

"I don't know. I will have to think about this."

"Fair enough."

The two were at the school, and waiting for the doors to open. One of the bullies entered through this door, because he liked taunting Renée.

"Well, well, looky here. The two lesbos came to school together."

"Roger Watkins, has anybody ever called you an insensitive boor?"

"Not lately."

"Roger Watkins, you are not only a bully, but you are such an insensitive boor. All of your childish ramblings are very boring, too."

"Oh yeah! Well, if you ever want a real man, instead of that cocksucking sissy, I have something here," he grabbed his crotch, "I know you will like."

"Yes, I think you are so right. I think I can find a rusty knife and cut it off for you." There were giggles from the girls and laughter from the boys Roger Watkins didn't dare pick on.

Roger left to go by his own door, and everybody there told Renée that from now on, they had "her" back. They always used the feminine pronouns when they talked about or to Renée, because everybody, but Roger and his cronies, thought Renée was a girl.

"Sandi, I have thought about what we talked about, and I will do it. I know what my parents are going to say." Sandra Peters gave Renée a big sisterly hug.

"Thank you, girlfriend, and I promise, you won't be sorry."

The doors were unlocked, and the students entered the school. Sandi and Renée had their lockers right next to each other. In fact, that is how they met. They got their books for their morning classes, and as they were walking to their homeroom, which by the way, Roger Watkins was not in, Roger decided to call Renée a slut.

"Yes, Roger Watkins, the same to you too," Renée had said.

"What did you say, faggot?"

"My, my, Roger what a foul mouth you have. How much mouth wash do you use in a day? That mouth is so filthy I bet it takes a whole box of Listerine to clean it out."

"Keep it up, faggot, or ..."

"Or what, Mr. Watkins?" Renée asked, moving closer to Roger. "I'm not going to take your bullying any more, from you or your ... friends."

"Is there a problem here?" Asked Mr. David Hastings, the first hour geography teacher."

"This doesn't concern you, cartographer."

"Roger Watkins, every teacher in this school has gotten a notice about you. Every student's safety on this school campus is my concern. Now, either you get to homeroom, or come with me to the principal's office."

"I ain't going anywhere with you, pussy."

"Oh, yes, you certainly are. You girls get to your homerooms," he said, talking to Renée and Sandi.

"See, even Mr. Hastings called you a girl. If any boy can pull off being a pretty girl, you can. What I want to know is, where did Roger learn that word 'cartographer' from?"

"He probably looked it up in the dictionary. What surprises me, Sandi, is that he knows how to read." They both giggled.

To get to their homerooms, they had to pass the office. There was a door marked office and a door marked principal. As they passed the second door, they heard crying from inside. Sandi and Renée just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

They went in their respective homerooms, right next door to each other, and sat down.

Renée's homeroom and first period teacher is Mrs. Wanda Peters, Sandi's aunt. As she got to Renée's name, she put her book down.

"Class, today we are going to write an in class essay about what we are going to do on our Christmas break. I know I have a working holiday, I have papers to grade. But what I want from you is, what kinds of things you do during Christmas at your house, or whomever's house you are at. This should be a fun essay to write. Miss Richards, I would like to see you after class. All right class you may get started."

Renée just sat there thinking about what Mrs. Peters had just said. She called Renée 'Miss'. Did everybody see her as a girl? Maybe Sandi was right, Renée could pull this off without anyone being the wiser. Renée wrote her essay about helping her mother in the kitchen, and then wrapping all the presents and putting the proper names on them. Renée had one brother and one sister that were both younger than she was and she wondered if her mother still wanted her to be a girl. I guess they will find out after school. This was Friday, so Sandi didn't have to be right home, as long as she called her mother to let her know where she was at.

The bell rang ending first period, and everbody put their essays on Mrs. Peters' desk. Renée stopped to see what Mrs. Peters had wanted.

"You wanted to see me, Mrs. Peters?" It was a question more than a statement.

"Yes, I just wanted to tell you that Roger Watkins won't be bothering you any more."

"Did he get suspended?"

"No, dear, he has been given a punishment. After the Christmas break, you will see a whole new Roger Watkins, I am hoping."

"What kind of punishment did he get?"

Mrs. Peters leaned closer to Renée. "You promise you won't tell?"

"I promise, Mrs. Peters."

"Well, Renée, he has been told that he has to dress as a girl would for the rest of the school year." Renée giggled. "But this is a secret until he comes to school after the Christmas break."

"I cross my heart, and hope to die if I reveal this secret."

"Let's do one better than that. Let's pinky swear." Renée knew that when two girls pinky swore, both would take the secret to their graves.

"Pinky swear." They intertwined their right little fingers together, and shook once like a handshake.

"If Roger tells anybody, that is his choice. I am willing to bet he won't though. But over the holidays, he has to learn to be a girl in every way."

"Thank you, Mrs. Peters. Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year."

"To you and your family also, Renée."

Over this Christmas break 2011, there would be two boys going through feminine training. One forced, and one voluntarily. Renée was deep in thought when she got to her locker.

"Hey, girlfriend, a nickel for your thoughts."

"What? Oh, Sandi. I'm sorry, I was just thinking about what we talked about. Mrs. Peters just told me a secret I can't reveal because we pinky swore on it."

"Pinky swore, hey, and you say you're not a girl? A pinky swear is the most inviolate thing between two girls that can ever be; well, except stealing each other's boyfriends. Listen, Renée, we are going to have so much fun over the holidays. By the time school starts again, everybody is going to see a new Renée Jeanette Richards.

"But why not just be myself? I mean, everbody calls me Miss and she and her, so all I would need is the holidays to practice being a lady, instead of a tomboy."

"You are so right, girlfriend. That is what we will do then. Are you ready to go and talk to your parents? I already called my mom and told her where I would be."

"I guess I am as ready as I will ever be."

The two started walking towards Renée's house. It was a good thing they both lived in the same neighborhood. On the way, Renée started singing a song that was a favorite of her mother's.

"Qué séra séra, whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see, qué séra séra."

"What is that you're singing?"

"It is an old Doris Day song called Qué Séra Séra. It's one of my mom's favorites. Well, here's my house. I guess I will know in just a few moments what the verdict is."

"Oh come on, now, Renée. I bet they will welcome their oldest daughter with open arms. Wanna bet?"

"Uh uh, I know better than to bet with you." They both giggled.

They both went in the house, and straight to Renée's room. Renée put her coat away, and then took a deep breath. She was ready to meet her fate, come what may.

"Let's go and talk to my parents."

Part II - Dinner at the Richards house.

The two girls went in the kitchen where Renée's mother was busy getting the things ready for dinner.

"Hi mom," René said with a smile, giving her mother a hug. "Sandi and I have something we would like to talk to everybody about."

"Like what, dear?"

"Well, do you remember when I was born, and you decided to leave my name you picked for me as it is? I was wondering if you still wanted an older daughter."

"What brought this on?"

"Mom, everybody at school calls me Miss, she or her because they think I am a girl, a tomboy girl, but still a girl. Roger Watkins has been up to his bullying again, only this time he got caught. So, what I was wondering, since everybody sees me as a girl anyway, do you still want me to be your oldest daughter?"

"I was wondering how long it would take you to come to that," Renée's father said, as he entered the kitchen. "You have always been slight like a girl, your voice for being a thriteen year old boy is still high, and your face is oval with soft features. I would have no objections to you being our oldest daughter."

"Thank you, daddy," Renée said, giving him a hug.

"Honey, is this something you want? I mean, nobody is forcing you to make this decision. Are they?"

"No mother. I just thought things out, and figured since everybody sees me as a girl, then a girl I will be."

"All right then, we will discuss this at dinner, when everybody is here. This should be a family decision. Sandi, are you staying for dinner?"

"My mother is coming over in a bit. She said to call her when I got here."

"Well, you know where the phone is."

Sandi went to call her mother and a few minutes later, told Renée's mom that her and her mom would be staying for dinner.

Renée's sister was ten years old, and her brother was eight. Cathie had always said Renée was more of a sister than a brother, and so did Daniel. But they would all talk about Renée being their sister permanently at dinner. This was a family thing, and it needed to be decided by the family.Renée, Sandi and Sandi's mother helped with the dinner preparations. Tonight was meatloaf, garlic bread (oh yes, it had to be homemade), cottage cheese, cole slaw, milk for the children and coffee for the adults.

The first of Renée's siblings to come in the house was Cathie. She went immediately to her room and put her things away. Then she came in the kitchen just as Renée was saying...

" I guess being a girl isn't going to be that bad a thing at all."

"You are so silly, sis. I've been a girl all my life, and I love it."

"Cathie, what would you say if I was your sister for always?"

"YES!" Cathie screamed and gave Renée a big hug.

"I think that would be cool too," Daniel said as he sat down.

"Well, we will talk about this at dinner. Now go and get cleaned up, dinner is almost ready.

Cathie and Daniel Richards took the school bus, so got home later than Renée did. Tonight was the start of the Christmas holidays, so the kids had two weeks off of school. CAthie and Renée set the table, and then put the food out. Daniel went to get his father, and after he said grace, they all sat down.

"Children, we have something to talk about. When Renée was born, we expected a girl, so we had her name all picked out. When we found out that Renée was a boy, we didn't think to change the name we had picked, so Renée has had her name since she was born. Now she has come to me and asked if I still wanted her to be the girl we were expecting. I really do want her to be the girl she is, not the girl she thinks she has to be. So, I guess what I want to know is; do we want Renée the girl, or Renée the boy? I will leave this to a family vote.

"I would love having an older sister. I say Renée, the girl."

"I do too," Daniel said, as he smiled at Renée.

"Dear, what about you?"

"I'm all for it, but I have to ask. What all of a sudden brought this on?"

"When we got to school this morning, Roger Watkins was waiting for me. He started calling me names, and then when he grabbed me, Mr. Hastings, the geography teacher caught him. When he told Sandi and I to get to our homerooms, he actually said, 'you girls'. Everybody sees me as a girl anyway. A tomboy girl, but still a girl. So I figured, if everybody is going to treat me as a girl, I may as well be one. I mean, I am not as tall as most of the boys in school, and I don't have their kind of muscles. I may never have. So, I would like tobe the girl you were expecting."

"You do realize that if we say it is okay for you to be Renée, the girl, that you will have to live full time as a girl, dress and act as a girl, go everywhere as a girl, and go to school as a girl."

"Yes, daddy."

"Then I vote we have Renée, our daughter."

Her mother smiled, when she said, "so do I."

I vote yes too, daddy, Cathie added, and so did Daniel.

"Then it is settled. Your mother will make sure you have the proper clothes and will teach you how to be a proper lady."

"Sandi said she would help me too. She said we have ten days to make me 'perfect' as she says.

"Sandi, you said that?"

"Yes, mother. Renée is going to need all the help she can get."

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