Angels We Have Heard On High


Another BigCloset TopShelf poem of Christmas present.


Angels We Have Heard On High
by Barbara Lynn Terry

It happened one Christmas eve,
His name I could not even conceive,
As he told me not to worry or stress,
But just be and do my best.

I heard the words so softly spoken,
As I searched for my bus token.
After I had paid the fare,
I looked around, but he was not there.

I thought that I had imagined it all,
And smiled as the snow began to fall.
It glistened in the lights of the street,
As I sat there glad to be off my feet.

Then as I walked home from the stop,
I heard him again, and my purse did drop
At the sound of the voice's host,
That was so very close.

I looked around, but no one was there.
And again I thought that where,
Is this voice coming from so clear,
That is from no one but yet so near?

But I was startled, and could not conceive,
As this happened one Christmas eve.


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