The Accident - Part 1

The Accident
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - After the accident.

The ambulance had arrived, and when they saw how bad the injury was, they had to immediately stop the bleeding. They put a pressure bandage on it, and taped it with surgical tape. They got the child on the gurney, and in to the ambulance. With sirens wailing, they left for the hospital only two miles away.

When they pulled in by the emergency room door, the paramedics wasted no time getting the child in to EX-12. A doctor came rushing in and was looking at the child's injury, as a nurse took the child's vital signs. The blood pressure was 98/95, the pulse was erratic, and the child's respiration was very labored. The doctor looked at the child's face and could see the child was badly stressed. The doctor told the child her name was Dr. Cynthia Reed, and she would make sure that the injury would be stablized before she could actually work on it.

With the help of a nurse, Dr. Reed was able to stop the bleeding.

"Oh my!" Dr. Reed exclaimed, putting her hand over her mouth. "Honey, before I can work on your injury, I need to call your parents. Do you know your phone number?" The child gave her the phone number and Dr. Reed went to call them. The child was twelve years old, had long, past the shoulder, chestnut hair with natural highlights. "Honey, your mother said I was to do any and everything I could to make you better and she is on her way. I can't really do anything right now though, because you have lost a lot of blood. We are going to have to build that back up, and you will be here until it does. Your blood pressure will be measured every fifteen minutes, and I am hooking you up to a heart monitor. This will tell us your heart rate. We can tell by the lines on the machine and the numbers how you are doing. That little thing on your finger is called an oximeter and it measures your heart rate, or pulse if you prefer, and tells us what your oxygen saturation point is.

"We are going to have to give you meals that will be able to build that blood back up in say, maybe a month, hopefully, so that I can finish what needs to be done. Nurse Jo will put an IV in your arm to help keep you hydrated. If you need to use the restroom, just press this button, and a nurse or PCA will be in to help you. You press this button for anything you need, like water. I am going to order your dinner for tonight, and when your mother gets here, she can order the rest for you. You will be alright like you are until that blood pressure is higher. A lady from the lab will come in and take blood from your arm, so she can test it and see where your enzymes and hormones are at."

"What, what hap...pened?"

"You had an accident, and you have a very bad injury that needs to be operated on, but I can't operate on it until your blood is built back up. Your blood pressure, right now, is 97/76 and that is not good. It seems to be getting lower. I would like to see that upper number that we call the systolic at least at 102. The bottom number that we call the diastolic is alright. Right now, you need to rest. If Jamie came in and read to you, or talked with you until you fell asleep, would you be a little more relaxed, maybe?"

"I, I really...don't...know."

"Well that is an honest answer. Jamie is the PCA working with nurse Jo and I will tell her to come in."


Jamie was twenty two, with natural sun blonde hair to her mid back. Her face was perfect, and that smile just gleamed like in the Orbit gum commercials. She didn't wear pants and a top like what nurse Jo was wearing, but wore a nice blue uniform dress, with soft, blue shoes. Her nylons were tan, and she came in with a book called The Adventrues of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

As Jamie read from the book, she looked over at the child every now an then, and after a while, saw the child was sleeping. She marked the place where she left off, and then closed and set the book on the bed stand. She left to take care of other patients, telling nurse Jo that the child was finally sleeping. Nurse Jo looked over at the room, and could see a peaceful expression on the child's face.

An hour later, a woman with a pretty figure, shoulder length, auburn hair, with a worried expression came out of the elevator. Nurse Jo went to her and asked if she was the child's mother. When she said yes, nurse Jo took her right in to the child's room. The mother could see that her child was sleeping peacefully, so she sat in the recliner chair by the bed, and waited for her child to wake up.

The woman saw the book on the bed stand, and smiled to herself. She went out by the nurses desk and asked where she could get a cup of coffee. Nurse Jo said she would bring one from the break room. When the woman came back in, she sat down, and started reading about Huckleberry Finn. She remembered when she had read this in high school for an assigned book report. She remembered too, the freedom that Huck and Tom had had as children living on the muddy Mississippi. She read past the place Jamie had stopped at, but kept the book mark in place. She looked up from the book and saw her child move in a way that looked like he was in pain. She went to get nurse Jo.

When Jo got to the room, the child was still restless, but sleeping.

"The child is fine, but if this child wakes up sweating and/or screaming, I will come in with something to quiet the child down. Just keep an eye out and make sure the child doesn't start choking or anything you feel is, well, just not normal for this child."

"Alright, I will."

"It is almost time for my shift to end, and the afternoon nurse will be in take the child's vital signs. We can do that with the child asleep, because all the readings are on the monitor, but the nurse has to come in because she has to actually observe the child. If there is anything else you need, just press the nurses button on the remote." Then she left.

The child woke up, to see the woman sitting in the chair, looking really worried.

"Are you alright, sweetie?"

"I hurt."

"Yes, dear, I know, they told me what happened when I got here." The woman pressed the button for the nurse.

"Yes, what do you need? Oh! You're awake. Are you having any pain?"


"Okay, now listen. We have numbers that tell us how much pain you are feeling. Zero being no pain to ten being the worst pain possible. So what number would you put your pain at?"

"I hurt really, really bad."

"Alright, I will put your pain at ten, then, and I will be right back with some medicine." When she came back, she had a needle and put something in the tube that was in my arm. In a short while, I was asleep.

The mother sat in the chair with a pained expression on her face. This was her only child, and if anything happened to ... him?, she didn't know what she would do. She sat back again with the book about Huckleberry Finn, and eventually fell asleep.

Dr. Reed was in the room bright and early, and was there when the lady from the lab came to draw blood. Even though the child's blood pressure was low, Dr. Reed still needed the results from the child's blood.

"Good morning. Are you feeling any pain, right now?"

"Yes, a little."

"What is 'a little'?"

"It feels like several small needles."

"Where are you feeling these 'needles'?"

"In my arms and legs."

"Okay, I'm calling physical therapy and see if we can't get you up and walking, maybe just in the room here. I have also put a yellow tag on your bracelet, and by your room door that says you are a fall risk. This way the physical therapist will know to watch you closely."

"What kind of an accident was I in?"

"You were hit by a speeding car when you were crossing the street. The police said that the car seemed to come out of nowhere. They have arrested the driver. Do you remember anything before the accident?"

"I was going to my friend's house and we were going to go to the White Castle. I was crossing right at twelfth and Mitchell. My friend Danny was there so I figured I didn't have to go all the way to his house. I was almost across when ... then I woke up here."

"At least your memory is intact. The CT scan I ordered didn't show any abnormalities, but then we will have to wait. I want another CT scan in a week, to see if there is any bruising on the brain. You are very weak yet, and I have ordered that blood be drawn every three days. This way you can build your blood cells back up and gain more strength. Anyway, I need to talk to your mother for a few minutes. She will be right back."

The two women went out by the nurses desk and talked. Dr. Reed has already heard what the nurses had said about this child. It was as if the entire floor adopted this child as their own. But they were concerned about the child's mental as well as physical health.

The child's genitals had come out useless after the accident. Dr. Reed had gasped when she saw the extent of the injuries. Now she was talking to the child's mother. The child saw a pained look of resignation on the woman's face, and then the woman had looked back at the child, crying. The two women went back in the room.

"I am told that your name is Jaime. I have some good news for you, and I have some bad news for you. Your mother has given me an open hand to treat you and make you better that will serve your best interests in the future. Jaime, do you know what testes are?"


"They are little 'stones' in the sac between your legs. They produce what is called testosterone which is a male hormone. They also produce other things too, but we won't go into that right now. That is for your mother to tell you. Anyway, your testes have been damaged to the point that they are useless. They won't produce anything because of the extensive damage that was done to them.

"I have talked to your mother, and she said that my plan is a sound one, although a sad one too. You see, Jaime, I am going to have to, uhm, ..."

"Dr. Reed, my mother says it helps if you say it fast." Dr. Reed smiled.

"Well, when I am through operating, and correcting the damage, you won't be a boy any more."


"Well, because the testes have been so badly damaged that they cannot function at all. At any rate they have been removed. I am going to go now, and I will let your mother tell you what we talked about. Honey, you're actually going to have a better life." She left to take care of other patients.

"Mom, what did she mean that I am going to have a better life?"

"Because sweetie, when that car hit you, it ended any chance for you to grow up to be a man. So Dr. Reed and I agreed that because the damage done to you is extensive and cannot be repaired to work like it is supposed to, I have given Dr. Reed permission to give you what is called srs. That stands for sexual reassignment surgery. Honey, when you leave here, you will be a girl, physically."

"Mother, I'm ... tired." I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I tried to picture in a dream what it would be like to be a girl, and all I saw were my friends laughing and having a good time. Mom's a girl, and I know she will help me, but why did this have to happen to me? Mom once told me that there are no guarantees in life, and that we must be careful everyday, in case something bad happens. Mom woke me up when my dinner was brought in.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?"

"I feel very tired, like I ran all the way home from Danny's." Jaime's mother nodded.

"Try and eat your dinner, dear. You have to build up your blood so the doctor can make everything right."

"Make everything right, mom? I'm never going to be a boy again. How is being a girl making everything alright?"

"Because you will be able to live. Honey, you are old enough now that we can have the talk every mother must give her daughter, and since that is who you will be when this is over, I'm going to have to give you the talk for girls. There will be a lot of things I say that you will not go through, but they are necessary that you know them.

"I'm sure by now, you know how babies are made. Am I correct?"

"Yes, mother."

"Well when a girl reaches a certain age, she begins to bleed from her uterus through her vagina. This is called menstruation. The menstrual cycle is twenty eight days, and the reason for that is because the girl's body is cleansing itself of dead tissue and other icky things. This is what girls call a period. A period lasts anywhere from seven to ten days depending on the girl. All girls don't have their periods at the same time, either. I ..."

"I'm sorry, but I have to look at the monitors. You listen to what your mother is saying. A lot won't apply to you, but you need to know it so you know what your friends are talking about. Girls talk about these things to other girls you know." She looked at the monitors, adjusted my IV and left.

"As I was saying. This cycle is twenty eight days and a lot happens when the cycle begins. This is what I copied from the computer in your room. It explains what happens in the menstrual cycle."

Stimulated by gradually increasing amounts of estrogen in the follicular phase, discharges of blood (menses) slow then stop, and the lining of the uterus thickens. Follicles in the ovary begin developing under the influence of a complex interplay of hormones, and after several days one or occasionally two become dominant (non-dominant follicles atrophy and die). Approximately mid-cycle, 24—36 hours after the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) surges, the dominant follicle releases an ovum, or egg in an event called ovulation. After ovulation, the egg only lives for 24 hours or less without fertilization while the remains of the dominant follicle in the ovary become a corpus luteum; this body has a primary function of producing large amounts of progesterone. Under the influence of progesterone, the endometrium (uterine lining) changes to prepare for potential implantation of an embryo to establish a pregnancy. If implantation does not occur within approximately two weeks, the corpus luteum will involute, causing sharp drops in levels of both progesterone and estrogen. These hormone drops cause the uterus to shed its lining and egg in a process termed menstruation. [email protected]

"I want you to read this through several times, until you understand what it says. If you have any questions, dear, just ask me. You are my daughter now, and I don't want you to be embarrassed by asking me personal female questions."

"Mom, why did this have to happen to me?"

"Oh honey." She hugged Jaime for as long as Jaime needed her. When she looked at Jaime, to wipe an errant hair out of the way, she saw that her child was sleeping. She went and told the nurse and then went to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and a sweet roll.
She sat by herself, thinking about what she had told Jaime about being female. She thought it was such a relief that her little girl wouldn't have to go through all the cramps and bloating and mood swings. She was deep in thought and didn't see a woman sit down at her table.

"A penny for your thoughts."

"Oh! Dr. Reed, you startled me."

"You seemed so far away. Are you reconsidering your decision?"

"No, I want my child to have at least some kind of normal sexual life. Well, as normal as it can get anyway."

"Well, I have some good news for you. Jaime's blood is sufficient to stand the surgery, and the blood we will use during the operation, will make up for what she loses. Then she will be here for at least another month, so she can build up her anti-bodies. Once they are built back up, she will be allowed to go home. I understand Jaime is a wonderful student at her school."

"Yes, but I'm afraid she will fail this semester because of being in here."

"Not a problem. I know the principal. I will ask her if Jaime can study at home, and take the finals that will allow her to pass. I have scheduled the srs for a week from this Monday. I heard you had 'the talk' with Jaime. You will probably have to go over this again with her."

"I will make sure that by the time she goes home, she will know what it is like to be female, even if I have to tell her personal secrets." They both giggled. "She was sleeping so I came down here to think."

"I come down here too at night. Grab a coffee and a candy bar and just think. It is a great place to sit, because a lot of the people that come down here, get whatever it is they want, and leave. I was just going to go up and take a look at Jaime. Coming?"


The two women walked slowly, like you see on those prison movies where the condemned man is walking slow to his death. They took the elevator to Jaime's floor, and went in the room. Dr. Reed saw that the child was still sleeping, and then asked the nurse if there had been any changes. The nurse said that the anti-bodies in Jaime's blood were just starting to get better. In about a week they should be strong enough to stand surgery. The blood that they will transfuse into Jaime's arteries will help with the blood loss of the surgery.
It was during the night that Jaime woke up, looking very afraid. Her mother was there, holding her. She buzzed for the nurse, who gave Jaime something to help her sleep better. Her mother laid back in the recliner and went to sleep.

The next morning, Jaime saw her mother sleeping. She buzzed for the nurse.

"What do you need, Jaime?"

"I need to use the bedpan." Jaime was still to weak to get up, so the nurse got the bedpan, and helped Jaime.

"There, feel better now?"

"Yes." A lady came in with her breakfast tray.

"Name and date of birth, please." Jaime gave it to her, and she set the tray on the bed stand. The nurse helped her sit up better so she could eat.

After breakfast, Jaime's mother read to her from the book about Huckleberry Finn, but the problem with having poor blood is that you are always tired, and soon Jaime was fast asleep. Jaime's mother's name was Beverly, or Bev as she liked to be called." She went out by the nurse's desk and saw that Nurse Jo and Jamie had come on duty. She waited until the nurses had their briefing, and then talked to Nurse Jo.

"Jo, I'm worried about Jaime. She seems to be sleeping more and more."

"That is because her blood cells aren't where they should be. She will be tired quite a lot. When her blood cells get back to what we call 'normal', then she should have her old energy levels back. But seeing that she will be female when she leaves here, we need to get her ready for her new life, because a lot of what she will experience will be very new to her and she doesn't have our years of growing up female. So she will be at a very severe disadvantage. But she is a resilient child, she will pull through and hopefully her therapy sessions won't be that many."

"Yes, hopefully."

Jamie gave her a hug, and told her that the child will be fine.

"She may need quite a lot of help in the first few months, but then like all ducklings, she will want to leave the nest and try her water legs. Listen Bev, she will be fine, and I know, I'm a mother too, so I know what it is like to worry."
Beverly gave a weak smile when she said, "thank you, Jamie. You know, maybe it is fate, because you and my child have the same name except spelled different."

"Yes," Jamie giggled, "I noticed that the first time I saw her name on the roster. It is nice."

"Yes. I am only hoping that when she is allowed to go home, that she won't have any problems at school."

"Does she have any girl friends that can maybe help her, be there for her?"

"There were a few in grade school she was close too. You know, come to think of it, Jaime never was very macho, like most boys. I mean, she always hung around the girls, while most boys were doing things like whistling at girls, or just a couple of years ago, Jaime wanted to stay over night at one the girl's houses, and well, we let her. I think it was more or less an experiment to see just exactly what Jaime would do. When I went to pick her up, not the next day, but that Sunday evening, I was told that Jaime never stared at the girls who changed in front of her, but did like most girls will, compliment them on the outfits they chose to wear. One of the girls even said she acted just like she was a girl all along, and wasn't even embarrassed when she had to change in front of them.

"Jamie, I think I have had a daughter all along, and it took this to finally make me realize that. I mean, when Jaime played with the girls dolls and dressed in their clothes, I never said aything that boys didn't do that. I think I was waiting to see if Jaime would come to me, and tell me she was a girl inside. She has always acted girlish, and did girlish things.

"One time there was a little puppy just running in the street, and Jaime kept calling to it, but the puppy stayed in the street. Jaime went over to get the puppy, and just in time too, because a car had turned the corner right after, really fast. That car would have hit the puppy if Jaime hadn't gone and picked it up. She has always had a girl's heart, bless her soul." Beverly looked at Jaime with affection only a mother can show.


"Yes, dear?"

"You knew about me wearing Chrissie, Bobbie and Cindy's clothes?"

"Yes, sweetie, I did. I never said anything because well, you looked so cute and you never did anything to make people think you were a boy wearing girls clothes. You have always been my sweet angel, and it makes no difference if you are a boy or a girl, I love you just as you are.

"You are going to be a wonderful girl, Jaime. You don't have a deep voice like most boys your age, and now you never will. You won't have all that icky hair growing all over your body, and you will will probably grow maybe another inch or two. You have always been my little girl, more than you know. That is why when this accident happened I told Dr. Reed to do whatever she could to save your life. You see Jaime, when I talked to Dr. Reed, I wasn't crying because she has to change your body to that of a girl, I was crying because I knew then that what I had always felt was true. You are my daughter and you always have been."

"Does that mean, when I get home, I will be a girl forever?"

"Yes, sweetie, it does, and this time you won't have to worry about anything, because you will look just like the other girls do when they are changing their clothes. When you are well enough, I am going to take you shopping. I won't buy you any clothes to go home in, until I know what your sizes will be. I also think, young lady, that I will get you your first training bra, because you are going to need it. Dr. Reed has already started you on an estrogen regimen, so that by the time you do leave here, your body will be used to them, and without the testes to tell your brain that you are a boy, the estrogens will be able to do the work they are meant to do. Don't worry about a thing, there are a lot of girls who develop late, and you just happen to be one of them."

"I love you, mom."

"I love you too, sweetie." After she heard that, Jaime fell back asleep.

It would be like this until Jaime would go in the operating room for her needed surgeries. Jaime's mother Beverly was a licensed cosmetologist with her own salon, so she wasn't worried about Jaime getting a makeover from strangers. Joanne who was Beverly's administrator when Beverly wasn't there, was told what had happened to Jaime, and what the final outcome would be.
Joanne was in her thirties, and had long, chestnut brown hair with natural highlights. When she heard the news about Jaime, she was relieved that the child would live. Joanne always liked Jaime, because she was always polite and very helpful. Now that she knew Jaime was going to be a girl outwardly, she was even happier, because she had always thought that the body Jaime had was wasted on a boy. Now Jaime will be a girl. Joanne's daughter was the same age as Jaime, and they were good friends. Darla was always after Jaime to wear her clothes whenever they were alone, but Jaime always refused, saying boys don't wear those kinds of clothes.

"MOM!" Beverly was startled by her child's outburst.

"What sweetie?"
"I, I just...I just had a ... dream."

"Do you remember what it was about?"

"I dreamt I was at auntie Joanne's, and you and auntie Joanne went out to the mall for a while, and Darla wanted me to dress in her clothes. She has wanted me to do that a few times, but I always refused."

"Why did you refuse, dear?"

"Because I told her boys don't wear clothes like that."

"But now that you aren't a boy any more, will you be borrowing some of Darla's clothes?"

"If they fit me."

"Honey, are you sorry that you have to be a girl for the rest of your life?"

"No, mother, I'm not. Maybe a little scared, but I think that will pass."

"Well, auntie Joanne and Darla are coming up to see you tomorrow. I called auntie Joanne at the salon and told her what happened to you. Auntie Joanne said she was relieved that you were still alive, and told me something else too. She said she had often wondered what you would look like all made up as a girl. Well, when you are well enough, you will be going to the salon and getting a full makover. So that is why I am waiting to get you your first outfit to go home in. Dr. Reed said that by the time you leave here, not only will your blood be back to normal, but you should be pretty well healed by then too. Even the blood they give you during the operation, isn't enough, because they have to keep giving you the blood throughout the whole operation. Dr. Reed said the surgeries will take anywhere from three to five hours.

"After that, you will rest quite a bit, because the pain medicine they give you will keep you drowsy enough you will want to sleep a lot. So we have a few days yet, before you go in the OR. But right for now, would you like me to read to you?"

"Yes, but not Huckleberry Finn. I want you to read something else to me. Something happy and maybe a little funny too. Mom? Instead of reading to me, do you know any stories you can tell me?"

"Yes, dear, I know a really cute story I can tell you."


"Once upon a time there was a little girl who was so precious, her mother could only be so happy. But this little girl was different from all the other little girls, because she had a different body. One day, when the little girl was going to go and play with her friends, a terrible accident happened. The little girl was hit by a speeding car. The ambulance took the little girl to the hospital, where the doctor and nurses had saved her life. Then, the doctor called the little girl's mother and told her the extent of the little girl's injuries. The mother told the doctor to do whatever was necessary to save her daughter's life. The little girl is so special, that her mother gave the doctor permission to correct a mistake that was made years ago. This made the mother very happy, but the little girl seemed apprehensive. But the mother soon won her daughter over to accepting what had happened and what needed to be done. Now the little girl will be who she was meant to be, physically, mentally and in her soul. After the little girl's mistake was corrected, mother and daughter lived happily ever after."

When Beverly looked at Jaime, she saw that she was fast asleep. She gave that loving mother smile, and went out to the nurses desk.

"Jaime is sleeping. I'm going to go and get a cup of coffee and something to eat. I will be back in about thirty minutes."

"Alright, we will page you if there are any changes."

Beverly went out to the elevators, and down to the ground floor. She stopped at the pay phone just outside of the cafeteria. She called Joanne.

"Hi Jo, it's Bev. Jaime is sleeping right now, and I just told her a story that had to do with her accident, but she seemed to like how it ended. She is coming along just great. In a couple of days she goes to get mother nature's mistake corrected. How is everything going at the salon?"

Joanne had told her things couldn't be better, and that some of the customers were sorry to hear about Jaime, but understood why Beverly easn't at the salon. Then Joanne told Beverly that she and Darla would be at the hospital just a little after closing time. She told Beverly to give Jaime their love, and not to worry because everything was going to be great.

Jaime was coming along better than Dr. Reed or her mother could have ever hoped for. In just a few days, Jaime Harrington would be the female, physically, that she should have been born as. While she slept she kept having dreems about her and a boy on a date. She never saw his face in the dream, but she knew it was a sign of good things to come.

Chapter 2 - Surgery and a new life.

When Jaime woke up, she saw her mother wasn't there. She pressed the nurse's button, and the nurse asked what she wanted.

"Where did my mother go?"

"She went to get a cup of coffee and something to eat in the cafeteria. She will be back. Do you need help with something?"

"Yes, I need to use the bed pan, please."

"Yes, ma'am, coming right up."

After Jaime used the bed pan, and was cleaned up, her lunch tray was brougt in. Her mother just came back from the cafeteria and noticed Jaime wasn't touching her food.

"Honey, why aren't you eating?"

"When I woke up and didn't see you here, I got scared."

"Oh sweetie, there is nothing to be scared about. If you don't see me here, I will be in the cafeteria, or calling auntie Jo at the salon to see what is going on. But there is nothing to be scared about. I am going to be here for my daughter until she can go home. Then young lady, we will sit down and have a good mother/daughter talk about the one subject on every girl's mind...boys. Come now, sweetie, eat your lunch. You need to build you blood cells back up."

"Alright, mother. I suppose I am just scared of the operation."

"You don't have to be. Dr. Reed says there is an observation room right above the operating room where medical students go to watch an actual operation. I will be there with you. Dr. Reed said I won't be allowed to be in the operating room itself, but I can watch from the obervation room. I will be there, sweetie, and I won't leave you here alone, until you can come home. That is a promise." Jaime thought that her mother had never broken a promise yet.

"Alright, mother, I suppose. But mother? Why did this accident happen anyway?"

"I beleive fate had a hand in this. You see Jaime, I knew there was something different about you, and I was waiting for you to come and talk to me about it. But when the accident happened, it was like a godsend, because yes, you were injured, and badly. But you survived because of Dr. Reed and the nurses in the ER that stabalized you. The nurses here on the floor are the same way. They are here to care for you while you are here. So just remember, sweetie, no one is going to harm you, and there is nothing to be scared of.

"The reason I said the accident was like a godsend was because things happened that have made you my daughter forever, and we will have a lot of fun together. After you are completely healed from your suergery, I will show you just how much fun girls have when we go shopping. There is all kinds of things we can do. I will teach you how to set hair, do your nails, and wax your legs and underarms. You haven't even entered puberty yet, but you will go through a girl's puberty, without having to worry about your first period. But, you will develop breasts and a nice figure. It isn't often that a skinny, bean pole boy can grow into a beautiful girl. As I said before, Dr. Reed has started you on an estrogen regimen that will make you develop like a normal girl would. The only difference is, you won't be going through what most girls go through when they start puberty. But, there are many girls who are born that don't have periods, nor can they bear children. This is what we call being barren. You are just another barren girl. But you will be pretty.

"When you go back to school, your friends are going to be a little confused about why you are showing up as a girl. But we can fix that before things get out of hand. Don't you worry about anything. Leave everything to me. Tell me what you would like to wear, when we go home? Something a twelve year old girl would wear."

"Mother, you have seen how Darla dresses. I don't want clothes that will make me stand out as old fashioned, or the girl with no fashion sense. I want something girls my age are wearing."

"Alright, I will talk to Darla and see what she can tell me"

"Are you going to talk to her on the phone?"

"No, I will until they come tomorrow, then I will talk to her out by the nurses desk, while you visit with auntie Joanne."


Jaime had that fearful look in her eyes again, and Beverly was getting really worried. She went out to talk to the nurse, and told her that she thought Jaime needed something tohelp her sleep. The nurse went in and talked to Jaime.

"Jaime, how are you feeling?"

"I am hurting. It's like the pain is all over me."

"I will get you some pain medicine. What number is your pain from 0 to 10?"

"I really hurt."

"Alright, I will get you something to help it go away." The nurse came back with a syringe and put the medicine in through Jaime's IV. Jaime was asleep in seconds.

Beverly couldn't help but admire her daughter lying there so peaceful and looking like the sweet angel she is. She also couldn't help but admire the strength this twelve year old child had mustered on being told that she would have to live the rest of her life as a female. Children can be so resilient, she thought.

Beverly went out by the nurses desk and asked if she could get a cup of coffee and the nurse said yes, and she brought her a cup from the break room.

"Bev, don't worry about a thing. Jaime's heart rate is fine for now, but will get stronger. Her pulse is still a little weak, but that is to be expected. She will pull through this."

"I was just thinking about how much courage she has. Can I tell you something just between you and me?"

"Of course."

"Jaime has always been small, and she has always been a little feminine in her actions. Maybe this was fate that made this happen for this very reason."

"Maybe, fate plays a hand in a lot of things. But don't you worry none, Jaime is a strong girl and she will be even stronger when she goes home, not only physically, but mentally too."

"I only hope she doesn't have any problems from bullies."

"I can pretty much guarantee that she won't," Dr. Reed said coming in the room. "I talked with Jaime's principal and she says that Jaime can even take her exams here. She is having Darla bring her homework. I am sure that Jaime is well enough to do homework, right Jaime>"

"Oh I feel such a headache coming on." They all giggled because no child likes to do homework, and Jaime is no exception. But Jaime does her work and participates in class.

When you sleep a lot and only wake up to eat and use the toilet, a week can go by fast. The day of Jaime's surgery was here. Dr. Reed and another lady came in Jaime's room.

"Hi Jaime, how are you feeling?"

"I still hurt."

"Yes, well, we will give you someting for that. This is Dr. Smythe and she is the plastic surgeon who will be doing the actual srs. Now, nurse Jo is going to come in and get you prepped, and then you will be taken to the OR. We are also going to give you something to make you sleep while the operation is being performed. We have your mother's signed consent, and I want you to know that there is nothing to be afraid of."

Dr. Leona Smythe was about the same age as Dr. Reed and Jaime's mother. She had short fiery red hair and the most mysterious green eyes. She smiled at Jaime, as Dr. Reed finished talking.

"Do you have any questions for Dr. Smythe?"

"No, ma'am."

"Alright, let's get you ready then."

Nurse Jo came in with a basin and told Jaime she had to sterilize the areas where the operation would be performed. After being washed all over and sterilized, Jaime was wheeled to the OR and every nurse on the floor told her good luck, and they can't wait until she gets back. The operating room was brightly lit like it was daylight inside. Jaime saw Dr. Reed and Dr. Smythe, but there were three nurses there as well. There was also someone sitting by the head of the operating table near a tank.

"Jaime, this is nurse Joan and she will be applying the anesthesia or gas as we like to call it, to you during the operation. This gas will make you sleep through the whole operation, so you won't feel any pain. Now, just relax and dream happy thoughts. This operation process will take about five hours. There are things we won't have to do for you, like facial feminization, because your face is very feminine now. This will get more feminine as you grow. So, are we ready, young lady?"

"Yes, ma'am."


Nurse Joan placed the plastic mask over Jaime's nose and mouth, and administered the anesthesia. In almost no time at all Jaime was asleep. Doctor Smythe went right to work wasting no time. Dr. Reed was the doctor assisting Dr. Smythe, and one of the nurses handed Dr. Smythe the necessary implements to do the surgery with. During the genital surgery, Dr. Smythe asked if breast augmentation was necessary, and Dr. Reed said natural augmentation was the mother's wish. Dr. Smythe smiled that she wouldn't have to cut on Jaime's chest. I will not bore you with the gory details of the surgery, but Dr. Smythe worked frantically to make the new girl as real as possible. Dr. Smythe said if she had more time, she would have constructed a uterus for Jaime using stem cells. But she said this will have to do for now. There was still time.

When Jaime woke up, she thought she was still in the operating room, because the room where she was, was also brightly lit up. A nurse came over to her.

"Well, I see you're awake. Dr. Smythe said everything went fine, and you will be a little groggy for a while. I need to take your blood pressure and pulse." The nurse took Jaime's vital readings and wrote them down on a clip board. Then saying she would be right back, she went by the nurses desk. She came back a short time later. "Would like some ice chips? Dr. Smythe doesn't you to have water right now, you can some ice chips."

"Yes. What is your name?"

"I'm nurse Cathy, and I was one of the nurses in the OR when you had your surgery. Everything is fine Jaime. You're going to make a beautiful girl. I will be right back with your ice chips." Dr. Reed and Dr. Smythe were called by nurse Cathy, because Jaime's blood pressure was 98/67 and the pulse was very, very low.

When the two doctors got to the recovery room, they looked at the readings on the clip board, and then went over by Jaime.

"Jaime," Dr. Smythe spoke first. "The operation went as we had planned. Everything will work out just fine. Don't worry about using the bedpan, because we have a foley catheter in you. If you have to go pee, just go, and it will go in to a small bag at the end of the catheter. Your blood pressure is alright for now. Heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, and your diastolic is 67. I would like to see that a little higher. A volunteer will be coming to take you back to your room. Your mother is here too. We asked her to go to the cafeteria while you were still sleeping. But she will be here shortly and she will go with you to your room. When you get to your room, I want you to rest. I will come up later and talk to you."

"Okay. I am very tired." Jaime no sooner said that than she was asleep.

Jaime had slept for the rest of the day, and when she woke up, there was a tray with jello, soft fruit, and juice.

"Honey, The doctor wants you to have liquids and soft fruit , until your body is through with the affects of the anesthesia. Maybe tonight you can have a regular dinner. Just take your time, and eat this slowly."

Beverly helped Jaime eat her "liquid" lunch. She was soproud her little girl for having the courage not to fight these changes that have happened to her, through no fault of her own. She remembered back to a time when Bobbie and Jaime were playing dress up,and she went to get Jaime.

Jaime was at Bobbie Granger's house, and they were playing in the back yard. Bobbie got an idea, because it was no fun not having a sister to talk to. So she had asked Jaime if she would like to do something different. Jaime wondered what that might be, and Bobbie said she had an idea, and would Jaime mind going along with it.

They went to Bobbie's room, and Bobbie started looking in her closet. Then she went to her dresser and got out a pretty pair of soft pastel blue panties, and soft bpastel blue slip, and a light blue dress from her closet. Bobbie laid the things on the bed, and then asked Jaime to take her shoes and sock off. When Jaime did, Bobbie put the bottom of her left foot against Jaime's left foot, and saw they were about the same size. Bobbie got out a nice pair of black Mary Jane's and pair of ankle socks that had a soft blue border at the top.

Bobbie told Jaime to take her clothes off and she would help her put on the clothes. Jaime was apprehansive, but did what Bobbie asked. After Bobbie had Jaime dressed, she decided to show her mother how cute Jaime really looked. Jaime didn't think much of it, so she went with Bobbie downstairs and in to the kitchen.

"Mother, doesn't Jaime look cute?" Her mother turned and looked at Jaime.

"You know, you do look very cute. If I didn't know you, I would never have guessed that you are a boy. Now, let me get dinner ready and you girls go play."

With that, the two girls went back to Bobbie's room and played until Bobbie's mother said it was dinner time. With no time to change, Jaime went downstairs to the dining room, with Bobbie right behind her. To her surprise, Jaime's mother was there and she gasped with her hand over her mouth when she saw Jaime.

"You look like an angel, dear. A very cute, special angel."

Beverly smiled when she remembered that day. They were both six years old. Now sitting there by Jaime's bedside, she couldn't help but wonder if the powers that be in te universe had a hand in giving her the daughter she wanted. It will be so great when she heals all the way. Beverly kissed Jaime's forehead, and told the nurse she was headed to the cafeteria.

When Nurse Jo had come in and saw that Jaime hadn't finished her lunch, she just gave an audible sigh. But being a mother too, she just looked at the little angel sound asleep, snuggly under the covers. Nurse Jo thought to herself that in a few years, this little angel was going to be a true heartbreaker. But for now, Jaime slept off the affects of the anesthesia.
Jaime will be back in Part 2.

For more on CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) please read the wikkipedia version at

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