The Office Building

Imagine if you will, just for a moment, that everything around you is not real. Imagine that you are sailing through the universe looking for something that eludes you. Imagine that the ship you are on is swaying with each passing comet. This is the story of one Gerald Bright, an architect who is building an office building, located somewhere in...........The Twilight Zone.

The Office Building
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - The plans.

It was a chilly November afternoon, when a man wearing an Armani overcoat, and carrying an alligator brief case, came to the offices of Gerald Bright & Company, Architects. The man had with him the plans for a new office building he wanted to have built just outside of the city. When he was called into Gerald's office, they sat down to coffee, while the man laid out his plans.

Gerald listened intently, and not being one to turn down anything, he looked at the man. Tall, dark, mysterious, he talked with a gutteral tone, and all Gerald could see between the hat and the coat's collar, were very eerie looking eyes.

"Is this something that you would like to do?"

"Yes. Yes, I think I can get right on it."

"Good. Besides the money, you will reap rewards you have only been dreaming about."

Gerald and the man shook hands, and as the man was leaving, he promised Gerald he would make sure that he would have the money delivered no later than the next day. Gerald sat down at his drafting table and looked at the plans for the new building.

Everything seemed normal enough. There was of course a huge lobby for boutiques and such. Then there were to be twelve floors, with twelve offices on each floor. Each office was to have an en suite bathroom, and an area to lounge around in, in case the executives didn't feel like going home. The toilets he saw too, had to have a bidet. But there was one very odd quirk about this building though. The building itself was to be built in the shape of a star. The center of the star was to be a big courtyard.

As Gerald looked at the blue prints, he also saw that the glass for the building had to have a pinkish tint to it. Gerald figured the man must know what he wants, who was he to question a customer. Then he saw it. Every office just wasn't an office, it was also an apartment suite, with only one bedroom per suite, and a dressing table, or vanity, to each bedroom. Gerald just thought that maybe this was to be an office building for women executives. He noticed too that each apartmant/office had space for a walk-in closet. Gerald thought it nice of the man to provide him with the blue prints, and he decided to call a meeting of his staff. When all the staff was in the conference room, Gerald began.

"Good afternoon. I was given blue prints by a customer who wants an office building built just outsideof the city limits. The building itself is to be in the shape of a star, and will twelve floors high with twelve offices per floor. But these aren't just offices though. They are apartment/office suites, meaning that the person who rents one of the offices will actually live there. The batrooms are to have toilets with bidets, and the bedrooms will have dressing tables, or vanitys, if you will. The glass for the building is to have a pink tint to it. As for the rest of the decor, I am sure we will be told as we go along. I have the blue prints in my office, and I will bring them to the planning room, right after this meeting. I need everyone on this, and I am assured by our customer that it will be well worth it."

"Is this going to be a building for women executives?"

"I'm not sure, Dave, but with what I have so far, it looks that way."

David Hillshire has been a life long friend of Gerald's, ever since they were in grade school. They studied architecture at the same university and they had graduated together. These two were mostly inseparable. David was almost six feet tall and had an athletic build. Gerald on the other hand was five foot, six inches tall and looked like he could pass for a woman, even without makeup or a dress. Gerald's voice was also high for a man's, but everybody that worked with him, loved the way he knew how to close a deal, and get new projects for the company.

"Anyway, I want Tanya to design the outside of the building, and I want Lori to design in the interior of the apartment/offices, as well as the hallways. The rest of us will concentrate on the construction. I guess that is all I have right now. We will learn more as we go along."

Everybody left the conference room, and Gerald and David went back to his office. David looked over the blue prints, and found nothing really out of the ordinary. I mean, every customer had a different way they wanted their buildings to be made. This was just another one of those customers. Or so David thought.

"Gerald, what say we go for a couple of drinks, and talk about this building. I really don't see anything out of the ordinary here. This is just another building according to the customer's specifications."

"I can't leave right now, Dave. I have a few things I need to do before we go and take a look at the site. He gave me the pole number where the property is. Tell you what though, let's go out there right now, together, and take a look see at what we have."

"Now you're talking."

As with all big cities, to get anywhere takes time. This was no exception, and it wasn't that long a drive. When they got there, they found it was only three miles to the site. Gerald parked along the shoulder of the road. Gerald and David got out of the car and found the property was already roped off. The walked around and looked at the vastness of the area. It dawned on Gerald too, that the rest of the land around the building, was to be landscaped, as well as a large parking lot.

Just then, a black Lincoln with tinted windows drove up. The same dark, mysterious man got out and went by Gerald and David. "I thought I would find you here," the unnamed man said.

"This is my partner, David Hillshire."

"Nice to meet you, David," The man said. David thought he saw something of a smile on the man's mostly covered face. "It is good that you are also on this project, because the stars have plans for the both of you."

"The stars?" Inquired David.

"Yes. You and Miss Bright have a destiny together."

"It's Mr. Bright, sir," Gerald answered kind of indignant to the feminine title.

"Yes, of course," the man replied inhis gutteral tone. "What do you think of my little corner of the world?"

"It is a nice place, and not too far from the center of town. I also was thinking, that you want the property outside of the building to be as pretty as possible, without being overly done."

"Yes, that is correct. You see, where I am from, we have women execuitves who need their own building. Something they can work in as well as call home."

"Where is it, exactly, are you from?"

"I am from Austria, and we are opening a branch of our company here in America."

"I see. If I need to get a hold of you, how do I do that?"

"I will get in touch with you. It is easier that way, because I am always on the move."

"I see. Well, we have plenty of space to work with here."

"Yes, but there is one thing. I want the building in the center of the property, with the parking lot in the back. The front of the building, facing the road, is to be eye appealing."

"Yes, of course, Mr.....Just what is your name?"

"You may call me Mr. Black."

"Well, Mr. Black, like I said in my office, we will get right on this."


Mr. Black got back in his car and left.

"I have told you over and over, and so has everyone else. You look like a woman even dressed the way you are. Maybe that is why he used Miss instead of Mr."

"Maybe. Well David, let's go back to the office and see what we can come up with."

They got back in the car, but instead of heading back to the office, they stopped at Henry's Pub where all the executives in that area went to relax and chit chat. Henry Buckingham was an older man, slightly blading, but fit as a fiddle. When he walked, he walked stright and sure. He knew what every one of his customers liked to drink. So nobody had to actually order, unless they were going to have something to eat for lunch. Since it was already three in the afternoon, Gerald and David just had drinks.

Something had been bothering Gerald though, ever since they met with Mr. Black in the field. Mr. Black had said he and David had a destiny together. Gerald wondered what he had meant by that. Well, anyway, he wasn't going to let it spoil his afternoon. There was one thing about Gerald, though. When he drank more than two drinks, he tended to get silly. Not guy silly, where a man would get loud and yell all over the bar, but femininely silly. When the alcohol got to Gerald, he was inclined to giggle, and flutter his eye lashes a lot. He held his glass in a very feminine manner, and when he spoke, his voice was high. Gerald Bright was thirty-three years old, but he looked like he was nineteen. He always said he got his young looks from his mother.

That wasn't all he got from her, if you ask those that work with him. He also gor her mannerisim, her high voice, and her height too. Lori Sanchez was one inch taller than David, with a head of thick, black hair. Tanya and Lori had often commented to Gerald that he would absolutely gorgeous in a dress and heels. Tanya Hutchins, was the same height, and build as Gerald. Gerald, for a man, had quite a stunning figure. The good thing about Tanya and Lori is that they were loyal associates, and never did anything to make Gerald feel embarrassed.

After David and Gerald had had one drink, Lori, Tanya, and Jake Berentstein came in and sat with the pair. Henry brought over their drinks,knowing if they wanted anything else, they would let him know. Jake Berenstein was your typical guy. Rich, thick, brown hair, good looks, and a little on the egotistical side. But he was a good employee, and he was in charge of the seeing to it, that the right contractor was hired to do the job.

"Hey guys," Lori said as they approached the pair. "Is this a privatemeeting, or can anyone join in?"

"Hi Lori," David said, as he pointed to Gerald. Lori just nodded.

"Hi Gerald."

"Hi honey. Did you lock up the office, dear?"

"Yes ma'am, I did."

When the alcohol hit Gerald, he never heard the feminine titles and pronouns that the other staff called him.

"Good. Now tomorrow, I want everybody to get right on this office building project for Mr. Black. That is our customer's name. He's a sweet man, even though he is a little mysterious. I think a little mystery in a man is what makes him likeable."

The others didn't say anything, because this was normal for Gerald. Gerald just kept talking, and pretty soon, David and Jake were talking, and Gerald was talking with the girls.

"Geraldine, honey, would you like to go shopping with us on Saturday?"

"Yes, Lori, that would be nice."

In the back of his mind, Gerald wondered why he had said that. Gerald didn't really like shopping, not even for food. He didn't even shop for supplies because he had a buyer for that purpose. But, he shrugged it off, and thought nothing more about it.

"Geraldine, what kind of dresses do you like?"

"I don't really know, Tanya. nothing too short, and it has to have a full skirt."

"What about an LBD?"

"Oh, I don't know. Most LBD's are straight, pencil shaped. I like flowing dresses and gowns."

Gerald wondered again why he was saying that deep in the back of his mind, but paid no attention to it. Had he paid attention to these thoughts, he would have seen them as warning signs. Warning signs that even in his enebriated state, would tell him and his co-workers, that he had crossed the line between masculinity and femininity. Of course, he had always been a little feminine in his movements and speech.

But here he was, sitting in their favorite pub, talking about women's clothes. Jake and David paid the women no mind, because women's clothing was a foreign language to them. Lori looked at Tanya, and bumped her with her hip.

"Geraldine, honey, would you like to go shopping now? I saw a beautiful dress in Macy's window. Let's go and see if they have it in your size."

Gerald made his apologies to David and Jake, but all they said was, have a good time. David had often wondered if this day would ever come. Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting.

Chapter 2 - Friday

It was Friday morning, and Geraldine got up to her buzzing alarm clock. As she moved to the bathroom, she didn't turn on the shower, as was her usual routine. Instead she had taken out her bubble bath. She poured a capful of the rose scent under the running water, and brushed her teeth. She got in the tub and cascaded the wall all over herself, using a sponge to pour the water all over her. When she was finished with her bath, she patted herself down, and went to get dressed.

She took out a bra and panties from her dresser, as well as a pair of nude, thigh high stockings. Then she got out a full slip, and sat down to put her makeup on. Geraldine did this as a matter of course everytime she got ready for work. David should be at the office by the time she got there.

With her makeup on, she stepped in to the gingham, scoop neck dress, and zipped it up. After looking around, she grabbed her car keys and purse and headed out the door. It was only a mile to the office, but you never knew when you might have to drive out to a customer's place. As she walked in, everybody greeted her, and complimented her on her new dress. She smiled and said thank you to everyone, and then as she got in her office, she saw Mr. Black sitting in one of the chairs in front of her desk.

"Good morning, Miss Bright."

"Good morning, Mr. Black.

"You look very pretty today, Miss Bright."

"Thank you, Mr. Black. What can I do for you?"

"Have you and your staff had a chance to look over my blue prints?"

"Yes we have, and I think that your going to have just prettiest building in the whole country. I mean it. Your plans and requirements are really going to be something when everybody sees the finished product."

"Absolutely. I need to ask you, Miss Bright. How are you feeling?"

"I feel alright. I'm happy, the sun is out, and there is no rain for today."

"Do you remember the talk we had in the field where my building is going to be?"

"Yes. You want the parking lot in the back, and the front of the building to be eye appealing. Is that right?"

"Yes, ma'am, that is correct. You will have to forgive my appearance because I am well known all over the world, so I hide myself so reporters can't recognize me. Is there anything else about our talk yesterday that you can recall?"

Geraldine shook her head, "not that I can think of."

Mr. Black smiled and just kind of nodded to himself. "Well, I will leave you, now, so you can get to work. I have ordered all the supplies, you just need to get the contractor, and supervise the construction."

"Alright, Mr. Black. It was nice of you to stop by."

Mr. Black left, and Geraldine got out the can of coffee and made herself a pot. After it was finished brewing, she poured herself a cup, and then started contacting contractors, to see who could bid the lowest. After she hung up, after calling her fifth contractor, David came in and kissed her on the back of her neck.

"Hey Beautiful."

"Hey yourself." Geralding got up, and put her arms around David's neck. "Now handsome, let's do that kiss the right way." The embraced each other, and kissed deeply and passionately. Geraldine was just engaged to David last night at Henry's Pub. There had been such a celebration and everybody had drank more than they had wanted to.

Of course, Geraldine was never prone to hangovers. I guess years of having two, or three, maybe four or five martini lunches paid off. Geraldine looked in her purse for a tweezers because there was a stray hair on one of her eye brows.

When the phone rang, Tanya had walked in to her office. "Geraldine Bright and Company, Architects. Oh yes, Mr. Stevens, she is right here." Tanya handed the phone to Geraldine.

"Geraldine Bright, speaking. Oh! Hello Mr. Stevens. You say all the materials are on site? That's good. David and I will be right over. Tanya, David and I are going to the construction site. I may just go home right from there."

"Alright, Geraldine, if you don't come back tonight, I will lock up."

"I could always count on you, Tanya."

As David and Geraldine pulled in to the parking area for the construction site, they saw a crane move and iron beam up to the ninth floor. They got out of their car, and went over by the supervisor.

"How did you get this building up so fast?" Inquired Geraldine with a puzzling look.

"The skeleton was already mostly up when we got here, this morning."

"That's impossible. The customer only told me last night that the materials were on site. Something very odd is going on here, I think."

Geraldine and David looked over what construction was there, and found that the concrete base was laid correctly, and that all the girders were properly fastened to each other to make a very sturdy skeleton. David said that maybe the customer decided to do all of this during the night, somehow.

"How, David? You can't build an office building in this design, overnight, unless you are superman or some kind of super being. When we were here yesterday, there wasn't anything here. Now the building is up to the ninth floor. To put it mildly, David, that is impossible."

As they were talking, Mr. Black drove up. As he got out of the car, he smiled at David and Geraldine.

"Hello folks. I see you have been working hard here. It is good to see a determined crew."

"Mr. Black, sir, when we were here yesterday, there was nothing. When David and I got here today, the building is at the ninth floor already. I have been an arcitect for several years, and in my business, this kind of construction, to put it simply, is impossible."

"No, Miss Bright. This building is right on schedule. I have been interviewing women for executive positions. Tomorrow, this building will be finished."


"David, when the stars are at their best, many things can be done, seemingly like magic. I don't question it, and neither should you. The only thing I know is this. The day after tomorrow, this building will not only be open for business, but will be in full swing. I have it on good authority from my agent."

"And just who is your agent, Mr. Black?"

"Someone who makes the cosmos possible. Someone who in his infinite wisdom has created peace and harmony in the world. My agent has assured me that my company will prosper."

Chapter 3 - The plans

It was a chilly November afternoon, when a man wearing an Armani overcoat, and carrying an alligator brief case, came to the offices of Gerald Bright & Company, Architects. The man had with him the plans for a new office building he wanted to have built just outside of the city. When he was called into Gerald's office, they sat down to coffee, while the man laid out his plans.

Gerald listened intently, and not being one to turn down anything, he looked at the man. Tall, dark, mysterious, he talked with a gutteral tone, and all Gerald could see between the hat and the coat's collar, were very eerie looking eyes.

This is the story of one Gerald Bright, who on a chilly November afternoon drove his car to work at Gerald Bright and Company, Architects. Their phone number is in the phone book marked .......


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