The New Fallen Snow - A Poem of Fun

The only transgender element in this poem is that it is about me and a friend having fun in the new fallen snow.

The New Fallen Snow
by Barbara Lynn Terry

The day was beckoning me to get up
and look out of the window
at the new fallen snow.

My eyes got wide and I screamed
in delight as I got dressed
and put my snowsuit on.

I ran outside, and made my
first snow angel of the year
while laughing and giggling.

I ran to get my friend so we
could make a snowman
with eyes of coal.

We stood there and looked
that maybe he could be
Frosty standing in the cold.

Then we started getting silly
as we began a snowball fight
laughing and giggling with delight.

After I had my lunch, I took the
sled outside, and my friend and
I slid down the hill by my house.

So when the snow falls,
how much fun can you have
in the new fallen snow?

 © 2008 by Barbara Lynn Terry

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