He Didn't Seem To Care - Part 1

He Didn't Seem To Care - Part 1
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Prologue: This story may seem to some to be far fetched, outrageous, or downright false even for fiction. But I bet that there are M2F TS in real life that have actually gone, or are actually going, through this. If this story seems unreal to you because you haven't had this experience, then at least consider it an entertaining fantasy. I know better, but, this is a free country.

Chapter 1 - The meeting.

I will tell you my name as I go along. Anyway, I am twenty three years old, five foot, five inches, chestnut brown hair with natural highlights. My teeth are even and white, and I have sapphire blue eyes. My eye lashes are long and full, and my eye brows I kept tweezed, but not in an obvious feminine arch.

I work as a sales clerk in a sporting goods store, and my boss thinks I'm gay. Well, he actually thinks anyone but him, is gay. The store where I work carries everything from hard and soft baseballs, footballs, basketballs, medicine balls, tennis balls and racquets, golf balls and clubs, as well as one hundred pre cent cowhide golf bags. Everything we sell is from one end of the sports field to the other.

It was almost lunch time and I had just finished selling three boxes of golf balls, golf clubs and a golf bag. I was just about to tell my boss that I was going to take my lunch break when this young woman came in the store, wearing a white tennis dress with red piping on the edge of the sleeves and around the hem. Her blonde pony tail just moved back and forth, as she walked over to the tennis equipment.

"Excuse me, ma'am, may I help you?"

"Yes, I need a tube of tennis balls, and I need another racquet."

"Right over here, ma'am. I love your tennis dress, especially with the red piping. It makes the dress look pretty."

"Thank you. I don't usually get those kinds of compliments from guys."

"I believe in giving compliments where they are deserved. You are very pretty, but it is more than that. You have a genuine smile that radiates. It isn't forced, and you seem very comfortable whereever you are and whatever you're doing."

"Well, I am on my way to play tennis with my aunt. She is older than I am, but she looks just as young. She really takes care of herself."

"Where do you play?"

"Jenkins Park courts. It's right near my home, and I can walk there."

"Maybe someday we can play a game. I live about a mile from Jenkins Park."

"That would be great. What time do you get off here?"

"I work until five, then I go home and have my dinner and maybe watch a little tv."

"It is still light out late, maybe we can play a game or two tonight."

"Do, do you, think, maybe, that, that's a, a good i-i-id-idea."

She craned her head to her right, and looked at me from the side of her eyes. She placed her left index finger against her mouth, as it looked like she was thinking. She walked around me, and still had that left index finger at the corner of her mouth.

"I'm going to call my aunt and see if we can get another player, then we can play teams." She took out her cell phone, and talked to someone named Joyce. After she was assured that Joyce could get another player, she hung up. "My aunt says she can get a friend of hers to play with us. I will pick you up at five, and we can get something to eat, then go to the park. How does that sound?"

"I need to stop at my apartment and get changed for the court and grab my tennis equipment."

"No need, erm, what did you say your name is?"

"I didn't, but my friends just call me "J".

"Alright Jay, I will pick you up at five, and we have tennis clothes at the house and equipment you can use."

"Well, I don't know. I'm really superstitious about using my own equipment, and having my own tennis clothes, especially my tennis shoes."

"How long will it take you to get changed?"

"Not long, about maybe fifteen minutes."

"And men say we take too long getting dressed." She giggled.

"Not me, I understand why women take so long."

"I bet you do, yes, I bet you really do." She had that sly smile on her face. "Anyway, I will pick you up, then we can go to your place and let you change, and then we can get take out for everybody, then we can play a few games."

"That sounds good to me."

She left with her purchases, and I finished the work day. Hal, my boss, told me to get my butt out and get on the tennis court with that beautiful gal who has fallen in love with me at first sight. Hal is in his forties, an ex baseball player, and medium height. His beer belly kind of inflated like a bicycle tire, but he had a wonderdful sense of humor. He also believed in love at first sight because he met his wife at a game, and they were married three days later. They have been together ever since.

As I had just walked out in the store after punching out, she was standing there by the counter.

"Well, are you ready?"


Chapter 2 - The game.

She took me to my apartment complex, and I took her up to my apartment. I told her to make herself at home, and offered her a cup of mint julip tea. I went in my bedroom and got undressed. I took a quick shower using my lilac scented perfumed soap. I protected my hair with a shower cap, and after I was done, I patted myself dry. I then went in a got out the gaff I use for when I wear bikini panties. I wiggled into it, and then got my panties on, then my tennis dress with roses on the front. I had specially ordered this dress. I put on my ankle socks, and then my red and white sneakers. I put my hair up in a twist with a pony tail, and then grabbed my racquet. I made sure I had everything, and then went out in the living room.

As I stepped in to her view, she gave a wolf whistle.

"You, girlfriend, are absolutely gorgeous. I love your tennis dress too. Why are you working as a man, instead of as a woman?"

"I'm not sure. I mean, I'm not afraid to go out as a woman, and I am not afraid to show people I just met who I am. As soon as my bank account is big enough, I am having my surgeries to make me physically female."

"Well, Jay can be a man's or a woman's name."

"No, you didn't understand. "J" isn't my name, it is the first letter of my first name."

"What is your first name?"

"Joanne. My friends call me Jo so other's will think they are calling me a guy's name. After my surgeries, I will be using Joanne exclusively. By the way, I don't know your name."

"I'm Constance, or Connie. You know, when we were at the store this morning, I sensed there was someting about you. Your voice is naturally high, you are slim like a woman. I mean, you have a figure and wide hips, and those sapphire blue eyes. I have never seen such eyes on a guy in my life, until today. Let me tell you, girlfriend, your body is wasted in those dumb old men's clothes. They hide your natural beauty. You never should be ashamed of your body. Looking at you right now, I see a woman. The guy I met at the sporting goods store this morning may live here, but you aren't him. You are a beautiful woman.

"I told my aunt Joyce about you, and what I suspected. She is even more eager now, to meet you. I'm really trying to see a man in a dress here, and I swear, I just can't see him. Well, are we ready? We have to stop and get carry out for everybody. My aunt said she found another player, and you will like her. Her name is Jaime, and she lives a few houses away from us. Well, here we are. Do you eat tacos?"

"One or two, but no more than that. I have this figure because I work at keeping it."

"I work to keep mine too," she giggled. She ordered the taco family pack, with Sierra Mist for everybody. With food in the car, we headed to the park.

When we got to the park, Connie pointed out her aunt and Jaime. They were playing a singles game while waiting for us. She parked the car, and we went up to the court. There are five courts here, and all of them were being used. They stopped playing as we came close.

"Aunt Joyce, Jaime, this is Joanne, or just Jo.

"I thought you were bringing a young man. This is a young, beautiful woman."

"Thank you," I said, shyly.

"She blushes so cute too," Jaime observed.

Joyce was forty six, hourglass figure, and long, platinum blonde hair. Her complexion was flawless, and her hair was done up sort of like mine. She wore a soft, pink nail polish, and tennis racquet earrings. Jaime was the same height as the rest of us, and her light auburn hair was like a page boy, her complexion was flawless, and she was as energetic as the rest of us. The fact that my body was male, but my mind was female, never came up when we talked.

"Jo, I'm having a Tupperware party at my house on Saturday afternoon. Do you think you can come?"

"I will have to ask my boss. I'm sure Hal will let me have the day. I will call Connie tomorrow and let her know."

"That will be fine."

"So, are we ready to play?"

"In more ways than one, aunt Joyce." We all giggled.

"Good. Jo you partner with Jaime for the first set."

None of us were taller than the other, so it didn't make any difference which one played the net and which played the line. We tossed a dime for the first serve, and Connie and Joyce won the toss. They picked the side with the sun at their back.

Connie served first, and we volleyed back and forth for quite a while, and when we had won the first fifteen points, all the guys that were playing clapped. I thought to myself that if they want to take us out for drinks, I'm going home. I said as much to Connie, who said if they did, we would take what they had to offer, and then come up with an excuse to leave, before they could get us in bed. She asked me if I had any of those wiles, and I said I had a whole arsenal of them.

One of the men came over by me. He was tall, and with me in my sneakers, he had a very distinct advantage over me in height. He was muscular, and his short, brown hair, made him look very handsome. He had blue eyes, and he walked with the gait of a man who is sure of himself, but not in an egotistical way. He introduced himself as Gary, and said I was very beautiful.

"Gary," I said, motioning him over to where we could talk by ourselves. "I am not as I appear, well, not yet anyway."

He pointed his finger to my heart. "But, are you female in there?"


"Then that is all that counts. Let's go back by the others."

Connie asked me what that was all about, and I told here what I said, and what Gary told me.

"That's great, girlfriend," she whispered. "That means he is looking for companionship. If he asks to drive you home, you should let him, and see what exactly his intentions are."

"I agree."

"Hey! No fair, ladies. You're talking so we can't hear you."

"Yes, it's a girl thing, so get over it," Jaime said in mock sarcasm.

"Gary, now you know what we mean, when we say ... women!" The four of us just giggled, Gary smiled, and poor Don, who was talking to Gary, looked lost. Don seemed to be your average, male, egotistical, chauvenistic, women are sex toys, idiot.

"Yes, Don, I agree with the girls. By the way Don, I am going to be with Jo tonight. There won't be any cutting in, when we are dancing."

"Gary, I have more experience in these matters. Maybe I should show you how women are supposed to be treated." That was the wrong thing to say to Gary.

"Don, you treat women like they aren't even human. You assume because you are stronger than they are, that you can do whatever you want, and they have to submit to the indignities you inflict on them. Don, I'm a man too, never forget that. But, I treat women as equals in the decision making process, and if we are in the store shopping, we discuss what we buy. You, Don, think your strength is there to bully women."

"Well, women have to know who is in charge."

"Tell me Don, is that why you never married? Ladies, Jo and I will meet you at Granville's. You can bring Don if you want, but he has to behave himself."

"Why you. You would never have met these girls if I hadn't brought you along."

"Well, maybe someday I will return the favor."

Gary walked me to his car, which wasn't really all that spectacular, but it wasn't shabby either. He opened the door for me, and waited till I had sat down, and twisted myself to face the front. He closed the door, and then got in the driver's side. We both buckled up, and he drove us to Granville's.

Granville's is a nice nightclub where they allow dancing, and have live music by local bands. Sometimes they have famous people perform there, but tonight was a local group called the Midnighters. They played a combination of oldies rock and country music. We had gotten there before the rest, so we got a table where everybody could sit together. After the first dance was over, the others came in. I waved to Joyce and Connie, and they all came right over.

"Jo, don't you need to use the ladies room?" Connie motioned toward the restrooms with her head. I got up and went with Connie. "Alright, girlfriend, spill it. I want to know what he said to you in the car on the way over, and what you said to him."

"Well, we haven't given each other our phone numbers or addresses yet, and we didn't swap any saliva either. At least, not yet. He didn't even try putting his hand on my knee, or making sickening man talk you hear every other guy use. I'm not sure, Connie, but I think he is a real gentleman. Wait a second." I looked under all the stall doors, and I didn't see anybody in there. "He doesn't even care if I am transgendered."

"I think you found a winner. You know, even for genetic women, men like him are very hard to find, but every now and then, one of us stumbles over one. You go girl! Make sure that he understands that you intend on getting your surgeries completed."

"When I told him I wasn't as I appeared, he knew right away what I was saying. You're right, girlfriend, I have found a winner." Just as we were leaving, and elderly lady came in. She just smiled as she passed us.

"There you two are," Gary said mockingly. "I was ready to call missing persons." We all giggled and laughed. The band started playing "This Girl Is A Woman Now", by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. "Come on beautiful, they're playing your song." I tittered and blushed.

He led me around the dance floor, while my head rested on his chest. I wasn't tall enough to rest my head on his shoulder. I looked up at him, and saw he was looking down at me. I smiled, and he lifted my head. Then he pressed his lips against mine. He continued kissing me, as he led me around the floor. While I was in my state of euphoria, I didn't notice that we were the only two on the dance floor.

When the song finished, and we broke the kiss, everybody, including our party, was clapping. Gary lifted my head and kissed me again. With his arm around my shoulder, holding me close to him, we went back to the table.

He waited until I was seated, before he sat down. "Now see Gary, that's the way you conquer women."

Poor Don, he had no idea what he was even saying. Gary and we girls found what Don had said was really funny, so we started giggling, while Gary laughed softly.

"Don, I hate to tell you this, buddy, but you have absolutely no idea what you just said. How do you know Jo didn't conquer me back at the tennis court?"

"A woman, conquer a man? No. You conquered her."

I could not resist, I just had to walk over to Don, and make him feel smaller than his pea sized brain. Both of them.

"Don, I don't suppose you realize that this is the twenty first century."

"Of course."

"I don't suppose you know that your kind of thinking is really dated to the pre-world war two era?" Don gave me a puzzled look. "No, I didn't think you did. Don, the only way that your way of thinking is acceptable, is on what is known as the lunatic fringe. A man only conquers me, if I feel the man is worthy, and Gary is more than worthy, he is a gentleman. Something you will never be, Don."

"Why I..." Gary stopped him from hitting me.

"If you so much as brush against her, I will take you outside and show you what the street looks like close up. You are a barbarous, hideous, egotist Don. You will never learn that women are here to be our partners, and we are here to be their partners. Jo is a lady, and she deserves to be treated like the lady she is."

"Ahhh I don't have to put up with this. I'm leaving."

We all watched as Don pushed his way out the door, and started walking down the street.

"Doesn't he have a car?"

"Yes he does, Jo, but he left it at the park. He rode here with us."

"Joyce, maybe someday we will figure out what makes a person like him do the things they do."


"Well, they're playing Elvis. Shall we dance, m'lady?"

"Of course, sir knight."

I was becoming more and more enamored with Gary. I was in seventh heaven when he put his arms around me, and led me around the dance floor.

Chapter 3 - Gary and I become an item.

We danced three more dances, then everybody said it was getting late, and we needed to get home and get some sleep so we could actually go to work in the morning. I didn't drink that much, so I wasn't worried about a hangover. But Gary was drunk out of his mind. He was drunk with his love for me, and I was lapping it up like a little puppy. We talked, we joked, we laughed, we shared personal secrets, and we shared kisses, and kisses and more kisses. I knew that tomorrow, Connie and the girls were going to want to know details.

"Jo, we're here. Get some sleep tonight. Where do you work?"

"Hal's sporting goods from eight til five."

"Mind if I pick you up, and take you to work, and then pick you up and bring you home?"

"No, I don't mind at all." We kissed each other good night, and I went upstairs like I was a teenage girl with my first love. When I got inside my apartment, I flopped on the sofa, and just let out an audible "yessssssssssss." Just then the phone rang.


"Hello nothing, girlfriend. Come on, give, what did you two do on the way home. Details, girl, and don't leave anything out."

"All we did was talk while he was driving. We shared a few secrets, we talked about the night, and we shared kisses. He kissed me before I came in, and he is going to pick me up tomorrow and take me to work. Then he is going to pick me up, and take me whereever. He said home, but I think he has dinner in mind."

"That's great. Is he your first boyfriend?"

"Well, not really. The last guy I was interested in, decided he needed a natural girl, and I wasn't good enough for him. But, we didn't do the things that Gary and I did, though. With my last boyfriend, sort of, we just were seen with each other."

"Wow! That isn't a relationship, that's more like a platonic friendship."

"Oh! I know. But with Gary, I get this feeling inside I didn't get with the last guy. Gary seems to like me, and maybe he will want to do something later on, but he doesn't seem to be in that much of a hurry."

"Yes, well, take it from me, girlfriend, guys like Gary are one in a million, and worth keeping."

"Well, I am keeping him. Did you notice that he never asked me why I was transgendered? It's like he doesn't seem to care if I am or if I'm not. He said all he is interested in, is me."

"I noticed. There are some guys who feel that when a woman shows any sign of independence, we are stepping all over their masculinity. If Don had known you were transgendered, he would have thought maybe you were a threat to his masculinity. But I saw how Gary kissed you while you were dancing with him. All he seemed interested in was you."

"Oh my gosh, Connie, I didn't even know we were the only ones still dancing, and I don't think Gary did either. But the next dance he kissed me again, and in the car, and when he got me home. He didn't even ask to come up. All he said was that I was to get some rest."

"Now that is something. Guys feel that if they buy us drinks, or take us to dinner, that we owe them something in return, and for men, that something usually means sex."

"I know, and that is awful because there is so much more to life than just sex. But a lot of guys just don't seem to care. Men are so transparent though, because when they ask us if they can come up for a nightcap, we instantly know why they want to come up. If we say no, and use the excuse it's that time of the month, they don't seem to care, they want to come up anyway."

"Oh! I know. You know, Jo, you handled yourself like a true girl tonight, even when you tongue lashed Don."

"Oh I have had to handle guys like Don more than once. When I was little, my girl friends taught me the ways of being a girl, and they were good teachers. Mom wasn't all that interested. But, I did learn so that by the time I was on my own, I knew how to handle men. I had a few dates through high school, and that taught me how to handle men too. Don is a lightweight compared to some I had to handle."

"Well, let's keep the fact that you are transgendered a secret from Don. I really don't trust him."

"I don't either. His caveman ways of treating women are just, just not acceptable any more today. Anyway Connie, I need to take my shower and get in bed. I will talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay girlfriend, sweet dreams."

"You too, Girlfriend. Night."


We hung up, and I went to take my shower and get in to my night gown and then in my bed. That night I dreamed that Gary had taken me to Coney Island, and he took me on the ferris wheel. When we got to the top, he embraced me, and kissed me. It seemed like we were at the top longer than we should have been, and when Gary was finished kissing me, he waved his hand, and the ferris wheel started again. I lightly punched him in the arm, and he acted like it hurt, then he kissed me again.

I woke up refreshed, and the sun was just coming over the horizon. I went in the bathroom and started my bubble bath. Lilac scent today. I was thinking while I was in the tub soaking, that maybe I should show up for work today as Joanne. I wonder what Hal would say? After I had patted myself dry, I went to the bedroom, and looked through my closet. I took out my white dress with an A-line skirt that had piping around the edges of the sleeves, and the hem, and down the seams of the arms and skirt. I got out a pair of stay up nylons, and my black and white shoes with two inch heels. My lingerie was just simple white with lace. After I put my panties, bra and slip on, I sat down and did my make up, and my hair. Then I stepped in to my dress, and put my shoes on. I was ready for work. My hair was done in a simple pony tail.

I decided to make sure I had at least a glass of orange juice. As I rinsed out my glass, Gary beeped his horn. I kind of trotted down the stairs, and when he saw me, he gave a wolf whistle and then howled. It reminded me of the song they played last night about little red riding hood. He got out of the car, and took me in his arms.

"Jo, I said it before and I will say it again, you are a very beautiful woman."

"Thank you, Gary. Did you know that you are a very handsome man?"

"Well, thank you m'lady."

"You are very welcome, sir knight," I had said as coy as possible.

He opened the car door, and I got in by sitting first, then swinging my legs in. I buckled up. When he was buckled up, he started the car toward the store. When we got to the store, he looked me in the eyes, and then kissed me.

"I love you, Jo. I have had many relationships, but there is something about you that gets right to my soul. Will you be my steady girlfriend?"

"Yes, sir knight, I will."

He could have asked me to marry him, and I would have said yes. He got out, and came around and opened my door. He held his hand out for me, and he helped me out of the car. Who said chivalry was dead? He gave me a light kiss, and told me to sell a lot of sporting goods. I smiled at him, and went in the store. As I was going to punch in, Hal came from the back room.

"Good morning, young lady. May I help you?"

"Hal, it's me, Jo."

"You're Jo? Wow! You are very pretty."

"Hal, I will be coming to work like this from now on. Besides, a girl can sell more sporting goods than a guy can. That's because guys are impressed when women know how much tension a combination bow needs to have to be used in deer hunting, or how heavy a bowling ball needs to be for a certain person. I think from now on, Hal, you will see a rise in sales from your new sales girl, Joanne."

"Alright. Now go punch in, and see what needs to be stocked. Since you are the girl, I will stock the heavy things."

I went to punch in, and I noticed an envelope by the time clock. It simply said 'for Jo'. I opened it up, and inside was a nice charm bracelet with tennis racquets and tennis balls. There was room for adding more charms. I went out in the store, but Hal was just going out the door. I called after him, and he just kept going. Did he leave the envelope with the charm bracelet, or was it left by someone else with instructions to give it to me? I didn't know.

Hal came back an hour later, and I had asked him. He said a man had dropped it off. I asked him what the man looked like, and I could have sworn he was describing Don. I said I needed to make a phone call. I called Gary and told him what Don had done. He said not to worry, he would take care of Don. Just before lunch, Don came in. He looked at my wrist but I didn't have the bracelet on, since it wasn't left by Gary.

"Hey sweets, you're not wearing my present."

"I never will, either."

"Why you little ingrate. We took you and your girl friends out, and this is how you repay me. Well, you won't get away with this. You owe me a one night stand."

"Don, you sorry excuse for a man, you touch me and Gary will make you sorry."

"Pffffft, Gary can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. Now get out there in my car. We're going to have a little fun."

"I'm working, I can't just leave."

"I said get out there in my car."

I refused and he grabbed my arm and tried to take me out by force. One thing you never do in a place owned by a former baseball player, is start anything you can't finish. Hal came behind Don, and hit him in the shoulder with a bat. Don fell down, and I went to call the police.

When the police got there, they found out that the bracelet Don left was not asked for or accepted by me. When I told the police what he said I owed him because he bought the drinks, they said that was the usual thing men wanted. But when I said Don didn't buy my drinks, my boyfriend Gary did, they saw it differently. I told them Gary was a gentleman, and all he did was kiss me. I told them that Gary didn't even ask to come up to my apartment after he dropped me off. They said that was unusual. They asked me if I wanted to press charges, and I said yes. They arrested Don, and took him to jail. When the police left, Hal asked me for Gary's number and I gave it to him.

"Are you alright?" I heard Gary's voice behind me.

"I'm just shaken up a bit. I'm pressing charges against Don, because he actually tried to kidnap me."

"Good. He needs to be in jail, permanently."

"Joanne, you take the day. If the police come back, I will tell you went home."

"Thank you, Hal."

As Gary walked me to his car, he noticed I was still trembling. "Sweetie, you're still shaking. Are you sure that you're alright?"

"I am, now."

"Have you had lunch yet?"


"Let's go someplace nice and get some lunch."

I just smiled, and I put my head on his shoulder, but not so it would interfere with his driving. I was scared, but I was trying to play it off, and not doing a good job of it. Gary took me to IHOP about a block away from the mall.

The hostess led us to our booth, and gave us our menus. The waitress' name was Shelby, and she was still in high school, but today was an off day. She noticed something was wrong, because she saw I was trembling. Women can sense things like that. I didn't look at my menu, so Gary ordered for both of us. I looked at the table in front of me. Shelby came over, and asked me to go to the ladies room with her. She went in ahead of me and checked the stalls.

"What's wrong, honey? You look upset."

I explained what happened at the store, and told her the guy with me came as soon as my boss called him. I told her I was still shaken up, and I didn't know if I could stop trembling. I was five years older than this girl, but she made me feel safe. She said that it would take time for the memory to fade enough, so that it wouldn't bother me any more. After she made sure I was alright enough to go back in the restaurant, we went out together.

"Sir, she is still shaken up from her experience earlier. She's going to need a caring and understanding hand to help her cope."

"Thank you, Shelby. Would you do me a favor? Call this number, please."

"Yes, ma'am."

Twenty minutes later, Connie and Joyce came in, and sat at our booth. I told them what had happened, and I could see fire in Connie's eyes.

"That bastard doesn't need to be in jail, needs to be under the jail about six feet. Besides, Gary was the one buying your drinks last night. Where did Don ever get the idea he did?"

"I don't know, Connie, but I'm scared. Gary, I, I'm, not, very, I'm just, not, hun-gry."

"Sweetie, what did you have for breakfast?"

"A glass of juice."

"Jo, that isn't breakfast. You need to eat something."

"I, I, I just, can't, Gary."

"Connie, let's change places. I think she needs a strong arm to hold her."

Gary and Connie changed places, and Gary sat next to me. He put his right arm around me, and just told me to let it all out. I just buried my face in his side, and cried, and cried. I cried until I couldn't cry any more. Gary looked down at me, and just held me tighter. I felt just like I did when I was sick as a child, and my mother would hold me so that I felt safe. That is how I felt now. Gary was nice, and he was very concerned.

"Girlfriend, you should eat something. I know you may not feel hungry, but it will make you feel better."

"No, Connie, I can't. My tummy is too upset, and I don't think I could keep it down."

"Aunt Joyce, I think we should all be with her tonight. Just in case."

"You're right Connie, she needs someone to stay with her tonight. Gary, could you stay too? I think she will feel a lot safer with you there."

"Of course."

"But where will you all sleep? I only have a double bed and a couch."

"It's alright, sweetie. I can sleep on the floor. Connie can sleep with you, and Joyce can have the couch."

"Well, I do have a recliner. That's better than the floor."

"I'll take it."

Joyce and Connie giggled, while Gary laughed softly. I just thought it was common sense. What is the matter with me? I'm usually more fun than this. I have dealt with guys worse than Don. But that may not be true, since none of guys before, ever tried to force me to their cars, or even tried to force me to have sex with them. Did what Don do to me, unnerve me that badly? Just thinking about it, kept me shaking, until Shelby came to take our orders.

After they had all ordered, Gary ordered something for me. He said if I couldn't finish it, I could take it home. We sat there talking about Don and his narrow minded view of women. I asked them if they would testify in court against what Don said and did at Granville's. Everybody said they would be there to see that bastard get his. I asked Gary how long he had known Don, and he said only about a week before they met us. So what we say in court, about what Don said and did at Granville's, will be his undoing, and when Hal testifies what Don did at the store, he will go to prison for a very long time. I hope.

"Are you settled down enough now, to try and eat something?"

"Yes, sir knight, I will try."

I did eat a few bites of my salad, but I didn't touch the dinner plate.

"Sweetie, we will get a container and you can take the rest home. I think we should all go by your place, have you get some clothes, and then we should find some place other than your apartment to spend a couple of nights. What do you think, Connie and Joyce?"

"I agree," they said, in unison.

"Alright. At least I will be safe."

"Girlfriend, you would be anyway. Don is in jail."

"Yes but I would be alone, and I would wake up scared from nightmares. Nightmares that could seem so real."

"I agree. So let's do that then. Don doesn't know where we live, and you can spend as much time as you wish. Aunt Joyce, I had just had a brilliant idea. What if Jo moved in with us, and she could help with the bills, no rent, and maybe a little food now and then?"

"That sounds really good. What do you think, Jo? You wouldn't be alone, and if you got terrified in the night, we would be there to comfort you back to sleep."

"I, I, this, is, just, just, too, too, sud-den."

"Alright girlfriend, but we will be with you, until you calm down. Jo, I really like you as a friend, maybe even a kind of an adopted sister. But I like you and I don't want to see you upset or harmed."

"Thank you, Connie. I have never been this upset before. How could Don make me this scared?"

"Honey, he tried to kidnap you and he didn't care who saw him. He is so sure that every man in the world thinks the way he does. He isn't afraid to be seen abusing a woman, no matter what that abuse may be.

"I know, but I have had guys hit me before, and I was never this shook up over it."

"Did they try to kidnap you?"

"No, Joyce, they didn't."

"That is what has you upset. All those other guys just hit you. Don not only grabbed you, he tried to force you to go with him. That is an attempt to kidnap you. Anyway, let's forget about him. He's in jail, and he can't get out, because he doesn't have money for bail. So he will stay in jail until his trial. Being that he thinks all women are subservient to men, I hope he gets a woman judge. He will learn not to mess with the "fairer" sex." We all giggled and Gary laughed softly.

Gary's soft laugh was another thing that I loved about him. He was gentle and he didn't guffaw when he laughed. A true man never has to always proclaim loudly to the world that he is a man. A true man never has to prove that he is a man, by having sex with multiple women, or fighting, swearing, cussing, spitting or releasing gas. Gary was not only a true man, but a gentleman. That is what made me fall in love with him. Gary treated me like a lady, and when he took me out, he made sure he opened the doors for me, pull out my chair for me, held my hand getting out of the car. When he kissed me, he kissed softly, but passionately. But what else made me love him even more, now, was that when I became upset over what Don had done, Gary was there for me. He even agreed to spend the night, so he could make sure I was safe.

A woman can look all of her life, and still never find a man like Gary. But for those of us that have; or did he find me? But for those of us that have, we are the luckiest women on earth.
To be continued.

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