The Birthday Present

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The Birthday Present
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Part I - Looking for something special.

She wanted to get her something for her 21st birthday. Something very special. But, she had no idea just what it was that she wanted to get her. She knew about her crossdressing, in fact she was the only one she confided in. She had been walking around the mall since it opened at 10 am, and hadn't seen anything special that would justify giving her "girlfriend" something special. She stopped at the food court, and had a bite to eat. As she sat there looking out the front doors at the parking lot, she wondered if the special thing she wanted was in the mall at all.

She finished her lunch and decided to take one more walk through the mall. As she rounded the corner on the second floor, near the west restrooms, she saw a light that said open back a ways from the main mall. She decided to take a look. She went in the small musty, junk filled store; well, it was musty and filled with junk to her. She looked at the things on the tables, on the counter, in the case under the counter, and decided none of this was for her "girlfriend".

Just as she was about to leave, an old man with a ragged bathrobe came from the back. "May I be of assistance, Lisa?"

"No, I don't see anything my friend would like."

"If you don't see what you like, ask, maybe we have it in the back and can get it for you."

"I was looking for something special for my friend's 21st birthday, something that would make her face light up."

"Your friend is indeed rich to have a friend like you, Lisa. If you will stay here, I will be right back with something very special."

"Wait! Who are you, and how did you know my name?"

"Let's just say that I am a wizard at knowing things no one else does. Stay here a couple of minutes and I will be right back. Janet will love this beautiful, one of a kind, birthday present."

Lisa put her finger to her left temple and thought for a moment. She was sure she hadn't said her name or her friend's who always loved to be called Janet. How did this old man know all of that? She was deep in thought when the old man returned.

"Here is a pair of earrings for Janet. A pair that will change her life forever. There is one caution. In order for these earrings to work, she must keep them on for 24 hours, before taking them off to clean them. That is a condition of the sale. Will you agree to it?"

"Yes, but, who are you, and how did you know about Janet's and my name? I could have sworn I never told you."

"You are right, young woman, you didn't tell me. I know because I am a wizard, and I see things that come to my attention. Then I look at the subjects and see what it is they will need to carry out their dreams or goals. Your friend Janet is a crossdresser, yes? And she wants to be a genetic woman, and live her life as a genetic woman. Is this correct?"

"Yes, but..."

"It is also true that you are Janet's only friend and the one she confides in?"

"Yes, but..."

"Because I am a wizard, that is why I know. These earrings are magical, and belonged to a Djin who lost them to me in a stellar card game. It's a game you would not know. These earrings are to stay on for 24 hours. You make Janet realize that if she takes them off before the 24 hours, there will be other consquences. But if she leaves them in for 24 hours, her dreams and goals will be realized and come to fruition. Make her understand this."

"I, I will. How much are they?"

"You have $20.00 and I have a price of $10.00, and that means I owe you $10.00 in change. Would you like me to wrap them for you?"

"Yes, please. It is too bad you only have one pair, these are so pretty."

"Yes, but you are already a genetic girl, so the earrings wouldn't do anything to you, except make you look pretty. You see, these earrings only change men into women, sometimes even against their will. So be sure to tell her 24 hours. If she takes them out before then, there will be other consequences. Do you understand?"

"No, not really, but I understand the 24 hour part."


The wizard wrapped the earrings in a little jewelry box, and wished Lisa good luck because he said he would be watching.

Lisa took the earrings home, and hid them where Janet wouldn't look. Janet's birthday was two days away, and they were going to have so much fun. But for now, she was happy that she had found something very special for Janet's 21st birthday celebration. Lisa had an off day today from the office, so she tidied up a bit, and sat down to look over some papers, when Janet walked in.

"Hi Jan, how was your day?"

"One more asshole grabs my ass when I'm dancing and my 6 inch spikes are going to walked all over his stupid face. I get so sick of that. I wish I had the money right now so I could have my srs."

"Jan, just remember that sometimes magical things happen in life. I wouldn't be surprised if something very magical happened on your 21st birthday."

"Yes, like turning in to a complete and fully functional human female. That would be the best present of all."

"You never know, girlfriend, you just never know. I have to go back to the mall tonight. Wanna come with?"

"No, Lisa, I'm dead on my feet. I think I will relax here."

"Alright, why not take a nice soothing bubble bath, and let the suds take your troubles and stress away?"

"Now that is the best idea I have heard all day. Thanx Lisa." Janet gave her a big sisterly hug and went to run her bubble bath. When Lisa heard Janet get in the tub and start to hum her favorite song, Lisa left for the mall.

Lisa went back to the same place she had found the store, but there was only a door that said "Under Construction".

"I could have sworn that store was right here. What was it called again? Oh! Yes! Spells R Us. Wizard hey? Well, wizard where art thou now?"

"Right here." Lisa turned to see the wizard standing in the doorway of his little shop. "What? I could have sworn you were over here."

"I was, and I don't normally return after I have made a sale, because there are others that need the help of wizard magic. But I came back to tell you that what you are thinking, is alright. You may give Janet the earrings the day before her birthday, so that the changes will happen and she will be completely and functionally female on her birthday. Janet is very lucky to have a freind like you, Lisa."

"No, mister wizard, I am lucky to have her for a friend, because I have learned so much just living with her. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift. I know she is going to be ecstatic."

"Go with my blessing, child, and be kind to one another."

"I will and thanx again."

Lisa started to leave, and as she turned back to look, she saw the store disappear.

"I guess easy come, easy go?" She heard a laugh coming from somewhere, but didn't see anybody in the mall corridor that was laughing. She left the mall and went home.

She decided that since it was just her and Janet home, and it was already sixish, she would take a nice bubble bath and slip in to something really gorgeous and comfy. As she sat in the tub, Lisa thought about the events of the day. She was thinking that maybe in the morning she will see that she bought the earrings from a known jewelry store and not some old man in a bedraggled bathrobe claiming to be a Wizard. But, then again, who knows. Anything is possible in today's weird world.

Lisa got out of the tub, and patted herself dry. She put on her violet baby doll and panty set, and threw her matchng violet robe on. Stepping in to her one inch high heeled slipper sandals, she joined Janet in the living room, and they sat watching tv. Well, actually it was a dvd. This one is called Imagine Me And You, and they sat fascinated by the relationship budding between the flower shop girl and the married woman. It was cute naming the movie from a Beatles song. But the title fit.

After the movie was over, Janet said she had had a tiring day and was going to turn in. They gave each other sisterly hugs and Janet went to bed. About two hours later, Lisa took the boxed earrings and laid them on Janet's vanity where she would not miss seeing them. If Janet put them on tomorrow morning, she would have her wish fulfilled shortly after getting up the morning of her birthday. Tomorrow Janet had off from the club, so she wouldn't need to get up so early.

Janet and Lisa were the same age, 20 years old, with their birthdays 2 months apart. Janet's birthday was first, then Lisa's. But where Lisa had sun yellow blonde hair, Janet had a mane of fiery read hair and emerald green eyes. When Janet looked at you, she seemed to be looking right through you. But she was a decent girl, and she knew how to handle the creeps at the club. Just sometimes she wished they would stop grabbing her ass while she was dancing, because it broke her concentration. Janet was of the opinion that how can you concentrate on dancing when some idiot wants to grab a little? Oh well, tomorrow she wouldn't have to worry about it. She was only dancing at the club to get the money for her srs anyway.

Part II - The present.

The next morning, Janet got up, and looked through her dresser for a pair of shorts, and a cami top with spaghetti shoulder straps. She found a pair of chocolate brown mini shorts, and a light brown cami top. She took out a white bra and panties, and got her brown sandals from the closet. She went in the bath room and took her bubble bath, and when she was finished, she went back in the bedroom to get dressed. Lisa and Janet had a very informal arrangement. Since they were both girls, they didn't need to be so modest. After she had her bra and panties on, Janet sat down to put her makeup on. That was when she noticed the little gift wrapped box. She picked it up and unwrapped the paper, and opened the box.

"OMG! These are simply gorgeous."

"I thought you would like them. Put them on, let's see how they look." Janet put the earrings on, and looked from side to side by turning her head. "These earrings must be worn for 24 hours before taking them off to clean them. You must leave them in that long for your body to get used to them because they are a new metal. Do you understand, Janet? Do not take them off until after the 24 hour period is up. If you do it could cause an infection."

"Where did you get these from?" Janet looked in the box, and saw the little piece of paper that accompanies all jewlery. "Spells R Us? Is that a new gimmick store?"

"Kinda, but it isn't always there, if you know what I mean."

"Oh! Believe me, I certainly do. Those little stores have some of the weirdest people you ever want to meet." 'If you only knew, girlfriend, if you only knew,' Lisa thought to herself.

"Well, anyway, leave them in now for 24 hours. Don't take them out until 10:05 tomorrow morning."

"I won't. They are so beautiful. What kind of stone is that? It is very shiny and so beautiful."

As Lisa looked, sure enough the stones in each earring was starting to glow. Not real bright right now, but they were glowing. Lisa thought to herself that all Janet has to do is keep them in for 24 hours. These earrings had backings, so they wouldn't just slide out during the night. Lisa will have to remember to tell Janet not to take them out when she goes to bed.

"I can even shower with these on?"

"Yes, Janet, and they won't corrode. They aren't silver or gold, they are a very special metal that doesn't rust or corrode. These earrings I was told, are a one of a kind set. If they work according to the company's way of thinking they will, they are thinking about making more like them. That is why they want you to leave them in for 24 hours."

"I see. Alright, I will be their model. They do look really pretty."

"Yes, Janet, they certainly do."

"Ready for breakfast?"

"You bet, but I want to treat. Let's go to Denny's. That way we don't have to worry about cleanup."

"Okay, sure. Let's go."

Janet put on her shorts, cami top and sandals, put her hair in a pony tail, then set out to go to Denny's. When they got to Denny's by the mall, the hostess just had to say something about Janet's earrings.

"Those are pretty earrings, Janet. Where did you get them?"

"I don't know, Lisa bought them for me for my birthday present."

"Well, they certainly are very pretty."

"Thank you. We would like a booth, please."

"Right this way, ladies." The hostess, who was Lisa's sister and two years older than the both of them, took them to a booth and gave them their menus. "Your waitress is Jolene, and she will be right with you."

Sandra or Sandie always enjoyed when Lisa and Janet came in. It kind of brightened her day. Jolene was a nice girl too, just graduated from high school this last semester. She was working as a waitress and going to night school to be a cosmetologist. The money she made in tips paid for her tuition.

"Hi Janet, Lisa. Nice to see you this cheery, sunny morning. What will you have?"

"I just want two pancakes, two strips of bacon, a large milk and a small O.J."


"Oh, I will have the number four, with hasbrowns."

"Alrighty, will that be all, then?"

"For now."

Jolene left to put their orders up, and then brought their drinks. Even though Jolene was not a gossip, and what she heard she kept to herself, she just had to know where Janet got those stunning earrings.

"Lisa got them for me. They're my 21st birthday present."

"Well, I hope that when I am 21 someone will give such a present. Those are gorgeous. Are those stones glowing?"

"It does look that way, doesn't it?"

Jolene just nodded and went to wait on someone else that just came in. Lisa looked at Janet.

"What? You don't think I was going to say you got them from Spells R Us, did you?"

"No, girlfriend, I didn't, but you could have made up a store."

"For some reason, I just couldn't. I don't know why, but it seemed I had to tell her the truth without her thinking I was ready for the rubber room."

"I see," Lisa trailed the word "see" as if all of a sudden she realized that the earrings were more than something that creates a changling, it also makes the wearer tell the truth.

"So tell me, girlfriend, how long did you say you were female inside?"

"Since forever. I mean, it was all I could think about until I finally graduated from school, and found the dancing job."

"Would you like to have a total female body that has periods and can bear children?"

"Yes, and be able to see how handsome men really are, and be able to have a nice husband that takes care of me and treats me like a lady, and have, I guess, maybe two children. I would like a nice home where love is the not only a word but the way people treat each other. Lisa, you are my dearest and closest friend, and I want to thank you for being there for me during the most trying times after we had met. I really do appreciate everything you have done for me."

"That was so beautiful, girlfriend. You are my dearest and closest friend too, and I was very happy to be there for you. Do you remember how scared you were when I saw you dressed as a woman, and how you tried to make excuse after excuse about it?"

"Yes, I remember. You told me that it was nice to have a girlfriend for a room mate, because as girls, we had so much in common. We could talk about clothes, men, my dancing that had me terrified that first month. But you got me over that by holding my hand, so to speak, and making sure I enjoyed myself and you wouldn't let go until I got the courage to be myself."

"Well, mother hen is holding your hand again, dear. Do not under any circumstances, take those earrings off until 10:05 tomorrow morning."

"Yes, mother, I understand." They both giggled.

Jolene brought their orders, and they had a wonderful time chatting about clothes, and that maybe Janet might need a whole new wardrobe after tomorrow morning. When they finished their meal, they decided to go over to the mall and spend some time there.

If you have never shopped as a girl, then you are missing out on all the fun. Trying things on, window shopping, talking about styles with your friends, and giggling at prices way too expensive, but you try on the dress anyway. Girl shopping is so much fun, and then you never want to leave, because you are having so much fun.

Lisa and Janet, some of their friends had said, were joined at the hip, because except for work, those two were mostly always together. They did things together, they had wonderful clothes, and they had similar tastes as well. They could have been sisters. Let me tell you how they met.

Janet was just 19 and looking for an apartment, or an apartment to share. One day, in the Sunday paper, she found an ad that wasn't too far from her mother's house. She went over and when Lisa answered the door, Janet said she had come about the room mate ad.

"How old are you?" Janet asked one of the standard questions.

"I'm 19, and I am living with my mother, but I need a place to call home so she can have her privacy."

"What is your name?"

"Jerrold Wilkins."

"Well Jerrold, I was looking for a girl to share my apartment with. You know, your voice is kind of high, and your slim, not in a skinny way, but in a kind of figure way. If I say yes, do you promise not to stare down my front and look me in the eyes when we are talking?"

"Yes, I promise."

"Alright, the bills including the rent come to $800.00 a month. Will you be able to afford half of that?"

"Yes, I can. What is your name?"

"My name is Lisa."

"I have just one question, Lisa. Why are you looking for a room mate?"

"Because it gets lonely talking to four walls. It would be nice to have someone here I can talk to abouot things and who talks back. That is why I was looking for a girl room mate."

"I promise that I can talk on a lot of different subjects that women talk about."

"Oh? Like what, for instance?"

"Like I can talk about child birth, periods, yeast infections, other infections too if it comes to that. I can talk about cosmetics, clothes, guys, aerobics, and any manner of girl talk you want to have."

"What would you know about all of that?"

"My mother and I often talk about those things, and I learned a lot from her."

"I see. A guy who has female knowledge. You picque my interest, girlfriend. I will let you have the room, and we share expenses half and half."

"Fair enough."

"Come and I will show you your room."

The room she showed Jerrold had pearlized painted walls, soft pink curtains, a canopy bed with the frilliest bedding, and she even had floor throw pillows to sit on. There was a bean bag chair in the corner between the vanity and the window, and the dresser was just out of this world. It had six big drawers with three smaller drawers between the two bigger sets of three. This dresser had a large mirror the length of the dresser and it stood on its own base. The mirror alone was almost $600.00. What Jerrold saw, he liked.

"Of course, I was counting on a girl, but I can have the vanity moved out and the canopy bed."

"I like it just the way it is. This is a very pretty room, removing anything would spoil the decor."

"Are you sure you're a guy?"

"Yes, Lisa, I am. I just like pretty things."

"Well, let's get your things from your mom's house, then you can settle in."

Lisa drove Jerrold to his mother's house to get Jerrold's things. While Jerrold was upstairs getting his things together, Lisa was downstairs talking to Jerrold's mother.

"He will never give you cause to think bad of him. He has always been an attentive child, but he is an adult now and needs to get out on his own. Something you should know though..."

Jerrold came downstairs and said he was ready.

"Jerrold, come and sit down, we were just talking nice about you behind your back." They all giggled.

"I love you, mom," Jerrold said, giving her a nice hug. "Anyway, Lisa, I'm ready to go. I have everything by the front door."

Lisa took Jerrold back to their apartment, and Jerrold settled in. Everything seemed fine for the first two months, and then one day, Lisa walked in on Janet, all dressed to kill.

"Wow, girl, you look realy great."

"Uhm, Lisa, this isn't...what I mean is...I was just seeing if..."

"Come here, girlfriend." Lisa gave her a hug, and then asked, "do you have a girl's name?"

"Yes, I use Janet when I'm dressed."

"Well, Janet, you don't need to hide anything from me. I think I have my girl room mate."

Well, anyway, the rest is history. Janet and Lisa are the best of friends, and do things together like sisters or siamese twins joined at the hip. Janet's mother is coming to her daughter's birthday celebration, as she has known about Janet for years. However, this year Janet's mother is in for a big surprise as is Janet when she wakes up on the morning of her 21st birthday.

Part III - The birthday celebration.

On June 6th, Janet woke up and didn't even remember getting in bed. She felt her long red hair was seemingly longer, and her voice when she said "good morning" was higher than it was. She got up and rummaged through her things and took out her black lingerie, a black full slip and her black dress from the closet. She got her black slingbacks, and black hose. She was going all black today.

As she was getting to the bathroom door, Lisa came out and smiled. "Morning Janet."

"Morning Lisa. Lisa, does my voice sound higher, to you?"

"No, not that I can tell. You have always had a high voice, though."

"Yes, that's true. But my hair seems to be longer a little, too."

"Yes, it does seem longer at that. After you have had your bath, we will talk."


Janet took a shower rather than a bubble bath, and using her black orchid bath soap, she was done in no time. As she patted herself dry, she noticed that her glued on breast forms seemed a little odd. She pinched them only to yell "ouch". After she had gotten dressed, she went to the kitchen where she found Lisa making breakfast.

"Happy birthday, Janet Wilkins. How do you feel?"

"I feel great. When I was patting myself dry I thought my breast forms looked kind of funny, and when I pinched one I felt the sting. Does this have anything thing to do with those earring you gave me?"

"Yes. See I was in the mall and I was looking for somethig special for your 21st birthday. I couldn't find anything, so I had lunch at the food court, and figured, okay, one more trip around to see if there was anything I missed. I saw a neon light in an off hallway from the main mall. I went in and was about to leave because it was piled with junk. Then this little old man came out in a bathrobe, and called me by name, and he knew your name too. He said the earrings belonged to a Djin, that's a genie, and the Djin had lost them in a stellar card game. Whatever that is. Anyway, he sold me the earrings for $10.00 and said to make sure you kept them on for 24 hours, and all your dreams and goals will become reality Are you disappointed that you aren't Jerrold, any more?"

"No, of course not. I love this body. Those earrngs have made my 21st birthday something special to remember. Thank you so much Lisa, this change in the best present a girl could ask for." She hugged Lisa.

"Well maybe, except for a rich man and a nice house to live in." Lisa looked at Janet's earrings. "Janet, those aren't the earrings I bought you. They're similar, but not the same." Janet looked in the mirror.

"Maybe they only looked a certain way before they did their magic, and then turned to regular earrings after the magic was completed."

"That could be."

"Well, mother will be surprised to find that she has a real daughter, instead of a play one."

"Janet, you were never playing that you were a girl. For the last two years, you have been nothing but the epitome of femininity. In other words, girlfriend, you were always all girl." Janet gave Lisa a hug. Just then the doorbell rang and Lisa went to answer it. "Mrs. Wilkins! Please, come in."

"Oh call me Helen, dear. Who is this beautiful child?"

"Hi mom. How do you like me now? I am totally female and a real woman. You have a real daughter, mom."

"Janet? But, uhm, how?"

"Please sit down, mother and we will tell you the whole story." Janet spent an hour telling her mother all about the earrings, and what Lisa had said about the old man who sold them.

"Well, I have read things like this in 1001 Arabian Nights, but I never knew it could be real. You are very pretty child. Anyway, I brought champagne for my daughter's 21st birthday. I must say that you have gotten the best birthday present you could ask for."

"Mom, I have prayed and wished for this my whole life, and now it has come true. I just ..."

The flood of tears just poured out of the dam gates, and Helen and Lisa moved to hug the new woman. The woman she will be for the rest of her life. Helen Wilkins knew this was her child, because her child had been a girl all of her life, she was just waiting for Janet to tell her.

"I'm ... sor...ry, but I am so happy right now. And see mother, the earrings aren't the same like they were yesterday. They must have turned to regular earrings after the magic had been completed."

"Oh honey, no need to apologize. Women cry when we're happy. It is your legacy now, child. Let's have some champagne and celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday, and celebrate her long awaited wish and goal having blossomed in to reality. Welcome to womanhood, sweetheart, and a very happy birthday."

They hugged and sipped at their champagne. Mother, daughter and closest friend have now shared a secret nobody else would believe ever happened. But the little old man in the bedraggled bathrobe and the three women now united for a 21st birthday party know it happened and that magic is real.

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