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A Letter To My Siblings

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A Letter To My Siblings

by Wren Erindae Phoenix

Inspired by Rasufelle’s Ultimate Challenge “Burning Bridges”


Okay, sit down. I hope you are, because I’ve never written a letter quite like this in my life. I need you to try and read this all the way through before you judge me. It’s going to be weird and hard to accept or understand, but I HAVE to do this, for my own sanity, although you’re going to doubt I have any...

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 07

A Familiar Experience

Part 7 - Final Chapter

— A DarkRealms Story

by Wren Phoenix

Taylor Michaels sat in his room in Shrewsbury, England,
His life is about to change,

he just doesn't know it yet!

A Lonely Christmas


A Lonely Christmas

by Wren Phoenix

[Admin Note]: In light of Wren's passing away just after Christmas, it is only fitting I give her Christmas entry A Lonely Christmas one last light at the top of our front page for all to see. The 2012 One Winter's Eve Contest is Dedicated to Wren Erindae Phoenix. May she find the peace and happiness in her next life that she struggled so hard to obtain here. I wish for God to grant that to her.

Originally posted on 2012-11-11 15:54:53 -0700, I am reposting this in Memoriam for her. ~Sephrena

No stories from me this week

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I'm sorry, I am just overloaded. I have to finish 2 edits, and 1 of them is huge and takes too much time. I don't do shoddy work, so I have to concentrate on these stories. As soon as I finish, I'll go back to writing.


Wild Magic 52

Tim looked at me in shock, and Tina had an angry look on her face as she followed him out the door. We could hear them arguing in the hallway, and when it quieted down, Tina came back with tears in her eyes.

“He’s very angry. He feels that you’ve deceived him, and that you have corrupted both Tim and I. He plans to expose you for the ‘evil temptresses’ that he says you are.”

“What will you do?” I asked. What had I done? How would this affect Tim and I?

Wild Magic 50

Wild Magic 50

Back to school. I’ve never really minded going back, to tell you the truth. Okay, that first day after my change was hard, but the usual back to school stuff? No problem. I get to see friends I haven’t seen in months. I meet my new teachers, see who I’ll be in class with, that kind of thing. In a way, it’s the restart of my social life. This year, though, is different.

Dream - Revised

Authors note-This is a rewrite of one of the very first stories I posted here. I’ve always liked it, but I always felt I could do it better. I hope I have, at least a lttle, without ruining it.

Jesse sat in his antique rocking chair, the one that his Grandfather made for his Grandmother when she had nursed his father by the fireplace. There was a fire in the old stone fireplace, and Jesse relaxed under a blanket, watching the snow storm outside. The snow and the comfortable warmth soon had him drifting off on a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Might be disappearing for a while

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I was taking a shower, and when the water hit my right leg, a very large piece of skin fell off My doctor says this could be a sign of infection in my leg and sahe wants me to go to the hospital. If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably there!


Wild Magic 49

Wild Magic

My Saturday started out all right. Mom and I went into town for some groceries. She bought a little black and grey Smart car, cute as a button and does a great job for her on a day to day basis. However, when she has to get groceries for five people, it just isn’t big enough, so we used my truck.

I threw on my new tonneau cover on the back of my truck bed. I wanted to show off my new mural, anyway. Debbie drew a black witch’s hat with the name “Enchantress” written on my tailgate in fancy electric blue lettering-sooo cool!


Be careful, I'm in a really, really bad place tonight. It might be a very good idea not to read this.

I’m trying to write a story, but I’m so ANGRY! I was visiting some relatives, and I heard somebody talking about “those Transgender freaks, and how anyone who would let their child think he is transgender should have their ass kicked.”

My own family.

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 05

Chapter Five

So now he was a were-cat.

Taylor sat up and put on his shirt. It was still odd, after several months of being a cat, how comfortable it felt to wear clothing again. He reached over for his jeans and pulled them up his legs.

Anyone watching would be amazed at the way he moved. He was unintentionally deliberate, with a natural kind of sinuous grace that would be the envy of the most skilled ballerina. He was slipping on his shoes when she called.

Wild Magic 48

I realize it has been a while since I posted. I have a chapter that should have been this
one, but it just won’t come out right. In the meantime, here’s a little bit of fluff that popped in my head yesterday. I’m really sorry it has taken so long, I’m just too fussy I guess!

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 04

A Familiar Experience: A DarkRealms Tale

Chapter Four

(Twelve hours later)

Katherine sat in the kitchen chair, refusing to say anything. She just looked at the floor. She was surrounded by two FBI agents, Seargent James King, Mrs. White, Mrs. Conover and Miss Davis from the coven, her sister Debra and niece Laura, who stood with her cat, Mystic in her arms.

Wild Magic 47

Wild Magic 47

Tin pushed the T/A to the limit, but it still wasn’t enough for me. I focused my will and teleported us. Surprised, Tim slammed on the brakes needlessly-I had already removed our momentum and we were able to park easily.

“Uhm, next time you do that, please give me some warning?”

“I’m sorry, Tim, I’m just so concerned...”

“It’s okay, I understand. Hey, we’re here, right? If I have a heart attack, what better place, right?”

I giggled. “I promise, next time, warning first.”

“That’s all I’m asking.” He kissed me. “At least, for now...”

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 03

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale

Chapter 3

Ravencrest University-

The young man waiting outside of her class room smiled at Dr. Angela Bernacci. She was flattered at the attention. He was well built, with short, dark hair, she noted, and his smile was quite attractive. She rarely had such an attractive man take an interest in her class, and she wondered if he was going to be another “Indiana Jones” wannabe. She tried to make sure her students knew up front that Geology and Archeology were rarely as romantic or exciting as the movies portrayed.

Wild Magic 46

Wild magic 46

We pulled into the garage at Tim’s house, still feeling the rush from the vision we'd shared. I felt so relaxed and stress-free. I’m glad we were at his parent’s place, because I had a feeling that as good as I felt, and as close as my heart was to Tim, I might do something I could regret later.

Wild Magic 45

I’d had a particularly difficult day. It’s really hard to explain, but I’ve been working with my understanding of these new perceptions. Sometimes it’s a strain, and it gives me a nasty headache. It wasn’t going to be hard to get rid of (I hoped), I just had to meditate for a while and let my body deal with the pain.

A Familiar Experience: A Dark Realms Tale 01

A Familiar Experience — A DarkRealms Story

Chapter One

Taylor Michaels sat in his room in Shrewsbury, England, reading one of his books. His very favorite author and personal hero was Dr. Angela Bernacci, a noted volcanologist. She had written several books on the subject, and Taylor was enjoying the newest as he pondered his future.

Still writing!

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For all my many wonderful fans!

Coff Koff! Ack fooey! Hard to get the taste of Bullshit outa my mouth...

I haven't forgotten Wild Magic 45, but I was inspired to write something different last week, and I just couldn't stop! I wrote a piece for EOF's Dark Realms Universe before it closed, and I'm just waiting for approval. I gotta tell you Eof, Maggie and Donjo made some incredibly helpful suggestions and ctiticisms. I think the story is much better (Even without the Laser-eyed Astro Dragon...). Just Kidding.

Wild Magic 44

“I wondered where I might find you.” She said, as she wandered casually up to where I was standing. Her ever-present wrap looked like a deep red dress, while I was scruffy in denim shorts and a bright green tee shirt.

I smiled and mentally launched another clay pigeon into the air.

“Just having a little fun,” I said as I threw another bolt of force and blasted the clay pigeon to dust.

“Still so very much the male,” Elisabette laughed. “What a waste of energy. Here, let me show you something. How many of these can you put into the air at once?”

Wild Magic 43

I looked over at the beautiful woman sharing my truck’s bench seat. Who was she, and why did I feel so connected with her? The streetlights glow and the flashes of lightning showed a woman who I’d guess was somewhere in her early-to-mid-thirties, with an athletic, slender frame and dark blonde hair. All she wore was her “wrap,” but as I looked at her in the seat, it covered her like a dress of finest silk, elegant and stylish.

Elisabette smiled and looked at me. “I confuse you, don’t I, Emily?”

Wild Magic 42

I’m very afraid. I get the feeling that while I scored a rather easy win over Thomas, the true enemy has stepped up their game. Assuming that Thomas was just the agent of the enemy, rather than the enemy itself, I have several questions.

Are we still dealing with an agent, or could we be facing the true enemy this time? How much power does the enemy have? What are we going to face this time? And then, there’s the worst question. If they’ve gone from possession to murder, where will they strike next? How can I protect those I love? What have I stepped in?

I Been sick!

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Sorry, everybody, I've been very sick, and I haven't been online much. I spent today editing Jessica's Journey, Chapter 12 (Sorry!), and now I'm working on the next Wild Magic. Warning-While I was sick, I read a few books on witches, Wicca and Magic, and things will be changing to reflect that. I hope I can surprise some of you!

Once again, I apologize!


Wild Magic change

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Until further notice, I have to change Wild Magic to once a week (So what's new? Argh!) I'm just too busay with medical issues and working with my kids on schoolwork and transportation issues. I hate having 5 teenagers sometimes! Sorry! The next one's almost done, hoping to post it in tne morning.


Wild Magic 41 (FINALLY)

Wild Magic 41

Author’s note-I’m going to do something a little different to start the chapter off, but I’m going right back to Emily’s story, so don’t freak out, okay? This will happen every so often, as the story dictates. Thanks!

Wild Magic 40

The trip to Crawford was not a long one, perhaps 30 miles and they passed without incident. I could tell Debbie was really keyed up with worry. She knew there was a real potential for violence.

“I’m a little scared, Emily. I’ve never really been in a fight before. I wish I had brought something like a baseball bat or something,”

“Relax, Debbie. I don’t really expect a physical fight. I mean, we’d probably be heavily outnumbered, you know.”

Wild Magic 39

Debbie was worried. I guess that as angry as I was, I probably looked a little scary to her.

“Change of plans, Debbie. I’m through with the subtlety. They've finally pushed me too far.” I said, angrily.

I walked into the house and called out for Mom.

Emily? Where have you been, young lady? You should have been home hours ago! What happened?

They’ve crossed the line, Grandma. Debbie and I were attacked, and they took Tim!

What?! But why...

I don’t care why, Grandma. I’m extremely angry, and it’s all going to stop today!

Please, be careful! Jenny may not be in control, but she’s still there, and if you hurt her, you’ll be hurting your Mom!

I know, Grandma, and I’m going to deal with that first.

Wild Magic 38

I woke in a very dangerous mood, but I knew I had to control my temper. I took a few deep breaths and went in to take a shower. I’m amazed that the water didn’t immediately turn to steam. Inside I was a raging fire. I wanted blood, and I wanted the one who was messing with my mother to see me coming and know fear like never before.

Other than that, I was having a great day.

Okay, I have issues. It was hard to pretend to be the average teen when I had the power and ability to kick some serious ass. This was my MOTHER! I was so far past angry, it wasn’t funny.

Wild Magic temporarily on hold

I apologize to the readers of my story, but I'm stuck! I have about 90 percent of the next chapter done, but I'm having some issues with the remaining parts. I've been working on several different endings, but I can't stand any of them, and I won't post crap (well, not intentionally. anyway). I'm going to back off for a while, do a little editing and read a few stories I'm way behind on, and then attack the story again. Hopefully this won't take very long. Once again, I'm sorry!


Computer problems and Wild Magic

I have two primary computers, both desaktops, a fairly new E-machine and a custom built unit. For some reason they both simply shut down, and will not restart. I'm no computer expert, but fortunately I recently bought an older Gateway laptop on e-bay.

It's no super machine, but at least I'm online. Unfortunately, all my story notes are on my desktop. I'm still working on it-Luckily I was working on an outline for the next chapter while I waited for my kids, so that's on paper. I'll have a chapter up soon.

Today? Uhhhh...maybe?


Wow, I'm surprised!

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South Bend, IN passes LGBT anti-discrimination legislation! Heck, I might even move back down there with the rest of the family! I'm really surprised in such a Catholic town!



Wild Magic 37

Okay, I'm sorry! A little writer's block, but that's cleared now. Thanks, Beyogi!

They were beautiful. The necklace was more of a choker, with what looked to be an emerald, on a  ½” gold band that was open a bit in the back. It slipped around my neck comfortably, and looked amazing and exotic. I loved it, even as just a piece of jewelry.

Help! There are too many great stories!

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There are so many great stories by my favorite authors going up that I'm having a very hard time focusing on writing! My hospital visit came at a lousy time!

I just want to thank you all for making this such a great time to be a reader here, even if you're making it hard to be a writer!


Back again

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Hi everyone I'm back! I got out of the hospital yesterday, and I've been reading some of the stories and commenting, but I'm having a few issues finding time to do everything. I do have the next chapter of Wild Magic, I'm just doing some editing and polishing before I post it. I'll have it up today.

Wild Magic 35

I dropped Debbie off at her house, and then headed home. It was time for a council of war.

Grandma had scanned my mind as I pulled in the driveway. My “public” mind was available, and she knew I was upset, but she couldn’t get through to my “private” mind, and she couldn’t figure out why.

“Emily? What’s wrong, hon?”

“Grandma, I’m not sure that anything’s really wrong-in a way, everything’s all right. I need to get Mom and whoever else I can together. I have some information that’s gonna rock your socks off!”


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