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Title Code Author(s)
Waking the Dreamer by Grover now on Kindle! Thu Grover
A Model is Born 7 – Going to the Prom with Josh Thu Jessica C
Thundering Force: Chapter 23: “The Coming of the Storms: Part... Thu Paul Cousins
Take a Chance on Me Solo Sarah Goodwoman
To Complete The Circle (Rewrite) - Chapter 6 Thu cemma2035
Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 14 Thu LadyDragon623
Time To Pay Chapter 4 Thu Anna NaMaus
Burning Bright Part-5 Thu Enemyoffun
Reconnecting the Past and the Present: Chapter 6 Thu Rebecca Jane
Faded (Rough draft... well more of an idea of sorts... and yes,... Thu Otome-chan
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 7 Wed Bronwen Welsh
Who the hell am I? Chapter 17 Wed Savannah Maun
The Strange Story of the Dress of Dresses Solo kayleigh01
Black Bloodstains Part 1; Chapter 01: I've Got a Feeling Wed Susy
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch5. (Part1) Wed simkin452
The Lokian Way - Part 04 - Of Hidden Truths Wed Cassy Bee
Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *28* Weihnacht Countdown Wed Maddy Bell
Masks 18: Part 16 Wed Stickmaker
A Blank Page - Chapter 16 Wed Flummox
Jacks or Better Solo Adonna
Blood Moon Part 8 Tue LadyDragon623
Mississippi Bee Queen Solo Paula Dillon
Snow Baby Tue LadyDragon623
What Milsy Did -26- Tue Penny Lane
A Second Chance -- Chapter 15 Tue Dawn Natelle
The Good Samaritan Chapter 7 Mon Mopar
Dreams of Dancing in the Sky -Part 8 Mon WolfJess7
Andi and Allie - 24 Mon Kelly Blake
Being True to Yourself leads to Strange Friendships Mon Sarah Goodwoman
Ginny's Story Chapter 37 Mon Karen Lockhart
Topiary Genetics: Part 8 Mon Ducky Detour
Suit Your Self DP Lainie Lee
Helping Hand - Part 8 Mon SamanthaMD
Sky Lynx Sun LadyDragon623
Orange Crush Solo kayleigh01
Rumor Has It Solo New Author, Sara S
Jexy: The Bet Sun Kris Traverse
Shadowsblade: Some things should not be...Taken 2 Sun Shadowsblade
Becoming Sarah Part 8 Sun Sarah Goodwoman
Lost in Translation Solo Maddy Bell
Nena Book 5 *Special Request* - Part 4 Sun Maddy Bell
Old Photograph Solo TGFictionStv
Glimmer Girl: Secret Origins - All That Glimmers #7 Sun Miranda Sparks
Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2)... Sat DopplerPress, Stickmaker
Sky Blue Solo Erin Halfelven
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3222 Sat Angharad
Who Do That Hoo Doo? Solo Grover
Impetus Chapter 1 Sat Vilastis
The Babysitter - Part 5 - Conclusion Sat Pentatonic
11th Sun: Chapter 26: Massage Fri Eleven
VentureRealm Amusement Park -ch20 Fri Snowfall
Becoming Robin Book 2: Robin Smith - Lady Tiger! Thu Zoe Taylor
The Last Smile Solo Sarah Goodwoman
Accidental Romance Wed Melanie Brown
Double short-story collection Solo Set3
Blue Moon - Worldwide Kindle Sale! DP Adonna
Bad Romance Solo Melanie Brown
The Last Fifteen Minutes in the Cosmetology Room Solo kayleigh01
Laces Solo Maddy Bell
Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date Sun Melanie Brown
crossroads Solo Sorceror
The Collar - Pet TG/TF Solo princesskay
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Deception of Choice -Part 5-

Tenny 1: Unexpected Consequences - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Unexpected Consequences

(Tennyo 1)

by Starwolf


Billy ate the brownie his brother offered. Not a good idea. What followed was a wild mess of transformation, kidnapping, escapes, mass destruction, and hiding out. Also, what's a teenaged boy doing having a period?!

The Deception of Choice -Part 3-

Some light is cast onto the general background, but not enough to provide real illumination. And, alas, none appears at the end of the tunnel for David.

Indeed it is generally a rather dark episode; with nothing in it to provide comfort for those who enjoy a happy ending. Although I suppose such depends on your point of view and where your sympathies lie. With the Foundation or with David?

The Deception of Choice -Part 2-

"Girls must strive to develop a personality that could best be characterised as ladylike."

The Deception of Choice

Part 2

by Fleurie

These are Chapters 3, 4 and 5. David's life might be thought by those more concerned with physical rather than mental deprivation to have taken a more promising turn. Perhaps so but David is less than convinced; indeed in his mind the confusion mounts. As indeed it does in the author's.

Apologies if it still seems slow. Maybe after all it is wrong to blame David for it. Other factors could be at work.

A Life Ever Changing -1- Yesterday (Revised and Rewritten)

A Different Plane of Existence - Part 3

A Different Plane of Existence

By Karen Page

(revised January 2005)
Edited by Angel O'Hare


Permission to use of characters from No Half Measures has been kindly given by Jenny Walker. 

Part Three

The Deception of Choice -Part 1-

Sometimes, life is a game of charades and no one knows the solution to the puzzle...

The Deception of Choice

by Fleurie

These chapters concern an enforced selection, random or otherwise, and its consequences. About hope against sad inevitability. About futility in the face of nameless authority. Neither the author nor the main character know yet how it will end. Doubtless all in tears though. Life usually does.

It is dreadfully slow but possibly may get better. So much depends on David.

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend -3-

Cigarettes Are A Girl's Best Friend

by slimv

Part 3

His mother was true to her word. As Jimmy's chest recovered from Dr. Brown's scalpel, Carol made some calls. The lawyer referred to her by Dr. Doyle created a new identity for Katie. He even helped Carol forge school transcripts so Katie could start high school at Gilmore in the fall.

A Christmas Diary -12- All Good Things...

"Goodbye, I love you."
Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again
All Good Things...

Tom's Christmas Diary

By Little Katie

Part Twelve: All Good Things...

When discussing this work, it was designed to go this far. This will be the last installment from me.

Cresswell Industries -52-53-54-

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara


Editor's Note: The previous chapters of this story are available on Classic BigCloset. Also the codes above are not just for this chapter but for many parts of the story, this one has a little of everything. :) - Erin

Another Ranma 1/2 Story

Another Ranma 1/2 Story

by azgerri


This is an idea that came to me one day. Ranma, for those who don’t know, is the main character in a Japanese comic story. He is a first rate martial artist who has been cursed. While on a ten year long training trip with his father, Ranma accidentally fell (actually was knocked) into the Jusenkyou Spring Nyannichaun, the Spring of the Drown Girl. Now, whenever he gets covered with cold water he turns into a girl, while hot water returns him to his male self.

But, what if Ranma’s father, Genma, was even dumber than we have been told. What if, instead of heating regular water, he managed to heat…

Read on and see. Anyone who wishes to use this idea, feel free to do so.

Standard Disclosure: The characters of Ranma 1⁄2 are not my own creation, they are the exclusive property of Rumiko Takahashi. The story is mine, but the rest is hers.

A Different Plane of Existence


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A Different Plane of Existence

By Karen Page

(revised January 2005)
Edited by Angel O'Hare

Simon, while waiting for his parents at an Airport gate, was involved in a tragic disaster.
Now, in the hospital, with severe injuries, he must decide whether or not to walk in...

A Different Plane of Existence!

A Christmas Diary -11- Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again - Tug O'War

Discovering who you really are can be painful.
Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again
Tug O'War

Tom's Christmas Diary

By Little Katie

Part Eleven: Tug O'War

Chaka 1: Enter the Chaka - A Whateley Academy Tale

A Whateley Academy Tale

Enter The Chaka
(Chaka 1)

by Bek D. Corbin

She has the strength of Arnold Schwartzeneggar, the reflexes of Jet Li, the beauty of Halle Berry and the common sense of Lizzie MacGwuire! Toni 'Chaka' Chandler could be a great superhero- IF she can pass High School English!

Chaka (by Bek D. Corbin)

Chaka.  Masai for "leopard" but Whateley for a kiai shouting martial arts master (in training). These are the adventures set down by Bek D. Corbin but that is not to say she does not throw her hat (or her feet... or her fists...) in other Whateley stories. She was the inspiration... so you can blame the rest of Whateley on Bek, too. -g-

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend -2-

Cigarettes Are A Girl's Best Friend

by slimv


Jimmy felt queasy with excitement. He'd never experienced this kind of anxiety before. He looked at his mom and glanced back at the cigarette between his fingers. For crying out loud! He was 13 years old. He was sitting in a public restaurant with his mom- wearing girl's clothes and smoking Virginia Slims! This was insane. He was insane. After all, hadn't he just promised her he'd see a psychiatrist?

The Rigby Narratives -19- McKenzie the Giant Killer

The Rigby Narratives:
The Ultimate TG Experience

McKenzie Rigby

as told to
Andy Hollis and Jaye Michael


Chapter Nineteen -- McKenzie, the Giant Killer


A Christmas Diary -10- Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again - New Endings

Sometimes, it's not over till it's over...
Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again...
New Endings

Tom's Christmas Diary

By Little Katie

Part Ten: New Endings


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