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Castaways Commentary

There is some apparent confusion over the ending of Castaways, so I figured I would clear it up. Castaways is about a teenage girl and boy stuck on an island after a tragic airplane accident. With no rescue coming, Alex struggles with the scenario of being stuck with a guy that has no interest in her for the rest of her days.

Assistance on a story - legal perspective

My muse has me writing a story that is turning into a novel-length epic. Workplace situation, contract, etc.
What I'd like is for someone who has some familiarity with the US legal system to review the setup to make sure I'm not making any dumb mistakes. I'm trying to quite thoroughly box in the main character, but if it's too far-fetched, I'll need to modify it.

Cold Feet in Australia

Some years ago, I cycled through a remote part of Western Australia, meeting a lovely man, an ecologist called Gary. I put him into my book 'Cold Feet'. Tonight, by chance, I saw him again, in a wilderness programme on ITV. Enjoy, if you can see it. It really captures the land I wrote through, and Ray Mears, unlike the pillock and egomaniac Bear Ghrylls, comes across as a lovely man.

Hatbox Funds Still Needed

We're looking at bills of about $1500 more than what we have in the bank, so now would be a good time to send us a gift if you are planning to do so. We were able to order the new hardware with how much we had paid down our bills in the last year, but of course that now adds to our debt again. Piper just picked up the new (refurbished hardware) and will be working on installation and configuration from now until almost Christmas, probably

But! This means in about two weeks or a bit more, we should be able to improve service here.

my writing has slowed to a crawl

Assuming I havent driven away any fans I had with delays and short chapters, I'm afraid I have to tell those people that at the moment, my writing has slowed to a crawl, and as a result I cant say when then next chapter of Branded will be out. I'm going to try my best to have it ready before the new year, that's as good as I can do right now.


The BEST Movie

The Title is in Russian Cyrillic, with Chinese and bad English subtitles, so I can't interpret. I hope that there are enough Sci Fi fanatics out there that will have the persistence to work at understanding this movie. Human first contact with aliens will go something like this, I hope, but better perhaps?

Dabbling in Sci-Fi Soon

Hi all -

I have decided to halt “Thanksgiving En Femme for now,” because I have a new series coming which I am excited about. Unlike TEF and Kayleigh’s Story, this series will be rather flexible. Like the urge to dress up, the urge to write comes and goes, explaining why most of my stories have been compressed into small amounts of time.

Picked up "Romancing SaGa 2" on Xbox today and...

It's vicious, I love the features but the prologue is brutal and I mean "toss you in the deep end of the pool". I was NOT expecting to have a couple of my characters straight up die during combat at the beginning in your average battle. They revive with full health after each battle but OUCH.

Call your AG about Net Neutrality!

The following states are suing the FCC to prevent their repeal of Net Neutrality:
New York
North Carolina

If you do not live in one of these states, look up your attorney general here

It is 'Panto' time again

It is Panto season again here in the UK. All manner of tales are being performed all over the country. My local theatre is doing 'Aladdin' this year.

I've done a couple of stories in the past where the action centred around a Panto.

This year, I've done something slighly different. Call it a 're-imagining' of a classic tale.

My tale is in three parts that will be posted next monday, tuesday and wednesday.
It has three ugly sisters, a ball, a sort of prince charming and of course a waif who is plucked out of servitude and sent to the ball.

Footprints in the Sea Vol 4 Update

The second chapter of Footprints in the Sea has been posted (Chapter 72 in the series) and the full vol is now live on Amazon Kindle. The link in the right hand column of this page helps Big Closet to earn a small commission.


awww an't that cute a mini Rohanna!

Look this is exactly or very close to what I mentally saw as the Rohanna or 'Leigh' twins action figures for the movie they made during the summer!

all that is missing is---Jobe's head? or maybe a few victims? A few beaten bullies???

Thanks for a Great First Year!

This year:

Ethan and Caden danced.

Lexi beat Bella with a late steal.

Bailey, Joanne, and Taylor partied.

Kelly mourned.

Sam’s brothers dreamed.

Tori married.

Hannah and Evie wore dresses.

Justine remembered her ballet beginnings.

Kayleigh went all the way.

Rachel and Charlene pirouetted.

The Scottsville Teen Crossdressers Club went shopping.

Libbey said goodbye.

Jenna and her father bonded.

Riley and Paige shopped.

Lacey celebrated.

Fifteen fun stories to share.

The High Bridge


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I live about half a mile from what is called the “High Bridge” in St. Paul, MN. The high bridge has a well-deserved infamy as a suicide spot -- with seven people jumping from the deck of the bridge which is 160 feet above the Mississippi, during 2015.

The bridge has been closed for several months. They’re installing a nine-foot high barrier to cut down on the jumpers.

life's little coincidences

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Well, I went today for an intake interview to get handicapped support help, and in one of those little coincidences that makes me think God has a weird sense of humor, the person who did my intake has a trans son.

I guess Disney was right. It really is a small world after all ...

Daily life of a 'Trap' blog


It's weird how quick Daily Life of a 'Trap' has gotten popular. I basically wrote it because I wanted to do something different and use traps in a piece. I didn't expect it to become as popular as it is.

I'm glad it did. I like it when people read my stuff and may actually like it.

I don't know what's in store for the series, but I hope it becomes something great.

SRS, The Saga Continues

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In my continuing reading about Sexual Reassignment Surgery and peripheral matters, I've had a rather astonishing revelation. I was reading an article in "theBMJ" , more correctly "The British Medical Journal", where one contributor stated rather matter of factly that the recipients of SRS surgery routinely had their Prostate removed. This statement illustrated rather conclusively that "professionals" functioning outside their area of expertise sometimes have rather profound gaps in their knowledge base to the point that it is laughable to me.

more delays


For the few who give a damn, I am fighting mental fatigue that is showing that I'm burned out mentally and am reverting to the angry jerk that I am in real life. I can't finish my story before Christmas due to this. I hope above all hope that the actual wedding that I keep dancing around can be written by Christmas but it'll take a miracle.

I'd offer my apologies but I'm sick of false sympathy. I won't apologize for feeling like crap, you get what you get and I'll move on.

Psyren's Redemption backstory reveal

We get to find out a little more about Sapphira's (Everett's) backstory and a bit of a bonding moment between Amelia and the other Exemplar.

Click me to read this part..

Please, please, please take a moment to comment. It is very much appreciated and helps encourage me to write more. For those a little more shy, my site does have like buttons so there is that option as well.

Here Comes the Bride

The first 5 and a new chapter of Here Comes the Bride are up on the site for a limited time. The last chapter will be going out to be edited tonight or tomorrow. When the entire story is up, it would stay on the site for a week.

Like I said before I will also put back up You Are a Meany when I am done with it.

Footprints in the Sea Vol 4 Update

Footprints Vol 4 is up and live on Kindle and I have posted the Reprise of Vol. 3 and first chapter of Vol 4 on our new story site.

Don't forget, if we order through the link in the right hand column, Top Hat receives a small commission from Amazon.


Feedback, reviews and scribbling

It's snowing outside and I had some time to spare so I checked out some of the reviews on Amazon for my works.

Overall they are pretty positive, a couple clearly don't get my intent with plot lines but hey ho, you can't please everyone all of the time....

One thing that certainly did come through though was some enthusiasm for the various stories to continue. Easier said than done of course, i'd love to continue all the series in a never ending output but let's face it, that's a lot of effort and there are other things going on in my life besides writing!

I'm upset with Sharon

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I'm really upset with Sharon.

Apparently, she told my mom that she's in serious financial difficulty with many bills not paid.

According to what my mom said, she has been stretching herself too thin by paying for counseling for Sam, and now is in trouble.

Of course, mom wants to help, but she cant do much when she's desperately trying to drop down to part time since at 80 working full time is getting to be a bit much.

And of course I can do anything since I'm not working at all.

Sighs ...

Back again. Looking for an editor really quick.

Looking for an editor for a story I just chopped out for Bill Hart's SRU Universe that had been ruminating in my brain for a while, it's Pop culture related.
I may have some other things coming down the pipe for you to look at as well.

Trying to get there before Santa

Hello, folks. You may not remember me or even know me, I've been quiet so long. It's been difficult to get in here because of work and family.

Anyway, I've been working my way through the plot of a new story, a Christmas story, and puzzling out the pieces. For me, developing a new story idea is about answering questions like What happened just before this? and Why did they hide the key? and Where did what's-his-name go and why?

TG Techie Blog 97: The Stage Tech Starts Soon, I Promise

Well if you're reading TG Techie, (and if you are, thank you. You should comment more though) for the techie stuff, I'm so sorry but it's still coming. Aisling as a character is almost defined enough to move into it. Just three more chapters, and the stuff starts on the fourth. So two weeks out.

SRS, The Nitty Gritty

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A while back I got in a discussion about SRS on Youtube and a man commented on it. I wound up having an email exchange with him that led to a phone conversation. He was nice enough and said that he is a surgeon that has done the operation. He challenged me on one aspect of my operation. My Surgeon in Bangkok told me that he did the normal penile inversion technique, and attached one of my Vas Deferens tubes to the back end of my neo Vagina to provide Vaginal lubrication. My Neo Vagina is always moist and has the fragrance of Estrogen; sometimes leaving a white stain in my panties.

TG Techie: Chapter 5: Target missing from the front page ?

This is odd. TG Techie: Chapter 5: Target isn't on the home page, despite the fact that the chapter posted seconds later (TG Techie: Chapter 5: [XXX 1] Exploration) is. Is this a system thing from posting the two of them side by side, or did one of them get lost somewhere?

Do you think it's a good idea to be overly nice to your antagonist?


I've been doing some thinking about how to deal with antagonists. I'm not in school now as I've been doing (and failing) school work online. I will be back in High school in the 2nd semester.

At first, I thought, "Hey if they bully me then I'll stand up for myself and tell them what's what." Then I came to the conclusion that, that's not a good idea as I am giving the reaction they hope for.


OK, I'm confused. The front page seems to have undergone a major reformatting? Is this intentional? Or is it some sort of glitch.

It's extremely (IMNSHO) more difficult to find the content you want. And the sidebar listing of blog postings is gone, but not the comments. I much prefer the recent blog post in the sidebar.

New Twin Tails Coming, Sara Story

We got a short game in Friday and I just finished the unedited draft of Chapter 11 of Twin Tails. It's up for preview on my patreon at the moment, should be here in a day or two. Just a planning session this time, a bit of character banter and defusing an angry mob of rich people. Was still fun.

Psyren's redemption ch 13 pt 2. Read for free now

It's time for another update in Sapphira and Amelia's story.

Click here to read it..

Please, please, please take a moment to comment. It is very much appreciated and helps encourage me to write more. For those a little more shy, my site does have like buttons so there is that option as well.

You may also follow me on social media, via the RSS page on my website or even through email if you use the form on said website.

TG Techie, XXX rated content

Well I've been reading the audience here on Big Closet. The desire here seems to be for tamer content than on TGStories, or Fictionmania. That's cool and all, but I am writing porn here. And the parts of 11th Sun with XXX in the title are the most read.

I think what I'm gonna do here is post tomorrow with the trip to Target, and the bra fitting, because that's porn for a certain kind of person. Then I'll put up the next chapter immediately, instead of on Friday, which is the part where she masturbates for the first time, which is porn for another kind of person.

Rumours of my demise...

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...are a trifle premature. Admittedly, a shoulder injury is making life tougher than it might otherwise be, but I'm still alive and brain boggled with my university studies. I've spent much of the day doing computer graphs on excel, which should be really easy to a normal human, but somehow whenever I go near excel it does weird things unlike the tutorials on you tube. The most used button - the 'undo' one.

Historical event - a uterus transplant!

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This amazing medical break through is sure to create a lot of interest on many levels. It should also stimulate CD/TG writer's story-lines. "For the first time in the United States, a woman who had a uterus transplant has given birth. The mother, who was born without a uterus, received the transplant from a living donor last year..."

Thought some here would get a kick out of this

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So the backstory of this is I play several stringed instruments, I'm an amateur although I was taught by some well known (older) names in the Country and Bluegrass genre of music and in years past have been in some jam sessions with some very respected names in those genres.

eeewwww, yuck.

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Well, CT scan of my lung results aren't great. :(
starting at the bottom like the respirologist did:

bottom 15% of my lungs have 20% of the bronchiolae burst, meaning zero oxygen to blood / co2 to lung exchange in there.
mid section of my lungs are 5% burst bronchiolae
top 33% of my lungs is 100% burst bronchiolae.

no wonder I can barely walk across the street. :/

Win 10 with a sledghamer...!

__________ Edit __________

So after removing and re-installing my browser, Window$ decide to finally acknowledge the presence of a non M$ browser and allow me to put it as a default.

Thanks for all your comments and message.

Hugs tmf

Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness
__________ End Edit __________

Hi everybody,

I just got a laptop with Win10 install..!

I'm bored


Hey, does anyone have discord? My username is Trap-chan#8584
Yes, I use Trap-chan ironically and I know the real meaning. It's just an iconic name I use for fun. That and I can switch from my cute innocent voice to a Vegeta voice... if anyone knows who Vegeta is.



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I do a lot of reading in Anthropology, Astronomy, Psychiatry, Religious History, and other things equally as mind bending.

Really focused on where Homo Sapiens came from and why we are such violent pricks? And, coming from such uber conservative religious stock, life is anything but a "funny funny riddle". This time of year is really awful.

Fugue State: An Awakened Novel

1326277015.jpgHer name was least, that was what she had been told after waking up with no idea where or who she was. Kitty, the girl who was supposed to be mourning the recent loss of a mother she had no memory of. Kitty, the loving, devoted daughter of a kind and understanding father who was a complete stranger to her. Kitty, the girl who was determined to move forward with her life despite not remembering where she'd started.

Keeps extending wait time


There was a problem with your form submission. Please wait 55 seconds and try again.

Went from try again to wait eight seconds, to wait 22 second to

Dear bot, my congratulations, we are done here. Don't call me I'll call you when I'm feeling less testy.
While we are on the subject. Try and rein in your enthusiasm on "You're not allowed to access that page." When I click on a story. It better be my ISP you're having a temper tantrum with.

I'll be totally surprised if you let this one through!

Weekly serial (double length)

Sorry, I'm a little late getting this up, but the latest part of Psyren's Redemption is up now. For the forseeable future I may have to go with a more irregular schedule for story posting as the Tuesday postings have gotten a lot harder as of late.

This time around it is about double the usual length. Plus, it's a shower scene so things do get a bit hot, in more than one sense of the word.

Click here to read the newest story part.

Barbie's Doll

Hi, All!

I have just posted Part 5 of 'Barbie's Doll'. I had no intention of making this a daily posting and was just lucky enough to be off this week to make that happen. Alas, I have to get back to reality and will not be posting daily from here on out. I will shoot for weekly, but can't even guarantee that, for now.

If possible, I will post another part tomorrow. Otherwise I am pretty sure I can get one posted sometime next week.

I hope you continue to enjoy the story--sorry that it will be a little slower coming out, though.


The Wish Commentary

The last thing I want is for readers to feel confused and then not enjoy a fic, so I decided to put down some questions readers might have about The Wish. Some readers may not have any questions at all and completely understand my intent and that's cool too. Spoiler warning starts now:

1. Is this my Christmas Wish submission?: A bit undecided about that, but I do believe I can deliver a heavier story. The inspiration for The Wish came to me within the last few days. Also, I like to leave open the option of posting this on another site, so as for right now, no.

Christmas Suite

I am excited. This is a big day for writing firsts.

It's the first story I have written just for BigCloset TopShelf.

It's the first writing contest I have ever entered.

It's the first story I have ever formatted all on my own. The lovely Dawn Natelle did all that 'stuff' in the past. I still don't know how to add extra spaces and how to get the story to be marked SOLO, but hey it's a first.

I have to thank StacyInLove who egged me on and challenged me to give it a try. It's really all her fault if you don't like it.

I'm honestly a little intimidated

Having read most of the submissions for the Christmas contest, I can honestly say I'm a little intimidated, The level of quality in the stories is astounding, especially when you consider most of the authors are not professional writers, and several of our "heavy hitters" havent even weighed in with their stories yet.

This is one of the reasons I love this place, the shear quality of work is amazing.

Everyone please read. So here we are again

at the end of another month And Erin is still having to BEG for sufficient funds to keep the doors open.

I've done all _I_ can do to help her and so have a lot of others for whom effusive thanks will never be enough.

It comes down to all of the rest of us to do our best to alleviate this never ending shortfall that causes ulcers and other stress caused ailments that plague Erin, Piper et all.

A Rose in the Cracks

I'm so nervous! I just submitted my first book for Amazon! I don't really consider myself a writer, and I have held off writing shorter pieces to write something longer, but Sephrena and others prodded me enough to try it. At least I can say I tried it now!

Hugs to all who have heard me prattle about it for so long,

Twin Tails Posted

Wow, what a week. New Twin Tails is finally up, I only did one editing pass because I wanted to get it to everyone after being extra-double-special late. Feedback very appreciated if you can spare a moment. In my defence, I've had dizzy spells on Friday and yesterday plus my Dad fell out of the ceiling Sunday morning. He's fine, just a few cuts and bruises, nothing permanent and no hospital visit. He's recuperating well but it was a bit of a shock for all of us.



Why is it I seem to get swept up by the tides of life and not the other way around? Don't answer that. You'd only embarrass me. Our guest, my sister-in-law, has decided not to return home and then return here in but three weeks. She's decided to stay on until my sister comes. Of course this upsets my plans somewhat. But it is a joyful upset.

It Can Only Go Up From Here

Finished the first draft of the first chapter for “It Can Only Go Up From Here” with 2362 words...yes, its about half the length of the first chapter of the first book and I may increase the chapter to kind of match up with the pacing and movement of the other book...only to counter the doldrums of James’ life to Jennifer’s.

The chapter titles are still Shania Twain songs (Thank you for releasing a new album), with the first one entitled “I’m Alright”

Gotta love the complements

I was in town for my usual weekly electrolysis treatment. Since we live 40 miles out of town we try take care of multiple errands when ever we're there. As a result, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things to save a trip into town later. While I stopped to sample some new brand of chili, a lady stopped to tell me how much she liked my blouse. :o)


Gotta love the compliment.

Schedule Changes? - Blog Entry 98

Here's the story.

I am ridiculously ahead here. Like five chapters ahead. That means that you won't see what I'm working on now for five weeks, and frankly the suspense is killing me.

So. I can change my update schedule to twice a week, and put chapters up on Tuesday and Friday mornings. And then you all can see them.


I don't think I can keep up the pace of 4,000 words twice a week, once you all have caught up to where I am.


I know that I can write 2,000 words in two days with very little problem.


just when you thought......

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So, this mornings forecast wasn't great but with going away later in the week it's the Penultimate chance to top up the miles and metres. I had a route in mind, 100km out into Gaby land with a stop about halfway for a light lunch.

I'm feeling quite fit, a good session without anything too taxing so I depart at the end of the rush hour. My route has about 2km of on road tram running, i've managed to go 20 years without issue so I was quite confident of my technique.

My Challenge

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I gave myself a challenge here, to finish the first (clean) draft of a story that evening and sit on it a week before revision. Clearly I didn't make it, but the first draft is done now -- only off by three and a half weeks.

Now let's see if I can avoid looking at it for a week or so (six days might suffice) before reading and revising it.

Back to work...

Back to work on “It Can Only Go Up From Here”. This has been difficult to work on due to the other two stories that are running in tandem with the storyline in this one and that the political climate is the same as the storyline I created over a year ago and as I write it I have to take a step back and wonder if I’m using today’s news in a story that takes place in 1997-1998.

Almost $1000 Short of November Goal for HatBox


It's almost the end of the month, we have bills coming due and people to pay and we are still short about $1000 on our monthly goal.

So if you can help, it will be appreciated. We have several ways to send us money in the right hand column (unless you have turned that off). :)

Hugs and thanks again,

Illogical Creatures

Aside from writing, the central focus of my life is to fully understand what it is to be a woman, so I can more faithfully render them in my stories.

I was completely astonished to attend three functions over the holidays in which I was completely treated like a woman, a sisterhood member. At no time was the fact that I might be counterfeit as a woman mentioned and it felt really good.

Conclusion of Nena story

Yep, here you go, the concluding epsipode of Nena, Special Request.

I hope you've enjoyed it. As you might recall I'm currently working on the next Nena story, Tirol Time, I've got 6 chapters in the can so it shouldn't be a long wait now to get it finished.

One thing after another

So, there I was, on a roll after getting the last two chapters of What Milsy Did out in a reasonable time. I'm heading off into the next, crucial chapter, and with about 5,500 words written, a never-ending and seemingly random series of unexpected happenings has derailed me almost completely.

32 Hours

I went to work last night, and sat down to start writing. I worked for a half hour before I had to get up and do my "job." Indistinguishable from most other nights, other than that I had been awake for 25 hours at that time.

I wrote 1,600 words before it was 4 AM and I realized that I could ad-lib lyrics to Winter Wonderland on the fly. I remember some of them

There's a pit, it is burning
There's a spit, flesh's a turning
The smell burns the air
And singes your hair,
Whisping through a waking of the damned

Can I give another author's stories a push?

I am on the chat site quite often, and last night I was chatting with a fellow author here, Arwen, and promised I would re-read her stuff.

Its really quite good, and if you havent read any, you should give it a try.

Here is a link:

TopShelf's December 2017 Christmas Dreams Story Contest


December 2017

Christmas Dreams

Story Contest
Entry Submission Dates are from now through December 23, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time!
Prizes currently are 1 x $250, 3 x $150, and 6 x $50 USD paypalled or gift vouchered. Prizes are subject to go up!

Story updates, Kindle Reading and the future


Hi! It's been a while :/
I'm so sorry. My life has been even messier than usual. I turned 29, got really sick again, found out I have some heart problems and my awful diet and constant stress isn't helping and have had to try and rework my life. Mental illness combined with being trans = Bad.
It hasn't been going well, and I won't bore you with the details cos honestly, they're kind of boring.