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Advice from members of Islam please

I have been approached by Tenant Support Workers for my residence ( have to like supported housing ) asking me to low key assist a new trans woman that should have moved in yesterday ( or at least filled out papers ).

She is a refugee from the middle east, and has not had it easy at all. ( to the point men from the region are a serious issue for her )

That is all I know about her, what I need is ideas on how to interact with her to avoid triggering her issues as well as knowledge about how to interact appropriately with a woman of Islam.

Transgender Pine-Richland Student: ‘I Really Don’t Feel Safe’


I think this is a further example of the Trump effect. Making derogatory speech normal. Leading to more open displays of bigotry. Well worth watching the video, Juliet is quite well spoken and impressive all around.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Juliet Evancho‘s world turned upside down Monday night after a vote in the Pine-Richland School District.

Anti-Trans Interpretations of Dysphoria

As you may know, some anti-trans writers discuss their own experiences of dysphoria, and their own solutions. I've read a few from feminist writers, bloggers, etc. because some of their other perspectives can be relevant. I haven't read any by traditionalist/patriarchal writers, bloggers, etc.

New lawsuit against trans rights in US

As if the hate sprouting from Trump and his Trumpettes aren't enough now some ludicrous doctors are attacking transsexuals rights on base of religious 'freedom' and believes again:


Yes it is buzzfeed, but it is the best article I could find on that at the moment.

An interesting read of real transgender people in the US military.

Found this while browsing the BBC News site at work today.


it is an interesting read about people who are transgender and serving in the US military and secretly transitioning until the military changes its policy on Gender Identity.

The fun begins

Turned on my computer this afternoon after work and the first newsflash popup was this, US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law One of the NC lawmakers seemed to think it was a bluff. I guess it wasn't. So the fun begins.

Ummm ... hypocricay much? (sort of political)

I was surfing the net and found one of the transgender bathroom rights versus sexual predators (probably a NC law supporter) ads. With the statement "Please do not let these hate groups win!!! " appended in support of the ad.

I have to ask, how does supporting a hate group (anti-transgender) in any way prevent a hate group from winning??

Court overturns Virginia school's transgender bathroom rule


Still more appeals to go through. This is the same court that would review North Carolina's law.

A Virginia high school discriminated against a transgender teen by forbidding him from using the boys' restroom, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday in a case that could have implications for a North Carolina law that critics say discriminates against LGBT people.

Pennsylvania governor expands protections for transgender people


Pennsylvania governor expands protections for transgender people

By Eliza Collins

04/07/16 05:00 PM EDT

The governor of Pennsylvania signed two executive orders Thursday that expand discrimination protections related to employment, including for transgender people.

SD Governor vetoes Bathroom Bill


The Republican governor of South Dakota on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have restricted bathroom access for transgender students and made the state the first to adopt such a measure.

Please go vote Today

Please go Vote today if you Live in a Super Tuesday State.

If you do not vote,you do not have a right to complain about the results.

I may have Voted for Sanders, in this Primary. but All I ask is go Vote Please.

The more people that Vote the more Honest I feel the results will be.

One step forward, a Marathon run backward


While in Illinois there is legislation to allow birth certificate changes without surgery, in South Dakota they want to force student TGs to use the bathroom of their biological gender.

Illinois is trying


It's a start.

...transgender and intersex people in Illinois could correct their birth certificate if they receive a declaration by a physician stating they have "undergone treatment that is clinically appropriate for that individual for the purpose of gender transition, based on contemporary medical standards, or that the individual has an intersex condition,"

Illinois passes a good law, for once.

Gender Identity Protection (HB 3552/PA 99-0417): Provides that the written directions a person leaves regarding disposition of that person’s remains may include instructions regarding gender identity including, but not limited to, instructions with respect to appearance, chosen name, and gender pronouns, regardless of whether the person has obtained a court-ordered name change, changed the gender marker on any identification document, or undergone any transition-related medical treatment.

It appears we are a soft target ...

So let's use 'transgender' as a way of redirecting awkward questions huh?? Or deflecting attention from something else??



Providing Services for Transgender Customers

A document from the UK government about the law as it stands for transgender customers and the requirements of the law to businesses providing services to them such as shops or banks. It's written in very simple language and shows that discrimination direct or otherwise is illegal against a person with a protected characteristic of gender reassignment, viz moi. (And there's me thinking I was just an ordinary woman these days - another illusion shattered).

Utah Judge, in Shift, Lets Lesbian Couple Keep Foster Child


A Utah judge on Friday reversed, at least temporarily, his order that a foster child be taken away from a lesbian couple because of their sexual orientation, but he continued to question the placement of children with same-sex parents.

Utah judge removes child from lesbian foster parents


Can't post the text as it explicitly states that is not allowed.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr these kinds of judges are disturbing

Prop 1 in Houston Failed it looks like.

There was a Proposition on the Houston City Ballots today. It was called Proposition 1. It was a Equal Rights Ordinance. It basically would have made discriminations of any type. for Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Genetics, etc...

The thing that really got to me is that they played those same your little girls will not be safe from Male Pedophiles in the bathroom TV Adds.


Palatine HS is being stupid!

This if ridiculous. This isn't someone just starting to transition.

The student who filed the complaint has been living as a girl for a number of years, Knight said. She plays sports and would like to be in the same locker room as her friends and classmates. Relegating her to a separate room down a long hallway from the gym only serves to stigmatize her, he said.

Answers to the bathroom debate

In reference to the great bathroom debate. I keep hearing people say that transgender people need to use the restroom that corresponds to their anatomy. This has got to be the stupidest thing that I've ever heard. Have you ever seen another person's anatomy while in the bathroom? If you have, then you're the pervert. If a person looks, talks, walks, identifies as a woman, what possible good can come from making them use the men's bathroom (unless you think transgender murder is a good thing).

Alberta Catholic School board fights over trans rights

Is it time for Alberta to ditch the Catholic School Board?

That is the question that is being asked in the wake of a horrible display of immaturity by the Edmonton Catholic School Board Trustees at a meeting on Tuesday about how best to accommodate trans students. Supposed adults elected to the board yelled over each other, called each other names, and said horrible things about trans kids.

So now, we can hope that in the cold light of day people take some responsibility, show some maturity, and try a little kindness towards trans kids.

Sometimes You Just Don't Know What To Feel

It's the refugee crisis. I know how I should be responding to it, but still...

This could be a turning point in European history. I'm living this stuff and I have no idea how I want it to turn out. My heart says help these people, my head imagines the worst. I cast my mind back to the Salman Rushdie book burnings and I shudder.

A short diatribe on hypocrisy.....

For those who don't live within the United States and don't follow the political goings on here, and for those who do live here but perhaps live in a cave or with their heads in the sand, the United States Supreme Court recently ruled that same sex marriage is legal throughout the "several states" as the Constitution refers to it.

Important for TG in Houston - but possibly upsetting.

The Mayor of Houston, Annalise Parker, has been pushing some legislation on allowing bathrooms to be used by gender presentation, rather than just by physical sex.

Unfortunately, there's a very vocal group that has some NASTY radio ads going - the site itself isn't bad, but the radio ads are very misleading.

Here's some information on the proposed ordinance. (with some information on the group)

The Rights of the Community

Two topics:

  • Bathroom use is going to be a major issue, "Bathroom Gate" is back again.
  • LGBT discrimination, and many political issue for those of the LGBT community.

Trans-People's Rights

Watch Out Transwomen are eveywhere, including the White House

As some of you have heard, those Trans-people are everywhere in the News and on the Streets.

What you may not have read or heard yet is, 'they' (read 'us') are now in the White House, location of much of the Untied States' political clout.

Good Potential, But Won't Pass Now

If you look at the sponsor and cosponsors list in the Senate version you will see NO Republican sponsors:

The Senate version:


House version:


An article about the bill:

And again, a judges decision is wrong

Once again someone in politics doesn't even have the decency to become educated enough to make an informed decision before making policy decisions which affect all of us in some way or another. We wonder why our battle is so difficult and always seems to be uphill?

Great News, But Why Am I Depressed

I realize how selfish I am. The news came out today that the US Military may be allowing transgendered members. Several other countries have allowed this for quite a while; however, I never thought it would happen here for a long time. I am so happy that they might finally be getting something right. About my selfishness: the whole premise of my novel Soaring With Eagles has been shot down. What I'd hoped would be a significant story has become moot. I wanted it to be important; now it's old hat. Oh, well.

Oregon's attempt at aiding trans children slammed by media (Fox News)

Today on Fox News an article has come out bashing the state of Oregon for its attempt to help gender dysphoric children with severe issues.

Though political, still relevant

Today is shaping up to be a landmark day for equality in the US. Heck, a landmark month in certain ways, given recent changes to the standing of TG treatment in government health care. Whether you agree with gay marriage or not, though, let's all give a few moments to feel happy for all the people whose lives, both now and in the future, have a chance of being enriched by the decision the court made today.

Melanie E.

I Was Right and Wrong

In 2005 I wrote "Renaming a Highway" that came to Big Closet in 2007. I was right about the problems of race and sexuality when I wrote, "Same shit, different decade." I was wrong when I wrote, " There still some embers, but Mississippi is no longer burning," referring to the 1988 movie, Mississippi Burning The flame of hate is throughout the U. S. We are all to blame. In the end the Romeo and Juliet character Mercutio was right, "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."


Attention: Indiana Residents

Attention Indiana residents: there is a GLBT organization here in Indiana:

Indy Pride the internet contact is: indypride.org

as I have been trying to find a transgender group this may help me and others.


Sacred Feces!!!

As many of you might know by now, an astounding and miraculous event has occurred in my country. It is the most important event to occur since 1937 in the 'young' history of where I live. The people of the Republic of Ireland have voted for an amendment to the constitution allowing people of the same sex to get married.


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