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When Women Become Men at Wellesley (Article - NYT)

There's not a "News" category, so I just picked a couple that are somewhat relevant.


Apparently, there's an increasing number of TG's coming out at womens colleges. The article above is specifically about one 'trans-man' at Wellesley, but with asides about other colleges.

California bans 'trans-panic' defense.

Just saw this today and I was a surprised no one had posted about it here. Thought it would be of interest to a lot of the folks here.

California Becomes First State to Ban Gay, Trans 'Panic' Defenses. It's sad that someone can try to justify murder for any reason, but at least this is a positive step. I was surprised, for once most of the comments seem to be positive.

Today Is National Voter Resistration Day

Here in the U S we have a democratically elected republican form of government with a constitution enabling us to generally have free and fair elections. The most important way for anyone to have any voice in government is to VOTE! The only way to vote is to BE REGISTERED! If you are not registered get registered. Make sure you follow the qualifications in your state. Also ask your neighbors if they are registered, get them registered and urge them to vote. The country you save may be your own.

shalimar, a voter

Unhappy Anniversary---What Have We Done?

Today, 28 July 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW1. Next month is the 75th anniversary if WW2 and the 200th anniversary of the writing of the “Star Spangle Banner” which was near the end of the War of 1812 (US)/American War of 1812-15 (UK). We are in the mist of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s exile at Elba, the 160th anniversary of the Crimean War and 150th anniversary of the siege of Richmond and Petersburg, which virtually ended the US Civil War. The siege had trenches that were repeated in WW1 with disastrous results.

Gender Marker Changes

I am in the process of getting my gender marker changed and have been thinking about what is required. Here in Texas, there are no hard requirements, because there is no legal procedure to get it done. Clerks in Tarrent county where I live have been instructed not to take petitions for gender marker changes. Therefore I am filing in Dallas county. There they require a letter from the Doctor and one from a Therapist as set by one of the local Judges.

2 for 1 Blog, But they are short reminders for mental health

First off the good news, got a new cat, a grey and dark brown calico kitten that is growing fast.
So, I should be more good natured for awhile, at least until her teething becomes an issues.

Intersex woman interviewed on BBC

Following the German legislation about intersex babies having the option of no sex recorded on the birth certificate, this intersex woman who is also a therapist calls for more legislation in Europe.


There is also a link to transgender people seeking election in Pakistan.



Gulf States consider transgender ban

It would appear that the Gulf States Cooperative Council are considering a Kuwaiti proposal to carry out sex tests on immigrants wishing to work there with the intention of preventing entry by transgender people.

I do wonder if I came to the wrong planet because I was seeking one with intelligent life forms!


I wonder if you can spot my comment? (no prizes).

Gulf States to 'detect' gays on entry

Admittedly the story's in the Daily Mail, but apparently Gulf Cooperation Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) are to use a medical test developed by Kuwait to supposedly 'detect' homosexuals and prevent them from entering their respective country.

First Same-Sex Weddings Held in Minnesota

Today is the first day for the celebration of same-sex marriages in Minnesota. R.T. Rybak, the Mayor of Minneapolis, began a marathon session of weddings in Minneapolis City Hall at 12:01am and continued performing them personally until after 6:00am. A number of judges from Hennepin County also performed nuptial ceremonies. One ceremony was also performed at the Mall of America's Wedding Chapel.

For photos:

Transgender troops serve in silence


Coming out as transgender would get them kicked out of the U.S. military.
Kristin Beck

(Photo: GANNETT)
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Gay Marriage, British Style

Gay Marriage is now legal in England and Wales. This legislation does not effect Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mann, or the Channel Islands.


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