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Pathfinder: "The Trio": Two plus one equals ...

cat-girl-archer-colors.jpgPathfinder: The Trio: Two plus one equals...

Author’s note; Guess my muse wasnt quite done with this yet...

The next morning, Goruza, Emerald, and their new friend Milah had a bite of breakfast, then searched the cave more. While they looked around Milah told them about how the axe beaks had come into the cave through a tunnel that came out in the fields nearby.

serious adulting done today

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Serious adulting done today. I went and got my oil changed, my air filters changed, and a new wiper blade put on my car, then I went downtown and paid my speeding ticket.

Its not normally the case that i would be celebrating spending close to $ 600, but I feel a lot better about things with those tasks taken care of.

a needed lift

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on a day when I needed a pick-me-up, I got three. First, two different people mistook me for my mom when I answered the phone, and then while on a walk with Lady, a nice man said "you two ladies have a nice day".

You gotta celebrate the little victories cause you never know when or even if the big victories will happen.

a question about the American Army

I am writing a story that involves a group of soldiers during the first Gulf War, and have a question about how soldiers refer to each other. For example, according to what I found online, there is a rank called "specialist" which is above Private and below Corporal. How would say a Sargent call for such a person? How would someone distinguish between a Sargent and say a Master Sargent?

Any advice appreciated.

adding pictures to (some of) my stories

Thanks to the recent blog on adding pictures to one's stories, which resulted in someone going through the steps in a way even I could understand, I am now adding some pictures to a some of my stories. I'd love feedback on the pictures if you happen to come across them (hint: Help my girlfriend is a unicorn, Mercy, and the E-girl universe have pictures now, as does my most recent story)

Going to be slightly housebound for a bit

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As it is supposed to be super cold here the next couple of days, I'm going to stay in as much as possible. I'm just wondering if anybody would like to share their "snow day" activities - the stuff they would do if stuck inside for a day or more?

been a bear of a weekend/monday

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I would like to get back to writing, but that terrible thing Real Life has been acting up. My mom's been super sick and still recovering from her burn, I am not 100% well myself although I might be better off than my mom because I got the flu shot, plus the usual list of stresses that seem to be doing their best to keep me in a funk.

another apology

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Assuming I have any people interested in reading my stuff left, I need to give them an apology. Massive stress around here with my mom hurt, my dog struggling, Sharon having troubles, my brother looking at surgery, and he and I getting into an argument over my transition during which he said he never saw anything feminine in me growing up, and doesnt see anything feminine in me now, has all led to me not being in a good state for writing at the moment. So no new Branded, or The gift, or the war/supernatural story I had started on for now, and maybe not for a while.

Happy new year to all

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If you are reading this, you survived the challenges and changes 2017 brought. (I think. If any non-survivors are reading this, I hope the afterlife is treating you well.)

It had been a wild and crazy year, but here we are with a new year ahead of us, and I hope yours is as awesome as possible.

Happy new year huggles for everybody!

E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 1

E-Girl: The Gift

Chapter 1:

Author's note: I know its been a while since I wrote the prologue for this story. You might want to read it (or read it again) so this chapter makes more sense ...

On the super island known as “The Compound” ...

Fluke woke with a start, sending her partner Sarah off the bed.

“Hey!” Sarah shouted.

“Sorry. I just had one whack of a nightmare.”

Sarah climbed back onto the bed, and asked, “What was it?”

my mom scalded herself last night

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so last night my mom spilled boiling hot water on herself. because she would not go to ER, we put cold water on the burn spot until it cooled, and then wrapped it in gauze, and she promised to get it looked at after work today.

Well, she went to a pharmacist rather than a doctor, and when we looked at it, it looked pretty bad, so I called the health link number to see what we could do.

Now, my mom has made an appointment for tomorrow with her doctor, and I feel like I failed her by not pushing harder for her to get it looked at last night.

my writing has slowed to a crawl

Assuming I havent driven away any fans I had with delays and short chapters, I'm afraid I have to tell those people that at the moment, my writing has slowed to a crawl, and as a result I cant say when then next chapter of Branded will be out. I'm going to try my best to have it ready before the new year, that's as good as I can do right now.


life's little coincidences

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Well, I went today for an intake interview to get handicapped support help, and in one of those little coincidences that makes me think God has a weird sense of humor, the person who did my intake has a trans son.

I guess Disney was right. It really is a small world after all ...

I'm upset with Sharon

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I'm really upset with Sharon.

Apparently, she told my mom that she's in serious financial difficulty with many bills not paid.

According to what my mom said, she has been stretching herself too thin by paying for counseling for Sam, and now is in trouble.

Of course, mom wants to help, but she cant do much when she's desperately trying to drop down to part time since at 80 working full time is getting to be a bit much.

And of course I can do anything since I'm not working at all.

Sighs ...

Branded Chapter 1


>Branded (Mercy Book 2)

Cain replied to the LORD, “My punishment is too great for me to bear! You have banished me from the land and from your presence; you have made me a homeless wanderer. Anyone who finds me will kill me!”


I went inside the flying building and seem them both.

I'm honestly a little intimidated

Having read most of the submissions for the Christmas contest, I can honestly say I'm a little intimidated, The level of quality in the stories is astounding, especially when you consider most of the authors are not professional writers, and several of our "heavy hitters" havent even weighed in with their stories yet.

This is one of the reasons I love this place, the shear quality of work is amazing.

Can I give another author's stories a push?

I am on the chat site quite often, and last night I was chatting with a fellow author here, Arwen, and promised I would re-read her stuff.

Its really quite good, and if you havent read any, you should give it a try.

Here is a link:

I'm not dead (and maybe neither is my muse)

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Well, it seems like my depression is lifting. I got some things done yesterday (shoveling the walk, laundry), and I even got a couple of sentences written on a story.

its not much, but I have hope again that I might actually get a story (or at least a chapter of a story) finished before the new year ...

the end of the road

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I am facing the loss of my days as a writer.

This isnt about my muse, i still get ideas, but my ability to communicate them seems to be gone.

I tried to write a little story for the Christmas contest, and despite having what I thought was a decent idea, what I produced looked more like a series of bullet points on Twitter.

It probably doesnt help that I'm grieving and fighting depression, but I am seriously worried this is the end.

To anybody who has actually read anything I've written and hoped for more, I'm sorry.

my brain is weird

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My brain is weird.

I cant even have anxiety like a normal person.

Instead of the usual symptoms, heart racing, whatever, my brain has come up with a different idea.

It finds something else for me to focus on, and goes "hey look, over here, a shiny!"

The result is I can go a long time without even realizing something is making me anxious.

a dog's life

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just about anybody who has had a pet can tell you they sneak their way into your heart, and losing them is a grief as large as any grief you can suffer.

Well, we are getting close to that point with our dog, Little Lady.

Her one back leg is causing her such pain she cannot put any weight on it, and she collapses or limps continually.

I believe it is arthritis, as it seems to get worse at night and on colder days, but we're going to try and find out for sure.

sad dream

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I had a sad dream last night.

I dreamed that I was visiting a school, and had promised a kid I would see him in his class, only I got lost, lost my copy of Lord of the Rings which I had been carrying with me, and eventually left the school after all the classes were done and I had been told I had disappointed the kid, and then I tried to go home but found a gigantic hill behind the school that I tried to climb and failed.

Lest we forget ...

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In honor of Remembrance day, let me share a story about my grandfather.

My grandfather served in WW II with the "Calgary tanks", and as such was on the front lines of almost every battle involving Canadians.

He helped fight Rommel in Africa, helped invade Italy, and much more.

He was wounded several times. pieces of shrapnel were permanently lodged in his lungs, and in his shoulder.

He had been told, as most were, that the war would be over in months, but served six years. In the process, he missed his small children growing up.

I am looking for a story

I am trying to track down a story, and could use some help.

The story featured "fey" like creatures who put people into the past in different bodies, among other things. The story focused on one guy who found himself in the body of a mute girl being hunted by these creatures, and Peter Pan was involved, as were aliens.

Anybody remember this story?

my daughter is heartbroken

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Got some bad news.

Sam had an allergy attack last week, and we just got back the blood tests. It turns out its her cats, and Sam is heartbroken.

She's been given a week to find a home for the 3 kittens, and I really hope we can find them loving homes.

Sighs ...

Because I guess things werent interesting enough here

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Because, I guess the universe decided things weren't interesting enough around here, i found out tonight that my brother has an enlarged prostrate, and while they haven't said the "c" word yet, its looking like its headed in that direction. You add in my dog having walking issues, my mom now has high blood pressure, and I'm ... well, I'm me, and I could stand having a little less stress ...


Hugs, prayers, and positive vibes accepted.

accomplishing stuff despite anxiety

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Well, I beat my anxiety, and got stuff accomplished today. I got my blood work done, got some questions answered about Canada Pension, and best of all, got my report for October done for emergency financial aid, which has been beating me silly all week.

Yay !!!!!



I have done some crazy stuff in my life, but this ... takes the cake.

No, I’m not going to go into what else I’ve done. They are tales for another day, and this is the story I want to tell today, the story of my craziest, and most recent moment of madness.

It started when I went to the local college to look at some continuing education classes. I was struggling a little with my job, and thought maybe I could find something that would lead to something better once I had the training.

And then I saw David.

Burned my face today

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I had a "I cant believe I was that stupid" moment today.

I had been fighting depression and being sick for the last week, so I hadnt shaved.

So I thought I would use nair to get the hair down to the point where I could get a blade through it.

unfortunately, I messed up, got some on my cheek, and burned myself.

sighs ...

my life is hard enough, I really should stop trying to make it harder ...

having an unlikable protagonist

okay, just for fun, I want to talk about making an unlikable protagonist.

Now, most stories dont do this. After all, the protagonist is usually supposed to be someone the audience cheers for.

But some stories do have an unlikable protagonist, so lets see if we can find out how that can work.


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