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As you all probably know I am currently writing What Milsy Did, but along with that there are of course many other projects on the back burner, not all of which are Anmar related. In addition I have to balance writing with Real Life, Health and my recently increased family. (I'm off on Friday to help my son build two wardrobes to replace the temporary ones that the Twins have destroyed.)

Although Somewhere Else Entirely seems like a good story - good enough that I see people reading it every single day - as the author I am aware of many shortcomings and just plain goofs. Like most stories it evolved during the creation process and so various parts don't quite gel. It is my intention to slowly go through it from one end to the other correcting the worst of the problems.

Milsy Slowdown

Although I've managed to get the preceding chapters of What Milsy Did out in a reasonably prompt fashion, it looks like I won't be able to keep that pace up.

Various Real Life issues including but not limited to health, family and house need my attention and so there will be less time for writing.

Sorry, folks.


SEE hit counts

Since completing - nominally, anyway - Somewhere Else Entirely, I've been keeping an eye on the read counts. I know that some of you like to wait until stories are complete before reading so I expected some extra traffic. I also know some of you like the story enough that you are re-reading it again. Me, too! Sometimes I still can't believe I did this.

I have noticed that the total read counts vary between ~2,000 and ~5,000 (ish) for most chapters, which is only to be expected. #1 is slightly different (12,905), but that's because a number of people have dipped in and decided it wasn't for them. Fair enough. But three chapters have read counts way greater than the normal spread and I don't know why.

Edited due to poor research :(

Taking Movies to Palarand

So when Gary returns to Anmar he'll have an unspecified number of SDHC cards. Now, most of these won't be of immediate use but you can be sure that a specification of the interface will be available - and all those chips will act as a sure incentive to find out what's on them.

You can take it for granted that among the contents will be movies. An average movie can be from 1Gb to 5Gb depending on length and bitrate so a single chip will hold many. So, what exactly might he have taken?

Five years of SEE

I just had a look at "My Stories" and I notice that there is activity all along the line back as far as Chapter 1. So, people are still re-reading it! I admire your stamina.

I also noticed the date I posted the first chapter, 22nd December 2010. Wow, a whole five years! I swear I never intended for it to take this long!

Limo Dancing

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Some of you may remember that recently I had some unexpected news: my eldest son was (a) getting married and (b) preparing for fatherhood. We flew over for the wedding in New York and subsequently to visit our twin grand-daughters.

Since then, he has declared his intention of returning to England, so we have to prepare for the hordes...

Shuffling Anmar

...Doubtless some of you will think, "Deckchairs..." "Titanic...". Maybe you're right.

The more observant of you will have noticed that I have (today) moved around some of the content of Somewhere Else Entirely. If you didn't notice, that's fine; that was what is supposed to happen. There's the odd wrinkle, though...

Away for a bit

So my little side-story came out before I anticipated it would, but there you go. I have this character defect where I find it difficult to sit on a story. I even managed to write another chapter of SEE.

Unfortunately, there won't be another one for a while... I'm off to that place again, you know the one, where men are men and the women seem to be mostly men as well...

Somewhere Else? Not Entirely

So I have this massive epic to bring to an end, with plotlines and stories disappearing in all directions. I'll be flying to the US again at the end of October...

So, what do I do? Write another story, of course. This one is set on Anmar, but somewhere nearby.

The goodbye from Heck

So, as I mentioned in a previous blog, the other half has gone to the US to help out with son+new wife+twins. To get to Heathrow (LHR) involves a local train ride, then a bus link to the airport. The flight's at 1600: we have plenty of time to make it. What can possibly go wrong?

Real Life changes gear

So here we are, in the hottest part of the UK year, and I'm unable to do things most of the day because of the heat. That doesn't seem to phaze Real Life, of course, which just keeps piling it on.

Short result: Somewhere Else Entirely may be delayed for the next two months or so. See below for details.

No Good Deed

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No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

So, I put up chapter #98 and almost immediately decide that I have made a mistake. Unfortunately, I had a trip to the US to organize, and my readers have already supplied many comments... enter the rewrite from chaos.

An Unexpected Journey

...Or, There and Back Again. Once upon a time, in a hole in a hill there lived a...

Oh, wait a moment. Somebody has already done that one. Where was I? Oh, yes.

My eldest son, who lives in New York, has had an accident. His girlfriend is expecting twin daughters...

In order for him to be on the birth certificates, they have to be married, so we will be flying the pond at short notice.

The Long Road Back

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I could be talking about Somewhere Else Entirely, but this time I'm not.

Many of you are concerned, perhaps rightly, about my welfare, so I thought I'd bring you up to date.

And I hope that, unlike Garia and Keren, I don't suffer any more unexpected shocks and surprises along the way...

Lies down in dark corner

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Unfortunately, going on my nightly experiences, that probably won't help much... but I'm going to take it easy this week-end. I've spent three days visiting hospitals last week and another rebuilding the house network. Phew!

Each time I go to a hospital it basically uses up a day. If I go to the local hospital for a blood test, it is a mile walk and then a bus ride each way; I can get other things done but you can't get a full run at anything. Going to the Renal clinic is an hour's train ride and a mile walk each end so basically we make it a day out and roam the shops, eat out, etc.

Interesting times

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The reference is to the old Chinese proverb, of course. Did I expect to settle down to a quiet life? What do you think?

Apart from the various medical issues, there are a number of other upcoming activities which have to be addressed, of which writing is, regrettably, only one.

I'm back!

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Well, I was discharged yesterday (Weds 12th), a process that took all afternoon. I'm home and attempting to pick up the pieces of life again.

I'll draw a veil over the hospital experience since a lot of you have been there and done that. I'm just glad I wasn't as badly off as some of the other poor sods on my ward.


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