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Frohes Weihnachten

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From a very cold, bright and yes, in places white Austria!

Indeed as I stand here outside the basilica in Rankweil i'm looking out to the snow clad Swiss slopes on the west of the Rhein valley, the sun glinting off the white edges - a fine place and view to contemplate the events of the last year - there are certainly worst places to be.

So anyway, holiday greetings to one and all, back in 2018 with more blockbusters for your delectation and delight!

Gruss Gut

Feedback, reviews and scribbling

It's snowing outside and I had some time to spare so I checked out some of the reviews on Amazon for my works.

Overall they are pretty positive, a couple clearly don't get my intent with plot lines but hey ho, you can't please everyone all of the time....

One thing that certainly did come through though was some enthusiasm for the various stories to continue. Easier said than done of course, i'd love to continue all the series in a never ending output but let's face it, that's a lot of effort and there are other things going on in my life besides writing!

just when you thought......

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So, this mornings forecast wasn't great but with going away later in the week it's the Penultimate chance to top up the miles and metres. I had a route in mind, 100km out into Gaby land with a stop about halfway for a light lunch.

I'm feeling quite fit, a good session without anything too taxing so I depart at the end of the rush hour. My route has about 2km of on road tram running, i've managed to go 20 years without issue so I was quite confident of my technique.

Weather its here - or not.......

It's been a race but for the patient couple of Gaby fans I've spent the afternoon preparing and uploading the complete Summer Loving, all 300 plus pages as a single volume to Kindle, Amazon print and both Lulu formats! As usual there will be a bit of delay with the Amazon offerings.


Well yay for them, after only eight hours the Kindle version of Summer Loving part 4 is out there for you folks to see and if you like, purchase. I've never worked out why it takes Amazon so long to get submitted work up when Lulu can manage it in seconds. Still, it's there now, go into Amazon from any of the links on BC so they get a cut, search for Maddy Bell and not just this latest tome but all my works will appear for your perusal.

Yay - Book 21 completed

Well folks, I've only gone and done it, finished scrawling book 21 in the Gaby series!

That means that you should be able to get your sticky mitts on a copy from later today. The full edition Book 21 will join it on the shelves later in the week.

So here are the usual links for you

Luck of the er Yorkshire person!

Yay - new Gaby posted without issue! so click on Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *32* A Time For Giving to read the next action filled epsipode from the Rheinland.

In other news;

More Gaby is with my editor, with a determined effort I will get out part four, book 21 on Sunday - fingers crossed!

What a cock up!

okay - so its late, set out terribly but it is posted, that's Special Request part 6.

It should be better but 1) I had to use a duplicate copy rather than the original as I forgot my pen drive, 2) BC crashed on me whilst I was uploading it and 3) I don't have internet time to waste trying to sort it out. So, sorry its not set out brilliantly, sorry its a week late.

I am still on track with writing Gaby, following wind complete next weekend.

oo er missus!

So okay, my plans for Sunday went a little awry, I ended up on a day trip to Lincoln and didn't get near a computer - you will get the next instalment of Nena soon, I promise.

Today you do at least get another Gaby chapter, A Different Christmas is up now for your delectation and delight.

In other news -


Well you can read the new Gaby chapter now - Pretty Maids all in row will I'm sure give everyone a few chuckles.

And finally, very much overdue I've bought a new bed, the whole kit and caboodle! I feel so adult, never done it before but I guess with a new generation coming along I really should grow up a bit!

There should be more on Sunday



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Well I feel I owe everyone an explanation for things happening or not over the last week or so.

If you recall my Mum passed back in June, it would've been her 80th birthday on Tuesday so we thought it timely to spread her ashes today. I've had to organise some odd stuff over the years but this was a difficult one. It was her wish to end things on the NYM, her favourite place, Wheeldale.

Gaby rides again

Midweek already.

Its a busy week for me, lots of bike riding (180km so far), a visit to the doctor (apparently I'm in robust health but my heart rate is quite low), some writing and - well its exhausting being me! I've still got a night out, more riding, more writing and shopping to fit in before the weekend.

Sunday Post

Is it really another week gone?

I've had a busy week on the bike despite the hidden 'help' from various weather systems!

The writing on the other hand is going in fits and starts, actually writing the new Nena is much harder than deciding on the plot so I'm somewhat behind where I wanted to be - hopefully I can get into the grove this coming week.

In the meantime you can read the next Special Request chapter here.


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