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bye bye


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Well, I've finally found another excuse beside being lazy not to write. My Apple Mac finally gave up and said I've had enough. Poor thing is about six years old and is so slow it takes ten to fifteen minutes to load a site. It's the 21 inch model and I don't need the larger 27 inch version as it won't fit on my desk, well it could but the size doesn't justify spending an extra $700. The one I'm going to buy is bad enough. Not only do I write my stories on it, but I use it for my business as does my wife for hers also.

Looking to Contact these Authors! (address corrected)

I've been trying to contact four of the authors from my website, Sapphire's Place, and any help you all can give would be great!
While I have their stories, and at one time, had working email addresses for them, I've has a HD crash ( or two ) since then, and I don't have a CURRENT working way to get in touch with them.
I can understand not sharing their contact info, if you have it, but if that is an issue, please, PLEASE have them contact me!

Another tag trick

I found yet another dodge top display translations/definitions. Found this one while reading Wanda Cunningham's "Danny's Girl" chapter 4.

fake link (hover the cursor over the foreign text)

Steve looked superior. "<a title="I could do that but this clown would be able to understand me a little." rel="nofollow">Posso fare quello ma questo pagliacce puá² capirmi un piccolo.</a>"

My Facebook Meltdown


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To all of those who I unfriended recently on Facebook, I'm sorry. I had a meltdown and unfriended over 200 people. I'm not always happy and well-adjusted. Not a surprise.

I'm not happy with Facebook. I find it to be a sad replacement for real life so I'm going to minimize my time on it. I hope you understand.

- Terry

Oh! To Be A Girl


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For personal real life issues, like not being allowed access to my grandchildren, I cannot live full-time as a woman. However, I find relief in going for regular make-overs to a very professional lady on the Gold Coast of Queensland (isn't that an ironic name?) who does a great job of transforming me into a somewhat realistic semblance of a female. I have to say that I love myself after she has performed her magic upon me, even though I can only maintain the illusion for a relatively short time.

A simple plea to the alleged "normal"....


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As I believe in (among other things) total honesty, I have to say, I love recognition.

No, that's not quite accurate. "Crave it like a drug" would be closer to the truth.

Even so, I find myself at a loss when I'm recognized for all the wrong reasons.

This past Tuesday, I and the fellow residents of the apartment complex in which I live took part in an annual trip that's become sort of our farewell to summer. (As summers in Wisconsin have a kind of "blink and you'll miss it" quality, we get our goodbyes in early).

struggling with feeling worthless


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Well, yesterday I got berated for an hour by my aunt saying I neglected my grandmother and now I'm killing my mother.

I think my aunt's comments hit me harder than I realized. I struggled all night at work with feeling worthless, feeling like the world would be better off without me.

Transsexual poster (New)


For anyone who is interested, my fiancee has designed and posted an new design of a transsexual banner which I hope you all will share. It is so true and hopefully will get the message out to all who read it and re-post it.

Here is the link. It is not copyrighted so feel free to share.

Another new transsexual tolerance banner

Abby has done it again. Here is the link and image of the second trans tolerance poster she has made today. Sh is amazing.

Once again it is not copyrighted so you can use it freely as much as you wish.

Random Solo not very random

In the last couple of days, I've seen the *same* stories appear on the "Random Solo" several times.

Just now, for example Giddy Up Go - The Real Story by Carla Ann showed up when I refreshed the page. It showed up about 12 hours back as well. This is the 4th or 5th time I've had a story show up again. In the last 2-3 days.

Also, some authors seem to show up rather frequently. Though this may just be because they have a lot of stories here. :-)

Pathfinder players!

For those participating in the role-playing game tonight...

If you aren't already aware, the chat server for BC has changed to . It DOESN'T auto-reroute you to a room, though, so you'll have to manually direct to the dungeon via the [/JOIN dungeon] command.

I'm heading there now, and I hope to see everyone for the game tonight!

Melanie E.

Attacked by a Chealsea Tractor


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So, if I have misused the term "Chelsea Tractor" in this blog I am sure that one of the UK citizens will be more than happy to correct me after a sound flogging.

So, I was on my way to Ilwaco, Washington to pilot my brother's boat whilst he caught Salmon, gutted them and packed them away. Perhaps he has finally understood.

New Forsythe chapter for "Away of the Summer"

I am so happy to be able to make another announcement so soon after my last one!

Late last night, I received the latest chapter from Forsythe of his story " Away for the Summer", his hit new Age Regression story!

You can find a link to it from our NEW page at:

and while you there check out the other great authors from out " Features Authors Page at:

Harper Lee -- Or Not

A few months ago it was announced that Harper Lee had decided to publish anther book.

I was so excited I signed up with Amazon for first day delivery, because To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favorites.

Before I had a chance to read the book I started to hear negatives remarks, but I was in no way prepared for the amateurish writing in Go Set a Watchman.

Either –

1.) Harper Lee was blessed with one hell of a good editor for Mockingbird, or,
2.) She didn’t write Watchman.

Gore Vidal has a lot to answer for


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Back when I was a teen, I was definitely fairly trans. Though I hadn't a clue that such a thing existed.

I recall things like standing in front of a full length mirror with my boy parts tucked back between my legs. And trying to tape things back inside for a smooth front. Never could get the tape to hold though...

Then I found a book mom had been reading. I read it. And it was my introduction to transexuality. It was also why I didn't even *think* about it for a number of years afterwards.

The book? Myra Breckenridge by Gore Vidal.

For the curious, an update.

Yep. I'm still here. I check the site every day, in fact, though I've been quite remiss in my commenting.

Work is keeping me thrashed. Writing is, as a result, going slow. With luck the more I get used to the former the better I'll do at the latter. Until that time, though, sorry for the delay on any and all projects I've been working on, though just so everyone's up to date...

Looking for a verb - an Anmarian connection

The plan:

Sit down with my laptop, taking into account the sunlit balcony and flagons of tea, then prepare #48 for posting, #49 for final editing, #50 for filling out the story outlines into the first draft

The actuality:

Get dragged off to IKEA, buy furniture for the balcony a little less sizable than the bulky 12 year-old table we have been using, spend hours opening cardboard boxes and then screwing, banging and erecting.


Was I:

- IKEAd?
- Flat-packed?
- Swedish ambushed?

Or is there a better verb for this?

BigCloset WebChat/Chat Info:

Hi Everyone! The new BigCloset WebChat can now be accessed at the following address:

For General information, you can also connect to IRC with your favorite IRC client using the following details:

Something New

I haven't been in a Clownfish mood lately. Partially because I have too many ideas on how I want to go forward and partially because its kinda boring me right now to write it. So I'm gonna take a break from it and try writing something else to get my mind back into writing it. I will finish it but until then I have something else that's been nagging at me for a while now.

Frightening Medical Proceedure


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So, today I am having a 3 hour, total spine, with contrast MRI. "With contrast", means they will inject material into my spinal fluid. I am having increasing difficulty with coordination and things.

I have obligations to some of you, and I am sorry that I can not meet them right now.



Windows 7 Users Please Read (updated)


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Microsoft has disguised a critical update to install GWX.exe onto your system to nag you forever about upgrading to Windows 10 on Saturday, August 8. Please lock your windows 7 upgrades to off if you wish to preserve your existing Windows 7 system until more news about this is found out and how to skip it.

Brashear transgender policy could serve as model for district (Pittsburgh)


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By Elizabeth Miles / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Devin Browne doesn’t believe in halfway.

“Even if it’s just one kid, you have to have a policy to make sure that kid’s rights are respected and that kid is safe in school,” said Mr. Browne, a teacher at Pittsburgh Brashear High School and an adviser for the school’s Gay Straight Alliance.

Funds Still Needed


We spent money this week on a new hard drive, new VPS, and a new SSL certificate. We also owe $528 for our major colocation fees. And at the end of the week, we will have $790 in other bills due. We don't have that much in the bank, so we do need contributions.

You can send us a gift via the Janglewood link:

Or you can subscribe to the Hatbox via this link:

Forsythe joins Sapphire's Place!

I am so happy and very proud to announce that Forsythe has joined that other greats on Sapphire's Place!

Forsythe has become known for his great Age Regression stories, and we look forward to his new chapters of his exciting story " Away for the Summer ", with many more on the way!

You can read his work at his Featured Author page over on Sapphire's Place, and we hope that this is the start of lots of newer authors joining the greats already there!


No more Gaby....

....until I get back from my hols! Indeed the next posting will be in September so once again I offer you 2 chapters to tide you over.

There is something missing from the last few chapters - the illustrations! Sorry about that, I seem to be crap at putting this stuff in so if anyone fancies a go, be my guest (hint, hint!)

So me and Nena are off on our jollies on Tuesday, collecting stories, trying new food, visiting new places along the Dutch and German Fresian coast - hopefully i'll be able to post pictures etc when I get back.


Cool Prize

I bought a Panasonic Wet & Dry Epilator in Pink & White $106. I got it on deal for only $8.57. I can't wait. I have previously won 2 $10 gift cards on there for only a single penny each. I'm in some auctions to get Aava silverwear. it retails for $679.

Jessica Marie.


I seem to have put my self -- or my characters -- in a dilemma in a couple of the stories posted here.

A lead character is transformed into a female by a woman with vast magical powers. She has rather slutty sex. Then she's told by the woman who transformed her that she can try to act in a less slutty manner, but that such behavior has become part of her nature, and that she can never become a male again.

been out tonight

Only just got back from my leaving do - scampi n chips and a game of skittles - we do things in such high style in darkest Dorset. Actually my house looks like a florist's shop but the scents are delightful and my colleagues gave me a nice contribution towards the microscope I want to buy to dissect owl pellets.

Got "Ma'am"ed yesterday.

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Got "Ma'am"ed yesterday while out shopping.
And I in no way pass. I wasn't even trying to as such.

I just kind of wear mixed relatively gender neutral clothing.
Although this day happened to be a pink day.

She was a couple grades behind me


Home town isn't large enough to hide identities nor secrets. We knew which family was cheating on whom We knew whom was dating whom in Jr. High and High School. There was also the local gossip mill about the girls who spread and those who didn't and which boys were active.

That's been years back and personally, I tuned out then and never cared. Honestly, maybe I might but didn't have time. My parents owned a dairy farm. Seven days a week, every day started at 4:30 and quit at 9:00 every night if not nursing sick livestock or harvesting. Then the days got longer.

Only a hundred years ago ....

How quickly fashion changes ....

At the turn of the 20th century, Dressmaker Magazine wrote: 'The preferred colour to dress young boys in is pink. Blue is reserved for girls as it is considered paler, and the more dainty of the two colours, and pink is thought to be stronger (akin to red).'

As late as 1927, Time magazine reported that Princess Astrid of Belgium had been caught out when she gave birth to a girl, because 'The cradle…had been optimistically outfitted in pink, the colour for boys.'

Source:The 'QI' website.

Crossdressing, comedy and the experience of being transgender

I have written about crossdressers so far because although I empathize with transgendered individuals and their experiences, I am not transgendered and I feel that any attempt to write from that perspective runs the risk of being patronizing and false. I'm certainly willing and able to write from a perspective other than my own but for some reason I see certain points of view as being difficult or impossible to approach.

My newest story...

For many years a story idea had been mulling around in my head. The idea was based on a family traveling upon the Oregon Trail. Around June of 2014, I began to dabble with the formulation of the story and as it took off, I wrote as often as I could.

In January of 2015 I had 'finished' it and sent it off to my most trusted Editor, JP. He went through it one time, sent it back and I tweaked it and resent it to him for another go around. The story has gone through at least three 'tweaks' since it was first written.

TRI chapters 22 and 23 are up

My apologies for leaving you all on a cliffhanger last week. It seems that shortly after blogging about mood disorders, my brain decided to be a witty MF and dragged me down into a week of the deep dark. I posted two chapters today by way of an apology, and to assure you all that i am regaining my footing, so to speak.
Diana M. Howe, Moongoddess at Large

Atalanta School Days; An Explanation

I wrote this story about 5 years ago and it was my first attempt but then I wrote Atalanta's origin story which took well over a year to finish. Some things in this story had to be changed to fit what happened in that story. I wrote two versions one with Team Kimba and one with new characters and is the reason there are no dates listed; it is inferred.

Finally told someone


I told my first friend today about being transgender things went really well I was so scared but i guess everything happens for a reason. Also wearing my dress that i got today gaby skey it fits great though. I am having trouble with the sizes for dresses I just cant seem to get it right. Also i am Keyaldor i just named to a new one that like better.

Kinda of silly, but amusing....


I got me a new tablet, and when I brought up the Big Closet sight, low and behold, the Aphrodite add was at the top of the page, and it appeared almost instantly. I swear, I almost jumped because it really did look like they were going to "poke" me in the eye. It took me a good half and hour to stop laughing.

Whatever Happened to Charley's Aunt - Chapter 10 of 10


The last chapter has 3000 reads and no comments which is pretty sad. It is a well written "who done it" story. Charlotte Dickles is an exceptional "gotchu" writer in the style of, if one figures it out before the end they have to be psychic. When writers post stories on Big Closet, Fiction Mania or any of the freebie sites their only payment is gratification from the readers who leave comments. The numbers such as 3000 readers is nice but still just numbers.

Small fire almost destroys Big Closet


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While lighting the candles for a certain someones birthday, a small blaze ensued. Luckily, no stories or authors were hurt. After firefighter from 3 counties were called in to control the blaze and extinguish the fire, our hostess was unfortunately unable to make a wish. However, upon seeing the firefighters remove their jackets and reveal their rippling pecs, Erin said it was better than what she would have asked for.

That said.

Happy Birthday Erin Half-Elvin, Joyce, and the symphony of pseudonyms you write under.

The Cynthia Chronicles

Grimm City Girl asked for a list of the stories in the Cynthia Chronicles series. Here it is if anyone else is interested. The series starts with An Incremental Journey. I have changed that to Cynthia and the Incremental Journey but haven't changed the title here. Here's the full list in approximate chronological order. This is not necessarily in the order written.

Volume 1 of the Cynthia Chronicles

college girlfriend

looking for another story don't know I saw it here . it a teen boy who going on the other side of the country to go to collage . to get away from his controlling mother. when he get there found that he was giving a room in the females dorm because his name could been for both so as he was unpacking his room mate came in he didn't know at the time he was in the wrong dorm. it went from there she help him out dressing up as a girl. things where good for him till his mother show up. come to find out the girl came from old money. I thing she starting giving him homes.

Famous Bi 1


Georgio Armani

(born 11 July 1934) is an Italian fashion designer, particularly noted for his menswear. He is known today for his clean, tailored lines. He formed his company, Armani, in 1975, and went on to become one of the most successful designers in history accumulating a personal fortune worth over $8 billion. In an interview, Armani told Vanity Fair magazine "I have had women in my life. And sometimes men... to do this work, one must have a free mind."
Georgio Armani.jpg

Floating an idea

I'm now semi-retired so will only be working about ten days a week, though this week I'm on holiday - well having a new central heating boiler fitted and someone coming to give me a quote for new external doors and having the car checked out, oh and the dentist tomorrow afternoon - apart from that, I'm not doing anything except perhaps sleeping.

yet another story search

Well, here I am again, looking for a story.

It was about the parents of a young child, who they think may be trans, and they've decided to give the child the choice of wearing girl clothes or boy clothes.

It ends with the parents waiting to see what the child decides.

Anybody know what story I'm talking about?

Another athlete ......

......declares herself to be 'genderfluid'.

(I apologise if someone else has already posted this, but I must have missed it; I thought better to post than to not mention it)


... ...

too many on the back-burner

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This is odd but here is a one time offer. I came up with this idea after seeing a very old movie, I have too many concepts waiting right now to pursue it. this could be great for the back-to-school contest or just on your own. the concept will require knowledge of street racing. This offer is first-come, first-served. I will not use this concept if someone wants it. send me a message and I'll give you the rundown I have.

Felicia's Second Life Map #1

Hi everyone.

As the first book is almost over (only 1 chapter left and 3 side stories), I've decided to spend some time making the map for Felicia's Second Life.

Hopefully with this, my readers can imagine the world easier. Please take note that there may be revisions to this map in the future, but this should give a rough idea of where things go.

Was Joan of Arc one of us?

I just received an advert for another Joan of Arc book and looking at the blurb I wondered "What if Joan was TG?" This isn't something I 'm capable of developing but I'd like to see what some of our writers can make of it…

Chat is down, hurray, the Chat is up!

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Hi people,

I've been informed that our chat wasn't availabe from here. So I decided to reactivate an old site some people long ago maintened and make the mainroom available again.

Please go to You'll be logged in as guest but you can choose your own name by typing /nick .

Please have fun and thank your site admins. After all today is the annual Sysadmin Appreciation Day :)

Tampa FL and floods


We have been having rain now for 2 weeks , A low has parked over us and rain fall is NUTS, 6 inches plus per day in so of our locals
Rivers are at flood stage and this is sandy Florida where rain just going in to the ground . We are looking at 3 or 4 more days of rain at 70% plus each day
I have my ARK plans out on the work bench , now to get the wood LOL

Good Potential, But Won't Pass Now

If you look at the sponsor and cosponsors list in the Senate version you will see NO Republican sponsors:

The Senate version:

House version:

An article about the bill:

Raindrops on Roses

There have been a few blogs lately about the shortage of new stories.

It happens.

Luckily there is more fiction on this site than anyone could ever possibly read. Unless they're super-human and there’s plenty of fiction about that!

The following is a list of authors that I would recommend.

Windows 10 reading mode - LIKE!


As an impromptu experiment I just tried "Reading Mode" in the Edge browser on Windows 10. Was reading the daily dormouse and thought that I'd see if it made it easier. Wow! Does a great job of just showing the article frame full screen. More like using an ereading device. However, it does not keep keep all of the text on the screen if I stretch the font. Oh well, I guess I take what I can get.

Win 10 seems to be a worthwhile install if you've got a Win 8 computer and probably if you have Win 7.

Summer lull on stories


I saw a blog about the lull of stories during the summer , just a hint go to the series link at the top and check out some of the great series of the past by great authors . There is something for everybody
spell r us
the center
dark realms and other stories by E O F
bikini beach
comic retcon
Julie verse
little kids kamps
altered fates
ovid may need to go to sapphires place , use top other links
Andersonville may need to go to sapphires place , use top other links

"The Bailiff and the Mermaid" now available

My newest novel, The Bailiff and the Mermaid, is now available in EPUB format from Smashwords and Kindle format from Amazon.

Pashtin, a bailiff of the Wizards' Court, is sent to summon the reclusive wizard Tamskur to testify on behalf of another wizard. In trying to find Tamskur's home, and reach it safely, he meets a woman -- a mermaid -- who has serious accusations to make against Tamskur himself. Investigating Tamskur's crime and bringing him to justice will lead Pashtin on a journey that will change his life.

Silver Wings and making a fool of myself

well there we go, first chapter posted, after I managed to humiliate myself by posting the summary as the body. So yay me, making an idiot of myself. Anyways Monica Rose was a massive help in all of this and I can see myself relying on her quite heavily throughout all of this.

Drew's Meltdown


Hey folks,

Just a little update on Meltdown. Editing is progressing on Chapter 16, albeit slowly. Real Life has been an insistent old cow for the last little while, but I am beginning to see a light in the tunnel, and I don't think it's an oncoming train.

Hope to have 16 up soon, and I have a basic outline for 17 done, but it may be a little while yet.

Cheers to all, and thanks to everybody who is reading it and to all those who have inquired about when the next instalment is coming.


Dangerous Discussion


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As you are all aware I have been snotty and snippy about discussing transgender issues in public, feeling that it is private full stop.

It feels like that in recent weeks I have been dragged kicking and screaming into very reluctant activism that feels frightening to me. Some of you will remember my recent blog on two Bible scriptures, and now somehow that is now plastered all over Facebook and elsewhere. I have opened my Facebook up to the public, and how long that will last is debateable. You are welcome to contribute.