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Those numbers

As a self confessed comments and kudos slut, I've reported the unusual figures my kudos totals show. Just now it was 164,164 so I've accumulated a few of them probably about one per hour I've spent writing and posting stories here and one or two other places. It's poor reward but all we get as authors here, so please give generously to all of us story tellers and wordsmiths.

The Family Girl #72: BCTS Mystery

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #72: BCTS Mystery:
A clarification on 'School of Hard
Knocks 101: How to put pictures
in your story'

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A BCTS friend sent me a message, where she talked about some old stories that she just discovered in the site.

In the same message, she also made mention of a recent blog of mine entitled "School of Hard Knocks 101: How to put pictures in your story," and what led me to post it. And I had this to say about it: "Huh?"

The Family Girl #71: About loneliness and other things

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #71: About loneliness
and other things: checking out
the chatroom

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl Blogs, click on this link:

A bit of stress all around here.


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Things are a little stressed around here. My mom is sick, my dog is sick, and I had a tough moment with Sharon. See, the other night I took my daughter and her mother out for groceries and mentioned I had just written a story and was pretty happy with it. My daughter, who loves stories, wanted to know what I named it, and Sharon butted in and told her "You don't want to know that stuff. It isnt for kids."

So apparently, I cant share the one part of my life I'm actually proud of with my daughter, and it hurts ...

And the bride wore a white dress - so did the groom!

Despite threats from the officials at the Moscow registry office, the two turned up looking like twins, considering Moscow's very strong homophobia, this wasn't against the law. See link to Daily Wail below.


Can I ask if anyone else is having problems with pictures in stories. This past two weeks I only get about half the pictures to show when I open stories up. This happen about a year ago and I know I have not made any changes to my computer when this started a couple of weeks ago. Richard

I'm going to a dark place for my next story

Well, I am going to a dark place with my latest piece. I am writing a story that involves a suicide attempt, pulling from my own experiences. I might need people to hold on to me so I don't lose track of the fact its just a story ...

$1500 in bills coming due before end of the month


We're a bit over $1000 short of our goal for this month and the bills are coming due. The big one, $528 for hosting is due at the end of the week. We've already paid bills for cloud connectivity, ISP, renewal of domain names and bought a switch to replace one our network has outgrown.

Income from Janglewood/QnEZ/Cyberbrats so far just goes to expenses directly related to services offered to our clients and to expanding our access to new services, donations at BigCloset are more than 80% of what we bring in to keep all our TG websites operating.

Sound the trumpets! A complete story!

The following was written at about four this morning, but I, in an example of supreme boneheadedness, kept it in edit-mode limbo until just a few minutes ago. Read on:

Yes, folks, it only took two years and change, but I did manage to submit a complete story to this month's TG Mixed Tape.

I imagine the feeling of "What the hell have I done?" will follow in due course, but for now, I prefer to ride the high.

Who’s the Fairest of Them All

From time to time I ask myself which character I created is my favorite. Often I enter this quite, internal debate with a preconceived notion already in mind, one that is quickly dismissed as the logic gives way to the same emotions and feelings I opened myself to when I created each and everyone of my fictional children.

Queen of the Mountains

I spent ages looking for this story of mine which had been wrongly attached to some other stuff, probably by me, and thus not obvious on my non-EAFOAB stories, so I've added a link for those who might have missed it. It was written nearly two years ago but I enjoyed reading it again.

For those who weren't aware of my stories other than Bike, I offer a link to them here.

Too tired to write tonight

Sorry folks, but I worked late today and despite the best of intentions, I can't stay awake enough to do justice to the cast of Bike, who are like a family to me. The wretched computer system we're having to use is total rubbish and causing lots of wasted time because I'm not very good with it. I won't dwell on it but I spent two hours extra at work tonight trying to sort out the mess my clinics had developed into, for which I won't be paid.

This is most curious! Musical strangeness.

For some strange, unknown reason, sometimes I wake up with a song or music running through my head and I can't rest until I work out why this is happening. So this morning as I awoke, "Amazing Grace" was playing in my mind and, along with that was "America The Beautiful!"

After a few moments, the lyrics from "America The Beautiful" and the tune of "Amazing Grace" began to synch up and I suddenly realized that they match up completely! Certainly the tunes are different, but the lyrics from one DO match the melody of the other.

TSA ARE Prevs.

As a few of you know I was in a life changing accident around the beginning of the year that cost me my left leg. Over the past few months I have had my ups and downs with my recovery. As a freelance Network Designer by trade I do a lot of traveling, but until just recently I have not had to fly anywhere. Most of the time I just drive or if needed the Amtrak. (For our overseas readers that is the train.)

TSA ARE Prevs.

As a few of you know I was in a life changing accident around the beginning of the year that cost me my left leg. Over the past few months I have had my ups and downs with my recovery. As a freelance Network Designer by trade I do a lot of traveling, but until just recently I have not had to fly anywhere. Most of the time I just drive or if needed the Amtrak. (For our overseas readers that is the train.)

I keep on messing up

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I just got back from vacation last night. I retrieved all of my held mail. Over $1000 in bills were waiting for me. Some of these are for things I paid off months ago or they're on closed accounts. Now I have to backtrack and see if these were just the last bill that was sent out before I paid it off, or if they're new and whether they should or shouldn't be. I'm so sick of this.

This year has been the worst year for me as far as finances are concerned. I keep on thinking I'm staying on top of things and keep on getting slapped in the face.

Would it offend people if I...


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I am currently writing a short story that is quite sexual in nature and was wondering if it would offend people if I posted it. Also, if I chose to sell on Amazon, do you think I should do it under Katie Leone or should I use another name to keep it separate.

Changing tides


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It's amazing how much life can change when you're not paying attention. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it with my sister, first time in 5 years someone even remembered when I was born. It was a, good feeling honestly. Even more so when I'm a year and a half into my transition, and my sister has accepted it. A while back I spent Easter with her, as a sort of...trial run to see if I wanted to risk bringing her back into my life. So I put on a dress grabbed my purse and headed out to her apartment. I had fun. Fast forward to August 13th, and I was invited over to her place again.

Unreachable - THE MOVIE

I was on Amazon and saw the Unreachable has received its 60th review. That is quite amazing considering how many fans won't leave a review in fear of being outed. I would like to get to a hundred one day. The reviews are quite interesting to read, a lot are positive, one or two are downright mean or off their rocker. But people from all walks of life are saying something and a lot of the reviews are not from the trans community (why you shouldn't fear leaving a review because you might be outed, you would just seem enlightened).

And we're back!!! Internet woes and more

So the internet connection issue should be over now. Changed from Frontier to Comcast Xfinity. So instead of using the 30 year old phone lines that are old and need replacing (At our expense) We are going with the wifi thingy from Comcast. And wow, got so used to slow speeds on the old service, this one is 25 Mbps and it's beating the socks off whatever it was we had through frontier, that was also $30 more. No contract on this.

To Lauren Bacall - Sing me a song Mr Piano Man


An actress to never forget who was the inspiration to the story I posted about Piano Man. She played the part of Roxy.
A husky voice to never forget and a truly female female.

Surely missed but a very sexy lady and a lucky man tickles the ivories for her for 15 years.

Another Birthday! Maggie Finson's!

So, this little birdie whispered in my ear as I awoke this morning and told me that today is our very own Maggie Finson's Birthday! So I take this opportunity to be one of the first to wish Maggie a very Happy Birthday!

Have a great day Maggie and thank you for all your stories. Oh, also, CARPE CAKEM!!!!


Life is on top of me right now.


Firstly, an apology. I am sorry that I have not really been around and contributing. I haven't been writing anything over the last few weeks, despite sitting down occasionally and staring at the computer screen. My elderly and cantankerous Dad decided to have a massive stroke about a month ago and was rushed to hospital. He needed regular visiting, which was trying and tiring, as I saw a rapid deterioration in him each time. We had a family holiday booked, with the children and grandchildren, so we took them all away, and I managed to sneak back to the hospital.

Back home, and glad to be


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Well, my adventures in dog-sitting is over, and I'm glad to be home. I was happy to find out I would have Wi-Fi there, so I was able to peek in on you guys to see if you were behaving, and most of you were ...

Now, I would take a moment to be serious, and talk about putting yourself down.

I have been very guilty of it over the years, but finally, someone managed to make me see that in calling myself down I make it true. Every time I call myself stupid, or ugly, or whatever, I help make that the reality.

Store your private files in Your BigCloset!

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, we are in the process of starting a few new companies and offering services not only to the T* Community, but expand our services out to the internet as a whole.

One of the services we had the idea of starting, was a "cloud storage" service.

Suddenly we thought: Where better to store your private files, than in Your BigCloset!

missing stories on front screen

For some reason when I logged in this morning I got a weird front screen, it loads details on left, no stories and nothing on right, I have to click on stories to see what is out, the problem is before I log in can see everything as usual, when I log in it gets wierd

Question about story source

This morning, one of my mothers dogs and my brothers dog woke me up with incessant barking. I proceeded to lock myself out of my mothers house while she had yet to wake up. I spent a half hour in the backyard, in shorts and a tank top, keeping the dogs quiet until I could get back inside. I then fell back asleep for another four hours where I had a wonderful dream.

It was a dream where my heart ached and my mind yearned to go back.

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day till now outlining a story completely based on this dream.

My question to BC is where do you get the kernels for your stories?

Editors work harder than the writers

That great book you read took hundreds of people working behind the scenes working to make the book appear in print. Those great movies aren't made by a few actors-actresses and a camera man. Thousands of people are involved before it is finished and that's not counting the promotions.

So there were a few things I wanted you all to know

So... because I really want to be able to make it to Pennsylvania for my surgery I started this. It is similar to GoFundMe and allows me to take any donations people want to share. If you want, please donate. If you don't, that's okay, I'll still like you, though maybe not as much. ;)

Can't Take The Sky From Me! Delay


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Hello! This is a heads-up that my MAU story will be a little delayed. Understanding Spouse just got back from being away on a business trip, so we will be spending time together doing this and that! Perhaps we'll even do the dating thing with dinner and a movie. :)

At tjhe latest I should be able to put up the next chapter before the end of the weekend.


Realism in our stories

I have seen snippets of "Game of Thrones" and find certain scenes far too graphic for my tastes. I am considering purchasing a season of it on DVD to watch and in some of the scenes I have seen on Youtube was greatly surprised to see a whole heart eaten. I hope it was that of a cow or something and not human. I am thinking of not purchasing the series.

No Bike tonight


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It was my son's funeral today. I didn't attend because I knew I'd not be welcome and might have said or done something. According to my ex, some dickhead of a Baptist minister did quite a religious service and didn't mention our family once. It's not just me who is non-religious, my son was as well. One of my daughter's friends told him so afterwards. Again good job I wasn't there or he might still be picking bits of the Old testament from a very tender place.

"By George, I think she's got it!"


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Since I figured you folks needed a break from yet another blog post detailing the myriad reasons I don't have the talent to write, the courage to write, or the experience to write, I thought I'd talk about my trip a week ago to Green Bay to see a speech pathologist (hey, it ain't a trip to Lambeau Field, but I at least got a chance to get out of the apartment).

No, no. I'm not going to replace 500 words of whining about my writing or lack of same with 500 words of whining about my voice.

Well...maybe a little whining, but for the most part this is good news. It might not seem like it at first, but...well, just read on:

Nice hair color

Over all appearance makes the first impression. Different people rate different things first in appearance. Clean fresh look of course is important. Makeup tricks so the "wow" appeal is visual impact. Clothes are up there at the top of first appearance. How many don't pay attention to their crowning glory, their hair? Sure they brushed it but did they style it and make sure the color is theirs?

Skype problem. Major update

It now appears that skype has BLOCKED any attempts to download and install older versions that will work on my MacBook OS 10.5.8 the new version of skype won't run on my OS. I cannot afford, at this time, an upgrade to my OS, so I guess I'm pretty much screwed. I can't even recover all my contacts and phone number, since I can't sign in to skype. This means my entire phone number list is lost.

I'm still here

I wonder if everyone fears that I'll stop writing other things and focus on Whateley. Well, fear not. I'm well underway in a Bikini Beach tale about Natty, and I have a lot of other ideas. Whateley is very important to my writing, but it's not the only thing, so rest assured that other tales will be written.