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Pains and delays


I apologize to anyone looking for a new Winnisimmet Tales story. I had to babysit my nephew once again forcing me to lose half a day and a few dollars to his need to see the trains near his house. I then got a nasty surprise the past few days in the form of a foot injury that limited my mobility then I had that further enhanced yesterday by tweaking my hip and back muscles on the other side pretty much leaving me bedridden for the past day.

New Drow story on deck

Well posted another new Rohanna story

sorry about the time between them, but the muse flew off and was out drinking for sometime till her credit cards ran up!

Well have at it and comment!

and if you read Vantier---hint
what is maybe in the twin bronze boxes is in here a bit? or not?

Inquest report on Vikki Thompson

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From the Guardian, an inquest report on a young transgender woman who hanged herself at Leeds Prison in 2015. It makes quite uncomfortable reading and as with so many of these cases, these youngsters have been badly treated or abused since an early age, so it appears it was the case with Thompson, who then made things worse with drugs and alcohol and petty crime as they so often do. Surely, prison was the wrong place to send anyone with such a chaotic lifestyle without some form of rehabilitation/psychotherapy?

Getting close to finishing a new story

If I still have fans after the disaster of my last story, they will be glad to know I've made some progress on a new story, and if all goes well I hope to be able to start releasing it a chapter at a time before the end of the month.

Cant guarantee this, though. Real life has been a slog this week, and if that trend continues my available spoons for writing will be seriously diminished.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let everybody know.

Damn near blind

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Time for an update on my health issues. I had my third cataract surgery on Tuesday. No, I don't have three eyes. The first on my left eye didn't line up correctly, and had to be redone. I can now see perfectly ... at things that are more than five feet away. My close up vision currently sucks, and I can barely read my iPad.

This has delayed my productivity, although I did manage to do my part in getting The Wildcats chapter posted today. And I managed to get 5000 words written on River, my own story. (Wildcats is by Leslie Moore).

Chris Cornell

I enjoy music and loved the grunge sound. I was sadden today to hear that it was reported Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, committed suicide last night. I don't want to preach but him doing that senseless selfish act just shows that happiness come from within. It is the ultimate act of putting one’s wants in front of other’s needs.

Anybody want to work on a collaborative book...


book cover

...the proceeds of which will be given to Big Closet for the upkeep of the site?

Here's the pitch: a series of thematically-connected short stories, comprising a tribute to the classic TG fiction of the 40s, 50s and 60s. The content would be 'sexy' rather than pornographic, suggestive rather than crude, and risque rather than vulgar.

Tornado missed me


It was a mile south of me. Killed one, several injured, destroyed a power sub station. Elk City was without electricity. Total blackout yesterday and last night. All critical services were running on emergency generators. This particular monster started over near Shamrock Texas and came our way. Impossible to see by the storm watchers as it was wrapped in rain most of the time, leaving a debris path in its wake.

New serial up on D.A.W.'s website

Just a note to my fans as discussed in my previous blog, the first part of my new serial is up on my website! I do hope you enjoy. Click the link below to read it.

Psyren's Redemption - Chapter 1 Part 1

Also, I added a direct link to the RSS feed on my website to make it easier for folks to subscribe.

If I don't get this right please forgive me.

Good Afternoon All,

I hope this will do what I intended but.... As I am new to this site - who knows?

The reason for my attempt is a notation I found on my sister's computer stating someone here wanted a copy of her story,
"The Last of the Fey".

The request was likely made back around the start of the year as she died April 01 so it would not have been after that...........

at least I hope not. If it was, then that would mean she could see the future or she could leave notes on her computer post her death for me to find.

Funny Joke

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I was reading through my comments today on my parable, "True Riches", and something AuPreviner said resonated with me, and reminded me of this joke, which I'm sharing...

Q: What do you get when you play a country song backwards?

A: Sober and pardoned / paroled, plus you get your wife back, your house back, your truck back, your dog back...

The play “As One” is a winning coming-of-age story that is about a transgendered person

The play “As One” is a winning coming-of-age story that is about a transgendered person

“The world clearly needs a readily accessible transgender opera with a warm heart” – LA Times

The specific aspect of sexuality is, surprisingly, almost incidental. No one grows up easily. Every first date is a trial. We all have issues with family. The point of “As One” is that we all are one.

Trixiebell Heartswoon - the end?

Well its been a less than exciting week so far - damp weather, trips to collect meds and parcels on Monday but otherwise I've been tied to the keyboard writing even more Gaby! Yep, I'm well into the next arc and I expect to have it finished for the end of the month.

This week however, the writing is over and advance warning - no post on Sunday as I'm taking a trip archaeological to the Brecon Beacons in south Wales, starting tomorrow.

Which of your childhood fantasies have you incorportated into your work?


Speaking for myself, most of my fiction is based on role-plays I developed during early childhood. My very first involved being a chorus girl, an idea I picked up after seeing the cancan performed in an old horror movie.

Story updates

As you all may know I posted a blog semi recently saying I was quitting writing for awhile. Well I decided to give it another try and I have made some decent progress on a few of my stories:

Broken Phoenix: This story will be making a comeback soon. I have Chapter 4 in the works and it's going steady.

Time To Fly: This story will also be making a return. My plan is to alternate between this story and Broken Phoenix every other week.

I also have a short story on the way before I post either of the previously mentioned stories.

I saw my counselor today

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I saw my counselor today, and it was a good session.

She believes there may be a chance for me to get some volunteer experience working with the food bank which would possibly lead to a full time job working for them.

We'll have to see how things work out.

Phishing Scams



I've been getting phony emails purporting to be from Docusign asking for my signature on a document. Problem immediately is we don't use Docusign; although we do send out documents for signing, we use a different service.

Also, Docusign's place on the web is These emails come from a website that is NOT Docusign.

Beware. At least one of the one's I received claimed to be an attempt at a money transfer which, if I had opened it, would probably have turned out to be an attempt at getting my bank info.



I think I should take a small break from Demons for a little bit, to give my rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns happy -- fluffy meter a chance to recharge. Shouldn't be more than a week or two. I have a SOLO I'm working on, which I'll post in a few days, that hopefully will answer the oft-asked, but never answered question, Why me? It'll be up in a few days. Alicia is only half-finished, which irks me a little, as I know I promised to have it up on the 17th.

Looking to create an "Indigenous Language Elementary Education Initiative".

I know what the topic line says and I'll delve into it soon but first an explanation. I'm not going to talk about DAPL or anything except specifically how Native Americans have consistently been shafted throughout the history of this country, even up into the 21st century(Apache land in Arizona
being seized by the state of Arizona to give to oil companies).
What I propose here are two solutions that would work great in tandem...the first having a native American man/woman as an anchor of a

Story Updates!

Hello ^_^ I thought I'd give an update on the state of my stories. I put the names in bold so you can easily find the ones you're interested in!


The waitress: Still going strong! Thankyou all so much for the insane amount of support I've gotten on it! It makes me really happy :D Chapter 11 will hopefully come out in the next couple of days. I'm half-way done, just finished up a scene with Anya

Urgent message for the Comtest maven

It seems as if Smoky Corners has gone on permanent hiatus. That being the case, I'm making a request for it to be permanently removed from the list of contest entries for December 2016. (It can still remain on site, however, if anyone wants to read it -- maybe as an archived story, as it was my FIRST posting on BCTS...) I may do a re-write one day, but no longer feel it is of the caliber to be included among the other fine stories you received. Thank you.


Book thieves.

Has anyone had dealings with or

I was doing a random search on my book, as I have been subject to unlawful publishing of my books in the past.

I came across these two sites offering my books for free without permission. I have contacted both sites and informed them they are in breach of copyright, so we will see if that has any result.

Authors, it might be worth your while checking for your books.


Demons 2.2 Up

I just posted the next "installment" of Inner Demons. It IS NOT a full-fledged chapter, and just explains the transport to
the facility, and Geoff's "indoctrination" into the mental health system, Southern style. Enjoy.

WARNING: This sub-chapter is VERY DARK and somewhat graphic in it's depiction of the abuse. If you have a weak constitution, please READ WITH CAUTION or avoid altogether.

Haylee V

speeding up the release of part 3 of Case file 2

Well, since it seems that my worst fears about chapter 2 of "Case file 2: the Profiler" were in fact less than the reality, and the chapter has gone over like a lead balloon, I'm going to publish the third and final chapter now, and end the story.

Sorry it disappointed people. Sometimes, I guess, some ideas I have just dont fly.

Any "ic" Is Icky

Often TG fiction features characters who go to great lengths to establish that they are transsexual. They go through a huge amount of angst to prove, or at least to assert, that they are NOT GAY, and/or NOT A TRANSVESTITE.

Can anyone tell me why that is such a frequent theme?

We used a term in Catholic school to describe zealots. That was “holier than thou”. It seems sometimes that some authors want to express a “trannier than thou” attitude.

Deeply ambivalent

Thanks to all the folks who P.M.'d me. ....kind of a 'wellness check'.

I'm fine. My muse..... seems to be M.I.A.

Against my better judgement, I'm a few keystrokes away from posting the stuff I've been holding back. It feels forced and ...not good enough.... to post.

Still, the need to prove that I haven't been 'slacking off' is overpowering my lack of confidence in the stuff I'm ....laboriously... cranking out. When entwined with the muse, things just ....flowed.

Posting of 'The Italian Job - Part 10'

I've posted the next part of my story tonight so that those readers in the UK (and Europe) don't have to suffer IMHO, the turgid if not torrid 'Eurovision Song Contest' which is on tonight.

If you want to see how voting is really done on partisan lines then watch this. Well, I won't but apparently millions still do. Can't see the point really but there you go.


A word of warning about chapter 2 of Case File 2

I have put up chapter 2 of my new story "Case File 2: The Proflier:" but a word of warning.

The chapter contains a moment of forced sex.

I didn't really want to do include it, but eventually decided that the chapter needed the moment to show how dangerous the villain was.

I have done my best to make it readable, but please use caution if you are at all sensitive to the subject.

If you make it through the story, I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

Huggles ahead of time.

we are on target

Yep, I've been writing like a top and the next raft of Gaby - Express is a couple of thousand words from completion!

It really is an action packed run of events, both on the bike and off.

So, fingers crossed, it'll be available from tomorrow.

In other news - it's shaping up to be a typical May here weatherwise - I just hope that it stays fair when I go to Brecon for a few days this week - nothing worse than wet Wales!

Heads Up

I thought I would give a little heads up to anyone following my ongoing stories, and for newcomers to them as well. First of all, I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who has shown support and encouragement. I've had some rough patches, and times where it looked like new writing would never come. So I truly appreciate anyone who stuck with, and continues to stick with my stories. Especially the Bailey saga. I'll try to keep new updates coming with it, as I enjoy going back to those characters.

Looking For Story/Answers

Not long ago there was a serial story here about a transgender woman who returned home with a child that she had fathered through a surrogate. She was apparently quite well off and was making progress with reconnecting with her family, although some were viciously bigoted and obscenely unfriendly. She had met someone who seemed to be romantically interested.

Then I lost track. I don't know if the story was completed or if the author lost interest. Anyone know what happened? Obviously, I have forgotten the name.

A big thanks and poll results

I'd just like to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in the poll on my website.

I've gone over the results and my final decision concerning the future of my website in this weeks blog post. And surprise, I've opened up two of my story universes to other authors!

You can read about it on my website.

If you have any thoughts, please, leave a comment here or on

Spend, spend, spend

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Ok, my life has entered what I believe to be the 'final' phase.

The last piece of inheritance from my father (who died in 1973) has been sold.

My brother was in charge of all the negotiations and so on, and ripped off my sister and I, so there is a major change in my relationships. I will never have any other major injection of funds in what remains of my life. I am beyond retirement age, and my SO (Diana) will achieve that milestone later this year.

Sister Princess Fan Fiction

OK, so I was up rather late last night watching a wonderful little anime series called Sister Princess, about a boy who fails his high school entrance exam, due to a computer glitch, and is exiled to an island paradise. Upon arrival, he discovers he has a quite large family of sisters (12 in all) he never knew existed. So I was wondering if I could put a spin on the story, and see what would become of it if the characters had been all born male, and as a warped sense of punishment, they had been transformed -- slowly -- by the island into the girls they now were.

Warning about Tech Help on line

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I was having trouble with my HP printer. I went on-line to their site and got a dialog box. They informed me that a tech would be calling in a few minutes.

When the person called, I was having trouble understanding what he said, but he wanted to check my computer. I reminded him my computer was fine and he insisted, so I relented. Soon, he had control of my computer and found the problem in my processor? He said he'd fix it, but it would take 60 to 90 minutes.

The Machines Win

It's official. The MACHINES have taken over. ABSOLUTELY NO company on Earth is manned by HUMAN BEINGS. You have a problem, go through the infinite maze of button pushing, and maybe -- just maybe (say as the world as we know is ending) -- you might luck up and reach a human voice -- the LAST PERSON ON EARTH (from Outer Mongolia). However, s/he will not understand your language at all, and you will be placed on hold for a moment -- your last thought as you lose your grip on reality will be "I only wanted to get my (cell phone / car / computer / etc.) to work.

Apologies to loyal 'Harriet' readers

An apology to the loyal readers of "All the World's a Stage" - I'm not trying to drag out the suspense (promise!) but I may not post Chapter 51 today as it's not finished nor checked over. I'll try to post in a day or two, or by some miracle it might still appear today!
Bronwen Welsh

Birthday, what birthday?

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According to the calendar, I turned 51 today.

To be honest, though, my birthdays haven't been something to celebrate for a long, long time.

I lost a fair number of people I considered friends when I started on hormones and living as a female back in 1992.

I lost even more when I went through a completely stupid and unnecessary legal hassle from 1998 to 2000.

I have an interview tomorrow

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Big, huge, enormous news!

I ... have an interview tomorrow. For a job.

What's really cool was that although I had to put my male name on my resume, I included Dorothy as my preferred name, and that's the name the lady who contacted me used.

I am going to be a bit of a nervous wreck so huggles appreciated!

New Stuff from Maddy!

Good day people!

So here we go, the next part of Nena Book 6, Remind Me Again, is now available here - I won't make a promise for more on Sunday but that's my intention.

I did promise more Trixiebell Heartswoon for today, you can read the third instalment, Friends, now.


I need to have my story removed from the B.B universe page. It seems the story is OK but there are a lot of grammar and punctuation errors in it. OK to be honest way too many of said errors. I now have a proofreader who has offered to help me correct the errors. Being dyslexic, I should have thought of this before. Karl, my husband, complimented me in both writing it and finding a site where I would get so much support.

Cheryl XX

Another Part of "Demons" is up

OK, I know it's shorter than the previous two chapters. It's actually one of three (or so) sub-chapters. They didn't (exactly) fit into how I wanted the story to go, but were necessary to give the background of Geoff's institutionalization / commitment. Since this part wasn't actually a session (per se), I felt it best to include them here. After all, he did attempt suicide... Hope you enjoy these. I'll return to my regular format -- session, journal, and possible song next chapter.

"7 years, 12 months"


"7 years, 12 months".

That's what my account said when I checked it this morning.

So assuming my math is right, I have managed to be here for 8 years.

It wouldn't have been possible without my friends - you know who you are, if I try and list you all I'll forget somebody - and the wonderful work of Erin and her elves.

Here is hoping I get many more years here.

Nothing like good music to raise one's spirits

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So I've been just kinda messing around today, trying to get inspired to write some more. I hit up Pandora, and set it to fit my more eclectic style. I've been in a rather tranquil mood today, so I thought I'd start with a little Enya, but she wasn't who I really wanted. I felt myself drifting back to my darker days (in part due to writing Inner Demons), and thought I'd give a group I hadn't played in years another go - Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Missed posting

Yup, once more my apologies. I really did expect to do a Nena posting today but instead I've been off enjoying myself!

So today it was a trip out to the little visited Holderness coast of East Yorkshire. Our lunch stop was Withernsea, for the UK readers think Blackpool without! Yup no tower, no beach, no attractions - well not actually much of anything except a brooding sea! We had a nice lunch mind at a nice price, just over a tenner for three of us!

my new story's origin

I'd like to talk for a moment about my newest story, "Sacrifice".

If's a pretty rare story for me, because I basically inspired myself.

See, a long time back I wrote a little story called "puppets" which had a person with the ability to control others and yet was also a victim of control at the same time. It was so dark I eventually wrote a sequel where the main character became free. And yet, because the story also featured a family who had been victimized by the main character my brain kept going back to the story wondering what happened to them next.

Fantasy and Fiction

I like to watch Matthew Coville’s Youtube channel. His videos covers D&D, video games, pop culture and writing. He is very interesting and informative and people who do not like those subjects, would find him engaging. He talked about the an academic essay on the difference between fantasy and fiction.

Difference between an Optimist, a Pessimist, and a Realist

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OK, try this one on for size:

In a room, on a bar, sits an ice cold cup of soda, half full.

An Optimist walks in, sees it, and thinks, "Aah. The glass is half-full. It has the potential to be quite refreshing."
A Pessimist walks in, sees it, and thinks, "Rats. The glass is half-empty. There's not enough in it to quench my thirst."
A REALIST walks in, takes one look at the glass, and screams out, "OK, who's the wise guy that drank half my pop?"

Demons, Chapter 2 Up

Chapter Two of Inner Demons is now up. Included in this chapter is the actual journal entry from back then, as well as the song I wrote after "The Kiss". While not CRITICAL to the story, they do provide background. Every chapter from this point on WILL contain an actual journal entry, which is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL to read. One warning, though: They are EXTREMELY dark -- darker than anything else I have ever written. If you have a weak constitution, then I beg of you: PLEASE skip them.

owning up to addiction

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After having what I can only describe as a toxic relationship with food for most of my life, with my internal organs in danger and chances for SRS growing fainter, I have been forced to face the fact that I am a food addict.

I have now joined a support group that uses the methods of A.A. to help people like me change not just their diets but their relationship to food, and I am going to do my best to get into recovery.

All hugs, prayers, and words of support are appreciated as I begin this difficult journey.

Making a return

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It has been a while since I was part of this community.
My life has changed I am now an amputee due to a kerosene heater malfunctioning. Irony is during my Naval Career I was a first responder/firefighter never hurt of even wounded by fire.
I spent almost 4 months in a burn center getting used to being unique.
I decided to come back and perhaps remain a part of this site.

Review: Transgender teen story '3 Generations'

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'3 Generations' movie has a lot to say. Ray (Elle Fanning), a transgender teen boy, is aching to begin his physical transition but first needs written consent from his conflicted single mother, Maggie (Naomi Watts), and estranged father, Craig (Tate Donovan). Meanwhile, Maggie’s lesbian mom, Dodo (Susan Sarandon), and longtime partner, Honey (Linda Emond),

Looking for a Story

A while back there was a story I read that I don't remember the name of and I wanted to go back and read again.

The beginning of the story starts with a kid at if I remember correctly an All Boys Boarding school or some form of an All Boys school and the main character is preparing to leave because their body is turning itself into a girl.

The main character gets into some art/Music college and eventually becomes a famous singer.

Thats all I honestly remember about the story. I hope thats enough for you guys to point me in the right direction for the story.

No Wildcats

As you may have notices, there is no chapter of The Wildcats this week, due to the double posting last week. Leslie is hard at work on the next chapter, and you will see it next Friday.

Any of you who are needing a Wildcats fix should go back and check that you read both Chapter 23 and 24. The numbers for Chapter 23 are only about half of what 24 (and prior chapters) got. It looks like a lot of people saw the two units posted close together, and assumed that they were duplicates, so only read 24.

If you did read both ... hey read one again.

Dawn Natelle

Repost May

Alright everyone,

As I posted a few weeks ago, May is going to be a month of rereleases, consisting of some of the best of the bunch of my older work. There will be four in total, one for each Friday this month. They will be posted on BCTS in the latter half of the day each Friday(Eastern US time).

Here's the order for the releases:

I wish I had the words about Waking The Dreamer by Grover

that could possibly explain how good this story is, but I don't think I really do. Oh, I could say it's a great, spine tingling tale of the supernatural and action. I could say it's a study in spiritual awakening or that it's a tale of sacrifice and loss/gain, but none of that tells the true, complete meaning behind this tale.

I guess the best way to try to explain my way out of this is to simply say that if you miss out on this one, you'll never experience the genius behind it's telling.

AUTISM: Walk For A Difference

Hi Everyone! I posted about helping us, and helping NinjaBaby via the POAC - Autism: Walk For A Difference already once, but with the walk only a few days away I thought I would post again.

And for those of you that are reading this after saturday (should you show up late to the party) It's NEVER too late to donate, even if the walk is over contact me and I will give you information for how to donate to POAC directly (not via our walk page). Every little bit helps (just like at BigCloset).

It took much longer than I first realized.

Some time back I posted to say. I had bikini beach a story that I wanted to post. Since that time I've contacted ElrodW. Who has been a great help to me in developing it. After reading thrugh it and carrying out some editing. I left it a while and read thrugh and edited a little more. Finally I'm going to publish it either tomorrow or Saturday. Being dyslexic I'm sure there will be some errors. But that being said I guessnow it's stand or fall.

Cheryl XX

Requesting help

I just put up a poll on my website and am hoping folks here could head on over and vote on the sort of content I'll be adding to my website in the future. Mainly this would be for fans of my writing/people who intend to visit my website. Cast your vote or share comments in the blog. Either way, your thoughts will be appreciated.

Please, click here.

Samantha will be having breast reduction surgery

I spent the day running Sharon and Samantha around and it ended with some important news.

It looks like Sam is going for breast reduction surgery probably late this year or early next year. Her back will thank her when she's older, but I'm gonna be a touch worried about her going under the knife anyway.

is it wrong

To want to cosplay your own characters?

One part of my writing i've not owned up to before is that I try to imagine myself as the main protagonist, whether it's Nena, Peaches, Gaby or the latest addition, Trixie. By imagining that I am those individuals I get a better feel for how they will react, talk etc.



i just moved to jefferson county missouri and due to flooding am now cut from access from most of the st. louis area, so i was not able to make my doctors appt. or visit family. this is the second flood like this in 18 months where this type of floods never happened here before and many people are asking why. one theory that is going round is that the army corp of engineers built new levies upstream to protect farmland that was always getting flooded and now that water has to have somewhere to go. so now it floods heavily populated areas.

New Story Posting

I have posted a new story I hope all my readers will enjoy: Inner Demons, AKA Journals of an Angry Trans Gurl.

To date, it is the LONGEST serial chapter I have ever posted on this site, at over 3,700 words.

Yes, it is COMPLETELY autobiographical.

Yes, it is dark. Future chapters may cause some readers to shudder or sicken at its darkness. Such is my life, and fair warnings will be given at the appropriate times.

Yes, it was painful. Dealing with demons always is.

Lost in Translation

I see a problem.

1946 versus 839. Remember those two numbers and try to follow me here.

Chapter Twenty-Four - 1946 reads. Chapter Twenty-three - 839 reads.

Chapter Twenty-Four was accidently published before Chapter Twenty-Three on Friday. We corrected it by publishing Chapter Twenty-Three right after that.

But, Chapter Twenty-Three does not show up in the 'Quick Cuts - Recent Content'. It only appears in the chapters list for the Wildcats story itself.


Finally got around to a new Keyboard!


Hopefully when I resume Gaby on Thursday I can go a bit quicker - it's a cheap but durable Microsoft bit of kit - wonder how long it'll last! Anyone want a KB with no letters?

Anyhow there are now 4 Trixiebell Heartswoon 'chapters' completed. The way is open for more but for now it concludes here.

Should be back to normal posting from tomorrow.


swap 12 for 13 In Ginny's Story


To any one who just read Chapter 13 of Ginny's Story, and are scratching your heads, Yes, Chapter 13 went into Chapter 12's spot, and vice versa. How, I don't know. But it's fixed now. Any reader after 11PM EDT are wondering what I'm talking about, That's great that means it's now okay.


Interesting Gender Response from Quora


There’s a very interesting site called Quora (quora dot com), billed as “A place to share knowledge and better understand the world”.*

Questions are asked by anyone and answered by anyone, but “best’ answers are upvoted to the top. You’re liable to find internationally known scientists, authors, and politicians responding—a lot of teachers, too—as well as regular folks. Have a question about the Battle of Yorktown? It might be answered by an American History professor at Yale . Have a question about guns? The top answer might come from a Marine gunnery instructor, or a police officer, and so on.

But some of the answers take unusual spins; as with the one below, which may comfort some and infuriate others, but it may be of interest to BCTS authors and readers.

The general question, open to anyone to answer, was “Which novel changed your life?”

This response is interesting in terms of self-perception of gender.



I was reading a story a couple years ago about two teenagers on a debate team. they were on two different teams one was a girl the other was a boy the girl father was there watching. the father didn't like the way she was looking at the boy so he stop sending he to school the boy found where she was living . and waiting for father to live so could get in. I know there more to this story need help finding it