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I'm having trouble remembering a story title

Main characters father is rich but incompetent as he sends child to girls boarding school, despite gender and general name, there happens to be about half a dozen half sisters as students.

Makes friends with sisters, and daughter of school nurse who is in similar situation as character.

I am well-loved


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I am well-loved by my church.

If I needed extra proof of this, I got it Sunday.

See, I went to church, but partway through the service my leg muscles decided they wanted to spasm, and my knee moved in a direction its not supposed be able to go.

I managed to suppress my yelp, but then the pastor asked if anybody had a prayer request, so I asked for prayer for the pain.

The pastor made the prayer, and the service continued, but no less than four people came over to me to check on me, to comfort me, and to offer me any help they could.

Let the adventures begin!

As of today, entries are officially being accepted for the March 2016 contest, "On An Adventure!"

As a reminder, here is the original blog entry, including instructions on what the terms of contest entry and final prizes are. Y'all have two weeks to get your entries in, but with us utilizing the Kudos system for votes there is a minor advantage to posting earlier, though not as much as you might think! (Just look at the last contests' entries to see THAT!)

Life after SEE

And... stop! It seems like I've been writing Somewhere Else Entirely forever and it is a strange feeling not to have a chapter to finish and post.

So, what do I do now? Here are some thoughts on how the past happened, what the present holds and what the future may offer.

Deviating Deviants - In Too Deep - Ch 21-22

I posted 2 chapters and have 2 more ready to post on Wednesday.

My main reason in deviating was to make sure that my readers do not miss any chapters.

It is also a way for me to milk comments from my readers (I know I'm such a narcissistic bitch, sometimes).

If I find the chapters stacking up, I might post them in bigger chunks, next week (3-4 chapters at a time?).

Jordan Gray (The Voice UK)

Most of you will know the format of 'The Voice' programmes on TV.
This season's The Voice UK has just moved into the 'Battles' phase.

One of the 'judges/mentors' is Paloma Faith.

One of the chosen performers to join her team had to withdraw due to personal reasons, so Paloma chose Jordan Gray, who had previously been 'rejected' by all four judges - and all four admitted to having made a mistake afterwards - as her last-gasp replacement, reinstating the performer in the show.

In Too Deep - Chapter 21 and Tension and Zombies, OH MY!


I just finished writing chapter 21, but I am thinking that I will wait until tomorrow night to post it, as doing them more often than that seems to make readers miss chapters.

I am also enjoying how the tension is mounting. I have heard from a few people that have expressed concern about the darker aspects of my story. I sympathize with them, but have to allow the work to speak for itself.

There is sex. There are some D/s themes. There is emotional manipulation. There are some aspects that can be called marital infidelity.

I tried posting last night

When I got access to the site I pasted Bike on to the screen then went to save and lost it all. Somehow I also lost my draft version trying to put the little bicycle logo on the bottom of it. So two hours of work lost in a few seconds.

New note: I've managed to rescue last night's episode and it's up.


pretty cool!

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I was adding something to my Bio for here and noticed that yesterday while I was offline(due to technical difficulties) I made my year at BC! YAY ME! ok, thanks for listening. We now return to our regularly scheduled Friday activities. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Two types of depression


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I would kinda like to talk about depression for a moment.

See, I get two very different types of depression, that have very different effects on me, although neither one is fun.

The first type is sadness. "The Blues". When I get this type, I just want to curl up and cry myself to sleep.

But the second type is even worse - anger directed inward, otherwise called self-hate.

That one is more dangerous because if I stay that way too long, I might succumb to the notion that everyone would be better off without me.

Hunting for a Story~

I've been hunting for months to track down a story I read a while ago. I can't remember the name, author or the name the main character uses for the majority of the story.

What I do remember is that the main character is a young reincarnation of Apollo, a student of some form of magic academy is part demon, their mother is some kind of demon ice queen or something, and that the series also features an FtM character who's the reincarnation of Loki.

for those who don't read The Onion


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One of my favorite online "news" sources is The Onion, the U.S. satirical "newspaper" that bills itself as "America's Finest News Source". They write about politics, sports, popular culture, et al., and seem to have a real knack for telling things the way they really are, even if it's all made up. They stopped their weekly print version a few years ago, which was offered in many large U.S. cities, but continue to have an active online presence.

Hatbox and Monthly Expenses, Still Short

We're still about $300 short of this month's goal. And we got hit with an unexpected expense for almost that much, just last night. So, we're pretty much broke.

We have about $180. We owe about $1375 on Friday, though we can put a lot of that off. Shortfalls are made up by me, Erin.

So, if you can help, please do. The link for a onetime gift is: Hatbox and the link for a subscription is: Subscribe.

RL - and on becoming a grandparent


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Hi all,

my daughter is about to sprog - we believe that the little joyous bundle shall be pink-coloured. So I am likely to be a grandparent in the next couple of weeks.

Which means I shall make a mad dash in the car from Switzerland to the UK soon.
And deal with the little one when I get there.

I have been trying to get the next couple of Julina episodes up and posted, but I am having a little difficulty concentrating on them at the moment.

Blog Entry 24th February 2016- Accompaniment to Ashley part 4

No song this time.

Spoilers if you haven't read Ashley part 4 yet-

...Yeah. Ashley's big coming out did not go well at all. And it very nearly did- I very nearly gave Ashley the happy ending he wants (and deserves), but I didn't. I gave him the disastrous coming out for one very good reason- it went the exact same as my own coming out.

give me some ideas!

So, I play a lot of Neverwinter which is heavily based on DND, and I want to turn my character into a short story, but I need some advice. How would a young man get transported to the world of DnD and why? Is it a punishment for maybe some kind of attitude or an accident? I preffer punishment because it lets me kind of turn it around on the person doing the punishing (maybe a disgruntled sibling or mother or something)

Sometimes, it sucks to be me


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I have learned, perhaps too late, that choices have consequences.

For example, a lot of the reason why I am in such pain is because I made poor choices with the food I ate and not doing enough physical activity, leading to me being overweight.

But that's not the worst consequence I'm facing.

See, I chose to get married. i did not choose well, but I chose.

And because I made that choice, and further made the choices that led to my separation, I do not have a special someone in my life, nor will I.

Re: Thinking out loud - conclusion


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Thanks for everyone who commented, I read all your words of wisdom.

I've been thinking about this for some long time and today I enrolled for the first module of my Environmental Science degree, although it doesn't actually start until October. I am now officially an undergraduate (again) and will be for the next six years after which I hope to be able to call myself an ecologist, albeit somewhat poorer financially, I expect to have achieved a long term goal and therefore will have a smug grin on my face for weeks.

new scam

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I was just watching the news and they reported there is a new scam out right now. Here in the States it's tax time. Apparently the scammers are sending out an email that appears to be from officials concerning filing your taxes online. In the email are the usual nasties, malware/viruses, that steal your pertinent information. Please be very careful. Bad guys are out there so what your butts my sisters and brothers. See link below.

Teaching in Saudi Arabia

In the last week or so, I corresponded with someone who is teaching school in Saudi Arabia, Maths I think. Was that someone here? I had hoped to talk with them further. I worry that accessing BCTS from KSA is very high risk and hope they are OK.

I'm taking a lot of pain meds right now, so my memory is a bit foggy. I want to say this now in case things go badly. I have felt loved and accepted here like never before in my life. NO drama, OK? I'll probably live but I just wanted to make sure I did not leave anything unsaid.


A Serial Author's Dilemma


I am getting a bit torn about posting my chapters.

I have just finished report cards (I teach) and I have more time to write. I am enjoying the writing process a LOT. It is very cathartic for me.

My dilemma is that I worry about pacing my chapter postings. I have posted two chapters in the same day a few times, and each time the second chapter gets a lot more attention. This makes me worry that some readers are missing entire chapters.

Catching up

On Friday I travelled South to the town tht for twenty years I worked in, married in and raised two children. I left there eight years ago with a job in disarray, my health a serious problem and my marriage was subject to divorce. Of course my children didn't see me for ages, either.

The Decision Has Been Made :)

First of all thanks to everyone who responded to my last blog. It helped me come to a decision on what my next story will be. Of course I plan on doing both but I decided that it might be a little less time consuming to tackle the alien one first partially because it will be a one off more than likely. I've started to write it now, hopefully I'll have the first few chapters done in a couple of days.

down memorylane

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A part of the bagage I carry around where the comments my Ma made and one of her actions since the first time she found out I dressed (think I was about 8 years old at the time but it was going on from age 4 although I didn't life with her at that time). The action was the fact that there where no more hugs or any other comforting physical action. That hurt but it's the comments that screwed my up more. She basically told me I would end up only being good for working the streets in one way or another and she did this for about 7 years every time she caught me.

In Search Of


I'm trying to find a story I'm pretty sure is a Whateley tale. All I can remember is a class is on the firing range shooting blanks. Then one student's gun makes the sound of a real fired shot. The range instructer stops everything and is headed to check out what happened. The clueless idiot swings the gun around in spite of being told to put the it down and shoots the protagonist.

Sound familiar?

How I Cheered Myself Up


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I bloody hate February.

With each day that passes the leafless trees, the bare fields, the unrelenting grey skies and the cold, dark nights imprint themselves more indelibly onto your consciousness, so that by this time of the month it's almost impossible to imagine the world being any other way. The memories of Christmas and New Year that got you through January have faded too much to be of any help, and spring is still too far in the future to be more than wishful thinking.

And this year it has an extra sodding day in it!

man pretends to be transgender in women's change room

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Weeeeeeeeeeeell shit. We all knew someone was going to try it sooner or later. I'm going to be watching the fallout from this fairly closely.

Alternatives PLEASE!

1.) If we didn't have BC where would the authors post their stories? There are other sites, but none as welcoming and as author-friendly as BC.

2.) If we didn't have BC where would readers find stories? There are other sites, but none offer the quality of BC. Why? See 1.).

3.) If we didn't have BC where would bloggers post their thoughts? There are other sites, but are bloggers on other sites able to post with confidence that their thoughts will be appreciated and handled with respect.

Quick Question

Ok first of all, yes I'm still alive and kicking, just been taking the whole writing thing pretty slow as of late. I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row with it actually. Which of course brings me to this blog. I thought I'd ask you---the readers---what you wanted. So here's the question:


Please reply if you can, I'm really torn on what to do next :(


Not as wise as I thought


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I am attempting to remember the name of Author and Story
Title has the word 'WISDOM' in it

Story may be in Whateley Universe or Morfs Universe, but definitely a mutation story

Boy on road trip with father/grandfather
He is terminally ill, but unlike most stories he is hiding that he is tg, until mutation kicks in, so when mutation changes her it's the best result.

Hatch, Match and Dispatch


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For Australian readers who missed it, there is a new program 'Hatch, Match and Dispatch' on ABC1 television, on Thursdays at 8pm. It comprises stories from the New South Wales registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths, and in Episode 2 broadcast on Thursday 18th February, it features a ballet dancer called Julia who is transgender and comes to change her name. It is joyful but painfully sad since her parents won't recognise her any more. Thank goodness she has a dog, and as we know they give unconditional love. If you missed it you can catch it on iview.


The Nightmare Rider

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well as you all know, I've been on semi-hiatus. That break will be ending tomorrow evening. I've been working on my new story The Nightmare Rider. This will be my first venture into the Fantasy, alternate world/universe and supernatural genres. I do hope it will be well received. this won't be about transgender issues or body swapping. It isn't even magical gender change in the usual context. The story has one person playing two protagonist(main character) roles. I'm not really sure about all the tags that will apply until I start posting.

Testing times indeed

I'm off South in the morning to the town where I spent twenty years of my working, and married, life. I have some great friends there and some happy memories. Both of my children were born there and my daughter will be going with me so she can see her nan. It's also entirely possible her mother will make an appearance.

I no longer have any communication with the ex and am unlikely to see her even if my daughter does. For legal reasons that meeting will be supervised to ensure my daughter's safety.

Disappearing Authors..

In many ways, it seems like 2008 and 2009 were the years of vanishing authors of multi-part stories.

Scanning through hundreds of stories, I've hit upon many that started off quite interesting, then just ... stopped.

I've already mentioned Toni Trepasso.

Jesse Rabbit wrote Elan Owen - - and then disappeared. The last comments were about having some issues, but hoping to post up more stories, and then nothing.

One step forward, a Marathon run backward

While in Illinois there is legislation to allow birth certificate changes without surgery, in South Dakota they want to force student TGs to use the bathroom of their biological gender.

Toni Trepasso

I decided to do some category searches (not as easy as it used to be. I did it by looking up a story with the code I wanted to search by, then clicked on it), and worked my way backwards through the Science Fiction section. Perhaps I should say that I'm still working my way through it.

In any case, I'm in 2007/2008 right now, and went through Toni Trepasso's stories. However, the last active date of posting was from the last of Becoming Antonia from July of 2010.

One of the first movies on TG issues

Last week I found an interesting movie on rarelust dot com, that I downloaded and watched over the weekend. The movie is called "I want what I want" and was released in 1972.

It is the story of a young man and his struggle of finding his own identity. How his domineering, womanizing, ex-military and abusive father threatens to kill him, but refuses to report his running away to the police for fear of losing face in society. The overcompensating girly-girl, the insecurities and struggles through transition that happened in the late 1960's to very early 1970's.

"Peaches" Revisited

I believe I read "Peaches" the first time when it was just out. I was likely in the middle of my own very traumatic emergence and likely did not enjoy it as much as I should have.

So, yesterday I downloaded it to my PC Kindle and read it again. It is a lovely and uplifting story and I enjoyed it very much indeed.

Every grain of sand counts


There are so many who have added to the awareness of the differences in life and in lives. I can't begin to count the ones who added to the intellectual pool of knowledge. Of course that includes Erin and all those who keep BCTS up and running. I must include those hundreds, thousands of authors and readers who add to the data stream. I wish everyone to know each and everyone counts in the life stream and yes, each and everyone makes a difference.

Anyway, I didn't ask Patty if I could repost but if she is looking for someone to take over, maybe she won't mind.

I have come to hate being alone


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I went to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies today, and it was an excellent movie. At turns action-packed, romantic, and actually a lot of humor.

But I believe it will be the last film I see in the theater.

Its not just the expense, or the urge to buy snacks both costly and bad for me, but the experience - I found I hated being alone watching the movie.

Story of my life, really - not really good at people skills, yet I have come to hate being alone ...

Ah, well. At most, only 30 -40 years of loneliness to go ...

So tired


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I started back work last Monday. I have a paper route that pays like my last but is less papers and no apartments. So I can recoup the money I lost while in the hospital. The problem is, I'm always tired. It is getting to me. I can't do anything. Felix loads my car for me because I can't stand to wait for the truck. I got like a half hour that I can stay on my feet, so waiting for an undetermined truck time is not a good idea.

Illinois is trying

It's a start.

...transgender and intersex people in Illinois could correct their birth certificate if they receive a declaration by a physician stating they have "undergone treatment that is clinically appropriate for that individual for the purpose of gender transition, based on contemporary medical standards, or that the individual has an intersex condition,"

Bunny kisses for Valentine's


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Well, I may not have found a snuggle partner this Valentine's, but apparently, my dog did - in the form of a rabbit in the next door neighbor's yard.

The two of them approached the fence cautiously, then the rabbit gave a quick sniffy kiss on my dog's nose through the fence, and hopped away.

My dog was clearly smitten, not wanting to come back in, and stayed as close to the fence as possible, waiting for her new friend to come back over - which she did, gave my dog another sniff-kiss, and hopped away again.

Crossdressing RPG

Found this game from Steam. It's called "High School Romance". a familiar situation where a boy gets into a fancy school not realizing that it's a all girls school. there are several endings that you can experience. It's about $10 to buy.

I'm going to see if I can find it somewhere for free. I may not be easy but I'm still cheap. lol
This does look pretty good. Here is a link for a youtube video about it.

Blog Entry 14th February 2016- Two Hearts

I'm on a bit of a Phil Collins 'thing' at the moments-

Today is, of course, Valentine's Day (it's also the day after my birthday, but that's much less important ;-), and I had a scene in mind for one of my stories that just didn't fit anywhere in any of my stories, so I thought I'd release it here as a little Valentine's Day 'treat'. Nikki and Sarah never have the best Valentine's Days, but they do always have each other...


Happy Valentine's!!!

I want to be first in wishing all the writers and readers here a happy valentine's day. Some have romance, some wish for it, some write for it and some read of it. I've made friends here and love them with all my heart. Hugs and kisses for all that want, double for those that need. My regards to those you hold dear.


Sparky Is My Hero

Originally posted February 13, 2000 on Original BigCloset

"Sparky Is My Hero"
by Joyce E. Melton
February 13, 2000

Sorry, been out tonight.

We dashed out after watching Wales beat Scotland in Cardiff, brilliant try by George North. To where, I hear you ask. Here's where.
I've been on my annual pilgrimage to Poole to listen to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra do their concert of film music on the theme of Heroes and Aliens. Wonderful stuff which I enjoyed despite suffering a recurrence of a UTI. I'm seeing the doctor on Monday, so if necessary, he can always shoot me. Consequently, I don't have time to write Bike tonight.

Compliment or a pick up?


Ok, I was sitting with a friend watching a k-drama (see blog 1) when I was hit with a craving for ice cream. I asked my friend if she wanted to go out for some. It being a balmy 16 degrees Fahrenheit she looked at me like I was crazy. She does this quite often but to be fair I look at her in the same way quite often.

I, personally, think she just didn't want to get out of her pjs. She said no but I could bring her back a hot fudge sundae. I had splurged for lunch (Chinese) so I might as well buy dessert too.

Holy background change Batman!


I keep the BCTS main page, as well as my own tracking page, open at all times, and routinely refresh them throughout the day to check for content. I keep the site's scaling slightly smaller than my monitor, though, so along each edge of the screen there's about an inch of the site's default background color.

Imagine my surprise today when I refreshed, and that went from a very very soft, creamy pink to a much darker maroon with dots!

After recovering from the surprise, I think I like this better though. It mellows the site's appearance a little bit. Good choice, elves!

Strange dream


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I had the strangest dream last night.

I dreamed that I was in Elementary school, and learned that a disease was going to turn me into a girl.

Even though I wanted to be a girl, i was scared in the dream, mostly because I was worried about the pain of the transformation.

Then, the time came, and I didn't transform, and I was devastated.

Ah, well.

Rambling About Gods and Dinosaurs

I believe that we, as in all of us human beings that find ourselves clinging to this mote of dust that is hurtling through the universe, try to lock everyone up into nice neat little boxes that make us comfortable. I am, personally, a bit OCD and I have a tendency to place my dishes into exactly the right place on the shelf, and fold my laundry just so, and do a billion things a day in a very specific way.

Reading Gaby and....

Wow, so as I mentioned before I've been reading Gaby books in my spare time pretty much nonstop since I came across them a couple weeks ago. I'm not really a very emotional person, but try as I might I'm not Vulcan. My whole life I've always considered emotional expression kind of pathetic, I mean that's even what the word means, Pathos from Greek. I try hard to hide emotions most of the time. My wife is the opposite. I'm sure some of that is biological, but I'm also quite sure that I'm just acting as I've been trained and expected to act as a male.

A sense of 'what the heck'???

I have two stories being written//edited that are a bit more macabre than my normal fare.
Ok, so on is where the hero/heroine is being stalked and the other is where they are involved with solving the crimes.
The latter one I strted writing in 2013 and is at least 6 parts. The former is something I wrote on a recent flight from Dubai to London.

Then I pick up a book called 'Deja Dead' that features Temperance "Bones" Brennan.

I think I have something special happening

I dont usually push my own stories, but I think I might be on to something special with my latest story "Mercy".

See, if there is a theme that runs through a lot of my work, it's about what happens after a person has been damaged.

I've explored ideas of healing, of looking for justice, and the power of forgiveness vs the allure of vengeance.

But in my latest, I think I have really hit the jackpot in terms of making the case for Mercy as the best choice.

Or at least that's my hope. Only the readers will decide if I am succeeding.