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An interesting article on a murder in Brisbane


The link below is a thought provoking article about a murder suicide, the murder victim being a transgender woman, the suicide her partner. The events took place in Brisbane, Australia, and the article is as much about the Australian media's treatment of what is essentially a tragedy for everyone concerned.

Mysoginistic games

I suppose this will only mean something to you if you really, really want to be a woman. If you are just playing in girl's clothes, drinking beer, burping and bellowing at footie games, perhaps not so much.

I do not know how many of you here play Video Games. Every time I have tried some "guy" just kills me and walks away. Grrrr

So I had not thought of it much anymore until I heard Anita Sarkeesian speak on YouTube about how sexist video games are. Listening to her speak wakened something in me that I can best describe perhaps as being "Pissed Off, spitting mad!

When Women Become Men at Wellesley (Article - NYT)

There's not a "News" category, so I just picked a couple that are somewhat relevant.

Apparently, there's an increasing number of TG's coming out at womens colleges. The article above is specifically about one 'trans-man' at Wellesley, but with asides about other colleges.

Gifts Are What Keep BC running...


It's that time of month again. We've already paid several hundred in bills this month and we will be paying about more hosting fees and software fees later in the month, plus the amount we pay Piper for being available for all the work she does.

As always, these gifts are greatly appreciated and go for more than just keeping BC online since we host several other community sites and are getting involved with several more.

New Amazon ebook- Lost and Found

Synopsis- Ryan Tabor is an American Air Force pilot flying to Kadena Air Base on the island of Okinawa where his wife and family is lived. As the aircraft nears its destination, Ryan suddenly swaps into the body of a Japanese girl. He still wants to get home, but Ryan has to finish the trip by foot.

Lost and Found, a nearly 20,000 word story, is priced at $2.99. Here is a link to it at Big Closet Kindle Store.

Other titles of mine that you may be interested in-

Karma -- Take 2

So...after the, I think, good advice I received on my other blog posting, I have decided to remove particular names in the Karma stories. I don't think I will stop writing Karma stories, as long as people enjoy them, but they will likely be purely fictional... (not to say I might not be inspired by actual events...) :)


Honorary Girl

Not being American I have no knowledge of news anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange but seeing this I was so reminded of the games I played with my girl friends at school that regardless of gender or sexuality I would like to vote Robert Jordan


Yep, everything worked today!

So new chapters and news in the regular places on the regular day!

Me an' Gab are off to Germany/Denmark for a few days, get some pics, visit some sites, but we'll be back in time for next weeks update.

The next stanza of Culture Clash is coming along nicely so expect to see it around Hallowe'en.


New Puppy


If you follow the blogs you will know I put my best buddy to rest the end of August . We had 10 great years with Hershey . We have 2 adult dogs and now I am PROUD to announce it's a BOY . We went to Petsmart for adopt a pet Saturday and brought home a 3 month old pedigree 57 variety Heinz , a mix Terrier and maybe Sheppard his color is Brindle ( the coat looks like a Tabby Cat striped ) his name is Barney . Long time since we had a baby , good thing I have a carpet shampooer LOL.

huge, unbelievable news!


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Well, I have some amazing news to share.

I got a call from Dr. Meltzer in Scotsdale, Arizona about me coming in for an evaluation about having SRS. Assuming I can get my act together and get a passport, I will be there March 25, 1100 A.M., and then we'll have to see what they have to say.

I am actually shaking and crying, I'm so happy ...

I can't write

I've taken about two weeks off from writing and it appears the ability has left me. I usually knock out 2000 words a day with minimal effort and have stories flying through my head at a breakneck speed. No longer. I am struggling just to get the next session of writing done, my thoughts aren't flowing, and it is really upsetting me.

I said I never would but ....

Over four years ago I walked away from this place for reasons which by now have lost their relevance. Since then I haven't written a word. Which is probably a relief to many. Until last Thursday when I had an idea and was foolish enough to start to write it down.

And I found some of the old enjoyment. So in the hope that someone else may enjoy the reading of it, here it is.

Comments and even criticism will, as always, be warmly appreciated.

Oh and hello again to old friends.



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I get more angry every day about this animal. He uses crocodile tears, the loss of his feet as a small child, black ties, wrenching in court and any trick he can to seek sympathy.
He had a gun, not just a weapon of self defense but a weapon of mass destruction, he had a motif since she clearly had argued with him, knowledge of the bedroom/bathroom layout, a bad temper, an arrogance, a jealousy, previous record of anger displays, shooting guns, scaring girlfriends and no witnesses.

"Life, engineered" - Lynn Conway

A news article was published today about Lynn Conway and the amazing difference she made in the computer industry during a time when transition was not accepted nearly as much as it is now. She is a true pioneer.

-- Michelle

New Apple product leaked

Has anyone seen the article about Apple's next new product after the iPhone6? I was reading one of the online gadget sites and it appears that apple is about to release a toilet with Wifi access that will keep track of users waste in order to help with medical issues and also adapt to make better use of water/waste management. The $4000 unit is said to be able to save a family of 5 over $1000 a year and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

I feel a bit like Joey in Chapter 2 of the "Joy" Series...

I feel pretty beat up, to be honest. Don't get me wrong, some of the critiques and criticisms are fair and I have learned a few things--hopefully to prevent misunderstandings better in the future (I don't believe you can ever fully prevent them).

What have I learned from 'Joey's Joy -- Chapter 2'?

So here I am


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It's 3 am and I'm at my friends house spending the night. My friends mother will take me in just under 4 hours to the hospital where I'm going to have surgery on my deviated septum. Normally this is outpatient, but I get to spend the night.

Why am I up this early and not sleeping?

Partly due to the anxiety I always get with these things, and partly because I couldn't breath and woke up some congestion an hour ago.

About Dragons

So, I'm just starting to write a story with a huge Dragon as the protagonist. He, or she will have previously been a 14 year old boy, you know the drill. I am have been reading Anne McCaffery, so my Dragon will not hatch or be fighting strings. It bothers me that one of the story devices I plan to use is that my Dragon will draw his power from another dimension, but I can not remember who originated that concept on this site, so I can ask permission to use it.

There will be no religion in the story, cultural or otherwise. I will use conventional sexual role models.

I want to thank everyone


I want to thank everyone who responded to my request about Bletchley Park. I am writing a story, but I decided to adjust it to be a little more historically Accurate. So I am having a character join Bletchley Park in 1943, instead of 1939.

The information you supplied helped me find what I was looking for.

Thank You


Again my addled mind

has been feeding me snippets of stories.

If my memory is correct ( which it is once every blue moon or so )

mother, father and son in hotel room in Europe, France or Germany, bad guys break into room kill mom and dad, leave son for dead, with serious injuries, most severely in genitals.
I think mom and dad might have been in US diplomatic service.
after son recovers enough aunt and uncle take him in and back to US, however he is left with parents house and contents.

writers manage to find readers dispite and because of Amazon


I don't like the pricing scale of Amazon. They aren't doing the heavy lifting in book promotions. They provide a venue for authors and readers to find one another. What I do like is many authors who would not ever get published by the big mainstream publishers are able to find an outlet for their talent. More than that, the main stream publishers are no longer the gods of publishing deciding who their anointed one will be.

Another year, another disappointment


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Another birthday come and gone. On the boards where people knew that Oct 11 is my b'day, I got 1 message. One. Family was gone today at drama stuff, so I was alone - again. Neither sibling called.

The whole thing is depressing. Wish it didn't exist. Wonder if the world would notice if I didn't...

No Twice removed this week

Hey everyone,

I had hoped that I would have Twice Removed out Thursday or yesterday, but I decided that I just am not happy with the way the chapter turned out and I've decided to rewrite it rather than sacrifice the quality i usually try to put into my stories.It should update again on Thursday, as per my new schedule as I am working on it again now.



Assault? GBH? ABH? Legal help with plot please

It has been pointed out that one or more of my characters might be charged under UK law for an incident at the end of

Advice would be welcome as a PM so as not to spoil the story

Thank you for your time to at least read this


Viewing Format Question

Previously I had my viewing preferences set so that I see the most recent story comments first rather than at the end of the comments list. The order has changed somehow so that the newest comments are at the bottom of the page. Can I still view comments in descending order, and, if so, how do I accomplish that?

Pray for my family


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Folks, if you're the praying kind, please include my family in your prayers.

Sharon's condition has gotten so bad she's been told she will be off work for at least 3 months, possibly longer if they cant get her surgery before that time.

To say that's going to make things stressful in a number of areas isn't putting too fine a point on it ...



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I know I have it better than most.

I'm not starving. I'm not on the verge of being homeless, at least, not any mor so than any other poverty-level individual in our current economy. I'm not under any particularly large amount of stress at the moment.

So why do I still feel so worthless?

I've been trying, I really have. Trying to dedicate myself to self improvement, or to projects I've committed myself to, but... I just....

Hong Kong Protests


I was in Hong Kong yesterday having been reluctant to visit because of all the bad publicity about riots and tear gas on BBC World and CNN.
I didn't see any trouble and the protesting group had dwindled to about 50 people far in the distance from safety barriers.
The protesters weren't causing trouble last weekend but did get showered with pepper and tear gas. The reaction of the crowd was to keep passing water and protective items to the front angry exchanges with tolerance.
I don't know why newscasters have to sensationalize everything.

SKYPE users


Got a nasty surprise tonight when I fired up SKYPE. Last week it was fine. Tonight it is showing my REAL NAME! I went steaming down to the Microsoft store, ready to ... I don't know what! Instead of yell and cuss, I started crying. DAMN !

So, the guy patted me on the shoulder and told me I was going to be alright.

He changed my name on SKYPE twice and it changed it back again.

I just turned on SKYPE when I got home to return someone's call, but I now see it is 12:15 AM where she is. I'll try it tomorrow.

Was this Cruel of me?

I received a mail in game [ Damoria browser based RTS game I'm forum mod, server admin and english support for it.]

Here is the GROUP dispatch mail I sent in response, with the original mail:
my reply tops the message

um, you do know that I'm going for the sex change op don't you?

Accolade wrote:
gotcha !

A tough looking group of hairy bikers are riding when they see a girl about to jump off a bridge, so they stop. The leader, a big burly man, gets off his bike and says, "What are you doing?"

I'm Engaged


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I wanted to share my good news with all of you. A wonderful man who I have known and have been getting closer to over time asked me to marry him today. I live in the Atlanta Area and he asked me to an outing at Stone Mountain (the largest known outcroping of granite which has a carving larger than Mount Rushmore in the US). On the top of the mountain it looks simular to the lunar landscape but with a wonderful view ot the skyline of Atlanta and the surrounding country side.



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I am truly sorry I haven't been around or contributing tales. You know all those people who say they have no life? Well...the miserable curs gave them all to me!!! With so many family obligations and my work, I barely and rarely have time to even write a sentence or two. Sometimes, when it's slow and I have two or three minutes to myself, or I'm having yet another sleepless night, I do manage to take a peek at some of the tales being posted.

So, I'm not doing well.

Okay... So I'm feeling like crap; mentally, physically and spiritually.

I'm sick again, and while it's just strep, my doctor is wanting me to get chest x-rays to make sure that my weirdo pneumonia isn't coming back.

I have one friend left in the real world. He's dealing with his mom's stage 4 pancreatic cancer. And, he doesn't know about Erica Jane. So the friends I have, the ones I can really talk to are the friends I've made here.

Right now, depression, anxiety and the pain are just kicking my ass. And I think I'm losing it.

Anther Year Over


I guess I have to blow my own horn. Another year has been added to the total 2 days ago - the 7th. There are a lot of sevens in the full description - this is probably the last time that my number of years on earth will make a pair! Awe, well better to be on the green side of the grass! Time for another glass of wine.

Hello down under and south Asia!


Hello to the land down under!

We need more down unders in our chat room. The primary chat room is in English and Murican but you could form another room to talk to people with other languages.

Please come in. It gets lonely in the night time in North America / Western Europe and the Phillipines.

Join us in your night time and you'll find someone to talk to eventually.

Just remember you have to hang out long term to find other people who join/part in a minute or less... You won't find anyone with that shotgun approach...


Hurt so much!


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I've seen others here write a blog like this but thought I would not any more after the murderous times of 2004-6.

So, in the last two weeks my oldest daughter, who I had not talked to in almost 10 years, said she could not get her mind around who I have become. My oldest son did that several months ago, and I never expect to hear from my youngest daughter.

It is so sad that we struggle as "manfully" as we can until our strength fails, and then those that we have poured our love into turn their backs on us, never realizing the sacrifices we made for them.

The Wedding

Eagle eyed readers might note that I have withdrawn the story.

I think that I might have painted myself into a corner on that story and anyway some clever people who were kind enough to comment, stole my thunder and gave away the twist. Also, through another one of you clever so and so's, I realised that what I was trying to get my characters to do, wasn't legal and wouldn't stand up to close inspection.

Here was I thinking that I was a clever writer, but my readers are much more intelligent than me!

Flu bronchial infection?


Last year I picked up this stuff (bronchial) I put up with it for over a month before I pushed it out. This time I was ready. Cowboy Beans with a ton of garlic and onion loaded in. Teaspoon of DMSO, and ten drops of GSE in OJ several times a day. Couple glasses of Alvera every day. Ten drops of MMS twice a day. Teaspoon of colloidal silver once a day.

Where things go from here

Well I did it, just like I promised: one chapter of I Wish everyday until it was complete... or at least book one of it. Now a lot of you are not really happy with Sarah's sacrifice at the end and are uncertain where it will go from here. You've all stuck with me through the first book though and I ask that you continue to stick with me for at least the first chapter of book two, just to see where I'm going with this as it has been planned this way from the start.

New error

I got a new error trying to access

XML Parsing Error: unexpected parser state Location: jar:file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Mozilla%20Firefox/browser/omni.ja!/chrome/browser/content/browser/aboutneterror/netError.xhtml Line Number 305, Column 54:



Again, I'm running windows 7 home premium and using the latest Firefox browser.

Can anyone decode this for me?

New or revised?

Here's an update on my stories:

Unaccounted Gains Book 2 is continuing with a posting schedule of every 2 days (ish). It is brand new, never published elsewhere.
Tamara's Debut has 25 chapters and was first published in 2009/2010 on BCTS. It has been revised and re-edited prior to republication.
Eve Book 2 contains some material from earlier publication but is mostly new, I haven't decided when it will be published yet as I don't want to be posting more than two series at the same time.

Cute transgender comic strip


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I came across this comic while on facebook. It is cute and poignant, hard combo to pull off. I like it and thought some of you would enjoy it as well. I always like transgender stuff that stays away from sex.

tell me what you think

No Bike - an explanation


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Apologies for no Bike last night. I did try to blog to explain things but on clicking on save, I got the dreaded, ‘This page can’t be displayed.’ I didn’t have the energy to retype it. There will be an episode today, I’ll finish the one I started last night before I zonked.

womb transplant


Hey all
I just heard on the news the other day that the world's first successful womb transplant was proven by the Swedish woman who gave birth to a healthy baby. The procedure is said to be able to give women with no uterus a chance ofor being a part of the miracle of child birth. Modern medicine WOw

a big thank you


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Just wanted to give a big thank you to the good people who were on the chat site yesterday, as well as all those who sent me good wishes on Facebook.

My depression has lifted, and I feel much better, and I believe its in part because I had people to talk to through it ...

So my thanks to Erica, Talia, Wendy, Jaci, Bailey, Diana, Debbie, Terry, Dallas, Lisa, and my brother Mike, who talked to me by phone.

Huggles to all!

It's a boy! Woman with transplanted womb gives birth


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In a medical first, a woman in Sweden has given birth after receiving a womb transplant, the doctor who performed the pioneering procedure said Friday.

The 36-year-old mother received a uterus from a close family friend last year. Her baby boy was born prematurely but healthy last month, and mother and child are now at home and well. The identities of the woman and her male partner were not disclosed.

My sister coined a new phrase last weekend. "Sort of-ish"

You know the "Scrabble" game in the newspaper? Well Last weekend the "pro" solution to one of the sets of random letters was "NOIRISH" for 70 points. Apparently it is allowable to add "ISH" to pretty well any word you like. (Personally, I - WILL NOT - play 'Scrabble' with anyone who attempts to justify my challenge to something like "noirish".) My sister said something like "That is sort of-ish crazyish." So I would like to formally induct "Sort of-ish" into the lexicon of English usage.

Sort of-ish - a state of being unsure of being in a state of indecisiveness.

A bit tired

It's getting too late for me to write tonight's Bike, I've been out listening to a lecture about warfare in the Neolithic. Apparently 30 years ago there was a widespread belief that the Neolithic was a period of unbridled peace and harmony between 4,000 - 2,000 BC. Textbooks of archaeology would talk about it in glowing terms suggesting it all went wrong from the Bronze age to the present.

Not Ignoring "Ignore User"

Since the recent upgrade, the module "Ignore User" has been throwing errors in the logs for the site. It appears that the module was not properly updated for the newest version of the coding language used in the rest of the software; it's out of step. Accordingly, we have turned it off temporarily.

We hope that the maintainer of the IU module will release a new version soon, but if he doesn't, we will step up and hack the code to fix the problem. IU is part of what helps keep the peace around here and gets a lot of use. We will restore it to use as quickly as practicable.

Full functionality restored


Since the upgrade, up to now, I have been able to post neither comments nor blogs.

I blogged about that earlier, when I went on a different machine in a different location, with a different Operating System and a different browser. After trying on nine diiffering combinations of OS and browsers on my own machine.

From that earlier blog, I received a couple of comments and also several messages.

I got angry with the content of some of those messages.

front page settings


Seems when I try to alter my settings for front page in my account it doesn't work, I have the blog option ticked but not on my front screen when logged in, also there are now 2 adds, 1 top left and other top right which there isn't an option to remove.

Also who's online has swapped sides?, hotline is not ticked to show yet its there, does this not fully work yet?

Alphabetical list of stories


It's been a while since I've been able to find it, but at one time there was an alphabetical list of stories on this site, a vast multipage listing that listed everything, by chapter (yes, skipping past Bike took forever). What happened to it? Too resource hogging? It was handy if one remembered the title, but couldn't remember the author. It was also nice for just browsing.

I'm not hallucinating, right? Does anyone else remember this as being here?



Wonder if anyone else is having as much fun as I am trying to find anything and everything since the furniture has been rearranged?

Solos are serials
Serials are books and list of authors
Stories are there one day, gone the next
Blogs are scattered in among the Solos
I was no longer able to use the password so I had to reset it.
After resetting password and logging in I couldn't comment on Morpheus story. That finally cleared up today.

why don't british authors use words

why don't british author's use the words sitting or standing? they will use sat or stood instead. for example, in the usa we would say he is sitting in the kitchen whereas the british would say he is sat in the kitchen. and the british would say he is stood in the kitchen. if i did that in school, my teachers would have had a fit. i guess it is just the difference between british and american english. just curious as to why.

Dead for good?

Is Crystal's Storysite dead for good? It's listed as also hosted by BCTS and the link is dead. When I click on the link, I get, "Server not found," the same as my link. It's been that way for some time now. Or is it that the site has been relocated and I just don't have the right link?

Order on Amazon thru BCTS


To all our BCTS family , did you know that if you click to link to Amazon for all and any orders you may have with Amazon BCTS gets % of the purchase about 4-7 % . Just click on Amazon it will open a new page then sign on as normal , this will help with team BCTS costs and the best thing is doesn't cost us member anything. Every little bit helps

Health update


I'm still out of the hospital, which is good. I'm taking my antibiotics as prescribed. The foot, though better, still hurts like hell. I am extremely tired and get easily winded. I still do my paperroute at night and that's about it. I got a replacement tv delivered today and don't even have the energy to set it up so I'll be without entertainment again. I haven't the energy/mental wherewithal to write/edit. I feel like a ghost, a part of this world, but pretty much useless. I hope this feeling changes soon. I don't know how I'm going to get my stamina back again.

California bans 'trans-panic' defense.

Just saw this today and I was a surprised no one had posted about it here. Thought it would be of interest to a lot of the folks here.

California Becomes First State to Ban Gay, Trans 'Panic' Defenses. It's sad that someone can try to justify murder for any reason, but at least this is a positive step. I was surprised, for once most of the comments seem to be positive.

an update


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I'm sorry I haven't been giving any updates recently. It just feels like I'm pretty much stuck in a rut - I go to work, I sleep, I go to church, I sleep again ...

But here goes.

My grief over losing Kylie is slightly better, I guess. I almost feel guilty about that ...

I got the green light to do a talk on trans 101 for my church, and I'm super nervous about it. Honestly, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this ...


The sharp-eyed amongst you may already have noticed some logo changes for the Eve & Unaccounted Gains series as each is now displaying Book 1. The Series page has been suitably modified with a new uber organisational page created, There is also now an Eve 2 page awaiting content, as a teaser.

What this means is that both Eve & Gains will be finishing soon in their Book 1 guise. One or both may take a break whilst I work on republishing Tammy, starting with the Hallowe'en special.


Made it home

Blog About: 



I made it home. That might not have been in my best interest but it was the only option I had left open to me. I had to work, even though I am in no shape to work. It was foolish and dangerous and I'm glad no one got killed.

The leg is still infected and swollen. It looks a little better but that's not saying a lot. It's not as red, but it still hurts like hell. Ever play dig dug? When he puts the pump into a monster. Picture that happening to my left foot. To think I was upset when I couldn't find shoes before.

It's not all roses .....


Excuse me for not joining in with the paeans of praise.

Since the 'upgrade' I have been unable to post comments. Nor can I post blogs.

It all works on the computer at work, but not here on my laptop - where it all worked fine last week.

This is for me a retrograde step.

I cannot believe that I am the only one with this configuration of hard-, soft- and vapour-ware.

All Kudos to the Piper, Kat and Erin!

I've just noticed the return of the Kudos/Thumbs Up numbers to the 'My Stories' page much more quickly than I thought would be possible. Thank you once more for all your efforts to ease our transition to a new BC World (I did of course immediately check my own numbers and also looked to see if the overall total showed in 'My Account' [not yet]).

In case others don't realise it is also once more possible to split your uploads into Teaser and Main Body by the insertion of <"!--break--"> omitting quotation marks.

Can Someone Tell Me??

I curious. I always have been wandering the site, and a few other site that I've written for. Now the "Account's are getting read, and I'm up to nine years and eleven months. Erin or Piper, can you provide the date????

There is method in my mania. My final Novel is finished. Comdex is FINISHED!!! Yeah The Pruetts. and The Steven meet and discover My..secret.

Well it's been fun! I'd like to post it on that day. The three books all run to 5oo pages or more.

Blessings, Love, and Hugs,

Two New Kindle eBooks!

Just a quick announcement about our two newest Kindle eBooks by some GREAT authors from our community! Hypatia and Rebekkah deMere.

While BC was undergoing it's upgrade, I published Hypatia's " The Lady Lies Sleeping "

" Many things that walk upon the earth are older than we can guess, at the beginning was The Firstborn, he who danced as the world was created…he will dance at the end of the world too…and that might just be a little closer than he would like. "

Man walks into a bar...

I'm stalled on another long story I'm writing, so here's a diversion. I can't remember where I heard it first.

A weary-looking man walks into a bar with a shoebox under his arm. He walks up to the bar, sets his shoebox down, and orders a drink.

"Hey, what's in the shoebox?" the Bartender asks.

The man sighs, opens the box, and pulls out an exquisite miniature piano. Then a man in a tuxedo, about a foot tall, gets out of the box, walks to the piano, sits down, and proceeds to play Chopin.

"That's amazing!" the bartender says. "Where did you get that?"

A Note to Everyone that has Posting Issues.

A simple note to everyone that is currently experiencing issues posting Blogs, Forum Topics, Stories, or even comments.

Please Make Sure your browser is up to date and the latest possible version.

We have Successfully tested Chrome/FireFox/IE on Windows 8.1 as well as Safari/Chrome/Firefox on Apple/Macintosh. We can't test stuff we don't have access to, and we won't test deprecated browsers