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strange dream


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I wanted to share this strange dream I had a couple of days ago.

At the start of the dream, I was dressed and laying on a made king-size bed, as if I was going to watch TV there. Then the door to the room opened and a man came into the room. At first, I welcomed him, and invited him to come join me on the bed.

F' Burns Nicht

A thocht f' a' ye attendin' ain.


As I Walk’d By Mysel

by Robert Burns.

As I walk’d by myself, and talk’d by myself,

Myself said unto me:

Look to thyself,take care of thyself, For nobody cares for thee

I answer’d myself, and said to myself,

In the self same repartee:

Look to thyself, or not look to thyself

The self same thing will be!

Ma'am, step away from the muse.....

I can't let my muse listen to the radio.....

There was a piece on public radio's "The World" today, about a woman who was hired to chauffeur some Saudi royal princesses around on their visit to L.A.

It was a fascinating story of cultural gulfs, economic gulfs, and how in so many ways, their world was so different from the 'little people' they interact with every day, they may as well have been from another planet.

Sorry for the delay

I apologize for the delay. I know I said that I was planning to make one per week; however, this obviously did not happen. I had written most of chapter two before things kept me too busy to write. This lasted for around two weeks, but it's been laziness that has kept me from finishing chapter two. I believe that I will finish writing it today or tomorrow, and then will edit it Sunday. Therefore, I hope to post the story Sunday and then every-other Sunday from then on. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay.

Random Authors

A couple of months ago I noticed a massive uptick in the number of hits on my stories and couldn't figure out why, since I hadn't written anything for ages. It was only later that I found that I had just been included in the "12 Random Authors" list at the time so I can confirm that it really works.

One strange thing was that while I got literally hundreds of extra hits I didn't get a single additional comment or "thumbs up". I don't know what that signifies. Perhaps people just dip in and decide they don't like the story and move on.

Donation issue

I want to support BC but am being frustrated.

I tried last week and again tonight to make a donation on Janglewood. Each time the site rejects my credit card. I know the card is good.

Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this issue?

Has anyone else had similar issues?


Jennifer Sue

teen romance writers


Know nothing about specifics. Be sure you follow their guidelines if you submit.

Submit your Manuscript

Upload your unpublished novel below to share your Young Adult love story with the Swoon Reads community. We can’t wait to read it!

Take a look at our submission tips.

Where did it go


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the time- where did it all go.

Today should be a happy day, but it's not. Not really. It is my birthday and I turned 4 - oh no today. So it is time to put away the pretty little dresses and the rumba pants, time to put the petticoats in storage, and time to say good bye to the party dresses, the footed pajamas, and the one piece swimsuits with the little tutus. I will have to say good bye to my old friends Barbie, Ken, and Skipper. The Barbie corvette is up on blocks and the pink power wheels jeep is being sold on craigslist.

But there are things to look forward to.

I Don't Think I Will Ever Fly Into Birmingham

We fly to Europe fairly frequently; however I think I will continue to take the train to Birmingham. That's not a runway, that's a rollercoaster.

Talk About Life Imitating Art

In my story ‘A Different Kind of Courage,’ I have Amanda Newly serving as a summer intern on a project that is testing a computer driven excavator. Sci-fi stuff, right?

Not any more. A news story today entitled ‘Drones’ Next Job: Construction Work
Komatsu to Use Unmanned Aircraft, Bulldozers to Automate Early Foundation Work
’ puts that to pay.

Snow Go

The white stuff has visited these parts several times this week, the current load being the biggest fall since Christmas. It has been pretty cold with it, temperatures struggling to get into positive numbers - am i glad for the central heating! I'm working hard on the Gaby cook book - it's forcing me to do some cooking, i enjoy doing it but i'm generally rather bone idle! I'm not going to tell you what i've been cooking, you'll find out when i'm done but i am about halfway through the menu!

Must..... stifle... muse....


I finally closed the book on one of the three ongoing stories I'm juggling.

And I breathed a sigh of relief that I only had two tales to attend to...

(Apologies. I embrace alliteration when exhausted)

...but this clean space on my virtual desk is now becoming the itch that must not be scratched....

I've been dying to write a sci-fi (ish) first-contact story for a while now.

Of course it has a TG element, or I wouldn't be mentioning it here. ;-)

The longer I resist, the stronger the urge to start becomes.

A thought - maybe it should be a Meme.

If you want to be accepted; live an ordinary life, conform to the roles that society expects of you, color within the lines and appeal to the greatest majority of people that you can

But if you want to be extraordinary, be true to yourself; dare to be honest despite what is in vogue, quit worrying about what anybody else will say, and stop bitching about how hard your life is. In the immortal words of William Goldman 'Life is pain, anyone who says differently is selling something.

Alternate Identities

I like the name Rasufelle.

It's a name I came up with many many years ago; I was messing around with the Dungeons and Dragons second edition ruleset, a PC program designed for creating characters in fact, and I built myself my first ever elf rogue (drow at the time, though I've since learned better.) The only issue was I needed a name for the character. From somewhere in my brain, unbidden, arose the name Rasufelle.

All rung out

Why is it so much easier to start than to finish?

I guess it's also easier to just stop than to "finish" as well.

I knew I had to finish what I started with Dead Ringer because it seemed to be getting away from me and turning into more of an action thriller than the tale of survival and triumph of the trandgender protagonist that I originally intended.

I also really had to get out of the bad guy's head. It was giving me nightmares.

British Army Tg Officer


It is nice to know the Armed forces are positive in dealing with TG issues. Last month it was an RAF officer, this month it is the Army's turn.

Here is the link:

Of course it helps if you are attractive and she is.

Love to All

Anne G.

Some of my favorite stories here

I love all the authors here. The act of putting a story out there for others to read and comment on is pretty dam brave.

But I think there are a few who have written stories that deserve a bigger audience, so I'd like to take a moment and give them a plug.

"The Chrysanthemum Inheritance" By Nicki Benson. This story is hard to describe. It starts with a body switch, becomes a murder mystery, and then ends with an alien meme that can strip a person of their individuality.

To the Final Frontier?

Hello all,

I just wanted you to know that I have some ideas starting to churn their way through. Hopefully, I can get something concrete and posted before too long.

I also was wondering, so this will be an informal poll, which side would you all prefer me to write a Star Trek Online-themed story about?
A Starfleet Officer, a Klingon Warrior, or a Romulan Refugee? Please note: just because they say Starfleet, Klingon, or Romulan, race is still up for grabs.



Console collections and unappreciated ones.


Jenna inspired me to come up with this thread. I'm curious to get a feel for what consoles people have here. You don't have to list them all, just the one's you may think are noteworthy/current and one's you feel might be unappreciated.

Right now I have most of the "next gen" as well as all the current gen. It took a while for me to wade into the waters of the Wii, eventually getting a Red one. I imported a Japanese one before but something my buyer did screwed it up so I can't hook component up to it or go online, defeating the point of me having it.

what's with the Purple?


Recently, everything I read on big closet comen up on my screen (Samsung Galaxy Tab●4) with a purple background. Now, for those of us who don't see as well as we used to, this makes reading more difficult especially when the font size is small.

I recently had to stop reading a story because of this. It didn't help that I wasn't finding the story very entertaining. (It just wasn't my cup of tea, eh?)

Erin, this an official complaint.

Just a heads up

Just wanted to let the authors out there know there is apparently someone who has stolen several stories from a number of authors on Fictionmania and posted for sale on I know there are at least a couple of Morpheus stories and some from a few other authors, so it may be a good idea to check to make sure your work isn't being violated as well. The author name on Amazon is Jamie Hunt

BigCloset in an ever-changing world

This morning BC seems to be going through a rearrangement on my iPad (there have been recent problems for iPad readers) and before I knew it I had for the first time posted on a 'Forum'. That woke me up to examine the home page further and I discovered 'Statuses'

Is there such a word as 'statuses'? A check of the dictionary suggests there is and it is the preferred plural of 'status' despite sounding odd. But what does it mean for a BC member? Is it like Facebook? Do you want to know that I was awoken today by the grunts and cries issuing from a passing dragon boat?

Turnabout Film on Cable

Turnabout, the 1940 Body-Swapping film from the original novel by Thorne Smith, is scheduled on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) at 5:00am Pacific Time tomorrow morning, if anyone is interested and has Cable or Satellite access to the channel. People who live in other timezones will have to apply the appropriate timezone arithmetic.

It’s not the greatest film, but it’s not terrible either, and (like most of his other works) is fairly droll.

Shuffling Anmar

...Doubtless some of you will think, "Deckchairs..." "Titanic...". Maybe you're right.

The more observant of you will have noticed that I have (today) moved around some of the content of Somewhere Else Entirely. If you didn't notice, that's fine; that was what is supposed to happen. There's the odd wrinkle, though...

An epiphany, sorta..

I have spent what seems like an inordinate time wondering why I am trans. Oh I know, there are several scientific reasons and more are still awaiting discovery, but I have suddenly found that it isn't really important WHY I am trans, but that I AM trans and, surprisingly, that seems right somehow.

A new book for young adults about transgender character

The Guardian (where else?) has posted a sympathetic review of a new novel about a transgender teenager, called, The Art of Being Normal, by Lisa Williamson, who worked at a gender clinic for a while.

It's Jaci's fault!


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Well, this has been a very interesting week for me. It started with me having this odd urge to look "pretty", followed by feeling very uncomfortable and bloated, having a bit of the runs, and finally, slightly ... er ... lonely ...

In other words, my body tried its very best to simulate a period.

And I blame my friend Jaci. This happens to her every month, and somehow she's given it to me ...

Ah, well.

What Happened to Business Values? (Editorial)

When was the last time a company made you feel like you were more than a profit center for them?

These days we deal sometimes daily with Insurance Companies, Utility Companies, and even Retail Stores, who all feel they are doing YOU a favor by letting you buy their product.

What happened to the days of companies trying to earn your patronage with kindness and respect? Why have service oriented businesses stopped offering a real service, and instead treat you like a profit center?

Yeah, it's Kentucky but I'd hope we'd be beyond this


Kentucky students using sex-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms could win $2,500 if they catch a member of the excluded biological sex there, under proposed legislation

The bill’s sponsor, Republican state Sen. C.B. Embry, tells U.S. News the measure may need modification. He says he wouldn’t want teens to stage incidents to win payouts.

RPG in the #dungeon

Last night a few of us had our first gaming session in the #dungeon room in the IRC chat.

I think it was a success. I enjoyed last nights session. This is my first time being a GM with Pathfinder and I like to think I pulled it off with teaching two new players about how to game in this system, and letting the two experienced players have some fun playing.

This game is being run on Thursdays from 7pm to at least 10pm EST. We actually went to just past 11pm.

The Adventure party is full barring no one drops out. Everyone is welcome to come watch.

Not able to access Sapphire's Place

I just realized that my only postings are when I'm unable to access Sapphire's Place ( It looks like last year about this time the domain registration ran out. Is it that time of year again and if so does Sapphire need any assistance? Hope everything is ok.

Jeff B.

January’s TG Mixed Tape: Lineup + Submissions Still Wanted.

January’s TG Mixed Tape Anthology will feature contributions by:

Andrea DiMaggio
Lyodor Tolstoyevski
Patricia Marie Allen
Ragtime Rachel
Trismegistus Shandy
(Myself, of course)
And an interview with Morpheus!

Keep an eye out for it during the last week of the month.

Then and Now

It's amazing how much difference time and experience can make in the way that you write a story. Really, it is!

I've been thinking about this a lot this last year, mostly while working with the rewrite of Oh, Cheers, but also now that I'm cleaning up/tightening up Princess For Hire too, it really strikes me just how different my work comes out with more effort put into it.

Early on in the rewrite of Oh, Cheers, I tied to keep things pretty close to the original, but I still found myself changing things quite a bit. I've learned a lot in the last seven years or so.

Shortcuts Is at the Halfway Point

Shortcuts is actually complete and I'm just posting finished chapters. There are thirteen chapters to go. I hope my readers enjoy the ride.

For those of you who like to read finished stories, I post three or four chapters a week so the story should be all here in three to four weeks.

- Terry

Bills coming due - Gifts needed


It's that time of month again. The server bills are due, payments on the debts we owe, and some money to keep Piper from having to look for other work.

Anything you can spare will be appreciated, and if you can't give, well, we know that that happens.

Electronic giving can be done through the Hatbox or through Janglewood or send me a PM for a snail mail address.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!

Slow Start

Its turning out to be a slow start to 2015, a combination of nasty weather and seasonal unhealthiness is keeping me from doing much on two wheels and stuff like exploding microwaves has meant expense i could've done without! on the plus side i'm entered in 3 sportives so far with a further two in the diary awaiting entry information, i've started my retro bike project and the summer holiday planning is coming along nicely. Not only that but the current writing project is coming along nicely, i'm hoping to have it ready by the end of the month.

A Scottish ferry ride

I occasionally make reference to the weather in Scotland, where the Tammy stories are set, but regardless of how well weather can be described in writing, nothing beats a video.

This was filmed on 9th of Jan and is the ferry between the Orkney Isles and Scrabster, about 4 miles from Thurso. Have your paper bags ready!

Looking For Love

Well I turned 50 and I started to reminisce about my relationship with that non-genetic lady who I remember as Jessica. I guess I am still amazed at how she fell in love with me. It was one of those scenarios that you only see in movies she was a classy lady and me I was the cowboy/laborer type of guy who considered being in a new pair of Wranglers as being dressed up. Been through 3 divorces with genetic women and don't have really anything to show for it I am sort of like that country song.

Jessica's Story - Part 6 - spoilers

Ok, so the 6th part of Jessica's Story has been posted. This is one part I'm expecting to get comments on, on various matters. I'll just say that it took several attempts to write the dialogue between Anne and Julia, that led to them kissing. I wanted Anne to be reluctant, going into the talk, which is why she denies her attraction to Julia in the first place. But she isn't convincing, and Julia notes it, prompting her to continue the questioning.

I admit that the scene was a little hasty, and I apologise.

Maid & Sex

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Now imagine, you have a $50,000 debt and you're almost out of time. Your job pays you only 1.2k a month (please forgive me if this falls under the minimum wage). Your mother and father are both retired, and your father is suffering an illness that is curable but requires a lot of money. You also wants to do SRS, but at the rate things are going, you don't know when you'll ever have the money for it.

I wish I had a snuggle partner


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I am a blessed (or lucky) person, and I know this. I've begun a transition, and still I have been able to have a job, I've still got my family, and none of the horrible things I feared have happened to me.

But despite my blessings, I wish I could have one more.

A person to share my life with.

Ah, well.



Often these blogs are used to pine for acceptance. Last night the trans community took a huge step forward.

"Transparent" won two major Golden Globes.

Not too many years ago an award to Jeffrey Tambor for his lead role would have been accompanied by nervous laughter and insensitive jokes.

It was a very good night.

Odd few days


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I've been feeling a bit down recently, partly post-Christmas blues, partly no work coming in, partly money's tight.

When I last had a major downer, when I was going through divorce and child custody issues, I wrote. That was when, in 2008, some of my stories started and many of the story threads I imagined are now being written into something coherent.

Gaming in the IRC Chat

Hi everyone.

Through reading many of the comments by authors and readers here on BC, I know that many of us are gamers of the role-playing kind.

It's still being worked on but a few of us are going to start gaming in the IRC Chat in the #dungeon room.

The room isn't permanent, but it's still being worked on. Also there isn't a dice rolling module in the chat yet either but I've been told that's being worked on as well

I am not a site admin, but after a few of us in the IRC chat professed an interest in gaming, this came about.



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For those who've followed the twisting turning path that is my life, caring enough to drop a note, or lift up a prayer, thank you.
Fortunately, this isn't about drama. Not about rejection, divorce, hostility or any other negative emotion.Nor is it about weight loss or weight gain, physical problems, or the vagaries of my doctors. All of those are present, it's just they've taken a backseat to something I'd nearly forgotten exists.



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My radiators have been fixed so hopefully no more water dripping about the place. My house feels nice and warm again and I'll shall sit down before I open the bill when it arrives.

Did a bit more cycling today but my fitness is well down after my cold. My mileage for last year was the lowest for ages, so I hope to do better this. My daughter seems to be feeling a little better as well, so perhaps things are going to improve at last.

The Oldest Profession goes High Tech

As a technophile, the annual CES in Las Vegas in January is always fun to follow, although my new job has interfered a bit.

But, I thought this article about some of the side activity this week was very funny!

And since working girls sometimes feature in our stories, it also provides some interesting background material.

All the best!

No driver's license


Russia has included in their infinite wisdom to ban all sexual disorders from holding a driver's license. A short list and by no means inclusive, transgender, cross dressers, homosexual, gay, lesbian, and probably anyone carrying or even thinking of porno. I wonder if women are allowed to wear pants and drive? Funny but I didn't realize how one dressed, considered sex, or gender affected their driving abilities. Unless of course we included chains and whips and all that other kinky stuff that could affect one's ability to operate a motorized vehicle.

Why do I try?


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Perhaps it is time to clear the air?

Often I write about other cultures, and to be authentic in those stories there is often some element of religion to keep it all in context. There are many places in the world where even though one might be an atheist, they must either pray in the streets or hide until everyone is done. I don't actually care what your beliefs are and if you confront me about them, it will be a waste of time. That element was only in the story to depict realistic situations.

Vulva and Vagina

A very short and well known fact:

Vulva: Is the outer, external female genitalia.

Vagina: Is the internal canal

Many, but not all, authors, here and in other fiction and non-fiction stories, still get it mixed up.

Talking of ships and the sea. Food for thought.


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Just read an article about ships and their ever increasing size.

Here's the link.

She's deemed too big for any US port, now that's food for thought. 1340 feet long 160 feet wide. Well over four football pitches long and much wider than a football pitch. Bigger by far than USS Nimitz.

Just docked in UK, next to Holland and Germany then back to China. At least the crew can get ashore from those ships, not like tankers and ore-carriers.

A cute comic depicting a serious issue


This cute comic depics a serious issue:

Unfortunately for Sandrx they very much exist. In my old group we called them Benjies (Harry Benjamin Standards of Care) as they actually think there is such a thing as a "true Transsexual."

Just an idea that popped into my head.

Just an idea that popped into my head. Probably won't do anything about it, but just found it amusing. A fitness obsessed man ends up buying some chest expanders from an old man in a bath robe.

The story writes itself from there on. :D

Thank You


I want to thank the people here who support me and my work. I just received my 70th review on Unreachable and my 40th review on God Bless the Child on Amazon. Also, The Dress Punishment is well over 40k reads (who keeps reloading the page?) It is incredibly humbling to see people take time to read and comment on something I produced when I know there are so many other great authors out there.

Hello 2015!

So here we are, 2015 and the start of a year which promises to be every part as exciting as 2014. The immediate news is that i've fixed the problems with last weeks chapter link and Culture Clash is now available in the full version for your Kindle, as a pdf and a paperback.

Rather than give a timetable here are my aims for scribbling for 2015
•Gaby Cookbook
•New Nena story
•Gaby book 14
•completion of Anja & the Druid

I would like to do more than this but its very dependant on available time!

Who’s the fairest of them all, or, what sort of stories do folks here like the most?



With 2014 finished, I have taken a close look at how the books I have published on Kindle have fared. In doing so, I was interested in trying to discern why some books did well, and others, not so good. My thoughts on this are my opinion only and quite unscientific.

Our ailing old cat might have a bit more life in him


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My sister took our sick and nearly 20 year old cat to the vet to see if the meds had helped any

Still not sure if he has cancer but he does have an inflamed bowel.

The bloody stools have stopped as best we can tell.

His red blood cell value was at 13 out of a healthy 30 right after Christmas. He was near critical at that time according to the vet.

Suggestions please

For the first time in ten years, when we were in Australia and New Zealand, Di and I are going away for a holiday that is more than a long weekend.

We shall fly to Lanzarote on Friday and have 10 days there.
The flight is 4+ hours each way, so I am looking for recommendations please for 'books' I can download to my Kindle.

I have loaded up all the 'Sussex Border' stories, but, allowing my stupid side to take over, I have now read them all!

About Jessica's Story - Part 4

Ok, so Jessica's Story - Part 4 is now posted. I just wanted to say a few things about this, and regarding some of the posts made to the earlier chapters.

By the time I began writing Michelle's Story, I had already completed a good many chapters of Jessica's Story. Seeing how the stories are linked, I had to go back and edit the first few chapters of Jessica's Story, just to accommodate the progression of the other, as well as editing any continuity errors (Yes, we all make mistakes :) ).

Beautiful Music

In tonight's posting of Love's Shame, Love's Salvation I introduce a wonderful piece of music (my opinion): Mahler's Second Symphony, The Resurrection. It is a profound work, and I encourage you to listen to it, if only the last movement. I know what they say about opinions; however, in my non-professional music opinion, it ranks among the greatest symphonic works of the late 19th century. Even if you don't read my story, please click on the link(s), sit back, and enjoy.:

Suing Humanity if this doesn't happen

OK, call this shameless advertising of my blog (not what I intend), but this is something that needs to happen. For those that don't want to click the link, think again. It's about a petition on teaching Gender Identity in schools. Something that I hope we all realise is needed. I seriously hope this one goes through, because while it may not help me any, it would give me peace of mind to know that we're no longer that group that everyone avoids talking about.

So you want to pass... Pay close attention


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So you want to pass. You might want to be sure you're up to the task, and well informed about

15 Inconviences Of Being A Woman Men Will Never Understand.

If you can't identify with at least half the list you may be hopeless. I'm more or less rolling on the floor laughing myself senseless. Some of them hit quite close to home, others you can only dream of...

Hugs, Love and Blessings ya'all

Happy New year to all, and thanks to all my readers - an announcement

A very warm greeting this New Year from grey and damp England. I am just getting over the flu (and having grandchildren for two weeks). This is really a big thanks to all of those who have been so wonderful and bought my books. I am now in a position to not need to go out to work, as my income from books aids my pension to such a degree that I can stay and write all the time.

Two announcements...

Attempting to rejoin the human race - plus - Secret Identity


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After a prolonged period of severe depression I'm trying to get back to writing stories again. I began work on a new story a few weeks ago, and it's starting to look pretty good. Really struggling to stick with it. It's difficult to write in a vacuum and I've drifted so far from the few friends I ever had. I'm not even sure anyone would remember me or be glad to know I'm still around.

A question

for you all. With the change in EU law regarding taxation points, prices on Amazon Kindle are all over the place! This can make buying the content a price lottery depending on which platform you buy through.

Should I just let things be or should I set specific prices? Obviously exchange rates can affect the pricing dramatically too so the latter option would 'normalise' your price somewhat.

Let me know what you think



Hi all,

Without realizing it, it's been over a month since I last published any chapters. I thank those who mailed me. And those who don't, I'm sure you're still waiting :P I'm so sorry, it's simply that my gig on Fiverr had been selling pretty well that I was forced to increase it's value to reduce commissions or end up working day and night on Christmas. If anyone's looking for an English to Malay translations or vice versa, do look me up. My name there is Shineris, typing 'Malay translation' will bring you to me, which is the top gig in the genre. Anyway, here's the status of my stories:

Audience survey - Julina of Blackstone


Hi all,

I have a question almost of 'site etiquette' I guess.

Julina ..., Book 1, is complete. It ended after chapter 40.

I have the next three episodes written, and more underway. The timeline prevents them being released quite yet.

Here is my B I G question:

Now when I do start in on Book 2, do I start 'chapter' numbers back at 001, or do I continue from where we left off, and start at 041?
If I do the former, then I can leave it as Book1, Book 2 etc, but if I choose the latter, then it would have to be 'Volume1', 'Volume2' etc.

Jessica's Story - Part 1 now up

OK, I've posted the opening chapter of Jessica's Story, one of 2 real life situation serials. For anyone who decides to follow it, there is another serial that I'm doing, called Michelle's Story, that runs along side this one. The two stories are connected, even though they follow their own paths, and there are chapters that apply to both.

Part 10 of Jessica's Story, is also Part 4 of Michelle's Story, just to highlight what I mean.

Stories I'll be posting, and works in progress.

Ok, so I just want to round up the stories that I'm intending to post on this site, as well as preview stories that are still in development.

Jessica's Story (Ongoing Serial)

This is the first of my serial stories. Set in reality, it tells of Peter Brook, and how from an early age, he knew he should be female. It leads to how he finally is able to become Jessica.

Michelle's Story (Ongoing Serial)