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A heartbreaking story



This was posted by one of my conservative, Christian friends on Facebook today.

So many times my stories have positive outcomes, a world of acceptance by families and friends I wished existed in real life. But so many of us here deal with, or have dealt with the issues this girl faced.

It hits all too close to home to me.

Some very sad news to share.

Yesterday, a 17-year old committed suicide by jumping in front of a semi on I-71 near the South Lebanon exit.

It has come to light that this person likely committed suicide because she was transgender.

My most sincere apologies. Re: Artwork

to everyone who requested artwork or info regarding it. The principal, who was going to give it a try, decided to scrap the whole project.

My intentions were good, but then we all know what the road to hell is paved with, yes?

Again, my abject apologies. I'm sorry if I got anyones hopes up, only to dash them. Please forgive me.

Catherine Linda Michel

Publishing on Amazon


I know this might be a crazy question, but how does one get a story published on Amazon Kindle? I know a few authors here have done so. I'm a bit slammed with work and school, and to be honest could use a little extra income coming in ... not that I would make a lot.

Thought about putting a couple of my longer stories such as His Secret up if I knew exactly what I need to do.

Any help I could get would be appreciated.


Remember Edeyn and her briliant works

I was remembering and going through some older stories and fun time I had with them (It would be nice to see all star Maiden by Decree read by people again) and remembered Edeyn´s stories - mainly my favourite Violet Ajah and Sk8r Grrls.
Since Edeyn had both mainly pulled down for rewrite, only shards of them remain here on BCT. If there would be an interest, I have original 27 chapters of Sk8r Grrls still saved on HDD, so their re-upload would not be problem if anyone is still interested in them.

A special warmth


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Well, I am back in sunny Florida and the high temp was 80 degrees. Yesterday I was in San Francisco and the temp was low 50s. On the other hand I just had a glorious 6 days with my son, Sean and his mom, Toni. There was warmth. They love me. I'm not sure that I understand it all but they love me.
Toni got us tickets to "Chanticleer", which was magnificent and I even went to church with her on Christmas Eve to hear her in the choir.


Unaccounted Gains book 2 has now concluded slightly sooner than originally intended but concluded nonetheless after 32 chapters, making the story so far 72 chapters long, I have no idea of the wordcount as yet! It will now have a break whilst I concentrate on Tammy's story. I'm not completely happy with the next chapter of Tamara's First Christmas so there will be some rewriting before it's published.


The year draws closer to its end as does our oldest cat


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Just came back from the vet.

Our four year old, Simon, has a couple chipped/broken teeth that may need to be removed. Otherwise very healthy.

Rusty, almost 20 years old, has lost a pound - 1/8th of his weight -- since this summer. He has blood in his stool, is somewhat anemic and his colon feels thick and abnormal. This on top of his kidney disease and heart murmur.

They did tests. We find out Monday.

They gave us some meds to ease his symptoms.

The vet first thought colitis but given his age and the abnormal feeling bowel... quite possibly cancer.

"The boy in a dress"

"The boy in a dress" was on UK TV BBC yesterday early evening. Aimed primarily at pre-teens and early teens, it was suitable for people of all ages.

A light-hearted tale of the adventures of a boy who loved wearing a dress, and got expelled for wearing one to school. I won't give away the ending as many will want to watch on catch up.

Christmas Blues

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Here I go again.

No health insurance, which means scripts run out. One of them was my antidepressants. I probably am going to have to go out of pocket with this one.

Problem is the withdrawal. It is a killer, or could be. About a week before Christmas I went into a depression that I would class as life threatening. When I get like that I don't reach out to people, I just shut down. Which probably accounts for why I don't have the meds yet, a positive feedback loop of the worst sort. It broke in time for Christmas, which was good.

As the year draws to an end, I find it time for a little ....


... reflection on the year's events.
I realise with a shock that I have been "Julina"ing for well over a year, and I have been heavily involved in other aspects of Anmarian life. Sometimes I feel that I live on Anmar and not on Earth! I almost find myself using "I deem" in everyday language.

had a nice Christmas dinner


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I seem to have a habit of creating stress in situations far beyond what the situation actually calls for.

For example, leading up to my going to my aunt's for Christmas dinner, the battle I was waging to conquer my fear and go in a dress was so intense I was in tears. (Jaci can confirm this, she listened to me cry)

But in the end, I went in my church dress, and it was no problem whatsoever.

Posting a whole book at a time.

So, I am feeling a bit of frustration because several of the author's whose stories I really like post so infrequently between chapters that I've forgotten everything by the time they do. And I have been guilty of the same offense myself.

So, I am wondering about posting an entire story of say 12 chapters, as an example, at once as 12 different files? I've had poor performance at writing new chapters of a multi chapter story and getting them posted in a timely manner. For example, my 4 chapter "Katia" story took about 14 months.



A day of remembrance

It may be Christmas but is also a day to remember the ones that have gone before.

Those that have left us in sickness,in a warriors death and suffering.

The ones that are still here.

Show patience and understanding.
Give care and support.

The ones that are still to come.

Teach honor , integrity and self-worth.

I desperately need help explaining ASAP

I currently work at Kroger's as a Deli Clerk, and have been trying to explain to my parent's in a way they can understand for weeks now, why I can't keep working there as it is mental torture for me. They want me to wait until I get another job but I can't explain to them what it does to me to be around so many happy and normal people.

one busy Christmas


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Well, I have had a busy Christmas.

Sharon called me not long after I had come home and gone to bed, telling me that she had fallen, and was bleeding.

I drove over, picked up her and my daughter, took Sharon to the hospital and brought my daughter to my house to wait for word.

Finally, about 2:30, she called and we went and picked her back up at the hospital and took her and my daughter to their home.

I will no longer be Katie Leone


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In the course of life we all undergo changes; it is inevitable. I have lived under the presumption that I can never be truly happy without something completely horrible on the horizon for so long that it has become my mantra. I felt like life was trying to teach me a lesson that I didn't deserve good things and that I was unlovable. My destiny was to live and eventually die alone.

It seems that I maybe have been mistaken.

Why do I bother?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I had an idea for a Christmas story but it had to be written and posted yesterday to be effective. It needed a sixteen year old boy soprano, they're unusual. So it needs a contrivance, there's always the cop out of magic, genital damage pre puberty, AIS or intersex - quite rare, or T-blockers. I opted for the latter, administered by a mother who thought she was doing best for her son. I then have calls of child abuse and for another author to redress the balance.

My Contribution To Christmas Stories

This was my repost of a story I wrote quite a while ago. The last time I posted it was four years ago. I still think it's a nice story that takes place in a universe not much different than ours; just that there's more magic.

The long finger myth

Just thought that I would pass this bit along as a comfort to my Sisters here.

I was once told by someone who was quite sure of themselves that if the second finger was longer than the third, you were a boy. Well, in the last years, I have met women, some with as many as 5 children who have that anatomical feature. So, you can relax.

The long finger only shows that there was an elevated level of testosterone in the womb in the first trimester.

Merry Christmas


Christmas present


Like tell about a great present my youngest daughter gave her mother and me. Since she had some problems with her sister, she felt that the truck that she gave us to get my wife back and both to dialysis. That she decided to take it back. Where we it's about 20 miles from where we live. Wow nice have kids who care. Sorry I just had to get it off my chest.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hello everyone,

I wish you all Merry and Happy Christmas! With many presents and in company of true friends. And to make it for your even more pleasant, let´s play some piano music which I found here:
So may your Muses be with you XD.

Robin Šebelová
Otrokovice, Czech Republic

I'm a little nervous


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I am a little nervous.

I am going over for dinner on Christmas night at an aunt's, and most of my relatives who might be there will never have met Dorothy before.

I find myself fighting between a desire to drab up as much as possible and remain hidden vs. feminizing myself and standing proud ...

Does the name Jennifer Jane Pope ring any bells

with anyone here, especially those from the U.K.? Jenny used to be a regular at Storysite and in the chats there. She published some stories and her "Britionary" there. She left quite awhile ago and hasn't been seen or heard of in several years.

If anyone knows her or knows where one can get hold of her, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,
Catherine Linda Michel

New Christmas story at Amazon


So with all the pain and agony and treatment and bone infections and fighting insurance to still not get any treatment, I was able to piece together a Christmas story. This story is unlike anything I have ever written or even seen on the sites before. A Christmas Conversation is on sale for $.99 cents or your countries equivalent.

Fear not, even though I have the story for sale on Amazon, I will post it on the site on Christmas. But, for those who can't wait or want to show financial support, by all means buy it now, buy it today, three or four copies even :)

Any Theories?? Erin??

I was looking at a site analytical tool which stated that 75% of BC's traffic comes from the U.S. and about 6% from the UK, 4% AUS, 4% Can.

Erin - Are these percentages somewhat accurate?

Given a semblance of accuracy it seems to me that a disproportionate amount of posted content (stories, blogs, and comments) come from the UK.

Do others share my perspective?

If so, do people have an opinion of why this is?

Bills due, donations needed


We've added some more stories to the Hatbox, so if you have the passwords, you can check them out. If you've donated in the past year and DON'T have the passwords, let me know in a PM. :)

If you haven't donated, now would be a good time. :)

If you donate through Amazon, the thank you screen will show you the passwords. If you donate some other way, you can PM me and I will send them.

Final Discharge ?


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December 23. It has been 10 years since the family got on my computer assumed I was gay, and threw me out. At first it was touch and go as to whether I would make it or blow my brains out. This was one of the happiest Christmases I have had until my son sent me an email saying he was coming for a visit. He'll likely see his Mum and sisters, and I suppose if I am fortunate if he will not come to see me.

Well this is significant


Or at least it seems that way to me. You see, I've finally reached 200,000 words on Battle For Earth. Which is, well, pretty dang long and I'm not even finished yet. And considering that it's about 2.5 times as long as destiny which was previously my longest story to date that seems pretty darn impressive to my demented mind. Anyway now that I've gotten that out in the open it's time for me to drift off to sleep and venture into the lands of dreams and make believe...

Every Ending is Just a Beginning, you know. And goodbye is just hello...

I looked back at my notes. Comdex was started in March of 2002. Twelve years of having a story hanging over my head. In that time, things we take for granted in criminal investigations have moved from an esoteric field (I had help from a Florida State Trooper) to being a TV show.

Cruise ships have had their dirty laundry aired to the public. The worth of the telemedicine equipment described early on to the cruise lines has proven invaluable.

It's been fun. I'm pleased the story will go full circle in Chapter 13.

Love's Shame, Love's Salvation

I sort of promised I would post my last novel in the California Saga series before the end of the year. Somehow, I managed to do it. It has been a struggle to say the least. It has take nearly a year and a half to write. The problem with writing a story that is happening simultaneously with four other novels is making sure that everything is happening in the right order. Thank heavens I had a pretty good time line to work from.

Family 'contact' after divorce

As many will know, I separated from my ex in 2008 but was able to gain custody of my (then 9yo) daughter in 2010. Since then I have made best efforts to maintain contact between my daughter and her maternal family, albeit within the limits of a restrictive court order.

Fogetting the seris name blues

Been wanting to reread a story and cannot remember the name of it let alone what series that it is in. The first book is about a human er doctor who is turned into a werewolf and falls in love with the female alpha of the local werewolfs.

Anyone interested

Anyone interested in seeing a Christmas story from me this year, even if it is a bit on the short side.

I am writing a story that is kind of TG/TS except that there isn't any cross dressing or anything in it. It is more of a lines of someone coming to terms that a person is TG and accepting them for who they are. It has some religious tones and I don't think people care for that any more. Anyway, I'm at 2000 words and am hoping to have it done by Christmas Eve. I haven't written much because of the infection, so it probably sucks anyway.

15 British Foods Hated Internationally

15 British Foods Hated Internationally

I stumbled across this on Yahoo but can not figure how to link it here. It originates on the Ask web site and as an American I take issue with some of the food listed as probably very good. The names are funny and original things like,Bedfordshire Clanger ,Cranachan , Cullen Skink ,Rumbledethumps , Stargazy Pie [ The fish heads sticking out of the crust was a bit much for me.]

Girl to boy, Yikes !


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On Facebook I have encountered a young Mormon woman who feels she is male. Sigh !!! And looking at her facial features, it seems likely that she has some sort of intersex issue. She is one of those women who can look female with long hair, and with short hair and perhaps a bit of Testosterone look male perhaps. As you probably already can suss out, Dad is not speaking to her and Mom is in tears. This to me is the pain road ...

Help finding a story

I've got an itching to go re-read a story but I can't seem to find it or remember its name. The main character of the story has a day job at a warehouse but spends his evening/nights playing as a faerie/pixie in a mmorpg with a team he only knows online, they start producing videos and group gets famous, then someone releases nano bots that turn every one who played into their characters.
He (now a female faerie then defeats the villain at the end of the story.
Any help on finding this story would be greatly appreciated.

thoughts and prayers appreciated


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I have been dealing with a lot of issues at the same time lately - fighting a cold, several flashbacks, a massive depression, and several worries - worry over Sharon who is dealing with an infection post having her fibroid removed, worry over my mother's stress levels as Christmas approaches, worry over my financial struggles ...

Lets just say I am really running low on spoons, and I would appreciate any prayers or good thoughts or huggles right now.


US Justice Department to support Transgender discrimination claims in litigation

US Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the Justice Department will now consider discrimination against transgender individuals to be considered sex discrimination. The full PDF of the announcement (only 2 pages) can be found here.


Hi again!


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Hi! It's been a really long time since I've written anything here.

Things have been going really well for me with my marriage and new home.

I really love the way things have changed here. A very nice job to all involved!

A couple of people have asked when I would finish my last story. I would really like to and there is a story behind it and why I haven't, and it goes back to a thing that is talked about a lot here, which is being nice about criticism.

Buon Natale & Gioioso Anno Nuovo


Merry Christmas & Joyful New Year

Frohe Weihnachten & Freudig Neujahr

Vrolijk Kerstfeest & Blijde Nieuwjaar

Kalá Christoúgenna & Charoúmenos Néo Étos

Sorry about leaving out so many but this is the extent of our collective knowledge, poor as it might be.

I had planned on waiting until next week but I'm shipping my laptop for repairs so I won't have it available to check on the site or much of anything else. I don't want to use a company computer for personal stuff.

God Bless You all.




I had to change my account. Anyway the story I'm looking for is about a teenage boy who started collage out in the mid west some where or it might been the west coast. anyway he stated dated this girl who like girls. She started dressed him up as one.I know they ending up getting married at the end and I know his mother was upset when she saw him. The thing is can't rember if it was here on BC or another site

Male milk


Anon Allsop's White Squaw has once more intrigued me about the subject of male lactation. (One or two readers may even recall that I once wrote a rather zany and futuristic story Studs make good cash cows which also dwelt on this subject.)


So my visit with friends in Germany has been and gone, i visited something like twenty Christmas market sites, collected a similar number of Gluhwein mugs and pretty much had a good time eating and drinking and just soaking up the seasonal atmosphere. I've updated the Gluhwein mug directory and the Christmas Market gazzeteer if you fancy a mooch. Of course i was accompanied by Gaby so a click here will take you to a photo gallery featuring the Wunderkind.

A message from a movie


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Do you guys mind if I stand on a soapbox for moment?

I saw the movie "Big Hero 6" today.

I had been struggling with my emotions after having a flashback, and so I decided to do something to shake myself out of it rather than stew, and so I went to the movie.

It is an awesome movie, but what hit me was the themes, which I found pretty profound for a Disney film - grief, vengeance, and justice.

Stories collide

Tomorrow, assuming that I don't have to re-edit everything again, I'll be trying something that maybe hasn't been tried before on this site. Let's just say that I'll be posting chapters from two stories at the same time. I might say more but you'll have to tickle me into submission first.


back home

Yep, me and the wunderkind are back from our jollies so rather than make you wait until Wednesday I thought you'd like a new chapter to read.

Wednesday (apart from being the works Xmas bash) will see a report on said trip, pictures of course and more stuff to read.

Until then,

A real Dom


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OK, i have switched to my subbie persona for the purpose of this blog.

i used to think that i was a bonafide subbie, and then today i listened to someone say that they always thought that they were an abused subbie, but as it turned out as she got well, she found out that she was actually an abuser, and not even a subbie or a Dom. Hmmmm. She also said that she had learned how to not manipulate people in a negative way.

Unwell - sorry no Bike tonight.

Sorry, my cold has got the better of me today and I'm going to bed, just too fuzzy to think clearly.

I've been reading some back numbers of Bike and read the part about Billie's death, it had a new poignancy in view of my experience this year. So I shed a few tears and half a gallon of sn..., I know, TMI.

Hope I feel better tomorrow,



On Radio 4 next week,'Just a Girl'.


The BBC are doing a serial of 5x 15 minute episodes about Amy, a girl who's born in the wrong body, and how her parents try and cope with it. Times in the UK Monday to Friday 11.45am repeated in the evening at 7.45pm and then available on the iPlayer site. It is a drama, but sounds quite interesting, hope there aren't too many stereotypes.

Hi Everyone,

This blog probably will be of interest to only a few here but I was concerned that whomever those individuals might be, they might otherwise not become aware of the issue.

I received a newsletter from "Writers Beware" which itemizes some disturbing verbiage in HBO's request for contributions to the Games of Thrones Compendium.

That newsletter may be seen at the below address:


Becoming Julie


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Becoming Julie: My incredible journey by Julie Clarke. I have left out a link so that readers can use this site's own one.

I was bored, and so I went to Amazon and put in the search term 'transsexual', to be given the usual deluge of crap ranging from p0rn to Janice bloody Raymond. In the middle was this book.

Major decisions on my part


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A small number might have noticed that I am no longer using the username of Payter Eketta. Well there is a reason for this. Back in June of 2012 I finally started getting treated for PTSD/Depression by the VA. My PTSD is combat-related due to Desert Shield/Storm. However, my depression has absolutely nothing to do with my PTSD. After many years of struggling with myself I am finally going to ask my Therapist for a referral to the Gender Clinic in the Jamaca Plain Campus of the Boston VA. I also had lunch with my daughter (my youngest) today and told her about my decision.


There seems to be a controversy regarding Bruce Jenner's recent appearance.

Regardless of the reality of the situation, what I find amazing is the predominant attitude reflected in the comments to that story. It's rather heartwarming, IMHO.

Gender Bender Chronicles (Promotion Started)

My wife and I have been sharing a crossdressing fetish for some time now. I would hope she loves me enough to trust in my mixing of two gender-personalities, but not to the point that she would hurt herself emotionally. That is a major contributor to me writing books that reference our guilty pleasures.

My weekend with Samantha was awesome

Well, Samantha is back home with her mother, and I can say that it was an awesome time having her here.

We watched videos, we attempted to make rice crispie square Christmas trains (and had more fun failing than I think we would have had if they had turned out perfectly), and I got to be more of a parent than I think I've been since she was born.

She's turning into a kind, thoughtful, and responsible young woman, but one who can still enjoy being silly too.

Sighs ... I already miss having her here ...

Banned in porn in the UK


I see tonight that the UK has banned 10 acts from its porn? I don't even look at it any more having enough of that running around in my own head, not that I needs much.

One matter of distress to me is that they banned "Spanking". You mean that if I came to the UK, I could no longer get a few taps on me bottom ? I never felt that what I experienced as a child was even vaugely related to any sort of affection, so what I seek now and have been completely unable to find is that gentle rat tat tat. :)

What is the world coming to?


its been a while, but im back!!!

Hey guys and gals. I know I dissapeared for like 4 months. I just lost interest in writing and really everything. I kinda got depressed but I think im past that. Ive decided to start posting some of my poetry. I know its not very good but I woild like to share it with you guys. Please check it out and let me know what you think


Greetings and Blessings for the Season

Greetings Dear Ones may the season be bright and Happy for you,. The Quads have been terrorizing the house now that they walk so well, thankfully I have it very well baby/toddler proofed. First thing they found that I forgot was lying about was JK's wprk, and they brought it too me, been reading it too them since.

My Family has changed so much over the years, yet there has always been love found here and I share the love of my family with you all.

Very Good Serial Stories


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I just started to read the Fan-Fic Whateley school for Mutants stories on the Chrystal Hall site . I am so very hooked on the action that takes place in each story. Sometimes it is nice to get a break from the stories with dress up as the main theme .
These stories have been written by great authors from the resent past and have gender flip and dress up but with action scenes .
I highly recommend them . You can find other stories here at Big Closet and on FM . I am so hooked LOL .
Hugs Richie

In an introspective mood tonight.

Just finished watching a PBS special about 50 years ofPeter Paul and Mary and got thinking about all those years behind me. Mary, of course, died in 2009 but Peter and Paul are still going strong.

A Love So Bold - My attempt at writing an actual book

So, I've written a behemoth of a book. It is well over 400kb, 100,675 words, 221 pages of 12 point type...ugh! It is currently being previewed by someone I trust explicitly, for continuity, and just plain feedback to let me know if it is worthy enough to publish. I've written some long stories, most of them are on here... I just wanted to see if I could pull off something more like an actual book.

It will probably be written in my 'other' pen name: D.L. Lanholder

Kudos, Hits and Things

I don't get many hits on my Blogs but read other blogs sometimes and comments that are posted. Hits and Kudos scores and writers concerns cropped up a few times.
I read historical stories aren't interesting to most readers and also noticed a lot of new writers and members yet a general decline in hits of all stories. There was some good advice.