Feedback, reviews and scribbling

It's snowing outside and I had some time to spare so I checked out some of the reviews on Amazon for my works.

Overall they are pretty positive, a couple clearly don't get my intent with plot lines but hey ho, you can't please everyone all of the time....

One thing that certainly did come through though was some enthusiasm for the various stories to continue. Easier said than done of course, i'd love to continue all the series in a never ending output but let's face it, that's a lot of effort and there are other things going on in my life besides writing!


OK, I'm confused. The front page seems to have undergone a major reformatting? Is this intentional? Or is it some sort of glitch.

It's extremely (IMNSHO) more difficult to find the content you want. And the sidebar listing of blog postings is gone, but not the comments. I much prefer the recent blog post in the sidebar.

Historical event - a uterus transplant!

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This amazing medical break through is sure to create a lot of interest on many levels. It should also stimulate CD/TG writer's story-lines. "For the first time in the United States, a woman who had a uterus transplant has given birth. The mother, who was born without a uterus, received the transplant from a living donor last year..."

Win 10 with a sledghamer...!

__________ Edit __________

So after removing and re-installing my browser, Window$ decide to finally acknowledge the presence of a non M$ browser and allow me to put it as a default.

Thanks for all your comments and message.

Hugs tmf

Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness
__________ End Edit __________

Hi everybody,

I just got a laptop with Win10 install..!

Keeps extending wait time


There was a problem with your form submission. Please wait 55 seconds and try again.

Went from try again to wait eight seconds, to wait 22 second to

Dear bot, my congratulations, we are done here. Don't call me I'll call you when I'm feeling less testy.
While we are on the subject. Try and rein in your enthusiasm on "You're not allowed to access that page." When I click on a story. It better be my ISP you're having a temper tantrum with.

I'll be totally surprised if you let this one through!

Gotta love the complements

I was in town for my usual weekly electrolysis treatment. Since we live 40 miles out of town we try take care of multiple errands when ever we're there. As a result, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things to save a trip into town later. While I stopped to sample some new brand of chili, a lady stopped to tell me how much she liked my blouse. :o)


Gotta love the compliment.

just when you thought......

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So, this mornings forecast wasn't great but with going away later in the week it's the Penultimate chance to top up the miles and metres. I had a route in mind, 100km out into Gaby land with a stop about halfway for a light lunch.

I'm feeling quite fit, a good session without anything too taxing so I depart at the end of the rush hour. My route has about 2km of on road tram running, i've managed to go 20 years without issue so I was quite confident of my technique.

Conclusion of Nena story

Yep, here you go, the concluding epsipode of Nena, Special Request.

I hope you've enjoyed it. As you might recall I'm currently working on the next Nena story, Tirol Time, I've got 6 chapters in the can so it shouldn't be a long wait now to get it finished.

Surgery Again :-(


Had to have a stimulator removed that they put it 7 years ago, battery stopped and I found out it wasn't doing anything so rather replacing the battery I just had it removed. All went well other than it feel like someone stabbed me as it was a deep cut not a big cut. They had to find the leads and pull them out. Other than being soar I am OK today.

Serial transformation story idea


Here’s an idea that I won’t have time to pursue (found a job, yay!): a serial, working title “128 shades of gray” featuring 128 transformations each involving one of the traits in the title of the book “The 7 Sexes: Biology of Sex Determination.” (Yes, there are such sequences; they are called Gray Codes.)

Ref; The 7 Sexes

Weather its here - or not.......

It's been a race but for the patient couple of Gaby fans I've spent the afternoon preparing and uploading the complete Summer Loving, all 300 plus pages as a single volume to Kindle, Amazon print and both Lulu formats! As usual there will be a bit of delay with the Amazon offerings.


Well yay for them, after only eight hours the Kindle version of Summer Loving part 4 is out there for you folks to see and if you like, purchase. I've never worked out why it takes Amazon so long to get submitted work up when Lulu can manage it in seconds. Still, it's there now, go into Amazon from any of the links on BC so they get a cut, search for Maddy Bell and not just this latest tome but all my works will appear for your perusal.

Yay - Book 21 completed

Well folks, I've only gone and done it, finished scrawling book 21 in the Gaby series!

That means that you should be able to get your sticky mitts on a copy from later today. The full edition Book 21 will join it on the shelves later in the week.

So here are the usual links for you

Fodder for interesting tales


For the nine to five people who go home after work turn on the TV or video games and zone out until bedtime. For those who go to parties each weekend thinking they have it made.

I suggest you DO NOT read further unless you can put this in the 'don't believe it', 'conspiracy theory' or just 'insane ramblings' categories.

Luck of the er Yorkshire person!

Yay - new Gaby posted without issue! so click on Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *32* A Time For Giving to read the next action filled epsipode from the Rheinland.

In other news;

More Gaby is with my editor, with a determined effort I will get out part four, book 21 on Sunday - fingers crossed!

What a cock up!

okay - so its late, set out terribly but it is posted, that's Special Request part 6.

It should be better but 1) I had to use a duplicate copy rather than the original as I forgot my pen drive, 2) BC crashed on me whilst I was uploading it and 3) I don't have internet time to waste trying to sort it out. So, sorry its not set out brilliantly, sorry its a week late.

I am still on track with writing Gaby, following wind complete next weekend.

HRH Princess Anne to attend Remembrance Day commemoration at British Memorial in Belgium

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HRH Princess Anne to attend Remembrance Day commemoration at The Menin Gate Memorial in Ieper Belgium. I found out about The Princess Royal attending tomorrow while waiting to lay my wreath at The Menin Gate Memorial tonight.

3rd gender in German personal papers

The highest German Court decided that it is unlawful of the Government to force people to distinguish only between male and female in their personal papers - a 3rd possibility must be made available.
An article in the German Newspaper SPIEGEL explains this further.
The Courts decision is based on the petition of a person who genetically could not be identified as male nor female but both. The ruling before was that from the very beginning an entry in the field 'sex' was required by law but the only possibilities were 'male' or 'female'.

oo er missus!

So okay, my plans for Sunday went a little awry, I ended up on a day trip to Lincoln and didn't get near a computer - you will get the next instalment of Nena soon, I promise.

Today you do at least get another Gaby chapter, A Different Christmas is up now for your delectation and delight.

In other news -

Historical event today: Danica Roem first openly transgender person elected

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Today's election in Virginia is truly historical. The ripple effects of her election will be significant, long lasting and positive. Election is acceptance. "Virginia’s Danica Roem to be first openly transgender person elected, seated in a U.S. statehouse" - The election "... pitted a 33-year-old former journalist who began her physical gender transition four years ago against a 13-term incumbent who called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee."


Well you can read the new Gaby chapter now - Pretty Maids all in row will I'm sure give everyone a few chuckles.

And finally, very much overdue I've bought a new bed, the whole kit and caboodle! I feel so adult, never done it before but I guess with a new generation coming along I really should grow up a bit!

There should be more on Sunday



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Well I feel I owe everyone an explanation for things happening or not over the last week or so.

If you recall my Mum passed back in June, it would've been her 80th birthday on Tuesday so we thought it timely to spread her ashes today. I've had to organise some odd stuff over the years but this was a difficult one. It was her wish to end things on the NYM, her favourite place, Wheeldale.

Gaby rides again

Midweek already.

Its a busy week for me, lots of bike riding (180km so far), a visit to the doctor (apparently I'm in robust health but my heart rate is quite low), some writing and - well its exhausting being me! I've still got a night out, more riding, more writing and shopping to fit in before the weekend.

Mainly massive multiparts


Just an observation which might end up seeming like a complaint;

I sometimes feel lost here, in the sense of "dying of thirst when water is all around".

I visit daily looking for an interesting story (I admit, I like the fluffier stuff), but I wonder sometimes how any new person visiting this site can get started when virtually everything on the front page is just a chapter in some huge novel.

Goodbye! (Don't Worry)


My wife has been away for three weeks. This has allowed Liz to come out to play. Crossdressing seems to have lost it's zest. And of course, passing was never going to be possible for a girl who was a linebacker in high school, and still looks the part, if somewhat heavier.

Crossdressing and haunting BCTS has been taking too much of my time. I did little else for the last three weeks! I guess I need to spend more time paying attention to my wife and farm, and to just get on with life!

Sunday Post

Is it really another week gone?

I've had a busy week on the bike despite the hidden 'help' from various weather systems!

The writing on the other hand is going in fits and starts, actually writing the new Nena is much harder than deciding on the plot so I'm somewhat behind where I wanted to be - hopefully I can get into the grove this coming week.

In the meantime you can read the next Special Request chapter here.

Categories and Sub-Categories

I am attempting to find out for want of a better term a "Pigeon Hole" for a type of magic!

As an analogy, and a very bad one at that because In the novel by Stephen King "Christine" it was possession.

The Protagonist 'Arnie', described as a nerd having poor complexion who buys a wreck of a Plymouth Fury he calls 'Christine', and proceeds to rebuild and refurbish.

In return he begins to develop a "Jock" type physique and his complexion clears up.

Summer Loving - part the third

Well I had to burn the midnight oil - in fact I finished the writing @ 11.30 last night, but I have now completed the next part of this 21st Gaby book - Summer Loving! It is of course available in the usual formats, follow the links to get your copy now!

Hollywood Studios Grew a Brain!

It looks like the studios finally grew a brain about the fact that the fractured digital landscape with buying movies electronically was actually hurting them.

Walt Disney Studios
Sony Picture Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Universal Studios
Warner Bros. Entertainment

The other shoe has dropped

Justice Dept. Says Law Doesn’t Bar Transgender Discrimination

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday ordered the Justice Department to take the position in court cases that transgender people are not protected by a civil rights law that bans workplace discrimination based on sex. The move was the Trump administration’s latest contraction of the Obama-era approach to civil rights enforcement.

Interesting couple of weeks

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Well, the last weekend of September we had our house painted. We moved in last March and have been waiting on weather to paint. First it was too wet, then too hot. Finally we got a spell of weather that was dry and moderate temperature. My pastor and his son have had a painting business in the past and had all the equipment to spray it. I was an amazing day. I've only painted with roller and brush. If I had done it that way, it would have been two weeks worth of work. As it was they showed up at ten minutes after eight in the morning.

Halloween coming up


Started a Halloween last year for 2016. Yep, it fizzled out and sits there on the computer staring at me daring me to touch it. I've hit it a couple times this past six months and added a couple pages. A couple pages! This is something new to me this past couple years. I never had to think about a story as they flowed from the keyboard to the screen and then memory.

BUT..., this isn't about me and my poor pathetic depleted mind. It is a reminder to all you writers Halloween is just around the corner. You still have time unless, you're burnt out like me, to put together a story.

its Wednesday which is Gaby day!

and here it is, Dash For It.

I'm still wrestling with Nena's holiday snaps, I don't have the photo editing suite I used to have and what I do have is pretty useless which makes any graphics stuff more work than it need be. I will sort it out but please bear with me.


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