Summer Loving - part the third

Well I had to burn the midnight oil - in fact I finished the writing @ 11.30 last night, but I have now completed the next part of this 21st Gaby book - Summer Loving! It is of course available in the usual formats, follow the links to get your copy now!

Hollywood Studios Grew a Brain!

It looks like the studios finally grew a brain about the fact that the fractured digital landscape with buying movies electronically was actually hurting them.

Walt Disney Studios
Sony Picture Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Universal Studios
Warner Bros. Entertainment

The other shoe has dropped

Justice Dept. Says Law Doesn’t Bar Transgender Discrimination

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday ordered the Justice Department to take the position in court cases that transgender people are not protected by a civil rights law that bans workplace discrimination based on sex. The move was the Trump administration’s latest contraction of the Obama-era approach to civil rights enforcement.

Interesting couple of weeks

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Well, the last weekend of September we had our house painted. We moved in last March and have been waiting on weather to paint. First it was too wet, then too hot. Finally we got a spell of weather that was dry and moderate temperature. My pastor and his son have had a painting business in the past and had all the equipment to spray it. I was an amazing day. I've only painted with roller and brush. If I had done it that way, it would have been two weeks worth of work. As it was they showed up at ten minutes after eight in the morning.

Halloween coming up


Started a Halloween last year for 2016. Yep, it fizzled out and sits there on the computer staring at me daring me to touch it. I've hit it a couple times this past six months and added a couple pages. A couple pages! This is something new to me this past couple years. I never had to think about a story as they flowed from the keyboard to the screen and then memory.

BUT..., this isn't about me and my poor pathetic depleted mind. It is a reminder to all you writers Halloween is just around the corner. You still have time unless, you're burnt out like me, to put together a story.

its Wednesday which is Gaby day!

and here it is, Dash For It.

I'm still wrestling with Nena's holiday snaps, I don't have the photo editing suite I used to have and what I do have is pretty useless which makes any graphics stuff more work than it need be. I will sort it out but please bear with me.

My favorite recent serials

Like many of us here I check frequently to see what's been posted recently. There are so many stories that I absolutely adore, but some of them I love so much and I remember so clearly that I am hoping to see a new chapter being published as I wait for the BCTS home page to appear.

Here are some of the series that I have eagerly looked forward to in recent months. Please let me know in the comments which recent series are your favorites.

the day started


out to be a bad day for with my health the way it is. being a disable vet I was up at the hospital visited my wife when I came out there was a young lady with her young son both come up to me the young boy said to thank you so much for your service. that made my day. the young must of been 4 or 5 years old.

Anon Allsop’s ‘A Love So Bold’ & the journey west

A Love So Bold by Anon Allsop is one of my favourite stories here on BC. But being English and in England and although having lived in Australia when young, you do not really appreciate the distance that waggon train that Hannah and Gideon travelled with covered to reach the Willamette Valley at the end of the story.

You think you do, but in modern times with air travel and maybe an hour long television documentary cannot really give the feel of the time or distance it took Hannah and Gideon’s little family to make the journey across America.

The Last of the Fey


It is really a very well designed and scripted story. The author stood out in individuality of content and fresh approach to well traveled story ideas. I loved the story and wish I had a chance to get to know the author. In her memory I'll send a donation to BCTS since I don't do Kindle or any electronic books. For those who do electronic readers, I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this beautiful tale.

The Last of the Fey by Denise Anesidora Trask Now on Kindle



After seeing the new comments about SEE, I decided to reread myself. The first two chapters were fine, but everything after that is blank. What gives?

I posted an update less then 30 min. after this that everything was back and sumerized there must have been a hiccup somewhere along the way. That was on my laptop/main computer. Now I'm on my tablet and that previous update is not there. :-(

made it

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To Austria after two longish daysof travel. So today is free to do whatever so we take the gondola up the local 1700m plus mountain - pretty tame really except it was snowing at the top. Not just a dusting either as we found out when we took the short scenic walk as a) it as still snowing so blanking any views and b) we were pathfinding through several inches of the white stuff on a rocky and rooty route. That meant that Dad was struggling a bit in places as he's not brilliant on his feet but we made it none the less.

Have a Train ride on Gaby’s Zug (Train)


If you would like to see the train ride (Zug) that Maddy Bells Gaby, Connie and the gang use to go to school when it is too cold to cycle (& see the cycle track they use as well!). Or the ride on to Remagen where they go swimming or Bonn where they shop. Then these three YouTube videos are for you.

The first video one starts at Ahrbruck (end of the line) to Ahrweiler. Stopping at Altenahr, Mayschob, Rech, Dernau. (20mins 37sec)

Bonus posting

Moin, moin!

well between trips I've scored a bit of internet time so Girls on Film gets to see the light of day today.

In a mere handful of hours I'm off on my travels again - to sunny and snowy Austria for nine days of 'relaxing' after a fortnight of cycling and walking!

So enjoy this little interlude and hopefully next week you'll get a bonus posting of stuff.

take care
Gruss Gut!

Tucker- Time to Continue? Please!


I was re-reading (For the umpthteen time) Ellen Hayes site of Tucker stories again tonight, and realized that it her last note was posted on Sept. 12 2013. (That's 4 years ago yesterday for the math impaired).
I would hope that Ellen would someday (Real soon, PLEASE!) choose to continue the story.
I really miss the adventures, and would really like to see how it ends.

Ellen, if you read this, YOU ARE MISSED!

New Gaby Stuff

Dressed to Kill, the next Gaby chapter is now posted.

Sorry but its likely to be another couple of weeks before the next posting as I'm away for most of the next fortnight.

Hopefully you'll get some holiday snaps from Nena, new Gaby chapter and who knows what else at that time.

bye for now


My Favorite stories on here

my favorite stories on here include the Gaby Series by Maddie Bell, The Tammy Series By Shiraz, the Lyssa Kordenay Series by Snowfall, and the US Marshals Series by Wolfjess7.

For those interested - The Tammy Series by Shiraz and the US Marshals Series by Wolfjess7 intertwine with the Lyssa Kordenay Series.

bad news!

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Yes very bad news - well for me at any rate, I'm sat here at Europoort near Rotterdam, Holland waiting to board my ride back to Yorkshire.

Yep my short sojourn to foreign land is over, i'll be the wrong side of the water in the morning and hopefully meeting Podracer for dinner Monday night.

Nena has been with me so you will likely get words and pictures next week.

So ttfn
Wish me a flat crossing


Apology for an error I made in my Texas Blog.

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Sorry, all, I did not mean to say "square miles" when I said 200 square miles; rather I meant the entire radius of the circle which brings it a lot closer to over 125, 000+ miles.
A close friend of my youngest son figured out the 9 TRILLION feet of rain water thus far, that if laid out "flat', would cover the entire US at a depth of 1.7" of water.

Apology for an error I made in my Texas Blog.

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Sorry, all, I did not mean to say "square miles" when I said 200 square miles; rather I meant the entire radius of the circle which brings it a lot closer to over 125, 000+ miles.
A close friend of my youngest son figured out the 9 TRILLION feet of rain water thus far, that if laid out "flat', would cover the entire US at a depth of 1.7" of water.

Apology for an error I made in my Texas Blog.

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Sorry, all, I did not mean to say "square miles" when I said 200 square miles; rather I meant the entire radius of the circle which brings it a lot closer to over 125, 000+ miles.
A close friend of my youngest son figured out the 9 TRILLION feet of rain water thus far, that if laid out "flat', would cover the entire US at a depth of 1.7" of water.

The hurricane flooding of Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

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Hi all,
I learned this yesterday after listening to the Attorney General of Texas telling a news reporter how to describe the current disaster area within Texas.

He said to give a person an idea of the massive area size being flooded, here is how to do it; so for all of you who live elsewhere in the world or even the USA;
Find your own location on a map of your city or nation. Pinpoint it, then draw a circle radiating out 200 square miles (321.869 kilometers) in ALL directions of the circle.

THAT is how big the area is that is presently flooded in Texas.

Today was the first day of the rest of my life......

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Today was the first day of my new job. I recently accepted a position as Director of Transportation for Belk Stores, which those of you who live in the Southeast US may recognize. I spent about half of my day in orientation, completing paperwork, and meeting people. The other half I spent discussing the position and the direction they are looking to go. I sincerely love my boss! He has basically given me Carte Blanche to do what I want as long as I get them their numbers.

Well Harvey Will you ruin my Week!


Hurricane Harvey is on his way, Lets see Loaded up on food and grabbing more, Propane Tank for the Generator is Toped off, Water filtration system is good and also have extra bottled water if needed, Vehicles are all toped off, etc...

Now if only I an not cut off with flooding and all this prep was overkill I will be happy, I hated the Ike aftermath hopefully this one will be less severe.

Richard's Update


Just an update on myself I just got back from 4 weeks in the hospital and 2 weeks rehab. I'm now on Dialysis 3 times a week, 4 hours each time, but i can now breath freely and I have lost about 45 lbs I now weigh 210 lbs the lightest, thinnest I been in several years. i
got alot of stories to read to catch up on as this 75 yr old is doing better then he has been in several years. I'll shut up now!

good news for the Gabfen

Yep, a quick heads up for all the Gabfen out there, the second part of Book 21 will be available from tomorrow in all the usual formats, Kindle, Lulu tree and digital.

I will of course post links here and there will be more free Book 15 as well.

So watch out tomorrow, be the first to read what Gaby did next!

Ciao for now

Apology to all

I wish to apologize to everyone regarding my double comments in the story comments section. I have done everything I can think of and even what others have thought of, and I still cannot stop these double comments from happening. What really makes hard, is once in awhile, I will think the issue is cleared up, because I only get one, then suddenly "here we go again" appears.
So I have come to the conclusion I either don't comment (which I really do not want to do) or just go with seeing the doubles show up.



it's strange how you can misjudge people.

I recently reposted one of those things on FB, i'm sure some of you saw it, the subject was essentially transgender use of toilets. Well much to my surprise, a friend i've known for about 20 years of work and leisure posted a reply saying it worried her which was quite unexpected as she's of very liberal politics and IME deeds. That in itself didn't bother me, each to their own.

Invisible stories


A couple of times recently a story / chapter page has had everything appear on it, except the actual chapter. All of the comments added have been there, so that I can see what I was missing, which only adds frustration to the mystery. The only recourse was to abandon the link and come back to it hours later. Is it only me (not) seeing this? Other posted items and links work, it isn't a blanket effect on the site.

It has absolutely been worth this journey to live publicly as my true self. — Pat Manuel

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An excellent read about following your dreams and working hard to be you. "A five-time amateur boxing champion whose biggest tournament ended in surrender, Manuel is just months away from his pro debut. - “I still have split seconds of not recognizing myself. But for the most part, I feel more comfortable than I ever have in my body,” says Manuel, who underwent gender-reassignment surgery, becoming the first boxer in U.S. history to fight first as a woman and later as a man.


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