Identity Crisis

Soul Sword

Soul Sword

By Blackout

Editor: Zip


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to be startled by some unexplainable power, but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.



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by Tanya Lynn

Ever since I was a kid, I loved comic books. When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class and our term paper was to write a novelette. I wrote a series of comic book stories with each chapter being what would be an issue of the comic book. I was dressing up by that time, but had never heard of transgendered fiction. I wonder if the story would have come out somewhat as what follows. I have adapted the story, but because of the intervening years, current comic book fans may see some discrepancies. My knowledge of the more current X-men comes from watching the X-men and X-men Evolution cartoons, so there may be some discrepancies there. Please don't email me with these- just go with the stories. I also loved the Firestorm character and that is the source of some of the ideas of blending the characters. I figure give credit where it is due. As always, emails and comments are welcome, as long as they are not abusive.

Momentum Shift!


Momentum Shift!

by Lynceus

Dr. Ronick was a genus. And probably insane. But like a moth drawn to a flame, I couldn't seem to escape his madness! If only things were different, I thought. In another world, another life, I could love someone like him.

Little did I realize that I was about to get everything I had wished for...and a whole lot more!

String of Pearls


Miao Ling Grace and Siobhan Llewellyn are seemingly destined to be together. The pair learn later that Grace's brother Cretein and a girl he meets in college, Justine MacNamara, are integral to that destiny in ways that defy mere coincidence.

Though my first installment is easily acceptable to general audiences, later installments will have sections meant for adults only. That is to say:
At times, this story is not safe for work and truly not acceptable reading for those under 18.

Please enjoy my first story on Big Closet and feel free to leave comments of constructive criticism. I won't cry in my tea over some good advice. 8)

- Eclectic Kitty

The Red Dress

The Red Dress
By Kelly Blake

Author’s Note: I must confess that I am a wee bit of a thief. I ‘borrowed’ this tale from an author on Crystal’s Story Site. We had corresponded and I was asked to read some of the tales. I chose “The Red Dress”. The author is Lauran Travis. I became fascinated with this tale not for what was written, but for what was between the lines. It dealt with a velvet gloved FemDom theme. But most importantly the tale dealt with a very strong and trusting love between a woman and a man. Lauran has graciously, and very magnanimously, allowed me to take this tale and make it my own. Thank you Lauran.

I must also confess that I’m terrible at proofing my own work. I wish to thank Stanman for reading “The Red Dress” and saving me the agony of correcting this tale. I also thank him, as well as Lauran, for their kind criticism and encouragement. In keeping with the author’s original story, the two main characters are never named.

This is my first story.

The Many Faces of Harry Potter 3

The Many Faces of Harry Potter

By = Fayanora


Note: Thanks, everyone who reviewed, I feel giddy from the praise! Sorry this chapter has been so long coming. Hope you enjoy!


Note two: I know this chapter follows the canon material a lot, I'm sorry for that, but I did try to avoid it. It gets better, I promise.



Chapter Three: Flamel and Murphy and Norbert and Voldy


Secondhand Life - Part 35

Mikey was quiet and somewhat sullen as we walked outside to wait for our limo. I squeezed him into a close hug.

“I know you think this is the end. It's just the end of your coming out. Your introduction. You made impressions in there. So when you come back in act two, the players will recognize you as one of their own.”

Mikey looked up at me. “Do you really believe that?”

I nodded to him and turned to Dennis, who also nodded.

“I'm family, so I'm biased. ...AND... I'm here only because you let me be your plus one on your contest prize.”

Alex & Chris Chapter 12

Alex & Chris
Chapter 12 Lord Percy.
By Sharphawlad

“Sorry I was not expecting to meet the whole family.”

Alexis held her hand out and said, Alexis Middleham or to be exact Lady Middleham. Madam Lord Percy has been on my back about having Lady Allison as a junior reporter. You have your own column called Lady Allison's column. I also have to give you a massive wage increase and he would like you to consider writing a column my life with my new family.”

Alexis, “As you can see she is very week and had to have a considerable amount of blood,”

Secondhand Life - Part 33

The limo was waiting when we landed downtown. Apparently Dennis called in a favor from Haute-Shot's bank, so we got to use their rooftop pad. On the way to the restaurant, I had a chance to brief the guys.

Slave of the Fae 13

The next morning I counted the days since I'd arrived, it was hard with how time moved so strangely. It didn't help that when I slept I spent time training with Crier, sometimes figuring out when I'd actually slept and when I'd been awake was difficult. Still, I had a pretty good guess that it was my birthday.

Mum's Encouragement Chapters 6 - 8

Chapter 6

Before long, both Sophie and I had dealt with the backlog of customers and we had a few minutes to chat

“Joe, you’re a godsend for coming in. I was getting all frazzled out here on my own, although I must admit Mrs Benson has helped out a lot this morning,” she thanked me.

“I love your shoes, Joanne. They really show off your legs, you lucky moo,” laughed Sophie.

I looked down and noticed just how well the shoes did show off my shapely legs, encased in the shiny navy tights.

I Can't Make You Love Me Novella


“I’m not a daughter, Mom….I’m not anything….”

“No, honey, you’re right about that. You’re not any thing but someone….my child, your father’s child, and I guess your father’s daughter. And we’ll figure out just what that means, okay?”

“I don’t know….I’m so….sorry, Mommy….I’m so sorry….” He kept repeating it, over and over. She continued to pat him on the back. He had nothing to be sorry for, but she spoke softly to that part of his heart that felt shameful and frightened and alone, answering each apology as it came with ‘I know.”

MB2- Momma's Children (Part 3)

MB2 - Momma's Children (Part 3)
Sequel to Momma's Boy
Miss Isabella is trying to help this family, if they like it or not. They twins are getting changed and its a question if this will bring them happines or they will be accepted

The Brat

The Brat

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Cadence Santangelo has a daunting task; fitting into a tradition that goes back for generations in her family.
A tradition made more daunting since she already feels like she'll never fit in....

MB2- Momma's Children (Part 2)

MB2 - Momma's Children (Part 2)
Sequel to Momma's Boy
Miss Isabella is trying to help this family, if they like it or not. They twins are getting changed and its a question if this will bring them happines or they will be accepted

Ilos Chapter 6

The final chapter of the book. Things come to a head for all the characters, forcing them to use the skills they have developed in the short time since the Ilos launch to survive. Tasalin and Corvid launch the raid against the corruption in the Western Forest and get more then they bargained for. Nick and Jess are ambushed by some mysterious attackers, and Aria faces off with the first boss solo.


Ilos Chapter 5

Aria explores a bit about the Ilosians and magic, then discovers her traveling companion is gone. Trying to catch him, she travels the entire day to the city of Travant, where all is not as it seems.


MB2- Momma's Children (Part 1)

MB2 - Momma's Children (Part 1)
Sequel to Momma's Boy
The long awaited sequel to Momma's Boys. Isabella know visits a boy and a girl who are unhappy. She thinks she can make them happy

Ilos Chapter 4

Nick and Jess are back in Ilos, trying to find out what happened to their friend, and meet someone new. Things are going a bit crazy on Earth, but there is much that has yet to be realized. A few new characters take the stage as well, revealing that there is much more going on than originally thought.


Debriefings 20

The Rev. Anam Chara

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

Ilos Chapter 3

David has died on Earth, his body pronounced dead when the police arrived at his apartment, but what about Ilos? A lot of things are the same about the position David finds himself in, with a few very glaring differences.


Ilos Chapter 2

The Bell tolls, taking with it some of the players, but leaving behind Nick and Jess. Nick tries to find out more by talking to the NPCs and David has vanished from Ilos, but what has happened on Earth?


Ilos Chapter 1

This is the beginning of the story of Ilos, a virtual land... or is it? Join David and his two friends as they embark on their adventure through this incredible place that is much more than it seems.


Shattered Glass 6

Carrying two take away meals, Rona walked uneasily into the Changeling wing of Poe, and saw that while the physical damage had been repaired, she and Ruth were getting some strange looks, especially the horrible UV band on Ruth. Everyone had to know what had happened. She resisted the urge to turn invisible, she had to face what had happened. Dana came up to them, since she was Absinthe's roommate she had to have heard everything.

“Hey guys, what happened today?” the girl asked, trying not to sound accusing, but not doing a great job of it.

Shattered Glass 5

Ruth went through her chemical engineering class, memorizing everything, but not really there. When the teacher, who was speaking from a far away place, gave her the projects she had to do, she took five minutes sorting out the ones that were most similar, dividing them into pairs, and setting four of them up, one on each corner of the desk. Ignoring the students around her, she worked on each of them, planning the time spent on each of them to within twenty seconds.

You say good morning

Some times you find yourself experiencing Emotional turmoil, for me it helps to vent these feelings onto the written page or in my case the typed word; sometimes those words do such a wonderful job of conveying your inter turmoil that they nag at you until you finally share them. The form these words take would cause many to worry for the person who wrote them, TO all who read this I am in no immediate danger and 39 days have dulled the hurt SO without further ado "You Say Good Morning"

For Master Chapter 4

I got home, proudly showing Mom my MID, she wasn't quite so happy, giving me a hug but fighting back tears. The sadness had been building up for several days, ever since I brought up the fact that I wanted to go to Whateley to improve my education. I had to lie and tell her I'd discovered the school from talking to other mutants on the net. With the help of several emails from 'alumni' including a letter from the Vancouver Heroes Corp. Well one of their fan groups that managed get the website name, which was enough to convince Mom they were the real thing.

Summertime for Kelly O'Meara - 1


A Continuation of Irish Intersection

Two families – both filled with hope in the midst of upheaval and change. And two girls. One not so traditional; Glynnis was a tomboy in a way and a protector in every way. And another, even more unconventional young woman; Kelly was learning about just what it means, as someone once said, to thine own self be true. But after spending most of her life living as a boy, she’s still trying to find out just who her own self actually is. Both girls love their families and each other, but those loves will be sorely tested…..

For Master

Horizons of the Heart - 26

Horizons of the Heart

By Melange
Copyright© 2013-2015 Melange
All Rights Reserved.


Jaden and her friends arrive in the elven capital city of Ral Sona, where they meet with some of Alisan's acquaintances and prepare for a most unanticipated event: a grand ball. Also, Oleander and Jaden makes new friends.

Flashback: A small village plays a large role in events that followed

South of Bikini 3: Episode 9- Things that go bump...

Resuming their original mission- that of finding Prof. Samuel’s missing Time Machine- Alex and company participate in a ghost hunt, where they provide most of the paranormal activity. How much will the Empress allow her fellow ‘poltergeists’ to enjoy the ‘witching hour’? How much will their newest sister, Akane, influence the mission? Later, Alex and Jack attend Prof. Samuels’ theoretical science lecture masquerading as her keynote speakers.

Slave of the Fae

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 5 - Lauren

Amie and Jamie
Chapter 5 - Lauren

Each student had been issued a name tag with her first name in large black lettering. We were told that the tags were to be worn as part of our school uniforms. On Friday, a dark-haired girl whose tag boldly proclaimed her name to be “Lauren” sat across the table from Amie and me. Lauren had an air of smugness about her. She seemed much more interested in the two of us than she was in eating lunch, and she kept staring at us … mostly at Amie. Finally, she asked, “Where ya’ll from?”

Suit Your Self

Gordon's purchase of a lost suitcase would change his life in unexpected ways. Actually an artifact from a different universe and time, the SuitCase tempted Gordon with the possibility of living a life completely different from his own....

Suit Your Self by Lainie Lee

Click on the link to see this Doppler Press book in the Kindle Store!

A Love So Bold - Chapter 13 - 14

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


When the sun climbed high into the sky, Hannah had found a small stand of trees to rest the horse and nurse Em while enjoying the comfort of the shade. She contentedly watched the child... her child, as she had finally accepted, nurse.

She had taken to pinning her long fiery hair up into a bun recently and removed a bonnet that Luttie had given her. This effort allowed a cool breeze to wash over her.

As her daughter suckled, she rummaged in the sack and removed a biscuit to eat. Both she and Em sat on the seat of the cart quietly eating, when an unusual sound brought the young mother to alertness.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 11 - 12

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


She approached the back of the wagon and began setting things down. After a while, Luttie climbed down and escorted a reluctant Hannah to the back of her wagon. “I’ll hold the little one for you. Get into the clothes I set out for you, everything should be there to give you at least one good outfit suitable for a young woman.”

Standing inside the wagon, Hannah began to reluctantly disrobe. She peeled herself out of the pants and ‘johns’ that Ezrah had worn and hesitated to drag up the drawers that Luttie had picked out. Once it was on, she sighed and picked up the chemise and pulled it over her head.

“Here are some stockings that were hers too…” She said as she tossed them toward Hannah. Hannah sat on the floor of her wagon and pushed her feet into the long stockings. She watched as Hannah stood and drew up the corset.

“I know it isn’t as fancy as you probably wore back in Indiana, but out here you’ll be thankful for the support that it’ll give you. Your back has to be pretty tired with the size of your bosom.”

A Love So Bold - Chapter 8 - 10

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


Tears filled her eyes as she rode into the dark, back toward the trail where she had found the canteen. In the bright moonlight, she found the trail and once again headed west. Behind her she left her former identity, a corpse forever clothed in feminine garments.

She glanced behind her; the trees and rocks were only a blackened shadow upon the horizon. Ezrah’s passing was now only marked by the pile of stone covering the young mother's body…it was too confusing! Grimly she wondered if hundreds of years from now, some archaeologist like those who have stumbled upon the strange bones of past monsters, might locate the altered bones of... Ezrah. What might they think about him, wondering why he was clothed as he had been?

She sighed, and looked down at the tiny charge asleep in her arms. She felt sorry for herself… to be so young and saddled with such great responsibility. She knew that women all over this great big world have been taking on responsibilities like this for thousands of years, so why should she be any different?

A Love So Bold - Chapter 1 & 2

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

I will try to upload a Chapter a week. The story is complete but very large - thus the reason to release it in smaller chapters. It was originally intended to be a novel, but I don't have the desire to pursue publishing. I want to thank my most trusted Editor, J.P. for all of his help on making this story be all it can be, without him, in my opinion - this story wouldn't be half as good. Hope you enjoy!

Preface: Origins of the Amulet of Asclepius

The amulet was a thin medal of hammered silver, an ancient necklace which dated back to before the time of Christ. It first came to knowledge with the early Greeks, said to have been imbued with great mystical powers, forged directly by the hands of the gods. On one side of the amulet was a clear, blue sapphire teardrop that appeared to have a sunburst deeply etched within the backside of the beautiful stone. On the reverse side was an engraving that looked somewhat similar to the Rod of Asclepius, a snake wrapped around a staff. It was believed to have been suspended on a thin but unbreakable chain, thought to have been made from woven strands of Zeus' own silver hair.


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