A Love So Bold - Chapter 43 - 46

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!

-Forty Three-

Pulling off his boots, he set them aside and then removed his pants so he was only clad in his drawers and long shirt. Hannah had removed her dress and sat in the chemise running a brush through her long hair. Gideon stretched out and watched her profile, illuminated by the soft glow from their campfire. She returned his gaze and smiled, feeling great thankfulness for his love.

He rose himself up on an elbow, enjoying the view she offered. There was a slight shadow that her form cast against her chemise; it allowed him a glimpse of her breasts as they swayed with the motion of the brush. He could already feel the telltale swelling produced from viewing such loveliness which had captivated him.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: A TG Mixed Tape


A TG Mixed Tape

(Curated by PersnicketyBitch)

A young woman is singled out of superherodom, but is having none of it. A group of teenagers disturb a malicious spirit. A radical plan to improve the American political process. Hit play on the last TG Mixed Tape for 2015 for all these stories and more, featuring contributions from Efindumb, Ellie Dauber, Desert Willow, Misaania, Jenny North, Callie Messenger, Person42, Hikaro, Shauna, Trismegistus Shandy, kandijayne, Desert Willow and Anon Allsop

Blue Moon


On the night of the Blue Moon, the Devil in Drag walks the Earth granting wishes and causing trouble.

Two young roommates deal with moonlight, music and magic in a gender-bending,
heart-stopping, romantic romp through Hollywood.

Blue Moon

New edit, new cover and new paperback edition as well as Kindle edition at only 99 cents!

If you buy the paperback for $10.99, you can download the Kindle edition for free.

Elemental Awakening: Fire


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Elemental Awakening: Fire

By Blackout

This is a new storyline I had in the back of my mind for a while I started writing it and continued until I decided to post this first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Kyle Thorn loved the out doors and the Grand Canyon. Little did he know he was chosen for something greater. A destiny he could not run from. The future may be unclear but if he does nothing the world will surely fall into Chaos!

Soul Sword

Soul Sword

By Blackout

Editor: Zip


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to be startled by some unexplainable power, but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.


The Confederation, a group of independent worlds bonded together for mutual trade and defence, have a dirty little secret in how they make their trading ships - hijacking the souls of dead transgendered. Please follow one subject's rebirth into the Confederation.

 ©2011 Salrissa Jenkins

Watery Tales (AquaGirl)

Watery Tales

(The life and times of Lorena Marquez, aka AquaGirl)

by mittfh

Copyright © Ben Norwood 2010-2011

Creative Commons License

Mark Foster is terrified of water.
So what's he doing on a cross-channel ferry... the bottom of the sea...

With thanks to Lilith, Lynceus and EnemyOfFun - you know your roles in producing this!


Image credits:
  Original: DC Comics
(found @ ComicVine)
  Modified: mittfh

Red Shoes

Red Shoes
by KaylaKayKee

These are the diary notes of a young man whom after taking a summer job experiences changes beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. It also suggests that there may be magic out there, not in the form of dramatic hocus-pocus but a more subtle one.

And sometimes that magic can come from something as inconspicuous as a pair of — Red Shoes.



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“The only thing I wanted out of Ovid was out of Ovid.”
“Male–female–it didn’t really matter as long as I got the hell out of Ovid.”


Visitors to a strange town in Oklahoma frequently end up changed.

The Maiden's Curse

After hiding in a mummy's case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing? And do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat that's fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artifact that is crucial for the world's survival is now in the hands of Bob. Is he man enough for the challenge?

The Maiden's Curse

by Prudence Walker

The Venus Touch

The Venus Touch
by Melanie T

Edited by Kristine Roland

When Ron spent the night with a strange woman, he never thought his life would be changed so much. Caught up in a web of sorcery and lies, Ron, who is now a woman named Ronnie must face a world of magic she never knew existed.

Hunted by powerful forces and aided by uncertain allies, Ronnie has to unravel the mystery of her transformation.

Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 32

Drew & the Half Term Break
by Sharphawlad
A Gabyverse fanfiction

Chapter 32 Prima & the Hermitage

Prima continues to talk to the dog. Beatrice came & got Prima the great dog growled as Beatrice laid her hand on Prima.

Beatrice, “Calm down I am not going to hurt you.”

Alex & Chris Chapter 19

Alex & Chris
By Sharphawlad

Chapter 19 Jade & Girls dance at Leeds Grand Theatre.

Jade, “Astrid the dance they want you to do is the one where I spin then you spin and I catch you in the air.”

Astrid, “Like we did for the old lady in the shop.”

Jenny, “Could you do it for me now?”

Jade spun & so did the other three followed by Astrid's leap into Jades arms.”

A Love So Bold - Chapter 39 - 42

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!

-Thirty Nine-

In deep slumber, Hannah lay near Gideon, soaking his warmth as the air had cooled overnight. Her dreams that night were enveloped in warm sunshine as she walked across a sea of beautiful blue flowers, with her long red hair drifting in a gentle breeze.

She stood upon a small knoll overlooking the wagon train. Her feet were comfortably bare. Below she could see Gideon and Cade hitching their mules for the day's ride. She didn’t know where Emma was, but assumed she was safely tucked away inside the wagon.

Like an ancient goddess of Greek lore, she stood like a sentinel on that knoll. As still as a statue, the long yellow skirt drifting in the breeze, her fiery tendrils seemed to have a life all their own. The stark white bodice she wore seemed to carve out the sky, its bow with the long ribbons floating just off her shoulder. Next to her beauty, the landscape around her appeared barren and desolate.

The Many Faces of Harry Potter 3

The Many Faces of Harry Potter

By = Fayanora


Note: Thanks, everyone who reviewed, I feel giddy from the praise! Sorry this chapter has been so long coming. Hope you enjoy!


Note two: I know this chapter follows the canon material a lot, I'm sorry for that, but I did try to avoid it. It gets better, I promise.



Chapter Three: Flamel and Murphy and Norbert and Voldy


Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 31

What the rescuers find when the morning comes. Probably some more campfire tales!

This chapter ends this second book. The next one is being written. I want to thank Bill and Asheligh for their help and to those that PM'd me. I also want to thank everyone for reading and your comments.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 34 - 38

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!

-Thirty Four-

Hannah and Cade watched Gideon and Charles stand off to the side and discuss the fee for the wagons to ride across the Green; from the looks on their faces they were not happy. She removed her bonnet and held it in her hand, quickly looking back toward a sleeping Em. "Papa doesn't look too happy, does he?" Cade whispered.

"No honey, he does not." She sighed, as the man continued to gesture toward their wagon. Gideon shook his head and waved him off, then turned and stormed back toward the wagon, Charles and the man exchanged words before he too headed back.

Gideon's expression was of a man who didn't like what he had heard. He climbed up into the wagon and sat staring at the man, his jaws flexing in anger. "Well?" Hannah, asked, breaking the sullen silence.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 30

Where-oh-where can Atalanta be? The school and the Reservation is in a panic looking for her. Another exciting chapter as our heroine goes missing! LOL! Melodramatic yes but it is a lot of fun.

Xìngbié; part 6 (of 12): Know who your Friends are

“Um… shit.”

Nat stood at the end of the lunch line with his tray, looking out at the cafeteria and feeling unusually confused.

He had no idea where to sit.

Fighting the knot in his gut, Nat looked for a familiar face. He spotted Gavin sitting with his friends at a table, but it looked like it was full. Besides, how awkward would that be? Sure, Gavin and he were friends, but they didn’t really share friends. Nat would just be intruding.

There came a tap on Nat’s shoulder. He looked around to see Emily, from his next period, standing there with a tray in her hand as well.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 30 - 33

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!


For three straight weeks the wagon train pushed on, battling their way through the great Continental Divide, always heading toward the Willamette Valley. The terrain was very rocky, forcing them to set up block and tackle to haul the wagons over particularly steep inclines, and then down the deep ravines.

Often they would take their teams down separately and the men would work the ropes and slowly guide each of the wagons down alone. It was safer this way, but often mishaps could and did happen.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 29

As Atalanta prepares for another run up the Devil's Washboard and Christmas Eve day's festivities she borrows a horse and goes exploring the forest. Later at the party....

The Decaying World: Proof of Concept

This world reeks. I’ve been here for three months and in that time I noticed that everyone here is pretty much a zombie. Not the average everyday eat your face zombie, more like they just shuffle about and don’t really pay attention to their surroundings or each other. Turns out they’re being controlled on top of that, I just don’t know how yet.

Xìngbié; part 5 (of 12): Gender Confusion Sunday

There came a sharp rapping at the bedroom door.

“Nat,” his mother called through the door, “I’m going out to Burger King. Do you want your usual?”

“Sure, mom,” Nat replied.

His mother had distracted him, but not from his homework. He was standing in the middle of the room with his shirt off, looking down at his waist. His hips seemed… wide, and his pants clung tightly to his legs. It had been hard to get them on for some reason. And sitting down was almost uncomfortable. But this was the third pair of pants that he’d tried on, and they were all like that. The only ones that were even a little bit loose didn’t come all the way down to his ankles.

MB2- Momma's Children (Part 3)

MB2 - Momma's Children (Part 3)
Sequel to Momma's Boy
Miss Isabella is trying to help this family, if they like it or not. They twins are getting changed and its a question if this will bring them happines or they will be accepted

A Love So Bold - Chapter 26 - 29

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!

-Twenty Six-

Crawling out from under the wagon, Hannah struggled to rise up; looking about in the early light of morning, she could not see any sign of Gideon. She was feeling out of sorts, as she made her way to the fire to replenish the wood to begin cooking their breakfast.

Arden climbed down from her wagon and came to assist Hannah. “You look a mess this morning, did you have trouble sleeping?”

Mana Fire - Chapter 1


Mana Fire

Mana Fire
by Ken Ryker


Chapter 1:
Dirty Deeds

Eternal darkness waits on the edge of reality, threatening to devour everything it touches. Unbridled wrath burns in the heart of an untested immortal with a tortured past. An army of acolytes rises to reshape the world in the vision of its fanatical mistress.

The only hope for salvation lies in the soul of a young girl who is only beginning to learn the truth of herself. Can she unravel the mystery within before these forces clash in a titanic struggle that will burn the world?

Note: This story has a prologue that was posted a while ago. If you haven't read that, you can find it here: Mana Fire - Prologue


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