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Harriet Stow, actress, returns

Ridiculous though it sounds, my heart rate is raised as I write this. Quite frankly I'm suffering from author's nerves. After my first two novels about Harriet Stow, namely "The Might- Have-Been Girl" and then "All the World's a Stage", I took a few months off writing. However, Harriet and Reggie's story was not finished, so now I've embarked on Episode Three, "There is Nothing Like a Dame", thus publishing my first trilogy.

Canine transfurite?

OK, this is just a bit of my warped sense of humour. I recently bought a copy of the original 1943 film 'Lassie Come Home' and decided to do a Google search about it. First, although it's set in northern England and Scotland, it was actually shot in the USA - not surprising I guess as Britain was a bit preoccupied with World War Two at that time and America hadn't yet signed up. Secondly, the title role which from the name is obviously a female dog (I won't use the b... word) was played by a male dog called Pal of the breed called a Rough Collie.

Apologies to loyal 'Harriet' readers

An apology to the loyal readers of "All the World's a Stage" - I'm not trying to drag out the suspense (promise!) but I may not post Chapter 51 today as it's not finished nor checked over. I'll try to post in a day or two, or by some miracle it might still appear today!
Bronwen Welsh

Transgender 'Jazz Jennings' doll

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Jazz Jennings, now aged 16 who was one of the youngest children to be documented as transgender at the age of about five is the inspiration for a new doll to be made in limited edition by the Tonner Doll Company of Kingston N.Y., with the full support of Ms Jennings. You can read the full article in the New York Times here:

Further update on Karen Lockhart


Karen is still in hospital and doesn't have internet access so asked me to let everyone know that she is much better and hopes to go home this Tuesday. She's looking forward to seeing her cat; also catching up on various BC stories and starting to write again. I know we are all looking forward to reading more about the adventures of Ellen and Ginny in the sequel to "Gene's Story".

Update on Karen Lockhart

An update on Karen's condition from her cousin says that she is making good progress but may have to spend some time in rehabilitation. She was really quite sick and is still not well enough to receive and respond to messages. I will pass on any messages via her cousin, and I'm sure we're all keeping our fingers crossed for her to make a full recovery.

News on Karen Lockhart

Karen Lockhart has asked me to let readers of her stories know that she is not well at present. She's in hospital ICU with respiratory issues but is stable. However there may be a delay in starting her next story - 'Ginny's Story' which is the sequel to 'Gene's Story'.

I'm keeping in regular touch with her cousin and will report any developments.



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