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Burning Bright Part-3

Burning Bright
Part Three


Shiloh Pierce made a life out of being nearly invisible to people around him but when a strange solar phenomena changes the whole world, Shiloh finds his invisible life gone.


Little Boy-Girl On The Run 1 (Darit) from the Russian Mob

Special Thanks to LadyDragon623 for this crossover and the help.

Note this story takes place after the School for Transgendered,
Cross-Dressers and Teen Babies was rebuilt in part six

Speaking Of Rereading Bailey

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Well, while I'm incapacited I've been rereading a number of Bailey's stories, they hold up well in the rereading, if I do say so myself!

I was rereading "Images" and I discovered that Chapter 55 is missing. I checked with Bailey and discovered that not only is 55 missing, Bailey lost the backup when there was a computer crash.

Doctor's Log 2 "Surprise!"

Doctor’s Log 2 “Surprise!”

Excerpt from the personal log of Doctor Dorothy “Dottie” Bellion:

Stardate: Classified.

I think a certain captain may have missed her calling in life, and should have been a counselor.

See, I had been feeling rather down lately. I had just marked another birthday, and afterward I found myself taking stock of my life, and wondering if I in fact really had accomplished anything of value in my time in this universe.

South of Bikini 5: Episode 7- Celestra

Alexandra Reilly and her sisters return to Atlantis where they lend their assistance and their gifts to rectify some discrepancies, events, and shortfalls pertaining to the gigantic ship’s preeminent day.


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