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The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 3

Some experiments are supposed to fail..

The Brain-Jacked Chronicles


Part 3

by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2016 Melanie Brown

The Coven

fourgirls.jpgThe Coven
by Anon Allsop

Here is another story I found of mine, so I knocked the dust off of it. She's old, but I think worthy enough to post.

The four girls sat high in the bleachers watching the two men leaning against the fence that separated the fans from the players. Of the girls, one was desperately hurt and enraged at one of the spectators below. The boys were watching the game yelling encouragement to their friends on the team oblivious to what was transpiring a mere twenty feet above their heads.

Keeping it a Secret: Summertime Chapter 18

I would have peed immediately upon seeing him, but I just managed stand there a little shocked. "Hey," he began, "I've seen you. Wait we bumped into each other Sommerville shopping centre last year." I still stood dazed. "Your from Dormville right? He reached out his hand. "I'm Jonathan, but everyone calls me Jon." It took me five seconds before I returned the handshake. Does he know who I am? Are my breast forms still stuck on? Face feminine? Body? Wig still attached?

"You two met," Lauren interjected.

Marley for the Win Part 3

Marley for the Win Part 3

Marley in his sisters old kit.

Marley paused before turning the corner and entering the busy downstairs bathroom corridor again. He was losing his nerve, he was feeling a bit dizzy and grabbed a railing along the wall. Marley was a shy boy, he didn’t like drawing attention to himself, and he had always harbored a great fear of humiliation. “I can’t do this,” he said and turned around to head back up and get out of this ridiculous costume.

Goodbye Sun Chapter 1

Part 1

New York

Anthony stared at the mirror, trying to ignore the sounds of the school that echoed in the hallway and into the small bathroom. His perfectly cut blonde hair matched school regulations, not touching his collar. A year ago he'd had a ponytail that reached well below his shoulders, he'd managed to man up and not cry when it was cut off on his fourteenth birthday to meet the high school regulations, but he desperately missed it whenever he combed his hair.

The Decaying World: Kiranim

Sparrow sat at a table in the cafeteria reading the girl’s diary. She was quite the information gatherer. If the diary was anything to be believed, Kiranim grew up in another world. Homeless but still finding a purpose in life. This thing call Free Running. Which, up till now, kept her safe and out of trouble. This Jeril seemed to have a positive effect on her. The more she read, the more engrossed in the girl she became. Until the point she didn’t notice Hawk behind her.
“You’re really into that diary.” Hawk announced his presence, causing sparrow to jump. “Sorry.”

Xìngbié; part 10 (of 12): The Final Step is Acceptance

Nat probably should have known better than to agree to go to the mall with his friends the day after his date with Gavin. Surprisingly, though, Nat’s mother was actually allowing him to go. She’d even given him one of her old purses to carry his wallet in, since Nat didn’t have a purse of his own. Maybe his mother had finally realized that Nat needed to spend more time with his friends outside of school.

Somewhere Else Entirely -140-

With the quarantine now lifted, the crew of the Vasco da Gama finally get to explore Anmar. However, the questions keep multiplying with the answers seemingly too incredible to accept. Then King Keren invites them to a session where he reveals that, two hundred and five years ago, the royal family made a pact with aliens, Vast Multidimensional Beings...

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

140 - The Secret Pact

Mercy Chapter 8

Mercy Chapter 8

Faith said, “Talia, please go get help.”

“On it.” Talia said, and started inching away.

Trying to keep the man from noticing Talia, Faith launched herself into the air, and confronted him.

“Are you the one responsible for this chaos? Did you send that poor creature to kill me?”

“That poor creature is a hell hound. And he wasn’t going to kill you, just hurt you - a lot.”


“Because you have something that belongs to me, and I want it.”

The Vandal

broken-stone.jpgThe Vandal
by Anon Allsop

You may have read this before, I just wanted to have this story linked to my author page.

A car pulled to a stop along a desolate road and turned off the lights. "I don't want to do this, I can't afford to get into trouble - my folks will kill me!"

"Quit being a pussy and come with us!" The drunken teen tossed a bottle out the Ford's window and opened the passenger door. "Come on Abbs, he's obviously not got the nerve to have some fun. Wait here, we won't be long." He picked up the remaining beers and staggered away from the car.

Marley for the Win Part 2

Marley For the Win Part 2

Lisa and Ann both stepped back and looked at Marley then looked at each other. They had never really thought about it but with his longer hair it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for him to look like a girl. He was 13, but his body hadn’t really changed from puberty, even his voice hadn’t changed.

“It’s the clothes,” his sister said, “That black jersey isn’t going to work, we’re going to have to change it.” Lisa nodded and crossed her arms, then looked into the back of the van.

“I guess it’s still in there,” Lisa said.

Crush Alternate U

Ever watch something you can see perfectly start moving so fast it disappears? Yeah, well propellers on airplanes and machinery does that. What is speed? Is our world balanced on speed, vibrations, harmonics, gravity and many other equations? I told John my story and he didn't believe me so I'm sharing it with you. Of course you won't believe me either.

The Crush: Opposite + Coming Out Day

by ***Sigh***

******Randi was prepared for the worst. She didn't expect the H-Bomb.****************

The Crush : Always first.

Diane Bradley was always first.
First for wear a Bra in Junior School.
First to get suspended for wearing too much make-up.
First to get suspended for wearing too high heels to school.
First to get suspended for wearing skirts that were almost indecently short AND stockings.
First to get her Nose Pierced.

The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - Fugitive! - Part 2

Some experiments are supposed to fail..

The Brain-Jacked Chronicles


Part 2

by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2016 Melanie Brown

It's helpful to read The Brain-Jacked Chronicles - The Too Sucessful Experiment as well as part 1 of Fugitive! before reading. -- Ed

The Crush: Patty’s Dilemma

The Crush:
Patty’s Dilemma

By Patricia Marie Allen

God, I just have to realize/accept that I’m not like other girls. All my friends at school are into the jocks, the BMOCs of the school. Not me. As a matter-of-fact, I’m not sure I’m in to guys at all. I mean, I can’t see myself doing all the things that lesbians do with each other, but when my friends talk about what they want to do with the guys they want to be with, I can’t see myself with one of their heartthrobs doing that kind of stuff either. It’s then, while they’re extoling the virtues the manly men they’re crushing on that I wonder if I’m a lesbian.

The Crush Chantilly Lace meets El Toro de Goro

The Crush ... Chantilly Lace meets El Toro de Goro

by Jennifer Sue

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She was just turning off Oak Street onto 2nd Street, clearly walking towards the high school for the first day of my senior year. I’d never seen her before... she had to be a new student. I wonder when she moved in and where. It had to be within three or four blocks! The wiggle of her innocent tush made her pleated skirt enticingly swirl about her knees which grabbed me between my legs as I followed a few feet behind her. The way her ponytail bounced and swung was equally enticing. What were the words of that old song? A smile filled my face as I recalled the tune.

Chantilly lace... and a pretty face... and a pony tail... a hangin' down
A wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk... makes the world go round
There ain't nothing in the world like a big eyed girl to make me act so funny make me spend my money
Make me feel real loose like a long necked goose... like a girl, oh baby, that's what I like!

The Crush - The Crunch

PKB_003b.jpgThe Crush – The Crunch
By Kelly Blake

If you’re going to have a crush, it might as well be a big one. I mean half the girls I knew crushed on Leo DiCaprio and the other half on Johnny Depp; although I’ve heard hygiene is an issue with Johnny. Maybe he should be married with fourteen kids or a school teacher who pays a wee bit of attention to a lonely student and drives a sports car.

The Crush: In for a Penny

The Crush: In for a Penny

They say twins can read each other’s minds, and maybe that’s true.

My sister Paige can sure read mine, even if we’re only fraternal twins, not identical.

Like the fact that long before I could say the words, she knew I felt more like a girl and not like a guy at all. She even was the one who decided my real name should be Penny, and not the Peter I was named at birth.

Eventually, we told Mom and Dad, but I hadn’t gone any further than that.

But that changed today.

Sooners Than Later's Part 5

Sooners than Later’s Part 5


I’m actually doing something that my mother had done and likely her mother had done or dad’s mother had done but I’m doing it too. And I know it’s weird to even think that it’s such a like good thing because of the whole girls in the kitchen thing and all of that and I actually believe in being feminist and that those old stereotypes suck.

But they don’t so much right at this moment to me.

Demon Cheerleaders (part 4)

my friend and I decided to snoop on cheerleader little did I know I would become a the daughter of the Satan Himself and turn the cheerleader all into demon Cheerleaders and slowly change the men into women

4 Jake the jock and more minions and cheerleaders

The Crush: Connecting

"Will, what do you think, should we put some makeup on Gordon?"

I looked over to the next workstation at Sara, Joanne, Liza and Gordon, "Gods no, every time I look at him as is I have to remind myself he is a guy, doing that would make it even harder."

"What is wrong with that?"

The Crush: Josh the Mermaid


The Crush: Josh the Mermaid

by Erin Halfelven


“Huh. Hannah is certainly looking hot tonight,” I mentioned to Mike.

He looked where I was looking, at the girl in the mermaid costume talking to Darryl Marsh, and scoffed. “That’s not Hannah.”

Demon Cheerleaders( Part 3)

my friend and I decided to snoop on cheerleaders little did I know I would become a the daughter of the Satan Himself and turn all the cheerleader into demon Cheerleaders and slowly change the men into women

3 The Party and more Minions for Demon Witch Jade

A New Finn Part 11 Finale

Chapter 28
Sunday morning John drove over to the Nashua Street Jail, the current home of Roland Finn. With him was Anne Connors and Kennedy Pena. Kennedy was orchestrating the meeting’s fallout and eventual investigation, Anne was there to get the dirt on social services, while John was there to get Roland to speak.

Demon Cheerleaders (part 2 )

my friend and I decided to snoop on cheerleaders little did I know I would become a the daughter of the Satan Himself and turn all the cheerleaders into demon Cheerleaders and slowly change the men into women

part 2 was our cheerleader snooping planned

Debriefings 21

The Rev. Anam Chara

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

On a Ring and a Prayer

On a Ring and a Prayer
By Ellie Dauber

Cathy Reinhart looked up from the letter. "Johnny! Johnny, you get out here at once."

When he didn't come out of his room, she went in after him. He was sprawled out on the bed reading some magazine. She didn't have to look past the naked woman on the cover to know what kind of magazine. He still wasn't paying attention, but between the pictures in that magazine and the earphones, she wasn't certain if he even knew she was there.


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