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The Last Water Nymph Chapter 5


Where is this place?
What am I doing here?
Why am I here?
What happened to me?

To be lost in the world,
How could this happen to me?

The Life and Death of
The Last Water Nymph

Chapter 5: The City of Sulsuk
By Shinieris

Jamie's Story: Part 1 - Chapter 2

"Why the hell are you dressed as a girl?" Jessica looked me over.

"I told you," I sobbed, "I turned into a girl!" Jessica didn't believe me.

"Take off that wig!" She tried to remove my hair.

"Ow!" I screamed. "That's my hair!" I started crying, and I rubbed my head.

"Oh, sorry. I thought it was a real wig." She looked a little closer. I was crying. "You're hair is real."

"Yeah, and so is this," I pulled down my pants and showed her my new girl parts.

"Jamie, I didn't know. I'm sorry."

Hey, Little Girl

Hey, little girl

Hey, little girl.

Right now, you’re 9 years old, and you’ve had to survive some pretty awful stuff already, so I think you need a present.

And here it is.

You are amazing. You’re so strong to have survived what you’ve gone through, you’re smarter than you give yourself credit, and you’re beautiful, even while disguised as a boy.

Yes, I said beautiful. I know what you’ve been told, especially by HIM, but you really are beautiful, and worthy of being loved.

Little one part 1 & 2

Hello boys and girls, and my favorite sissies. I have been here and there and enjoyed the Christmas holidays, I hope, and pray all of you have also. I am back from my sabbatical and in the mood to tell you a story. Yes, I know I have several story’s that are not complete, but here is another new one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Magic of the Kingdom - 9 - Home Again


Josh Peterson has just scored the job of a lifetime - or at least the best job he can hope for without leaning on his parents for references - as a janitor at The Magic Kingdom, but when fate intervenes and he finds himself alone with the costume of his favorite Pixie Hollow character, his life takes a whole new turn.

Secondhand Life - Part 19

By the time we got back to the hotel it was pretty late. I had an email from Mikey asking me to wake him up and tell him how the pirate stunt went. I decided to let him sleep, knowing there would probably be some third party coverage by morning, with that many tech folks in one room, my speech was probably already on You Tube.

I asked Dennis whether he thought it was too late to call Doctor Dale. He seemed to think the call could wait until morning.

So I had all sleepless night to toss and turn and wonder what Doctor Dale wanted to discuss.

A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years. Chapter 11.

Been a little slow lately, and I have no excuse. At least, not one I can share. Anyway, have some Min! In this episode we find out Min has more to fall back on than just science.



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