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Summer of Love - Part 12

Things were settling into a groove. ...or actually a set of parallel grooves. Life was kind of mellow and comfortably predictable. Until finally Colin saved up enough and he and Kesey set back out on the road.

And I found myself in jail.

Alex & Chris Chapter 26

Alex & Chris
By Sharphawlad

Chapter 26 Mrs Harris

Back at home Saskia and the others were pushing Terri round the garden when Terri spotted a woman with a very scared girl in tow. “Saskia have you the phone I need to speak to Miss Tilly. Miss Tilly we have a Mrs Harris with a girl in the grounds I thought you had better know.”

Angela came running down. “Where are they?”

Saskia, “The other hobbits are following them. They went that way have we to go back to the manor?”

Drew & the Half Term Break Chapter 34c

Drew & the Half Term Break
By Sharphawlad
A Gabyverse fanfiction

Chapter 34c Old Salt Again


The old fisherman was near the lifeboat station & noticed the arrival of Robyn & her horde of girls. He greeted Robyn; “Na then Lass tha is fair thronged with lisle lasses. Are yea about t lake on sands.”

Robyn, “I was going to start with a game of Volleyball.”

Old fishermen, “Na lass if I was like those young'uns I would want to get the sand castle built afore the tide comes in.”

Quoth the Raven Chapter 4 That Does Compute

Chapter 4: That Does Compute


If the toddler found a word in the internet research he didn’t understand, he looked it up on online dictionaries. What was even more amazing was that he remembered what he read, understood what he read and most impressively was able to integrate what he learned. In front of his family he dropped the baby talk and spoke as well as an honors highschool student.

The family was more than a bit unnerved by Jenken’s sudden explosion of knowledge and understanding. The lad let them be concerned but greatly tamped down their worry.

Jenken spent his computer time researching brain anatomy to fill in the gaps he discovered in Dr. Green’s knowledge. After all, as a pediatrician she had knowledge and understanding of the brain, but that was far from what a neurologist knew. But what Jenken gleaned from her knowledge guided his research to fill in the gaps and expand on what he’d learned.

Secondhand Life - Part 37

I was in the lobby of the spa 'waiting for my ride'.

In truth, my ride was discreetly nearby, waiting for ME. And I was waiting for Matt. I had given him the address and he had assured me that he would be here shortly.

While I was thumbing through an old issue of Conde Nast Traveler, my phone chirped.

It was Matt. He was outside. Apparently once he saw that the address I had given him was a beauty spa, he decided that he could not step inside. I shook my head and chuckled at the thought. I texted for our car and then texted Matt.

Jenny’s Story – 3

Brian, wanted to get in touch with his feminine side, and hopefully get some help in doing so. Most of all he wanted to see himself look like a convincing girl in his own way of thinking. He never imagined or planned what happened.

Making of a Family Part 7- Finale

Chapter 15- Tanya
I was released a week later. I was still weak but well enough to start taking care of the children again. James did most of the work, not wanting me to push myself too much. He treated me like a queen, caring for my every need while the kids helped with the housework.

Julina of Blackstone - 057 - Ground and Paper Works

Decisions, decisions; dusty and dry

Julina of Blackstone
Her Chronicles, Book 2

by Julia Phillips

057 – Ground and Paper Works

William Priest Grand Thane

William Priest My Disastrous Day.
By Sharphawlad

I am William Priest, Grand Thane and companion to Harold the Godless. This is a diary of what has befallen me and my companions the last few days.

Today Harold the Godless has received notification that his brother Tostig has sided with Harold the Hard King of Denmark and they have taken the Northern capitol of Yorvik. Harold has called for all his housecarls. We are to march to Yorvik and meet the invaders.

A Love So Bold - Chapter 43 - 46

LoveSoBold_0.jpgA Love So Bold
by Anon Allsop

The story continues - Hope you enjoy!

-Forty Three-

Pulling off his boots, he set them aside and then removed his pants so he was only clad in his drawers and long shirt. Hannah had removed her dress and sat in the chemise running a brush through her long hair. Gideon stretched out and watched her profile, illuminated by the soft glow from their campfire. She returned his gaze and smiled, feeling great thankfulness for his love.

He rose himself up on an elbow, enjoying the view she offered. There was a slight shadow that her form cast against her chemise; it allowed him a glimpse of her breasts as they swayed with the motion of the brush. He could already feel the telltale swelling produced from viewing such loveliness which had captivated him.

Just Another Day.

Just Another Day.



A Gaby fanfic.

“C’mon kiddo, get your bum in gear,” Dave called from downstairs while his sleepy offspring stumbled about upstairs trying to dress himself. He’d been doing it on his own since he was about four years old, so it seemed reasonable for his father to expect him to be able to cope in reasonable time. Obviously he wasn’t, hence a second summons from below.

Momma, momma what am i doing in a hospital? Part 3

Mommy, mommy what am I doing in a hospital
By Princess Pantyboy

Me, Kelly 9-year old boy
Beth 17-year-old big sister
Miley 5 -year-old little sister

Authors note: I hope everyone is enjoying my newest story I put a few paragraphs from the end of Part 2 to make it an easier read.

Hope you enjoy my story!

wishful thinking

Just wish that for one day I could be a girl. Would love to wake up and stretch out and see a nice pair of breasts. Nothing to large maybe a nice c cup. Then reach down and find a vagina where my balls use to be. Run my hand over a nice hair less pubic mound in their place. As I explore the rest of my new body and notice that there is no hair. And the new skin is so soft and sensitive it feels like heaven. The touch of a finger on the lips are almost to much for my mind to comprehend. The sexual excitement that follows is amazing from just a touch.

Blue Moon


On the night of the Blue Moon, the Devil in Drag walks the Earth granting wishes and causing trouble.

Two young roommates deal with moonlight, music and magic in a gender-bending,
heart-stopping, romantic romp through Hollywood.

Blue Moon

New edit, new cover and new paperback edition as well as Kindle edition at only 99 cents!

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New Beginnings


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Jaimie, Michael, and their friends are in the 8th grade now. John starts to teach regular students and finish his degree. The kids do something so bold for someone that it is both shocking and wonderful. Jaimie starts to act like a young woman while Michael struggles to see her as such. Rebecca comes into her own. John gets a gift that many wanted him to have while encountering his opposite in teaching.

Glimpses - intro


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TG Universes & Series: 

I have a number of scenes and sequences for a set of inter-related characters in the Whateley universe.

Some are complete scenes. Others are plot threads spread over days or weeks. They'll eventually be split up into pieces to get mixed into other scenes. But even as is they do tell segments of the overall story.

I've decided to post them under this "title" partly because even as is they may entertain or amuse folks. and partly to see if anybody notices any horrible goofs.

I'll add a sort of character list when enough are posted.

TopShelf's 2015 Summer Vacation Getaway! Story Contest


Entry Submission Dates are from March 15, 2015 until May 22, 2015.

Voting on the Submissions should tentatively occur between May 24, 2015 through May 31st, 2015(midnight Pacific Time),
with the Winner Announcements on June 1, 2015.

The Prizes are: 1st Place $100 x 2, 2nd Place $75 x 2, 3rd Place $50 x 2.
(prizes subject to increase with notice!)


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