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Jessica's Story - Part 14

Jessica's Story – Part 14

Jessica and Sandra are looking forward to their joint birthday party, which is now just days away. Not only is Jessica set to celebrate her birthday as a girl for the first time, but they will have 2 of their cousins from up north joining them.

But while they await the day, they are given the opportunity to say hello to their soon-to-be aunt, Carol.

Anne has to begin the preparations for the party early, since she is joining Sally on a 500+ mile round train journey to collect Michael and Emma.

Somewhere Else Entirely -133-

It is the day that all of Palarand has been waiting for, the day when Garia, Baroness Blackstone, is married to Keren, Crown Prince of Palarand and becomes his future Queen. Unfortunately, it is also the morning after a violent night before, when an intruder was slain barely strides from where she was sleeping. Can she put this distraction aside and make her day a happy one?

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

133 - Princess of Palarand

Michelle's Story - Part 9

Michelle's Story - Part 9

The weeks are passing by and the weekend stay with their cousins is drawing closer. But while Michael looks forward to attending a birthday party as a princess, he helps his friend Robert by just providing him with some much needed company. Meanwhile, 2 more girls are let in on his secret.

This story will continue in the cross-over chapter: Jessica's Story - Part 15/Michelle's Story - Part 10

Through Her Eyes

Generally I feel good about myself as I’ve adjusted over time to how others look at me. My body is pretty androgynous. I’m not comfortable with the label of hermaphrodite as I try only to see myself as Max, a guy. Two weeks ago that started to change when Bobbi Freyja started taking notice of me and liking what she saw.

Being Me - Part 10 - Pt1 - On Home Shores

Being Me

By Karin Roberts

The Cruise – Voyage of Discovery – On Home Shores

The Finale – Part 1

3 Months Later

It’s been three months now since the day that Michael / Tracey left the Cruise ship and arrived back to good old normal home life.

I left my story the last time as we approached Avril’s house in the back of an unmarked Police Car. WPC Crawford a rather attractive woman in her thirties helped us inside with our bags before leaving us to it.

An Accidental New Life - Part 3

~ An Accidental New Life ~
By Mykhaila Ejensfell

When my mother died and my father, someone that I had never met in my life, proposed to take me in, I actually believed that I was going to live him. That of course wasn’t going to happen. That man without even meeting me once was sending me to a boarding school. A boarding school that apparently didn’t even know my name or my gender, because in the letter they sent me to tell me I was accepted they kept referring me as Miss Brooke Falconer. That was completely ridiculous, I mean, I was Brook Woods, a tough (yet slightly short) guy!

Mother's Child - Chapter 2

Liam knew where his life was going, or so he thought until an incident at football practice turns into his worst nightmare. And the fun is only beginning.

I want to thank Maggie Finson and all the other authors for creating the Whateley Universe. This story is Fan-fiction and may not conform to Canon rules or timelines. I am only playing in their sandbox. I also want to thank Connected for all the editing work put in to turn my scratchings into a readable story.

Please note that all of the categories checked do not apply to all chapters. My goal is to post a new chapter weekly as I have written several ahead with publication pending a final grammar check.

I appreciate all the encouraging comments and Kudos. I understand now in a way I never did before how important these are to the authors. It kind of like being paid, so thanks. Don't be afraid to tell me if there are things you think could be improved. I'm new to this and want to learn to be a better writer.

The Curse of Womanhood, Part 4

And here's the next three chapters of The Curse of Womanhood. Sorry, I don't actually have much to say. Actually, that's not true, as I'm fidgeting around with another story, the next part will have to go up in two weeks time. The chapters for part 5 (13-15) are up on TG Storytime, but the final two/three chapters aren't, so I'm giving myself enough time to finish the story. If all goes well, the final part here will go up the same day as the final chapter over on TGS.

Atalanta at Whateley: School Days Chapters 22

I'm posting this earlier while I have some time. Atalanta starts her class assessments and meets Dr. Bellows for the first time. She also meets a group of bullies and ends up with more face time in security. And she make the acquaintance of Mr. Hawthorne! I hope you enjoy this chapter.

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