Ashley, part 3

“Come on, cheer up!” Dad urges me as I comb my long- for a boy- floppy blonde hair. “Don’t think there’s a single twelve year old boy who wouldn’t kill to go where you’re going tonight, getting to see the best film ever with your girlfriend AND being surrounded by a bunch of celebrities…”

“Yeah, I guess,” I say with a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Dad asks. “Just a little tired? Don’t tell me you don’t like Star Wars…”

“No, the film was alright,” I say, making dad sigh.

The Other Half of My Soul, part 09 of 11

“Well, that was a complete waste of time,” Taylor said. “Do you know why the Knowing One used an illusion instead of a transformation when he came to see the portal here in the women’s quarters?”


“Um, I thought we’d decided that was because he’s a wuss?”

Into the Land of the Pinks

Allen wasn't your normal 13 year old... He had a girl living within him, one that was looking for the perfect time to come out to play.

She finally found the right time.

The Other Half of My Soul, part 08 of 11

We sat up and stretched our arms and wings. “Okay, we’re up,” we said with both mouths, and were sorry when we saw Taylor’s startled, worried look.

The Other Half of My Soul, part 07 of 11

Taylor looked so worried and guilty that I had to give her a hug. “Come on. We can’t do anything until we talk to the Gray One, but for now, you need to relax. How about a game of — Tag! You’re it.”

The Other Half of My Soul, part 06 of 11

I know it’s bad manners to laugh at one’s own jokes, especially hoary old chestnuts like that, but Serenikha’s amusement poured through our link so strongly that I couldn’t suppress my giggles for more than a moment, and then we kept setting each other off.

The Other Half of My Soul, part 05 of 11

“I like being a nagini well enough, just on the physical level, but — well, I don’t know how other people in my country will react.... Even if people are getting used to seeing magical stuff happen, they might stare at me a lot.”

The Other Half of My Soul, part 04 of 11

The guards wouldn’t let the Knowing One in to the women’s quarters, though, until he transformed himself into a woman, or maybe put on an illusion of being a woman; I had a suspicion it was the latter, given how fast the change was effected and the way “she” walked.

Ashley, part 2

“Happy birthday dear Priya,” everyone sings, at the prompting of the Indian girl’s middle-aged father. “Happy birthday to you!” Priya blushes as she holds her long black hair out of her face, before blowing out the fifteen candles on her rich chocolate cake.

“Fifteen years old,” Mr. Malik says with palpable pride. “I almost can’t believe that my little girl is really growing up.”

“Dad!” Suriya says, making everyone giggle.

“’Little’, not ‘littlest’!” Mr. Malik says, making both Priya and Suriya blush.

The Other Half of My Soul, part 02 of 11

“Shall I go and turn him over to the guard? Or castrate him myself?”

“Take him somewhere else first,” one of the other women pleaded. “I can’t stand the sight of blood.”

The Other Half of My Soul, part 01 of 11

My psychic link with Serenikha had held steady all through high school, growing no stronger but no weaker, ever since my first trip to her world. I still shared dreams with her, and I still had occasional moments of aphasia, where I couldn’t think of a word in English, only in one of Serenikha’s languages. And then, my first semester in college, it suddenly seemed to get a lot weaker — I shared no dreams at all with her, and had much less aphasia than usual.

An Accidental New Life - Part 6

~ An Accidental New Life ~
By Mykhaila Ejensfell

When my mother died and my father, someone that I had never met in my life, proposed to take me in, I actually believed that I was going to live him. That of course wasn’t going to happen. That man without even meeting me once was sending me to a boarding school. A boarding school that apparently didn’t even know my name or my gender, because in the letter they sent me to tell me I was accepted they kept referring me as Miss Brooke Falconer. That was completely ridiculous, I mean, I was Brook Woods, a tough (yet slightly short) guy!

Nowhere To Go... But Here - Chapter 11: This is Halloween

nowhere to go but here.png
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What would you do, if you had no clue what was going on, but had to figure it all out on your own?

Debriefings 20

The Rev. Anam Chara

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

Nowhere To Go... But Here - Chapter 10: The Barbecue Crush

nowhere to go but here.png
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What would you do, if you had no clue what was going on, but had to figure it all out on your own?

Ashley, part 1

I'm not the unluckiest boy in the world- far from it, in fact- but every morning I wake up cursing my life.

My name is Ashley Nathan Moore. I was born on the 12th of May 2003 to two very loving parents, who would subsequently have three more children- three girls. I'm the only boy in the family... And the frustration that causes me is immeasurable.

Not that I don't love my sisters, of course, and they love me. Cassidy- the second of my three sisters- is always telling me how glad she is that I'm her big brother.

I just wish- I ALWAYS wish- that I was her big sister.

Mother's Child - Chapter 7

Lee's adventures continue. His old life is careening out of his control, his new one coming at him head-on. Can he survive the clash of old and new and still keep his sanity. Will his mother's attempts at helping make matters better or worse. It's anyone's guess. For sure, Lee doesn't know.

When tales come true Chapter 17

When tales come true

Chapter 17

Fall Quarter


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I Wish Book 2: Chapter 8

Shannon O'Reilly was bullied and everything his older sister wasn't. When his sister Sarah gives him a chance to change things through a single wish things don't go as planned.


I Wish: Book 2
Chapter 8

I could feel the color leaving my face after that bombshell as I stared at Jennifer and Sarah, who was nodding in agreement. “Yeah, let’s add that to the list of magic I’m never going to try,” I said quietly.

Glitch 2: First Oath

Daniel O'Brien is starting to think that being Dana might not be so bad. She can even handle being a mutant, but... what if she's not?


Glitch 2!
First Oath


“Word of advice Dana, don’t take your eyes off him for a minute, his hands tend to wander around the ladies,” Anand muttered in an aside to me.


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