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Corrective Actions

Alex is a problem student at his school, and he is on a downwards spiral. Faced with his possible
expulsion, Alex's step-mum is given a chance to save him by a friend, a chance that begins his gradual
and unavoidable change for the better.

Corrective Actions by Serena Lawhead


Some are real. Some are imagined. Some are even self imposed.
And then there are the cages that we never knew held us captive...
until being set free.


by StacyInLove

Copyright © 05/15/2008 by StacyInLove
All Rights Reserved.

Seattle Gal Part 15

Part 15
Moving Forward

by Susan Jean Charles
Jessica and Karen meet about the future of the business. Jessica experiences a downside of being female, but moves forward to complete herself.

 © 2012, by Susan J. Charles. All rights reserved
Edited by Holly H. Hart

The Story Of Hank/Hanna Wells

This is the poignant story of Henry Thomas Wells. A hero to some, while to others noting more than a school yard bully. With his father gone and his mom all to willing to believe those who have accused her son of wrong doing. His life soon seems to spin out of control. Tim, Tammy, and many other know the truth but Hank will not allow anyone to stand up for him and what he did. Every hero needs a villain, You decide which he was.

(Authors note) I had to remove or edit much of the events that landed Hank in his condition. They are referred to in other parts of the story. Take the tissue alert to heart as even my editor shed more than a few tears over this one. I was/am hesitant to tag the story as forced femm even though it reads that way. A perceptive reader will realize he did it willing even though it was presented as an ultimatum.

One Way Ticket

Harold James Adams was smart beyond his years. To make matters worse for his captors there were nineteen more just like him. Freedom takes on a whole new meaning in this story, can they ever really be free, or is it just an illusion like the life they have lived almost from the start.

(Author's note)... The TG element of the story doesn't show up till well into the story and the main character/s are not directly affected by it. Hope enjoy.

Once in a Lifetime part 1

Brad was a seasoned agent but events would conspire to change his rather lonely life. Ask to take on an assignment he really didn't want at the time, it turns into a journey of discovery that will change his life forever.

And the Winner is

James Thompson was more than just a bad boy, and the government used that to good affect. He wasn't proud of his past and went to great lengths to hide it as best a person can. Now a civilian, he hoped to forget it all, but the past hasn't forgotten him by any means. Vengeance and justice seldom go hand in hand and the burden of truth will fall squarely on his back. Can he escape the evil plans laid out for him and his partner? Read on and lets see.

All The Presidents Men

*** I will err on the side of caution and tag this story as forced fem. At the onset of the story it might seem so but that is revealed as not being true later on. You can always read it and decide for yourself.

Norman had quiet a family history. A half sister is one of his best kept secrets and when he is called on to serve on the secret service for the President she becomes more than just his saving grace. Will Norman follow the role model his father behind and 'do the right thing.'

How to go from office geek to president of the company

Harrison Kimball was the office geek and CFO all rolled into one. Working his way up the ladder was going well up to a point, and a feminist co-worker might be about to pull the rug out from under him. Will success elude him or will he just need to trade in his suit and tie for something a little softer. It seems she had a plan for just that.

The Sniper

James Mason was a man on a mission. This was not his first and probably not his last but a great many things would change along the way. Lies, deceit and treachery the likes of which he had never known would cloud his path. Can he find the truth amongst lies? Will the truth brings the answers he's looking for? "Remember the first rule of assassination is to kill the assassin. ***Warning*** explicit sex scene although consensual hence the R rating.

It Wasn't a Choice

Can the son of a con man be any be any better than his father? Will his plan for a easy life come together or completely fall apart? If Grace has anything to say about it, he will have learned his lesson well. But then a con man knows he has to think through all the possible outcomes of the game. Did he get it right or will spend his life in prison.

My Pleasure

Did you ever think you could cheer for the bad guy? What if the bad guy really wasn't after all? Casey had sex with one girl one time and spent time in prison, for a crime he didn't really commit. Now that he is out, Can he or will he balance the scales. Could it be that the price for evening out the score is too high? Read on, I think you can cheer for the bad guys at least this time.

A P.I. Story - 3

Mark is not sure if he should be happy or sad. The truth comes but it don't sit well with facts. Still there is a plan for a happy life, But that life will truly have to change. For the better or worse you will have decide.


It had been 10 months now for Melody and I. We were still together and all seemed to be well or at least as far as I could tell.

Mike and I were recuperating from our wounds and I hadn’t worked a case in almost a month. It’s not like I was in any shape to be out working, but I sure had cabin fever now.

A P.I. Story - 2

Mike/Maggie is back and ready to settle the score. He needs information and lots of it and the beginning of his plan to get it is revealed. Still all is not what it seems to be, even the girl that has entered his life. And for the moment there is love and happiness in life.


I had been back in Vegas most of a year now and things for the most part were going good. I had worked a few cases at the new agency, but nothing so far that I would call exciting.

A P.I. Story - 1

Mark was a man with a past that seemed sure to catch up with him. But there were people in high places that were looking out for him, even as his life and his job seemed to be taking him in a very odd direction.


I was fresh out of college at twenty-one years old with my master’s degree in hand. I had done it in four years, but should have been there for six years. I had a perfect 4.0 average to boot.

Criminal science had been my study of choice and I had more than a few offers on the table as far as work was concerned.

Tim's Big Break

Tim was a reporter with an attitude. Smart yet likable with a plan to get ahead in the news paper Business. What he needed now was that big story that would separate him for the pack of other reporters he worked with. What a got was a story to big to print, and at a price he wasn't really ready to pay.


The Last Waltz - New Material in Musetta's Waltz

Today's posting is the next to the last for Musetta's Waltz. This is the first of the new material - the material that had been removed before publishing the first edition. The primary reason for not publishing this chapter was because it revealed the tunnel between the two houses. That was an still an important secret. When you read The Redhead and the PM, it will become obvious the reason they can now talk about it. The next and last posting is two chapters and they reveal something that wasn't even hinted at in the first edition. They reveal a slightly different Musetta.

Life's Contest

The contest was for an all-expenses paid trip for two in New York.
Did life offer a better prize?

Life's Contest

by StacyInLove

Copyright © 03/21/2007 by StacyInLove
All Rights Reserved.

Musetta's Waltz Update

It's been more than two years since Musetta came to life. Dr. O'Donnell asks her if she has Klinefelter's Syndrome. She didn't know what it was and in the story as originally written it turns out she didn't. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that her having Klinefelters made a lot of sense. It explained her natural appearance and some of her personality. I made some corrections in Chapters 11 and 12 to now reflect that she had this condition. It does nothing to change the story other than to make it a bit more realistic.



The Way Things Happen - Part 16

The Way Things Happen
The Continuing Story of Jenny Holland

By Jennifer Christine

Zero — minus 1.

Laying there in the morning light listening to mum and dad gently sleeping I pondered my immediate future.

After today, I’d no longer be left with a foot in both camps. Or is that 6 inches in the middle?

A Girl With "Extra" Bits

I read a lot of transgendered stories where the TG protagonist is referred as a "girl with extra bits". So okay, we have this disgusting thing between our legs, that have two small ping pong balls behind it. Then, most of us have these dumb old ping pong balls removed and we are left with what has been referred to as an "extra" bit.


What Happened to Fiddle Jamie?

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I had been following her progress for some time, through FFS, job changes, etc and I thought she was going to have her surgery last month. It appears now that all her entries on You Tube are removed or access is prevented. Has anyone else been following her? Does anyone know what happened?


Narragansett Fork Alert. Missing Chapter!!!!!!

I am not sure what happened but I left out Chapter 8. You might want to go back and read it. There is some important information there. I am surprised no one caught this because the continuity really suffers for it. Thank you Puddingtane (I'm sorry if I misspelled that)


Taking Responsibility

In today's Guardian newspaper (23.5.07) ( - under life & health, story titled, 'Mistaken Identity'); one of the leading gender psychiatrists was censured by the General Medical Council for inappropriately referring 5 patients for surgey. He didn't stick to the rules regarding referral so the censure may be appropriate, but I won't comment upon the case directly.

Regrets and Might Have Beens.

Hi everyone, Danielle here, just a quick note to all my readers out there. Many thanks for all the support shown me in the totally unexpected flood of E-Mails I received after I posted my first two stories.

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