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How Far

This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but it's fan fiction so I hope it's forgivable.

This is a story I wrote recently in a dark place. I'm not really happy with it, but I like it enough that I think with some changes it could really work, and I love the character idea. My problem is do I make it darker, or ease up? Suggestions would be appreciated.

June, 2000
Near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

A Spirited Emergence

Girl in eye
A Spirited Emergence

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2010 D.L.
All Rights Reserved.

The Center collects individuals effected by contaminated bottled water.
What happens if they fail to spot an emergence?
David Palmer is an example of somebody who is off the radar.

Vengeance and Beyond (Part III -- Final)

A criminal prosecution of a boyfriend for the rape and murder of his girlfriend is abandoned, leading to community outrage. Someone takes vengeance against the boyfriend and those who aided his freedom.

Vengeance and Beyond (Part I)

A criminal prosecution of a boyfriend for the rape and murder of his girlfriend is abandoned, leading to community outrage. Someone takes vengeance against the boyfriend and those who aided his freedom.

Vengeance and Beyond (Part II)

A criminal prosecution of a boyfriend for the rape and murder of his girlfriend is abandoned, leading to community outrage. Someone takes vengeance against the boyfriend and those who aided his freedom.

CAUTION: The actual crime is described here, and may trigger a reaction. The reader may proceed directly to Part III.

Feminist's Punishment

I was just one of the guys. I mean, we all were doing it. But why me? Why only me?

It was the night of my school's annual back to school party. It was rather cold outside, but my friends and I wanted to go anyway.

The night started off normal enough. I swam for a little bit. I ate some food. Then, my friend John brought out the booze. We managed to sneak a few swigs before we say some of the staff eyeing us, so we tossed it away.

The Music Celebrates With Me: A TG Mixed Tape

The Music Celebrates With Me: A TG Mixed Tape


Edited by Hutcho

An unfortunate man, lost in a cave, a mysterious voiced calling him deeper. A witch with an acid tongue and an advice column. A travelling showman who is more than the charlatan he appears to be. Hit play on the latest Mixed Tape collection for all these stories AND MORE!

The Ticket

The Ticket
by Ellie Dauber © 1999

Author’s Note: This story introduces a continuing character of mine, the White Witch Elizabeth Lange. Yes, this is an old story of mine, but in light of recent news events, I thought that it was appropriate to post it. I’m also adding a small bit from a second Elizabeth Lange story, in which she discusses the fate of the transformee in this story.

* * * * *

Silver Wings


Silver Wings
By Licorice
and with the irreplaceable aid of Monica Rose

A Prince changed to learn a lesson, but maybe he is not the only one who has much to learn.

My first attempt at a TG story so be kind, and much thanks to Monica Rose for her endless patience and help.

Also apologies, I messed up my first attempt at posting it and made the summary the body. I cannot figure out how to delete it so I've contacted the admins, hopefully they can get rid of the evidence of my rather embarrassing blunder.

Wishes and curses- Chapter 2 School life

In this chapter, Terrance goes through quite possibly his worst day at school ever and meets some new faces.

(This is the first story I have ever written so please be patient with me, comment or send me a message for any feedback you have and I hope you enjoy!)

No-Hoper to Knocked Up

No job, no friends, no prospects. Jerry is the typical freeloader still living in his parents' basement in his early twenties with no intention of ever finding a job or helping his long suffering family out. Nothing and nobody can get through to him until a lesson from an unexpected source takes him by surprise. Stuck in the body of heavily pregnant Jenny, he starts to learn that responsibility isn't always optional, sometimes it's thrust upon us.

My Life as a Mail Order Bride

Steve has some anger management problems, but he mostly gets away with it. All that changes one day when he loses his temper and makes a racist remark. Now he's going to find out what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. His life is about to change forever as he finds himself trapped in the body of an exotic oriental bride.

Wishes and curses- Chapter 1 beginnings

The seemingly perfect guy Terrance Allbot! Good grades, athletic, what more could you ask for? A better personality. Everyone thinks he is perfect until they get to know him. He is a sexist jerk who thinks all women are under him. He was doing fine in life until a girl with a 6 year crush on him was turned down by him. She left saying a sentence he would never forget "You will pay for your mistake of being such a sexist jerk!"

(This is my first story I have ever written so please be patient with me, as I might not be that good. The chapters will be relatively short, but I will try to make a lot of them. It just depends on the feed back of the first few chapters. Not complete yet. Enjoy!)

The catwalk

The cat walk

the beginning

I was enjoying a beer at the local bar when a beautiful woman approached me
she introduced herself as Wendy
she sat down next to me and offered me another drink.

South of Bikini 3: Episode 5- Trial of the Century? Broken Rules?

Alexander Steinert and the new sisters travel to ‘her’ private domain and instead find themselves in a ‘Wonderland’ of sorts were Cmdr. Steinert is on trial for her recent actions. Can the new Empress understand the twisted charges and defend her sister before the four most revered figures she’s ever known? What rules have been broken in order to save a life?


By Ellie Dauber © 2015

Here’s a gargoyle that kept me up about an hour last night insisting that I write it.

* * * * *

Morgan sat on a curved oaken bench at the edge of the parkway surrounding the harbor. It was late afternoon, and, far to the west, the sun was hovering just above the water’s edge. “Seems like everything’s getting ready to die,” he said sourly and flicked his half-finished cigarette into the water.

“When did you first notice?” asked a very female voice.

Body Hopper - Redemption

Body Hopper – Redemption

I borrowed the basis for this story from Mister A's "Body Hopper" stories on Fictionmania. While I enjoyed his writing in a way, the stories also angered me. How dare these hoppers abuse their victims like that? Can't they see the harm they are doing? Don't they care?

I felt it was time to write a story about one body hopper who developed a conscience, and tried to make the world a better place. I may write another tale, or maybe flesh out this story some more - time will tell. I hope you enjoy it - please feel free to post comments below.

Intended Consequences

(inspired by Valentine's "Unintended Consequences")

The advent of cheap genetic testing had made many changes in society. The biggest came when a overly conservative right-wing political staffer came across a demonstration device at a convention. It simp[le checked the "sex" chromosomes and reported them.

The politician the staffer worked for had been fighting a non-discrimination measure in the state legislature. As usual, he was calling it a "bathroom bill" and claiming it would let perverts invade women's restrooms.

Embracing Justice -chp 4

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Kingston Academy Shorts #1: The Laundry Incident

Kingston Academy Shorts

#1: The Laundry Incident

By Melanie E.

For Julian Stone, signing up to be a Princess has been a stone gas. But when a simple prank goes horribly wrong, is this Princess man enough to own up?


Eldorado Part 7.


“I just did some rough calculations and I think because we are lighter and we do not displace as much water and have less drag and we’re not utterly dependent on the wind we will be able to catch up with the cad in time.”

I blink. “In time for?” Wow that was a lot of silver dollar words.

“Hopefully if my estimates are true before we have to cross and go around Cape Horn.”

I blink and nod. I did that once and our ship was taking it’s time and we waited a full day and a half for the weather that the captain had wanted.

I look at Daniel and we both nod and Dr. Faraday looks at us both. “Perhaps you both should have a plan of action for when we do catch up with them.”

*And Now…

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 56-61 of 61)

Alexia and Queen Tammy finally meet in a winner take all battle for the future of their world but Dupree has a back up plan should his witch fail. Thanks to all readers who have stuck with me through the entire story. I hope you found it worth your time. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission (mostly for violence).

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 51-55 of 61)

Alexia and Johnathyn make their way to Glory where Alexia reveals her return to the world. She joins the Queen's Guard as they fight to restore order to the land. Alexia feels compelled to take a more active role, leading to fearsome success on the part of the Guard and a horrific response from First Minister Dupree. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this posting (mostly violence but also sex).

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 46-50 of 61)

After saying their goodbyes, Alexia and family return to New Amsterdam and discover the situation to be much worse than expected. She takes extreme measures to try and correct the problems. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this posting (primarily for violence)

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 41-45 of 61)

Donna White finally acquires the evidence she needs to prove that Alex Thompson and Lance Mastiff are one and the same. Alex, his new family and friends invade the office of The Consortium to confront the people who ordered the deaths of his mother and brother. Listed Themes and Elements apply to the entire story, Rating to this posting.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 31-35 of 62)

Alexia returns to her/his original world and adopts a new identity, Lance Mastiff. After recovering the money used to buy the guns, he drives to New York and begins planning to take out The Consortium's CEO. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 26-30 of 62)

The confrontation between Alexia and Opulessa begins. The consequences of Beckwith's reckless behavior are revealed to her. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 21-25 of 62)

Alexia discovers a serious flaw in her plan. Opulessa invites Colonel Willis to see the new additions to her menagerie. Alexia seeks Johnathyn’s help in solving her problem. White and Dupree negotiate. Alexia and Beckwith come to an understanding as the Coven attacks the Palace. Listed Themes and Keywords apply to entire story, rating to this posting

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 16-20 of 62)

Alexia and company finally reach Glory where she and Dierdra join the Coven. They begin to train and create their own plans for revolution. Alexia and Johnathyn meet Patron Miller and his co-conspirators, she learns the details of his plan and comes to a disturbing conclusion. Schicalli makes his final report and First Minister Dupree springs the trap. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, rating to this posting.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 11-15 of 62)

Alexia, Johnathyn and Dierdra continue towards Glory, picking up allies as they go. The conspiracy continues to develop but a traitor appears. Both Johnathyn and Alexia have misgivings as to the direction the revolt against the Queen is taking and the decide that they may have to go their own way. Alexia's powers grow but she finds that she does have limits. She also discovers the history of her name and there is hell to pay. Elements and Themes apply to entire story, rating to this posting. I was torn between an R and X rating due to the extreme body modifications and their connection to bestiality. I don't think I have crossed the line but some may be upset.

Five Hertz of Separation (Chapter 6-10 of 62)

Alex/Alexia continues her journey towards the city of Glory, picking up a mentor along the way and learning more about her new world as her powers develop. She faces several dangers while discovering the inequities that exist for women. She also comes to realize that if she does not learn to control her abilities, she is a danger to all those around her. Genre and Themes apply to entire story, rating to this post.

Five Hertz of Separation

Alex Thompson, computer hacker extraordinaire, orphaned by the suspicious deaths of his mother and twin trans brother, tries to move on with his life but his illegal acts catch up with him. Contacted by a friend of his deceased mother, she leads him into a completely different existance in which all he knows is overturned. Chapters 1-5 of 62. Themes and Elements apply to entire story, rating to this posting. If you want the entire story now, visit my Author page for instructions.

Eldorado part 6.

Eldorado…Part 6.


I come out and she and Daniel are there waiting and I sort of blush at them being so close to such a personal thing and all but they don’t mention things and soon we’re show to our quarters. They’re small, just enough for our things and a folding cot from the wall but it is private.

I look at Daniel and I see him blush as I do as we likely had the same idea. That these beds will not be comfortable to make love in or on.

She catches the look and then she’s looking at Daniel with this look of …oh really…and it’s the oh really you slept with her too look.

I look at her trying to be a straight shooter. “We did, I hope that that won’t be a problem will it?”

*And Now…


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