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EU Directive on Sexual and Gender Identification

EU Directive on Gender and Sexual Orientation

This is not supposed to be a prediction – but you have to be hopeful that it isn’t.

The references to 'Identity Theft' and to 'Crime and Punishment' are meant to be 'humorous' or even EUmurous. !!

A Spirited Emergence

Girl in eye
A Spirited Emergence

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2010 D.L.
All Rights Reserved.

The Center collects individuals effected by contaminated bottled water.
What happens if they fail to spot an emergence?
David Palmer is an example of somebody who is off the radar.

The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth ( part 40)

In year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . At age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this my story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power.

40 Alexis The Amazon Mr BIG and her Mom confession

Changes in Paradise Chapter 20

Changes in Paradise
Chapter 20
By Raine Monday this is the final chapter. I'd love some feedback on what you think should happen "next" for the opening chapter of the next book. I intend to make this a long running series.

Sometime later I awoke to find I was in my suite. My hands were free, bandaged about my wrists, and the other cuts and bruises I’d incurred had also been treated.

Changes in Paradise Chapter 19

Changes in Paradise
Chapter 19
by Raine Monday

I'll be posting the next chapter after this. Thank you again to all who have reviewed. -- Raine

Syn and I stood at the doorway as the last of the participants entered into the meeting room. All ten participants were seated in their chairs, glancing at promotional feeds on their tablets. They’d already signed the waivers and the air thrummed with excitement.

Across the Pond Part 7

Sit back and grab your popcorn as the inevitable happens. The Smiths know that sometimes the best revenge are the ones where you don't have to do a thing, the person does it all themselves. If you weren't convinced that they were changed people this edition will change your mind. And despite hearing so many stories about their exploits the Smiths learn for themselves why you don't mess with the Finns.

Across the Pond Part 6

Ethan gets a crash course in extended family and how they should act as he learns more about his aunt's family from their new guests. Harry is in for a shock as the investigation gets into full gear and the true extent of what happened is revealed to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith awakens to the reality of Karen's family being different yet also just like any other.

The Disregarded Curse

Disregarded Curse (1).jpgThe Disregarded Curse
A Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

Michael Slanger shrugs off a curse that his mother tells him will make him more feminine every time he has sex. Will Michael and his friend Paul be able to stop the curse from progressing, or will Michael continue to give into his primal urges?

Author's Note:
I consider this to be my first real long form story that I wrote some time ago, and I'm posting it for the first time here on Big Closet Top Shelf. I had a lot of inspiration from Cblack's works from TG Comics, trying to weave a long narrative with lots of twists, turns and steamy encounters. I really hope you enjoy it.

Kamlai: Breaking her Chains

A follow up to Shauna's "Thai Pie", following the ordeal of the unwilling kathoey "Kamlai". But it turns out that when anger rules action, the results are unpredictable at best, and the victim may not always be who you think.

Between a Frock and a Hard Place.

Between a Frock and a Hard Place.
By Angharad.

Jack Chesney and his friend Rob Harries were dining out that fateful night. Normally they found it hard to meet the rent let alone a surplus for luxuries like eating out, but Jack had won five hundred pounds on the lottery which paid his share of the rent for two weeks and enabled them to go for a basic meal in a local pub—just something that wasn’t a two quid microwave meal from a supermarket like they usually ate.

“That woman is looking at you, Jacko,” said Rob quietly.

“Which one?” asked his scrawny companion.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 5



A couple of weeks went by and there seemed to be no change in the gang's activities. They were still up to their no-good actions and Cathy was going through different moods, seemingly daily. One day she wanted the whole gang dead and gone, while on other days she dreaded being the one behind whatever vengeance was awaiting them.

Outside Looking In Part 6- Finale

Rachel heads back to school and faces her classmates. Richard's antics come to a head as the family heads to the beach. Rachel brings new life to the investigation with shocking revelations about the reverend and her family.

Will and the Pills

The Gentleman's Bar: Sleepless

The third story in "The Gentleman's Bar" series.

Never EVER use The Gentleman's Bar as your personal hunting grounds. If you don't want bad things to happen to you than don't do it to others. Otherwise, you reap what you sew. Especially here.

This is a very dark story as it contains rape. So read with caution.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 4

The scene: The Home That Love Built.
The players: Cathilynn and Sam.

“I just don't know Sam.” Cathilynn said confusedly. “I mean, Sara deserves justice for what was done to her, and I DO want those who are responsible to be punished, but how far is TOO far? Do I want them dead? Do I want them punished under the law? Is the law capable of doing what needs to be done? Oh Sam! I am SO torn about all this!”

Laufey: The Butterfly Effect

Laufey: The Butterfly Effect

By: Licorice

A little follow up to Anon Allsop's The Coven Please be aware that I explore some ideas in here that may upset some readers, so please keep that in mind.

Edit: updated with input from Elrodw

Changes in Paradise Chapter 17


Changes in Paradise
By Raine Monday
Chapter 17

Dale was happy to see me. “I’m off in about an hour,” he said. “Want to hang out in my office?”

Ugh, the date. I’d nearly forgotten about it. I wasn’t really interested, well, okay, I was interested but didn’t want to be. Damn, he could fill out a pair of khakis. What was I thinking?

“I’m sorry, something’s come up. And I need to cancel.”

Fall of the Witch

Fall of the Witch

by Lesley Renee Charles

Kyle was deeply dreaming of being with Lucy, the love of his life. They were in a field full of daisies. He was holding her in his arms, and enjoying the feel of her there. He felt so protective.

Suddenly a strange voice called to him. “Come with me Kyle you are needed to be a witness at a trial.” As he heard this voice a strange robed figure approached him, beckoning him to come with her.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 2

My thanks to all who commented on the subject of whether or not this story should be written. Your responses have convinced me that I have to write it. There is no violence or TG in this chapter, but there will be in future chapters. The keywords and categories cover the entire story but are not germane in every chapter.

Sara's Story. Justice or Vengeance. Chapter 2

The scene: A nondescript hotel room.

The players: A large man, obscured in the shadows of the room, and an ordinary looking man dressed in normal, mostly clean clothing.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 1

Author's foreword: This is not going to be an easy or comforting story for me to write. Sara's Story exhausted me, mentally and emotionally. When it was done I tried my hand at a couple of short-shorts, but they weren't what I needed them to be. For those who aren't familiar with Sara's Story, it's here:

Changes in Paradise Chapter 16


Changes in Paradise
by Raine Monday
Chapter 16

I returned to my suite, stripped out of my clothes and took a very hot shower. I wanted to rid myself of Syn’s stink, and the shame I’d been feeling. I tried to picture the guilt and all of it sluicing down my body and into the drain and was mildly successful.

Righting Wrongs Part 12

Friendships among the kids and teens are solidified. Michael gets put in his place as the true damage done by his teasing is revealed. Kennedy and William testify while Mr. Hogan and Ms. Mead have their day in court. Kennedy suffers a loss while the Penas see the family truly at work.

Changes in Paradise Chapter 15


Thank you to all who have reviewed thus far. I know it's been awhile since the last chapter, but I wanted to get the finale roughed out, and I've actually roughed out the plot of the next book and wanted to make sure what happens here is congruent to the plot of the next book. I know it's been tough reading for some people, but thanks for staying with it, and I appreciate all the input and suggestions.

The Coven

fourgirls.jpgThe Coven
by Anon Allsop

Here is another story I found of mine, so I knocked the dust off of it. She's old, but I think worthy enough to post.

The four girls sat high in the bleachers watching the two men leaning against the fence that separated the fans from the players. Of the girls, one was desperately hurt and enraged at one of the spectators below. The boys were watching the game yelling encouragement to their friends on the team oblivious to what was transpiring a mere twenty feet above their heads.

The Vandal

broken-stone.jpgThe Vandal
by Anon Allsop

You may have read this before, I just wanted to have this story linked to my author page.

A car pulled to a stop along a desolate road and turned off the lights. "I don't want to do this, I can't afford to get into trouble - my folks will kill me!"

"Quit being a pussy and come with us!" The drunken teen tossed a bottle out the Ford's window and opened the passenger door. "Come on Abbs, he's obviously not got the nerve to have some fun. Wait here, we won't be long." He picked up the remaining beers and staggered away from the car.

Womanly Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Saturday night arrived. Kylie was in her bedroom putting on the finishing touches to her make-up. She smoothed out her light blue skirt and navy top. She dressed casual but nice as she wanted to make a good first impression on her first date as a girl. She was nervous about it and prayed that Kevin would not be a jerk like Kyle used to be.

She heard the doorbell and heard her father say, “So you are going to take the bitch out?” Kylie cringed; how could a father call his own daughter a bitch?

Womanly Chapters 5 and 6

Chapter 5

“Get up, girl and get my breakfast ready. Don't forget you have a lot of household chores to do. After all you are a woman and have to take care of my house.”

Kylie tried to shut out the drone of her father's yelling. She knew she was going to have a hard time now, knowing how her father was before and now she was what her father felt was inferior.

Womanly Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter 3

Kyle started to enter his room, but before switching on the light, he saw something move in the corner of his eye. He quickly switched on the light. He saw Gwendolyn standing there. He was starting to feel anxious as he had dismissed her as being crazy.

“Hello Kyle, are you ready to embrace your new existence for the next year? Please come over to your mirror so that you can see what you are now.”

Womanly Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kyle strode into the auditorium where the prom was being held with his date, Emily Rose Smythe on his arm. He treated her like the eye candy he believed her to be. She was silently fuming over the treatment and could not believe the amount of disrespect he had for woman. She just wanted to get through this evening with the minimal amount of fuss. She regretted her decision to come here with Kyle; she thought that the stories weren't true. He ignored her all evening and left her to her own devices.


This is the beginning of a story I have in mind and this is a rough draft which I may change as I see fit. Hope you like it.

By Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 1

Kyle Goodman strolled into his high school, in a relatively good mood. He was joking with his friends and clowning around when a strange black haired girl bumped into him. This set off one of his infamous tirades against women. Kyle was very misogynistic as a result of his mother leaving him with his extremely misogynistic father.

Demon Cheerleaders

my friend and I decided to snoop on cheerleader little did I know I would become a the daughter of the Satan Himself and turn the cheerleader all into demon Cheerleaders and slowly change the men into women

1 . cheerleader snoop and changes

Changes in Paradise Chapter 14


Paradise must undergo more modifications and is becoming more comfortable in her new form. Can she find out what nefarious plan CREAM has in store next? Will she be able to save Sarah in time?

The Incorruptible Cop

Author's Note: this takes place during the events of "True Friends and Family Part 13" and ties up a loose end.

Kennedy is my best friend, confidant, and neighbor. She is truly an amazing person. I met her when we were in college and have been close since that first fateful meeting. We were assigned as partners for a class project and worked out well together to the point that we knew what each other was thinking before we said anything.


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