Stumbles Of Love Part 2

I apologize for not writing anything new for the last week or so, and especially regarding this story, as I promised to post pieces for this one fairly regularly. I've either been busy of late, or having issues with my sleeping which can be a nuisance, or have been dealing with pain and/or migraines, another nuisance I would happily avoid if it were at all possible. Such is my life, even when I'm fairly happy, it's a PITA. LOL


Signed, Sealed and Delivered An Edited Re-post Part 2 of 2

I desperately wanted away from there and I was half afraid he would kiss me again and half afraid he wouldn't! Somewhere in the back of my mind, though I could hear Jim yelling at me and I realized that it had to be the programming that was making me act like this! Ginny had been in charge for the past several minutes and Jim wanted back at the reins of this runaway stagecoach! I made an effort to push the Ginny part of me into the background and I was

Turnabout Part 5

The next day, Jess tried to call me while I was getting dressed.  I saw her number on the phone.

"Fuck you for calling," and I hung up.  I was trying to decide what to wear.  I was not in the mood for a dress.  Given everything that transpired, my brain was not in dress mode.  I put on a white blouse, black wool skinny pants and a pair of black boots with a 3" heel.  I looked at myself in the mirror.

"You are ready to kick ass.  You are ready to kick ass.  You are ready to kick ass," I repeated.    I was armed for battle.

Tuck (Regular) Special Valentine's Day 1998 Edition: Part 3 - Tucker Home Again

Tuck (Regular)
Special Valentine's Day 1998 Edition
Part 3: Tucker Home Again

by Ellen Hayes
Copyright© 2013, 2017 Ellen Hayes
All Rights Reserved.

"I don't feel embarrassed or like dirty talking about it- SEX,"
she emphasized, "with you."

I stroked a finger on her naked skin. "Not even a little dirty?"

She laughed, though not unkindly. "Just- The GOOD dirty,
with you, not the BAD dirty," she stopped smiling, "like
would happen at school or something."

Tuck (Regular) Special Valentine's Day 1998 Edition: Part 2 - Tuck Another Chance

Tuck (Regular)
Special Valentine's Day 1998 Edition
Part 2: Tuck Another Chance

by Ellen Hayes
Copyright© 2013, 2017 Ellen Hayes
All Rights Reserved.

Will Tuck And Nicole Survive Until The Weekend?

"Shut UP! Bitch!" I whined at Nicole, "They're PICKING on me!

Nicole just looked torn, and giggled helplessly.

Kim growled, "Stop whining, Tuck, it's unmanly."
Then Kim and Jill laughed.

Turnabout Part 4

"Do I look OK?". We were going to my parents for Rosh Hashanah.  I was wearing a blue v neck three quarter sleeve top with a black wool skirt that fell 2” above the knee and white Tory Burch espadrilles with a black toe. I was wearing a blue quartz necklace.  I was down another 3 pounds.  “Should I have worn the blue dress?”

“You are so adorable.”

"I’m serious. They haven't seen me like this."

Stumbles Of Love Part 1

I'm either insane, or the next closest thing to it. I'm going to try to follow in Angharad's footsteps by doing a serial story.

I will likely post a piece for it every two or three days, as I do have other stories on the go at the moment.


Vesta's Hearth 1 and 2

Vesta’s Hearth Chapters 1 and 2
Frances Penwiddy

Copyright© Frances Penwiddy 2012

This is a work of fiction, the characters and the Café are fictitious and any resemblance to places or persons living or dead is coincidental.


The Black Ring II

Jack has dual multiple personality disorder where he hears and sees his feminine alter ego, Jill. The two generally work well together but soon have differing romantic priorities in college. Jack wants to date fellow classmate, Maria while Jill wants to cross dress as a woman in public. Their two interests collide resulting in a fight for mental dominance over their gender and romantic partner.

Eden's Reality : Chapter 9

Eden's Reality

A small 14 year old boy plans on escaping his abusive father and the house where he grew up in by moving to a boarding school with his two best friends, but on the night before he leaves something unexpected happens, and he wakes up the next day as a girl. The woman who he thinks responsible appears, but she's not as helpful as he'd expected, and he's now left to go to his new school

All feedback is very, very much appreciated :)

Footprints In The Sea 19 and 20

Footprints In The Sea – Chapters 19 and 20

By Frances Penwiddy

Copyright © Frances Penwiddy 2015

Footprints in the sea is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental.

This novel is not considered suitable material for minors and is rated X

I suggest you read Footprints In The Sea in chapter order so if you haven’t read Chapters 1 and 2, please do so.

Turnabout Part 3

Jessica and Dan continue to learn about life in the other shoes - the good, the bad and a whole lot more...

When I woke up and looked over, Jess was up and looking at me. "Hey beautiful," she said, giving me a kiss.

"That's a wake-up call," I smiled. I had gotten used to her calling me beautiful. At first, it felt weird and mocking. Now it felt normal. "What time is it?"


"How long have you been up?"

"About an hour," she said.

"Why didn't you wake me? Weren't you bored?"

"I read the paper. Besides you looked so sexy lying there. “ I was wearing a teal satin nightie with lace around the neckline and hem. I had put it on the night before when we made love. “I can't believe you can sleep in that."

We Never Break A Promise Chapter 5

We Never Break a Promise: Part 5
By Warm Hearted
Proofed and edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Willow sat up in her bed and saw a tiny 4 inch tall woman with platinum blonde hair and golden wings. She remembered recent events and knew this diminutive beauty with golden wings was Wee Lo, her fairy godmother. Willow said, "Good morning Wee Lo. Erin told me about you and how I was named after you. I'm so happy to meet you aah.. Godmother.".

Wee Lo smiled and answered, "You too Goddaughter. So stand up and let me have a good look at you."

We Never Break A Promise Chapter 2

We Never Break A Promise Part 2
"The New Beginning"

Warm Hearted
Edited and Proofed by Catherine Linda Michel

Synopsis: Eric Jones was an orphan that grew up friendless, abused, humiliated, and unloved in the foster system. In this chapter Eric awakens from being magically healed from an almost deadly, undeserved beating and begins an evolutionary journey of personal truth. All the copyright stuff applies.

The Anniversary

Originally posted on Classic BC on Thursday, December 12, 2002

Who will Erika be on her next anniversary...

The Anniversary

By Doug Beaton (Aardvark)

My name is Erika Menendez. I am a lean athletic woman of 21, just over 5'3" with a medium brown complexion, black eyes, and long, shiny black hair that I almost always throw over my shoulders. My high cheekbones and the slight hook in my nose are from my Mexican Indian heritage.


This story was originally published on 2/27/2004 on Classic Big Closet.


By Tyrone Slothrop

Chapter 1: Breathlessly, She Awaited Her Lover

I watched as Raoul's shadow darkened the moonlit wall of my boudoir. I could smell the scent of the man, his primal essence entering my spirit as I hoped he would stay long enough to enter me for real.

Lost In The 50s Tonight. A Repost

In the spirit of recent re-posts, I wanted to bring this one back for one more encore.

This is a bit melancholy, but it wanted to be written and I just tried to keep up with what my muse was dictating. I hope you like it.

Song Credit to Ronnie Milsap: Lost In The 50s Tonight.

Lost In The Fifties Tonight, by Catherine Linda Michel

Oh yes, I remember... so, so well that night, the music, the feeling of being held in your arms, swaying together and hoping the moment would never end.

'Nobodys perfect' - Silly September Entry

PREPARE TO BE BOARDED.png “Well.. we're not exactly scary are we?”

“What the hell are you TALKING about Reg? Of course were scary, we're pirates!”

“..we're floating about in a merchant ship full of rats and expired cabbage..”

“We have a Black Flag and a Canon! We're scary damn it!”


The Vicissitudes of Vicki the Vigilante Virgin: Phil

While this story is a sequel to “The Addict” it can be read separately (though I strongly recommend reading “The Addict” first).

Declaration: No puns were harmed in writing this story. Actually this story is no phun at all, sorry should have been has no puns at all. There is a risk that some people might consider it fun though I think there is more of a story than usual.

Susie and Jeffrey - Their Most Unbelievable Exploits Yet

For anyone interested in the further misadventures of Susie and Jeffrey, two full-length novels, Books 11 and 12 - Loony Runes and Strange Day on a Train are available

Synergy - Chapter Four


I would soon learn the mistake I had made to cure my incessant boredom; I had led mankind down a road that only gods should traverse. The mistake that came from ignorance and curiosity would change not only my destiny, but that of mankind itself. But like any event there is a point in time where all the threads meet, a time when the slightest change has the greatest impact, its synergy.

Catfish Part 4

catfish, noun: a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes

Jason's day somehow gets even worse.

Almost Perfect, A sequel Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I returned to MU for the start of spring semester. The temperatures were still low outside but it hadn’t snowed a few days in a row, the sun was shining and no clouds were to be seen in the blue sky.

During our drive back to Columbia I told Laura everything what had happened between me and Sage. Except that I had slept with her, she’s my sister but she doesn’t need to know EVERY detail. Jack had returned to Columbia one day earlier with a friend to attend some frat party, so we had the car to ourselves.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 20 - Moving Day

Mom and Hannah’s wedding was a small affair with just a few friends. The judge was a friend of Mom’s. The honeymoon consisted of going home and going to bed. They put off a real honeymoon for when they had more time to plan.

Lend Me Your Ears

Imagine that you are enjoying a warm summer afternoon on your back porch. Your mother is at work and your father is out of the picture. Your best friend, Aimee, has left town on a plane to visit relatives and your mutual best friend, Kim, has gone to an isolated, disconnected cabin with her family and wont be back for three weeks. Aimee calls while waiting at Baggage Claim and clearly has something on her mind that's bothering her. You offer to talk to her, but she tells you that it's girl talk and she wishes that she could talk to Kim. What do you do?

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 19 - More Changes

During summer vacation, Hanna and I became close. She invited me to go to her house when something was bothering me, and I took her up on the offer. At times, we had long talks and found that we saw eye to eye on a number of things.

One evening my mom came home from work and began showering and getting dressed up nice. She and Hanna were going to dinner. She explained that Hannah wanted to discuss something. It sounded kind of serious.

Discovery, Chapter 15 & Epilogue

Discovery, Chapter 15 of 15

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: What is discovery? Perhaps it’s finding something that you didn’t know existed. Maybe it’s finding a hidden treasure. Maybe it’s finding out something about yourself that many were aware of but you just didn’t know it.

Steve is safe and the murderers are in jail. Certainly this is not the end of the story. There is the matter of the disposition of Ben Martindale’s estate. Also, what are Mannie and Steve going to do with the rest of their lives? You gotta do what you gotta do.

Discovery, Chapter 14 of 15

Discovery, Chapter 14 of 15

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: What is discovery? Perhaps it’s finding something that you didn’t know existed. Maybe it’s finding a hidden treasure. Maybe it’s finding out something about yourself that many were aware of but you just didn’t know it.

The weather takes a major shift and Mannie decides to catch up at the local beauty parlor. Once home she finds she just missed Steve who was going to meet with his friends in town. A series of phone calls makes her realize Andy Bennett has kidnapped him and probably intends to kill him. It’s not going to be easy, but Mannie is going to do her best to rescue him.

Discovery, Chapter 13 of 15

Discovery, Chapter 13 of 15

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: What is discovery? Perhaps it’s finding something that you didn’t know existed. Maybe it’s finding a hidden treasure. Maybe it’s finding out something about yourself that many were aware of but you just didn’t know it.

Mannie decides to take their love to the next level. There is another blizzard, and Mannie, her Mother, and Steve work on what’s to be done with the estate.


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