Marooned In Paradise

sea-storm_0.jpgMarooned In Paradise
By Anon Allsop

A young boy traveling with his Grandmother across the ocean encounters a great storm, suddenly washed upon a deserted island frightened and alone, he must brave the loneliness and survive. Everything seems to change when another young man is washed ashore a few years later, will they get along...can they both cope while, "Marooned In Paradise"

I Need To Remember. Chapter 20.

Chapter 20 Linda has some memory problems

Sunday night brought a change in my life that upset my equilibrium and directly led to this tale that you are reading.

We were sitting cuddled on the living room sofa listening to some music when I handed Wishes an envelope.

"What's this love?" She asked looking at the plain white envelope with just her name written on the front.

"Why don't you open it and see," I said grinning as Wishes opened the envelope.

I Need To Remember. Chapter 19.

Chapter 19.       The girls visit “Silks” a lesbian club in Truro.


Authors note:- Silks nightclub and some of the characters mentioned in it are from a series of stories called “Tales from Silks” posted on another site.


Taking the other bus.

Taking the other bus.


By Karin Beyaert

Kathy was always a little bit insecure. But then she meets Angelo and her whole live changes. And all that just because she caught a bus she never intended to catch.

A story dedicated to all guardian angels, and especially my own.


In Tandem Orbit 7

I Need To Remember. Chapter 17.

Chapter 17       Wishes and Linda go to a restaurant.--SEPARATOR--

Arriving home we decided that our dresses from last night were still clean enough. After all we were not at the party for long anyway. They just needed a very careful press to remove some creases. Wishes took on this task with a worried frown on her face, especially when she was pressing my dress.

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 6

Will our heroes and heroines be able to convince the Earth Alliance that there will be war if they don't support the treaty? This is the penultimate chapter in the story. Strap in, settle back and rejoin UF-2 Seeds Of War.

FROM LAST TIME: "Our daughters were going in harms way because I had brought Jeeter and Bunny to our home.

Bunny stepped up in front of me and took my hand. “We won’t let anything happen to them. I promise they won’t be harmed. They can’t trade directly with the slavers. They would become slaves themselves. They are too beautiful and not experienced enough to handle slavers, even if they are telepathic. Jeeter and I will make sure they stay safe.”


He pulled me in tighter as he held me without answering. His pain was evident. In true Pash form, he was willing to let our daughters do what they knew was right. Even if it cost them their lives."

And NOW>>>

Your Wings Are Beautiful - Part 4 (The Caress)

Morgan, having been let out of the golden handcuffs by Erika, is offered a magic-enhanced massage by her older sister, Viola. Slowly but surely, reality kicks in. This isn't the body Morgan is looking for.

(This narration relies heavily on information penury, as well as continuous improvisation on my part. Because information penury doesn't work well when spoiled, minimum tagging is enforced (if the main character isn't aware of something in a given story part, then the corresponding tag won't be included until they become aware of it in a latter part).)

Part 4! Writing erotic scenes is something new for me (and probably not my forte), but hey -- I tried! Also, backstory for Viola and Erika.

Catburglar 7: Kitty Kangaroo

Kitty Kangaroo

By Paul Calhoun

We return to Reg and Kelly some way into their married life. Kelly buys a giant kangaroo plushie costume to play with. Minimal TG.

I originally was going to have a generic couple for this, but it felt like the sort of thing they'd do. There really isn't a lot of tension or action, just playing around. Next time I do the plushie suit thing there's going to be a bit more plot to it.



By Patricia Marie Allen

The days were getting shorter. Summer had just flown by. Patrick was beginning to feel a quite a panic setting in. He had promised to find a job by the end of summer, but his heart just wasn’t in it. Here it was already the second week of September. His father was getting impatient. Patrick would rather have gone to school. He had the grades for it. But his father had not supported his choice of schools. Linfield’s College of Nursing at Good Samaritan Hospital was accepting men in the nursing program. In two years he could be an LPN if he stuck it out four, he could graduate an RN. But his Dad said “I’m not paying anybody to turn my son in to a pantywaist male nurse!”


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