I wanna get pregnant

“I wanna get pregnant.” Breaking the silence as my boyfriend, Gerald drives me to my house. Tears start to well up behind my eyes.

Gerald pulls off to the right and stops the car.

We sit there in silence once again. I glance at Gerald and he has a stoic expression. I couldn’t hold the tears any longer and let the floodgates open.

“I-I’m s-so-so-sorry, I-I ju-just-” He cuts me off and pulls me into a deep kiss. A kiss so loving that it made the tears stop. His tongue makes his way with mine causing me to melt more.

When he pulls back, we both gasp from the toe-curling kiss.

“I love you, Chloe. I don’t know if I’m made to be a father, but I’ll try if it's you.” Those words sunk deep into me. Something I’ve always wanted to hear.

Gerald gets out of the car and goes to my side. He opens the door and gets down on one knee.

“Chloe Madison Beckings, will you marry me?”

Tears of joy flow down my already tear ridden face, all I could answer is a nod.

He leans towards me and kisses me. I put my arms around his neck and kiss him. We gaze at each other in lust and love.

We both pull into each other kissing and making out. Our tongues intertwine causing my head to blank and my body became hot and bothered.

The kissing made us breathless as we pull back. We both look at each other and smile for the baby making night to come.

9 years later

I waddle into Emmie’s room and found Austin trying on his twin sister’s clothes.

“Austin Gerald Hastings! What in the world are you doing in your sister’s clothes?” I say in a demanding tone.

Austin freezes wide-eyed at me wide eyed. Tears escape his eyes and he goes into a full-on bawl.

Confused on why my son is crying. I crouch down and embrace the little tyke.

“Ssssshhh ssssshh. It’s okay,” I say in a soft voice while rubbing Austin’s back. The boy went from crying to sniffling and wiping his eyes. “Now, why were you wearing your sister’s clothes?”

“Um I um,” he stares at his feet. He clenches both of his fist and shuts his eyes tight. “I WANT TO BE A GIRL!” He shouts.

I stare and blink at my child for a few second trying to figure out what I heard, “Um, sweetie, did you say you want to be a girl?”

He only nods as tears start to well up again for another cry.

I process the information and flash back to everything he’s done since he was born. Austin has always been a quiet sweet child. I mean, the boy never was very aggressive. Then I remember all the times of he cried because he like Emmie’s toys better than his. Or the time I walked in on him playing with my makeup. Everything just made sense now

I coo, “Why didn’t I see it before? Of course, you’re a girl.” I chuckle, “Silly me.” I hug my new daughter, telling her that everything will be okay.

6 more years later

It’s been five years since that fateful day. Emmie’s been happy to get a sister rather than a brother. Gerald, well Gerald was put off by it at first, but figuring since we had we had a baby boy on the way. He’ll get a sports-loving son no matter what.

“Amber, please help me in the kitchen.” Amber, who used to be that little guy name Austin, bounces on in and gives me a hug. I gaze at my blooming fifteen-year-old daughter. She’s much happier as a girl than a guy. Emmie and Amber have been almost inseparable since and they’re more like identical sisters than fraternal.

As we prepare dinner, she stops and asks “Is it okay to have a boyfriend?”

I stare at my daughter, I knew this day would come. Never thought she would end up having a boyfriend first. “Who is this boy?”

Amber shyly says, “Hunter Myers.”

I remember Hunter Myers. He’s a sweet kid, but his father. His father is a raging drunk. His mother had died in a car accident about the time Amber came out.

“Does he know?”

“Yes, mommy. He knows. He says he doesn’t mind it.”

“Hmmm, I’ll have to talk about it more with your father.”

The blood drains from her face and Amber chokes, “Okay.”

A bit later

Amber walks with a tall but lean boy who was sweating profusely, she stops and looks about as nervous as the boy, “Mommy, daddy, this is Hunter.”

My husband stayed silent and gave the boy a stoic look, he puts a hand on the boy’s shoulder and in a Russian accent, “Do you like,” a pause for dramatic effect, “American football?”

The boy smiles and repeatedly nods yes.

4 years later

We sat at a football game and watch the players battling out. The girls were cheering with pom poms. Amber fully developed out to be a very beautiful woman. Her long black hair resembles Gerald’s and she has my deep, sparkling green eyes.

Despite our thoughts of Hunter’s and Amber’s relationship being puppy love. Their relationship blossomed into love. Almost inseparable like Emmie and Amber once had been.

Emmie wasn’t so lucky in the boyfriend department. While she said she didn’t mind being single, I could in moments see a wistful look on her face.

Hunter declares, “Hey everyone, look up.” We look up and there was an airplane that was towing a banner that read, ‘Amber, will you marry me?’

We all look at Hunter as he got in his knee and opens a ring box, “Amber Chloe Hastings, will you marry me?” Amber didn’t say anything as the tears of joy flow down her face just like me, she chokes and nods. They kiss the most beautiful kiss I have ever seen. We knew that we left our daughter in good hands.

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