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The cobalt bomb was tested in 1965 and was the first one of its kind. Because of its design, the cobalt got picked up by the wind currents and spreads around the world. 5 years later, there was an increase in cancer, deformities, and superpowers.

Superpowers are the cause of the Cobalt bomb five years later. There are many powers and about ten percent of the world's population has them. They tend to develop either after or during a battle with cancer or during puberty. But not always. The categories for superpowers are Paragon, Telekinesis, Artificer, Medic, Generator, Psisense, Accelerator, Sorcery, and Erratic.

A super is an individual with superpowers or a superpower. About half of regulars (non-supers) are afraid or even hate supers despite being the 10% of the world.

Mutants are supers who are born with their powers. They tend to have a deformity or deformities such as a tail, cyclops, different physiology, etc. They range from grotesque to ethereally gorgeous. They are genetically less human and treated as such by certain groups and factions. A sweeping majority of mutants have superpowers and often more powers than supers and more powerful powers. They only represent 1% of the world. Survivors that were infected with the Ghoul virus but then cured became mutants.

Meta is a word to describe both mutants and supers.


Tags are used to label what category, class, and rank you have. Examples Paragon, class B or P:B. Artificer, class C, rank 2 or A:C2

Classes are the classification of how much strength a superpower has. The common ones are E-A (E being the weakest and A being the strongest) though there are some heroes and villains who have above that and are classified as S. By no means that these Supers are the strongest in the world in terms of deadliness.

Ranks are the number beside class letter, they classify how much control a super has over their superpower. The common ones are 6 through 1 (6 being the least control and 1 being the most control). Now just like the letter S in classes they have something similar is the number 0.

Sub-category are categories in which are represented by an uncapitalized letter. For example, is you’re a Medic class B rank 1 and you have the sub-category Doctor. Then it will be represented by the code MdB1. Another example of a subcategory tag would be Telekinesis, plasma, class A, rank 4 or in tag proper: Tp:A4

Artificer is a superpower in which the user has the knowledge to create and understand crafts/technology. “They just know how to invent.” Often Artificer has a specific craft (culinary, mechanics, etc.). An uncommon power. 'A' is the tag

Telekinetic abilities are something like an extra invisible shapeless limb. They can control certain things depending on the state of the matter; Solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and sometimes even photons like the Superhero: Sunflower. There are certain ranks and classes of control and strength. Telekinesis tends to be tied in with generator, but not always. This super power is rare. 'T' is the tag

Paragon, the most common superpower. Someone with paragon is above the epitome of human intelligence, strength, healing, etc. The super’s body changes to what their subconscious view of human perfection is. Paragon healing and Medic healing are two completely different powers. Paragon healing tends to be weaker. There are no ranks in paragon. 'P' is the tag

Medic is the healing category. There are two types of healing, Doctor and Patient. Doctors can only heal others and Patients can only themselves. Though a medic can have both. While Patient is an uncommon sub-category. Doctor is a legendary sub-category and tend to be treated almost as gods. 'M' is the tag

Generator is the category to create something depending on the state of matter, Solid, liquid, gas, plasma. Photons are also part of generating. Generating tends to be tied into with telekinesis, but not always. This is a rare power. 'G' is the tag

Accelerator is the category in which a human can move fast than a regular. There are two sub-categories for this: Aviator and speedster. Aviators can fly and speedsters can run at super speeds. Telekinetics can also do something similar to Aviators, but at a slower and less controlled rate depending on the class of the telekinetic. Paragons can do something similar to speedsters, but way slower. This is a more common category. 'AC' is the tag

Sorcery is less of a superpower and more of a learned talent. Sorcery has been around for thousands of years and there are so many versions of it. However, it becomes a category because certain supers manifest an innate magic and able to learn magic easier than regular mages. Sorcery very rarely coincides with paragon. It is also the second most common category. Similar to paragon, when the individual manifests they change into their subconscious form of a mage, wizard, witch, supernatural humanoid creature, etc. However, the individual cannot exceed their current age. They can regress though. 'S' is the tag

Psisense involves having more than five senses. There is a multitude of powers within it. There are three sub-categories: Past, future, and present. Powers like telepathy and empathy are categorized as present. Powers like Psychometry are past. Powers like precognition is future. Present Psisenses are way more common than past and future; however, they vary depending on the power. 'Psi' is the tag

Erratic is every other superpower that can’t be categorized in the other categories. Time-warping for example or controlling/creating atomic energy. Basically, anything that isn’t in the other categories. Depending on the power. 'E' is the tag


Super-Mutant Alliance: Created in the mid to late 80s in the rise of radicalism in the Silver Legion. The United States do not support the SMA instead they are supported by the FLA or the Federation of Latin America. They help supers and mutants in controlling their powers. Showing people that supers and mutants are humans too.

Hero association: An organization who trains supers and mutants in meta vs meta combat, search and rescue operations, and other disciplines. Hero university was created from this.

Super Villains: Superpowered criminals. Some were trained in Hero University and some were recruited and trained by villain organizations.

Super teams: There are teams of both Heroes and Villains. Each member has a codename. Sometimes when a super team is big enough, they call them organizations instead.

Star League: The most famous superhero organization in the USA and FLA. They fought the Sisterhood of Circe in Cuba. The superhero Sunflower is on this team.

Sunflower: Grace Flowers, one of the most famous superheroes. She controls the power of the sun. Able to destroy her enemies during the day, but completely almost useless at night. Many love her for her down to earth personality and witty comments. Her super tag is P:C; Tp:A:A1 ACa:C3. In a secret, romantic relationship with the Blood Witch.

Sunflower's Backstory: Zachary Flowers was born into a super religious household. At the age of 7, he knew he was different than all the other boys. He didn't like the rough and tumble scene and preferred to stay with the girls. His parents found out and he came back to school with bruising everywhere it couldn't be seen. He began to be a loner and focus his attention on studying like his parents wanted him too. One day when he was 14 he manifested his powers and slowly started to change. For the next few months he grew feminine and dainty. Eventually his parents found out and kicked him out of the house. Because of his paragon memory, he grabs a GED a year later, changed his name to Grace Flowers, and enrolls into Hero University, where she learned the extent of her Photo kinesis. After university she was invited to join the Star League, taking on the superhero name Sunflower at 19. She became a popularly famous hero.

Grace's personality, appearance, and passion:
• Chill, down to earth, carefree
o She sometimes allows villains flee and won't chase after criminals she deems good.
• She often feels lonely because she has to keep her hero identity a secret.
• Appearance
o Beautiful tan skin
o Golden blonde hair
o Piercing cornflower eyes
o An athletic build
o 5'2"
• Passions
o Has a thing for romance novels and often reads and rereads C.C. Hofstede's works.
o Video games, she often plays Ultrawatch and in the top tier players in it. Under the username: Flowerpower. She also streams when she has time.
o Sleep, definitely Sleep.

Sunflower's costume: A sunflower designed masquerade mask magically enchanted to give of an illusion. Eloquent golden sunflower designs go all across her body, covering it, and fitting it to her body to make her almost seem naked. She always has a magic enchanted bag with her that beams light in times of low or no light.

Sisterhood of Circe: The most infamous supervillain organization mostly made of sorceresses and their henchmen. They've liberated Hawaii of the ghoul threat and established their home base there. Also, the ones that harvest and sell Violet Stars. Their goal is the study of all magic, forbidden or not forbidden. They are considered evil simply because they took Hawaii and have henchmen while taking young girls with aptitude for their cause. They create clones for their sacrifices. Also, the US and FLA painted them as such.

Blood Witch: Carmilla Crimson, the head sister of the Sisterhood of Circe. Uses blood magic to increase her stamina, strength, cast curses, heal, etc. She tends to be uptight and cold, but when the initial shell is cracked, she's a very loving person. S:A1 Psi:C4.

Blood Witch's backstory: Kylie Hofstede was born to a wealthy and loving family until tragedy struck at the age of six when her mother was murdered by a mugger. Her dad fell into crippling depression and in a drunken stupor. He eventually died of alcohol poisoning leaving little Kylie orphaned at the age of 10. During that dark time, she read Carmilla and fell in love with the book. She was put into a foster home with her foster parents only wanting her for the money. She was abused and tortured by the couple. Eventually, her foster father sexually assaulted her leaving her with a full fear and hate of men. When her powers manifest she gains the magic with a natural talent of blood magic. After manifesting her powers at 12, she tortured and murdered her foster parents. She joined the Sisterhood of Circe becoming one of the first members of the cult and changed her name to Carmilla Crimson. Eventually, she rose to the rank Head sister of the group at the age of 18 when the founder ascended into a higher being.

Carmilla's personality, appearance, and passions:
• Cold and standoffish, yet she clearly cares about her sisterhood and henchmen even if they're male.
• She's a lonely and traumatized person who's still recovering from her severely damaged childhood.
• She hates men, more of fear. She tends to be docile and vulnerable against overbearing men, unlike her normal self.
• Appearance
o Raven black hair
o Alabaster skin
o Slightly point ears
o Fangs
o Predatory crimson eyes.
o A tall 5'10"
• Passions
o Despite being powerful with any magic her particular favorite is Hematmagnology or the study of blood magic. A very forbidding study in the Magnus association.
o She has a thirst for knowledge still despite being on par with the High Archmage Cyrus from the Magnus Association
o Classic Literature, particularly Carmilla is some that she loves. She often collects it. Whether that means Modern or old.
o She even writes her own novels and books often going by the pen name C.C. Hofstede. Her genre is fantasy and gay romance. Often wanting to live the romance part.

Blood Witch's costume: She wore a dark crimson and white steampunk dress with fitted leather gloves that went pass the elbow and stop in the middle of the upper arm and folded at the end. She wore thigh-high leather boots that fits her gorgeous long legs like a glove with ties on the outwards side of the boots and folded at the end, showing a bit of her thighs. Her hair was folded into a tight dark crimson hood that went to her neck. She also a leather plague mask with runic symbols born into it and a pointed witch hat that sported the same color as her. Her ebony black folded collar cloak completed her steampunk look. Her staff was metal black with a crystal orb on the end. Crimson tendrils spiral down the staff like a spiral staircase.

Magnology: The general study of magic.

Magnus association: A group supported by various of rich mages and a bit from the US and FLA government. They created different magical universities across the Americas. Their goal is to study legal magic.

Battle of Cuba: A battle between the Sisterhood of Circe and the Star League. The Sisterhood won the island and started harvesting Violet stars.


Ghoul Invasion: In the 70s Lovecraftian creatures began to spawn and aggressively attack and/or infect humans. Fortunately, their virus is slow and the ones cured after the virus reached most of the body turned into mutants. Many nations were wiped out and many rose from the ashes.

Gladius Quadratum: Highly trained special forces members: Mostly in the art of 'Monster slaying'. The group was made up of 4 teams of 4. 3/4ths of the group were mutants. They stagnated the war until power armor was invented and useful. Elder Martin was a Gladius Quadratum.

Power Armor: The first generation of the armor were huge and bulky, made of titanium. They were introduced in the Ghoul invasion. Power armor now is lighter, stronger, and more techie. They are used by police forces, military, construction, etc. They are everyday tools now.

The Silver Legion of America: A faction of paramilitary created after the ghoul invasion to train civilians in 'Monster slaying'. Its power rose in the early 80s around the world and predominately in the US. US supported the growth of the legion. After the murder of Elder Martin, the founder of the Legion, in '89. The Silver Legion became a bigoted and hate group in the early 90s. Mostly picking on mutants and supers. Their flag is black with a falcon in the center with two fists behind it crossed in a X. Their salute is both fists over lapping each other to form an X.


Mexico's and Canada's annex to the US: Due to the rise of ghouls, the Mexican government decided to join America to receive American assistance. Canada also did so later in the invasion.

United States of America: Because of the annex of Mexico and Canada the US gained 44 states adding to the 49 (Hawaii was destroyed) adding up to 93 states cut into 9 provinces: Mexico, Canada west, Canada east, Central Canada, Central US, southwest US, northeast US, southeast US, northwest US. Each province controls the states within the province and also its own congress. Each province has a proconsul heading the state. Changing the stars on the flag as one star with 9 stars around it.

FLA: Federation of Latin America. A nation that rose from the ashes of the Ghoul invasion. Much like their brothers in the north. They are democracy, but they aren't a republic. The central government of the federation are separated into cabinets. Each cabinet has a specialization and interest. The states of the federation govern themselves with assistance from the feds. They also very supportive of supers and mutants. They often welcome them into society for they were the ones that founded the new nation and helped combat the Ghouls. Their flag is light blue is a golden lion in the center.

The Panama Canal: A focal point of USA and FLA relationship. Often fought over by both sides for control of the Canal. US believes that it's there's because it was there's before and FLA says it's there's because it's part of their country. Much fighting goes on between the G-zone because of this. There is no formal war again the FLA and USA, but tensions are rising for the Canal. Raiders and different barbaric factions are in Panama too.

G-zone: The land between FLA and Mexico annexed USA is infested with ghouls due to the smaller countries not able to receive US's help fast enough. Many fled to the federation because of it. Many Bio-meta reside there besides ghouls. The bio-metas are the most powerful of the bio-metas there. Not many survive in the G-zone, only the most trained can wander those lands. The survivors left there are raiders, bandits, etc. Both sides of the G-zone were walled off by both the FLA and USA.


Warring States of Europe: The ghouls never resolved in Europe, because of this, the nations have split up and become states fighting for control of Europe. Many are shadows of the governments of cold war Europe, some are completely new states in Europe.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: The Soviet Union backs off of central Europe and Germany to deal with their own ghoul problem in Russia. They are the least affected by the ghoul invasion. They did secede many of the countries all the way to Poland because of the invasion. The invasion is still going on to some extent in Russia because Europe couldn't stand its ground.


Shaman's Dominion: A constitutional monarchy located in Africa. They used magic to rid of Ghouls and establish the Dominion. The Grand Shaman is monarch of the Dominion. The circle of senators makes the legislative. Green with a white shaman's symbol in the center is its flag


Bio-metas: Animal, insects, or plants that have some type of supernatural ability. For example, Dragons, Speeding Mantis, and Violet Stars are considered bio-metas.

Violet Stars: Violets that has a healing ability. Used in healing potions. Can only survive in a tropic environment. Native to Cuba.

Speeding Mantis: Imagine a praying mantis, but bigger and faster. They run at the speeds of a medium class accelerator speedster.

Elemental Cats: Many cats birth kittens with the power of different elements ranging from an alchemist's four: Fire, air, earth, water. They are highly sought after as pets.

Metabiology: The study of bio-metas, supers, mutants, and ghouls

National Bio-meta Research Association: A organization that studies and documents bio-metas. They employ hero-trained supers and ex-military to protect them on their trips around the world.

Trinity Guild: A mercenary guild that assists anyone who pays enough. Very powerful guild that is located mostly in the province of Mexico, by the wall. They're often paid to guard their employers in the G-zone.

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