The worthless story

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A teenage boy with golden hair, green eyes, and a body and face of a Greek statue stands on a massive rock above his allies. He paces on the giant rock, anxiously in front of his friends and girlfriend.

The boy stops in the middle and clears his throat, bellowing, “I, John Doe of the Stag faction, will defeat our evil foes of the Umbra empire. As I was chosen by the gods to complete this quest and return peace to the sacred lands of the Album Kingdom.” He pauses to catch his breath and slick his hair back to continue, “After this, I will become king and rule as the gods intended for me too. NOW LET GET THOSE BASTARDS!”

The army cheers for their leader as they head towards the enemy. John jumps down in front of them continues with them all the way until they halt yards away from the enemy line.

“READY MEN!” John roars, the men roaring back. He roars, pointing his drawn sword forward, “CHARGE!” The army of men scream as the rubble of feet quakes the earth.

Right then the hero, John, notices something blazing in the noon sky. He stops his charge and stares at it. The orb of fire gets closer and closer to John’s stomach drops.

“Stop!” He yelled, yet no one heard him. He tries to run away, but it was too late. The orbs of fire burst onto his army engulfing them whole. John shields himself with a shield spell. He still feels the scorching fire upon his skin. There was a bright light.

Then nothing.

As his eyes adjusted, John looks around the battlefield. Corpses laid burnt to crisps or vaporized. John falls into the black until seeing the light and ascending into heaven.

That’s the end of the story folks. Literally, what would happen if an evil nation literally called the Umbra Empire (for those who don’t know, Umbra means black in Latin) won. THE BLACK FUCKING EMPIRE! Get the fuck out of here with stupid shit like that.

Oh? you want me to continue this stupid ass story? Well, fuck you! I don’t feel like it. I have better things to do rather than write shitty stories for you worthless lot.


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