I wish upon a dragonball (?)

Albert Smirnov was hobbling down an alley making his way to the grocery store. Three boys confront him. Two in the front, one big one in the back. This was normal for Albert. The three boys always bullied and abused him for having one leg along with his feminine nature. He knew what was coming next.

“Hey, cripply faggot!” shouts the strawberry blonde boy beside one of his friends.

“Hey, Grant.” Albert sheepishly greets. The boy behind him pushes him down.

“That’s no way to treat your friends, faggy cripple. Boys let us show him the punishment of being so casual with us.” The three boys left after beating Albert making him pass out from the pain. He becomes conscious with his head in the dirt. There were a dull pain and aches all over his body. Albert flips himself over and stares up at the sky. The rain weeps as he cries with it.

Albert hears a “Hello?” from a soft voice. Albert slowly sits himself up. “No no, don’t move. I’ll help you up.” The voice comes over and sits him up against the wall. Albert sees a boy with a black shirt that has a ball with four stars on it. The boy had long dirty blonde hair and he looked more like a girl than a boy. The boy picked up his crutches and leans them against a wall next to Albert. The boy sits down in front of him even though it’s raining and he was getting soaked and muddied. Albert got a closer look at him. He was cute. Very cute. Albert had never met a boy so cute before. He was stunned by him gazing deeply at the boy. Is he even a boy? The boy made a nervously cute grin that made Albert’s heart melt, “I’m Tracy.” The boy… girl(?) announces holding how his/her feminine hand. Albert was seriously confused on the boy’s(?) gender. Tracy dresses like a boy, but his/her face, long hair, and feminine hands said otherwise. Hell, even his/her name is androgynous. It was feminine leaning though. Maybe Tracy is a girl?

Not wanting to be rude, Albert shakes Tracy’s hand and mumbles his name. Tracy cutely tilts his head and apologizes, “Hmm? Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Can you say that again?” he leans closer to hear better. Albert’s heart was beating fast. Tracy smelled like roses, and poor Albert’s mind was going blank from being intoxicated by it.

Albert blurts “I’m Albert.” He slides away from Tracy trying to escape the intoxicating smell.

Tracy pulls Albert into a hug and whispers, “Calm down, it’s fine. I won’t hurt you.” Albert accidentally inhales a bunch of his aroma and felt his mind go blank into darkness.

When Albert woke up, he was in a dark room. His hair was wet and he had new clothes on. Albert decides to go back to sleep. “Maybe that was just some dream?” He thought to himself. Albert rolls over and smells that distensible rose scent and a warmth coming from its direction. He slowly puts his hand out and felt a warm lump. Albert swishes his arm under the covers and touches a very soft thing. He immediately held his hand back. Albert lifted the covers slowly to find a peacefully sleeping Tracy next to him. Albert jumps back off the bed making a loud “Thump” as he frantically looks for his crutches.

Tracy rises from the covers and asks, “What was that noise?” as he rubs his eyes. “Albert?” he looks to his side. He sees Albert frightened and frantically looking for something. “It’s ok Albert,” Tracy assures him crawling to the side of the bed and sitting down on the edge.

“Um… why did you help me? Where are we?” I ask nervously to what the answers may be.

“I helped you because you needed help duh, silly.”

Albert thought as he blushed ~so cute~.

“And you’re at my house.”

~Wait I have new clothes on me. How did I get new clothes on me? Oooooh, he did that. HE DID THAT. ~ Albert became embarrassed as he thought of Tracy undressing and dressing him. Tracy giggled at the flabbergasted boy still sitting on the floor.

“Let me help you up. Are you hungry?” Tracy asked the still flabbergasted boy.

Albert composed himself squeaking, “Yeah,” he paused taking a deep breath. “I don’t need your help, but thank you anyway.” Albert pushes himself up hopping back to the bed as Tracy walks to the kitchen. Albert looks around the room for a second. Tracy’s room was all girl, except filled with anime items and trinkets. The walls were a nice pastel pink and there was plushies, dolls, and another assortment of girl things. Albert knew it was anime because he sometimes goes by one of the stores at the mall with that stuff. There was a big picture of an anime guy with funky gold hair and bluish green eyes right above the guy it said in stylish letters, ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

~What is Dragon ball Z?~ Albert asked himself. He could deduce that it was indeed an anime, and probably an old one at that. As he’s never seen it in one of the stores.


another one of these mini stories. I was thinking of making this in the Whateley universe, but I don't know.

Tell me what you think about it, please.

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