Healer's Redemption

I was walking home in the dark when suddenly I got hit by a truck. Or at least I like to think I got hit by a truck. The last thing I saw was a bright light in the corner of my vision then darkness.

Well, here I am, in another world. Son of a bitch. I’m even a baby. Now, I have to lay here for about four years to even be able to walk. I hate waiting. Well, it’s not all bad, my mother is a fox. I mean literally, a fox. Well, more of a quarter fox from what I can see. Some type of demi-human with fox ears and a tail.

There are also cat people, dog people. Holy shit! I can’t wait until I’m older. Man, I’m wondering if there is magic.

3 or so years later

So, I’m now four years old. For the last four years. I have learned a lot of shit. From architecture to alchemy. Yes, if you're wondering, alchemy does involve some spell circle or as they call them here Annuluses. It’s been great really. I can’t practice magic yet as my magic hasn’t wakened, but that changes today as I’m going to the town’s mage.

I don’t actually have a mother. You see I am an orphan and because of that, the demi-humans took me in. They’re awesome people. Though, I do have some quarrels with their children as I’m a human. No worries, it’s all in good fun.

My mom, yes, the foxy one, I like to think of her as my mother considering I don’t have a biological one. Holds my hand as I walk in the town’s mage’s tower. All mages have a tower of their own. At least most do.

The mage is an old man, but not decrepit. I’m betting he was quite the chick magnet when he was younger. He’s sitting there reading a book.

“Um hello, sir?” My mom says to the town mage. He holds up his index finger telling up that he needs a second. A few seconds later, he finally looks up.

He asks “What can I do for you ladies?” Yes, if you’re wondering. I was born a girl. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that. I also forgot to mention that my name is Anus. Cool name, right? Anyway, back to the story.

“Yes, I would like to get my daughter checked for magic.”

“Alright, come here, young lady.” He signals me to come to him. I hesitantly shuffle to him. I know that’s silly, but even though I have my memories my confidence and personality is still a kid’s. “What’s your name, young lady?”

“Um Anus,” I say shyly.

“Such a pretty name, can you put your hand on the crystal ball.” I did just as he said. “Now push, not physically, but mentally into the ball.” Now, this got me thinking of that one time in my past life. When I was pushing a big box upstairs. An odd memory to keep, but it’s still there. The crystal ball started to glow a bright green. An emerald green, not the nasty green.

“Incredible,” Says the mage. “You have strong healing magic.”

Healing… magic… I have mother fucking healing magic? I want to shoot gods damn lightning from my hands like Palpatine. Not be Mercy from Overwatch. For fuck sakes. When can I shoot a fireball? These thoughts are starting to make me cry. Why can’t I be some cool lightning mage? “I don’t wanna be a support.” I wail. My tears are flowing down like a waterfall. I drop onto my butt and sit there crying my eyes out. I feel a warmth embrace me. I stop crying for a brief second to see my mom hugging me. All I could do is cry into my mom’s bosom as I calm down. I fall asleep from being emotionally drained.


If you're asking why I made this. It's because I had it in my mind for a while. I first got the idea when I read a manga that is similar. I thought I would do my own version of it. You know, because why not.

Tell me what you think. Should I continue this story or scrap it?

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