Faith in me

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“DOWN, SET, HUT.” I glance around then yell, “HUT, HUT!” The wall of humans collides against each other in a fierce fight to stop the opponent’s movement. I step back and faint the ball off to Jerry then run through an opening created by the team.

I sprint, I knew someone was behind me, so I slow down a bit. Instinct tells me to spin around him. I use my foot to expertly make him trip and continue my sprint all the way to the goal line.

As soon as I hit the colored grass, the whole world around me pops back into view. The crowd simply goes wild seeing me stand on the colored grass with a ball in my hand.

I drop the ball, take off my helmet, and turn around only to get tackled by my comrades.

They pick me up and cheer my nickname, “PIXIE! PIXIE! PIXIE!” You would be thinking that this is an insult. It isn’t. I got the nickname from my petite, prepubescent size and eloquent movements on the field. They say I move like a ballerina. I guess that is true. My girlfriend, Valentine, did teach me ballerina to help with my flexibility and movement. My parents would kill me if they knew.

The team drops me off when they get close to the showers. Valentine comes up and kisses me straight on the lips making my toes curl, “That was a great game, Gordan!” My name is Gordan Shepard by the way.

“Thanks, lovie. I’m sorry if I smell bad.” Yes, I call her lovie. I think it’s a cute thing to call a girl. I never did like babe. It seems a little too objectifying.

“Don’t worry, now go, get to the showers.” She gives me another one of those kisses that just makes me swoon. “The team is waiting for you.” I turn around and she gives me a suggestive pat on the butt. I know what’s happening tonight.

I get in and immediately the team is lined up in military formation, they all salute, “Captain Pixie, SIR!” I see the coach giving me an amused expression. Despite my size, I’m the football captain.

“At ease.” I giggle. I look at the coach for an answer to this. He just gestures to continue, “You all did fantastic tonight! There is still a lot of room for improvement, but if you use the same effort you used today, then you’ll improve faster than you’ve ever improved before. DISMISSED!” The crowd of players laughs and continues to dismantle their gear. I do the same.

I feel a hand on my butt, squishing it. I turn around and I see Jerry with a big grin on his face.

“You were fantastic tonight. How did you know that guy would tackle you?”

“I don’t know how I knew. I just did.” I never understood my instinct. People have always asked how I can do some of the movements I do on the field. I never had an answer. I just knew it.

“Well, I guess a woman’s intuition is a thing.” I slug him lightly. “Wow, you wound me, madam.”

I make a mock pout to play along with it. “For that, you’re paying for the pizza.” Giving him a smug smirk.

He bows, “A gentleman always pays for their ladies.” I giggle at him as he walks away. Jerry and I have a thing where he treats me as a lady. When he first was doing it, it was because he hated my guts. As I proved myself, he molded into one of my greatest of friends and confidants.

The coach comes up to me, “Well Gordan, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. I don’t really approve of that move you did, but you seemed confident enough.” He’s never approved my moves. “Still, it was a great game. We’ll talk about your improvements Monday.” He walks off.

I remember when I first started playing football. It was in freshman year. He saw me evade all my bullies, even saw me beat the shit out of some when I got put in a corner. He offered me a place as a wide receiver. I turned it down naturally, but then I figured that I had nothing better to do. Glad I took the opportunity.

I take a quick shower and put back my clothes. Everyone on the team was telling me good job. I walk out of the showers and hug Valentine. I really liked Valentine. She’s so caring and understanding. Despite me perpetually being a child. She stays with me. I don’t think I could do much without her.

“Hey, Cap. you wanna go to the buck with us? You know, for an after party.” I turn around and find Kaleb, one of our defenses towering above me. He’s a big ole teddy bear though and as shy as a human can be.

I gave me a smile and held Valentine’s hand, “Sorry, Kaleb, I’m with Valentine tonight. Maybe another day.”

He gives me a nervous smile back, “Yeah, another day.” He walks off.

I look back to Valentine. She looked so beautiful despite the poor lighting. I stand on my tippy toes and give her a surprise kiss.

Her eyes open wide, “What was that for?”

“For being the most caring, compassionate, loving, beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”

She melts at those words and kisses me aggressively, sticking her tongue in my mouth. Exploring it. We back off to catch our breaths.

“Now now, lovebirds. I don’t want to become a grandma too quickly.” I turn around to see my mom giving me an amused look.

I blush hard, and shyly say, “Sorry.”

Mom gives me a gentle hug, “Good game, sweetheart.”

“Carol, stop coddling the boy.” My mom backs off and my dad gives me a pat on the back. “That was a good game, sport. How did you learn those moves?”

I look to Valentine who was looking off into the distance whistling. “I just knew them,” I say confidently. I am not breaking cover, no matter how nervous I am.

“I guess you’re not valedictorian for nothing, huh?”

“Yeah.” I giggle.

“Well, don’t stay out too late and don’t get into anything life-changing.” He looks at Valentine with a knowing expression.

My parents both wave and walk off.

I sigh and look at Val. She was blushing a pretty red.

“How about we get out of here and do our after-game party?” I say suggestively giving her a wink making her giggle.

The full moon was beautiful, and the reflective lake mirrored that. We stare at the night sky as we lay down after one of our ‘exploration sessions’.

A thought pops into my mind, “Why do you like someone like me?”

The beautiful vixen sits up and gazes at me. “What do you mean?”

I sit up, “Well, I’m petite, prepubescent, and feminine despite being a football captain of one of the top schools in the state. It just… It’s just I don’t know why in the world you would go for a boy like me. You’re smart, kind, and beau-”

She interrupts me with a kiss, “You’re more of a man than any boy I’ve been with before. Don’t you forget that.” The inside of me feels all gooey as goosebumps form.

Gazing into her eyes, “I love you, Valentine Mary Fulton.”

“I love you, Gordan Steven Shepard.”

We kiss for the last time before our return to our lives.

“Today we are baptizing, Gordan Steven Shepard, he, despite his shortcomings, is the captain of the Fishing high school football team, the boyfriend of Valentine Fulton,” I glance to Valentine, who has a big grin on her face, “and a devout Christian.”

I knew this day was coming. I first got into going to church a year ago. Getting mostly pulled by Val. Val is a devout Christian, but not one of those ‘born again’ types. No, she studies the bible and let it guide her, not control her. My parents on the other hand. They completely sank themselves into being a ‘born again Christian’. Thank god, I’m not gay.

“Do you have anything else to say before you are reborn as a child of God?”

I gaze at Val, she looks so gorgeous in her Sunday best. Wearing a beautiful dress that stretches to her ankles. She would normally not put on a dress that long, but it’s church. What can you do? “I LOVE YOU, VAL!” I declare on the top of my lungs causing her to blush a beautiful bright red as a beautiful broad smile that made me melt on the top of this bath thing. I don’t know what it’s called.

“I LOVE YOU TOO, GORDY!” She declares back causing me to blush too.

“Are you ready?” The preacher whispers. I nod. “May you be reborn and cleansed of all sin.” He dunks me into the water.

I feel weird, very weird and hot. Very hot. I feel the preacher let go of me and move in the water. I rise and open my eyes. I see a light. Weird, where is it coming from? Is it part of the process? The light slowly faded, and I feel wet hair hit my shoulders.

I touch the hair and look down. It’s white and there are two mounds protruding from my chest.

What in the world is going on?

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