Daily life of a 'Trap' 1

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“Please go out with me.” Says a light-haired boy a few heads taller than me.

I blink twice and give a “Wha?”

I had been called out to the back of the football stadium by a handwritten note in my locker telling me that the writer has to tell me something important. I don’t normally like to do something like this, but since it’s high school. I thought I would be more trusting of people.

“I’ve liked you ever since I saw you by the cherry blossom tree. I thought you were the most beautiful gir-”

“I’m a boy.” I simply state.

It was his turn to blink twice as his face when blank. For almost a minute there was a bubble a silence as the gentle breeze of spring sweeps over us.

The boy exclaims with what looks like stars in his eyes, “YOU’RE A TRAP!?”

“WEEB!” I retort. It’s always the same. Everyone mistakes me for a girl because of my petite build and height. Yeah sure, I look a lot like my mother with my cute nose, high cheekbones, and apple-shaped face, but doesn’t make me any less of a boy than other boys.

He blushes as he thinks, then looks down in apology, “I’m sorry for mistaking you for a girl.”

“That’s alri-”

“Will you still go out with me?”


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