Same, but different: Chapter 2

The next day I did my normal morning routine. Wake up at five, take a shower, and go to get food. My dad was there getting ready for work. He’s a supervisor for the Densal police department. Densal is a town about ten minutes away from Smiths Cliff. He’s a really cool guy. Best dad I’ve ever known. Then again, I only known one dad.

“Chase, how was school?” He asks me. Crap baskets, I wanted to avoid talking about school.

“Alright, boring though.”

“First days of school are always like that.” He hugs me, “I have to go now. Have a good day at school.”

“Bye, daddy.” Yes, I call my dad, daddy. I don’t know why I do it. I just always have. I used to call my mom, mommy.

The clock ticks at seven. I got dress and wake up Caleb, my brother, or I like to think of him like that. He’s actually my best friend who I’ve known all my life. He’s two years older than me, but only a grade ahead.

I’m back at school in my electronics class with McVie. We have to do safety certification thing on this program called ‘NIDA’ I forgot what it stood for, but I don’t really care. I decided it would be funny to change the background to some of the computers to Fluttershy. My favorite of the five ponies. No one caught me and to be honest, no one cared.

The rest of the day, nothing really happened. Actually, that whole week. I was just doing my NIDA and getting it completed. The class goes by boringly. The weekend was pretty boring too. I just sat there playing Planetside two. It’s a cool first-person shooter that is also a massively multiplayer game. I had gotten a really good computer because “why not” as my dad puts it.

Monday rolls around and I’m back into McVie’s class. I forgot to mention that I became friends with James’s friend Kerry. The big fluffy guy that sits right next to him. He’s a pretty cool guy all considering.

I started on the real stuff in NIDA. Direct Connection circuiting is so much fun. We got our books that day too. How exciting. Besides all the other school work I had to do. Nothing really exciting happens besides that fact I’m a sponge for history. Then again, I’ve been to Normandy, Rome, Venice, London, Liverpool, and Paris. A lot of what had been named are historical relics.

I go back home and restart my routine for Tuesday. I go to the bathroom and shove everything off and throw it on the table. I turn on my CD player and press play to Green Day. I’m not a big fan of music, but Green day is a great band. I turn on the shower and look in the mirror/sliding door that covers my shower. I stare at my naked body and ask, “This is me, huh?” I don’t know why I do this, but ever since I was a little kid I’ve done this. I’m short, but with long legs like my mom. Carmel brown eyes and straightly fine hair with cute pinkish red lips. Not to be a narcist or anything, but I’m cute. At least, once I take my think lensed glasses. I sigh and jump in the shower.

“Do you have skype?” James asks me as we’re on the computer.


“You should get it. It’ll be fun to talk to you out of class.”

“I would like that.”

James quickly, but neatly scribbles his skype account name on a piece of paper. “Here, just type in this and send me a text telling me it’s you.”

“Sure, I’ll talk to you when I get home.”

“Cool! Anyway, have you seen…” we converse for the rest of the two hours.

At lunch, because most of my friends are in career tech. We all eat together. We have a little place just for us. Hell, we even got our own seats. The only one that’s not in our career tech is our friend Karman. A tall nerdy guy. He’s cool, but he can get annoying. He’s not a bad looker either. Once you take off the glasses.

“You should play Yu-gi-oh,” Karman tells me.

“I’m not sure. I don’t know how to play.”

“We’ll teach you.” Karmen pulls out a box from his backpack and shows me how to play. The game is pretty fun once it gets going. Maybe I’ll ask dad tonight if it’ll be ok to get some cards.

“Daddy,” I say in a soft tone.

“Yes, buddy?”

“Can I have yu-gi-oh cards?”

“Of course, if you use your own money.”

“But daddy,” I whine. “A couple of my friends have been pressuring me to play this game and well, I just enjoy playing it.”

“Oh alright, but you’re coming with me.”

I gasp when I squeal, “Thank you daddy!” as I hug him.

“You’re welcome, buddy.”

I get onto my computer and download skype. My little pony is getting a little stale. I decided to look up anime sites. I get Crunchy Roll. I see that they have sword art online two. I tried to hold in my excitement as I watch the first episode.

When skype installed I sent a contact request to James with a message saying it’s me. It was accepted pretty quickly. I then get a call. I had some cool headphones, so I plug them in and accepted the call.

“Hey, Chase.”

“Hey, James.”

“How was your day?”

“Pretty alright. I learned just now that there was a sword online two.”

“Just know? It’s been up for a while. You sure you don’t live in a cave?”

“No, but I did play Xbox for years. I just recently stopped.”

“Why did you stop?”

“Well… because my mom died. I lost all my aggression from that.”

“How did that happen?”

“You remember the mass shooting in the Wal-Mart in Densal?”

“Yeah, the one that ten-people died from. Your mom was one that was killed?”

“Yup, she died trying to protect me.”

“Oh, shit, I don’t know what to say to that.”

“Let’s just talk about something else.”

“Sure, you know…” We talked until I went to bed at nine.

For three weeks, I have been getting into Yu-gi-oh. It’s an incredibly fun game. I had a pretty bad deck to start, but Karman has been helping me build better. I first made dark worlds. I even went to my first tournament. Nothing too big, just in a little place called dragon quills. Remember how my dad is cool? Well, he brought us, people. Everyone loved me after that. I lost the game of course. Also during these two weeks, I’ve been getting to know James and Kerry. Kerry if hilarious. A bit like Gabriel Iglesias hilarious. I’m now getting into anime more and more. McVie is still being an asshole. At one point, a guy said “Bruh” to him. He said, “I’m not your bruh.” My friends died laughing at it. Now we have been using that line when we get into Skype calls together.

I’ve never had this many friends before. I’m very grateful for them because used to I didn’t have any friends. My dad did say a week before I started high school that everything will change. He was right like always. Jason, Steve, and Joseph also got into Yu-gi-oh and anime. Well, Steve has always been into it, but Jason and Joseph are getting into it. We start playing Yu-gi-oh on the bus. Of course, I’m losing, but it’s all in good fun.

“Fag.” This tall buff guy tells me. He’s a guy who’s been an asshole to just about everyone in class. I try and be nice, but my niceness is wearing off fast. I’ve been doing a new tactic of staying away from him, but he just wants to follow me.

I couldn’t help but say, “I’m not the one following a cute boy and calling him a fag. You know you’re just projecting how you feel about me in anger and shame. Just give into your feelings and be,” I change to the most feminine way of speaking and sparkle “Fabulous!” At this point, everyone’s chuckling as the asshole was getting red in the face. He throws a punch at me. It was slow, so I dodge and get behind him to whisper in his ear, “Ho ho ho, you gotta be quicker than that.”

He swings another. I dodge being that they are so slow. “Stop moving!”

“Can’t do that. I don’t very much like pain. I know it’s your thing. I mean, there is nothing wrong with BDSM.” I back up into a guy. Before I could move, he had me in a full nelson. “Let me go, you bastard!”

Asshole is grinning wickedly as he pulls for another punch. I snap my foot into his nose knocking him down with a nosebleed. I then plant the heel of my foot hard into my captor’s groin and squeals. I quickly back away from the scene and saw what I’ve done. I don’t like fighting, but I know how to do it and where to hit. These two got into the wrong end of me.

McVie rumbles in on the scene and shouts, “What happen.”

I turn to him. I hit my adrenaline crash and tears quickly flowed down my face as I cry, “I’m s-s-so s-s-sorry, it’s all my f-f-fault.” I drop to my knees and wail.

“Stop your crying. You’re a man right.” That just made me cry harder. He barks, “You three get to the office. Now!” I pick myself up and cry all the way to the office.

“What happened here?” A woman’s voice said concern.

“From what I can see these two,” McVie gestures to Twiddle dumb and twiddle dee “Got into a fight, and this one,” He gestures to me. “Is just crying for who knows what, Mrs. Harold.”

“Berry, get a statement from those two. I’ll deal with this one.” Mrs. Harold walks to me. I feel her rub my back “Calm down, sweetie… What’s your name?”

“C-chase.” I said wiping my eyes as I look up at her. She is beautiful. Golden blonde hair cornflower blue eyes. She is hot. She hands me a tissue

“Can you tell me what happened?”

“Yes,” I proceeded to tell her about the incident.

“Well, you’re quite good at fighting, Mr. Parker.” God, hated when people call me that. I always expect my dad. “Do you do martial arts?”

“No, but when I was younger I did karate. I have a thing for it really. When I see people fight I like to couple their moves and put myself in different situations.”

“Oh, well, what you just told me is a bit hard to believe. I’m going to get a few of your classmates and see what they say. You can go back to class now.”

“I understand and thank you.” I walk away.

“You’re welcome.”

I walked back into the room and immediately there was clapping. I couldn’t help but smile broadly. I hate grinning because I have braces. I went back to my seat. People come up to me to tell me how I’m amazing. A few people were pulled from class. At lunch, my friends told me how cool it would’ve been to see that fight. They also asked how I learned to fight. I told them, “I watch too many actions and martial art movies.” The rest of the day was dull.


Thanks for reading. Hopefully next chapter I can get Chase's ninth grade year done and start the real story. I am just having too much run with throwing Chase some obsticles.

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