WildFire Chapter 9

Sasha couldn’t help to think there was more going on here. They had left the warehouse with the men still tied up waiting for Sasha’s aunt to send her team in. They had met her aunt a few times and knew she was a dangerous person.

Dusk and Jack had met Sasha’s mother and father and knew for a fact that both were dangerous. They had watched them spar against each other and saw how deadly the two were. They knew Sasha father was Special Forces and an instructor, but they couldn’t believe
Sasha’s mother. She was just as deadly as her husband.

They could see where Sasha got her unique fighting style from. Sasha’s mother uses deception and trickery in a fight. Plus, with her knowledge of medicine she knows just where to hit you to either kill you or paralyze you.

“Jack, let’s go to this house those two jerks were supposed to take Rose too. I want to know what it is.”

“Are you sure Sasha? Don’t you think we should call….”

Jack never got a chance to finish his sentence once Sasha looked at him. He saw the pissed off look on her face and knew this wasn’t something that was up to debate. Richard knew once Sasha was in one of her moods you either did three things. Do as she say, run away, or shut-up. He had seen Sasha take down wrestler size men armed with guns and other types of weapon without batting an eye.

“You’re the boss.” Jack puts the address into his Gps unit and follow the direction to the house.

The house itself was in a upper class neighborhood.

“Park over there Jack.’ Sasha points to a place where Jack could see the house, but wouldn’t be spotted.

Sasha opens the passenger side door “you and Dusk stay here. If I’m not back in fifteen minutes. Call Detective Lucas Strange and have him bring his people here to this address. “

“Just be careful Sasha. Siren would kill us if you don’t come back.” Richard and Dusk watch as Sasha does her disappearing act they had seen a few times once she is in the shadows.

Sasha moves quickly and quietly around the back of the house. She could see several cars parked behind the house. Sasha reaches into a pouch on her costume and toss down under the wheels her specially made exploding jacks. When a vehicle roll over them, they set off the explosive charge and blow the tires off the rims. She moves closer to the house and notice there was a camera pointed at the back door.
She looks around till she finds the window to the bathroom. She checks it and finds it locked. Sasha pulls out her glass cutter and cut the glass out of the window frame. She peeks inside and notice no one was in there. She lifts herself up and inside the bathroom. She could hear that someone was watching television and the volume was loud. Sasha moves quietly and spot several men in what could only be the living room watching the football game.

Sasha palms a few balls about the size of golf balls and toss them into the room so they won’t be notice. She had press the button on all of them to let them go off in ten seconds. She moves quickly throughout the rest of the first floor. She finds nothing out of the ordinary.
She heads upstairs to the second floor and finds several rooms locked. She also hears some grunting noise coming from two rooms. In one room, she spots a guy having oral sex with a teenage boy. The man was middle age and was holding the boys head against his crotch tightly. The boy look like he was ready to pass out before the guy pull back the boy’s head so he could get some air. Her blood was boiling seeing this. Sasha takes out her blowgun hits him with one of her knockout darts. She watches as the man falls backwards on the bed.

Sasha puts her finger to her lips when the boy looks at her.

“Get dress. You’re getting out of here.” Sasha shuts the door to the room quietly and moves onto the other room.

She finds an overweight man raping a brown hair ten-year-old girl. Sasha rushes over and pulls the man off the girl.

The man was startled when he was pulled off the young girl. When he turns to face his attacker, he notices a small petite woman with golden auburn hair wearing an outfit that hugged her body and had flames dancing on it facing him and she looked pissed.

“How dare you!”

He never got a chance to finish what he was saying before Sasha slammed her fist into his mouth. She was pissed off so she put all her anger into that punch. She uses the point of her boots and slams them into his groin as hard as she could and rapture his scrotum. Sasha wasn’t done. She grabs his penis and testicles with one of her trick balls in her hand that could burst into flames and ignites it. She burns them off while in her hands. She was beyond pissed and the holographic flames on her costume was getting brighter from her mood.

The man she was holding passes out from the pain being done to his manhood. Sasha release her hold and looks at her glove. It was blackened and little pieces of flesh sticking to it. She reaches down on the rug and wipe her glove against it to clean it off. Sasha pulls her cell phone out and dials Richard as she walks over to the young girl still lying on the bed with blood between her legs.

“Richard call the paramedics and get them here fast. Also, Detective Lucas and tell him to bring men he can trust. He’s not going to like what he sees. Also, bring your first aid kit up here to the second-floor room. You’ll know which one by the smell of roasted nuts.” Sasha hangs up and goes to the bathroom to get some towels and wet cloths to use to help stop the bleeding on the girl.

Richard makes the calls he was asked to make and grabs the first aid kit form under the passenger seat he keeps in the van. Him and Dusk rush towards the house and find the door lock. Richard uses one of the explosive golf balls Sasha gave him and blow the lock. He kicks the door in and finds several men knocked out. Richard could smell the lingering odor of one of Sasha’s knockout gas balls.

“Hold your breath Dusk.” Richard moves carefully and finds the stairs and rushes upstairs.

Him and Dusk could smell brunt flesh in the air. He walks into one bedroom that had the door open and see’s Sasha holding a ten-year-old girl in her arms and a little boy holding onto her for protection.

Sasha looks up when she notices Jack and Dusk.

“There’s a few rooms with the door locked. I don’t know where the keys are. So, use these to blow the door knobs off.” Sasha gives Richard some of her exploding golf balls.

Dusk walks over to hold the little boy in her arms. He shies away from her and holds tighter to Sasha.

Sasha looks down at the boy “you can trust her. She’s my friend.”

The little boy looks at the strangely dress woman and wraps his arms around her and buries his face against her stomach and cries. Sasha notices the tattoo on his back and the girls back. She takes a picture of it and send it to her aunt to identify. While she was waiting on a response from her aunt, all them could hear sirens. Jack was making sure the girls and boys he let out of the locked rooms were okay. Dusk had the little boy in her arms and was comforting him while Sasha had the ten-year-old girl in her arms.

A few minutes later Sasha’s aunt returns her text informing her that these kids were branded by a Russian mafia group known for human trafficking. Her aunt also said that most likely these kids could have come from over-seas or from right here in the states. Her aunt informed her she was sending a team of medical experts to her location and not to let the police remove these kids.

Sasha looks at the little girl in her hands. She was younger then one of her sisters that had been trafficked by a group of Mexicans her mother had stopped. Dusk looks at Sasha with tears in her eyes.

“I’m keeping this little boy. I want him to feel safe and protected.”

Sasha could see the little boy holding tight to Dusk. She knew he wasn’t going to let go from her.

“I’ll see what I can do. I think I’m going to keep this little girl as well. I’m sending a text to my mother right now asking her to fly out here. Do you want your parents to come as well?”

“Yes, ask your mother if she could fly them out here please.”

“Okay, I’m letting Siren and the rest of the band know what is going on. They might want to come out here.” Sasha sends the different texts out.

Detective Lucas and several polices cars and ambulances show-up at the address he was given by the dispatcher. He had brought along men from his unit he personally knew and trusted.

When he walks in, he notices several large men passed out on the sofa and recliner. He could still smell some sort of gas in the air. He knew it had to be one of Sasha’s.

“Careful men. There’s still some knockout gas in the air.”

“Sasha, where are you?” Detective Lucas was looking for Sasha.

“She’s up here Detective.” Jack yells downstairs to him.

Lucas and several of his men walk upstairs and notice three band members of the group Siren surrounded by several young girls and a few boys. He also notices the smell of brunt flesh in the air.

“Why is there a smell of brunt flesh in the air?” He was following the smell with his nose to the room Sasha was sitting on the bed with a little girl in her arms.

“Because I fired his balls.” Sasha was still pissed.

The detective saw the body of one of the city council members lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth with his teeth missing and wisp of smoke coming from his groin area. Dusk was standing nearby with the little boy still in her arms. Jack of Hearts was keeping the other children calm by doing a magic trick for them.

Detective Lucas looks at Sasha and could tell she was pissed and was protecting the little girl in her arms.

“Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me what happened.” Detective Lucas gets his notebook out while the other police officers secure the area and guarded the children to keep them safe.

The rest of the band and the medical team Sasha’s aunt was sending arrived a few hours later. Sasha receives a message from her mother informing her that she, Sasha’s father and Dusk’s parents were on their way and should arrive within the next four hours.

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