Winter Wonderland

“Mom, can you help me with this please?” Rose comes walking into Sasha’s and Sirens bedroom.

She had on a brand-new dress she had just gotten a few days ago. She had gone shopping with her grandmother after they had checked on her Aunt Janius. Her Aunt Janius was doing better, but was still a little skittish around a large crowd. Whenever she went out anywhere, she had four bodyguards with her. Her Grandfather made sure her aunt was protected.

“Sure sweetie.” Sasha comes walking out of the bathroom and over towards her daughter.

She noticed her daughter had on the new dress her mother had bought for her for the performance they were doing tonight for the homeless and Children Hospital. Rose looked like a Ice Princess with the way the dress sparkle when the light hit it.

Rose lifts her long platinum blonde hair up so her mother could get at the zipper she was having trouble with.

Sasha finishes zipping the dress up the rest of the way.

“There, all done.” Sasha steps back to let her daughter turn around.

Rose drops her hair and turns around to face her mother. A smile appears on her face. Sasha had been her idol and then she became her daughter and a member of her favorite band.

“How do I look mom?” Rose twirls for her mother.

“Like an Ice Princess.” Siren comes walking out of the bathroom, looking like her daughter, but dressed more ethereally with her pure white gauze dress and jewels.

“Wow! Mom. You look unbelievable.” Rose couldn’t believe the way her mother Siren looked.

“Where is Gracie?” Sasha was wondering where their younger daughter was.

Gracie wasn’t a singer like her, Rose or Siren, but Siren has been working with her. She would make an excellent back-up for a group. She knew Gracie was learning to play the guitar from her and Jack Of Hearts.

“Right here mom.” Gracie comes walking into the bedroom where everyone was gathering.

Gracie had her custom guitar that Jack of Hearts had made for her. She was dress like her mother Sasha. She had holographic snowflakes that reflected and shimmer like her mother’s flamed costume did.

The guitar itself looked like a snowflake. It was blueish white, reflective and transparent. Gracie had her dark brown hair styled like her mother’s hair.

Sasha walks over and checks her youngest daughter out and adjust a few things on her. Sasha walks over towards her jewelry box and pull out a set of earrings for Gracie to wear with the outfit.

“There, that should do it.” Sasha steps back and takes a second look.

Siren walks over and checks their youngest daughter out as well. She has Gracie turn around for her. She didn’t see anything out of place.
Sasha’s cellphone beeps, letting her know that the stretch Hummer was at the gate.

“Alright, let’s go downstairs girls. The stretch Hummer is here.” Sasha follows behind everyone after making sure the lights were off.

Gracie puts her guitar back in its custom case. She follows her older sister and Sasha out of the house, while Siren locks up.The stretch Hummer pulls up in front of the mansion and the door opens. Inside was Mystic, Mystic’s two teenage daughters Aerial, Girish, Jack of Hearts, Dusk and her little boy Moon. His stage costume was designed like his mother’s.

Gracie enters first and sits next to moon and gives him a hug. He had been rescued at the same time she had been. His hair matched his mother’s gothic style. Rose enters next and sits next to Siren. Finally, Sasha enters and sits next to Jack of Hearts. She wanted to talk with him about their entrance and a slight change to the cords they were going to play.

He played the bass guitar, where she was the lead guitar. They talk about the changes on the way to the hospital where their crew was setting up everything. The stage that had been constructed had been designed to look like a clearing in a forest. They had transformed the area of the parking lot at the hospital into a forest clearing. The concert was free and was opened to everyone.

Jack of Hearts liked the slight change to the cords and couldn’t wait to start playing. He looks over towards Gracie and could see she was nervous. Her, Aerial, Girish, Rose and Moon were starting the concert and then the other members of the band would come on one by one till all of them were on stage. They were doing things differently as their entrance.

All their costumes were different. Sasha wasn’t in her normal flamed flare one, but one that was white with ice blue flames and snowflakes. Jack of Hearts had blue color hearts and dressed for winter. Mystic’s normal black and gold costume was replaced with white and ice crystals. Dusk normal black Gothic costume was white and Gothic.

The stretch Hummer pulls behind the stage area and everyone exists out. Aerial, Moon, Gracie and Rose line up first to make their appearance to start the show. Aerial was going to go out first and start. She was going to be followed by Moon and he was going to get the beat going followed by Gracie and finally Rose with the lyrics.

Once it was time for the concert to start. The warm-up band was Shadow Noise a new band out of Denver, Colorado and was on tour. When their manager George Hoarse, contacted Wildfire’s manager Teddy Samuel Peck. He wanted to know if they could use a warm-up band for their free concert. Teddy knew this would give the new band some exposer and everyone in Wildfire wouldn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

The two bands meet each other just before they go on and start playing. Zaylee and her band mates couldn’t believe that George had gotten them a big event that was going to be broadcast Nationwide. It was a benefit concert for the homeless and for children in the hospital. It was a good thing she had her hair styled and colored to look different then the porn star her ex-husband had her made to look like. The last thing she wanted, was to take away from the concert and to give credit to the porn star.

Shadow Noise starts off the concert playing their version of Jingle Bells, followed by Silent Night. Their style was different then Wildfire. They were Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Rock & Roll, Gothic Metal, Modern Country, and Pop Rock.

Wildfire listens to Shadow Noise as they played their two Christmas songs for the crowd. Shadow Noise was invited to stay and interact with the children and if they like, to help feed the homeless. Sasha walks over and gives all the children a kiss on their cheeks when she hears Shadow Noise finish their last song.

“Break a leg kids.” Sasha and the rest of the adults watch as Aerial goes out first and start the low melody that will lead up to everyone else coming out.

Mystic watches as the fog rolls out around the stage area and cover the ground as fake snow fall from overhead. A light cold breeze blows as the sounds from the synthesizer echoes out of the speakers. Then the soft tapping of the drums joins in as Moon takes his place at his mother’s drum set. Gracie enters with the soft playing of the guitar rift on her snowflake shape guitar as the noises cause the lights inside the guitar to blink in time with the notes. Once the fog was high enough on stage and the musical notes reach the section for Rose to enter singing. She comes out from the fog singing the lyrics to the song Siren helped her write.

Roses voice comes through clear and ethereally from the speakers. As the music being played by the other kids enhance her words with the right tones. The light shining off their costumes give the appearance of being covered by snow or snow falling off them.

After a few minutes, the sound of a bass guitar joins the mix. Then the musical notes from an additional synthesizer adds to what is already playing, but not overwhelming it. It was enhancing and adding to the notes. Then the beat of additional drum being added to the mix. Siren adds her voice to Rose’s as Wildfire and Jack of Hearts scream in with the changed cords Sasha rewritten for the song. The fake snow on the ground blows up in the air, at the eruption of the cords. They weren’t over powering Rose and Siren’s vocals, but adding to them.

The snow comes floating down covering everything. The group goes into their first number as the kids follow their parents leads. For the next two hours the band just jams. They take a short pause and invite members of Shadow Nosie to come out and join them on stage.

Zaylee and her bandmates couldn’t believe it. They were being invited to come back on stage with Wildfire to jam. They grab their instruments and enter to a mystical Wonderland. The drummer of Shadow Noise sits at the drum setup that Moon had been playing at, as he joins his mother.

The two bands start playing Christmas music for everyone as the lead singers from the two bands sung the lyrics to each song. Zaylee couldn’t believe she was playing with Sasha Wolfhart and her young daughter as the three of them playing their guitars. Her Vintage Gibson 1982 Les Paul Custom Solid Body Electric Guitar, echoing with Sasha’s custom-made Fender Stratocaster.

They play for the next hour and afterwards end to an enormous applause. Everyone takes a bow as they head off the stage and cool down, before going out to join the crowd and mingle with the children and the homeless. Zaylee walks over towards Sasha and her family.

“Thank you for letting us jam with you out on stage.” Zaylee wasn’t the leader of their group, but she did appreciate it.

“You’re welcome. Any time you guys what to open or even join us for a jam is fine with me.” Sasha was smiling as she held her youngest against her body.

“I would like that. If you’re ever out in Denver, Colorado. You should stop out at Snow Swan Lounge. That’s where we normally play at when were not touring or in the studio.”

“I might do that.” Sasha rubs Gracie’s arm.

Both Bands go out and mingle with the children from the hospital and with the homeless. The smiles on the children faces make all the band members warm and fuzzy. As they continue to listen and talk with them. They try to encourage them and have them follow their dreams of doing and becoming whatever, they want to.

The News companies that were there recording everything watched and recorded everything. They interviewed some of the members from Shadow Nosie and from Wildfire. When ever they went to interview one of the kids form Wildfire, a band member was nearby to protect and watch over them. Mystic and Sasha made sure the kids weren’t taken advantage of or ask question not related tot eh event.

There was one reporter that kept harassing Moon. Gracie and Rose saw what he was doing and went over to protect Moon. Sasha and Mystic were about to go over and take care of the problem, when they spotted Dusk heading over there. They got the kids to stand back, while Dusk tore into the reporter.

Dusk was the normal gothic chic and most of the time you didn’t want her after you. However, mess with her son and the full force of Dusk gothic attitude came out and would tear anyone a new hole.

Afterwards, when people started leaving, both bands say their goodbyes to one another and headed home. The kids were all asleep on the ride back to the house. Rose had her head on Sirens lap and Gracie had her head on Sasha’s lap. Moon had fallen asleep in Dusk’s arm.
Mystic’s daughter had her head on his lap.

“I think we wore them out.” Sasha was stroking Gracie’s hair.

“I think your right.” Dusk adjust Moon, so his head was resting on her other shoulder.

Sasha and Siren were the last ones to be dropped off, as they said goodnight to their bandmates.

Sasha carries Gracie’s sleeping form in her arms as she is being careful opening the door for Siren to carry Rose. They take each girl up to their bedrooms and undress them. Once they are undress, they slip their night gowns on and tuck them in.

Siren and Sasha head into their bedroom and take a shower together. While they are in the shower together, Siren becomes a little aggressive and push Sasha up against the wall of the shower. She kisses her and let her hands roam over her body. Sasha lets out a moan as Siren hits all her sensitive spots and make her legs turn to jelly.

Siren was taking and reminding her wife who she belonged to. She knew Sasha would never cheat on her. All the years they have been together, Sasha has never once cheated on her or taken any interest in another woman, but her. She misses having Sasha’s warm body next to hers. They finally make it out of the shower and to the bed. They continue for awhile exploring and making love, till early morning and finally falling asleep.

The last words Sasha hears from Siren is “I love you!”

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