WildFire Chapter 17 Final Chapter

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Rose was nervous as she rode on the tour bus. They were approaching the concert hall that they were going to be performing at tonight.
This would be her first time singing in front of a large crowd outside the practice studio.

Mystic looks over towards Rose and just smile.

“First time performance jitters?”

“Yes.” Rose barely squeaked out.

“Come here, Rose.” Siren was holding her hands out for her.

Rose walks over to Siren and was embraced by her.

“You’ll do fine, sweetheart. Just imagine everyone in their underwear or wearing goofy costumes.”

Sasha starts laughing at that suggestions.

Siren gives her a dirty look.

“I’m sorry Siren.” Sasha walks over towards Rose.

“Sweetie, if you have to. Just close your eyes and sing. If nothing else, grandma and grandpa are going to be in the crowd along with your new sister. Concentrate on them and sing directly to them or sing to Siren here.”

Sasha puts her hand on Siren’s shoulder.

Rose just hugs her mothers and take a deep breathe. When they arrive at the concert hall. Rose stays close to Siren, while Wildfire does her traditional display of showing off announcing their arrival. Their instruments and other gear was already set-up on stage. Siren helps Rose change into her costume, while everyone else changes into theirs.

“Alright, let’s go and put on a show.”

Everyone walks out on stage and over to their instruments or positions.

“You ready, Wildfire?”

“Ready and waiting.” Sasha had her finger on the activation button on her guitar, ready to set off the special effects.

“Mystic, ready?”

Mystic gives that mischief smile of his to Sasha. Just as the lights come up. Wildfire strikes the first cord and a smoke cloud starts to form blocking the view of the band. As the music builds from the guitars being played by Jack of Hearts and Wildfire in addition to Mystic keyboard playing adds to the suspense. A giant fire bird starts forming from the cloud raising up from the smoke. Jacks of Hearts and Wildfire let the cords they are playing explode and the bird expands its fiery wings and explodes exposing the band as they jump right into the song. Rose and Siren’s voice match one another and the crowd goes wild as they start singing along with the band.

They build the excitement with songs from either their older stuff, which Rose knew by heart and from their new stuff that she has been practicing. She watches Siren for her cues and changes. Sasha smiles to herself as she watches her oldest daughter enjoy herself on stage.
She watches as Rose dances with Siren and the two of them grab the audience attention. Sasha tosses some of her special effects magic around Rose and Siren. The effects added to their dance and it drives the audience wild. Mystic adds a little of his special effects touches to the two of them as well.

The noise from the crowd just gets louder as Siren and Rose steal the show. The group continues to play and finally end the performance with one last hit of their song that had been remastered. Smoke raises up and engulf the stage and all of them exit from the stage. Wildfire makes the smoke explode like she did at the beginning of the concert.

When they were all back stage.

“Mom!” Gracie comes walking up and throws herself at her mother.

Sasha catches her and gazes into her youngest daughter’s eyes.

“Did you enjoy the concert sweetie?”

“You and the band were fantastic, mom.”

Tears were sliding down Sasha’s cheeks when she hears the word mom from her youngest. Something she thought she would never experience, has finally been given to her. She hugs Gracie closer to her sweat covered body. She looks over towards Rose and notice she was being held by Siren as well. The two of them looked at each other with a knowing look in their eyes and smile.

“Sasha, this came for you.”

One of the security personnel hands Sasha a postcard from Bermuda that read.

Nice concert, maybe next time you can play for me.
Adam Ludlum

“Next time Mr. Ludlum, you won’t live to walk away ever.”

As Sasha, the band and Gracie attend the after party.

The End

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