Bonnie and Bonnie (or Mom, Charlie's on TV)

Authors Note:
This story is set around 1955 but with some modern features but you have to use your imagination!

An American Family home possibly somewhere in Northern Texas and the Panhandle. A TV set is a fairly recent addition to their home.
Mom & Dad are at home with one son. Mom is in the kitchen, Dad is reading the Daily Paper. The son is playing in front of the TV. The Evening News is on Channel 7.

News Reader: The so-called ‘Bonnie and Bonnie’ gang today robbed another bank. This time it was in Pampa. We go live to the Channel 7 reporter in Pampa, Joe Montana.

Reporter 1:
Thank you Jim. Yes. Around 3pm today, the so-called Bonnie & Bonnie gang, named after the notorious Bonnie & Clyde, robbed the 1st Amarillo Trust Branch here in Pampa. Just before closing, 4 women walked into the branch and one of them drew a gun from her handbag. She demanded all the money from the tills. The other women also drew guns from their handbags and one of them fired a warning shot into the ceiling. The gang then escaped in a late model White Cadillac that had been parked right outside the bank during the raid. Several shots were fired at the fleeing robbers as they made their getaway. The car was later found abandoned just off Highway 60 west of town. It had several bullet holds in the bodywork. There is no sign of the gang or the money. This is the fifth holdup of this type in Northern Texas, New Mexico & Okie in the past three weeks.

News Reader: Joe, is there any clue as to whose car they used for the getaway?

Reporter 1: Yes Jim. It was found to belong to the wife of the Local Sherriff, John Brown. His wife was at the time of the robbery having lunch at the Four Springs Country Club. She is apparently distraught that someone could have despoiled her beloved Betsy that way. Yes folks, she even has the name Betsy painted on the back of the car.

News Reader: Do the police have any leads?

Reporter 1: No Jim. One of the Pampa Police Officers even noticed the car parked in the ‘Tow Away’ Zone outside the bank but as he recognised that it belonged to the Sherriff Wife, he didn’t do anything about it. The Officer, named Dilbert James, says he actually opened the door to the bank to let the women inside as he was leaving. All he can remember was that they were dressed as if they had just come from the Country Club. All wore Hats and white gloves. He also remembers that one of them had a little trouble with her heels climbing the steps into the bank. He also recalls that she gave him a nice smile when he helped her inside.

News Reader: Thank you Joe.
Now for the rest of the news.
On Wall St today, the Dow finished down 20 in Light Trading.

We’ll be right back after these messages from our sponsor, Hendy’s Auto’s Where you can always be sure of getting a good deal.

[Cue Adverts]

News Reader: Welcome Back.
There is still no news of the whereabouts of James Cameron of Friona. James is the third person to go missing in recent weeks from our region. He was last seen two weeks ago getting off the bus from Amarillo.

James had just been discharged from the Army at the end of his draft. He served his time in the Army at Ft Bragg in Northern California just like the other three men who have gone missing, Edward Carter and Charles Nixon. We go over now to Channel 7 Reporter Steve Harris who is outside search headquarters in Friona. Over to you Steve

Reporter 2: Thanks Jim. There have been no leads to the disappearance of yet another young man right after just after being discharged from the army. Local Sherriff Wilbur Smith was very worried when I spoke to him earlier.

[The scene shows the search HQ in the background plus a number of Women all wearing mid 1950 clothes, hats & gloves standing behind the reporter]

The son who had been playing in front of the TV suddenly cries,

“Mom Dad, Cousin Charlie’s on TV. He’s wearing Funny clothes.”

[Before either of the parents could see the scene on the TV, the station cut back to the studio]

News Reader: The Red Sox lost their 3rd straight game today.

Dad: son you must have been seeing things. Your Cousin Charlie is one of the men who are missing. You must have been mistaken.

Son: No Dad it was Charlie.

Dad: I’m telling you it can’t have been. If it was him then he would have contacted the police.

Son: It was Charlie. He was dressed like Mom is when we go to Church on Sunday.

Dad (getting angry): Now you are telling lies. You know that happens when I catch you telling lies.

The son looks terrified.

Dad: Mother, get my belt.

The End.

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